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Full text of "The Greenock directory, 1923-24. General, commercial, and street. With supplement, ... plan of the burgh. etc"

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r4P.llo i£> , 


. . FOR . 

JT, & jgk. SHANNON, 
42 Hamilton Street, Greenock. 


Gas gives a soft be iiliant 
tight that is restful to the 

Inverted Burners secure 
the most efficient light, 
and lend themselves to 
artistic decoration. 


_ Means comfort in the 
kitchen and satisfaction 
'fi thedining room. There 
are no coals or ashes to 
carrv. Mo wasteful blaz- 
ing fires. No flues to clean. 
No worry. No trouble. 




Gas fires provide a cheerful 
cosy warmth at a moment's 
notice. Just a match and a 
turn of the tap— that's all. 
No coals to carry. No grate 
cleaning. No ashes, dirt, or 

Eliminates waste and speeds 
up output. Reduces labour. 
Is easily and accurately con- 
trolled, and when all factors 
are taken into consideration, is 
the most economical of fuels. 

Further information will be gladly supplied by 



Telephone Nos. 401 & 402 Greenoek ; also 14 Central 

(Glasgow Exchange.) 

Code used : - 

A BC. (5th Edition), Seott's Standard and Watkins, ; 

also Mareoni. Bentley's Phrase Book. 

Telegraphic Address— "MaeCallum," Greenoek. 




Zsyoxi anb gifeel "gfclercfianfs. 

Steel Boiler Plates, Ship Plates, 
Angles, Bulb Angles, Plain Bulbs, 
Steel Channels, Tees, Bulb Tees, 
Joists, Billets, Sheets, Bars, etc. 

Steel Plates, Iron Angles, Bars, troops, 
Rods and Galvanized Sheets, etc. 


London Office : 3-4 Lime St Square, EC 

Tel. " Freight," Led,, London. 

Phone 4425 Avenue. 

Glasgow Office : 191 W. George Street. 

Tel. "Cargoes," Glasgow. 

Phone 309 Central. 

Rep. in Ireland— JAS. SIMPSON & CO., 
Ocean Buildings, Belfast- 
Rep in Norway— H. M ROSS. Stenersgaden, 
7 Christiania. 

54-56 Rue End Street & 1-3 Cathcart St., 


• A* 



&reer)@ek Bireetery 

- 1923-24 - 

General, Commercial, and Street 


Containing interesting Xocal information, 


Expressly Prepared Plan of the Burgh. 

Issued under the auspices of the 
Greenocf Corporation and the Greenock Chamber 

of Commerce, 


Brymner Street and East Breast. 

Price Five Shillings. 

J. & J. DENHOLM, Ltd., 

§fyipomners, $>t)ipb\'okevs cm6 
gripping Jlgonfs. 



J. & J. DENHOLM, Ltd.. 30 Renfleld St Glasgow, 

DENHOLM, POND & CO., 155 Fenehupch St., London, EC. 3 


Greenock 49, Glasgow 5572 Central, 

London 13787 Central. 


Denholm, Greenock, Denholm, Glasgow, 

Denholm, Pen London. 

Managers — 
[ lie Denholm Line Steamers, Ltd. 

s s. " Carronpark," - - 4400 tons dwt. 

s.s. "Mountpark," - - 4300 tons dwt. 

s s. " Hazelpark," - - 38C0 tons dwt. 

s.s. "Heathpark," - - 3800 tons dwt. 

s s. " Glenpark," - - 3300 tons dwt 

s.s, "Wellpark," - - 3300 tons dwt. 

The Denholm Shipping Co., Ltd. 

s.s. "Elmpark," 
s.s. " Beeehpark," 
s.s. "Grangepapk," 
s.s- "Cedappapk," 
s s. " Hollypark," 
s.s. "Rowanpark," 
s.s. "Firpark," 
s.s. "Myrtlepark," 
s s. "Willowpark," 
s.s. "Limepark," 
s.s. " Briarpark," 
s.s. " Laurelpark," 

8700 tons 
8000 tons 
8000 tons 
7200 tons 
5500 tons 
3250 tons 
3250 tons 
32:0 tons 
3250 tons 
3250 tons 
3250 tons 
3250 tons 






We beg to submit the first Directory for the 
Burgh issued since 1915. Enbouraged to undertake 
the work by the patronage of the Corporation and 
Chamber of Commerce, v\ e have done our beat to 
supply what these bodies de.ired. , 

We are painfully conscious that the present issue 
is bound to be minus matters of interest, and regret 
that some such infcrmation should have reached us 
too late for publication. 

The General Directory may be taken as being 
complete, and the Trades' Directory and Streets 
Directory will be found useful also. 

To the firms: who favoured us with a share of 
their advertising we tender thanks, and feel sure 
that, as the Directory will be constaptly consulted, 
during the entire year,, they will find its value unique 
and unrivalled. 

The printing of the various portions of the work 
on different colours of paper is intended to facilitate- 
the finding of desired information. 

For such imperfections' as may be discovered we 
tender apology in, advance and promise that, in 
future vears, no effort of ours will be spared "to 
make the publication as perfect and as useful as 

The Publishers. 
Phoenix Printinghouse, 
Greenock, July, 1923. 



J. D. M'QREGOR & CO., 

Funeral Directors and 

Carriage Proprietors. 

* " 

Head Offices: 




Telephone — 2 Lines, No. 1081. 
Branch — 30 Brougham Street. 



HOICE : : : : 


are Guaranteed Pure and Wholesome. 



The Original Greenock Toffee. 
Toffee Whirls. 
Finest Boiled Sweets. 
High -Class Chocolates. 

Ask your Shopkeeper for these or call at 


49 Cathcart Street, 14 Sugarhouse Lane 
(the factory shop), or 2 Grey Place. 

Buy Cuthbertson's and support local industry- 
Trade supplied at 14 Sugarhouse Lane, Greenock 




HEAD POST OFFICE— 34 Cathcart Street. 

Postmaster — James Macmaster. 

Asst. Superintendent — A. J. Campbell. 

Overseers— W. M. M'Culloch, W. C. Seaton/D. A. C 
Weir and 1 Vacancy. 

Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists — W. M. Logan, 
G. Brown, A. Pollock, H. Clark, J. Thomson, 
J. M. Allan, J. Mitchell, H. M'Houl, J. 
Dundas , D. M. Thomson.^, W. Park, J. WatsGn, 
R. Hannah, J. T. Brown, A. M'Neill, A. W. Perry, 
F. G. Ferguson, J. W. Fiddes, W. B. Hamilton!, 
J. Dunlop, A. M'Kay' J. B. Cathie, J. C. 
Knowles, M. C. Walker, A". J. M. 'Dudgeon; 
M. 'M'L. M'Dougall, A. E. T. R. Burns, M. L. 
Wales and M. K. M'Ewan; 1 Probationer, 1 Girl 
Probationer and 1 Typist. 

Postmen's Office. 
Inspector — R. Beveridge. 
Assistant Inspector — T. W. Lewis. 
Head Postman — A. Crawford. 

Telephone Trunk Exchange. 
1 Assistant Supervisor, 10 Telephonists and 3 Night 
Operators. District Manager's Office — 29 College 
St., Glasgow. Contract Office — J. Young, Post Office 
Buildings, Greenock. 

Engineering Staff — Chief Inspector, A. Wilson; Insp- 
ector, A. Bucklitsch; Foremen3, Wiremen7, Learn 
ers 8, Internal -Staff 14. 
Medical Officer— W. S. Cook, B.Sc, M.B., CM., 


Hours of Business. 

All Classes of Business Week Days, 

(except Inland Revenue) 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.- 

Inland Revenue Business 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Sundays — Sale of Stamps, Registration of Letters 
and Telegraph Business only 9 to 10 a.m. 

Town Sub Offices are open from 9 a.m. to 7 

(Wednesdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) 
Deliveries by Postmen — ;Box at Head Office closes at 
6-30, 8-45 a.m., 12-15 and 3-45 p.m. Deliver- 
ies begin at 7 and 9 a.m., 12-30 p.m. and ,4 p.m. 
except Saturdays. 

Holidays observed (when the arrangements are of 
,an x exceptional character, but of which due notice is 
always given) — New Year's Day, Victoria Day, Wed- 
nesday following Fair Saturday, and the Autumn and 
Spring Holidays. 


(Greenock), Limited, 


Head Office— 38 Cathcart Street. 
Depot Office— 12 Brogham Street, 121 Shore Street. 

Telephones— Greenock 872 & 873. Gourock 72. 


CALENDAR. 1923. 



1 8 15 22 29' Sunday 

... 5 12 12 26 


2 9 16 23 30, 


... 6 13 20 27 


3 10 17 24 31 


.;. 7 14 21 28 


4 11 18 25 ... 

Wednes . 

1 8 15 22 29 


5 12 19 26 ... 


2 9 16 23 30 


6 13 20 27 ...! 


3 10 17 24 31 


7 14 21 28 ...' Sat'rday 

4 11 18 25 ... 



Sun. ... 

2 9 16 23 30 


... 7 14 21 28 

Mon. ... 

3 10 17 24 ... 


1 8 15 22: 29 

Tue. ... 

4 11 18 25 ... 


2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. ... 

5 12 19 26 ... 


3 10 17 24 31 

Thu. ... 

6 13 20 27 ... 


* 11 18 25 ... 

Fri. ... 

7 14 21 28 ... 


5 12 19 26 ... 

Sat. 1 

8 15 22 29 ... 


6 13 20 27. ... 




... 4 11 18 25 

Sun. ... 

2 9 16 23 30 


... 5 12 19 2:6 

Mon. ... 

3 10 17 24 31 


... 6 13 20 27 

Tue ... 

a 11 18 25 ... 


... 7 1/- 21 28 

Wed. ... 

5 12 19 26 ... 


1 8 15 22 29 Thu. ... 

6 13 20 27 ... 


2 9 16 23 30 Rri. ... 

7 lyi 21 28 ... 


3 10 17 24 ...'Sat. 1 
— ■ 1 9 2 4.- 

8 15 22 29 ... 




... 6 13 20 T 


.., 3 10 17 24 


... 7 1* 21 28 


... * ii 18 25 


1 R 15 2° 29 


... 5 12 19 2:6 


2 9 16 ?3 30 


... 6 13 20 2 n 


3 10 17 24 31 


... 7 1A 21 28 


A 11 18 25 ... 


1 8 15 22 29 


5 12 19 26 ... 


2 9 16 23 ... 





... 2 9 


23 30 


... 6 13 

20 27 


... 3 10 


24 31 


... '7 14 

21 28 


... 4 11 


25 ... 


1 8 15 

22 2-9 


... 5 12 



Wednes . 

2 9 16 

23 30 


... 6 13 


27 ... 


3 10 17 

24 ... 


... 7 14 


28 ... 


4 11 18 

25 ... 


1 8 15 


29 ... 


5 12 19 

26 ... 





... 4 11 


25 ... 


1 '8 15 

22 29 


... 5 12 


26 ... 


2 9 16 

23 30 


... 6 13 


27 ... 


3 10 17 

24 ... 


... 7 14 


28 ... 

Wednes . 

4 11 18 

25 ... 


1 B 15 


29 ... 


5 12 19 

26 ... 


2 9 16 


30 ... 


6 13 20 

.27 ... 


3 10 17 


31 ...'Sat'rday 

7 14 21 

28 ... 


3 AYS. 

Spring Holiday — Second Monday lin April 
Victoria Day — Third Wednesday in May. 
Fair Saturday — First Saturday in July. 
Autumn Holiday — Second Monday in September. 
Fairs — First Thursday in July and Fourth Tuesday ixi 

Communion Sabbaths — Fourth Sunday in March and 

First Sunday in October 

Try BAIR.T3>fft 

Artists' Material by all the best makers. Large 
Stock to choose from. Pen Painting and Stencilling 
Outfits. Ticket Writers Material. 

Drawing Isistpuments by Rieflev and ether 
good makers. Repairs undertaken ; good work 
guaranteed. Instruments, Drawing Material, and 
Sundries for the Drawing Office and Class-room 
always in stock. 

Stationery Department. — This department is 
well stocked with Office Books, Files, Cabinets, and 
Sundries. Special books ruled, printed and bound to 
order. Everything for speed in the Office. 

Printing Department. — This department is 
well equipped for the production of all classes of 
Printing. Good work guaranteed. All work done 
on the Premises. 

RA DAm|\ J iA Manufacturing Stationers, Printers, 
. A. M1KU, i.lQ M Lithographers, Bookbinders, Etc., 

phone 789. Municipal Buildings, GREENOCK. 



Regular Sailings between Greenock and 

Cork. Plymouth. 

Watenfopd. Southampton. 

Limerick. London. 

Regular Sailings between Glasgow, 


apply to the Company's Office, 

(Dlybes&ale Bank Buildings, 6reenoch. 

TELEPHONES— 81 and 82 

Large Fleet of Powerful Tugs stationed at Greenock & Glasgow 
Quotations given for all classes of Towing work. 



First Ward 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at low-water mark of the 
Firth of Clyde in continuation of the centre line of 
Boundary Street, thence westward along the line oT 
low-water mark till it reaches the north-west corner 
of the lands en which the Gas Works of the Corpor- 
tion are situate, thence in a straight line in a north- 
westerly direction across the entrance to the Great 
Harbour to the north sio^e of the existing or author- 
ised works of the Trustees of the Port and Harbours 
of Greenock (hereinafter called the Harbour works), 
thence along the north line of these works to a point 
on these works hereinafter called point A on a line in 
continuation of the line of the centre of Ratho Street, 
thence south-westward from point A to East Hamil- 
ton Street at its junction with Ratho Street, thence 
along the centre of Ratho St. to Belville St.., then 
westward and south-westward along the centre of Bel 
ville St. to Crescent St. at the point where the Glas- 
gow and South-Western line of railway crosses over 
the same, thence along the north side of the said line 
of railway to the centre of the Cartsburn stream, then 
up the centre of said stream to the present Burgh and 
Parliamentary boundary, thence eastward and north- 
ward along said boundary and along the centre of 
Boundary St. to the point first described. No. of 
voters — Parliamentary, 4336; Local Govt. 4041. 

Second Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at a point hereinafter call- 
ed B, where the Cartsburn stream joins the Firth of 
Clyde, thence southward along the centre of the said 
stream to the point where it is crossed by the Glas-* 
gow and South- Western line of railway, thence east- 


ward along the north side -of said railway to Crescent 
St. at its junction with Belville St., thence north-east 
ward along the centre of Belville St. to Ratho St., 
thence north-eastward along the centre of Ratho St.^ 
and in a straight line in continuation thereof to poinlj 
B. No. of voters — Parliamentary, 3272; Local Gov- 
ernment, 2782. 

Third Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at point B, thence west- 
ward along the north line of the Harbour works to a 
point hereinafter called C in the north-east quay wall 
of the East India Harbour in a line in continuation 
of the west side of Bogle St., thence in. a straight line 
south-westward to Rue-end St. at its*, junction ' with 
Bogle St., thence along the centre of Bogle St. to 
Regent St., thence westward along the centre of Reg- 
ent St. to Lynedoch St., thence southward along the 
centre of Lynedoch St. and a straight line in contin- 
uation thereof to the present Burgh and Parliament- 
ary boundary of the burgh, thence westward and 
southward along said boundary and continuation there 
of to the western side of the old road leading to 
Largs, thence in a south-easterly direction along the 
west side of said road to a point about 120 feet south 
from the Ordnance Survey Bench Mark 597'9 on the 
east side of said road, thence east-ward across the 
said road to the south side of the north fence of field 
No. 344 on the 1/2500 Ordnance Survey Map of the 
County of Renfrew (1897 edition), thence eastward 
along said fence to the west boundarv wall of Whin- 
hill Reservoir, thence southward along said, west 
boundary wall and fence to the south boundarv wall 
of fence of said reservoir, thence in an easterly direct- 
ion following the wall and fence enclosing the ground 
of said reservoir and of the filters to the southern side 
of the fence on the south side of Auchmountain Glen, 
thence in a north-easterly direction along the south- 


ern side of sail fence to a joint about 210 feet south- 
west from the existing Parliamentary boundary of the 
burgh, thence in a straight line in a north-easterly 
direction to the boundary stone on the south-west 
side of the Kilmacolm Road, thence turning and run- 
ning in a westerly direction along the existing burgh 
and Parliamentary boundary of the burgh to the 
Cartsburn stream, thence along the centre of said 
stream to the Firth of Clyde at point B. No. of 
voters—Parliamentary, 2635; Local Govt., 2316. 

Fourth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at the east side of the en- 
trance to the West Harbour, hereinafter called point 
D, thence in a south-westerly direction to the north- 
ern extremity 'of the Mid Quay, thence along the cen- 
tre of said quay to William St., thence along the cen- 
tre of William St. to the centre of Cathcart Square, 
thence in a straight line southward to the north-east 
end of Bank St., thence along the centre of Bank St. 
to Shaw Place, thence along the centre of Shaw PL 
to Mearns St., thence along the centre of Mearns St. 
and a straight line in continuation thereof southward 
to the existing burgh and Parliamentary boundary, 
thence eastward along said boundary to a point in 
said boundary in continuation of the centre line of 
Lynedoch St., thence in a straight line northward to 
Drumfrochar Road at its junction with Lynedoch St., 
thence along the centre of Lynedoch St. to Regent 
St., thence eastward along the centre of Regent St. 
to the centre of Bogle St., thence north-eastward 
along the centre of Bogle St. and a straight line iri 
continuation thereof to the Firth of Clyde at point C, 
thence westward along the north line of the Harbour 
works to point D: No. of voters — Parliamentary, 
3632; Local Government, 3186. 



, Fifth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at. a point hereinafter call- 
ed ±l on the north-west quay of the West Harbour 
in a line with the centre of the- Venn el, thence in a 
south-westerly direction along said line and along the 
centre of the Vennel to Buccleuch St.,..tnence along 
the centre of Buccleuch St. to Ann Sc, thence along, 
the centre of Ann St. to Drumirochar Rd., thence in 
a straight line to a point at the north-west angle in 
the existing burgh and Parliamentary boundary, 
thence eastward along said boundary to a point in 
continuation of the centre lice of Mearns St., thence 
norihward in a straight line to Drumfrochar Rd. at 
its junction with Mearns St., thence along the centre 
of Mearns St. to Shaw PL, theme along Shaw PI. to 
Bank St., thence along the centre of Bank St. to 
the centre of Cathcart Sq., thence across oa.thca.rt 
Sq. to the centre of William St., thence along the 
centre of William St. and Mid Quay to the northern 
extremity thereof, thence in ?„ straight 'ine to the east 
side of the entrance to the West Harbour at point D, 
thence westward along the north line of the Harbour 
works to point E. No. of voters — Parliamentary, 
2430; Local Government, 3198. 

Sixth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at a point hereinafter call- 
ed point F, at its junction with a line in continuation 
of the centre of the West Quay, thence southward 
aTpng the centre of the West Quay and West Quay 
Lare to Dalryrnple St., thence westward along the 
centre of Dalryrnple St. to Charles St., thence south- 
ward along the centre of Charles St. to the Vennel, 
thence along the centre of the Vennel to Inverkip St., 
thence along the centre of Inverkip St. to Mount 
Pleasant St., thence along the centre of Mt. Pleasant 


St. and a straight line in continuation thereof to the 
north side of it he line of the Caledonian Railway, 
thence south-westward along the north side of said 
railway to tne point wnere that railway crosses the 
existing Burgn and Pania.i.entary boundary, 
thence southward along said boundary to the soutn 
side or cue aqueuuct belonging to 'the Corporation, 
thence in an easterly direction along the south side 
of the said aqueduct following the bends thereof, to 
the e^s: side or tue briage at Overjcon which carries 
the road leading to Loch Tno^i over the said aque- 
duct, thence in a southerly direction along the west- 
ern face of the western boundary wall of plot No. 356 
on the i/2500 Lrdnance Survey Map of the County 
of Renfrew (1,897 edition) to the south-west corner 
thereof, thence in an easterly direction along the 
south face of the south boundary wall of sail plot an I 
of the wall enclosing the ground on the south si e of 
Overton Reservoir and in a straight iiiie in an easterly 
direction to the western side of the old road leading 
to Largs, thence in a northerly direction to and along 
the existing burgh and Parliamentary boundary tdl 
it reaches the north-west angle in the said boundary, 
thence m a straight line northward to Drumfrochar 
Road at its junction wi'th Ann St., thence along the 
Centre of Ann St. to Buccleuch St., thence along the 
centre along the centre ot Buccleuch St. to the Ven- 
nel, thence along the centre of the Vennel and line in 
continuation thereof to point E, thence westward 
along the north side of the Harbour works to roint F. 
No. of voters — Parliamentary, 6001; Local Govern- 
ment, 5159 

Seventh Ward. 

That pan oi the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line commencing at a point hereinafter call- 
ed point G on the margin of the Firth of Clyde at 
the north-east corner of the east quay of Albert Har- 
bour, thence southward 'along the east side of the 



o i . L,uay to Lairl S;., tnence aicng the centre of 
Laird St. to West Blackhall St., tnence along the 
centre of W. Blackhall St. to Argyle St., theiace 
along the centre of Argyle St. to George Square^ 
thence along George Sq. to Nelson St., W., thence 
along the centre of Nelson St. to the point where 
the West Burn crosses under that street, thence 
along the centre of the West Burn to the point where 
it crosses the existing Burgh and Parliamentary 
boundary, thence north-westward to the south 
side of lnverkip Road, thence along the south side of 
said road to the western boundary of the lands of 
S._dthston, thence in a southerly direction along said 
boundary and continuation of the line thereof to the 
south side of the aqueduct belonging to the Corpor- 
ation, thence in an easterly, direction along south side 
of said aqueduct to the boundary between the par- 
ishes of Greenock and lnverkip, thence in a norther- 
ly direction along the present Burgh and Parlia- 
mentary boundary to the north side of the line of 
the Caledonian Railway, thence eastward along the 
north side of said railway to. a point in continuation 
of tne centre of Mt. Pleasant St., thence along the 
centre of Mt. Pleasant St. to lnverkip St., thence 
along the centre of lnverkip St. to the Vennel* 
thence along the centre of the Vennel to Charles St., 
thence along the centre of Charles St. to Dalrymple 
Sc, tnence along the centre of Dalrymple St. to 
West Quay Lane, thence along the centre of West 
Quay Lane and West Quay to point T\, thence north- 
westward along the margin of the Firth of Clyde to 
point G. No. of voters — Parliamentary, 4208; 
Local Government, 3885. 

Eighth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a 
boundary line, commencing -at point G, thence south- 
ward along the east side of the east quay of the Al- 



bert Harbour to Laird St., thence along the centre 
of Laird St. to West Blackhall St., thence along 
the centre of W. Blackhall St. to Argyle St., thenpe 
along the centre of Argyle St. to George Square, 
thence along George Sq. to Nelson St., W., thence 
along the centre of Nelson St. to the point where 
the West Burn crosses under that street, thence 
along the centre of the West Burn to the point where 
it crosses the existing Burgh and Parliament- 
ary boundary, thence westward to the south side of 
the Inverkip Road, thence along the south side of the 
said road till it reaches a point in line with the west 
side of the Larkfield Road, thence in a north-wester- 
ly direction along the west siie of the Larkfie*d Rd. 
to a point 150 yards or thereby distant from the 
south side of Inverkip Rd., thence eastward across 
the Larkfield Rd. to the east side thereof, thence in 
a north-westerly direction along the east side of Lark 
field Rd. to a point where the continuation of .the line 
of the north boundary fence of field No. 719 on the 
1/2500 Ordnance Survey Map of the County of Ren- 
frew (1897 edition), cuts the east side of said road, 
thence in an easterly direction along said line and 
fence to the west side of Auchneagh Road, thence 
across said road and continuing in an easterly dir- 
ection to and along- the north boundary fence of field 
No. 704 on the said Ordnance Map, to the existing 
Burgh and Parliamentary boundary, thence 
north-westward along said boundary to low-water 
mark of the Firth of Clyde on^that boundary, thence 
northward and eastward along said low- water mark 
and north line of the Harbour works to point G. No 
of voters- -Parliamentary, 6321; Local Government, 
7162. . 









Bell 73. 


London 7458 


" Glebe." 





Pure Cane Sugar and Syrup 



The Orchard 
Sugar Refining Co., Ltd. 




Telephone 1C67-1068. 
Telegraphic Address "Orchard, Greenock. 


Provost — Thomas Baxter. 
Bailies — John Galbreath Kerr, George Hogg Patter- 
son, Neil M'Naughton, Brown, Alfred Henry Davey, 
William Millar, jr., Andrew Dunn. 

Treasurer — Colin Campbell MacCulloch. 
Dean of Guild — David Brand. 
1st Ward— Miss Kerr, D. K. Minto, N. M. Brown!. 
2nd Ward — j . B. Scrym'geour, R. G. Kincaid, P. L. 

Canning. A 

3rd Wari--'R. Lemmon, J. Campbell, R. Crawford. 
4th Ward— G. H. Patterson, T. Baxter, A. Dunn. 
5th Ward— D. Orr, D. Brand, D. M'Millan. 
6th Ward— J. Ferguson, W. Gordon, W. H. Kirk- 
7th Ward — C. C. MacCulloch, G. Simpson, A. H. 

8th Ward— W. H. Carmichael, J. G. Kerr, W. Millar, 
J. Paterson. 

Ordinary Meetings.— 3rd Tuesday of month. 

Dean of Guild Court. 

Dean of Guild — David Brand. 

Depute Dean of Guild — William Gordon. 

Councillors of the Dean of Guild — Councillors Scrym- 
geour, Campbell, Kirkwood, Simpson and Carmich- 

Assessor ,and Clerk Andrew Nimmo. 

Deputy Assessor and Clerk- -A.. H. Gray. 

Master of Works— Robert Millar. 

Burgh Prosecutor — John Cameron. 

Court Hall — 'Municipal Buildings. 
Court Days — Thursday of each alternate week at 11. 

Electricity Department. 
Committee — Provost Baxter; Bailies Kerr, G. H. 
Patterson, N. M'. Brown, Davey, Millar & Dunn; 
Dean Brand; Councillors Kincaid, Orr, Gordon, 


Kirkwood & Carmichael. 'Bailie Brown, Convener, 
Councillor Carmichael, Vice- Convener. 

Fire Brigade. 
Station — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple St. Open 

Day and Night. 
Committee of Management — Provost Baxter; Bailies 
G. H. Patterson, Millar & Dunn,; Treasurer Mac 
Culloch; Dean Brand; Councillors Crawford, Orr, 
M'Millan, Gordon and Carmichael. Councillor 
Orr, Convener; Bailie Millar, Vice-Convener. 

Improvement Department. 
Provost Baxter; Bailies G. H. Patterson and Davey; 
Dean Brand; Councillors Miss Kerr, Campbell, 
Crawford, Orr, M'Millan, Ferguson, Gordon and 
Kirkwood. Convener — Bailie G. H. Patterson; 
Vice-Convener, Councilor M'Millan. 

Water Department. ■ 
Provost Baxter; Bailies Kerr, Patterson and Davey ; 
Treasurer MacCulloch; Councillors Kincaid, Scrym 
geour, Lemmon, Campbell, Orr, Ferguson, Gordon, 
and Carmichael. Bailie Kerr, Convener; Coun- 
cillor Orr, Vice-Convener. 

Description of Falls along Line of Aqueducts between 

Overton and the Sea. 
No. Cld Line. Height ft. n.p. 

1. Sugar Refinery (Greenock Corporation) 26 46 

2. 'Elect. Power Station do. 24 43 
P.. Distillery (Distillers Co. Ltd.) 17 30 
.4- Foundry (Rankin & Blackmore, Ld.) 

Foundry do. 26 46 
Chemical Work (Poynter, Son & M'D.) 

5. Chemical Work do. 22 39 

6. G. & S.W. Railway Co. 19| 35 
7'. Rope Work (Gourock Ropework Co.) 28 50 

3. Sugar Refinery (Neill, Dempster & N.) 64]- 230 
9. Corn Food Factory (Greenock Corporation) 

10. Rope Work (A. Tough & Son) 23 40 


11. Woollen Mill (R. Houston & Sons) 

12. Woollen Mill (Fleming, Reid & Co.) 

13. do. do. 

14. do. do. 

15. do. do. . 

16. do. do. 

17. do. do. 

18. Paper Mill (Brown, Stewart & Co.) 

19. do. do. 

New Line. 

1. Grain Mill (Scotts* Ship. & Eng. Co.) 14 

2. Foundry do. 

3. do. do. 

4. Distillery (Distillers Co. Ld.) 

5. do. do. 

6. do. do. 

7. Sugar Refinery (Westburn Ref. Ld.) 12 21 

























Sheriff Alex. L. M'Clure, K.C.; Provost Baxter; 
Bailies N. M. Brown, Kerr, Millar and Councillor 
M'into ; Messrs Arthur Caird, James S. Kincaid, 
O.B.E., James V. Leitch, C. G. Macara, J. Barnhill 
Walker, John Ross, W.S., J. Rowley Orr, William 
Service, Henry Johnstone, Ian Mackenzie Johnstone 
and Andrew Law. Chaim. an— Sheriff M'Clu.e; Dep- 
uty Chairman — Arthur Caird, Esq. 

Officials — 

General Manager — William Jardine. 

Secretary — John MacLellan. 

Treasurer — William C. Morrison. 

Collector — Henry Pratt. 

Engineer — Robert Crawford, C.E. 

Harbour & Dock Master — Capt. A. W. Richmond. 

Inspector under Explosives Bye-Laws — J. Christie. 

Auditor— William Hardie. C.A. 



Chief Constable— James Christie. 
Central Office— Municipal Bldgs., Dalrymple St. 
Cartsdyke Office — East Hamilton St. 
Superintendent & Deputy Chief Constable— Charles 

Lieutenants — James M'Donald, David Matthewson, 

Alexander M'Diarmid. 
Detective-Inspector — Henry J. Wallace. 

And 6 Inspectors, 7 Detective-Sergts., 11 Sergts., 

and 109 Ccnstables. Total Authorised Strength 



Office — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple St. 
Sanitary Inspector — James Devine. 
Sanitary Officers — Adam Elliott, W. Easton and J. 

Flesh Market, Slaughter House, Market Lane, off 
Ann St. — Inspector of F^esh Market (Meat Inspector) 
and Supt. of Slaughterhouse — George M'Neil. 



Commi tee of Management — Provost Baxter, Bailies 
'G. H. Patterson and Davey (Convener), Coun- 
cillors Miss Kerr, Scrymgeour, Canning, Lemraon, 
Campbell, Orr, Ferguson, Gordon (vice-convener), 
Kirkwood and Carmichael. 
•Superintendent — Robert Sheridan. 

Wellpark Promenade & Pleasure Grounds. 
Ententes— Regent St., Bank St., Sir John's Brae 
and Lynedoch St. 

[Wellington Park. 
In connection, with which are Bowling Green, Cricket 

Ground and Bathing Pond for Youths. 
Entrance — Drumfroehar Road (East). 



Whinhill Park. 

In addition to Football Pitches there is an eighteen 
hole public golf course called the '' Greenock Muni- 
cipal Golf Course ". The charges for the golf 
course are — Season ticket, 15/-; Ladies' and Boys' 
7/6. ; per round, 6d. 

Entrances — Top of Lynedoch St. and Berryyards 
Pathway ; through Wellington Park ; through Auch. 
mountain Glen. 

Lady Octavia Park. 

Gymnasium and Recreation Ground for Children ;. 
also Tennis Courts. 

Entrance — Bridgend Road. 

Lady Alice Park> 
Bowling Greens, Cricket and Football Pitches for 

boys under 16 and Playgrounds for Children. 
Entrances — Inverkip Road and Brachelston St. 

M'Innes Park. 
Entrances — St. Lawrence St. and Serpentine Walk. 

Greenock Cemetery. 
Entrances — iBrachelston Square and Forsyth St. 

The Gates 

Open at 


Close at 

8 a.m. 


4 p.m. 

7 a.m. 


■5 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


6 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


• 7 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


8 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


9 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


9 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


8 p.m. 

6 a.m. 


7 p.m. 

7 a.m. 


6 p.m. 

8 a.m. 


4 p.m. 

8 a.m. 


4 p.m.. 

Forsyth Street 

entrance opens half- 

■an-hour later and 

closes half -an-^ 




Battery Park. 
Recreation Ground, Football, Cricket, Hockey. 
Entrance— El don St. 

Broomhill Park. 
Entrances — Prospecthiil St/ and Cornhaidock St. 


Office for the Burgh of Greenock — Municipal Build- 
ings, Wallace Place. Inspector and Adjuster ---David 
E. Gordon. 
Office hours, 10 a.m. to 5. p.m. fSat. to l l p.m.). 

Renfrewshire — 'Greenock (outside police boundary) 
Port Glasgow, Erskine, Kil.xacolm, Inverkip and Gour 
ock. Inspector and Adjuster — William Clark ; Office 
County Buildings, Paisley. 

Municipal Buildings, 1 Wallace Place. 
West District — H. iMacCutcheon ; Asst. P. Leckie. 
East District — J. J. Kennedy; Asst. H. Borland. 
Office hours — 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sat. 1 p.m.),; and on 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 to 8 
Examiner for Western District of Scotland— John L. 
Cossar, 59 Kyle Park, Uddingston, Lanarkshire. 

H. Buchanan & Co., 11 W. Breast; Macalister & 
Fyfe, 4 E. Breast; Ross & Marshall, Ld., 28 Main St 
John Randall, 70 Wellington St.; Catherine Dtoris, 
36 Shaw St.; E. Nicholson, 23 Ann St.; John B. 
Kidd, 3 Hunter PL; M. Young, 171a Eldon St.; 
M. Townsend, 199a Eldon St.; E. C. M'Millan, 6 
Sugarhouse Lane; Mrs Connor, 29 Market St.; F. 
Logan, 16 Lynedoch St.; E. C. & A. Logan, 79 Rox- 


burgh St.; P. Callaghan, 114 Drumfrochar Rd. ; P. 
Hyman, 13 Market St.; A. & J. Boyd, 29 Roxburgh 
St. & M. C. Thomson, 3 Newton St. 



Wm. Cameron, Archd. S. Rodger, Neal Haughey, 

Ross & Marshall, Ld., Chas. Mackenzie, Geo. Palmer, 

Chas. Murray, Robt. P. Shaw, Duncan Berndt, And. 

Service, A. M'Lean & Co., Duncan Nicol, Ed. Fishesr.. 

Neil Stewart, James O'Hara, John Dunn, David 
Brucej Andrew M' Alpine, John Lonie. 

Peter Sharp, John M'Kinney, John Burrows, James 
Riddell, John O'Rourke, Neil M'Guire, Malcolm Mac 
Lean, William P. Hassan, Alexander Thomson, John 
Donnelly, John Sinclair, John Sime, Charles Crawley,. 
Henry Dorrian, John Stevenson, William Wilson. 

Peter Arkley. Archibald D. Munro. 

Members appointed by Clyde Navigarion Trust — 

Sir William Raeburn, M.P., Sir Thomas Dun,lop,. 

Bart., G.B.E., Messrs James S. Craig, William 

Cuthbert, Robert Harper, George W. Service and 

James Steele. 
Members appointed by Greenock Harbour Trust — 

Sheriff Alex. L. M'Clure, K.C., Councillor Minto, 

Messrs Arthur Caird and Alfred M'Killop. 
'Members appointed by Clyde Pilots — 

Messrs Richard S. Hay, Albert E. Bath and James 



Members ex-ofrkio — 

Chairman of Dumbarton Harbour Board. Chair- 
man of Port Glasgow Harbour Trustees, Chair- 
man of Rothesay Harbour Trustees. 


CLYDE PILOTS (stationed at Gourock). 
C. F. Addison, A. T. Allan, W. C. Anderson, 
A. E. Bath, D. Caireron, J. A. Chalmers, a. Hartley, 
J. 9. Houston, D. Leslie, D. A. Macfarlane, D. Mac 
Laughlin, A. Macmillan , W. M. Macnab, W. M. 
Morris, J. L. Murchie, D. R. Ovens, J. H. Parker, 
S. G.Robson, W. E. Ross, D. M. Smith, J. Tweddel 




Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1813. 

Reading Room, William St. 

Directors — -President, Geo. Brown, Esq. ; Vice- 

President,R. 9. Murray, Esq.; A. R. Grieve, W. H. 

Carmichael, J. D. Dempsiter, A. P. Smith, A. Blair, 

R. J. Gourlay, Wm. Hardie, J. W. Kempster, Wm. 

Lindsay and J. V. Leitch. Hon. Secretaries and 

Treasurers — Hardie & Rowan, C.A., 13 Hamilton St. 


Jlttcftorteers cm6 "gTafuafotrs, 


33 West Blackball Street 

. . . AND . . . 

4 Jamaica Street, GREENOCK. 

Telephone 183. Telegrams "Auction, Greenock." 




Greenock was erected into a Burgh of Barony in the 

year 1635. 
James Watt — born 19th January, 1736, died 25th 

August, 1819. 
First Magistrates and Council elected in 1751. 
Greenock Library began in 1783. 
Foundation Stone of East India Harbour laid, 1805. 
Greenock Chamber of Commerce incorporated, 1813. 
Sand Bank gifted to the Town Council by Crown 

Charter, Sept. 30th, 1816. 
Floods at Cartsdyke, 15th March 1815, and 21st 

November, 1835. ■' 
Shaws Water introduced April 16th 1827. Acquir- 
ed by Police Board 1866. 
Gas Works first erected in Crawfurd Street in 1829; 

re-erected at Inchgreen in 1873. 
Sheriff Court opened, 1815; removed to Nelson St. 

(West) 5th November, 1869. 
Railway to Paisley and Glasgow opened, March 1841. 

Cemetery opened, 1843'. 
Victoria Harbour opened 17th Oct., 1850. 
Foundation Stone of Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' 

Asylum laid on 17th Oct. 1850. 
Foundation Stone of Albert Harbour laid 7th Aug. 

1862; Harbour opened 23rd July, 1867. 
Railway to Wemyss Bay opened, May, 1865; line 

doubled, June 1st, 1903. 
Anchorage dues abolished, 5th Sept., 186'8. 
Temperance Institute opened 1st January, 1869. 
Greenock and Ayrshire Railway opened 1869. 
Explosion at Whinhill, 11th Sept. 1870. 
Foundation Stone of Garvel Graving Dock laid 6th 

July, 1871. 
Tramway to Gourock opened, 7th July, 1873; to 
Pt. Glasgow on 29th November, 1889. Electric 

haulage between Port Glasgow and Ashton was 
introduced on the 7th November, 1901. 


M'Lean Museum opened, 3rd Nov. 1876. 

Foundation Stone of Smithston Poorhouse and Asy- 
lum laid 12th Sep. 1876; opened 29th May 1879. 

James Watt (Dock — first sod cut, 1st Aug. 1878; 
foundation stone laid 6th August, 1881; cope- 
stone laid and water let in 1st May, 1885; 
opened 5th August, 1886. 

Lyle Road opened, 1st May, 1880. 

Foundation Stone of Municipal Buildings laid on the 
6th August, 1881. 

Town Couficil increased from 16 to 25, 1882. 

Gourock Railway opened 1st June, 1889. 

Ship "Auchmountain" blown up at Tail-of-the-Bank 
September 3rd 1892. 

Eye Infirmary Memorial Stone laid 19th Aug. 1893. 
opened 4th August, 1894. 

Parish Councillors first elected, 2nd April, 1895. 

Masonic Temple opened, 23rd July, 1898. 

Post Office removed to Cathcart St., 23rd May, 1899 

Burgh introduce Electric Light, 30th Nov. 1899. 

Children's Convalescent Home opened by Mrs Car- 
negie, 10th October, 1902. 

Greenock Public Library opened, 10th Oct., 1902. 

Greenock ana District Combination Hospital opened 
3rd January, 1908. 

Watt Memorial and Navigation School — Statue un- 
veiled 1st June, 1908; opened 1st Oct. 1908. 

Kffuse Destructor opened,' 7th February, 1908. 

Foundation Stone of 5th Batt. A. & S. H. Drill Plall 
laid 12th Mar., 1910; opened 10th Mar., 1911. 

Lately Octavia Park opened 7th April, 1911. 

Lady Alice Park opened' 27th May, 1910. 

Municipal Golf Course opened 7th April, 1911. 

Floods at Greenock West Station and Brougham St. 
5th August, 1912. 

Supply of Electricity to Port Glasgow commenced 
4th November, 1914. 

The Tontine Hotel 

Ardgowao Scftiare, 


Pleasantly and quietly situated near Princes 
Pier Station. 

Hall for Banquets, Balls, Marriages, Etc. 

Tram Cars pass foot of Robertson Street 

every 5 minutes to and from Port-Glasgow 

and Gourock. 






Regent Bakery, GREENOCK. 

Wedding - Receptions, Dinners. Ball Suppers and Private 
. Partiss purveyed for in town or country. 


Head Office— bi Regent Street, Greenock. 

Branches— 11 West Blackhail street, Greenock, 

27 Princes Street, Port-Glasgow. 

Phone Greenock 366. 



Ann St., from Buccleuch St. to Drumfrocliar Rd. 
Antigua St., from Regent St. to Hope St. 
x\rdgowan St., Glebe, Crawfurd St. to Clarence St. 
Ardgowan Square, Union Street 
Ardgowan St., W., from Nelson St., W., to Fox St. 
Argyle St., W. Blackb.aH St. to George Sq. 
Armadale PL, from Bank St. to MearnsSt. ' 
Arthur St., from St. Lawrence St. to Rue-end St. 
Auchmountain Rd., Bridgend Rd. to Border St. 

Baker St.j, from Drumfrochar Rd. to Dellingburn Sq.. 
Bawhirley Rd., from Carts dyke Stn. to Kilmacolm Rd 
Baxter Street, from Carwood St. to Brown St. 
Bank St., from Cathcaart Sq. to Dempster St. 
Bearhope St., from Tobago St. to Roxburgh St. 
Bedford St. from Newark St. to Finnrt St. 
Belville St. from Ratho St. to Crescent St. 
Bentinck St. from Esplanade to Newark St. 
Bogle St. from Rue-end Street to Regent Street 
Border St:, E. Crawfurd St. to Auchmount n Road. 
Boyd Street, from Ker 'Street to Clarence Street. 
Brachelston St., from Murdieston St. to Bow Road • 
Bridgend Road, from E. Crawfurd St. to Bridgend. 
Brisbane St., from Nelson St., W., to Madeira St. 
Broomhill St., Prospecthill St. to Drumfrqchar Rd. 
Brougham St., from Patrick St. to. Margaret St. 
Brown Street, from Baxter St. to Grosvenor Road. 
Bruce St., from Inverkip St. to Wellington St. 
Brymner St., Cathcart St. to Customhouse Quay. 
Buccleuch Street, from Vennel to Ann Street 


Caddlehill Street, off South Street 
Caird St., from Nicolson St. to Laird St. 
Campbell Street, from Esplanade to South Street 
Captain St., from Roxburgh St. to Wellington St. 
Carnock St., St. Andrew's Sq. to Dellingburn St. 
Cathcart 9q., head of William St. 
Cathcart St., from Cathcart Sq. to E. India Breast. 
Chalmers Street, off Helen Street 
Chapel St., from Bogle St. to Dellingburn St. 
Charles Street, from Dalrymple Street to Vennel 
Church Place, from Cathcart Sq. to Market St. 
Clarence Street, from Laird Street to Ker Street 
Cornhaddock St., Murdieston St. to Drunifrochar Rd. 
Cowgate Street, from Vennel to Market Street 
Crawfurd St. (Glebe), from Charles St. to Boyd St. 
Crescent St., from Cartsburn St. to Kilmacolm Rd. 
Cross-shore St., from Cathcart St. to East Breast 
Customhouse Place, foot of Brymner Street. 
Customhouse Quay, east & west of Customhouse. 

Dalrymp!" St., from iWilliam St. to Nicolson St 
Dellingburn Square, foot of Baker Street 
Dellingburn St., Rue-end St. to Lynedoch Station. 
Dempster Street, from Bank St. to Brachelstor. St. 
Denholm Street, from Robertson St. to Forsyth St. 
Dock Breast, Customhouse PL to E. India Breast. 
Drumfrochar Rd., from Baker Street to Overton 
Duff Street, from Cathcart Street to Shaw Street 
Duncan St., from E. Shaw St. to Wellington St. 
Dunn Street, Prospecthill to Cornhaddock Street. 

East Blackhall St., from Rue-end St. to Cale. Rly. 
East Breast, from Brymner St. to William St. 
East Crawfurd St., from head of Ratho St. 
East Hamilton St., Main St. to Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
East India Street, from Dock to- East India Quay. 
East Shaw St., from Ann St. to Inverkip St. 
East Stewart St., Rue-end St. to Greenock Foundry. 
East William Street, off St. Lawrence Street 

xxxi ' 


Eldon Place, from Eldon Street to Octavia Terrace 
Eldon St., Margaret St. to Cardwell Rd. 
Esplanade, from Campbell Street to Fort Matilda 

Finnart Road, from Robertson St. to Campbell St. 
Finnart St., from Patrick St. to Newark St. 
Fort- Matilda Place, off Lyle Road 
Forsyth Street, from Esplanade to Denholm Street 
Fox Street, from Esplanade to Newton Street 

Gait Street, from Hillend Driv'e to Border Street. 

Garvald Street, off Lauriston Street. 

George Square, head of Kilblain Street 

Gateside Avenue, off Inverkip Road 

Glen Street, from Fox Street to Johnstone Street 

Gordon Street, from Dunn St. to Cornhaddock St. 

Grant St., from Belville St. to Bawhirley Rd. 

Grey Place, West Blackhall Street to Patrick Street. 

Grosvenor Road, Baxter St. to E. Crawfurd St. 

Harrilton St., from Cathcart Sq. to W. Blackball St. 
Harvie J ane, from Hamiltc'i St. to Dalrymple St. 
Hay Stieet, from Bank Street to Lynedoch Street. 
Helen Street, frorr Port Glasgow Road southwards. 
Highland Close, from Cathcart St, to Shaw St. 
Hillend Drive, from Border St. to Gait. St. 
Hill Street, from Regent Street to Lyle Street. 
Hillend St., from Thomas St. to Belville St. 
Holmscroft St., from Trafalgar St. to Brachelston St.. 
Hope Street, from Dellingburn St. to Bank St. 

Houston St., from W. Stewart St. to Robertson St. 

Hunter Place, fion. Vennel to Harvie Lane. 

Inchgreen Street, off Port Glasgow Road. 
Isigleston Street, from Crescent St. to Baker St. 
Inverkip Street, from Vennel to Inverkip Rd. 

Jamaica Lane, from Jamaica Street to Kelly Street. 
Jamaica St., from W. Blackball St. to Union St. 



Jardine Terrace, from Margaret St. to Fox St. 
John St., from Cartsburn St. to St. Lawrence St. 
Johnstone Street, from Esplanade to Union Street. 

Kelly St., from W. Stewart St. to Caddlehill Gdns. 
Ker St., from W. Blackhall St. to Clarence St. 
Kilblain St. from Vennel to George Square. 
Kirk Street, from Roslin Street to Laird Street. 
Kitchener Place, Murdieston St. 

Ladyburn Buildings, from Pottery St. to Gibbshill Rd 
Laird St., from W. Blackhall St. to Albert Harbour. 
Lauriston Street, off St. Lawrence Street. 
Lyle Road, from Newton St. to Eldoh Street. 
Lyle St., from Bank St. to Dellingburn St. 
Lynedoch St., from Terrace Rd. to Drumfrochar Rd. 

Macdougali Street, oft East Hamilton Street. 
Mackenzie Street, off East Harfiiltim Streets 
Madeira Street, from Esplanade to Lyle Road. 
Main St., from Rue-end St. to E. Hamilton St. 
Manse Lane, from Hamilton St. to Market St. 
Mansionhouse Lane, Cathcart St. to Terrace Rd. 
Margaret Street, from Esplanade to Finnart Street. 
Market Street, from Church Place to Tobago Street 
Maukinhill Road, off Bridgefid Road. 

Mearns St., from Shaw PI. to Drumfrochar Rd. 

Mill St., from Prospecthill St. to Drumfrochar Rd. 
Moffat Street, from Border St. to Bridgend Road 
Mount Lane, from Shaw Place to Regent Street. 
Mews Lane, from Newark St. to Wood St. 
Mount Pleasant St., Inverkip St. to Prospecthill St. 
Murdieston "St., Brachelston St. to Cornhaddock St. 

Nelson St., Glebe, from Crawfurd St. to Clarence St.. 
Nelson St.-, W., from George Sq. to South St. 
Newton Street, from Inverkip Street to Lyle Road. 
Nicolson St., from Nelson St., W., to Ropework St.. 
New Dock Lane, from "Brymner St. to Dock Breast, 


Newton St., from Nelson St., W. to Lyle Rd. 
Nile Street, from Ann Street to Trafalgar Street. 
North Street, from Eldon Street to Esplanade. 

Octavia Terrace, from Bentinck St. to Eldon St. 
Open Shore, from Shaw St. to New Dock Lane. 
Orangefield PI., from Roxburgh St. to Brachelston St 
Orchard Street, off Crescent Street. 

Patrick St., from Clarence St. to Finnart St. 
Port Glasgow Rd., from E. Hamilton St. to Pt. Glas- 
Pottery Street, from Pt. Glasgow Rd. to river. 
Princes Street, from Nelson St. W. to Inverkip St. 
Prospecthill St., from Ann St. to Mt. Pleasant St. 
Prospecthill Place, from Mt. Pleasant St. eastwards. 

Ratho Street, from E. Hamilton St. to Belville St. 
Regent St., from Dellingburn St. to Ann St. 
Robertson St., from Brougham St. to South St. 
Ropework St.-, from Dalrymple St. to Nicolson St. 
Roseneath Street, from Eldon Street to Esplanade. 
Roslin St., from Clarence St. to Crawfurd St. 
Roxburgh St., from Bank St. to Inverkip St. 
Rue-end St., from Cathcart St. to Main St. 

St. Andrew Street, from Rue-end Street southward. 

Salmon Street, off Inverkip Street. 

Scott Street, from Dellingburn St. to Baker St. 

Serpentine Walk, off Crescent Street. 

Shankland Road, from Bogston to Chapelton. 

Shaw Place, from Bank Street to Ann Street. 

Sinclair Street, off East Hamilton Street. 

South St.', from Cemetery Gate to Forsyth St. 

Springkell St., from Cartsburn' St. to St. Andrew Sq. 

Sir John's Brae, off Terrace Road. 

Sir Michael Street, from Vennel to Roxburgh St. 

Smith's Lane, from Vennel to Market Street. 

'St'. Andrew's Sq., from Springkell St. to Carnock S*. 

¥' xxxiv 


St. Lawrence St., from Lauriston St. to Crescent S:. 
Stanners Street, from Main Street to John Street.. 
Sugarhouse Lane, from Vermel to Crawfurd Street. 

Terrace Road, from Watt Place to Regent Street. 
Tobago Street, from Market St. to Inverkip St. 
Trafalgar Street, from Shaw Place to Nile Street. 

Union St., from George Sq. to Newark St. 

Vermel, from West Breast to Inverkip Street. 
Virginia St., from Chanel St. to E. India Breast. 

Wallace Square, foot of Venne\ 

Watt Place, from Cathcart Street to Terrace Road. 
Watt Street, from Nelson St., W., to Kelly Street. 
Watson's Lane, from Hamilton' Street to Vennel. 
West Breast, from William St. to West Quay Lane. 
West Quay, foot of West Quay Lane. 
West Quay, foot of West Quay Lane. : 
West Quay Lane> from Dalrymple St. to West Quay- 
West Burn St., from Kilblain St. to Dalrymple St. 
West Blackhall St., from Hamilton St. to Grey PL 
West "Shaw St., from Inverkip St. to Nelson St., W. 
West Stewart St., from W. Burn St. tq Houston S". 
Wellington St., from Bank St. to Murdieston St. 
Wellbeck St., from Bentinck St. to Eldon Place. 
William St., from Cathcart Sq. to Mid Quay. 
Wood Street, from Newark St. to Eldon St. 

York Street, from Crawfurd St. to Clarence Si. 

Club Rooms, 36 Union St. Open daily from 9 
a.m. to 11 p.m. President— P. Ross Bruce; Vice- 
President — A. Stanley Martin; Joint Secretaries- 
Betty F. Macpherson, Dip. G.S.A., and Alexander 
Page, 75 Holmscroft St. ; Treasurer — Owen Dewar r 
41 W. Blackhall St. 


. Greenock Telegraph . 

For the Best Accounts of all 

Movements, Meetings, and 
New Enterprises. 

National and World-Wide Events are 
Chronicled in FOUR EDITIONS Daily. 

Test the Pulling Power of the 
"TELEGRAPH" as an Advertising Medium. 

~ ~ ~ KNOW ITS VALUE. ~ - - 

. Greenock Telegraph . 





Town Clerk and Assessor and Clerk to the Magis- 
trates and Police and Dean of Guild Courts — 
Andrew Nimmo. 

Town Clerk Depute — A. H. Gray. 

Town Chamberlain and Collector of Burgh Assess- 
ments, and Gas, Water and Electricity Accounts 
— Dugald M'Pherson. 

Depute Chamberlain — A. J. Rooke. 

Assessors to the Magistrates — A. H. Gray, D. Mac 
Kinhon, and Hugh M'Cutcheon. 

Depute Assessor and Clerk to the Dean of Guild-^ 
A. H. Gray. 

Master of Works and Burgh Surveyor — Robt. Miller. 

Superintendent of Cemetery, Burying Grounds and 
Parks — Robert Sheridan. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, Gas Meter Test- 
er, and Inspector under Food and Drugs Act — 
David E. Gordon. 

Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages — East 
^District J. J. Kennedy; West, PL M'Cutcheon. 

Chief Constable, Inspector under Explosives Act, and 
Registrar of Motor Cars — James Christie. 

Police Surgeon — Cuthbert Nairn. 

Sanitary Inspector and Officer to act under (3) of the 
Housing and Inspection of District Regulations, 
1910, prescribed by the Board of Health— James 

Inspector of Cleansing — Gavin C. M'Arthur. 

Medical Officer of Health— Dr. J. H. G. Whiteford, 
B.A., M.B., CM. 

Electrical Engineer — Frank H. Why sail, M.I.E.E. 

Manager of Gas Works — George Keillor. 

Inspector of Lighting — Joseph Doak. 

Engineer and Superintendent of Water Works — 
James M'Allister, A.M. Inst. C.E. 

Factor — John S. Maclean. 

xxx vii 


Inspector of Flesh Market (Meat Inspector) and 
Superintendent of Slaughterhouse — George M'Neill 

Public Analysts— J. W. and W. L. Biggart. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade — John Maclean. 

Inspectors of Lodging Houses — James Devine, Adam 
Elliott, Wm. Easton, Jas. Watson, A. Hamilton, 
Wm. M'Jannett and Saml. Hadden. 

Inspectors under Shop Hours Act — J. Devine, A. 
Elliott, W. Easton, J. Watson and A. Hamilton. 

Inspector under Diseases of Animals Act — J. Devine. 

Veterinary Surgeons — Peter M'Intyre, M.R.C.V.S., 
and John D. Pottie, M.R.C.V.S. 

Town Missionary (under Duff Bequest) Rev. James 
M'Kechnie. ; ' 

Council Officer — Archibald M'Cowat. 


Adjuster and Inspector of Weights and Measures, & 
Inspector under the Sale of Food & Drugs 
Acts — D. E. Gordon, Municipal Buildings. 

Assessor under Lands Valuation and Voters' Regis- 
tration Acts — J. Alexander, Wallace Place. 

Assessor of Income Tax — J. Alexander, Wallace 

Auditor to Greenock Parish Council — E. M. Brodie 
Port Glasgow. 

Burgh of Greenock Insurance Committee — R. W. 
Robertson, Clerk, 4 Brymner Street. 

Board of Trade Labour Exchange — Customhouse 

Board of Trade and Mercantile Marine Offices- 
Customhouse Buildings. 

Burgh Prosecutor — John Cameron, 13 Hamilton St. 

Cleansing Dept. Offices— Municipal Buildings. . 

Chamber of Commerce Reading room, 13 William 
St. Hardie and Rowan, hon. secys. and treas. 
13 Hamilton Street. 

Chief Constable of Renfrewshire Chas. Harding, 


Clerk to Commissioners on Property and Income Tax 

—George Dunlop, 2 Church Place. 
Clydesdale Catholic Herald Office— 2 Watt Place. 
Commisary Clerk's Office, Court House, Nelson St. 

— "Neil'W. "Sinclair, Depute-cferk. 
Corporation and Harbour Trust Warehouses — Offices, 

'Municipal ''Buildings. 
Courity Council' (To wer "District Committee) Mansion 

House, i -^rdgowan £>q. W. 'M'Clure, Clerk. 
Custom House — Customhouse Quay. 
Daily Record & Mail Newspaper — 36 Brymner St. 
Dean of Guild Court — Municipal Buildings. 
Education Authority Offices — Municipal Buildings. 
Fire Brigade Station — Municipal Buildings. 
Gas Office — Municipal Buildings. 
Gas Works — Inchgreen — George Keillor, Manager. 
Glasgow Evening News Office — 1 Watt Place. 
Glasgow Herald Office — 32 Cathcart Street. 
Greenock Educational Endowments Trust (Clerk's) 

Office), 11 William Street. 
Greenock Herald Office — 40 Cathcart Street. 
Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette 

Office — 14 Charles Street. 
Harbour Dues Office — Customhouse. 
Harbour. Master's Office — Customhouse Quay. 
Harbour Trust Offices — Municipal Buildings. Wm. 

Jardine, General Manager; J. M'Lellan, Secy. ; 

R, Crawford, Engineer; W. C. Morrison, Secy." 
Inland Revenue Office — Customhouse Buildings. 
Justice of Peace F.iscal's Office — County Buildings, 

Nelson St. William Auld, Fiscal. 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office — 50 Cathcart Street, 

J, P. Fyfe, Clerk. 
Lands Valuation Office — Wallace Place. John 

Alexander, Assessor. 
Lieutenancy of Renfrewshire — Sir Hugh Shaw Stew- 
art Lieutenant, Ardgowan, Inverkip. 
Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping — 

14 Cross Shore Street. 


London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company's 
Goods Offices — 17 Bogle St., Brougham St. and 
Hope Street. 

London & North-Eastern Railway Company's Goods 
Offices— Hope St. (entrance from Lynedoch St.). 

Master of Works Office — Municipal Buildings. 

Parish Council and Poor Rates Office — '36 Nicol- 
son St. D. M'Lean, Collector and Inspector 

Phoenix Printinghouse — 2 Brymner Street. 

Police Office — Dalrymple St. James Christie, Chief 
• Constable. 

Post Office— 34 Cathcart St. J. M'Intyre, Post- 

Procurator-Fiscal's Office — Court House, Nelson St. 

Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages — Muni- 
cipal Buildings. East, J. J. Kennedy; West,. 
H. M'Cutcheon. 

Sanitary Office — Police Bdgs., Dalrymple Street. 

School Medical Inspector's Office — 4 Brymner St. 

Sugar Exchange — Central Station Avenue. 

Sheriff Clerk's Office — County Buildings, Nelson St. 

Sheriff Court House — County Buildings, Nelson St. 

Town Assessments Office — Municipal Buildings^ 
D. M'Pherson, collector. Hours— 10 a».m. till 4 
p.m. Saturdays, 10 till 2; Evenings, 6.30 till 8 
on Mons. and Sats. only, during Feb., March and 

Total Abstinence Society's Office — 19 West Stew- 
art Street. 


Honorary President, Mr R. L. Scott; Hon. vice- 
Presidents, Mrs D. F. Dempster and Mr J. Boden ; 
President, Col. W. A. Fisher; vice- President, Mr H. 
M'Lean; Secretary, Mr R. Miller; and Treasurer,. 
Mr Robert Davie. 



We rely on the quality of the Goods we 
sell now to keep our reputation for FIRST- 
CLASS GOODS. Customers are sure of 
when dealing with us. - 


Footwear Specialists, 


BOOTS and SHOES made to Measure and REPAIRS 
carefully done. Both on the Hand-Sewn principle. 


Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock & Port-Glasgow 


40 Cathcant St., and 6 Sugarhouse Lane. 

House— 31 Bank Street. 


62 Argyle Street, 37 Mitchell Street, 

31 Hutchison St.. 49 & 104 Howard St. 

Parcels Forwarded to all Parts of the World. 






Albion Hall, 13 East Shaw Street 120 

Britannia Hall, Arcade, Cathcart Street ... 250 

Cartsburn Hall, 6 Cartsburn Street ... 400 

Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street • 300 

N. A. U. L. Hall, 10 Market Street 150 

Imperial Hall, Rue End Street 600 

Masonic Hall, 21 West Stewart Street 500 

Masonic Temple, " ... 300 

{Temperance Institute, 19 W. Stewart Street.. 10*00 

South Hall 250 

Leser Hall , ... 70 

Town Hall, Municipal Buildings ... 1000 

Saloon 405 

Victoria Hall, 1 East Blackhall Street „. 400 , 

Watt Museum (Lecture Hall) Kelly Street ... 360 

Boilermakers' Hall, Highland Close 300 

Cathcart Street Hall, Cathcart Street ... 150 

Shepherds' Hall, 27 Cathcart Street 300 


LANDERS— Headquarters, Finnart St. 

Lieut.-Col. H. M. Hewison, MX., T.D. 
Captain & Adjutant— M. King, M.B.E. 
Major— F. W. Hayes, M.C., T.D. 

Captains — A. Craig, M.C., T.D., Nelson Scott, G.S.> 
J. C. Adams, H. Harvie, N. S. M'Glashan, W. E. 
'Shearer, M. H. Hill, R. Austin, jr. 
Lieutenants — P. Harrington, M.C., J. O. Lang, H. N. 
Whimster, A. Gardner, R. S. Martin, L. N. Fer- 

2nd Lieutenants — P. G. Napier, P. T. Barr, A. 9. 
Macdonald. ' \ 

Quarter- Master— Lieut. G. M'Queen. 
Medical Officers — G. Adam and J. Watt. 
Acting-Chaplains — Revs. W. W. Beveridge, W. J. 
Nichol Service and H. Young. 




Office — Terrace Road- 
Medical Officer of Health— J. H. G. Whiteford, B.A., 

M.B., CM., D.P.H. 
Medical Officer in charge of Maternity and Child 

Welfare— R. E. MTMfllan, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 
Health Visitors — Nurses Ross, Lauderdale, Macfarlan 

and Gillespie. 
Tuberculosis Dispensary — Public Health Offices on 

Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 to 10 a.m. 
Venereal Diseases Clinic — Royal Infirmary, E. Shaw 

St. (Ambulance Entrance). 
Hospital — Craigieknowes, for Cholera, Smaljlpox,&c. 
Disinfecting Station — Sinclair St. 
Reception House — 35 Crawfurd St. Matron, Miss 

Anderson. I 

Office— 4 Brymner St. 

Chairman — John Forbes, 39 Ardgowan St. 
Vice- Chairman — Jas. Ferguson, Prospecthill PI. 
Clerk— R. W. Robertson. 

This Committee is constituted under the National 
Insurance Act, 1911, and consists of 50 members. 

Council Chambers, 36 Nicolson St. — Tel. 255. 
Poorhouse and Asylum, Smithston — Tel. 3 78. 

First Ward — Alex. Hutchinson, Hugh M'Cartney, 

James Paterson. 
Second Ward— John Morrison, Andrew Hendry, 

Archd. M'LacMim. 
Third Ward — Neal Haughey, William Brown, Mrs 

Fourth Ward — Geo. A. Mackenzie, Geo. Allans 

Dugald M'Guigan. 



Fifth Ward— Archibald King, Edward Whiteford, 

Robert Faid. 
Sixth Ward — James Fitzpatrick, Ale.ancer Geddes, 

Robert Henderson. 
Seventh Ward — John, E. Mackail, Adam Steele, 

John Banks 
Eighth Ward — E. A. Fisher, W. B. Ingram, Miss 

M'Kirdy, Andrew Main, William Steele. 
Landward — Alexander Aitkenhead. 
Chairman of Council— Andrew Main. Inspector, 
Clerk and Collector — D. Maclean. Asst. Inspectors 
— Wm. N. Oswald, Wm. M. Ross, Louis Grant and 
Mrs Hunter. Asst. Collector — D. W. Guy. Cash- 
ier— iR. F. Easton. Clerks — J. Campbell, Agnes T. 
Love and Alex. Kirkpatrick. Typist — Miss Collinls. 
Janitor — John Copeland. 

Poorhouse and Asylum. 
Governor — George Gibson. Asst. Governor — Rob- 
ert Murray. Matron— Jessie M'Donald. Chaplain 
— Hugh M'Lean. House Surgeon — William Leggett, 
M.B., Ch.B., M.D. District Surgeons— Claud Mar- 
shall, David C. Baxter and Walter Telfer. Law 
Agent— R. S. Murray. Auditor — E. M. Brodie. 


Local Office— Municipal Buildings 
Local Members. 
Robert Benzie Rev. William Horgan 

Alfred H. Davey Rev. H. W. Hall 

Tohn Forbes Griterson Macara 

Robert Fulton Rev. Philip M'Coll 

Rev. T. H. Graham A. K. Macdonald 

Robert Thexton 
In addition to the above, the following form the 
School Manaeemen!': Committee- 
Miss Mary E. Hamilton! Daniiel Kelly 
Rev. John Devfae John S. MacLeod 

James Dick Charles M'LaughMn 

Mrs Downer Mrs Mlinito 



Principal Local Officials. 
Clerk— A. F. Niiven. 

School Medical Officer— Dr C. D. Rankin. 
Special Attendance Officer — R. W. Jamieson. 
Master of Works — George Hart. 



Burvjh and Police Court. 

Held in the Police Court Hall, every lawful day. 

Assessors — -Andrew Nimmo, A. H. Gray, and D. 
M'Kinnon. Burgh Prosecutors — John Cameron and 
J. A. Love. Chief Constable— James Christie. 

Licensing Courts for the Burgh are held on the 
second Tuesday to. April and the third Tuesday in 


Held in the County Buildings, Nelson Street, every 
Friday at 11 o'clock during the Session... 

Sheriff — James Mercer Irvine, LL.D., K.C.; Sher- 
iff-Substitute—John Swan Mercer; Honorary Sheriff- 
Substitutes — Arthur Caird, William M'Clure, John 
Young and John Wilson Crawford. Clerk — Andrew 
Fisher Lochhead; Depute-Clerk — Neil W. Sinclair; 
in his absence, Wm. P. Lang, R. S. Murray, Wm. 
Fyfe or Andrew M. Blair; Procurator- Fiscal — Wm. 
Auld; in his absence^ C. P. M'Neil; Auditor — Neil 
W. Sinclair; Shorthand Writer — Wm. Brownlie. 


Held in County Buildings, Nelson St., every Wed- 
nesday at 11 o'clock forenoon during the .Session. 

Sheriff — James Mercer Irvine, LL.B., K.C.; Sher- 
iff-Substitute — John Swan Mercer; Clerk — Andrew 
Fisher Lochhead; Depute-Clerk — Neil W. Sinclair. 



igr>£lass Taileririg 





Customers Own Material Made Up. 


Income Tax, Inhabited House Duty & Land Tax. 

First District. . 
Office — Municipal Buildings., Wallace Place 

H.M. Inspector of Taxes for East-end of the 
Burgh— J. W. H. Brocklebank. 

Second District. 
Office — Customhouse Building. 

H.M. Inspector of Taxes for West-end of Burgh 
— J. J. Tweedie. 

Third District. 
Office — Municipal Buildings (Carriageway). 
H.M. Inspector of Taxes for Burgh of Port Glas- 
gow, Parishes of Inverkip & Kilmacolm, and County 
of Bute— C. H. Smith. 

Taxes* — Customs and Excise. 
Office — Customhouse Buildings. 

H.M. Collector of Customs and Excise for the 
Counties of Renfrew, Bute, Dumbarton, Ayr and part 
of Argyle; Collector, of Property & Income Tax, In- 
habited House Duties and Land Tax for the Counties 
of Renfrew, Bute, Ayr and Argyle (Kintyre) — A. E. 
Hall. Asst. Collector — H. Dobson. 

Clerks — W. Temple, J. MacGregor, J. F. Dick, 
G. B. H. Crombie, Miss D. A. Dodds. 
Surveyors — L. MacDonald and G. W. Knott. 

Officers at Greenock — J. N. Whiteman, C. Dodds, 
D. A. Campbell, W. Minnis, W. C. Sunter, J. A. 
Stevenson, J. J. Sheridan, E, J. McDonald and T. H. 
Wilkinson (Port Glasgow. 

o — - 


Office— Customhouse "Buildings. 

Local Marine Board — Provost of Greenock (ex off.) 
Nominees of the Board of Trade — James Brown, D. 
Forrest, Capt. M. Benson and Capt. D. K. Minto. 



Elected by the Shipowners^ — John Denholm, J. P. 
(chairman); Jas. Fulton, jr. (deputy chairman); 
Matthew Hill, Jas. D. Morrison, William Campbell 
and Jo! n C. Denholm. 



■ The Presbytery of Greenock meets in the Hall of 
the Gae ic Church, West Stewart Street, on the last 
Tuesday of February, March, April, June, September 
and November. 

Cumbrae— Rev. Archd. Grierson, M.A., Millport. 
Erskine — Rev. D. Fergus Ferguson, M.A., Bishopton 
Fairlie— Rev. Arthur Allan, M.A., Fairlie. 
Gourock — Rev. G. B. Thomson Michie, Gourock. 
Augustine — Rev. W. Wilson, 27 Bawhirley Rd. 
Cartsbum — Rev. Jas. Francis, B.D., 22 Eldon St.. 
East — Rev. Stephen Green, 
Gae'ic— Revi D. Macarthur, 42 Margaret St. 
Ladybum — Rev. Robertson Millar, Port Glasgow. 
Middle— Rev. D. S. Peters, M.A., Houston St. 
North— Rev. Adam Currie, M.A., 57 South St. 
St. Paul's— Rev. Chass L. Warr, M.A., 70 Union St. 
South— Rev. J. Y. Thomson, 28 Ardgowan St. 
Wellpark— Rev. C. P. Grant, M.A., 13 Ardgowan St. 
. West— Rev. W. J. Nichol Service, B.D., 34 Eldon'St. 
Inverkip — Rev. William Crawford, B.D., Inverkip. 
Kilmacolm— Rev. Foster Franklin, M.A., Kilmac'm. 
Langbank— Rev. W. Alexander, M.A., Langbank. 
Largs — Rev. Robert Oswald, B.D., Largs. 
Port Glasgow — Rev. D. J. Mbir-Porteous B.D. 
Newark — Rev. T. Graham, M-A., Port Glasgow. 
Skelmorlie — Rev. R. R. Grant Sutherland, M.A. 
Presbytery Clerk — Reverend John F. Macpherson, 
V.D., B.D., 63 Union, Street, Greenock; Presbytery 
Officer— Robert Pattison,. 11 Nelson Street. 



AUGUSTINE PARISH— Belville Street. 
Minister — Rev. William Wilson, 27 Bawhirley Rd. 
■Session Clerk — Robert Tait, 5 Ingleston St. 

CARTSBURN PARISH— Crescent Street. 
Minister — Rev. James Francis, B.D., 22 Eldon St. 
Session Clerk — Alex. Ramsay, 5 Morton Terrace. 

EAST PARISH— Rec-ent Street. 
Minister— Rev. Stephen Green, B.D., 
Session Clerk — John Tucker, 7 Captain Street. 

— I — o 

Minister — Rev. Duncan MacArthur, 42 Margaret 
St. Session Clerk — W. H. Morrison, Mossgiel, Man- 
or Crescent, Gourock. 

LADYBURN PARISH— Port Glasgow Rd. 
Minister— Rev. Robertson, Millar, Ladyburn Manse, 

Port Glasgow. Session Clerk — Henry C. MTLean, 
69 Ardgowan Street, Port Glasgow. 


MIDDLE OR NEW PARISH— Cathcart Square. 

Minister— Rev. D. S. Peters, M.A., The Manse, 
Houston Street. Session, Clerk — The Minister. 


NORTH PARISH (Old West)— 2 Nicolson St. 

Minister— Rev. Adam, Currie, M.A., 57 South St. 
Session Clerk — G. H. Patterson, Endrick, Brisbane 
St., Greenock. 

ST. PAUL'S PARISH— Newark Street. 
Minister— Rev. Charles L. Warr, M.A., 70 Union 
Street. Session Clerk — Malcolm Dunlop, LL.B., 95 
Newton Street. 
^ xlix 


SOUTH PARISH— Ann Street. 
Minister — Rev. J. Youngson Thomson, 28 Ard- 
gowan Street. Session Clerk — Robert Brown, Mary- 
heia, Prospecthill Place. 


WELLPARK PARISH— Regent Street. 
Minister— Rev. Charles P. Grant, M.A., 13 Ard- 
gowan Street. Session Clerk — Charles Black, 20 
Caddlehill Street. 

WEST (OR OLD) PARISH— Nelson Street, w. 
Minister— Rev. W, J. Nichol Service, B.D., 34 El- 
don St. Session Clerk — Alexander King, 13 Hamil- 
ton Street . 

— Macdougall Street. 

FINNART U.F. CHURCH— Madeira Street. 

Minister— Rev. Charles Allan, M.A., 93 Newton 
Street. Session Clerk — William Auld, 79 Newton. 


FREE GAELIC CHURCH— Jamaica Street. 


GAELIC U.F. CHURCH— Grey Place. 

Minister — Rev. Donald Campbell, The Manse, 39 
Fox Street. Session Clerk— Archd. M'Neill, 3 Ford 

Minister — Rev. Robert L. Kirk, 64 Forsyth Street. 
Session Clerk— (Harry Craig, 12 Captain Street. 


Minister— Rev. Walter Alexander, M.A., 23 Bris- 
bane Street. Session Clerk — John Sheridan, Heath- 
cote, Caddlehill. 


MIDDLE U.F. CHURCH— George Square. 

MOUNT PARK U.F. CHURCH— Trafalgar St. 

Minister — Rev. William Loudon, 68 Finnart St. 

Session Clerk — Dugald Fletcher, 6 Denholm Street. 


Dempster Street. 
Minister — Rev. James Buchanan, M.A., 32 Bris- 
bane Street. Session Clerk — Hugh Blair, 18 Well- 
ington Street. 


NORTH U.F. CHURCH— West Burn Sq. 
Minister— Rev. Thomas C. Hendry, M.A., 18 Ard- 
gowan Street. Session Clerk — 'David W. Guy, 2 
Finnart Street. 

o — — 

ST.. ANDREW'S U.F. CHURCH— Ardgowan St. 
Minister— Rev. Andrew Urquhart, B.D., 74 For- 
syth Street. Session Clerk— Ryrie Orr, "M.A., 35 

St Andrew Square.. 

Minister — -Rev,. Charles F. Fleming, B.D., 55 
Campbell Street. Session Clerk — Fulton M'lntosh, 
62 Belville Street. 

Ministers — 'Revs. Charles "J erdap, LL.B., D.D., 68 
Union Street and John Calderwood, M.A., LL.B., 82 
Union Street. 




Minister — Rev. James N. Gourlay, B.D., 66 Finn- 
art Street. Session Clerk — Robert Macpherson, 67 
Finnart Street. 


Minister— Rev. John Young, B.D., 78 Finnart 
Street. Session Clerk — A. Russell, 93 Eldon Street. 


WELLPARK U.F. CHURCH— Lynedoch Street. 

Ministers— Revs. Matthew Reid, Ashtcn, & W.D. 
Main, M.A., 43 Ardgowan Street. Session Clerk— 
Archd. King, M.A., 40 Mearns Street. 


WEST U.F. CHURCH— Ardgowan Street. 
Minister— Rev. Peter M Gre^or, M.A., 84 Union St 
Session Clerk— Matthew Neilson, 16 Forsyth St. 


EVANGELIST— Union St., St. Ninian's Mission, 
Bank St. & St. Stephen's, Cartsdyke. 
Rector — Rev. Duncan Macintyre, B.D., H.C.F. 
The Rectory, 38 Robertson Street. 
Curates— Rev. J. M. Fergus, M.A., 60 Campbell St., 
Rev. E. Cryer, L.Th., 75 Bawhirley Road & Rev. 
F. W. Wilkes* H.C.F., Hon. Lay Leader— Mr H: 


West Stewart Street. 

— — o 



Minister— Rev. J. D. M'Culloch, 43 Brougham St. 
Session Clerk— Jas. Ritchie;, Holmscrbft 'Street. 



Minister — Rev. R. SteeL 35b Ardgowan Street, 
West. Church Officer — James Sloss, 37 West Stew- 
art Street. 


St. Lawrence St. 
Minister — Rev. Da\id W. Gavlor. 30 Robertson St. 

26 Roxburgh Street. 
Minister— .Rev. John Richardson, 53 South Street. 



4 Ardgowan Street. 

Minister— Rev. S. E. Beaugie, 62 Newton St. 


Roxburgh Street. 

Minister — Rev. J. J. Cook, 9 Brisbane Street. 


BAPTIST CHURCH— OranGefield Place. 
Minister—Rev. P. B. Watson Cowie, 3 Finnart St. 

o *- 

Headquarters— . .Bank St. & John St. 


ST. MARY'S R. C. CHURCH— Patrick Street. 
Pastor — Rev. "John M'Millan; Assistants— Revs. 
John Wall, John Scanlan, James Ronan, Daniel J. 
H organ, jr., and Michael Costello. 

Pastor — Rev. William Horgan; Assistants — Revs, 
Charles Gallagher and Teague M'Ginley. 


= Motor Vehicles. = 



10 St. James's Street, London, S.W. 1. 

Telegrams : — "Motunicon, St. James's, London." 
Telephone :— Regent 2200 (6 lines.) 

Business Transacted. 

Motor Vehicles, Fire, Life, Marine, 

Personal Accident and Disease, 

Employers' Insurance, Burglary, Third Party, 

Horse Driving Accidents, 

Fidelity Guarantee, Glass, etc., etc. 

Full Prospectuses will be sent on application. 

Resident Inspector — 
WM. MILLAR, 24 Hamilton St. , Greenock. 



Hours — 10 a.m. 'to 3 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 
12 noon,. On local holidays the offices are open 
until 11 a.m. Bank holidaysi in Scotland— New-- 
Year's Day, Good triday, first Monday imi May, 
first Monday in August, and Christmas Day. 


BANK OF SCOTLAND— 47 Cathcart St. 

Agent — Robert J. Gourlay; Accountant — John D. 
Gray; Teller — John Gray; Clerks — J. C. Graham, 
J. K. Robertson, Jas. Crawford and Miss E. Hynd. 
West-End Branch — <33 Inverkip St. 

Agent — Wm. Morrison; Glerk-^-T. H. Clark. 

BRITISH LINEN BANK— 13 William Street. 

Agent — Johin Cook ; T eller— Thomas Stewart ; 
Clerks— J. H. Bell, F. Clark, J. T. Urquhart and A, 

CLYDESDALE BANK— Cathcart Square. 

Agent — Alexander R. Stewart; Accountant — John 
A. Stott; Teller— P. R. Bruce; Clerks— W. Reid, 
J. J. C. Coats, H. A. J. Gibson, H. H .Cavey, W. SI 
Henderson, D. D. M'Swein. Messenger, J. Whyte, 
40 Cathcart Street. 

East-End Branch — 53 Rue-end Street. 
Agent — D. T. Balmanno; Accountant — W. P. 

Ann Street Branch. 
Teller — A. Macdougall. 


COMMERCIAL BANK— 36 Cathcart Street. 

Agent — R.J. Scott; Accountant — John L. Allison; 
Tellers— J. A. Armour & W. N. B. Clark; Clerks— 
J. M. Darroch, Alex. J. Black, J. Ewart, H. Steele 
and C. F. Henry. Messenger and Caretaker — D. 
Anderson; house above Bank. 



West- End Branch— 15 West Blackhall St. 
Agent. — Arthur Murray; Accountant — R. A. Iron- 
side; Clerks — A. J. Ferguson, W. L. Faid, Misses 
J. Y. M'Gie and M. J. Carse. ' 

- — o 

NATIONAL BANK— 29 Cathcart St. 

Agent — John Cameron; Sub-agent — James Smith; 
Teller— J. B. Chirrey; Clerks— A. G. M'Gibbon, 
John Scott, R. W. Crawford, P. Cameron, P. M. 
Buchanan and H. Cameron. 

West-End Branch— 17 W. Blackhall St. 

Agent — R. Davie; Teller — R. J. Smith; Clerks 
—A. B. Duthie and J. M. Macgregor. 


Agents— T. B. Rowan- & C. P. M'Nedll; Account- 
ant- John Chalmers; Clerks — E. H. Anderson & 

M. B. Edwards. 

ROYAL BANK— 38 Cathcart St. 

Agent — John Young; Accountant — G. P. Russell; 
Teller— D. M'Kechnie; Clerks— John M. Dixon, D. 
Peacock, W. Gow and Misses E. M. Dixon, G. Mason, 
E. Macnedll and E. Richmond. 

West- End Branch— 9 W. Blackhall St. 

Agent — W. J. Sampson; Accountant — Fiddes Nicol, 
Clerks— A. Lennox, D. M'Neill and J. M'Millan. 


UNION BANK— 1 Hamilton Street. 

Agent — Thomas Thomson; Accountant — Archibald 
M'Laxty; Teller— D. M. Nicholson; Clerks— F. C. 
Smith, A. C. M. Hamilton, J. A. MTnnes C. G. D. 





gjgfr ^-^ Jagg, i .ul _'--■-- j: ' • ,■• ■ , 




Tyres, Oils, Accessories of every description 



Head Office v . 11 William St. 

President — Sir G. P. Collins; Chairman — John "]. 
Lang; Directors — Messrs John Low, George Dunlop, 
Neil Drummond, R. L. Henderson, P. S. M'Onie, T. 
Black, J. Reid Kerr, W. T. Fisher, J. D. Dempster, 
J. W. Kempster, Jas. Murray, J. E. Nico'l, J. W. ; 
Bennett, J. Muirhead and William Lindsay. 

Officials — Geo. Dempster, Cashier; Alex. Rich- 
mond, Teller; W. Holmes, A. Macaskill, J. Campbell 
& A. Duncan, Accountants & Branch Cashiers. 

Inverkip and Duncan Streets. Estd. 1809. 

Hon. President — Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, Bart. 
Hon. Vice-presidents — Sir Godfrey P. Collins, M.P., 
Lieut. -Col. Duncan Darroch and the Provosts of 
Greenock, Port Glasgow and Gourock, ex officiis. 
Directors — James Carson, Louis V. Dunlop, James 
Fulton, Andrew R. Grieve, John J. Lang, James 
M'Lean, David S. Macpherson, John M'Donough, 
Archd. M'Intyre, Ryrie Orr, M.A., Samuel Oliver, 
David Paterson, John A. Pearson, John Ralston, 
Bryce Robertson, A. S. Rodger, David H. Russell, 
Rev. W. J. Nichol Service, Alex. R. Stewart, 
Alex. Shanks, F. H. Whysall and Archd. Shearer. 
Secretary — James A. Love, 2 Hamilton St. 
Treasurer— Robert J. Gourlay, Bank of Scotland. 

Physicians — Drs Allan and Russell; Surgeons — 
Drs Laurie, Milne and Millar; Asst. -Surgeons — Drs 
Telfer, Baxter and Muir; Dispensary Attendants — 
Drs McCawley and Donald; House Surgeons — Drs 
Morrison, Smith and Logan; Matron — Miss Filley ;i 
Dental Dept.— A. H. Inglis, L.D.S.; Hon. Consulting 
Surgeons — Drs Cook and Mackay; Hon. Consulting 



Surgeon for Diseases of the Throat, Nose and Ear — 
Dr Keith Robertson; Hon. Consulting Surgeon for 
Diseases of the Eye — Dr John Gilchrist, Glasgow; 
Hon. Consultants for the Electrical Dept. — Dr Cook 
and Mr Duncan Angus. 



Nelson Street. 

Trustees- — Anderson Rodger, John G. Kincaid, the 
Provost and two Senior Bailies of Greenock, Provost 
of Port Glasgow, Provost of Gourock, Chairman of 
Greenock Hospital and Infirmary, Captain McNeill, 
William Millar, Peter Lang, Alexander Shanks. 

Patroness — The Lady Alice Shaw Stewart, O.B.E. 

Secy. & treas. — Colin C. MacCulloch, 25 West 
Burn Street. Auditor — Hugh Ritchie. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon — John Gilchrist, M.D. 

Asst. Surgeon— Dr 1 J. K. A. Robertson. 

Matron — Miss Birch. 

Patients examined daily (Sundays excepted) at 
9 a.m. Accidents and Urgent Cases are received 
into the wards at any hour. 

Hon. pres. — Provost Baxter; hon. vice-pres., Pro- 
vost Mackie, Port Glasgow and Provost Adam, Gour- 
ock ; clerk and treasurer, George Armitage, 2 Church 
Place; hon. surgeon, Dr' Keith Robertson; "hon. asst. 
surgeon, Dr John Black. 



Figures opposite name denote year in which licensed. 

1895 Allan, William 1906 Miller John 

Baxter David L. 1901 Milne W. A. 

Black John A. 1911 Muir Andrew 



1878 Broadfoot, William 189.4 

1894 Cook William S. 1882 
1908 Douglas Randolf 1901 

Hornsby William 1891 
1886 Laurie James 1885 

1892 Lumley F. D. 

1895 Mackay Edward 
Macmillan R. E. 1901 

1892 Marshall C. W. 1891 
M'Cawley Austin 

1878 M'Callum 

Naiiirn Cuthbert 
Phillip Thomas 
Robertson Keith 
Russell Davntd 
Seright William 
Smith Ralph 
Telfer Walter 
Wardlaw 'Robert 
Whiteford James 
Wilson James 

JUSTICES OF PEACE— Greenock District. 

John Adam 
George Brown 
Arthur Caird 
P. T. Cadrd 
Wm. H. Carmichael 
John Cook 
William Co ton 
David Craig 
John Damn 
John Denholm 
John Drummond 
W. A. Fisher 
Hiilda H. Farquhar: 
Louis Ferguson 
Peter Ferguson 
John Forbes 
James Fulton 
Maggde F. Galloway 
Robert J. Gourlay 
David Gray 
David S. Macphersori 
Donald M'Kerron, 
Duncan M'Callum 
Duncan M'Calhim (2) 

Victor J. Moodie 
Robert Morton 
James Murray 
J. D. Neill 
F. D. Neill 
Ryrde Orr 
D avoid Prentice 
R. A. Reid 
Emma A. Rodger 
James A. Russell 
Thomas Redid 
John Scott 
R. L. Scott 
Mrs Margt. Simpson 
David A. Steven 
Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, 
Pollie Hardstaff 
John Hargan 
Rev. Canon Howell 
I sa belle Kerr 
John Galbreath Kerr 
Wm. Lamont 
Jessie Laurie 


The Lady Alice Andrew Thomson 

Shaw StewarfThomas Thomson 
A. R. Stewart . John S. Wingate 

Alex. T. Taylor John Wilkinson 

Joseph M. Leighton John Young 

A. N. Lindsay 

and the Magistrates of the Burgh and Chairman of 
the Parish Council, ex ofhciis. 


Dean of Faculty — Alexander Shearer; Vice-Dean — 
A. R. Prentice; Treasurer — Jas. A. Love; Secretary 
— Finlay Morrison; Auditor — James Millar. 
Council to act with office-bearers — F. Hill, Robert 
Crawford, John M'Clure, John Stevenson, Donald 
•Main and John Flockhart., 

Library Committee to act with office-bearers — David 
Paterson, George Armitage, Alexander Plant, Alexan- 
der King, Robert Wilson and R. A. MacKinnon. 

Resident Members of Faculty. 

Notaries Public marked (*) Year admitted. 

Agnew Alexander, 2 Hamilton St. . . 1905 

Armitage George, 2 Church Place. . . 1909 

*Auld William, County Buildings . . . 1870 

Blair A. M., 27 West Burn St. . . . 1895 

♦Boyd W. D., 47 Cathcart St. . « .. . 1891 

♦Cameron John, 13 Hamilton St. . . 1887 

^Crawford J. W., 26 Hamilton St. . . 1881 

Crawford Robert, 17 West Blackhall St. . 1913 

♦Dunlop George, 47 Cathcart St. . . 1897 

Dunlop Malcolm, 47 Cathcart St. . . 1902 

♦Flockhart John, 28 Nicolson St. . . . 1910 

Frame James, Library Buildings . . . -188$ 

Fyfe William, 46 Cathcart St. . . 1911 

♦Glen James, 13 William Street, . . . 1868 


♦Glen H. D., 13 William Street. . . • . 1900 

Hill Fred., 13 Hamilton Street. . . . 1910 

♦Jacobs T. R., Library Buildings. . . .. 1889 

Kerr Duncan, 2 Church Place. . . . 1902 

King Alexander, 13 Hamilton Street . . 1920 r 

♦Love James A., 2 Hamilton Street. . . 1888, 

♦M'Clure John, Mansion House . . . 1888 

♦M'Clure William, Mansion House . . . 1880 

MacCulloch Colin C, 25 West Burn Street. 1901 

MacKinnon R.- A.„ 2 Bank Street. . . 1922 

♦M'Neil C. P., 31 Cathcart Street. . . 1902> 

Maguire Robert, 32 Cathcart Street. . . 1923 

*Marquis J., National Bank Bldgs., Gourock 1893 

♦Millar James,, 18 Hamilton Street. . . 1890 

♦Morrison D. A., 28 Wesit Burn Street. . 1900 

Morrison F., 28 West Burn Street. . . 1910 

♦Murray A. D. ; , 2 Church Place . . . 1889 

♦Murray Georgej, 2 Argyle Street . . . 1888 

♦Murray R. S„ 46 Cathcart Street . . 1884 

Nimmo Andrew;, Town Clerk . . .1916 

♦Paterson D.,, 2 Argyle Street . . . 1903 

Patten- Macdougall John;, 18 Kilblain Street 1875 

♦Plant Alexander, 13 Hamilton Street . . 1919 

♦R.OS3 J. Hood, Port Glasgow . . . 1897 

♦Prentice A. R., 18 Kilblain Street . 1886 

♦Rowan T. B., 31 Cathcart -Street . . 1902 

♦Shearer Alexander, Library Buildings . 1885 

♦Stevenson John, 4 Argyle Street . . . 1902 

♦Walker R. S., 11 William Street . . .1886 

Watson R. M., 25 West Burn Street . 1923 

Wilson Robert, 2 Argyle Street . . . 1921 

Kerr George,, Port Glasgow .... 1895 

♦Main Donald,, Port Glasgow .... 1899 

Pa ton Andrew,, Port Glasgow . . . 1899 

♦Sharp S., Port Glasgow 1896 

Agents for the Poor are appointed monthly by the 


Wallace Square. 
Hovers — Lending Dept., 10 a.m. till 8 p.m.; Ref- 
erence and Magazine Room, 10 a.m. till 8-30 p.m.,; 
Juvenile Dep., 4 till 8 p.m. (Sat. 10 a.m. ti.l 6 p.m.) 
News Room, 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. daily; 

Lending, Reference and Juvenile Departments are 
closed on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. 
Committee — Provost Baxter; Dean of Guild Brand; 
Councillors Miss Kerr, Lemmon, Canning, Minto, 
Gordon, Carmichael and Crawford; Messrs £L D. 
Soutter, R. Tait, Ryrie Orr, M.A., J. P., John Mac- 
pherson, jr.,, A. S. Reid, Alexander Niven, Dugald 
M'Gregor, J. A. Liddell and A. C. Fletcher. 

Principal Librarian and Clerk to Committee — J. M. 
Leighton, F.S.A. (Scot.). 


Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd. — Thomas Young, agent, 
46 Cathcart St. Offices in London, Southampton, 
Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, Queenstown, &c. Tugs — 
Flying Wizard, Flying Phantom, Flying Elf, Flying 
Sprite, Flying Dutchman, Flying Spindrift, Flying 
Scotsman, Flying Linnet, Flying Falcon, Flying Cor- 
morant, Flying Swallow, Flying Serpent, Flying Buzz- 
ard, Flying Foam, Flying Spray and Flying Condor. 
Tenders — America, Ireland. Tele. "Cumbrae". 

Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Co.— Steel and 
Bennie, Ld., 86 Broomielaw, Glasgow, and Custom- 
house Quay, Greenock. Tugs — Vanguard, Chieftain, 
Warrior, Cruiser, Samson, Victor, Campaigner, Wrest 
ler, Thunderer, Brigadier. 


Captain, Wm. A. Kidd; secy. & treas., J. H>. 
Fraser, C.A., 33 Cathcarft St.; members of Commit- 



tee, J. D. Dempster, Alex. Nicol, A. F. Smart, D. W. 
Guy, L. V. Fulton, J. W. Smith, Jas. Lowe, William 
Fyfe & R. A. M'Kinnon. Membership 375; limited 
members 100; other members 250. Visitors are 
admitted to play at 2/6 per day. Club House, head 
of Forsyth St. Clubmaker & Professional, D. C. 
Cobb; Greenkeeper, J. M'Kiillop. 


. Headquarters . Orangefield. 

Hon. pres., Wm. Struthers; pres., Capt. P. R. 
Jacobs, M.C. ; vice-pres., C. C. Aitken; Captain, 

A. T. Whiitelaw; vice-capt., D. Cummings ; secy., 

B. Dawson, 64 Ann Street; treas., A. H. M'Kiclop. 

Headquarters . . . Murdieston St. 
Hon. president, James Beattie, M.A., F.E.I.S., 
F.R.S.G.S.; hon. vice-pres., Angus MacdonalL M.A.. 
pres., Capt. P. R. Jacobs, M.C, vice-pres., A Rich- 
mond, 32 Denholm Street; captain, H. Macphail; 
vice-capt., R. Kelso. 


Ground Glen Park. 

Patron — Sir Hugh. Shaw Stewart; pres., D. Gra 7 - 
ham Ramsay; vice-pres., J. Reid Kerr; Capt., J. B. 
Walker; hon. treas., R. L. Walker; hon. secy., J. 
Russell, 39 Esplanade; professional, J. W. West,. 

o— — 


LIBERAL CLUB— 7 Hamilton Street. 

Hours — 9 a.m. to 10-30 p.m. Managed by a 
committee elected annually. Pres., J. Macpherson ; 
vice-pres., J. Wilkie, P. M'Vicar, D. M'Gregor, C- 



Williamson, W. Steel, J. M'Naught; hon. secy., J. 
Davies, 26 Brisbane S„.; treas., J. M'Farlane; cur- 
ator, R. Bell, 7 Hamilton Street. 

I.nsLituted 1820 
Pres., John Forbes; itreas., A. S. Kerr; secy., 
J. W. Crawford; asst. secy., R. W. Muir; and 25 
directors; Missionary anl Distributor of Donations,. 
Donald M'Lean. 

Seamen's Friends' Charitable Society— This n an 
auxiliary to the Seamen's Friends' Socy., and distri- 
the interest on funded capital amongst sailors' wid- 
ows and orphans. Secy., J. W. Crawford; treas., 
A. S. Kert. 


SAILORS' HOME, 1 Dock Breast. 

Superintendent — Mr" James Naismith. The Home 
has accommodation for 80 seamein, and is fitted 
with every convenience and comfort 

Newark Street. 
This Institution was founded by the late Sir Gab- 
Mel Wood, for the reception of aged and decayed mer 
chant sailors, being natives of the counties of Ren- 
frew, Ayr, Dumbarton, Argyle or Bute, who have 
attained the age of 55 years and are of good char- 
acter. The members of the present committee of 
management are MessrsD. T- Taylor, H. Buchan?n, 
J. G. Kincaid, Wm. Nicholl, R. A. Reid, J. M. A-"a^ r 
Wm. M. Campbell, P. M. Lang, M. H. Alston, 
J. Reid Kerr, J. Barnhill Walker, James Innes, John 
Kerr, Alexander Allan (treas.), J. W. Crawford 
(secy.) and Captain James Tulloch. Governor — 
Captain Ste vart Watters. I £?] 





Sold in "lib. and 21b., 
Decorated Tins. 



Sugar Refiners, 




Rooms — Westburn Square. 

Managed by a committee elected annually by the 

members., Open to all who profess a general adher- 

ance to the Unionist Party., Chairman, J. M. Kerr; 

secy., A. Douglas Murray, 2 Church Place. 

— — o 

The Institute embraces a most complete suite of 
finely decorated Halls> and Committee Rooms. 
Large Hall accommodates 1,000, South Hall 250, 
Lesser Hall 70. No intoxicating drink allowed on 
the premises. Chairman, T. Hamilton; secy., W. 
D. Thomson; curator, Thos. Tarbet.. 

• o 

Grove South St. 
Chairman — rRyrie Orr, "Telegraph" Office; Hon. 
treas., A. R. Stewart, Clydesdale Bank; Hon. sec- 
retaries, Black & Cameron, 13 Hamilton St.; Matron, 
Nurse Mackay. The objects of the Institution are 
to provide accommodation for convalescent and infirm 
children, to give them medical and nursing care and 
nourishment, out-door exercise, and whatever other 
curative means are considered needful. 


Home, Glenfield, 1 Bedford Street. Matron — Miss 
Elizabeth Brown. Visiting Days — Wednesdays and 
Saturdays between 3 and 5 p.m. 

Pres., R. A. Reid; vice-pres., Rev. Charles F. 
Fleming, B.D.; secy., William Auld, County Build- 
ings; 'treas., J. M. Kerr, C.A., 4 Argyle Street.' 

The object of the Society is to provide medical 
comforts and attendance for* persons resident In 
Greenock, Port Glasgow or the parish of Inverkip, 
who may require protracted treatment and are incap- 
able of earning a livelihood. 



Shipbuilding and Engineering 
Co., Ltd. 



and of all classes of WARSHIPS. 




Number of Building Berths, 10 
Capacity of Vessels to 750 feet length, 
Repairs to Ships and Machinery 
Private Dry Dock 360 ft. x 48 ft. 

Telegrams — " Scott, Greenock." 

Telsphones — Head Office and Engine Works, 

No. 269, 270, 289. 

Cartsdyke Yard No. 455, 456, 457. 
Cartsburn Dockyard No. 113, 114.. 
Cartsdyke Sawmill No. 223. 

Head Office : East Stewart Street, Greenock. 
London Office : 22 Billeter Street, London, E.C. 3. 


Patronesses, The Lady Alice Shaw Stewart and 
Mrs John Rodger; patrons, Sir Hugh Shaw Stewarfy 
The Provost of Greenock and Mr Aithur Caird ; Hon. 
pres., Mr John G. Kincaid, Mrs R. R. Patterson, Mrs 
Jamieson and Mrs Dr Marshall; pres., The Lady 
Alice Shaw Stewart, O.tB.E.; hon. secy. & treas., 
Duncan Kerr, 14 Hamilton Street. 

9 Union Street. Instituted 1st Jan. 1783. 

Hours — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturdays to 12 noon) i 
and 7 to 9 evening. 
Managed by a Committee elected each. January., 

President — Geo. Murray; Hon. Treasurer — A. R. 
Stewart; Hon; Secy.— A/. K. Macdonald, 17 Ardgow- 
an Sq. ; Librarian — Herbert Henderson. 

o • 

11 Tobago St. and 11-13 Sir Michael St. 

This Institution is managed by a Directorate of 21 
members, one-third of whom are elected annually. 
President, A. M'Millan; Treas. W. E. Mitchell; 
Secy., W. Downie; Curator, John Palmer, 71 Reg- 
ent St.; Asst. Curator, Lachlan M'Crae. • 

M'LEAN -MUSEUM— Watt Institute, Kelly St. 

The Museum and Lecture Hall were erected at 
the cost ot the late James M'Lean, Esq., of West 
Bank, and were opened on 3rd Nov. 187:6. Hours — • 
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. durijng Summer, and till 4 p.m. in 
Winter; Saturdays., from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Admiss- 
ion Free. Managed by a joint-committee of the 
Greenock Philosophical Socy. and Greenock Library*. 

Chairman, Mr V. Meyer; secy., George Dunlop, 
2 Church Place; treas.,, Thos. Thomson; curator, 
iW". Thorn, 64 Dempster Street. 



Drapers, Dressmakers, 
- = Milliners, 

Specialists in Table and Bed Linens, 

— 1 G 


<*&>&* GREENOCK. *&*?* 



Agents for all the well-known makers of PIANOS 
and ORGANS, and Sole District Agents for 



23 West BlacJchall Street, 





For destitute and homeless lads above 14 years of 
age. Office-bearers — Hon. directors ex-Provost B:n- 
nie and Joseph Russell; pres., ex-bailie Forbes; 
treas., — ■Buchanan; secy.,,Jas. -A. Love; committer 
— R. H. Sinclair, John Smith, W. H. Car'michaejl, G. 
Dunlop, R. D. Carmkhael and J. P. M'Kelvie. 

Inst. 1839. Rooms, 17 W. Stewart St. 

Office-bearers— Hon. pres., 3 - G. P. Collins, M.P., 
CM. G.. K.B.E. ; Hon. vice-^res., Sir Flugh Shaw 
Stewart, iiart., J. G. Kincaid, Esq., ex-Provost Denr- 
holm, Provost Baxter, Neil MTntosh, Esq., Ryris 
Orr, Esq., M.A., Rev.. J. H. Maclean, M.A., Arthur 
Caird, Esq., R. L. Scott, Esq.; Representative > from 
Associate Members, Sheriff 'Mercer & Neil Drum- 
mond, jr., Esq.; pres., Geo. Ferris ; vice-pres. Robt. 
Thexton & Colin Cameron; hon. secy., W. T. Dave/, 
Yew Cottage, Glen St.; treas., A. Wilson; auditors, 
A. F. Niven & D. E. Gordon. 


Open to Visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (e: Sat.). 
Teachers — Alexander Norwel 1 , B.Sc, (Principal);; 
John Stoddart, C'apt. J. S. Coney and Murdoch 
M'Affer. Clerk— J. "Hamilton Pullar. 


Members from this District. 

Archd. Campbell, B.A., Prospectbill, Victoria Road, 
Gourock,Alexander Stewart, Aingarth, B roombe-iy 
Drive, Gourook, Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, Bart.,, 
Inverkip and John Wilkinson, West Park, Skelmorlie. 
Elected by the Town Council of the Burgh 

Ixj i 


of Port Glasgow for the purposes of Insurance Act. 
Thomas B. Fyfe, Patrick M'Nelis, William Mackie, 
James Montgomery and James Steele. 

Convener — Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, Bt., C.B.E. 

Clerk, Treasurer and Gcjllecftor — James Caldwell 
Fraser, Gcrirrty Buildings, Paisley. 


CHei Constate — Charles Hardin?, 149 Eldon St. 
Sergeant— William Reid, 9 Watt St. 


Lord-Lieutenant — CoL Sir Husdi S u aw Stewart, Bart., 

C.B., of Greenock end Blackhall. 
Vice-Lieut. -Alexander Archibald Hagart Spiers, of 
Elder slie. 

Deputy Lieutenants — 
I ord Weir, of Eastwood, Holm Foundry, Cathcart. 
George Barclay, Esq., ThornWll, Johnstone. 
Lieut-Col. James Lithgow, Drums, Langbank. 
Lord Maclay, " Duchal ", Kilmacolm. 
S. E. Gordon, Esq., of Aikenhead. Cathcart . 
Sir Fred Lobnitz, Ross Hall, Crookston. 
Lieut. -Col. Walter Brown, Monk dyke, Renfrew. 
Sir C. Stephen Binie Renshaw, Bart., of Barochan. 
Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Bart., Poll ok House, 

Major James Hunter Young, Ecclestoun, Castlehead, 

W. Hod^e Coats, Esa.. Woodside. Paisley. 
Major the Right Hon. Lord Blythswood, of Blyth's- 

wood, "Renfrew. 
Maior A. Harold Glen Coats, Fergusli^ Park Paisley. 
Wallace Faiiirweather, Faslide, Mearns. 
Ar^nr Cmird, Stone 1 ei^h, Greenock. 

Clerk— Tames Caldwell Fraser, County Build- 
ings, Paisley. 



for the Lower District of the County of Renfrew. 

The Right Hon. Baron Maclay of Glasgow, Duchal, 

Lord Inverclyde of Castle Wsmyss, Wemyss Bay, 
Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart of Greenock and Blackhall, 

Baronet, C.B. 
Captain Sir Charles Bime Renshaw, of Barochan, 

Sir Edward L. Fletcher, C.B.E., of Muirshiel, 26 

Prince's Gardens, London, S.W.7. 
John Biirkmyre, Shalott, Knockbuckle Road, Kilma- 

William A. Cargill, of Carruth, Bridge-of-Weir. 
David Cross of Ingliston, residing at Eastbankj,. 

Langbank. . 
Frederick Mann Hannay, Wester Rosslanf, Bishopton 
John Agustus Holms of Formakin, Bishopton. 
Richard Blackiston-Houstoh, residing at Finlaystone, 

Langbank. ' 

Richard Hubbard Hunter of Glentyan, Kilbarchan. 
Joseph Johnstone, O.B.E., Calder House, Lochwinn- 

Henry Lithgow, Drums, Langbank. 
Robert Cowan Marshall of Burntshields, Kilbarchan. 
Henry Macdowall of Garthland. 
Neil James Kennedy Cochran-Patrick, Ladyland, 

William John Hart Reid, Strath view, Milliken Park. 
Alexander Reid, old Bishopton, Bishopton. 
Alexander Archibald Hagart Speirs of Elderslie. 
James Stjevenson of Wardend, Milliken Park. 
Robert Williamson, Penwold, Kilbarchan. 
Joseph A. Wylie, Barnbettv, Bridge-of-Weir. 

The Sheriff of the County, the Sheriff-Substitute 

at Greenock, the Provost of Greenock, the Provost 

of Port Glasgow and the Provost of Gourock. 



Greenock jJiiistrict : Lodges — Banks o' Clyde, No. 
1586 (Odafellows' Hail), James Watt, No. 1902 
Newark No. 1976 (Gillespie's Lane, Port Glasgow)^ 
Highland Mary No. 2153, Helensburgh, No. 2756, 
Holy Loch, No. 7417, (Public Hall, Sandbank). 

Greenock Ddstrict State Insurance Lodge No. 9390 
Secretary's Office — 2 Hamilton Street. 

o— — 



D.C.R., George Irving; D.S.C.R., J. Linn, D.B.,; 
ttreas., W. Scott; secy., James W. Graham, Public 
Library Buildings, Greenock. 

No. 2. C.R. y W. Kincaid; treas., J. M 'Guinness; 
State secy., Wm. Weir; secy., J. L. i'/l'Kellar,15 
Cardwell Road, Gourock. 

No. 3. C.R., C. Canning; treas., G. King; secy., 
Donald Wilson, 46 Kelly Street. 

No. 4. C.R., W.E. Graham; S.C.R., H. M'Kellar, 
secy., P. M'Ph^il,' 101 Dempster Street. 

No. 5. C.R., D. B. Daviidson; treas., A. M'Lach 
l^n ; secy., A. Lambie, 1 Clyde St., Port Glasgow. 

.No. 6. C.R., K. Devliin; tre2/S., Win. Scott; 
Sta,te secy., Wm. Graham; secy., John S. Brown, 
36 Crescent Street.' 

No. 9 C.R., Jcfie Burnet; treas. J. M'Neill; 
Bruce Street. 

Sta,te secy., Wm. Downde; secy., W. W. Clark, 27 
Bruce Street. 

No. 10. C.R., D.C. Sikicla,ir; treas., J. Robertson, 
Sta,te secy., W. G. Sikiclair; secy.,. M. MTnfnes, 24 
Wellington Street. 




Div. 17. Hall— 33 Market Street. 
Pres., Jas. Fitzpatrick; treas., W. Kerr; secy., 
T. Harrison, 10 William St.; Hall-keeper, P. Camp- 

Branch " Owen Roe O'Neill*', No. 89.-^. Doch- 
erty, C.R.; P. M*Grath, treas.; Frank Donaghy, 
106 Drumfrochar Road, secy. 




John Dunlop District Lodge, No. 51, of the Inter- 
national Order of Good Templars, for the Lower 
Ward of Renfrewshire, is composed of seven Lodges 
in 'town, three in Port Glasgow, one in Gourock and 
one in Kilmacolm. Principal Executive Officers — 
D. Graham, District Deputy ;F. M. Fowlie, D.C.T.; 
A. Wilson, D.C.; D. Jeffers, D.S.J.W. ; J. M'Lean, 
D.E.S. ; C. Currie, D.S.T.E. ; Mrs Campbell, D.E,. ; 
Mrs Fowlie, D.C.; Donald Fleming, 14 Mearns St., 
Dist. Secy.; D. Purcell, D.T.; J. Hendry, D.M, ; 
C. Weir, D.G.; J. T. Charters, D.S. ; A. Crawford, 
D.A.S. ; Mrs Mkchelson, D.D.M.; J. Kirkwood, 
P.D.C.T.; and J. M. Fowlie, Dist. Org. 

Curator — Mrs Ashton, 5 Lynedoch Street. 




Prov. Grand Lodge Renfrewshire West. 
Lodge Crawfurdsburn, Greenock, No. 1121. Instit- 
uted 1913, Place of Meeting, Crawfurdsburn U.F. 



Church Hall, Macdougall Street. Office-bearers — 
R.W.M., Fulton M'In,t,osh; I.P:M., D. Caldwell; 
D.M., Richard Smith; S.M., Nathan Hector; S.W., 
Wm. Neilson; J.W.y Wm. Mitchell; Secy., John 
P. Hutchison, Victoria Cottages, Belville St.; Treas., 
J. A. Liddell; do. (Ben. Fund) J. Cuthbertson ;, 
Chaplain, Rev. James Francis, B.D.; Asst. Chaplain, 
John Patrick;- S.D., Donald MCraine; J.D., John 
Kirk; Architect, Chas. Urquhart ; Jeweller, John F. 
Gibb; D.C., William Allan; B.B., Robert Irwin!; 
S.B., John Williams; D.M., Wm. Findlay; Hon. B., 
Robert Sharp; 1st S.S., John M'Gilvray; 2nd S.S., 
Wm. Hair; 1st J.S., Wm. Mills; 2nd J.S., S. F. 
Miller; I.G., Dugal Currie; Tyler, Robt. Twaddle. 

Lodge Greenock St, John, No. 175— Inst. 1790. 

Office-bearers— R.W.M., J. A. Morrison; I. P.M., 
Fred. Tulloch; S.M., S. Robinson; S.W., J. P. Mil- 
lex; J. W., T. Thomson; Secy., Frank Imrie ; Asst. 
Secy., Win. I. Kex, Treas., D. M'Kechnie; Beriev. 
Treas., T. Thompson; Chaplain, Rev. D. MTntyre; 
Asst. Chaplain, Ale:. Wilson; S.D., J. M C N. Adams; 
J.D., J. A. C. Hamilton; Architect, R. E. Cam- 
mack; Jeweller, P. Trotter; B.B., A. J. Wright; 
S^'B., T. G. Begg; D.C., Alex. Plant; DM., Ed. 
Roberts; A.D.M., W. H. Wright; 1st S.S., John 
Robir.son; 2nd S.'S., Alex. M'KuIod ; 1st J.S., Wm. 
Tulloch; 2nd J. S., Gilbert Kerr; LG., J. W. Miller; 
Tyler, D. Chalmers. 

Royal Arch Chapter Greenock, No. 17. — J. R. Lock- 
hart, M.E.P.Z.; R. E. Cammack, M.E.D.Z.,; James 
Allan, I.P.M.E.P.Z.; Jas. Hair, M.E.P.H; James 
T. Frizzell, EE.PJ.; J. G. Begg, E.S.E. ; John 
Baraie, E.S.N. ; J. M'N. Adams, E. Treas,; f hos. 
E.B. Treas.; A. Mitchell, E. 1st. Soj.; J. Ford, E. 
2nd Soj.; D. M'Kechnie, E. 3rd Soj.; A. G. Howat, 
E.S.W. ; D. Caldwell, D.C.; D. [ones, D.M.; J.F . 
Gibb, S.S.; J. B. Scrymgeour, J.S.; Alex. Plant, 
Capt. 3rd Veil; C. W. Rowe, Capt. 2nd Veil; Geo. 



PirrJe, Capt. 1st Veil; M. Carruth, Jeweller; David 
Chalme.j, Janitor. Chapter-rooms, 'Masonic Temple, 
West Stewart Street. 

Royal and Select Masters' Lodge, No. 17.- Jas. 
Allan, T.I.M.; R. E. Cammack, I.P.T.I.M.; J. R. 
Lockhart, D.M.; Jas. Haiir, P.C.W.; J. G. Begg, 
Rec; J. Clark, Asst. Rec. ; J. M'N. Adams, Treas.; 
D. Caldwell, Chaplain; J. T. Frizzell, C.G.; S. Rob- 
inson, C.C.; J. B. Scrymgeour, Marshal; J. Barrie, 
D.C.; T. Thomson, S.W. ; A. Plant, S.B.; Dugald 
M'Kechnie, Steward; W. H. Wright, Organist; D. 
Chalmers, Sentinel. 

Royal Ark Mariners' Lodge and Council of the Red 
Gross Knights— J. R. Lockhart, W.C.N. & M.E.C; 
J. Allan, I.jP.W.C.N. & M.E.C. ; Jt Hair, J & S G ; : ;, 
J. T. Frizzell, S. & J.G.; J. Barrie, Rec. & C; A. 
G. Howat, Treas.; A. Mitchell, Con.; J. Ford, I.G. 
& C.G.; D. M'Kechnie, S. & L.G.; D. Chalmers, 
O.G. & Sentinel. 

; o 

Greenock Trades and Labour Council. 
Officials — President, W. I. Jackson, 14 St. Law- 
rence St.; vice-pres. R. Benzie, 9 Brachelston St. & 
H. Dougans, 41 Nicolson St.; corr. secy., R. Rich- 
ardson, 5 Auchmountain Road ; fin. secy., H. Sinclair, 
63 Holmscroft St. ; treas., P. M'Donald, 49 Trafal- 
gar St. 

Affiliated Trades and Secretaries. 
Bakers and Confectioners — D. Wasoi, 11 Duff S* - . 
Boilermakers No. 3— J. M'Kenzie, 4 Maukinhill Rd. 
Distributive '& Allied Workers— A. Clark, 5 Robinson 

A. E. U. No. 2— J. Kerr, 31 Trafalgar St. 
do. No. 3-D. M'Ewanj 5 Trafalgar St. 
do. West — J. . Prig'more, Campsie Terrace, 
do. No. 6— H. Hilary, 20 West Blackhall St. 
do. No. 9— J. M'Neill, 37 Rue-end St. 


Electrical Trades Union — F. Harris, 16 Lynedoch St.' 

Transport & General Workers (Horsemen's Section) 

— R. Lemmon, 19 Brymner St. 

do. (Tram.) — A. Brown, 18 Pt. Glasgow Road. 

do. (Dockers) — D. M'Arthur, 2 Cathcart Street. 

National Union of Foundry Workers 

— R. Richardson, 5 Auchmountain Rd. 
Amalgamated Musicians' Union 

— J. Potts, Mount Lane Cottage, Regent St. 

Plumber's Operatives — R. Gray, 1 Holmscrort St. 

National Amalgamated Union of Labour (Branch 80) 

— D. M'Millan, 10 Market St.' 

do. (Brch. 24) — T. Harrison, 10 William Street. 

Locomotive Engine-drivers and Firemen 

— S. Bates, 97 Roxburgh Street. 
National Union of Railwaymen 

— R. Benzie, 9 Brachelston Street.. 
Railway Clerks' Assoc— H. Mills, 29 Ann St. 

Shipwrights and Ship Constructors (Branch a) 

— D r Kennedy, 54 St. Lawrence Street. 

do. (Branch b) — D v . Reid, 21 Newton Street. 

do. Drillers — W. I. Jackson, 14 St. Lawrence St. 

Tailors and Garment Workers 

— B. Ferrans, 61 Nicolson Street. 

Typographical Association 

— J. Routledge, 2 Holmscroft Street. 
Greenock Transport Workers Union 

— N. Haughey, 2 Watt Place, 
Amalgamated Society of Wood-cutting Machinists 

A. M'Gilp, 5 Bawhirley Road. 
Amalgamated Society of Wood- Workers 

No. 1 — G. Black, 15 Lyle Street. 

No. 2 — R. Henderson, 66 Ann Street. 

No. 3 — J. Dawson, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

Workers' Union — T. Snuddon, 2 Adam St., Gourockl 
I. L. P. —Miss J. Duff, 5 Jardine Terrace. 














Labour Party (Individual Women's Section) 

— 'Mrs Rodger, 41 Lynedoch St. 
Sheet-Iron Workers and Platers' Socy. 

—J. Glen, 19 Regent Street. 
Societies not Affiliated. 
Blacksmiths and Iron-workers 

—J. M'Lean, 26 Lynedoch St. 

—J. Porter, 32 Arthur Street. 
—A. Cameron, 22 Thomas St. 
— J. Crawford, 15 Lauriston St. 
— J. Thomso'n, 16 Antigua St. 
'— E. Butler, 32 Nicolson Street. 
Brass Moulders— D. Crossan, 19 Belville St. 
National Union of Blind 

— S. Johns-tone, 67 Roxburgh Street. 
Coopers' — R. Duncan, 24 Bruce St. 
Coachbuilders— J. MJ'Nair, 18 South St. 
A. E. U. No. 1— J. Roy, 32 Robertson St. 

do. No. 4 — D. Meik'e, 17 Belville St. 

do. No. 5 —A. Devine, 17 Trafa^ar St. 

do. East —A. Chalmers,- 10 Lyle St. 

Monumental and Building Traces 

— J. Armour, 38 Main Street. 
Pest Office Workers —J. M ; 'Gilvray, Belvxiir> Street. 
Pninlers Socy.— J. MTntosh, 74 Dempster Street. 
Patternmakers— G. Kerr, 5"8 Belville Street. 
Litho. Printers— T. Kim, 70 Eldon St. 
Ship Riggers— A. Dalrymple, 3 Mearns Street. 
Shop Assts.— Miss Ricketts, 25 Nelson Stree\ 
Highland Land League 

— E. M'Kenzie, 30 Lynedoch /St. 
Irish Democratic League— E. M |r Cabe, 20 Market St. 

High Inverkip Road. 
Governor — W. Gardiner. 



i A 

ABERNETHY John, plater, 29 Bank St. 

Abernethy William, painter, 15 Rqbinson Avenue 

ABRAHAMSON Oliver, seaman, 47 Holmscroft S . 

ACETRICAL Engineering Co. Ld., electric we'.dcrs, 
2 Hamilton St. J. W. Bell, 10 South St., man- 
ager., 'phone 911. 

H.D AIR William, engineer, 19 Lyle St, 

ADAM A. & J., umbrella makers, 11 Grey Place-' 

Adam Alex., (of A. & J, Adam), 21 South St. 

Adam David, joiner, 72 Wellington St. 

Adam Edmund, engineer, 10 Mearns St. 

Adam Geo., licensed grocer, 19 Ingieston St. Ho. 
6' Roxburgh St. 

Adam George, grocer, 40 Wellington St. 

Adam Hugh F. engineer, 1 Fort Matilda PL 

Adam James, H.M. Customs, 66 Brisbane St. 

Adam James, joiner, 13 Newton St. 

Adam John (of J. Adam & Son), 44 Robertson St. 

Adam John, 29a Finnart St. 

Adam Phillip, driller, 15 Trafalgar St. 

Adam P. B. H., agent (Geo. Younger & Son, Ltd. 
Alloa), 27 Cathcart St. LIo. Clydehouse, Rose- 
neath St., 

Adam Robert G., wine merchant, 51 Main St. He. 
Holly Bank, 7 Madeira St. 

Adam William, brassfinisher, 34 West Stewart St. 

Adam William, plumber, 9 Murdieston St. 

Adam William, 12 Newark St. 

Adam William B., insurance manager, 2 Antigua St. 

Adam Miss Janet, 24 South St. 

Adam Miss, Holly Bank, 7 Madeira St. 



ADAMS Andrew, caulker, 19 Ingleston St. 

Adams Daniel, labourer, 3 Salmon St. 

Adams David, tailor & clothier, 49 Rue-end St. & 5 

Hamilton St. 'phone 1120. Ho. 51 Rue-end St. 
Adams Edward, plater, 12 Nile St. 
Adams George, moulder, 3 Ingleston St. 
Adams Hugh, labourer, 12 Belville St. 
Adams James, plater, 1 E. William St. 
Adams James, joiner, 28 E. Hamilton St. 
Adams James, joiner, 2 Garvald St. 
Adams James, ret. supt. of police, 9 Ardgowan St. 
Adams James W., driller, 17 Moffat St. 
Adams John, boilermaker, 14 Lyle St. 
Adams Robert, storeman, 11 Watt St. 
Adams Robert G., butcher, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 
Adams Robert, painter, 7 Lynedoch St. 
Adams William, boilermaker, 6 Hill St. 
Adams Miss, 10 Brisbane St. 
Adams Miss, 7 Dempster St. 
ADAMSON David, carpenter, 3 Lauriston St. 
Adamson Miss, 6,2 Ann St. 
AD IE John, det.-sergt., 24 Nelson St. 
ADD IE John, joiner," 27 W. Stewart St. 
ADDISON James, blacksmith, 20 Trafalgar St. 
ADLER Miss, 3 Alexandra Mansions. 
AGNEW Alexander, engineer, 21 Trafalgar St. 
Agnew Alex, (of Cook & Agn sw), 64 Finnart i$t. 
Agnew James, checker, 55 Ann St. 
Agnew James & Son, joiners & builders, 20 Crawfurd 

St. Ho. 61 Union St. 
Agnew James, engineer, 50 Ardgowan St. 
Agnew Peter, Hillcrest, Lyle Road. 
Agnew R. Mackean, boat-builder, Battery Park. Ho 

Eldon PL 
Agnew William, signalman, 29 Belville St. 
Agnew Mrs, nurse, 41 Kelly St. 
AGNEWS, confectioners, 11 Hamilton St. 



AHARA Mrs, 20 W. Stewart St. 

AHLFIELD Mrs Bernard, 19 Nelson St. 

AIKMAN John, engine-driver, 6 Old Hillend. 

Aikman Mrs Jessie, 30 Wellington St. 

AIRD Mrs Duncan, confectioner, 25 Belville St. 

Aird Mrs Helen, IT Prospecthill St. 

AIRTH Stewart, guard, 16 Hope St. 

AITCHISON Hugh, driller, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Aitchison John, engineer, Newton Tee. 

Aitchison Robert, railwayman, 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Aitchison William, coppersmith, 26 Lyle St. 

AITKEN Albert, chaffeur, 5 Hope St- 

Aitken Alexander, engine-driver, 60 Kelly St. 

Aitken David, printer, 12 Baxter St. 

Aitken James, journalist, 15 Margaret St. 

Aitken James, grocer, 21 Dempster St. 

Aitken Jas. M., vocalist, 7 Kelly St. 

Aitken John, butcher, 13 Houston St. 

Aitken John, joiner, 28 Wellington St. 

Aitken Mungo, manager (Co-op. Socy.), Kersewell," 
High Inverkip Road. 

Aitken Robert, joiner, 6 Duff St. 

Aitken William, compositor, 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Aitken William, joiner, 31 Regent St. 

Aitken Miss, 6 Duff St.. 

Aitken Miss Janet, 78 Eldon St. 

Aitken Mrs, 5 Robertson St. 

Aitken Mrs Robert, 56 Dempster St. 

Aitken Mrs IVl., 8 Antigua St. 

AITKENHEAD Alexander, (of R. Aitkenhead & 
Sons), 37 Trafalgar St. 

Aitkenhead Alexander, jr., plasterer, 33 Kelly St. 

Aitkenhead Isabella, jewellery & toys, 27 W. Black- 
ball St. 

Aitkenhead Robt-, architect, Millmount, Bwhirley Rd. 

Aitkenhead Robt- & Sons, building contractors, 37 

Trafalgar St. 
Aitkenhead William T., builder, 15Finnart St. 
Aitkenhead Mrs Andrew, 12 Wellington St. 


AITKIN SON Frank, upholsterer, 52 Inverkip St. 

ALCORN George, motor mechanic, 1 Duncan St. 
Alcorn William, salesman, 48 Dempster St. 
Alcorn William, firewood factory, 34 Inverkip St. 
Alcorn Mrs, 2 Crawford Lane. 

ALDER Wm. J., warehouseman & boot-factor, 17 
Hamilton St. Ho. 19 Lyle St. 

ALDRED William, electrician, 71 Nicolson St. 

ALEXANDER Andrew, labourer, 13 Cathcart St. 

Alexander David, (of M. Alexander & Co.), 71 El- 
don St. 

Alexander James, plasterer, 74 Ann St. 

Alexander James,, carpenter, 30 Ann St. 

Alexander James, labourer, 59 Ann St. 

Alexander James, M.F.I.A., R.I.B.A., (of Stewart, 
Tough & Alexander), 40 Ashton Rd., Gourock. 

Alexander John, burgh assessor, accountant, stock- 
broker, and assessor of income tax, Public Library 
Buildings, Wallace PL LEo. 77 Eernpock St. 

Alexander John, engineer, 23 Lyiiedoch St. 

Alexander John, joiner, 2 Wernyss Bay St. 
cinder John, 14 Brisbane St. 

Alexander M. & Co., manufg. confectioners, 52-54 
Vermel.. Ho. 71 Eldon St. 

Alexander Robert, plater, 55 Belville St. 

Alexander Robert, labourer, 77 Regent St. 

. . nder, Rev. Walter, minister Martyrs U. F. Ch. 
Ho. 23 Brisbane St. 

Alexander Robert, railway guard, 68 Dempster St., 

Alexander Robert, tailor & costumier, 55 Rue-end St 

Alexander Thomas, brassfhiisher, 29 Lyle St. 

Alexander Wm., carpenter, 1 Auchmountain Rd. 

Alexander W. Nance, 'dentist, 25 W. Burn St. Ho. 
47 Brougham St. 

Alexander Mrs, 55 Holmscroft St. 

Alexander Mrs John, Bogston Farm, Shankland Rd. 

ALFORD John, caulker, 8 E. Shaw St. 


ALLAN Andrew, gardener, 05 Nicolson St. 

Allan Alexander, (of Allan & Clapperton, C.A.), 42 
Finnart St. 

Allan Andrew, blacksmith, 1 Kilblain St. 

Allan Andrew R., clerk, 17 Mearns St. 

Allan Archd. T., Clyde Pilot, 4 Margaret St. 

Allan & Clapperton, C.A., stockbrokers & house fac- 
tors, 2 Church PL 

Allan & Dalziel, drapers & outfitters, 22 Hamilton St 

Allan David, boilermake^ 128 Drurnfrochar Rd. 

Allan David N., ironfitter, 6 Antigua St. 

Allan George, clerk, 25 Bruce St. 

Allan George, clerk, 54 South St. 

Allan George W., master mariner, 11 Sandringharn 

Allan George, shipwright, 37 Bank St. 

Allan Harry, det-constable, 24 Wellington St. 

Allan James, draper, 30 South S>£(. 

Allan James, engineer, 8 Gateside Av. 

Allan James, gardener, 65 Nicolson St. 

Allan James, labourer, 7 Laird St. 

Allan James M., of Post Office, 22 Brisbane St. 

Allan John, checker, 14 Brisbane St. 

Allan John, joiner, 78 Belviile St. 

Allan John, machinist, 7 Moffat St. 

Allan Joh'n (of A. Mories & Co.), 43 Brougham St. 

Allan John, patternmaker, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 

Adlan John C, engineer, 56 Belviile St. 

Allan Joseph, nurseryman, 23 Octavia Tee. Ho. 
Miues Lane. 

Allan James, (of J. Lyle & Sons), 13 Holmscroft St. 

Allan John, caulker, 10 Crescent St. 

Allan John, coppersmith, 9 Morton Tee. 

Allan John M., plater, 25 Lyle St. 

Allan Nicol, labourer, 69 Regent St. 

Allan, Rev. Charles, M.A., minister of Finnart U.F, 
Ch,. Ho. Duneira, 93 Newton St. 

Allan Robert, engine-driver, 13 Carwoed St. 

Allan Robert, nurseryman, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 



Allan. Robert, machinist, 8 Brown St. 

Allan Robert, plater, 43 Regent St. 

Allan Robert, foreman plater, 43 Regent St. 

Allan Robert, boilermaker, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 

Allan Robert J., machinist, 3 Ingleston St. 

Allan Samuel, brakesman, 75 Wellington St. 

Allan William, labourer, 5 Belville St. 

Allan Wm. H., clerk, 30 W. Blackball St. 

Allan William, blacksmith, 7 Prospecthill. 

Allan William, engine-drive':, 34 Auchmountain Rd. 

Allan William, fitter, 16 Lynedoch St. 

Allan William, foreman labourer, 5 Belville St. 

Allan William, M.D., physician, 6 Eldon St. 

Allan William, tobacconist & newsagent 14 W. Black 

hall St. Ho. 20 Union St. 
Allan William, skinner, 22 Moffat St. 
Allan Mrs William, 20 Roxburgh St. 
Allan Mrs C, 71 Roxburgh St. 
Allan Mrs Joan, 8 Duff St. 
Allan. Mrs, 3 Finnart Tee., Newton St. 
Allan Mrs, 33 Nelson St. 
Allan Mrs, 6}1 Nicolson St. 
Allan Mrs, 87 Wellington St. 
Allan Mrs Robert, 16 Mearns St. 
Allan Mrs Annie, 20 South St. 
ALLAR.DICE George, clerk, 8 Garvald St. 
ALLA'RiDYCE Alex., boilermaker, 2 Border St. 
ALLEN 'David, patternmaker, 19 Wellington St. 
Allen David & Sons Billposting, Ltd. billposters & 

advertising contractors, 23 Cathcart St. 
Allen Ernest D., caretaker, 10 Mearns St. 
Allen John, labourur, 4 Cart^burn St. 
Allen Richard, engineer, 14 South St. 
ALLENBY Joseph, machinist, 3 Duff St. 
ALLISON George, engineer, Gibbshill Tee., 
Allison James, butcher, 41 W. Burn St. Ho. 67 

Roxburgh St. 
Allison John, engineer, 21 Holmscroft St. 
Allison Samuel, labourer, 28 W. Burn St. 



Allison Thomas, slater, 10 Murdieston St. 
Allison Mrs John, 9 Finnart Rd. 

AI. LISTER Robt. D., teacher of dancing, 7 Ly'e St. 
ALLWOOD Thomas, tcolmaker, 27 Lynedom St. 
ALSTON Robert A. M., 105 Finnart St. 
Alston. Miss Annie, 40 Robertson St. 
Alston Miss Janet PI., 47 Esplanade. 
ALU/MINIUM (The) Castings Co. Ltd., aluminium 

founders & manufacturers, 11 Ingleston St. 
ANDERSON Alex., clerk, 5 Antigua St. 
Anderson Alex., tobacconist, 30 Cathcart St. 
Anderson Alex. V., engineer, 9 FLinarn Rd. 
Anderson Alex., tugboatmaster, 65 Roxburgh St. 
Anderson Allan, grocer. 7 'Mt. Pleasant St. 
Anderson Bruce, carter, 11 Wellington St. 
Anderson Charles, coppersmith, 20 Lynedoch Si. 
Anderson Charles, engineer. 22 Trafalgar St. 
Anderson Daniel, signalman, 4 Morton Tee. 
Anderson Duncan, bank porter. 14 Cross-shore S . 
Anderson Ernest, policeman, 31 Dempster St. 
Anderson George, carpenter, 45 Belville St. 
Anderson George, engineer, 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Anderson & Guy, billiard rooms, 29 Pt. Glasgow R \ 

Ho. 12 Lilybank, Pt. Glasgow. 

Anderson Plugh, driller, 33 Trafalgar St. 
Anderson Hugh, labourer. 18 Crawfurd St. 
Anderson Hugh, labourer, CO Ann St. 
Anderson Hamilton, fireman, 76 Dempster St. 
Anderson James G., clerk, 2 South St. 
Anderson James, mason & contractor, 18 Bake ■ 3 . 
Anderson James L., storekeeper, 13 Rue-end S . 
Anderson John & Co., tailors & outfitters, 32 C\: - 

cart St. 
Anderson John, dairyman, 13 Arthur St. 
Anderson John, engine-driver, 4 Oakfield Tee. 
Anderson John, engineer, 28 Ardgowan St. 
Anderson John, engineer, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Anderson Jehu, engineer, 173 Eldon St. 
Anderson John, quarryman, 47 Trafalgar St. 



Anderson John, 14 South St. 

Anderson Joseph, painter, 10 Terrace Rd. 

Anderson Louis, policeman, 3 Dalrymple St. 

Anderson John, miller, 13 Nelson St. 

Anderson John, traveller, 14 Campbell St. 

Anderson John, turner, 9 Morton Terrace. 

Anderso» John B., f'man boilermaker, 8 Morton Tee. 

Anderson J. Wallace, accountant & factor, 2 Ham- 
ilton St. Ho. Avalon, 97 Brisbane St. 

Anderson John, bricklayer, 1 Gait St. 

Anderson J., tugboatman, 3 Ingleston St. 

Anderson Kenneth, electrician, 4 Carwood St. 

Anderson Matthew, moulder, 17 Belville St. 

Anderson Mary & Co., fruiterers, 6' Newton St. 
Ho. 9 Kempock St., Gourock. 

Anderson Patrick, engineer, 27 Shaw St. 

Anderson Patrick, engineer, 27 Shaw St. 

Anderson Robert, blacksmith, 30 St. Lawrence St. 

Anderson Robert, boilermaker, 26 Wellington St. 

Anderson Robert, draughtsman, W Newton St. 

Anderson Robert, engineer, 2& Patrick St. 

Anderson Robert, baker, 17 Nelson St. 

Anderson R. W., 13 Finnart Rd. 

Andersoa Robert, driller, 13 Holmscroft St. 

Anderson Rhoderick, tugboat-man, 9 Crescent St. 

Anderson Thomas, 27 Kelly St'. 

Anderson Thomas, carter, 27 Shaw St. 

Anderson Thomas, engineer, 2 Sinclair St. 

Anderson Thomas, labourer, 14 Mill St. 

Anderson Thomas, machinist, 5 Ratho St. 

Anderson Thos., f'man moulder, 43 Lynedoch St. 

Anderson Thos., railway guard, 15 Brougham St. 

Anderson W. C, Clyde pilot, 17 Union St. 

Anderson Wm., fitter, M'Lean's Land, Ladyburn. 

Anderson William, joiner, 13 Lauriston St. 

Anderson William, shipwright, 4 Garwood St. 

Anderson Wm., skinner, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Anderson Wm. H., checker, 26 Weli ingtonSt. 


Anderson Wu, prison warder, High Inverkip Rd. 

Anderson Miss, french polisher, 15 Carwood St. 

Anderson Miss, music teacher, 2 Margaret St. 

Anderson Miss, 25 Forsyth St. 

Anderson Miss, 49 Brisbane St. 

Anderson Miss M., Afton Bank, $5 Fox St. 

Anderson Miss, 46 Brisbane St. 

Anderson Mrs James, 37 Crawfurd St. 

Anderson Mrs, 72 Ann St. 

Anderson Mrs James, 29 Roxburgh St. 

Anderson Mrs Mary, 13 Mearns St. 

ANDREW James, blacksmith, 187 Eldon St. 

Andrew Alexander, engineer, 19 Roxburgh St. 

Andrew Miss Jessie, 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Andrew Miss A., 11 Lauriston St. 

ANDREWS John, gardener, 187 Elon St. 

Andrews John, outfitter, 20 Cathcart St. Ho. 16 
Bridgend Rd. 

ANGLO-American Oil Co, depot, Chapel St. 

ANGUS Duncan, electrician, 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Angus Duncan, engineer, 31 Lyle St. 

Angus George, joiner, 3 Argyle St. 

Angus & Munro, motor engineers, 56 Roxburgh St. 

Angus Wrn. G., asst. manager, 44 Brisbane St. 

Angus Mrs A., 5a Roxburgh St. 

ANKER Hans, ship-chandler, 9 Robertson St. 

ANTWERP Steamshl'.p Office, 46 Cathcart St.— 
Thos. Young, agent. 

APOTHECARIES' Hall, 38 Hamilton St. 

APPLETON Andrew, pawnbroker. 43 Hamilton St. 
Ho. Denholm, Gateside Cottages. 

Appleton John D., pawnbroker, 19 Shaw St. Ho. 
28 South St. 

ARBUCKLE Wm. S., shipowner, 27 Bentinck St. 

AR.CHER Thomas, signalman, 19 Belville St. 

ARCHIBALD George, engineer, 51 Kelly St. 

Archibald James, lab©urer, 10 Belville St. 

Archibald John B., spirit merchant, Maidavale, Den- 
holm St. 


Archibald Robert, clerk, 10 Belville St. 

Archibald Spencer, checker, 4 Inverkip St. 

Archibald Spencer, labourer, 20 Crescent St. 

Archibald T. Prentice, & Co. Ltd., whisky merch- 
ants, 6 Cathcart St. 

Archibald William, engineer, 6 Gateside Avenue. 

Archibald Miss, 45 Newton St. 

ARDGOWAN Club, Ardgowan Sq. 

Ardgowan Dis';illery(The Distillers Co. Ld., 39 Bak 
er St. 

Ardgowan Model Lodging House, 33 Sugarhouse 
Lane. J. Griffen, superintendent. 

Ardgowan (Tha) Schoo], Nelson St. 

ARGON Asphalte & Asbestos Co., 15 Charles St. 

ARGYLL & Sutherland Highlanders (5/6>th Batt.) 
Headquarters, Finnart St. 

ARLOW Mrs E., 11 Gordon St. 

ARMITAGE David, rivetter, 6 Garwood St. 

Armitage George, chemist and druggist, 30 Hamil- 
ton St. Ho. 6'4 Newton St. 

Armitage George, solicitor, 2 Church PL Ho. 6 4 
Newton St. 

Armitage James, rivetter, 24 Hamilton St. 

Armitage Miss Jessie, spirit merchant, 81 Roxburgh 
St. Ho. 45 Brisbane St. 

ARMOUR George, chaffeur, Lawthorne Cottage, 13 
O eta via Tee. 

Armour George, jun., clerk, Berrymount, off Lyne- 
doch St. 

Armour James, caulker, 12 Crescent St. 

Armour John, boilermaker, 36 Ingleston St. 

Armour John, joiner, 2 George Sq. 

Armour John, mason, 38 Main St. 

Armour John, tailor & clothier, 78 Roxburgh Stj. 
Ha. 25 Nelson St. 

Armour William, joiner, 16/ Antigua St. 

Armour Mrs Charles, 22 Brisbane St. 

Armour Mrs J., 8 South St. 



ARMSTRONG John, moulder, 30 E. Hamilton St. 
Armstrong Donald, gas-fitter, 99 Dempster St. 
Armstrong John W., engineer, 19 Mearns St. 
Armstrong Joseph, manager, 36* Grant St. 
Armstrong John, labourer, 53 Crawfurd St. 
Armstrong T., carter, 11 Bearhope St. 
Armstrong William, painter, 34 Crescent St. 
Armstrong Mrs Jane, spirit merchant, 1 Argylc St. 
ARTHINGTON John,, warehouseman, 6(0 Ann St. 
ARTHUR Alexander, la'oourer, 28 Crawfurd St. 
Arthur Archd., spirit merchant, 97 Roxburgh St. 

Ho. Finnart, Finnart Rd. 
Arthur & Foulds, slaters Bank St. 
Arthur & Faulds, steeplejack-., 13 Bank St. 
Arthur James, boiiermaker, 12 Garvald St. 
Arthur James, boiiermaker, 3 Lauriston St. 
Arthur John, moulder, 11 Lynedoch St. 
Arthur Miss, 1 Madeira St. 
Arthur Mrs Jane, 21 Mearns St. 
Arthur Mrs, 9 Belville St. 
Arthur Mrs, 10 Mill St. 
ARTILLERY 77th (Highland) Brigade, R.F.A.. 

Headquarters, 8 South St. 
ASH BY Walter, labourer, 7 Newton St'.; » 
ASHTON Thomas, labourer, 6 Lynedoch St. 
Ashton Frank, model engineer, 17 Brown St. 
ASSESSOR of 'Income Tax for the Lower Ward of 

Renfrewshire-- John Alexander, Library Bldrs. 
ASSESSMENT Office. Municipal Bldgs., Wallace PI. 

St. Ho. 42 Brisbane St. 
ATKINSON Alexander, boi ermaker, 49 Mearns St. 
Atkinson Neil, craneman, 9 Main St. 
Atkinson Neil, storeman, 75 Holmscroft Sc. 
Atkinson William, engine-driver, "12 Belville St. 
Atkinson Mrs Robert. 5 Virginia St. 
AUCHTERLONIE A., butcher, 11 Carwood S' . * 
AUGUSTINE Parish Church, Belville St. 
AULD Thomas, baker & confectioner, 15 Cat heart St 
Auld Lockhart, photographer, 17 Hamilton S . 11 . 

181 Eldon St. 



Auldj Frame & Shearer, solicitors & notaries public, 
Wallace PL, East side. 

Auld James, cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 18 Kilblain 
St. Ho. 20. Bank St. 

Auld John, draughtsman, 11 Orr A v. 

Auld Robert, teacher, 14 Bank St. 

Auld Thos. & Son, bakers & confectioners, 95 Rox- 
burgh St. Ho. same address. 

Auld William, engine-driver, 35 W. Stewart St. 

Auld William, Procurator-Fiscal of the Sheriff and 
Justice of the Peace Courts of the Lower Ward of 
Renfrewshire, County Bldgs., Nelson St. Ho. 79 
Newton St. 

AUSTIN Adam, Parkview, 2 Lynedoch St. 

Austin John, plumber & gasfi.tter, 31 Sugarhouse 
Lane. Ho. Parkview, Lynedoch St. 

AVERY W. & T., Ld., weighing-machine makers, 
12 Dalrymple St. 

AYRE Harold, blacksmith, 83 Dempster St. 

Ayre James H., engineer, 22 Auchmountain Rd. 

AYTON David, bricklayer, 24 Tobago St. 


BAILEY Mrs, Glengarden, Fox St. 

BAILLIE David, joiner, 34 St. Lawrence St. 

Baillie George, ropespinner, 31 Nelson St. 

Baillie Thos., grocer, 4$ Wellington St. Ho. 2 Mur- 
dieston St. 

Baillie Miss, matron, The Home, 58 Ann St. 

Baillie Mrs, 11 Antigua St. 

Baillie Mrs, 10 Morton Tee. 

BAIN Alexander, 23 Union St. 

Bain, Alexander, caulker, 37 Holmscroft St- 

Bain John, engineer, 71 Regent St. 

Bain Thomas, moulder, 38 E. Hamilton St. 

Bain Thomas, moulder, 18 Wellington St. 

Bain William, ironmonger & weighing-machine mak- 
er, 23 Brymner St. Ho. 27 Mearns St. 


Bain Isaac, (of Post Office), 24 Wellington St. 

Bain John, engineer, 20 Academy PI. 

Bain Peter, greengrocer, 17 Bearhope St. 

Bain Peter, labourer, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Bain William, marine engineer, 28 Newton St. 

Bain Miss, "Senga", Bawhirley Rcl. 

BAINE Miss Janet, 23 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Baine & Johnstone, merchants & commission agents 

Clyde Bldgs., 19 W. Blackhall St. 
BAIRD Alexander, salesman, 8 Garvald St. 
Baird Arthur J., janitor, Ladyburn School Ho. do. 
Baird John M., janitor, 45 Mearns St. 
Baird James, moulder, 4 Hay St. 
BAIRD R. A., Ltd., manufacturing stationers, 

printers, bookbinders, &c, Municipal Buildings. 
Baird Thomas, gardener, 21 Brougham St. Ho. 31 

Nelson St. 
Baird Thomas, chaff cur, 26 Nelson St. 
Baird William, monumental sculptor, 31 Holmscroft 

St. Ho. 75 Holmscroft St. 

Baird Mrs, 5 Rue-end St. 
BAKER Mrs A., newsagent, 53 Main St. 
BALFOUR Robert, janitor, Cartsburn School. 
Balfour William, clerk, 35 Newton St. 
BALLANTINE Aitken, iron mercht., 99a Eldon S' . 
BALLANTYNE James, blacksmith, 15 Carwood S . 
Ballantyne John, clerk, 37 Rue-end St. 
Ballantyne John PI., banker, 99a Eldon St. 
Ballantyne John, joiner, 34 Grant St. 
Ballantyne John, labourer, 108 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Ballantyne Jas., blacksmith. 15 Carwood St. 
Ballantyne Matthew, (of Kay & Ballantyne), 27 Bel- 

ville St. 
Ballantyne Milliam, 46 South St. 
Ballantyne Robert, furnaceman, 77 Regent St. 
Ballantyne Robert, salesman, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
Ballantyne Sam. R., checker, 45 Lynedoch St. 
Ballantyne Thos. G. R. & Co., general merchants, £4 

Hamilton St. Ho. Clydeview Tee., Belville St. 


BALL IN GALL James, blacksmith, 15 Carwood St. 
BALLOCH Donald, draughtsman, 24 Prospecthill 

Balloch John, tobacconist, Highland requisites, 28 

Brymner St. Ho. 30 Brymner St- 
BALMANNO D. T., agent (Clydesdale Bank, Ld., 

East-end Branch). Ho. 9 Ardgowan Sq. 
BALMER James, hammerman, 4 Cartsburn St. 
BANK of Scotland, 47 Cathcart St, -Robert J. 

Gourlay, agent. 
Bank of Scotland (West-end) 33 Inverkip St.— Wm. 

Morrison, agent. 
BANKS John, flesher, 61 Ann St. Ho. 33 Bank St- 
Banks John, jr., flesher, 20 Prospecthill St. 
Banks Harold, engineer, 9 Orr Ay. 
Banks Thomas, saw-sharpener, 2 Macdougall St. 
Banks Mrs, 26 South St. 
Banks Mrs Thomas, 43 Robertson St. 
BANNATYNE Alex., coppersmith, 40 Ann St. 
Banna tyne Duncan, boilermaker, 39 Ann St- 
BANNISTER David, fitter, 42 Holmscroft St. 
BAPTIST Church, George Sq. 
Baptist Church, Orangefield. 
BARKER John, janitor, Glebe School. 
BARBOUR Alexander, caulker, 56 Belville St. 
Barbour Archibald, boatman, 24 Kelly St. 
Barbour Archibald, caulker, 41 Belville St. 
Barbour Charles, blacksmith, 14 Hope St. 
Barbour James, plater, 21 Belville St. 
Barbour James, steward, 19 Nelson St. 
Barbour James, chaffeur, 60 Dempster St- 
Barbour Peter, brassfinisher, 18 Mearns St. 
Barbour Peter, jr., tailor, 17 Hamilton St. 
Barbour Robert, craneman, 4 Serpentine Walk. 
Barbour Richard, broker, 9-15 Market St. Ho. 29 

Ann St. 
Barbour Richard, jr., furniture dealer, 34 West Burn 

St. Ho. 7 Murdieston St. 
Barbour Thomas, boilermaker, 24 St. Lawrence St.. 
Barbour Thomas, farmer, 68 Dempster St. 



Barbour Thomas, draper, 74 Wellington 'St. 
Barbour William, patternmaker, 5 Orchard St. 
Barbour Miss A., 11 Dempster St. 
Barbour Mrs Jessie, 64 Dempster S,t. 
BARCLAY Alexander, engineer, 53 Belville St. 
Barclay Allan, draper, 5a Roxburgh St. 
Barclay Andrew, hammerman, 6(3 Nicolson St. 
Barclay David, joiner, 22 Hillend Dr. 
Barclay George, dairyman, 15 Roxburgh St Ho. 

11 do. 
Barclay James, caulker, 19 Ingleston PL 
Barclay James, baker, Routenburn Cot., Grant St. 
Barclay John, carter, 47 Roxburgh St. 
Barclay John, comm. traveller, 28 Brisbane St. , 
Barclay John, engineer, 10 Brachelston St. 
Barclay John, engineer, 8 South St. 
Barclay John S. & Sons, plumbers & gasfitters, 2 W. 

Breast & 32 Roxburgh St. Ho. 25 Finnart St. 

Barclay Robert, engineer, 14 Wellington St. 
Barclay Samuel, engineer, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Barclay W T iIliam, plater, 11 Mill St. 
Barclay William R., railway guard, 21 South St. 
Barclay Miss, 89 Eldon St. 
Barclay Miss, 17 Union St. 
Barclay Miss Margt., 56 Regent St. 
Barclay Mrs, 11 Nelson St. 
Barclay Mrs John, 13 Nelson St. 
BARDEN Mrs, 42 Lynedoch St. 
BARK Robert, carpenter, 7 Holmscroft St. 
BARKER Mrs Isa., confectioner, 13 Brougham St. 
BARLAS James, mason, 3 Orangefield PL 
Barlas James, 80 Belville St. 
BARR Archibald, joiner, 3 E. Crawfurd St. 
Barr Archibald, plater, 52 Belville St- 
Barr & Co., coppersmiths & brass-founders, Orchard 

& Ingleston 'St s. 
Barr & Co., aerated water manufrs., 22 Crawfurd St. 
Barr David, plumber, 73 Regent St. 
Barr Duffin, storekeeper, 24 Belville St. 



Barr J. & J., home bakery, 59 Vennel. Ho. Inver- 
leigh, Inverkip Rd. 

Barr James, butcher, Iriverleigh, Inverkip Rd. 

Barr James, seaman, 23 Hamilton St. 

Barr John, labourer, 5 Orchard St. 

Barr John D-., (of Barr & Co.), 93 Newark St. 

Barr John, engineer, 51 Crawfurd St. 

Barr James, patternmaker, 38 Brown St. 

Barr & Marfarlane, fleshers, 47 Hamilton St. 

Barr Peter, carter, 26 Crawfurd St. 

Barr Robert, coppersmith, Gilaiourlea, Bawhirley Rd. 

Barr Robert, labourer, 25 Belville St- 

Barr Robert, modelmaker, 00 Belville St- 

Barr Robert, warehouseman, 20 Antigua St. 

Barr "Walter, labourer, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Barr William, engineeer, 23 Trafalgar St. 

Barr William, carter, 3 Belville St. 

Barr Miss, dressmaker, 17 Dempster St- 

Barr Miss, 54 Brougham St. 

Barr Mrs Margt., 47 Finnan St. 

Barr Mrs James, fruiterer, 13 Union St. Ho. 24 
Murdieston S;. 

Barr Mrs Jemima, nurse, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Barr Mrs William, 10 Arthur St. 

Barr Mrs, 41 W. Stewart St. 

Barr Mrs Angus, 5 York St. 

Barr Mis William, 13 Lyle St. 

BARRETT Mrs, 10 Carnock St. 

Barrett G., craneman, 21 Ingleston St. 

BARR IE John, labourer, 9 Laird St. 

CARRIE, Robert Freeland, motor car agent & re- 
p_ i er, 3 Kilblain St. Ho. 51 Askton Rd , Gour- 

DARRILLI Gaetano, confectioner, 10 W. Black- 
ball St. Ho. 53 Main St. 

BARTH William, mechanic, 181 Eldon St. 

BARTKE William, machine man, 33 Nelson St. 

BATES John, iron-dresser, 10 Belville- St. 

Bates John, irondresser, 15 Mill St. j 



Bates Stewart, engine-driver, 95 Roxburgh St. 

BATH Albert E., Clyde Pilot, 50 Brisbane St. 

BATHER William, engineer, 39 Holmscroft St. 

Bather Samuel, gardener, 10 Watt St. 

BATHGATE Alexander, sugar broker, 85 South St. 

BATHGATE Chas. J., (of Civil Service), 12 Bris- 
bane St. 

Bathgate Jas., comm. traveller, 35 Newtcn St. 

BATTERS David, baker, 7 Mt. Pleasant St. 

EATTYE Mrs, 9 Eldon St. 

BAUCHOPE Moses, clerk, 73 Dempster St. 

BAUMjGART Gustav, storeman, 38 W. Stewart St. 

BAXTER Mrs Eliz., 7 Glenview Tee, Murdieston ,St- 

Baxter Andrew, grocer, 33 Robertson St. 

Baxter Bros., stationers & printers, 19 Shaw St. 

Baxter David L., physician & surgeon, 2 Ardgowan 
Sq,. Ho. 14 Union St. 

Baxter George R., painter, 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Baxter John, carpenter, 3 Lauriston St. 

Baxter John, 68 Newton St. 

Baxter John, clerk, 14 W. Blackhail St. 

Baxter Ronald, engineer, 6 Duff St. 

Baxter Samuel, labourer, 6 6 E. Hamilton St. 

Baxter Thomas & Son, grocers & provision merchants 
1 Ann St. Ho. 2 Ardgowan Sq. 

Baxter William, carpenter, 3 Regent St. 

Baxter William, painter, 41 Lynedoch St. 

Baxter Mrs, 45 Trafalgar St. 

Baxter Mrs Cath., 17 Ingleston St. 

Baxter Mrs, 3 Oakfield Tee., Ratho St. 

BE ALL Robert, patternmaekr, 42 Holmscroft Si. 

BEATON Alex., sheet-iron worker, 11 Belville St. 

Beaton Allan, rivetter, 13 Crawfurd St. 

Beaton Alex., engineer, 16 Laird St. 

Beaton Charles, glazier, 13 Crawfurd St. 

Beaton James, 10 South St. 

Beaton P. & J., carting contractors, 15 Crawfurd St. 

Beaton Peter, carting contractor, 5 Ardgowan St. 

Beaton William, iron-checker, 4 Morton Tee. 

Beaton William, labourer, 1 Prospecthill St. ■■> 



Beaton William, plater, 54 Belville St. 

Beaton Mrs, 63 Dempster St.- 

BEATS ON Lockhart, blacksmith, 36 St. Lawrence St 

BE ATT IE Edward, joiner, 43 Hamilton St. 

Beattie James, spirit merchant, 27 Cathcart St'. 

Ho. 33 Regent St. 
Beattie James, laundryman, 55 Kelly St. Ho. 72 

South St. 
Beattie James, M.A., F.E.I.S., rector, Hjigh School. 

Ho. 24 Finnart St. 
Beattie William R., slater & plasterer, 16 Kilblain 

St. Ho. 96 Newton St. 
Beattie Miss, 72 South St. 
BE AUG IE Rev. S. E., Weslyan Church. Ho. 6 2 

Newton St. 
BEAULY Robert, railwayman, 16 Drumfrochar Rd. 
BEAVEN George, turner, 6 Morton Tee. 
Beaven John E., writer (of Torpedo Factory), 2 

George Sq. 
BECKETT Joseph, tinsmith, 12 Terrace Rd. 
BEITH Charles, joiner, 334 Brown St. 
Beith Matthew, boilermaker, 14a Trafalgar St. 
Beith Robert, shipwright, 4 Moffat St. 
BELFORD Thomas, brakesman, 82 Roxburgh St. 
BELL Andrew, confectioner, 56 Lynedoch St. Ho. 

4 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Bell Alexander, clerk, 11 Ben view Tee. 
Bell Andrew, spinner, 59 Ann St. 
Bell A. & Sons, Ld., dyers & cleaners, Gleniffer Laun 

-dry Paisley. Branch— 6 W. Blackhall St. 
Bell Cornelius, engineer, 12 Garvald St. 
Bell Francis, comm. traveller, 26 Robertson St. 
Bell Frances, confectioner, 9-12 Newton St. Ho. 

20 Bridgend Rd. 
Bell George, mason, 13 Maukinhill Rd. 
Bell George, joiner, 3 Oakfield Tee. 
Bell James, clerk, 12 Forsyth St. 
Bell James, patternmaker, 58 Belville St. 
Bell James T., police sergt., 81 Wellington St. 
Bell John, cooper, 43 Holmscroft St. 



Bell John, H.M. Customs, 6$ Roxburgh St. 

Bell John, pansman, 5 Belville St. 

Bell James, labourer, 16 Captain St. 

Bell James, labourer, 72 Ann St. 

Bell John, baker, 38 Captain St. 

Bell Joseph, sugar sampler, 1 Brown St. 

Bell Robt. H., engineer, 7 Hamilton St. 

Bell Robert, caulker, 20 Bridgend Rcl. 

Bell Robt. H., joiner. 42 Grant St. 

Bell Stewart, labourer, 23 Bruce St. 

Bell Thomas, brassfmisher, 54 Lynedoch St. 

Bell Thomas, storeman, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Bell William, brewer, 20 Belville St. 

Bell William, fireman, 6 Garwood St. 

Bell William, platelayer, 13 Lauriston St. 

Bell Miss J., 14 W. Blackball St. 

Bell Mrs Annie, 41 .Belville St. 

Bell Mrs James, RosehilL 209 Eldon St. 

Bell Mrs, 12 Forsyth St. 

Bell Mrs, 41 Sir iMichael St. 

Bell Mrs, 41 Sir Michael St. 

Bell Mrs R., 3 Regent St. 

Benson Captain Michael, 6 Bank St. 

Benson John, joiner, 23 Lynedoch St. 

BENNET Edward, salesman, 54 Lynedoch St. 

Bennet Robert, grocer, 2 Lyle St. 

BENNETT Alex., boxinaker, 5 Virginia Si. 

Bennett David A., cashier, 34 South St. 

Bennett Edward, boilermaker, 16 Antigua Si. 

Bennett J. D., (of Bennett, Ld.), 58 Eldon St. 

Bennett J. \\ ., (of Bennett Ld.), 64 Esplanade. 

Bennett John, labourer, 17 Cathcart St. 

Bennett Joseph, boilermaker, 19 Trafalgar St. 

Bennett J.W., Ld., Rent's outfitters, 13 Hamilton 

Bennett R. E., banana mercht., 4 Baker St. 
Berinett Wm. J.> engineer, 62 Regent St. 
Bennett Mrs, 51 Rue-end St. 
Bennett Mrs Hugh. 61 Nicolson St. 
BENTON William, 70 Eldon St. 



BENZIE P. S., F.C.R.A, F.I.S.A., corporate &c- 
-countant & auditor, 32 Cathcart St. 

Benzie Peter S., corporate accountant, 9 Gordon St. 

Benzie Robert, railway guard, 9 Brachelston St. 

BERNDT Albert, stevedore, 4 E. Breast. 

Berndt Duncan, stevedore, 29 Shaw St. 

BERRY Alexander, clerk, 27 Nelson St. 

Berry Alexander, warder (H-.M. Prison), High Inver- 
kip Rd. 

Berry Clement, Board of Trade surveyor, 42 Robert- 
son St. 

Berry George, iron-turner, 28 Lyle St. 

Berry James, labourer, 14 Dalrymple St. 

Berry John, feuar, Mayfield, High Inverkip Rd. 

Berry Mrs Mary, 8 George Sq. 

BERTIE Peter, rigger, 60 Dempster St. 

BERRYMAN Robert, cooper, 24 Bruce St. 

BEST James, iron-driller, 10 Crescent St. 

Best William, iron-driller, 23 John St. 

BETHEL Andrew, labourer, 18 Nicolson St. 

jGEVERIDGE George, 'joiner, 77 Dempster St. 

Beveridge James, painter, 6 Holmscroft St. 

Beveridge John, house-factor, 30 South St. 

Beveridge Robert, boilermaker, 3 E. Crawfurd St. 

Beveridge Robert, engineer, 21 Brisbane St. 

Beveridge Robert, of Post Office, 18 Bentinck St. 

Beveridge & Co., iron-merchants, 7 E. Stewart St. 

Beveridge Miss, 12 Lynedoch St. 

Beveridge Mrs George, 9 Crescent St. 

BIAGI C, confectioner, 37 & 41 W. Blackball St. 
BICKLE Denby, engineer, 6 Campbell St. 

BIGG ART David, cabinet-maker, 59 Holmscroft St. 

Biggart John W.., (of M' Cowan & Biggart), Ross- 
arden, Kilmacolm. 

Biggart Wm. L., (of M'Cowan & Biggart), Rossar- 
den, Kilmacolm. 

BIGGS Harry, capt. Salvation Army, No. 2, 74 Bel- 
ville St. 

BINGHAM Robert, railwayman, Gibbshill Tee. 

Bingham Thos. B., clerk, Westleigh, 115 Newark St. 



B INN IE George, clerk, 16 Grant St. 
Binnie John, yachtsman, 6 Watt St. 
Binnie Mrs Alexander, 5 E. Crawfvtrd St. 
BINNING James, compositor, 85 Wellington St. 
BIRCH Miss, matron. Eye Infirmary, Nelson St. 
BIRD Robert, shipwright, 17 Orr A v. 
Bird Walter, brass-moulder, 6,4 Ann St. 
Bird William, shipwright, 9 Carwood St. 
BIRRELL Ld., confectioners, 16 Hamilton St. & 

15 W, Blackball St. 
BI5HOP James, gardener, 17 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Bishop Henry C., Admiralty Offl., 74 Brisbane St. 
BISLAND Malcolm, boilermaker, 27 W. Blackball 

BISSET Jas. G., carver & gilder, 16 Grey PL Ho. 

19 Ardgowaan St. 
BISSETT Alexander, grocer, 6 4 Regent St. 
Bissett Andrew, compositor, 28 Holmscroft St. 
Bisse't John, joiner, 17 Shaw St. 
Bissett Thomas, patternmaker, 30 Nelson St. 
Bissett William, joiner, 25 Robertson St. 
Bissett Mrs Margt., 21 Crescent St. 
BLACK Alexander, carpenter, 17 Lauriston St. 
Black Andrew, joiner, 30 Lynedoch St. 
Black Charles, teacher, 20 Caddlehill St. 
Black & Cameron, solicitors & notaries public, 13 

Hamilton St. 
Black Douglas S., draughtsman, 5 Morton Tee. 
Black Daniel, bricklayer, 9 Belville St. 
Black Daniel, bricklayer, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
Black Daniel, engineer, 20 Roxburgh St. 
Black Daniel, slater, 11 W. Stewart St. 
Black Duncan, traveller, 4 Finnart St. .' 

Black Edward, stillman, 21 Lynedoch St. 
Black George, craneman, 36 Ingleston St. 
Black George, joiner, 15 Lyle St. ~ * 

Black George, mason, 1 Oakfield Tee. 4 ; 

Black Henry, labourer 3 Market St. ', gT\| 

Black James, boilermaker, 17 Lauriston St. 

21 f 


Black James, towing-master (Clyde Shipping Co.), 

26 Brisbane St. 
Black James, of Post Office, 85 Roxburgh St. 
Black James, labourer, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Black John A., physician & surgeon, 2 Hamilton Sto. 

Ho. 45 Union St. 

Black James, engine-driver, 99 Dempster St. 
Black James, labourer, 20 Crescent St. 
Black John, foundry manager, 8 Garvald St. 
Black John, labourer, 6 Captain St. 
Black John, blacksmith, 9 Lynedoch St. 
Black John, brakesman, 54 St. Lawrence St. 
Black John, carrier, 97 Dempster St. 
Black John, caulker, 7 Belville St. 
Black John, painter, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Black Peter, slater, 11 Roxburgh St. 
Black Robert, park-keeper, 63 Grosvenor Rd. 
Black Robert, coppersmith, 66 Ann St. 
Black Robert M'K., supervisor, Scott's Boys' Club, 

52 Kelly St. 
Black Thomas (of Thos. Black & Sons, (Greenock)i, 

Ld.), 72 Union St. 
Black Thomas, boilerrnaker, 25 Belville St. 
BLACK Thomas & Sons (Greenock), Ltd., sail & 

tent makers, ship-chandlers and licensed parsage 

brokers. Telephone 340. Ho. 72 Union Si 

Black William, caulker, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
Black William, insurance agt., 45 Robertson St. 
Black William, labourer, 1 Helen St. 
Black William, sugarboiler, 2 George Sq. 
Black William S., joiner, 103 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Black Miss, 45 Brougham St. 
Black Miss A., dressmaker, 13 Nelson St. 
Black Miss Margt. B., 52 Kelly St. 
Black Mrs Annie, 18 Bruce St. 
Black Mrs Angus, 22 Bank St. 
Black Mrs, 7 Newton. St. 
Black Mrs Margt. , 51 Kelly St. 
Black Margt., draper, 7 William St. Ho. 45 Rob 

ertson St. 



Black Mrs J. W., 1 Union St. 

Black Mrs, grocer, 54 St. Lawrence St. Ho. 3 

Morton Tee. 
Black Mrs John, 6 Mt. Pleasant St. 
BLACKIE F., hammerman, 36 Crescent St. 
Blackie Robert, slater, 52 E. Hamilton St. 
Blackie Robert, clerk, 4 Prospecthill St. 
Blackie William, clerk, 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 
BLACKEY George, machinist, 50 Captain St. 
BLACKETT R. W., professor of music, 6 Dunn St. 
BLACKLEY James, joiner, 3 Kirk St. 
Blackley Thomas, joiner, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
BLACKSTOCK Duncan, engineer, 36 E. Cravrfurd 

B.LACKMORE Mrs John, 15 Brisbane St. 
BLACKWOOD Neil, boilermaker, 10 Hill St. 
Blackwood, Westwood & Co., electro-platers, 26 Bry- 

mner St. 
BLAIKIE James, ship-master, 17 Robertson St. 
BLAIN James, boilermaker, 3 Ratho St. 
BLAIR Alexander, joiner, 33 Kelly St. 
Blair Archibald, grain merchant, 40 Rue-end St. 

Ho. 61 Newton St. 
Blair Alexander, 3 Finnart St. 
Blair Alexander, carter, 12 Nile St. 
Blair Archibald, goods guard, 82 Roxburgh St. 
Blair Andrew M., (of R. Blair & Son), 3 Finnart 

Tee., Newton St. 
Blair David, engineer, 39 (Bank St. 
Blair David, fitter, 20 Mearns St. 
Blair David, printer & publisher, 40 Cathcart St. 
Blair Duncan, compositor, 4 Mearns St. 
Blair Fred. W., joiner, 10 Robertson St. 
Blair Gardner, 17 Johnstone St. 
Blair G. C, harbour-master, 7 Robertson St. 
Blair Hugh, carpenter, 7 Belville St. 
Blair Hugh, yachtsman, 23 Roxburgh St. 
Blair Hugh, labourer, 7 Nile St. 
Blair Hugh, engineer, 18 Wellington St. 
Blair Hugh, slater, 38 Holmscroft St. 



Blair James, master joiner, 42 South St. 

Blair James, joiner, 30 Brtice St. 

Blair James, ship-rigger, 2 Gait St. 

Blair James, labourer, 56 Wellington St. 

Blair James H., master mariner, 6 6 Dempster St. 

Blair James M., joiner, 2 Prospecthill PI. 

Blair James N., engineer, 29 Ardgowan St. 

Blair John, blacksmith, 17 W. 'Blackball St. 

Blair John, dairyman, 15 Bruce St. 

Blair John, flesher, 1 Belville St. Ho. 40 Brougham 

Blair John, f'man carter, 73 Dempster St. 
Blair John, f'man porter, 88 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Blair John, seaman, 12 Lyle St. 
Blair John C, storeman, 16 Hope St. 
Blair John T., coppersmith, 19 Orr Av. 
Blair R. & Son, solicitors, 27 W. Burn St. 
Blair Robert, brass-moulder, 12 Lyle St. 
Blair Robert, engineer, 26 Lynedoch St. 
Blair Robert, printer, 36 Brougham St. 
Blair Robert, 21 Margaret St. 
Blair Robert, engineer, 6 Brachelston St. 
Blair T., insurance inspector, 27 Forsyth St. 
Blair Thomas, brass-moulder, 22 Bank St. 
Blair Thomas, carter, 55 Rue-end St. 
Blair Thomas, 23 Union St. 
Blair Thomas, labourer, 16 Hope St. 
Blair Thomas, sugar boiler, 3 Ingleston St. 
Blair Thomas A., 10 Forsyth St. 
Blair Wm., incorporated accountant, auditor & house 

factor, 1 Watt PI. Ho. 44 Newton St. 
Blair William, fishmonger, 28 Charles St. Ho. 6' 

Ashton Rd., Gourock. 
Blair William, tobacconist & stationer, 26 Charles St. 
Blair William M., joiner, 67 Nicolson St. 
Blair Miss, 2 Campsie Tee. 
Blair Miss M., 17 Lyle St. 
Blair Miss, 8 George Sq. 
Blair Mrs, 13 Brisbane St. 
Blair Mrs Jeanriie, 37 Nelson St. 

24 ■ 


Blair Mrs Joseph, 40 Lynedoch St. 
Blair Mrs Robert, 2 Prospecthill PI. 
BLAKE Albert, engineer, 15 Murdieston St. 
Blake, Barclay & Co. Ld., millwrights & engineers, 

Victoria Works, Macdougall St. 
Blake, Bothron & Co, costumiers, 21 Grey PI. 11 o. 

18 Eldon St. 
Blake Matthew, M.I.M.E. (of Blake, Barclay & Co.. 

Ld.), 63 Octavia Tee. 
Blake William, engineer, 109a Newark St. 
BLAKEMAN Ernest, labourer, 23 W. Blackhall St. 
BLANCE John R. & Co., slaters & contractors, 3. 

Dellingburn St. Ho. Stoneleigh, Grant St. 
BLANCHE David, distiller, (G. & J. Maclachlan, 

Ld.),33 Market St. Ho. Heathfield. 

Blanche Thomas, mason, 50 Holmscroft St. 
BLAKLEY John, plater, 9 Kilblain PSt. 
BLOOMER Miss S., broker, 34 Main St. 
BLOQMFIELD Alex. F., engineer, 10 Terrace Rd. 
BLUE James, engine-driver, 6 5 Nicolson St. 
Blue Robert, joiner, 37 Nelson St. 
Blue Miss Mary, 64 Regent St. 
Blue Mrs James, 5 Antigua St. 
BOAG A., boilermaker, 25 (Bruce St. 
Boag Alexander, slater, 7 Laird St. Ho. 55 Holms,. 

scroft St. 
Boag Alexander, plater, 12 Lyle St. 
Boag James, coppersmith, 46 Ann St. 
Boag James, slater, 6 6 Wellington St. 
Boag John S., M.A., B.Sc, teacher, 105 Newark St. 
Boag Thomas & Co. Ld., sack manufrs., 4-6 St. And 

rew St. Works, 18 Cathcart St. 

Boag Thomas, (of T. Boag & Co. Ld.), 55 Esplanade 
Boag Thomas, ropemaker, 39 Wellington St. 
Boag Thomas, caulker, 28 Bruce St. 
Boag William, cabinetmaker, Oakfield E., Ratho St. 
Boag Misses "F. '8c A., 11 Finnart Pvd. " 
Boag Mrs, newsagent, 46 Holmscroft St. 
BOFFEY Richard H., plater, 6 E. Crawfurd St. 
Boffey Robert H., plater, 9 Ratho St. 



Boffey Mrs, tobacconist & stationer, 9 Rue-end St. 
Ho. 17 Octavia Cot. 

BOG James, plumber, 39 Bank St. 

BOLE John, carter, 33 Lyle St. 

Bole John, sailmaker, 6 Hay St. 

Bog S.B., (of Morrison & Bog), 79 Holmscroft St. 

BOLTON Alexander, carpenter, 6 6 E. Hamilton St. 

Bolton George T., clerk, 18 Murdieston St. 

Bolton Henry, grocer, .29 Ann St. 

Bolton Henry, slater, 35 Wellington St. 

Bolton John, engineer, 63 Rue-end St. 

Bolton Joseph, boilermaker, 15 Dempster St. 

Bolton Joseph, carpenter, 41 Sir Michael St. 

Bolton Patrick, labourer, 15 Main St. 

Bolton Peter, traveller, 18 Hope St. 

Bolton Peter, engineer, 4 Antigua St. 

Bolton William, bricklayer, 4 Prospecthill St. 

Bolton Mrs William, 47 Roxburgh St. 

Bolton Mrs, confectioner, 15 Main St. 

BOMBY John, iron-turner, 29 Regent St. 

BONAR D., driller, 3 4 Ingleston St. 

Bonar William, boilermaker, 2 4 Antigua St. 

BONE Adam, engineer, 20 South St. 

BONNAR Alexander, labourer, 12 Terrace' Rd. 

Bonnar Archd. S., plumber, 22 Gordon St. 

Bonnar Michael, plater, 5 Bank St. 

Bonnar Michael, labourer. 2 Lauriston St. 

Bonnar Samuel, carter, 1 Duncan St. 

BORLAND Alexander, caulker, 16 Hope St. 

Borland Harry, asst. registrar East District, 31 Nel- 
son St. 

Borland Miss, 25 Bank St. 

Borland Miss, 31 Nelson St. 

Borland Mrs M., Craiglea, 113 Newark St. 

BGRTHWICK A. C. of Post Office, 1 Broomhill 

Borthwick George, iron-moulder, 14 Armadale PI. 

Borthwick James, salesman, 11 Watt St. 

Borthwick James, timekeeper, 26lNewton St. 

Borthwick James, goods sruard, 84 Wellington St. 



Borthwick Thomas R., shipmaster, 39 Brisbane St. 

Borthwick William, bakr, 8 Hop St. 

Borthwick Mrs, 9 Mill St. 

Borthwick Mrs Thomas, 66 Newton St. 

BOSTON, Menzies & Morton, architects & surveyors, 

11 William St. 
BOjSWELL William, machinist, 10 Hill St. 
BOOTS Ld., :ash chemists, 24 Hamilton St. 
BOVAIRD William, labourer, 12 Drumfrochar Rd, 
BOW farm dairy, 13 Finnart St. 
Bow Mrs Robert, 24 St. Lawrence St. 
BOWD Thomas, mechanic, 32 Brougham St. 
BOWES Miss, 16 Dalrymple St. 
BOWIE Archd., rivetter, 5 Belville St. 
iBowie David, caulker, 15 Hope St. 
Bowie James, joiner, 9 Dempster St. 
Bowie James, joiner, 19 South St. 
Bowie Joseph J., contractor, 10 Shaw St. 
Bowie John, patternmaker, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
Bowie James, engineer, 17 Regent St. 
Bowie James O., slipper, 6 Antigua St. 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 4 Glenview Tee. 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 24 Murdieston St. 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 7 Ratho St. 
Bowie Thomas, electrical engineer, 10 Regent St. 
Bowie William, blacksmith, 8 E. Crawfurd St. 
Bowie Miss Barbara, umbrel'a maker, 40 Cathcart St. 
Bowie Mrs L., 8 South St. 
Bowie Mrs Archibald, 12 Forsyth St. 
BOWLING Green (Ardgowan), Ardgowan Sq. 
Bowling Green (Grosvenor), Dempster St. 
Bowling Green (Victoria), E. Crawfurd St. 
Bowling Green (Wellington), Drumfrochar Rd. 
Bowling Green (Lady Alice), Inverkip Rd. 
Bowling Green (Pirie Park), Gateside. 
Bowling Green (Playing Fields) Newark St. 
BOWMAN, Wilson & Co., auctioneers & valuators, 

The West End Salerooms, 33 W. Blackhall St. 
BOXILL Miss, 30 Ardgowan St. 
BOYCE Alexander, engineer, 8 Lyle St. 

27 -:;■': 


Boyce Alexander, labourer, 71 Ann St. 

Boyce David, fireman, 15 Antigua St. 

B@yce Gordon, engineer, 39 Roxburgh St. 

Boyce Hugh, railway guard, 37 W. Blackhall St. 

BOYD David, plumber & gasritter, 31 Nicolson St. 

Ho. 26 Robertson St. 
Boyd Angus, shipwright, 95 Roxburgh St. 
Boyd David, manager, 8,2 Forsyth St. 
Boyd David, compositor, 3 Orr Av. 
Boyd Henry, warehouseman, 101 Dempster St. 
Boyd James, machinist, 6 Holmscroft St. 
Boyd James, salesman, 15 Mill St. 
Boyd James, firewood merchJ.., 18 Kilblain St. Ho. 

29 Roxburgh St. 
Boyd James, plater, 32 Wellington St. 
Boyd John, 9,7 Newark St. 
Boyd J., joiner, 22 St. Lawrence St. 
Boyd Nath., blacksmith, 35 Lynedoch St. 
Boyd R., plater, 35 St. Lawrence St. 
Boyd Walter, manager, 9 Prospecthill St. 
Boyd Mrs Annie, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Boyd Mrs C, 21 Mearns St. 
Boyd Mrs Eliz., 18 Inverkip St. 
Boyd Mrs E., 7 Hope St. 
Boyd Mrs, 14 Moffat St. 

BOON Frank W., labourer, 51 Roxburgh St. 
BOYLAND James, cranenian, 2 Macdpugall St. 
Boyland Mrs J., 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 
BOYLE Edward, egg mercht., 2 Cartsburn St. and 

80 Bel vide St. 
Boyle David, labourer, 20 Bearhope St. 
Boyle Francis, engineer, 833 Belville St. 
Boyle Francis, iron-driller, 25 Nelson St. 
Boyle James, baker, 55 Ann St. 
Boyle James, bricklayer, 3 Bank St. 
Boyle James, hair-dresses, 22 W. Blackhall St. 
Boyle James, labourer, 9 Helen St. 
Boyle James, sneet-iron wrier., 86 Belville St. 
Boyle James, upholsterer, 22 Nelson St. 
Boyle James, driller, 29 Trafalgar St. 

28 ' il 


Boyle James, driller, 24 Bruce St. 

Boyle James, tailor, 31 Nelson St. 

Boyle John, engineer, 17 Regent St. 

Boyle John, coal mercht., 35 Venncl. 

Boyle Peter, turner, 8 Hill St. 

Boyle William, plumber, 1 Dellingburn S:. 

Boyle & Reid, sheet-metal wrkrs., oxy-acetylene weld 

ers. 68 Regent St. Ho. 65 Nicolson St. 
Boyle Miss Barbara, nurse, 17 Brachelston St. 
Boyle Mrs, 27 Dempster St. 
Boyle Mrs, 6<? Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

BRABENDER Alexander, f'man, 22 Wellington St. 
Brabender Donald, fitter, 9 Lauriston St. 
Brabender Duncan, baker, 31 Lvle St. 
Brabender Mrs Isa., 3 Bank St.' 
BRACKENBURY Arthur, engineer, Fernlea, Baw- 

hirley Rd. 
BRACKENRIDGE Hugh, mason, 39 Hoimscroft 

Brackenridge James, vanman, 23 W. Blackball St. 
Brackenriclge Robert, plater, 7 Prospecthiil St. 
Brackenridge Margt., 'dairy, 3 Prospecthiil St. 
BRAD IE Archibald, painter, 47 Trafalgar St. 
Bradie Duncan, sugar-boiler, 55 Roxburgh St. 
BRADLEY Alexander R., engineer, 2 Garvald St. 
Bradley Anthony, hammerman, 25 Vermel. 
Bradley James, baker, '81 Dempster St. 
Bradley James, plumber, 7 Auchmountain Rd. 
Bradley John, labourer, 5 Brachelston St,. 
Bradley John, fitter's helper, 43 Hoimscroft St. 
Bradley Robert, machinist, 45 Trafalgar St. 
Bradley Samuel, carter, 35 Hoimscroft St. 
Bradley William, ship's cook, 14 Lvle St. 
Bradley Mrs S., 8 Duff St. ' 
BRADY John, spirit mercht., 38 Ann St. Pic. Stor- 

mount, Denholm St. 
Brady John, labourer, 25 Robinson Av. 
BRAID William, vanman, 60 Dempster St. 
BRAID IE Thomas, painter, 59 Ann St. 
BRANCH Alfred, labourer, 56 Eldon St. 



Branch Harry, machinist, 75 Wellington St. 
BRAKENRIDGE John, labourer,. 35 W. Shaw St. 
BRAND Andrew, fireman, 12 Grant St. 
Brand David, timber merchant & saw-miller, 7 West 

Stewart St. Ho. 83 Eldon St. 
Brand John E., plasterer, 5 Bruce St. 
Brand William, 36 W. Stewart St. 
BRANIGAN M., motor-man, 60 Ft. Glasgow Rd. 
BRAY William F., engineer, 9 Ft. Matilda PI. 
BREMNER Ernest A., clerk, 31 Robertson St. 
Brcmner Robert, teacher, 14 Campbell St. 
Bremner Victor J. M,., agent (A. II. M'Intosh & Co. 

Ld., furniture manufrs., Kirkcaldy), 19 Ardgowan 

Brennan Jas., stationer & tobacconist, 20 Ann St. 

Ho. 25 Lyle St. 
Brennan Patrick, labourer, 5 E. Blackhall St. 
Brennan Mrs Annie, 56 Wellington St. 
BRESLIN Hugh, labourer, id Robinson Av. 
BRETT Michael, skinner, 16 Bearhope St. 
BREWSTER Samuel, joiner, 44 Wellington St. 
BREWSTER Thomas, labourer, 12 Nile St. 
BR ICELAND John, labourer, 4 Chalmers St. 
BRIDGEFORD Robert, assistant water engineer, 7 

Campbell St. 
BRIDGWOOD W. A., storekeeper, 6 Garvald St. 
BRIGHT Evan F., painter, 16 Antigua St. 
BRISBANE James, engineer, 46 E. Hamilton St. 
BRISLAND Daniel, yachtsman, 14 Mearns St. 
BRISTOW Samuel, nurseryman, 24 South St. 
Bristow Mrs, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
BRITANNIA Orange Hall, 15 Terrace Rd. 
.BRITISH & Argentine Meat Co, Ld., 55 Vennel. 
British Legal Assurance Co. Ld., 6 W. Blackhall St. 

T. Ferguson, sunt., 32 Robertson St. 
British Legion (Scotland), 40 Cathcart St. J. M' 

Laughlin, secy. 
British Marine Salvage Co. Ld. (The), James W x att 

Basin. T- Wilkie, storekeeper. 


British Linen Bank, 13 William St. — John Cook, agt.. 
British Oil & Cake Mills, Ld., (The) Pearson Beckett 

& Co., James Watt Dock. 
BROADBURN Hugh, engineer, 29 Lyle St. 
BROADBURN Mrs Mary, 4 Hope St. 
BROAD FOOT William, M.D., CM., 23 Bentinck 

Broadfoot John, potato mercht., 3 Hunter PI. 
BROCK Mrs W., 17 Lauriston St. 
BROCK Mrs Martha, 31 Dempster St. 
BROCKIE Andrew H., hair-dresser, 31 Nicolson St.. 

Ho. 66 Kelly St. 
Brockie David, joiner, 23 Brown St. 
BROCKLEBANK J. W. H., Inspector of Taxes, 

Municipal Buildings. 
BRODIE Archd., engineer, 37 Brachelston St. 
Brodie Archibald, engineer, 19 Mearns St. 
Brodie Charles L., F.E.I.S., head-master; hon. secy.. 

Greenock Philosophical Socy., 9 Margaret St. 
Brodie David, cooper, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 
Brodie Hugh & Co., produce merchts., 32 Brymner 

St. Ho. Ardlui, Kilmacolm. 
Brodie James, cooper, 72 Wellington St. 
Brodie James M. (of Wm. Kelly & Co.), 29 Brisbane 

Brodie John, electrical engineer, 2 Dock Brreast. 

Ho. Netherton, Kirn. 
Brodie John R., 41 Ardgowan St. 
Brodie Malcolm, fitter 1 , 2 Mackenzie St. 
Brodie Neil, plater, 2 Sinclair St. 
Brodie Robert, blacksmith, 12 Trafalgar St. Ho. 72, 

Ann St. 
Brodie Robert, blacksmith, 72 Ann St. 
Brodie William, engineer, 5 Trafalgar St. 
Brodie & Hall, electrical engineers, 2 Dock Breast. 
Brodie Miss M., Hoodvale, 127 Newark St. 
Brodie Mrs Annie, milliner, !48 Ann St. Ho. 37 

Bank St. 
BROGAN Henry, labourer, 10 Shaw St. 



Brogan Robert, derrick-driver, 22 Orr Av. 
BROOKE Charles A., boilermaker, 27 Ann St. 
BROOKE Parkinson, {'man engineer, 10 Auchmoun- 

tain Rd. 
BROOKS Andrew, shunter, 3 Salmon St. 
BROOKMAN Mrs, dairy, 29 Shaw St. Ho. 12 

Brymner St. 
BROOM John, ship surveyor, 15 Forsyth St. 
B ROUGH John, blacksmith, 9 Prospecthill St. 
Brough George, joiner, 30 W. Blackhall St. 
Brough Mrs Annie, 4 Chapel St. 
BROWN Alexander, carpenter, 3 Regent St. 
Brown Alfred, labourer, 4 Holmscroft St. 
Brown Alexander, car fitter, 36 E. Hamilton St. 
Brown Alexander, iron-dclriller, 3 Holmscroft St. 
Brown Alex., naval architect, 31 Denholm St. 
Brown Alfred PL, purveyor, 3 Sandringham Tee. 
Brown Andrew, insurance agent, 46 Kelly St. 
Brown A. & Son, family bakers, 8 W. Blackhb/il St. 

& 31C Brisbane St. Ho. 51 Brisbane St. 

Brown Archibald, baker, 17 Murdieston St. 
Brown Archibald, brassfinisher, 22 Bank St. 
Brown Archibald, chaffeur, 21 Kelly St. 
Brown Archibald, joiner, 75 Dempster St. 
Brown Archibald, machinist, 8 Trafalgar St. 
Brown Benjamin, 32 Ardgowan St. 
Brown. Charles, painter, 79 Dempster St. 
Brown Charles F., engineer, Rangoon, 8 Jardine Tee. 
Brown Cycle Co. Ld., 8 W. Blackball St. 
Brown Daniel, plater, 25 Regent St. 
Brown Daniel A., electrician, 10 Mearns St. 
Brown Donald, motor-ddriver, 4 Chapel St. 
Brown. Donald, carpenter, 4 Plope St. 
Brown Dugald, policeman, 76 Deprnster St. 
Brown Duncan C, clerk, 30 Finnart St. 
Brown Duncan, machinist, 11 Watt St. 
Brown Frank, {'man engineer, 37 Bank St. 
Brown Frederick, boiler-maker, 6 Moffat St. 
Brown George, fitter, 4 Hay St. 



BROWN George & Co. Shipbuilders & repairers. 
Garvel Shipyard. Ho. Norwood, 56 Esplanade. 

Brown George & Son, painters & decorators, 4 Jam- 
aica St. 

Brown George, (of Geo. Brown & Co.), 56 Esplarad 

Brown George, of Post Office, 6 Brisbane St. 

Brown George A., photographer, 4 Grey PI. Ho. 

Luanaza, Tower Dr., Gourock. 

Brown George H., brassfinisher, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Brown Grainger, (of G. Brown & Son), Sheiling, Vic- 
toria Rd., Ashton, Gourock. 

Brown George A., (of Geo. Brown & Co.), Edge".; '' 
Newark St. 

Brown Hugh, M.A., LL.B,, teacher, High School, 47 
Brisbane St. 

Brown Hugh, butcher, 40 St. Lawrence "St. 

Brown Hugh, clerk, 5 Dempster St. 

Brown Hugh, engineer, Campfield Ho., 207 Eldoci St 

Brown Hugh, salesman, 44 Ann St. 

Brown James, baker. 69 Holmscroft St. 

Brown. James, boilermaker, 13 Lauriston St, 

Brown James, cabinet-maker, 15 Lauriston St. 

Brown James, carter, 46 Ann St. 

Brown James, coal mercht., 3 E. BlackhallSt. Ho. 
29 Lyle St. 

Brown James, 9 Kelly St. 

Brown James, (managing director, Scott's Shipb i 1 '- 
ing & Engineering Co. Ld.) Dungourney, Newark 

Brown John, painter, 34 \Y. Shaw St. 

Brown John, plumber, 9 Clarence St. 

Brown John, engineeer, 79 Wellington St. 

Brown John C, patternmaker, 11 Mt. Pleasant S - 

Brown James, engineer, 52 Brougham St. 

Brown James, engineer, 25 Trafalgar St. 

Brown James, (of job dept., "Telegraph"), 29 Bris- 
bane St. 

Brown James, vanman, 54 Regent St. 

Brown James, draughtsman, 6 Shaw PI. 

Brown James, labourer, 72 Arm St. 
33b ' 


Brown James, gardener, 4 Watt St. 

Brown James, painter, 11 Watt St. 

Brown James A., manager, Employment Exchange, 

3G Robertson St. 
Brown James K., grocer, 4 Hope St. 
Brown John, grocer, 22 South St. 
Brown James, slater, 10 Hill St. 
Brown John, baker, 6 Arthur St. 
Brown John, boilermaker, 43 Belville St. 
Brown John, boilermaker, 13 Watt St. 
Brown John, insurance agent, 2 George Sq. 
Brown John, joiner, 62 Amn St. 
Bkowii Joha, joiner, 36 E. Hamilton St. 
Brown John, joiner, 5 Oakfield Tee. 
Brown John, locomotive f'man, 4 Garvald St. 
Brown John, stower, 2 Holmscroft St. 
Brown John MT., carpenter, 24 Kelly St. 
Brown John S., labourer, 3 6^ Crescent St. 
Brown Lawrence, 21 Lyle St. 
Brown Morris, boot & shoe-maker, 9 Rue-end St. &- 

23 Cathcart St. Ho. fi7 Bawhirley Rd. 
Brown Mal'aolm, carter, 8 Hope St. 
Brown Matthew, fitter, 3 Antigua St. 
Brown Neil, stoker, 6 Garvald St. 
Brown Neil M., spirit meccht., The Glen, Pt. Glasgow 

Ho. Janefield, Bogston. 
Brown Peter, electrical engineer, 119 Eldon St. 
Brown Robert, baker, 41 Sir Michael St. 
Brown Robert, blacksmith, 17 Nelson St. 
Brown Robert, district agent, 15 Prospecthill PL 
Brown Robert, engineer, 11 Dempster St. 
Brown Robert, joiner, 14 W. Blackhall St. 
Brown Robert, jun.., compositor. 6*9 Dempster St. 
Brown Robert, machinist, 6 ; Lyle St. 
Brown Robert, plaster, 15 Carwood St. 
Brown Robert, salesman, 37 Lynedoch St. 
Brown Robert, butcher, 30 Bruce St. 
Brown Robert, labourer, 7 Newton St. 
Brown Samuel, labourer, 72 Ann St. 
Brown, Stewart & Co. Ld., paper manufrs., Overton. 


Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 44 Dempster St. 

Brown Thomas, brassfmisher, 41 Belville St. 

Brown Thomas, goods guard, 23 Trafalgar St.- 

Brown Thomas, caulker, 15 Hope St. 

Brown Thomas, fireman, 54 Lynedoch St. 

Brown Thomas P., butcher, 13 Garwood St. 

Brown Thomas, draughtsman, 18 Campbell St. 

Brown Thomas J., mechanic, 29 Ann St. 

Brown Walter, rivetter, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

Brown Walter R., clerk, 13 Brisbane St. ■ 

Brown Walter, boilermaker, 15 Lyle St. 

Brown William, butcher, 26' Trafalgar St. 

Brown William, coal mercht., 29 Lyle St. 

Brown William, joiner, 5 Armadale PI. 

Brown Walter R., clerk, 13 Brisbane St. 

Brown William, joiner, 83 Wellington St. 

Brown William, shipwright, 3 Macdougall St. 

Brown William, machinist, 50 Captain St. 

Brown William, boilermaker, 11 Hill St. 

Brown William, labourer, 47 Crawfurd St. 

Brown William, labourer, 70 Ann St. 

Brown. William G., (of Brown, Stewart & Co. Ld.), 

36 Esplanade. 
Brown William J., f'man painter, 24 Prospecthill St. 
Brown Miss, 11a Margaret St. 
Brown Miss Helen O., 23 Ardgowan St. 
Brown Miss Mary, 39 Kelly St. 
Brown Miss Margt., 22 South St. 
Brown Miss, 33 Kelly St. 
Beowii Miss Mary, 64 Brisbane St. 
Bromn Miss Mary, Teuar, 8 Academy "Pi. 
Brown Miss G., 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Brown Misses M. & C, milliners, 9 South St. Ho. 

11 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Brown Mrs Wiliam A., 67 Eldon S.t 
Brown Mrs, 2 Holmscroft St. 
Brown Mrs, 8 Academy PI. 
Brown. Mrs Jessie, 73 Holmscroft St. 
Brown Mrs L., 18 Hope St. 
Brown Mrs, Rosebank, 27 Forsyth St. 

35 • 


Brown Mrs, 53 Kelly St. 

Brown Mrs, 74 South St. 

Brown Mrs, tobacconist, 83 Roxburgh St. 

Brown Mrs Gourlay, 23 Robertson St. 

Brown Mrs James, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Brown Mrs Jane, 16 Lynedoch St. 

Brown Mrs Janet, 12 Jamaica St. 

Brown Mrs M., 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Brown Mrs Malcolm, 89 Roxburgh St. 

Brown Mrs W. S., 10 Glenv'iew Tee. 

Brown Mrs, 60 Kelly St. 

BROWNLEE James, funeral undrtakr, 24 W. Brack- 
hall St. 

BROWNLIE John, (of Ritchie & Brownlie),43 Den- 
holm St. 

Brownlie James, storekeeper, 24 Border St. 

Brownlie William, shorthand-writer, 58 W. Regent 
St., Glasgow. Ho. 11 Sandringham Tee. 

BRUCE Alfred, shipwright, 38 E. Crawfurd St. 

Bruce Alexander M., book-keeper, 1 Hope St. 

Bruce A. M'P., commission agent, 32 Cathcart St. 

Bruce Charles R., engineer, 37 Newton St. 

Bruce Norman, labourer, 23 Kelly St. " 

Bruce Robert, butcher, 4 Inverkip St. 

Bruce P. Ross, 37 Newton St. 

Bruce James, joiner, 21 Newton St. 

Bruce Louis, butcher, 33 Ann St. Ho. 71 Dempster 

Bruce Mrs Charles, 17 John. St. 

Bruce Mrs E., grocer, 15 John St. 

Bruce Mrs J., 14 Bruce St. 

Bruce Mrs J. R., 1 Ford PI. 

BRUNNEN George H., turner, 67 Holmscroft St. 

BRUNTON John, clerk, 22 Wellington St. 

Brunton William, clerk, 15 Brachelston St 

Brunton Mrs, 11 Watt St. 

BRYCE Alexander, plumber, 31 Regent St. 

Bryce Charles A., plater, 35 Prospecthill St. 

Bryce Hugh, labourer, 5 Regent St. 

Bryce Henry, seaman, 11 South St. 


Bryce Thomas, baker & confectioner, 87 Roxburgh St 

Ho. 42 Campbell St. 
Bryce James, labourer, 31 Chalmers St. 
Bryce Robert, plumber, 8 Carwoocl St. 
Bryce Mrs Agnes, 38 Lynedoch St. 
Bryce John & Sons, plumbers & gas fitters, 14 Shaw 

St. Ho. 31 Regent St. 
Bryce William, coppersmith, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 
BRYCELAND Andrew, rivetter, 41 Shaw St. 
Bryceland Henry, painter, 15 Regent St. 
Bryceland John, fisherman, 30 Ann St. 
Bryceland Mary, fruiterer & florist, 35 W. Blackhall 

St. Ho. 35 Nelson St. 

BRYDOX George, park keeper, 18 Moffat, St. 
Brydon James A., draper, 37 Robertson St. 
Brydon James A., .fireman, 4 Watt St. 
BRYSON John, labourer, 5 Mill St. 
Bryson Samuel, labourer, 7 Prospecthill St. 
Bryson Mrs James, 4 Sinclair St. 
BUBB Herbert J., (of The Ingleston Foundry ) Co. 

Ld.), Ingleston St. 
BU.CHAN William, carpenter, 24 St. Lawrence St. 
Buchan William, rigger, 62 Regent St. 
Buchan Mrs, dressmaker, 25 Robertson St. 
BUCHANAN Alexander, police-sergt., "6 r 4 "Holms- 
croft St. 
Buchanan Archibald, draughtsman, 5 Caddlehill St. 
Buchanan Archibald, insurance agent, 47 Mearns'St. 
Buchanan Duncan (late of Post Office), 9 Antigua St. 
Buchanan Douglas M.. 53 Esplanade. 
Buchanan George, forwarding agent, 4 Brymner St. 

Ho. 3 Madeira St. 
Buchanan Henry, 43 Finnart St. 
Buchanan Hugh, joiner, 30 Orr Av. 
Buchanan H. & Co, ship-chandlers & metal-workers, 

3 Brymner St. Works, 7 Dock Lane. Ho. 43 

Finnart St. 
Buchanan John, fishmonger, 27 Venn el & 33 Rue-end 

St. Ho. 12 Kelly St. 


Buchanan John, 27 Mearns St. 

Buchanan John, coachbuilder & cartwright, 4 and 6, E 

Blackhall St. "Ho. 4Lyle St. 

Buchanan John, joiner, 15 Lyie St. 
Buchanan John, fishmonger, 27 Vennel. Ho. 12 

Kelly St. 
Buchanan Night Asylum, Captain St. 
Buchanan Rev. James, M.A., minister, Mount Bieas- 

ant U.F. Church, 35 Brisbane St. 
Buchanan Robert, car conductor, 6i2. Belville St. 
Buchanan Robert, storeman, 42 Ann St. 
Buchanan Robert, labourer, 28 Brown St. 
Buchanan Thomas, caretaker, 3 Hill St. 
Buchanan William, joiner, 45 Brown St. 
Buchanan William, moulder, 40 Ann St. 
Buchanan William E., 2 Hamilton St. Ho. 11 

Johnstone St. 
Buchanan William G., Amwood, 33 Acadesny PL 
Buchanan Miss, 18 South St. 
Buchanan Mrs, 104 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Buchanan Mrs A., 27 Mearns St. 
Buchanan Mrs W,C, 62 Finnart St. 
Buchanan Mrs J., grocer, 27 Robertson St. 
Buchanan Mrs, 52 Finnart St. 
BUCKIE John, spirit mercht., 15 Hamilton St. Ho. 

46 Brougham St. 
BUCKLITSCH Anthony, (of Post Office Telephones) 

18 Mearns 'St. 
BUDGETT James '& Son, Ld., sugar merchts., 14 

Cross Shore St. 
BUICK Thomas, f'man yardsman, 1 AJexandra Man- 
BUIE John, mason, 3 Armadale PI. 
Buie Donald, engineer, 9 Hope St. 
Buie John, tailor, 10 Cafwood S.t 
BUCKLEY William, sheet-iron worker, 99 Dempster 

BULLEN Mrs Hannah, spirit mercht., 4 Watson's 

Lane. Ho. 6' Brougham St. 
BULLOCH William, butcher, 58 Regent St.. 


BUNCLARK William, billiard-room psopr., 5 Ratho 

S*t. Ho. Bonnington, Bawhirley Rd. 
BUNT A IN James, salesman, 43 Kelly St. 
Buntain Alexander, engineer, 14 Border St. 
Buntain John, carter, Overton. 
Buntain Matthew, carter, 57 Ann St. 
Buntain Matthew, carter, 15 Lyle St. 
Buntain William, dairyman, 27 Regent "St. Ho. 32 

E. Hamilton St. 
Buntain William S., engineer, Miilbra'e, Bawhirley R* 
BUNTIN Mtes Jeannie, 47 Main St. 
BURKE Tames N., agent, 24 Nelson St. 
Burke William, labourer, 1 Wavertey Lane. 
BURNETT Peter, engineer, S^Garvald St. 
BURNIE Miss, 13 Belville St.' 

BURNISTON Andrew, f'man baker, 6 Ardgowan 5'. 
BWRNS Alexander, painter, 24 Trafalgar St. 
Burns Daniel, hammerman, 28 Inverkip St. 
Burns George, porter, 14 Cathcart St. 
Burns Michl., marine-store dealer, 41 Prospecthill &';. 
Burns John, labourer, 6 s - Chalmers St. 
Burns James , joiner. 14 Cosnhaddock St. 
Burns John, riv'etter, 60 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Burns & Laird Lines, Ld., ship-owners, Gustom-ho "sa 

Quay. Manager, D. Fletcher, 6 Denholm St. 
Bupns Peter, joiner, 31 Murdieston St. 
Burns Patrick, labourer, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Burns Robert, photographer, 5 Belville St. 
Burns Walter, painter, 12 Nile St. 
Burns William, sawyer, HE. Crawfurd St. 
BUrns Miss, 1 Ker St. 
Burns Mrs James. 12 Wellington'St. 
Burns Mrs Barbara, 65 Esplanade. 
Burns' Home for Working Men, [4 Sir Michael St - 
Burnett William, coal niercht., 3 Robinson Av. 
•Burnside Daniel, hammerman, 27 Charles St. 
Burnside James, blacksmith, 50 Captain St. 
Burnside James, 9 Hope S.t 
Burnside William, engineer, 25 Bruce St. 
Burnside William, jr., joiner, 25 Bruce St. 


BURT Henry, chartered accountant, 48 Brisbane St. 

BURT Thomas, clerk, .48 Brisbane St. 

Burt, Thomas, clerk, 48 Brisbane St. 

BURTON A. & Co. Ld., financiers, 45 Hamilton St. 

Burton John H., motorman, 8 Hope St. 

Burton Montague, Ld., tailors, 28 Hamilton St. 

Burton Peter, violinist, 3 Brymner St. 

BURROWS Henry, labourer, 2 Robinson Av, 

Burrows John, fitter's helper, 8 Chalmers St. 

BUTLER Albert, fitter, 7 Brachelston 'St, 

Butler Oswald W., music & gramophone dealer, 26 

W. Blackhall St. Ho. 51 Brisbane St. 
Butler Patrick, labourer, 38 W. Burn St. 
BUTCHER William, labourer, 19 Nicolson St. 
BUTTERCUP (The) Dairy Co., 23 Hamilton St. & 

13 W. Blackhall St. 
BUTTERWORTH Bryce, engineer, 22 Trafalgar St. 
BYARS, W. S., butcher, 33 Rue-end St. 
BYERS John, butcher, 4 Trafalgar St. 
Byers Mrs, 1 Prospecthill St. 
BYNG Ephrim, ironturner, 77 Wellington St. 
Byng Thomas, engineer, 41 Roxburgh St. 
Byng Thomas, fitter, 3 Holmscroft St. 
BYRNE Cornelius, bricklayer, 33 Lynedoch St. 
Byrne Edward, electrician, 5 Newark Tee. 
Byrne George, gas-fitter, 39 Shaw St. 
Byrne Thomas, sugarhouse worker, f? 4 Regent St. 
BYRON. James, boilermaker, 47 Main St. 
Byron John, slater, 49 'Mearns St. 


CABLE & Saxone Shoe Co. Ld., 26 Hamilton St. 
CABRIE William, (of Fire Brigade), 1 Wallace PL 
Cabrie William, plater, 1 Dellingburn St. 
CADDLEHILL Gardens, Upper Kelly St. 
Caddlehill Steam Laundry Co. Ld., 55 Kelly St. 
CADDY William, joiner, 14 Antigua St. 
Caddy William M., boilermaker, 42 Ann St. 
Caddy Mrs D., 17 John St. 


CADENHEAD John W., pattern-maker, 11 Kelly St 
CAIN James A., School Attendance Officer, 37 W. 

Stewart St. 
CAIRA Antonio, confectioner, 26, Cathcart St. Ho. 

20 Nicolson St. 
CAIRD Arthur, ship-builder, 33 Cathcart St. Ho. 

Stoneleigh, 23 Newark St. 
Caird Patrick T., Belleaire, 15 Newark St. 
CAIRNEY Mrs/ 11a South St. 
CAIRNS Archibald C, engineer, 54 Union St. 
Cairns & Co., pawnbrokers, 17 Sir Michael St., 12 E. 

Shaw St. & 38 Hamilton St. Ho. 36 \V. 'Stew- 
art St. 
Cairns J. & Co., ladies' outfitters, 16 Cathccart St. 
Cairns James A., 49 Finnart St. 
Cairns Robert, electrician, 9 Laird St. 
Cairns Robert, engineer, 10 Belville St. 
Cairns Robert, (of Post Officce), 67 Regent St. 
Cairns Michael, baker* 54 Wellington St. 
Cairns Miss M.G., 11 Sandringham Tee. 
Cairns Mrs, 36 W. Stewart St. 
CAITENS William, engineer, 16' Wellington St. 
CAITHNESS Charles, plater, 14 Regent St. 
CALCLUTH William, baker, 7 Dempster St. 
Calcluth William, baker, 48 Ann St. 
CALDER Alexander, groccer, 83 Roxburgh St. Ho. 

11 Sandringham Tcce. 
Calder James, labourer, 7 Brown St. 
Calder James, elecctriccian, 5 Lauriston St. 
Calder Joseph, organist, musicc-seller, 27 Brisbane 

St. Ho. 73 Brisbane St. 
Calder Mrs J., 72 Dempster St. 

CALDERHEAD Robert, joiner, 22 Dempster St,. 
Calderhead Annie, draper, 6)2 Ann S.t 
CALDERWOOD Dan., compositor, 27 Kelly St. 
Calderwood Edward, compositor, 58 Dempster St. 
Calderwood Rev. John, M.A.. LL.B., minister of Sir 

Michael St. U.F. Church, 82 Union St. 
Calderwood Robert, blacksmith, 85 Wellington St. 
Calderwood Thomas, blacksmith, 39 Crawfurd St. 



Calderwood Robert, coal mercht., 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Calderwood Mrs M., 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 
CALDWELL David, engineer, 6vBorder St. 
Caldwell David, grocer, 54 E. Crawfurd St. 
Caldwell Duncan, engineer, Clifton, Grant St. 
Caldwell Duncan, engineer, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
Caldwell John, checker, 13 Brougham St. 
Caldwell John, tailor, 6'7 Nicolson St. 
Cafdwe'f John, cacu ! ke', 7.0 Ann S:. 
Caldwell Robert, engineer, 3 Ratho St. 
Caldwell Rcbert, grocer, 19 Tobago St. Ho. 105 

Newton S . 
Caldwell Roberr, railway porter, 13 Brougham S.t 
Caldwell WiLiam, engine-driver, 13 Brougham St. 
Caldwell William J., yardsman, 7 Murdieston St. 
Caldwell Mrs, 8 Duff St. 
Caldwell Mrs William, ^.10 Wellington St. 
Caldwell & Crmerori, coal merchts., mineral station, 

W. Shaw S -.. . 

CALEDONIAN Foundry Ld., iron-founders, 46-48 

Trafalgar St. 
€ALEDON:AN (The) Steam Packet Co. Ld., Clyde 

Steamers, Gourock. 
CALLAGH \N Patrick, grocer, 114 Drumfrochar Rd 

& 1 W. S ewart~"5t. 
CALLANA'e T . f'man skinner, Braemar, Gait St. 
Callan Geor c. en^im -drive-, 60 E. Hamilton St. 
Callan John G., jr., i 'man skinner, 60 E. Llamilton St 
CALLANDER Donald, gasfitter, 56 Dempster St. 
Callander ]a.ves, labourer, 3 Belville St. 
CAMBRIDGE William, engineer, 46 Dempster St. 
CAMERA Club Rooms, 21 Kilblain St, 
CAMERON Alexander, church officer, 32 South St. 
Cameron A'exander, fitter, 29 Bawhirley Rd. 
Cameron (Alex.) & Murray, writers & notaries public, 

2 Church PL 
Cameron Allan, fire-nan, 68 Ann St. 
Cameron A 1 . 'an, trinmer, 25 Lynedoch St.. 
Cameron Arch'.bald, watchmaker, 16 South St> 
Cameron Angus, butcher, 97 Roxburgh St. 


Cameron. A. C, moulder, 17 Laurriston 'St. 
Cameron Daniel, boilermaker, 6,4 Regent Sc. 
Car...:).'! Daniel, 3 Sandringham Tee. 
Cameron Daniel, tugboat-master, 19 Regent St. 
Cameron David, machinist, 50 Dempster St. 
Cameror Donam, jome", 24 Pottery St.. 
Cameron Donald, labourer, 15 Lauriston St. 
Cameron Donald, painter, 9 Lynedocb St. 
Cameron Duncan, pilct, 20 Finnart St. 
Cameron Duncan, river pilot, 20 Finnart St. 
Cameron Edward, motor mechanic, 10 Duncan "St. 
Cameron Ceorge, iron-worker, 4 M earns St. 
Cameron George, plumber & gasfitter, 14 Kilblain St. 

Ho. 7 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Cameron Hugh, gas inspector, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Cameron Hugh, joiner, 7 DeLingburn St. 
Cameron. Hugh, painter, 69 Nicolson St. 
Cameron Hugh, rivetter, 5 Cnrnock St. 
Cameron. Hugh, f man rivetter, 26 Lyfe St. 
Cameron Hugh, tugboatman, 19 Regent St. 
Cameron James, spirit mercnt., 20 Charles St. 
Cameron James, plater, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Cameron. James, wool-sorter, 10 Nile St. 
Cameron James, labourer, '35 Baxter St. 
Cameron. John, coppersmith, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Cameron. Jokn, engineer, 9 Dempster Sc. 
Cameron John, Burgh Prosecutor, Allerton, Bridge-of 

Cameron John, ship-master, 23 Patrick S.. 
Cameron, jonn u., painter, 26 Bank "St. 
Cameron. John (of National Bank), 95 B.isoane St. 
Cameron John, carter, 8 Dramfrochar R . 
Cameron. John, engine:*', 19 Roxburgh St. 
"Cameron. John, joiner, 6 Vv. Blackhall St. 
Cameron. Kenneth, painter, 5j Belv'ille St. 
Cameron Kenneth, clerk, 6 Hay St. 
Cameron Lachlan, 29 Trafalgar St. 
Cameron. & M'Eachern, watch nakers & jewellers, 3 3 

Hamilton St. 
Cameron Norman, police-sergt., 19 Wellington St. 


Cameron Neil D., driller, 57 Holmscroft St. 
Cameron Patrick H.', coal mercht., 29 Trafalgar St. 
Cameron Peter B., clerk, 19 Mearns St. 
Cameron Peter, engineer. 15 Bruce St. 
Cameron R., stable f man, 8 Morton Tee. 
Cameron Robert, blacksmith. 69 Regent St. 
Cameron Robert, labourer, 3 Regent St. 
Cameron. Robert, labourer, 16 Bruce St. 
Cameron Robert, plumber, 11 Lauriston St. 
Cameron Robert, joiner, 12 Nile St. 
Cameron Stephen, labourer, 80 Belville St. 
Cameron Samuel (of Fire Brigade), 12 Dalrymple St. 
Cameron Thomas, labourer, 27 Border St. 
Cameron Thomas, storeman. 27 Border St. 
Cameron Thomas, comm. traveller, 10 Kelly St. 
Cameron William & Co., stevedores, E. India Harb. 
Cameron William, patternmaker, 6 Lauriston St.. 
Cameron William, carter, 15 Main St. 
Cameron William, poulterer, 2 Mearns St,. 
Cameron William, plasterer, 4 Dunn St. 
Cameron William, attendant, Smithston Cottages. 
Cameron Miss Sarah, 26 W. Blackball St. 
Cameron Miss Agnes, 24 Brisbane St. 
Cameron Mrs, 6 Brisbane St. 
Cameron Mrs, 23 Roxburgh St. 
Cameron Mrs, 21 Trafalgar St. 
Cameron Mrs Donald, 11 Bank St. 
Cameron Mrs Duncan, 40 Nicolson St. 
Cameron Mrs Hugh, 87 Roxburgh St. 
Cameron Mrs Mary, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Cameron Mrs, 8 Chapel St. 
Cameron Mrs, 31 E. Crawfurd St. 
Cameron. Mrs M.,'51 Lynedoch St. 
Cameron Mrs M., 19 Regent St. 
Cameron Mrs Peter, 11a Lynedoch St. 
Cameron Mrs Sarah, 31 Lynedoch St. 
Cameron Mrs, 49 Trafalgar St. 
CAMMACK Hugh, caulker, 52 Belville St. 
Cammack Mrs E., 8 Antigua St. 

CAMPBELL Abram, tugboatman, 27 W, Stewart St. 


Campbell A. & Son, stationers, 6 Grey PL 
Campbell Alex., machineman, 104 Drumfroeliar Rd. 
Ca v. soil Alex., asst. supt., Post Office, 18 Ben inck 

Campbell Alex, (of H. Buchanan & Co.), 19 South St 
Campbell Alexander, brass- moulder, 8 Antigua. St. 
Campbell Alexander, Cathmay, Denholm St. 
Campbell Alexander, sail-maker, 27 W. Blackball S t. 
Campbell A.M., ship manager, Auchmar, "Ba'whirlev 

Campbell Angus (of Mercantile Marine), 2 Palmar - 

ston Bldgs. 
Campbell Archibald, boilermaker, 13 Lauriston St. 
Campbell Archibald, carter. 6 Lynedoch -'St. 
Campbell Archibald, mason, 39 Ann St. ~ 
Campbell Archibald, store nan, 130 Drumfrochar R!. 
Campbell Archibald S., plater, 71 Nicolson St. 
Campbell Archd., asst. pawnbroker, 9 Mt. Pleasant 

Campbell Colin, labourer, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
"Campbell Colin, labourer, 17 Bruce St. 
Campbell Colin, plumber, 6 Mt, Pleasant St. 
Campbell Colin, shipwright, 19 Bruce St. 
Campbell & Co., licensed grocers, 89 Roxburgh St. 
Campbell Daniel, joiner, 2 Holmscroft St. 
Campbell David, chaffeur, 51 Eldon St. 
Campbell Donald, composito;, 14 Regent St. 
Campbell Donald, engineer, 15 Antigua St. 
Campbell Donald, engineer, 48 Captain S.. 
Campbell Donald (of Mercantile Marine), 27 M earns 

Campbell Donald, policeman, 20 Trafalgar St. 
Campbell Donald, rivet ter, 3 Mackenzie St. 
Campbell Donald, salesman, 23 Kelly St. 
Campbell Donald L., comm. traveller, 43 Robertson 

Campbell Donald, draughtsman, 11 Dempster St. 
Campbell Donald, sugar-boiler, la Hope St. 
Campbell Dugald, engineer, 11 Brachelston S:.-. 
Campbell Duncan, baker. 6 Nelson St. (Glebe ). 


Campbell Duncan, salesman, 39 Orr Av. 

Campbell Duncan, storeman, 10 Terrace Rd._ 

Campbell Duncan (of Weights & Measures Cffice), 13 
Lauriston St. 

Campbell Duncan, spirit salesman, 36 Mt. Pleasant 

Campbell Dunccan W., (of "Telegraph") 24 Bank St. 

Campbell Duncan, draper, Bogston P.O., 64 Pt. 
Glasgow Rd. 

Campbell Duncan A., (of Customs & Excise) 27 Esp- 

Campbell Duncan S., spirit irercht., 39 Vennel. Ho. 
33 Nelson St. 

Campbell George, time-keeper, 4 Brachelston St. 

Campbell George, patternmaker, 35 Lyle St. 

Campbell George E., draughtsman, 50 Belville St. 

Campbell Hector, moulder, 21 Wellington St. 

Campbell Henry S., engineer, 35 Duncan St. 

Campbell Hugh, cooper, 18 Bogle St. 

Campbell Hugh (of G. Brown & Son), 15 Finnart Rd 

Campbell Hugh (of Ross & Marshall), 37 Esplanade. 

Campbell Hugh, labourer, 8 Inchgreen St. 

Campbell Hugh, gardener, 24 Cornhaddock St. 

Campbell Hugh, shipwright, 63 Duncan St. 

Campbell J. F. & Co (Greenock) Ld., drapers & hos- 
iers, 56 Vennel. Ho. 17 Caddlehill St. 

Campbell John, baker, 28 Lynedoch St. Ho. 40 
Mearns St. 

Campbell John, boilermaker, 3 Mearns St. 

Campbell John, carpenter, 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Campbell John, clerk, 97 Dempster St. 

Campbell John, engineer, 70 Dempster St. 

Campbell John, grocer, 6 Murdieston St. 

Campbell John, grocer, 33 Rue-end St. Ho. 29 
Mearns St. 

Campbell John, hammerman, 23 Kelly St. 

Campbell John, iron-driller, 3 Chalmers St,. 

Campbell John, joiner, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Campbell John, labourer, 54 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Campbell John, maltman, 63 Dempster St. 

General directory. 

Campbell John (of A. Campbell & Son), 6 M_argaret 

Campbell John, shipwright, 50 E. 'Hamilton St. 
Campbell John, storeman, 25 Lyle St. 
Campbell J., spirit mercht., 24 Dalrymple St. Mo. 

29 Bank St. 
Campbell John, spirk me»cht., 30 W. Burn St. Ho. 

2 7 Ardgowan St. 
Campbell John C, grocer, 40 Inverkip St. Ho. 34 

Kelly St. 
Campbell John K., engineer, 45 Ann St. 
Campbell John, plumber, 30 Brymner St, 
Campbell John, clerk, 18 Murdieston St. 
Campbell John, j oiner, 19 Trafalgar St. 
Campbell John (of Post Office), 11a Lynedoch St. 
Campbell John, supt., 9 Crescent St. 
Campbell James, labourer, 6 Inverkip St. 
Campbell James P., provision mercht., 32 Crawiurd 

St. Ho. 6 Nelson St. {Glebe). 
Campbell James, baker, 80 Belville "St. 
Campbell James, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence St. 
Campbell James, bank cashier, 30 Newton St. 
Campbell James, joiner, 52 Captain St. 
Campbell James (of Jas. Campbell & Co.), Craigie- 

lea, 103 Eldon St. 
Campbell James, plater, 9 Belville St. 
Campbell James & Co., coal & lime merchts., 23 Cath 

cart St. 
Campbell Malcolm, 6 Carwood St. 
Campbell Malcolm (of Fire Brigade), 12 Dalrymple 

Campbell Malcolm Ld., fruiterers, Central 'Station. 
Campbell Matthew, f'man plater, 1 Alexandra M'sions 
Campbell 8c Mair, hosiery manufrs,, 16 Ann St. 
Campbell Neil , carpenter,, 6 Holmscroft St. 
Campbell Neil, cooper, 1 01 Dempster St. 
Campbell Neil, painter, 37 Nelson St. 
Campbell Neil, joiner, 12 Murdieston St. 
Campbell N. M. &Son t comm. agents, 1 Finnart St. 
Campbell Peter, boilermaker, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 


Campbell Peter, j )iner, S mithstori Av., Inverkip Rd. 

Campbell Peter, readier, 68 Kelly St. 

Campbell 1 'Peter, contractor, 37 Holmscroft St. 

Campbell Peter, carpenter, 35 Lyle St. 

Campbell Rev. Donald, minister of Gaelic U.F. Ch. 

39 Fox St. 
Campbdl Riclr.rd, salesman, 9 Belville St. 
Campbel Rolert, b oiler mak er, 13 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Campbell Robert, engineer, 28 Border S;. 
Campbell Robert, steamboat agent, Customhouse Qy. 

Ho. 71 N'.co^sori St. 
Campbell Rober., teacher, <5 .Robertson St. 
Campbell Robert N., (of Malcolm & Co.) Wester 

Lever 1 ., Tower Dr., "Gourqck. 
Campbell Robert, boilermaker, 9 Dempster St. 
Campbell Thomas W.'T. (of jas'. Campbell & Co.), 

26 Rober;son St. 
Campbell Thorns K., labourer, 27 Mt. Pleasant 'St. 
Campbell T.K., shipwright, 30 St. Lawrence St. 
Campbell Will'am, f'man, 63 Nicolson St. 
Campbell William M., clerk, 63 Forsyth St. 
Campbell William, engineer, 45 Robertson St. 
Campbell William, patternmaker, 5 Trafalgar St. 
Campbell William, engineer, 25 Bruce St. 
Campbell Miss, 67 Holmscroft St. 
Campbell Miss, HE. Blackhall St. 
Campbell Miss C. A., greengrocer, 13 Cartsburn St. 
Campbell Miss E'iz., dress-maker, 29 Dempster St. 
Campbell Miss M., 17 Ardgowan St. 
Campbell Miss Margt., 26 Brisbane St. 
Campbell Miss Mary, 74 Wellington St. 
Campbell Miss, "50 E. Craw'furd St. 
Campbell Miss Agnes, 35 Brisbane St. 
Campbell Miss C, 27 Mearns St. 

Campbell Miss Marion, dress-maker, 42 W. Burn St. 
Campbell Miss M., draper, 4 Hamilton St. 
Campbell Miss Ml, 33 Lyle St. 
Campbell Miss Esther, 73 Nicolson St. 
Campbell Miss H., 17 Caddleh II St. 
Campbell Miss Susan, 19 Newton St. 


Campbell Mrs Margt., 73 Regent St. 
Campbell Mrs Sarah, 66 Holmscroft St. 
Campbell Mrs A., 29 Bank St. 
Campbell Mrs B., 19 Regent St. 
Campbell Mrs Donald, 6 Hope St. 
Campbell Mrs Walter, 9 Antigua St. 
Campbell Mrs Helen, 59 Esplanade. 
Campbell Mrs Susan, 35 Brisbane St. 
Campbell 'Mrs, ' 9 DellmgDurn 'St. 
Campbell Mrs, 2 Morton Tee. 
Campbell Mrs, 6 Nelson St. (Glebe), 
campoei'l Mrs, 45 Roxburgh St. 
Campbell Mrs, 6 Duff St. , 

Campbell Mrs A. W., spirit mercht., 10 Baker St. 
Campbell, Mrs Archibald, 24 Brisbane St. 
Campbell Mrs Archibald, 31 Lyneioch S:. 
Campbell Mrs Donald, 13 Hope St. 
Campbell Mrs George, 5 Hope St r 
Campbell Mrs James, 13 Lynedoch St. 
Campbell Mrs Neil, 3 M earns St. 
Campbell Mrs R., 23 Dempster "St. 
Campbell Mrs Robert, sick nurse, 12 Belville St. 
Campbell Mrs, 47 Belville St. 
CANN W. J., machinist, 14 E. Crawfurd St. 
C ANN IE Alexander, coppersmith, 23 Ingleston St. 
Cannie Samuel A.,, 39 Ann St. 
Cannie Wjhiam, labourer, 9 Kilblain St. 
CANEVALE Peter, sheet-iron worker, 5 Drumfroch- 
CANNEY George, butcher, 6 Boyd St. 
Canney John, rivetter, 84 Roxburgh St. 
CANNING David, labourer, 38 Brymner St. 
Canning David, labourer, 22 Pottery St. 
Canning David, ship's cook, 38 Gordon St. 
Canning James, pans man, 18 Trafalgar St. 
Canning James, Boilermaker, 12 St. Lawrence St. 
Canning James, marljne engineer, 21 Trafalgar St. 
CANNON John, fireman, 17 Cathcart St. 
Cannon Dan., assurance supt., 3 Albert Rd., Gourock 
CANT Adam, deck, Stronvar, 66 Forsyth St. 
Cant James, gardener, 6 Ft. Matilda PI. 



Cant James, plater, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Cant Robert, blacksmith. 3 Ant.gua St. 

CARACHER M., labourer, 6 John 'St. 

CARCHRIE Daniel, engineer, 4 Mansionhouse Lane. 

CARDWELL Frank, joiner, 9 Murdieston St. 

Cardwell James, tailor, 18 ProspecthiU PI. 

CAREY & Stevenson, sh. -metal wrkrs., 2 Harvey La 

C ARC ILL Miss, 37 Kelly St. 

CARMICHAEL Alexander, labourer, 22 Pottery S*. 

Carmichael Alexander, pawnbroker, 18 Kelly St. 

Carmichael Andrew, retd. shipowner, 2 Church PL 

Ho. 41 Union St. 
Carmichael Angus, sailmaker, 17 South St. 
Carmichael Archibald, moulder, 13 Nelson St. 
Carmichael Archibald, carter, 25 Crescent St. 
Carmichael Campbell, motorman, 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Carmichael Dugald, caulker, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Carmichael Duncan S., 105 Finnart St. 
Carmichael Gilbert, dairyman, 9 Hill St. 
Carmichael Hugh, sugar-boiler, 38 Brougham St. 
Carmichael J. D. M., (of Nicol & Carmichael), 55 

Finnart St. 
Carmichael John, clerk, 4 Brachelston St. 
Carmichael John, rigger, 42 Roxburgh St. 
Carmichael Malcolm, F.E.I.S., 55 Newton St. 
C'armicnael Neil, engine-keeper, '69 Nicolson St. 
Carmichael R. D., Milnwood, 93 Finnart St. 
Carmichael Robert, caulker, 1 Broomhill St. 
Carmichael Thomas, Netherton, 76 Finnart 'St. 
Carmichae* William H., 76 Finnart St. 
Carmichael Miss, Milnwood, 93 Finnart St. 
Carmichael Miss, 24 South St. 
Carmichael Miss K., 23 South St. 
Carmichael Miss, 4 Watt St. 
Carmichael Miss Marion C, 105 Finnart St. 
CARNEGIE Andrew, boilermaker, 7 Nile St. 
CARNIE William, teacher, 183 Eldon St. 
CARNWATH James, watchmaker, 64 Ann St. 
CARPENTER George, steward, 29 Lyle St. 


PewerAl directory. 

CARRICK Robert, brassfinisher, 10 Hay St. 
Carrick Robert, turner, 52 Kelly St. 
CARRIGAN Mrs William, 20 Prospecthill St. 
CARROLL James, engine-driver, 26 Inverkip St. 
Carroll Thomas, rivetter, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
Carroll William, sewing machines, 22 Grey PL Ho. 

75 Dempster *St. 
CARRUTH Matthew, dyer, 22 W. Blackhall St. & 

3 Bank St. Ho. 42 Brisbane St. 
CARRUTH ERS Harold, engineer, 29 Bank St. 
Carruthers Thomas, hair- ire sser, chiropodist, 28 Cath 

cart St. Ho. St. Kilda, Kilcreggan. 
Carruthers William, engine-driver, 9 Lauriston St, 
Carruthers William, grocer, 9 Garwood St. 
Carruthers William, storeman, i4 Terrace Rd. 
CARRY Thomas, engineer, 46 Dempster St. 
CARSE William, china mercht., 19 Hamilton St. 

Ho. 7 Shaw PL 
CARSON Gilbert, spirit salesman, 60 Dempster St. 
Carson Henry L., jr. (of H. Carson & Son), 35 New- 
ton St. 
Carson Henry & Son, plumbers & gasfitters, 16 Craw- 

furd St. 
Carson Henry (of H. Carson & Son), 43 Brisbane St. 
Carson James, pansman, 42 Lynedoch St. 
Carson John, iron-driller, 5 Hill St. 
Carson Robert, stoker, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Carson Robert, clerk, 23 Dempster St. 
Carson Samuel, hole-borer, 29 Robinson Av. 
Carson Willikm, engine-driver, 25 W. Blackhall St. 
Carson WiLiarr, painter, 6 Lauriston St. 
Carson Mrs, 52 Inverkip S.. 
CARSWELL John & Son, timber measurers, 2 Cath 

cart St. 
CARTER Harry, fruiterer, 11 Cathcart St. Ho; * 

Bogle St. 
Carter G. E., engineer, 46 Forsyth St. 
Carter Richard G., machinist, 2 South St. 
Carter Samuel (of Post Office), 46 Wellington St. 
Carter William, labourer, 18 Ann St. 



CARTSDYKE (The) Equitable Loan Office, 16 Ar- 
thur St. and 17 Stanners St. 

Cartsdyke (The) Sawmills, 4 L. Hamilton St. 

CASE Duncan, comm. traveller, 54 Union St. 

Case John, comm. traveller, 7 Caddlehill St. 

CASEMENT John, sugar porter, 3 Hill St. 

CASSLEY Bernard, joiner, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

CASSON Alexander, joiner, 4 Morion Tee. 

CASTLEBANK Dyeworks, 26 Hamilton St. 

CASTELVECCHI Peler, confectioner, 14 Cartsburn 
St.. Ho. 11 Springkell St." 

CATHCART Henry, labourer, 54 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Cathcart James, packer, 40 Nicolson St. 

Cathcart James, labourer, 11 Belville St. 

Cathcart (The) Rubber Co.,, india-rubber manufrs. & 
merchts., 49 Cathcart St. & 1 Bank St. Phone 657 

Cathcart William H., craneman, 46 Ann St. 

GATHER A. D., traffic supt.. 9 Wellington St. 

CATTANACH Chris., costumier, 48 Ann St. 

CAUFIELD Thomas, plater, 10 Garvald St. 

CAUGHEY Alexander, labourer, "30 Wellington St. 

CAVEN John, guard, 2 Sinclair St. 

Cavan James, carter, 21 E. Shaw St. 

Caven Mrs Marejt.,-9 Lyle St'. 

CAVERS Willi -ve, boot & shoe-maker, 38 St. Law- 
rence St. Ho. 7 Roxburgh St. 

Cavers Francis, shoe-maker, 18 Trafalgar St. 

CARGILL Herbert, cashier, Torpedo Factory, 37 
Brisbane St. 

CARTSBURN Lifeboat-building Co. (A..& C. Bead) 
Garwood St. 

CEREALS (The) Co. Ld., maltster-,, Berryyards. 

CHABANT Dugald, boatman, 9 E. Blackhali St. 

CHALMERS Alexander M., engineer, TO Lyle St. 

Chalmers Alex. M., supervisor, 35 Robertson St. 
Blackhall St. 

Chalmers. David, curator. Masonic Temple, 21 W. 
Stewart St. 

Chalmers David W., potato mercht., 4 Princes St. 
Ho. 29 Newton St. 



Chalmers George, railway clerk, 4 Lyle St. 

Chalmers Hugh, plater, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 

Chalmers & Co., ironmongers & blacksmiths. 14 W. 
Blackhall St. 

Chalmers James (of J. & J. Chalmers), Gowanlea, 
High Inverkip Rd. 

Chalmers James, storcman, 52 E. Hamilton St. 

Chalmers James M., ironmonger, 28 Newton St. 

Chalmers J. & J., joiners & glaz-iiers, 36 Roxburgh St. 

Chalmers John, boilermaker. 4 Mansionhouse Lane. 

Chalmers John, brakesman, 52 St. Lawrence St. 

Chalmers John, cook, 58 Kelly St. 

Chalmers John, grain mercht., 4 Princes S L.- 
Chalmers John B. (of j. & J. Chalmers), Guwanlea, 
High Inverkip Rd. 

Chalmers John G., grocer, 61 Ann St. & 49 Trafal- 
gar St. 

Chalmers John, police constable, 38 Lynedoch St. 

Chalmers John, railwayman, 7 Hope St. 

Chalmers John, f'man plater, 39 Auchmountain Rd. 

Chalmers Peter, plater, 5 Caddlehill St. 

Chalmers Thomas, electrician, 2 Jamaica St. 

Chalmers Walter, dairyman, 35 Market St. 13 New 
ton St. 

Chalmers Walter, joiner, 11 Lyle St. 

Chalmers William, blacksmith, 77 Dempster St. 

Chalmers William, blacksmith, 37 Sir Michael St. 

Chalmers William, shipwright, 83 Belville St. 

Chalmers Miss M., stationer, 73 Nicolson St. 

Chalmers Mrs Plume, 1 Bank St. 

Chalmers Mrs Agnes, 73 Nicolson St. 

Chalmers Mrs Janet, 18 Regent St. 

Chalmers Mrs Eliz., 10 Ardgowan St. 

CHAMBER of Commerce, 13 WilJiam St. 

CHAMBERS Duncan, blacksmith, 7 Carwood St. 

Chambers Miss R., Glenmorag, 85 Newark St. 

CHANDLER Henry, joiner, 68 Holmscroft St. 

Chandler Herbert J., clerk, 10 Ardgowan St. 

Chandler Frank, labourer, 22 Wellington St. 

CHAPMAN Robert, manager, 5 Holmscroft St. 



CHATBURN David, painter, 19 Bruce St. 
CHESTNUT Mrs E., 2 Mackenzie St. 
CHILDREN'S (The) Convalescent Home, 74 South 

CHILDS Edward, painter, 20 St. Lawrence St. 
Childs James, salesman, 20 St. Lawrence St. 
Childs John, rivetter, 3 Cartsburn St. 
Childs Welfare Centre, 3 Shaw PL 
CH1RREY Mrs Alexander, 27 Patrick St. 
CHISOLM Miss, 3 Glen St. 

CHRISTIE Alexander, blacksmith, 15 Lyle'St. 
Christie David, cloth inspector, 22 Prospecthill St. 
Christie George, joiner, 32 E. Hamilton St. 
Christie James, chief constable, central police cham- 
bers. PIo. Hawarden Villa, 57 Brisbane St. 
Christie James, fruiterer, 40 Cathcart St. Ho. 30 

South St. 
Christie Thomas, copcevsmith, 52 Ann St. 
Christie Mrs Eliz., 15 Margaret St. 
CHURCH & Turner, horse shoers, 25 Stanners St. 
Church John, salesman, 6 Trafalgar St. 
Church Patrick, superintendent, ( Refuse Assurance 

Co. Ltd.), 32 Cathcart St. Ho. 57 H'lmscroft St 
Church William (of Church & Turner), Minnard, Baw 

whirley Rd. 
CHURM Mrs J., cycle and motor depot, 38 VenneL 

Ho., 5 Bank St. 
CLABBY Wm, 5 Rue-end St. 
CLAPPERTON Mrs, 61 Union St. 
Clapperton Mrs, 8 G'en St. 

CLARK Alexander blacksmith, 29 Lynedock St. 
Clark Alexander, joiner, 3 Ratho St. 
Clark Alfred, ladies' hatter, 35 Hamilton St. He». 

13 Lynedoch St. 
Clark Andrew, labourer, 24 Trafalgar St. 
Clark & Selkirk, plumbers, gasfitters & sanitary eng- 
ineers, 9 Kilblain St". 
Clark Catherine B., milliner, 23 Grey PI. 
Clark Daniel, stoker, 32 Wellington St. 
Clark David E., master mariner, 27 Bank St. 



Clark David, compositor, 5 East Crawfurd St. 

Clark Donald, labourer, 5 Helen St. 

Clark D. (of Clark & Selkirk), 71 Holmscroft St. 

Clark Donald, lithographer, 35 W .Stewart St. 

Clark Ebenezer, grocer, 5 Urr Av. 

Clark George, riveter, 3 Helen St. 

Clark Henry (of Post Office), Russell Bank, Grant St 

Clark Henry, station master, Upper Greenock Stat. 
Ho., 14a Trafalgar St. 

Clark J. & P. , ironmongers cutlers, and tool mer- 
chants, 65 Rue-end St. 

Clark James, coppersmith, 8 Campbell St. 

Clark James W., blacksmith, 52 Holmscroft St. 

Clark James W., joiner, 50 Holmscroft St. 

Clark James W., machinist, 15 Newton St. 

Clark John, gardener, 171 Eldon St. 

Clark John, blacksmith, 8 Watt St. 

Clark John, carter, 27 Bruce St. 

Clark John, ship master, 9 Brown St. 

Clark John, caulker, 16 Antigua St. 

Clark John, watchman, 17 Antigua St. 

Clark John. S., smith, 60 Regent St. 

Clark John, dairy, 19 Urft^n St. Ho. Dunrod Farm 

Clark J. W., machinist, 10 Watt St. 

Clark John, joiner, 25 Bawh'rley Rd. 

Clark John (of Fire Brigade), 1 Wallace PI. 

Clark John (of J. & P. Clark), 39 Brougham St. 

Clark John, painter, 31 Roxburgh St. 

Clark John, storekeeper, 35 Brougham St. 

Clark John, warehouseman, 128 Drum'chr Rd. 

Clark Joseph, greengrocer, 51 Vennel. 

Clark Joseph, 10 W T att St. 

Clark Peter (of J. & P. Clark), 39 Brougham St. 

Clark Robert, hawker, 36 Holmscroft St. 

Clark Thomas, shipwright, 87 Roxburgh St. 

Clark Thomas, carpenter, 26 West Blackhall St. 

Clark Thomas, shoemaker, 89 Roxburgh St. Ho., 
- 33 Inverkip St. 

Clark Thomas, labourer, 1 Hill St. 



Clark Walter, engineer, 6 Carwood St. 

Clark William, coachbuilder, 38 South St. 

Clark William, irondriller, 66 East Hamilton St. 

Clark William H v plumber, 59 Holmscroft St. 

Clark Willi,am, iron-turner, 76 Belville St. 

Clark Miss M. , dressmaker, 11 Kelly St. 

Clark Miss C, dairy, 50 Holmscroft St. Ho. do. 

Clark Mrs, grocer & feuar, 35 Shaw St.- Ho. 12 
Steel St., Gourock. 

Clark Mrs, 10 South St. 

Clark Mrs Isabella, 5 Hill St. 

Clark Mrs C, 56 Wellington St. 

CLARKE Michael, fitter, 9 E. Wjlliam St. 

CLAYTON Frank, cinema manager, 2 George Sq. ■ 

CLELAND Alexander, tailor & clothier, 18 Hamil- 
ton St. 

CLEMENTS Robert, engineer, 15 Carwood St. 

Clements William, engineer, 20 Moffat St. 

CLEESBY WiFiam, hair-dresser, 21 Robinson Av. 

CLIMIE Andrew, 52 Union St. 

Climie R. & Son, cutlers & gunmakers, 20 W. Black- 
hall St. 

Climie William, cabinet-maker, 24 Union St. 

Clirnie Miss Jane, green-grocer, 1 Kelly St., Ho. 7 
Kelly St. 

CLINK Miss, The Elbingtower, 53 Octavia Tee. 

CLIVE Thomas, tailor, 13 Holmscroft St. 

CLOTHIER Albert E., fitter, Newark Tee, Lyle Rd. 

CLOW r Mrs, 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 

CLYDE Marine Motoring Co., Princes Pier,— Propr. 
A. D. Munro. Ho. Princes Pier. 

Clyde (The) Lighthouses, — collectors, 46 Brymner St 

Clyde (The) Ropeworks, Berryyards. 

Clyde Coal Co., Carwood St. 

CLYDE Shipping Co., Ltd., steamship & steam-tug 
owners, Clydesdale Bank Bldgs., 46 Cathcart St. 
Thomas Young, agent. 

CLYDESDALE (The) Bank, Ld., 46 Cathcart St. 
agent: — A. R. Stewart. 'Phone 652. 


Clydesdale Bank (east-end), 53 Rue-end St. — D. T, 

Balmanno, agent. 
Clydesdale (The) Catholic Herald Office, 2 Watt PI. 
Clydesdale John H., patternmaker, 7 Lauriston St. 
Clydesdale (The) Glass Insurance Co. Ld.-Jas. Pat- 

erson, secy., 13 Hamilton St. 
COADY William, boilermaker, 3 E. Crawfurd St. 
COATS John, carpenter, 10 Armadale PL 
Coats Miss E., 16 Hope St. 
COBBi David, professional golfer, Golf Clubhouse, 

Forsyth St. 
COCHRAN John, warehouseman, 32 Roxburgh St. 
Cochran Joseph, plater, 16 Bruce St. 
Cochran Robt. (of D. M'Cormick & Co.), 9 Finnart 

Cochran Robert P., storekeeper, 48 Lynedoch St. 
COCHRANE Thomas (of Robert Patrick & Co.). 

19 Glen. view Tee. 
Cochrane Mrs Mary, 38 Hamilton St. 
COCKBURN & Co. Ld., chemists, 46 Cathcart St. 
COCKLE Andrew, manager, 17 Ardgowan St. 
COGHILL Alexander, carpenter, 10 Regent St. 
Coghill William, plater, 21 Trafalgar St. 
COGHLAN Francis, engineer, 29 Brown St. 
COIA Joseph, hair-dresseer, 28 Charles St. Ho.. 

25 Vermel. 
COILS John, sugar boiler, 12 Wellington St. 
Coils Robert, blacksmith, 19 Robinson Av. 
COLE Charles, painter, 41 Ann St. 
Cole William, printer, 37 Roxburgh St. 
COLE'S Rich. G., lighting attendt., 42 Holmscroft 

COLGAN Thomas, baker, 23 Belville St. 
Colgan Thomas, coachman, 24 W. Blackhall St. '' 
COLLINS Allan, linotype operator, 30 Nelson St. 
Collins Arthur, case-maker, 41 Holmscroft St. 
Collins Arthur D., sugar-b'ojler, 26 Newton St. 
Collins Fred. J., fitter, 58 Belville St. 
Collins Godfrey P., Member of Parliament for Green- 
ock, 144 Cathedral St., Glasgow. 


Collins Henry, blacksmith, 6 Antigua St. 

Collins Miss, 19 Newton St. 

Collins Mrs Mary, 15 Cathcart St. 

COLL IG AN P. & J., fruiterers, 4 Cartsburn St. 

COLLINSON Mrs, 71 Regent St. 

COLQUHOUN Alexander, secy, raw sugar assocn'.* 
32 Ardgowan St. 

Colquhoun Charles, engineer, 6 Holmscroft Sfc. 

Colquhoun D. & D., painters & decorators, 1 Union 

Colquhoun Duncan, jr. (of D. & D. Colquhoun), 34 
Union St. 

Colquhoun George, butcher, 13 Cathcart St. Ho. 
Gateside Av. 

Colquhoun Richard, mason, 52 Inverkip St. 

Colquhoun Samuel (of Salmon & Young;), 32 Finnart 

Colquhoun Miss, green-groceer, 9 Garwood St. 

Colquhoun Miss M., confr., 1 Alexandra Mansions. 

Colquhoun Miss Catherine, 22 Ardgowan St. 

Colquhoun Mrs, 32 Ardgowan St. 

Colquhoun Mrs, 2 Alexandra Mansions. 

COLQ^JITT Stanley, net finisher, 54 Lynedoch St. 

COLTART David, wool & hosiery specialist, 8 Cath- 
cart St. & 38 Hamilton St. Ho. Selma, K'ilmacolm. 

COLVILLE Mrs Archibald, 20 Pottery St. 

COMBINATION (The) Hospital, Gateside, Inver- 
kip Rd. 

COMMERCIAL (The) Bank of Scotlasd, Ld.. 36 
Cathcart St.— R. j. Scott, agent. 

COMMISARY Clerk's Office, County Bldgs., Nelson 

COMRIE Archibald, boilernaakef, 20 St. Lawrence*S"t 

COOMBER Edwin, joiner, 6 South St. 

CONDIE Andrew, engineer, 52 Captain St. 

CONEY John S., nautical instructor. Watt Nautical 
School.' Ho. 9 South St. 

CONGREGATIONAL Church, George Sq. 

Congregate nal Church (F-si), $t. Lawrence St. 



CON LIN James, riv-etcer, 26 Lyle St. 
CONN James, engineer, 27 Bank St. 
Conn Mrs J., 31 Lynedoch St. 
CONNACHAN Mrs, 3 E. Crawl" urd St. 
CONNAL Alexander, shipwright, 74 Wellington St. 
Connal D. L. & Co., electrical engrs., 3 E. Breast. 

Ho. 28 Brisbane St. 
CONNELL Alexander, rivetter, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Connell Donald C, labourer, 37 Prospecthill S:. 
Connell Hugh, clerk, 30 Bruce St. 
Connell James, labourer, 59 Grosvenor Rd. 
Connell John, caulker, 5 Chalmers St. 
Connell Martin F., engineer, 10 Ardgowan St. 
Connell Robert, caulker, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Gonnell Thomas, insnce. agt., 22 Murdieston St. 
Connell William, salesman, 49 Trafalgar St. 
Connell Miss, 13 Houston St. 
Connell Mrs, dairy, 62 Ann St. 
CONNOLLY John, plater, 41 Crawfurd St. 
Connolly James, driller, 42 Roxburgh St. 
Connolly John L., auctioneer, 72 Wellington St. 
Connolly, Keiller & Whitburn, Ld., bag" merchlts., 23 

Stanners St. 
-CONNER Mrs John, 9 Roxburgh St. 
CONNOR Mrs Emma, 33 South St. 
Connor Hugh, carpenter, 41 W. Burn St. 
Connor Richard, labourer, 7 Pt. Glasgow Rd. » 

Connor Samuel, machinist, 50 St. Lawrence St. 
CONOCHIE James A., 9a Brisbane St. 
CONOLOGUE Mrs James, 15 Main St. 
CONSTABLE R. N., engineer, 45 Trafalgar St. 
CONTI Louis, confectioner, 26 E. Hamilton St. 
CONVERY John, shipwright, 1 W. Stewart St. 
CONWAY & Maguire, solicitors, 32 Cathcart St. 
Conway Matthew, painter, 14 Kilblain St. 
Conway Peter, plumber, Smithston Av., -Inverkip Rd. 
COOK Joseph, electrician. 91 Roxburgh St. 
Cook & Agnew, solicitors, 2 Hamilton St. 
Cook & Blair, gra'in merchts., 40 Rue-end St. 



Cook J., painter, 84 Bervjifle St. 

■Cook Ja^rnes A., cartwright, 47, Arthur St. 

Cook John, agent British Linen Bank, 20 Eldon St. 

Cook John,* engine- driver, 3 E. Crawfurd St. 

-Cook John W. (of Cook & Blair), Dunallan, 48 South 

Cook Joseph, photographer, 37 Hamilton St. Ho. 8 

Cathcart St. 
Cook Rev. J. J., minister Primitive Methodist Church 

9 Brisbane St. 
■Cook Robert, mason, 65 Dempster St. 
Cook William, 23 Brougham St. 
Cook Wm. S., B.Sc.. M.B., CM. (Glasgow),, D. P. H 

(Cambridge), physician & surgeon, 2 Ardgowan Sq 
Cook William S.. 23 Brisbane St. 
Cook Miss, Roselea, 71 Newton St. 
Cook Mrs H., 9 South St. 
Cook Mrs E., 6 Nelson St. (Glebe). 
COOKE Frederick, fitter. 55 Duncan St. 
Cooke Richard, iron -grinder, 2 Garvald St. 
Cooke Thomas, tugboat-master, 67 Regent St. 
Cooke Walter, labourer, 23 Bruce St. 
COOPER Adam, sheet-iron wrkr., 5 Hamilton St. 
Cooper Archibald, painter, 32 Ann St. 
Cooper & Co. (Stores), Ld., provision merchts., 25 

Hamilton St. 
Cooper Charles, labourer, 13 Charles St. 
Cooper George, 5 Kelly St. 
Cooper George, tailor, 15 BelviHe St. 
Cooper Robert, time-keeper. 24 Pottery St. 
Cooper Thomas, engineer, 6 Murdieston St. 
Cooper Mrs, 18 Ann St. 
Cooner Mrs Tohn, 17 Ardgowan Sq. 
COPLAND John, boilermaker, 7 Hill St. 
Copland John, janitor (Parish Council), 36 Nicolson 

Copland William, sunt., 4 Morton Toe. 
CoDland Mrs Alexander, 30 E. Hamilton St. 
CORBETT David, hair-dresser, 40 Lynedoch St. 



CORCORAN Duncan, brassfinisher, 24 Trafalgar 

Corcoran Edward, warehouse-man, 6 Holmscroft St. 

Corcoran George, painter, 5 Holmscroft St. 

Corcoran Mrs, 28 Trafalgar St. 

CORDINER Mrs, 25 Brougham St. 

CORBANI Guiseppe, confectioner, 23 Regent St. 

CORK Steam Packet Office, 46 Cathcart St. Thos 
Young, agent. 

CORMACK James M., engineer, 41 Brisbane St. 

COR MICK William, draughtsman, 39 Brougham St. 

CORMIE John, iron-monger, 4 Shaw St. & 31 Ham- 
ilton St. Ho. North View, 61 South St. 

CORNEY Richard, brass finisher, 20 St. Lawrence 1 

COSTELLO Rev. Michael, clergyman, 14 Patrick St. 

COTTAM James, seaman, 10 Garvald St. 

COUSINS David, butcher, 98 Belville St. 

Cousins Ross, labourer, 17 Ladyburn Bldgs. 

COWAN John & Co., stock-brokers, 2 Bank St. 

Cowan & Co., contractors, L. & N-E Rly., Lynedoch 
St. goods station. 

Cowan Alexander R., salesman, 39 Kelly St. 

Cowan Duncan, plumber, 66 E. Hamilton St. 

Cowan John, mason, 36 Lynedoch St. 

Cowan John L., book-keeper, 40 Robertson St. 

Cowan Robert, painter, 44 Lynedoch St. • 

Cowan William, chief yardsman, 9 Morton Tee. 

Cowan Willtaw, snipwright, 74 Wellington St. 

Cowan Miss C, 25 Patrick St. 

COUGH Samuel, painter, 36 Inverkip St. 

COULL David, tinsmith, 32 St. Lawrence St. 

COUTTS John, 8 South St. 

COWDEN George, plater, 45 Holmscroft St. 

Cowden William, tinsmith, 8 Chapel St. 

COWDELL Mrs L., confectioner, 11 Main St. 

COWIE Walter, salesman, 22 Lyle St. 

Cowie Rev. P. B. Watson, minister Orangefield Bap- 
tist Church. Ho. 3 Pinnart St. 


COWLEY Charles, shoe-maker, 27 Nicolson St. 

Cowley John, shipwright, 34 Ann St. 

Cowley Mrs John, 5 Regent St. 

COWPER William, engine-driver, 4 Brown St. 

COX James, joiner, 6 Hay St. 

Cox John H., 7 Houston St. 

Cox John J., machinist, 31 Robinson Av. 

Cox Samuel, labourer, 108 Drumfrochar Rd. 

COYLE F., hole-borer, 27 Ingleston St. 

Coyle John, coal mercht., 7 Kilblain St. 

CRABBE William, grocer, 26 Ann St. & 31 Bris- 
bane St. Ho. South Glen, 81 South St. 

CRACKNELL Ernest, optician, 35 Orr Av. 

CRAM Mrs A., 20 Wellington St. 

CRANK Reginald, chaffeur, 78 Dempster St. 

Crank Mrs Violet, 17 Brachelston St. 

CRAVEN John, shipwright, 13 Antigua St. 

CRAWLEY J., rivetter, \o E. Blackhall St. 

CRAIG Andrew, engineer, 14 Antigua St. 

Craig A., labourer, 32 Crescent St. 

Craig Archibald, plater, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

Craig Harry, wholesale confectioner, 17 Bruce St. 

Craig Harry, wholesale confectioner, 17 Bruce St. 
Ho. 52 Captain St. 

Craig Hugh, boilermaker, 10 Wellington St. 

Craig James, blacksmith, 11 Lauriston St. 

Craig John, fireman, 18 Ingleston St. 

Craig John, labourer, 29 Ingleston St. 

Craig John, shoe-maker, 13 W. Stewart St. 

Craig John, plater, 29 BeMlie St. 

Craig Robert, fman shipwright, 1 Moffat S'. . 

Craig Robert, labourer, 2 Kitchener PI. 

Craig Robert, brassfinisher, 61 Nicolson St. 

Craig William, shipwright, 37 Roxburgh St. 

Craig Miss C, 25 W. Burn St. 

Crai.s; Misses, 35 Kelly St. 

Crai? Mrs, 30 Ann St. 

Crai.2; Mrs, 7 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

CRAWFORD Alex., labourer, 18 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 



Crawford Alexander, plasterer, 1 Mill St. 

Crawford Alex., purveyor & restaurateur, 17 Charles 

St. & 16 Cathcart St. iio. 77 Newton St. 
Crawford Alexander, warehouseman, 57 Regent St. 
Crawford Andrew, chemist & druggist, 34 Hamilton 

St. Ho. 2 Margaret St. 
Crawford Archibald, carpenter, 2Q Antigua St. 
Crawford Archibald, engineer, 9 Lyle St. 
Crawford Archibald B., joiner, 50 Ann St. 
Crawford Charles, ship-master, 61 Brachelston St. 
Crawford Donald (late of P. O.), 46 Kelly St. 
Crawford D., brassfinisher, 12 Trafalgar St. 
Crawford Edward, plater, 13 Belville St. 
Crawford E. & M., 17 Newton St. 
Crawford George, labourer, 8 Hope St. 
Crawford George, dairyman, 5 John St. & Berr,yyards 
Crawford Henry W., machinist, 3 Battery Park. 
Crawford Hugh, flesher, 91 Roxburgh St. Ho. 41 

Brisbane St. 
Crawford J. H. P., spirit mercht., 35 Ingleston St. 

Ho. 2a Margaret St. 
Crawford James, flesher, 91 Roxburgh St. Ho. 

Finnart Terrace, 63 Newton St. 
Crawford James, engineer, 76 Forsyth St. 
Crawford Tames, plater, 33 Auchmountam Rd. 
Crawford James, rivetter, 7 Cathcart St. 
Crawford James, tobacconist, 37 \V. Blackhall St. 

Ho. 48 Kelly St. 
Crawford & Kerr, plumbers & gas-fitters, 12 Chapel 

St. Ho. 27 Lyle St. 
Crawford John, registered plumber & gas-fitter, 6 

Jamaica St. Ho. 45 Forsyth St. Tele. 439. 
Crawford John, blacksmith, 38 Plolmscroft St. 
Crawford John, boilermaker, 10 Bank St. 
Crawford John, clerk, 8 Ard2,owan St. 
Crawford John, joiner, 43 Bawhirley Rd. 
Crawford John, missionary, 32 Dempster St. 
Crawford John, plumber, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Crawford Matthew, boat-builder, Gibbshill Tee. 



Crawford R. R., clerk, 61 Esplanade. 

Crawford Robert, caulker, 50 Captain St. 

Crawford Robert, M.inst^C.E., engineer to Green- 
ock Harbour Trust, Municipal Bidgs. Ho. May- 
bank, 91 Albert Rd., Gourock. 

Crawford Robert (of Crawford & Kerr), 35 Regent St 

Crawford Robert, solicitor, 17 W. Blackhall St. 

Crawford Robert, 63 Newton St. 

Crawford Thomas, 129 Newark St. 

Crawford William, blacksmith, 4 Carwood St. 

Crawford William H., boat-builder, 83 Belviile St.. 

Crawford Miss Walford, 117 Newark St. 

Crawford Miss C, 12 Ft. Matilda PI. 

Crawford Miss Catherine, teacher, 23 Ingleston St. 

Crawford Miss E., 18 Ingleston St. 

Crawford Miss E., 3 Ford PI. 

Crawford Miss Elizabeth, 24 Nelson St. 

Crawford Miss J., 68 Kelly St. 

Crawford Miss J. B, P., 15. Margaret St. 

Crawford Miss, 32 Ardgowan St. 

Crawford Mrs, 9 E. William St. 

Crawford Mrs, 63 Brisbane St. 

Crawford Mrs Charles, 20 Nelson St. 

Crawford Mrs E., 5 Hope St. 

Crawford Mrs, 25 Regent St. 

Crawford Mrs, 34 South St. 

Crawford Mrs P. R., 51 Brougham St. 

Crawford Mrs W., 62 Belviile St. 

CRAINER George, storemau, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

CREARAR Thomas H. (of M. Hodge & Son), Mach- 
rie, Kilmacolm. 

CRERAR Alexander, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.D.S, 
dental surgeon, 6 George Sq. Ho. Glenvillc, Rav- 
en scraig. 

Crerar, T-, brassfinisher, 9 Crescent St. 

CREE John, plater, 13 Carwood St. 

CREVIE Matthew, caulker, 10 Hill St. 

CRIGHTON Hugh, clerk, 6 Cafwood St. 

Criehton George, copuersmUh, 14 Terrace Rd. 



Crighton William, f'man boiiermaker, 2 Lyle St.' 

Crighton Mrs L., 12 Margaret St. 

CROMAR Charles E., marine engineer, 2 Madeira 
Tee., Newark St. 

CROMB Arthur, fitter, 9 Brachelston St. 

CROMBIE David, grocer, 2 Campsie Tee. 

Crombie Denniston, ce mercht., Doonholm, Bav*- 
hirley Rd. 

Crombie John, carter, 74 Wellington St. 

Crombie Mrs, 18 Kelly St. 

Crombie Mrs, Gieaholm, Bawrdrley Rd. 

CROMWELL Mrs L, 10 Ft. Matilda PL 

CROOK Arthur, pansman, 13 Houston St. 

Crook William, hammer-man, 75 Wellington St. 

CROOKE Ernest, musician, 6a South St. 

CROOKSHANKS Jos., masseur, 22 Lynedoch St. 

Crookshanks Peter, engineer, 50 Belville St. 

CROSS H., mechanic, 20 Belville St. 

Cross Herbert G., music teacher, 21 Patrick St. 

CROOKSTON William, North View, 95 Newark St. 

Cross Mrs, 46 Ann St. 

Cross Mrs W. P., 21 Patrick St. 

CROSSAN Daniel, brass-moulder, 19 BeHille St. 

Crossan Daniel, coppersmith, 28 W. Burn St. 

Crossan John, labourer, 40 Roxburgh St. 

CRUICKSHANK James, policeman, 34 Mt. Pleas- 
ant St. 

Cruickshank Miss Mary, 20 Glenview Tee. 

CRUICKSMANKS Geo. W., book-keener, '43 Kelly 

Cruickshanks William, labourer, 63 Nicolson St,. 

CRUMLISH Peter, painter, 24 Bruce St. 

Crumlish James, labourer, 18 Ann St. 

Crumlish John, painter, 46 Dempster St. 

CRYER Rev. Ernest, Vulcan's Half, Bawhirley Rd. 

CFLLEN John, tailor, 21 South St. 

Cullen Toseoh, engineer, 10 Hope St. 

Cullen W 7 illiam, marine eneineer, 8 Margaret St. 

CUMMING Alexander, policeman, 66 Kelly St. 

Cumming James, joiner. 20 Roxburgh St. 


Gumming John, fitter, 72 Dempster St. 

Gumming Miss J., 52 St. Lawrence St. 

Gumming Thomas B., butcher, 15 Market St. Ho. 

8 Garwood St. 
CUMMIMGS Hugh H., coal mercht., 11 Springkell 

Gummings John, rivetter, 11 Main St. 
Gummings Joseph, fettler, 8 Nile St. 
Gummings W. J., reporter, 48a Kelly Si. 
GUMNOCK R. N. & Co., mill furnishers, 14-16 E. 

India Breast. Ho.Sandrock, Tower Dr., Gourock. 
CUNNING William, labourer, 5 Brachelston St. 
Gunning William, bricklayer, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 
CUNNINGHAM Alexander B., 23 Finnart St. 
Cunningham Andrew, electrician, 2 Sinclair St. 
Cunningham Archibald, engineer, 23 Lynedoch St. 
Cunningham Colin, joiner, 18 Murdieston St. 
Cunningham Gilbert, painter, 3 Salmon St. 
Cunningham James, coachman, 21 Kelly St. 
Cunningham John, f'man porter, 25 Newton St. 
Cunningham Matthew, engineer, 6a South St. 
Cunningham Robert, baker, 30 Nelson St. Ho. Ing- 

leston, 11 Caddlehill. 
Cunningham Robert, retd. pol'ice-sergt., 10 Shaw PL 
Cunningham R. W., traveller, 2 Lyle Rd. 
Cunningham Robert, spirit mercht., 25 Vennel. Ho. 

Falcondale, Pt. Glasgow. 
Cunningham Samuel, baker, 2 Kilblain St. 
Cunningham Thoinas ; engineer, 14 Terrace Rd. 
Cunningham William, engineer, 12 Armadale PL 
Cunningham William, hble-borer, 7 Virginia St. 
Cunningham Mrs M. A., cert, nurse, 19 Lyle St. 
Cunningham Mrs, 19 South St. 
CUPPLES Daviti, plater, 33 Dempster St. 
CLTRRAN James, rivetter, 34 Crescent St. 
Curran Thbmas, lamo-lighter, 75 Regent St. 
CURRTE Colin, grocer, 65 Rue-end St. 
Currie Alexander, engineer, 93 Roxburgh! St. 
Currie Archibald, engineer, 61 Grosvenor Rd. 
Currie & Co., building-trade merch^s., 11 Bogle St. 


Currie Daniel, labourer, 4 Cartsburn St. 

Currie DaviJ, chaffeur, 7 Lyle St. 

Currie Da\ id, warehouseman, 24 Wellington St. 

Currie Donald, shipwright, 30 Bruce St. 

Currie Dugal C, engineer, 2 Watt PI. 

Currie Dugal (of J. Duff & Sons), Craigmount, Bavv- 

h.rley Rd. 
Currie Forrest, iron-driller, 24 Lyle St. 
Currie Henry, machinist, 4 Ciarvald St. 
Currie Hugh), joiner, 67 Roxburgh St. 
Currie Hugh) M'F.. shipwright, 43 Holmscroft St. 
Currie J., labourer, 108 DrumfrochUr Rd. 
Currie J., draughtsman, 20 Belvi'.le S^. 
Currie James, coppersmith, 31 Regent St. 
Currie James, storeman, 65 Dempster St. 
Currie Johb., blacksmith, 17 Brisbane St. 
Currie Johb, carpenter, 42 Holmscroft St. 
Currie Johb, engineer, 28 Crawford St. 
Currie John, clerk, 17 Ardgowan St. 
Currie Peter, joiner, 25 Nelson St. 
Currie Peter, shipwright, 26 Nelson St. 
Currie Rev. Adam, M.A.. minister North Parish, 57 

South St. 
Currie Thomas, f'man porter, 52 W. Blackhall St. 
Currie Thomas, marine supt., 57 Finnart St. 
Currie William, tailor, 29 Ingleston St. 
Currie William, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Currie Mrs, 8 Murdieston St. 
Currie Mrs, 13 Union St. 
Currie Mrs Margt., 18 Bank St. 
Currie Mrs Malcolm, 26 Brisbane St. 
Currie Mrs, 77 Resent St. 
CURTIS Mrs, 33 W. Burn St. 
Curtis Miss E. A., 89 Newton St. 

CUSTOMS & Excise Boarding Station, Princes Pier 
CUSTOMHOUSE Buildings, Customhouse Ouay. 
CUTHBERT Hugh, insurance agt., 20 Trafalgar St. 
Cuthlbert Hugh, umbrella maker, 16 Vennel. 
Cuthbert Miss J., teacher, 33 Robertson St. 
Cuthbert Misses, 33 KelV St. 


Cuthlbert Mrs James, 70 E. Crawford St. 

Cuth'bert A. & Son, boot-makers, 5 & 8 William St. 

CUTHBERTSON "Archld., blacksmith, 10 Trafalgar 

CUTHBERTSON Jas.R.E., Chelate & Confection- 
ery Manufacturer, 14 Sugarh^use Lane. Ho. 13 
Glenview Terrace. 

Cuthbertson .James, joiner, 22 Antigua St. 

Cuthbertson J. R. E., confectioner, 2 Grey PL and 
branches. Ho. 18 Grey PL 

Cuthbertson Robert, tailor. 71 Dempster St. 

Cuthbertson James, engineer, 50 Regent St. 

Cuthbertson Thomas, manager, 33 Market St. 

Cuthbertson Miss J., spirit mercht., 14 Terrace Rd. 
Ho. 61 Brisbane St. 

Cuthbertson Margt., dress-maker, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd 

CZARNIKOW & Co., sugar brokers, Sugar Exchange 


DAILY James, brassfinisher, 13 Carwood St. 

Daily Mrs John., 6 Sir Michael St. 

DAISLEY Albert, cycle agt., 33 Nicolson St. 

Daisley Andrew, labourer, 12 Captain St. 

Daisley Andrew, driller, 10 Lyle St. 

Daislev Johh A., hair-dresser, 18 Charles St. Ho. 

26 Patrick St. 
Daisley Johh. M., teacher, 31 Bank St. 
Daislev Mrs M., 22 W. Stewart St. 
DAKERS George H. (Mac Fisheries, Ld.), 29 W. 

Blackball St. 
DALE Archibald, engineer, 71 Wellington St. 
DALEY Johh C, fitter, 12 Battery Park. 
DALGLEISH James, labourer, 4 Garvald St. 
Dalsleish George, 62 Union St. 
Dalc?leisW William, carter, 14 Mill St. 
Dalq-leisW Miss, 62 Union St. 
DALLAS Adam, joiner, 6 Ardgowan St. 
Dallas Arlam, jr., olumber, 13 Antigua St. 
Dallas Miss, 71 Regent St. 



B alias Mrs, 13 Lauriston St. 

DALLY JohLi, brassfinisher, 25 Dempster St. 

DALRYMPLE Archil, labourer, 10 Nile St. 

Dalrymple, Archibald, rigger, 10 Mearns St. 

Dalrymple Johla, plater, 36 Lynedoch St. 

Dalrymple William, plater, 24 St. Lawrence St., 

Dalrymple William, labourer, 16 Drumfroch'ar Rd. 

Dalrymple Mrs Patrick, 43 Main St. 

Dalrymple Mrs Robert, 45 Main St. 

DALTON William, rafter, 5 Virginia St. 

Dalton William, shipwright, 3 Virginia St. 

DALY James S., weigher, 34 St. Lawrence St. 

Daly William, customs watchLr, 52 Inverkip St. 

DALZIEL George, traveller, 23 W. Blackball St. 

Dalziel Thbmas, craneman, HE. Crawford St. 

Dalziei William (ol Allan & Dalziel), 11 Carwood St. 

Dalziel Mrs, 23 Brougham St. 

DARROCH Alexander, plater, 18 E. Crawfordd St. 

Darroch Andrew, painter & paper-hanger, 21 Nicol- 
son St. & 75 Roxburgh St. Ho. 30. W. Stewart St 

Darroch Colin, customs officer, 29 Bank St. 

Darroch Donald, steward, 37 Wellington St. 

Darroch Dugald, blacksmith, 41 Holmscroft St. 

Darroch Duncan C, engineer, 27 Belville St. 

Darroch George, plater, 31 E. Crawford St. 

Darroch James, joiner, 10 Lynedoch St. 

Darroch James, plater, 17 Carwood St. 

Darroch John, plater, 71 Dempster St. 

Darroch Richard, olater, 13 Hamilton St. 

parro.h Robert, fitter's helper, 74 Ann c t. 

Darroch William, slater, 62 Wellington St. 

Darroch Mrs Janet, 28 Trafalgar St. 

Darroch Mrs, 46 Demos ter 'St. 

Darroch Mrs Flora, 12 South St. 

DART William, plater; 6 Sinclair St. 

Dart Mrs, 60 E. Hamilton St. 

DAVEY Alfred H., lodging-hbuse propr., 4 Sir Mich- 
ael St. Ho. 6 Glen St." 

DAVIDSON Alex. E. (of Post Office), 4 Carnock St. 

Davidson David 5 boilerrnaker, 14 Trafalgar St. 



Davidson Duncan, joiner, 50 Belvie St. 

Davidson George, joiner, 35 Wellington St. 

Davidson George, sailmaker, 1 Kilblain Bldgs. 

Davidson George F., joiner, 21 Wellington St. 

Da\idson James, joiner, 56 BeL iile St. 

Davidson James, carter, 16 Duncan St. 

Davidson Jchtn, 1 Duncan St. 

Davidson Johtn, butcher, 13 Hope St. 

DAVIDSON Jctti M., Painter & Decorator, 26 In- 
verkip St. 'pHjne 1027. Ho. 62 Kel'y St. 

Da\idson Johln, salesman, 57 Ann St. 

Davidson Margt. H., watcW.naker, 4 W. Blackhall St. 

Davidson Johln A., sail-maker, 43 Crawford St. 

Davidson Robert, joiner, 54 Lynedoch! St. 
Ho. 69 Nicolson St. 

Davidson Robert R., (of Post Office) 5 Newton St. 

Davidson T. R., uphblsterer, 10 Inverkip St. 

Davidson William, salesman, 30 Lynedoch! St. 

Davidson William, joiner, 50 Belville St. 

Davidson William s motor-hirer, 1 Inverkip Rd. Ho..' 

Davidson William, joiner. 50 Belville St. 

Davidson William R., uphblsterer, 29 Patrick St. 

Davidson Mrs C., 24 Antigua St. 

Davidson Mrs Isa, 42 Robertson St. 

DAVIE Robert, jr., manufacturers' agent, 13 Hamil- 
ton St. Ho. Glenhbntly Cott., Pt. Glasgow. 

Davie Robert, agt. National Bank (West-end), Ivy 
Bank, Pt. Glasgow. 

DAVIES James, boilermaker, 6 Hone St. 

Davies Tames S., engineer, 10 Bank St. 

Davies George, car-fitter. 9 Ladyburn Blddgs. 

Davies Johh, teacher, 26 Brisbane St. 

Davies John, engineer, 39 Brougham St. 

Davies Miss M.F., newsagt., Chhring Cross P. O., 17 
Rue-end St. Ho. 40 Brisbane St. 

Davies Mrs, 3 Cartsburn St. 

DAVIS Robert, rivetter, 39 Belville St. 

DAWSON James, cook, 64 Ann St. 

Dawson James, engineer, 10 Lynedoch St. 

Dawson James, joiner, 41 Brown St. 



Dawson Reginald, labourer, 16 Corrnhjaddock St. 
Dawson & M'Skimming, vehicle body-builders, 7 Holj 

mscroft St. 
Daw Mrs Alexander, 47 Union St. 
DAY Jchh, baker, 17 De.npster St. 
DEACON William (director, Fleming, Reid & Co.), 

Charfordj 14 Newark St. 
DEAFLEY Thomas, coachman, 45 Crawford St. 
Deafley Mrs F., confectioner, 43 Crawford St. 
DEAN Thomas, tailor, 32 Ingleston St. 
DEANS Thomas, fireman, 18 Dunn St. 
DEAS Andrew, storeman, 30 CatbJcart St. 
Deas Mrs, 21 Lyle St. 
Deas Miss Isa S., 48a Kelly St. 
DEATCHER John, caulker, 6 Carwood St. 
Deatch r William, iron-driller, 80 Belville St. 
DAW 7 A!e>aiKler, mercW:., 63 B.^th S,. Glasgow. Ho. 

101 Newton St. 
DEERY Thomas, labourer, 10 Terrace Rd. 
De LUSSEY Frank, engineer, 24 St. Lawrence St. 
Del VIGO Guiseppi, Italian grocer, 18 Vennel. 
DEMPSEY Alexander, plater, 128 Drumfrochlar R 1. 
DEMPSTER Duncan F. (of Neill, Dempster~& Neili), 

2^ Octavia Tee. 
Dempster George, bank cashier, Mossgiel, 65 Octavia 

Dempster John D. (of P. M'Callum & Sons, Ld.), 53 

Finnart St. 
Dempster Mai. F. D., joiner & builder, 20 South 

St. Ho. 44 Robertson St. 
Dempster Robert, caulker, 40 FI ill end Dr. 
Dempster Miss Isa, 3 Regent St. 
DENARD Peter, labourer, 18 Auchtmountain Rd. 
DENHGLM J. & I, Ltd., Shipowners & Sttlpbrakers 

Sugar Exchange, Central Station Avenue. 
Denholm JcWn (of J. & J. Denholm, Ld.), Lawthorn, 

13 Octavia Terrace. 
Denholm (The) Line Steamers, Ld., Sugar Exchange. 
DENNY John, grocer, 53 Crawfurd Si". 
Denny William, baker, 25 Wellington St. 



DENNEY Miss, 25 Bank St. 

Denney Miss, 34 South St. 

DENNISTON Mrs, 67 Roxburgh St. 

Denniston Mrs John S., 19a Patrick St. 

Denniston John, plumber, 50 Belville St. 

Denniston Mrs Mary, 36 Lynedoch St. 

DERRICK Owen, labourer, 61 Nicolson St. 

Derrick Matthew, labourer, 24 Lynedoch) St. 

DEVENISH John, caulker, 50 St. Lawrence "St. 

DEVINE James, burgh sanitary inspector, 3 Dalrym- 
ple St. Ho. Craigieknowes Hospital, Sinclair St. 

Devine David, draughtsman, 35 Newton St. 

Devine Hugh, hammerman, 19 Trafalgar St. 

Devine Michael, labourer, 23 Roxburgh' St. 

Devine Michael (of Post Office), 28 Trafalgar St. 

DEVITT Cornelius, plater, 19 Regent St. 

DEVLIN Alexander, upholsterer, 29 Trafalgar St. 

Devlin Francis, salesman, 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Devlin Henry (of Munro & Devlin), 32 Kelly St. 

Devlin John, blacksmith, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Devlin Kennedy (of Post Office), 48 Ann St. 

Devlin M. & K., fruiterers, 1 Grey PI. LIo. 32 Brou- 
gham St. 

Devlin Mrs Elizabeth, spirit merchlL, 3 Market St., 
24 Cathcart St.& 5 Mansionhbuse Lane. Ho. 20 
Patrick St. 

DevMn Miss C, restaurateur, 36 Newton St. 

Devlin Miss M., stationer, 7 Cross-shore St. Ho. 2 
Palmerston Buil doings. 

Devlin Mrs Mary, 7 Dempster St. 

D^EWAR Duncan, baker, 20 Lyle St. 

Bewar John, iron-grinder, 10 Hay St. 

Dewar John, clerk, 18 Cornk'addock St. 

Dewar John (of Dewar & Co.), 37 Dempster St. 

Dewar Owen, M.P.S., pharmacist, 41 W. Blackball St 
Ho. 7 Campbell St. , 

DEY Robert, timekeeoer, 37 Inverkip St. 

DIAMOND Mrs, 13 Holmscroft St. 

DIAPER J. R., engineer, 16 St. Lawrence St. 

DICK Adam M., engineer, 22 Brisbane St. 

72 ■ 


Dick Archibald C, tailor, 13 Watt St. 

Bick Ebeneezer, hammerman, 2 Crawford Lane. 

Dick Hugh, tinsmith 1 , 14 Terrace Rd. 

Dick Forbes, polire-s-ergt., 12 Murdieston St. 

Dick Hugh, draughtsman, 4 Hope St. 

Dick James, engineer, 45 Lynedoch St. 

Dick James, labourer, 4 Holmscroft St. 

Dick J. M., hatter & hosier, 11 W.-Blackhall St. Ho. 

14 Kelly St. 
Dick John, plumber, 54 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Dick John, tobacconist & stationer, 41 W. Burn St. 

Ho. 29 Nelson St. 
Dick R. & J. Ld., boot manufrs., 22 Cathcart St. & 

30 Hamilton St. 
Dick Robert, cooper, 47 Trafalgar St. 
Dick Thomas, stone-cutter, 2 Gordon St. 
Dick Miss, 25 Robertson St. 
Dick William, jr., cashier, 43 Robertson St. 
«Dlck Mrs J. K., 45 Lynedoch St. 
Dick Susan, dairy, 71 Vennel. 
Dick Mrs A. M., 14 Kelly St. 
Dick Mrs Mary, 17 Newt»n St. 
DICKIE Alexander, piano dealer, 11 W. Stewart St. 

Ho. Olrig, Academy PL 
Dickie George, caulker, 12 Crescent St. 
Dickie Mrs/ 14a Trafalgar St. 
BICKEY James F., rivetter, 10 Inchgreen St. 
BICK SON Alexander, engineer, 5 Belville St. 
Dickson Andrew, carpenter, 29 Trafalgar St. 
Dickson David, f'man joiner, 58 Kelly St. 
Dickson George, mercantile clerk, 5 Brachelston St. 
Dickson George, storekeeper, 3 York St. 
Dickson Harry, hammerman, 18 Hope St. 
Dickson James, boot-maker, 67 Rue-end St. 
Dickson James, 9 E. Crawford St. 
Dickson James, nlater, 10 Antigua St. 
Dickson Jam£s M., motor-man, 65 Roxburgh St. 
Dickscn John, carpenter, 23 Trafalgar St. 
Dickson John, boilermaker, 10 Hay St. 
Bickson John, f'man punter, 43 Brown St. 



Dickson John 1 ., railway clerk, 35 Lyie St. 
jJicKs-ta Jvicnarci, coppersmith 1 , 42 Roxburgh St. 
jJicKsoi Robert, engineer, 3 E. Crawford St. 
.Dickson Robert, engineer, 24 Prospecthill St. 
-Dickson Robert, station-master, Princes Pier, Ho. 3 

r>rougham St. 
Dickson barnuel, iiqourman, 26 Inverkip St. 
Dickson Thomas, engineer, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Dicksc-n William, coppersmith, 14 Lyie St. 
DicksMii WjUliam, painter, 12 Watt St. 
Dickson W(iliiam, works manager, 10 Mearns St. 
Dickscn WJLlham, carpenter, 56 Holmscroft St. 
Dickscn Miss H., 4 Mearns St. 
Dickscn Wpliiam, labourer, 26 Kelly St. 
Dickscn Mrs James, 13 Hope St. 
Dickson M k rs Rachael, 14 Lyie St. 
DiFF T N George, labourer, 7 Lynedoch St. 
DiLLON Alexander, railway f'man, 13 Hope St. 
Dillon John, coppersmith!, 47 Crawford St. 
Dillon John, carpenter, 6 Roxburgh' St. 
Dillon Patifick, sailmaker, 12 Ann St. 
Dillon Peter, turner, 12 Duncan, St. 
Di Murro Tomas Antonio, confr., 32 Lynedoch St. 
DINNEN Hugh, sugarboiler, 11 Forsyth! St. 
DINS MORE John, f'man carter, 7 South' St. 
DIN WOOD IE Richard, blacksmith!, 45 Holmscroft 

D1SHER Mrs Robert, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
DISTILLERS (The) Co. Ld., Ardgowan Distillery, 

39 P.aker St. 
DIVER Neil, fisherman. 8 W. Breast. 
DIXON Anthony," painter, 30 Trafalgar St. 
Dixon Thorras G., clerk, 71 Roxburgh St., 
Dixon William, joiner, 42 Roxburgh St. 
Dixon Mrs, 66 South St. 
DOAF David, engineer, 22 Trafalgar St. 
Doak James, jr., moulder, 7 Nile S . 
Do?k Joseph, inspector of lighting, 5 Academy PL 
Dork Robert, patternmaker, 31 Dempster St. 
Doak William, storeman, 69 Roxburgh St. 

74 ' A • 


DOBBIN John, labourer, 78 Wellington St. 

DobDin Jonn h.., insurance manager, 2 Bra.h! lstoa St 

Dobbin John b., laoourer, 25 Beiviile St. 

D^'xiC3vji\ Henry, Z Margaie. St. 

DOCHEKli Lnarles, salesman, 25 Vennel. 

Docherty Chlanes, rivetter, 43 Cathcart St. 

Docherty Douglas, piaier, j.0 Cathcart St. 

Docherty Edward, titter,, 78 Beiviile Ssl 

Docherty Eugene, engineer, 54 Beh;iile St. 

Docherty Frank, bridgeman, 1 Main St. 

Docherty Francis, labourer, 14 Robinson Av. 

Docherty Hugh, rivetter, 1 Helen St. 

Docherty Hugh!, fireman, 1 Pr^specthill St. 

Docherty Hugh, labourer, ql2 Pottery St. 

Docherty James, Farm, Upper ingleston. 

Docherty James, vanman, i ProspeCihlill St. 

Docherty James, fitter's h'.lper, 26 E. Snaw St. 

Docherty Johi.i, engine-driver, 13 Holmscroft St. 

Docherty JchU, labourer, 4 Market $£. 

Docherty JohU, labourer. 9 Mam St. 

Docherty Johta, boilermaker, 25 Dempster St. 

Docherty Mrs B., 2 Princes St. 

Docherty Johl.1, rivetter, 10 Ferrace Rd. 

Docherty Jos., lodging-hmse keeper, 9 William St. 

Docherty Phillip, shipwright, 3 Inverkip St. 

Docherty Phillip, labourer. 6 W. Stewart St. 

Docherty Robert, iroi-difille ', 7 Nile St. 

Docherty Robert, baker, 23 Meirns'St. 

Docherty StepW-n, labourer. 103 Pt. Glas ow Rd. 

Docherty WiPiam, motor-man. 60 Pt. Glasgow "Rd. 

Docherty William, electrician. 5 Chblmers St. 

Docherty Mrs, 4 Cartsbum St. 

Docherty Mrs J., 48 LynedotW St. 

Docherty Mrs E., 41 Holmscroft St. 

Docherty Mrs Mary, 5 Shlaw St. 

Docherty Mrs J., broke-. Ca'h'art Arcade. Ho. 45 

Cathcart St. 
Docherty Miss Nelle. grocer, 30 Inverkip St. 
DOCKER Anthony, engineer. 30 Dempster St. 
DODD Colin, engineer, 22 Bank St. 
1 75 


Dodd ®avid S., h-air-dresser & perfumer, 12 Ke% St. 

Ho. 7 Watt St. 
Dodd William S. & Co., joiners & builders, 4 Chapel 

St. Ho. 13 Ardgowan St. 
Dodd William, driller, 74 Ann St. 
Dodd Mrs W. S., 13 Ardgowan St. 
DOHERTY Bernard, tugboat.nan, 6 Chapel St'. 
Doherty James, htter, 21 Kelly St: 
Doherty C.J. & Co., auctioneers, 26 W. Blackhlall St. 

Ho. Bank View, Kempock St., Gourock. 
Doherty Martin, examining officer, H.M. Customs, 14 

Campbell St. 
Doherty MicbJael, shoe-maker, 49 Rue-end St. 
DOIG Alexander J., coal mercht. & contractor, 34 E. 

Shaw St., Ho. 59 Ann St. 
DONACHIE John, rafter, 10 Charles St. 
DONAGHY Frank, saddler, 106 Drumfrochar Rd. 
DONALD Duncan, boilermaker, 8 Carwood St. 
Donald James, -24 Forsyth St. 

Donald James & Co., tobacconists, 7 Flamilton St. 
Donald John, clerk, 6 7 Rue-end St. ■ 
Donald John, machinist, 7 Nile S-. 
Dona*ld John A., draughtsman, 10 Armadale PL 
Donald Miss, dress-maker, 11 Kelly St. 
DONALDSON George, 13 Forsyth St. 
Donald&on William, engineer, 53 Kelly St. 
Donaldson Robert, railway clerk, 45 Lynedoch St. 
Donaldson William, engineer, 53 Kelly St. 
Donaldson William, moulder, 30 Bruce St. 
Donaldson Mrs, 9 Brachelston St. 
DONELLY John, rivetter, 5 Inverkip St. 
DONNELLY Bernard, mason, 43 Belville St. 
Donnelly John, boilermaker, 16 Cathca.rt St. 
Donnelly John, tinsmith', 12 Terrace Rd. 
Donnelly John, mason, 27 Nicolson St. 
Donnelly John, labourer, 10 Chalmers St. 
Donnelly John, badge-porter, 33 Hamilton St. 
Donnelly John, rivetter, 11 Bearhbpe St. 
DOOLAN Patrick, labourer, 19 Hamilton St. 
DOOLEY Andrew, boilermaker, 20 Bruce St. 



Dooley James, labourer, 2.1 Imglealbon PL 

Dooley Patrick, labourer, 15 Hooe St.. 

Uo„ c Mrs ja.ties, 14 Bruce St. 

Dooiey Mrs, Z Nelson St. 

DORaN Lorneiius, engineer, 8 Duff St. 

Dorans John, boiiermaker, 4 Hiil St. 

DURHAM Ernest, aerk, h6 L. Crawford S:. 

DORR IAN Henry, badge-porter, 1 \\ ibiam St. 

DORiS Cornelius, tug boat-master, 43 BelviJe St. 

Doris Michael, fireman, 21 Lyle St. 

Doris Mrs P., stationer, 36 Shaw St. 

DORRANCE Robert; carpenter, 11 Carvvood St. 

Dorrian Con, labourer, b4 St. Lawrence St. 

DOUCAN Henry, fitter's nelper. 41 Nicolson St. 

Dougan John, labourer, 6 Hay St. 

Dougan Thomas, labourer, 20 AucbJ.nountain Rd. 

DOUGANS Alexander, pipelayer, 9 Prospecthill St. 

Dougans John L., joiner, 22 Trafalgar St. 

Dougans William, patternmaker, 24 Trafa'gar S:. 

DOUGLAS Dr Randolf, L.R.C.S., D.D.S., L.D.S., 

Dental Surgeon, 27 Union St. 
Douglas James, brass-finisher, 16 Lynedoth) St. 
Douglas John, storeman, 12 Dalrymple St. 
Douglas Robert, engineer, 10 Jamaica St. 
Douglas & Son, jewellers and silversmiths, watch! and 

clock makers, 9 Hamilton St. 
Douglas William, drii'er, 40 Lyuedpch St. 
Douglas Miss M., 25 Patrirk St. 
Douglas Mrs, 25 W. Stewart St. 
Douglas Mrs D., 11a South S . 
Douglas Mrs William, 5 V 'rginia St. 
DOW Archibald, cerpenter, 8 Murrdieston St. 
Dow Miss, dresmaker, 73 Nicolson St. 
DOWALL James, salesman. 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 
DOWDS Harry, plumber, 3 Ratho St. 
Dowds James, shipwright, 3 Ratho St. 
Dowds Patrick, rivetter, 84 Roxburgh St. 
Dowds Miss Catherine, 37 Holrascroft St. 
DOWTING John, engineer, 4 Carnock St. 
DOWNER Ernest, engineer, 42 Mearns St. 



DOWNES Hugh, engineer, 18 Roxburgh! St. 
DOWNIE Charles, joiner, 5 Prospectb'ill St. 
Downie Daniel, engineer, 12 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Downie Harry C, plumber & gashtter, 6 Sugarhouse 

Lane. Ho. 17 Manor Crescent, Gourock. 
Downie Mrs, 31 E. Crawford St. 
Downie Richard, painter, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rdd. 
Downie James, plater, 24 E. Crawford St. 
Downie John, sawyer, 15 CathLart St. 
Downie Robert, brassfinisher, 29 Lyle St. 
Downie Robert G., H.M. Customs, 14 Lynedoch St. 
Downie Thomas, painter, "9 ProspectMll St. 
Downie William| plater, 16 Maukinhill Rd. 
Downie Miss, 6b Kelly St. 

Downie Mrs John, 34 E. Hamilton St. "^ 

DOWNING William A., spirit mercht., 29 Cathlcart 

St. Ho. 23 Brisbane St. 
DOYLE Martin, grocer, 4 Chapel St. 
DRAINE Hugh, railway guard, 97 Dempster St. 
DRAINER Robert J., Isadale, Cornhaddock St. 
DRENNAN David A., labourer, 3 Customhouse PL 
DREVER John, blacksmith, 31. Border St. 
DRI'SCOLL James, labourer, 6 Trafalgar St. 
DRINNAN Thomas, joiner, 3 Morton Tee. 
Drinnan William, hair-dresser, 17 John St. 
DROVANDI Antonio, confectioner, 36 W. Blackhall 

St. Ho. 29 Rue-end St. 
DRUMMOND Alexander, police constable, 67 Nicol- 

son St. 
Drummond John & Sons, ccopers, packing-case ma- 
kers & printers on tin, 52 Rue-end St. 
Drummond John, comm. traveller, 8 South' St. 
Drummond John (of Joh'n Drummond & Sons), 60 

South St. 
Drummond Neil (of J. Drummond & Sons), 15' Johns 

tone St. 
Drummond John, jr. (of J. Drummond & Sons), 4 

Finnart Tee. 
Drummond Peter, traveller, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Drummond Robert, baker, 87 Roxburgh St. 



Drummond James, engine-driver, 4 Nelson St. (Glebe 

Drummond Robert, painter, 55 Holmscroft St. 

Drummond Thomas, chlimney- sweep, 126 Cornhaddock 

Drummond Thomas, hair-dresser, 75 Wellington St. 

Drummond Dr Thos. Weir, dental surgeon, 53 Union 

Drummond William, ship's cook, 12 Kelly St. 

DRYSDALE James, engineer, Douglas villa, Baw- 
hirley Rd. 

Drysdale James, labourer, 8 Charles St. 

Drysdale John, rivetter, 4 Chlapel St. 

Drysdale Robert, compositor, 38 Denholm St. 

Drysdale Robert, engineer, 6 Sinclair St. 

Drysdale Thomas, manager, Rockbank Mills. Rock- 
bank Cottage. 

Drysdale Mrs Thos., spirt merchtt., 3 Crescent St. 
Ho. 53 Campbell St. 

DEUCHARS Mrs James, 2 Sandringham Tee. 

DUDGEON Mrs, 2 South St. 

DUDDY Thomas, driller, 78 Belville St. 

DUFF Alexander, sheet-iron wrkr., 37 Belville St. 

Duff Thomas, blockmaker, 37 W. Blackball St. 

Duff Hector, power station attendant, 41 Border St. 

Duff James & Sons, brass & copper works, 47 Rue- 
end St. 

Duff James, yacht steward, 10 Cathlcart St. 

Duff James, chemical engineer, 44a Brisbane St. 

Duff James B. (of Barr & Co.), 5 Jardine Tee. 

Duff John, carpenter, 50 Ann St. 

Duff Robert M., engineer, 42 Gordon St. 

Duff MisSj 5 Jardine Tee. 

DUFFNER John, clerk, 7 Dempster St. 

Duffner Englebert, tinsmith, 38 St. Lawrence St. 

DUFFY Rev. Alexander, minister George Sq. Baptist 
Church!. Ho. 18 Ardgowan St. 

Duffy Alexander, carter, 11 Bearhope St. 

Duffy Daniel, plater, 49 Cathcart St. 

Duffy Michael, dealer, 30 Sugarhbuse Lane. Ho. 28 
W. Burn St. 

Duffy Miss, 3 Cartsburn St. 

79 ;, 


Dully Mrs, 37 Rue-end St. 

Duis.^S \v alter, machinist, 5 Oakfield Tee. 

DUinjjaR John, labourer, 19 Cath!:art St. 

Dunbar William, ex-police sergt., 6 Roxburgh St. 

Dunbar Walter S., joiner, 37 Lynedoch St. 

DUNCAN Allan, skinner, 7 Ratho St. 

Duncan Charles, engineer, 9 Caddlehlill St. 

Duncan David, spirit mercht., 17 Shhw St. Ho. 40 

Mearns St. 
Duncan David, rafter, 26 Moffat St. 
Duncan David, pharmacist, 15 Margaret St. 
Duncan Frederick, labourer, 73 Regent St. 
Duncan James, joiner, 44 Cathcart St. 
Duncan James, rafter, 6 W .Stewart St. 
Duncan James L., f'man sailmaker, 14 South St. 
Duncan John W., patternmaker, 41 Lynedoch 1 St. 
Duncan John, timekeeper, 20 Wellington St. 
Duncan John (of Post Office), 25 Trafalgar St. 
Duncan Peter, police-sergt., 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Duncan Pettr, cooper, 22 Cornhaddock St. 
Duncan Tho uas, joiner, 54 Belville St. 
Duncan Tho nas, lather, 34 Inverkip St. 
Duncan William, blacksmith, 13 Hope St. 
Duncan • William, engineer, 38 Orr Av. 
Duncan Miss, 12 South St. 
Duncan Miss Margt., milliner, 10 Newton St. Ho. 

27 Lyle St. 
Duncan Mrs, 7 Margaret St. 
Duncan Mrs, dairy, 3 Sir Michael St. 
Duncan Mrs Rose, 48 Captain St. 
Duncan Miss E., 71 Nicolson St. 
Duncan Mrs D., 2 Brachelston St. 
Duncan Mrs, 55 Holmscroft St. 
DUNDAS James (of Post Office), 14 Ann St. 
Dundas Miss, confectioner, 30 Tobago St. 
DUNLEAVY John, plumber & gas-fitter, 28 Vermel. 
Dunleavy James, labourer, 5 Rue-end St. 
Dunleavy Gregory, caulker. 49 Cathcart St. 
Dunleavy Bridget, draper, 20 Brymner St. Ho. 3 

Brougha n St. 

»•- ji 


Bunleavy Mrs, 3 Brougham St. 

DUNLUP Bernard| brass-inoulder, 4 Dmmiro:har Rd 

Dunlop David, engineer, 48 Captain St. 

Dunlop George, B.L., 47 Cathcart St. Ho. 51a Ard 

go wan St. 
Dunlop George, cashier, 33a Unien St. 
Dunlop James, spirit mercht., 13 Cross-shlore St. 
Dunlop Malcom, LL^B., solicitor, 47 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 95 Newton St. 
Dunlop M. F. Sons & Boyd, solicitors, 47 Cathcart 

Dunlop James S., tobacconist & confectioner, 7 John 

Wood St., Pt. Glasgow. Ho. 4 Margaret St. 
Dunlop George, wine mercht., 11 Cross-shbre St. 
Dunlop James, boilermaker, 12 Belville St. 
Dunlop James, carpentrr, 14 Ardgowan St. 
Dunlop John, coppersmith, 10 Garwood St. 
Dunlop Louis V., shipyard manager (of Harland & 

Wolff, Ld.), 101 Brisbane St. 
Dunlop David, draper, 13 W .Blackhall St. Ho. 13 

Grant St. 
Dunlop Richard, coalman, 58 Wellington St. 
Dunlop Wilson, labourer, 74 Ann St. 
Dunlop Thomas, coppersmith!, 5 Nile St. 
Dunlop Robert iron-dresser, 62 Ann St. 
Dunlop Robert, labourer, 7 Carwood S*\ 
Dunlop Robert, waggon inspector, 48 Captain St. 
Dunlop Thomas, draughtsman, 14 Campbell St. 
Dunlop Thomas, engineer, 37 Lynedoch' St. 
Dunlop William, removal contractor, 16 Duncan St. 
Dunlop William, tinsmith, 26 W. Burn St. 
Dunlop Miss, cookery, 55 Ann St. 
Dunlop Misses A. & A., confectioners, 65 Nicolson St 
Dunlop Miss Mary, grocer, 65 Dempster St. 
Dunlop Mrs, 8 Shaw PL 
Dunlop Mrs M., 27 Charles St. 
Dunlop Mrs George, 5 Madeira Tee. 
DUNN Andrew, bookseller & stationer, 35 Cathcart 

Cathcart Si . 
Dunn Frank, rpirit mercht., 9 Sir Michfoel St. . 



Dunn Thomas, manufg. chlemist, 39 Wellington St. 

Dunn Samuel, grocer, 21 Trafalgar St. 

Dunn William, labourer, 18 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

DUNSMORE, Tames, rivetter, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Dunsmore William, 2 Brachelston St. 

DUNSMUIR Alexander, engineer, 26 Denholm St. 

DUNWOOD IK. William, machinist, 3 Hill St. 

DURKIN H. R., 47 Brisbane St. 

DUTHIE R. G., hair-dresser & tobacconist, 16 W. 

Blackhall St. Ho. 20 Kelly St. 
Duthie Mrs, confectioner, 21 Brougham St. Ho. 2 

Churchi PL 
DYER Charles, labourer, 37 Holmscroft St. 
Dyer Charles S., watchf.naker, 2 Campsie Tee. 
Dyer Edward, caulker, 21 Lynedoch St. 
Dyer Henry, caulker, 10 Hope St. 
Dyer James W., coppersmith, 43 Lynedoch! St. 
Dyer John, labourer, 28 Bruce St. 


EADIE George,, engineer, 41 Ann St. 

Eadie Robert, engine-ddriver, 2 Oakfield Tee. 

Eadie William P., photographter, ?9 W. Burn St. Ho. 

20 Hillend Dr. 
Eadie Miss, 22 Pottery St. 
EADS Mrs Angus, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
EAGLE Foradry, 28 Baker S-. 

EAGLESHAM James, blacksmith, 14 Wellington St 
Eaglesham James, boiler maker, 16 Antigua St. 
Eaglesham Johtn, boilermaker, 6 Hay St. 
Eaglesham Robert, joiner, 22 Wellington St. 
EARLEY John, labourer, 7 Battery Park. 
EAST Parish Ch!urch, Regent St. 
EASTERN Police Office, 1 Main St. 
EASTON Daniel Macqueen, 40 Denholm St. 
Easton George, cashier, 39 Brisbane St. 
Easton Robert & Co., grain merchts., 8-10 Chhrles 

St. Ho. 36 Brougham St. 
Easton Robert ¥., cashier, 49 Brisbane St. 

82 . 


Easton Robert F., jr., clerk, 2 Finnart Tee. 

Easton William, asst. sanitary inspector, 27 Union St 

Easton Miss R., 36 Brougham St. 

EASTWOOD Henry, labourer, 49 Mearns St. 

EBBUTT Horace, I Orr Av. 

ECHL1N Peter, labourer, 30 Moffat Si. 

ECONOMIC Buildin >. Sociecies- Reg. offices, 3 Wall- 
ace PI. — Ritchie & Brownlie, secretaries. 

EDGAR William, watchman, 58 Wellnigton St. 

Edgar Misses A. & A., leather mercb s., 5 William St 
Ho. 25 Cardwell Rd., Go..rock. 

Edgar Mrs John, 36 Brougham St. 

EDMiSTON George, cook, 65 Nicolson St. 

EDNiE Andrew, engineer, 45 Belville St. 

EDWARDS Archibald, joiner, 43 Orr Av. 

Edwards Charles, patternmaker, 7 Mearns St. 

Edwards David, boilermaker, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Edwards James, joiner, 26 Kelly St. 

Edwards James H., spirit mercht., 33 Shaw St. Ho. 
9 Lynedech St. 

Edwards John, boilermaker, 12 DrumfrochJar Rd. 

Edwards Miss Margt., 7 Robertson St. 

EG AN Michael, fruiterer, 8-17 Belville St. Ho. 34 
Crescent St. 

Egan Mrs B., 19 Regent St. 

ELDER Hugh, f'man driller, 24 Lyle St. 

Elder Louis, engine-fitter, 16 Laird St. 

Elder Robert, engineer, 3 Virginia St. 

ELLERY William, traveller, 12 Lyle St. 

ELLIOT Daniel, engineer, 71 Roxburgh St. 

Elliot Henry, joiner, 64 Regent St. 

Elliot James, janitor, St. Lawrence School, 26 Bel- 
ville St. 

Elliot Samuel, joiner, 15 Auchmountain Rd. 

Elliot William, warehouseman, 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 

ELLIOTT Adam (of Sanitary department), 3 Fort 
Matilda PI. 

Elliott Charles, cartwrighJ:. 27 Regent St. 

Elliott Henry, auctioneer & house-furnishbr, 28a Ham 
ilton St. Ho. Belmont, Barrhill Rd., Gourock. 


Elliott Mrs, 7 Prospect-hill St. 

Elliott Samuel, driller, 10 Trafalgar St. 

Elliott Thomas, engineer, 22 Lynedqch! St. 

Elliott Thomas, boiiermaker, 10 Hay St. 

Elliott William, gas stoker, 37 Belville Sc. 

Elliott William, plater, 71 Regent St. 

ELPHICK Reuben, turner, 25 Kelly' St. 

ELTON Percy, mus. bac, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., or- 
ganist, 21 Brisbane St. 

ELSTOB James, engineer, 29 Dempster St. 

EMERSON James, joiner, 35 W. Shaw St. 

EMPIRE Theatre, Manse Lane. 

EMMETT Herbert, electrical engineer, 42 Eldon St. 

Emmett James W., late collector H.M. Customs & 
Excise, 42 Eldon St. 

EMSLIE James, brasshnisher, 7 Morton Tee. 

ERSKINE Charles, labourer, 3 Bruce St. 

Erskine M: - s George, Colaba, 68 South St. 

Erskine James, .shipowner, 67 Union St. 

Erskine Matthew, engine-driver, 11 Carwood St. 

Erskino Orr Memorial Mission Hall, Crawfurd St. 

Erskine Peter, salesman, 58 Kelly St. 

Erskine Miss C, teacher, 33 Rroughkm St. 

Erskine Mrs Mary, saleroom, 25 Market St. Ho. 67 
Rue-end St. 

Erskine Mrs Sarah, 43 Lynedoch' St. 

ESKDALE J. W. A., L.P.A.M., cinema propr.; 39 
Regent St. 

ESLER Robert, rivetterr, 4 Oakfield Tee. 

ESPLIN John, boilermaker, 6 Oakfield Tee. 

ESQUILANT Herbert, engineer, 43 Kelly St. 

EVANGELICAL Union Church, Nelson St. 

EVANS George, engineer, 6 Roxburgh St. 

Evans Henry, rivetter, 24 Belville St. 

Evans John, rigger, 2 Kilblain St. 

Evans Robert, plater, 24 Roxburgh St. 

Evans R. \., labourer, 31 Nicolson St. 

Evans Sidney O.. coppersmith, 8 Newark Tee. 

Evans Thomas, caretaker, Mansion Ho. 1 Ardgowan 



Evans Thomas H., laboursr, 14 Terrace Rd. 

Evans William, caulker, 31 Ingleston St. 

Evans William, labourer, 31 Ingleston St. 

Evans Miss, 3 Jardine Tee. 

EVERETT Joseph, tugboat-master, 18 Mearns St.. 

EWAN William, hotel manager, Trades Hotel. 

EWART James, jr., ciairyman & confectioner, 33 Nic 
olson St. Ho. 33a Newton St. 

Ewart Thomas, labourer, 1.3 Belville St. 

Ewart Robert & Son, manufg. confectioners, 15 High 
land Close. Ho. Roseneath Ho. 

Ewart William, confectioner, 6 Ann St. Ho. 5 Tra- 
falgar St. 

EWING Alex. Lang, engineer, 35 Brown St. 

Ewing Alexander labourer, 6 Roslin St. 

Ewing George, shipwright, 20 Brown St. 

Ewing John, carter, 37 Roxburgh' St. 

Ewing Joseph, joiner. 4 Carnock St: 

EYE Infirmary, Nelson St. 

FACULTY of Procurator's Library, County Bdgs. r 

FAHERTY John, labourer, 26 Vermel. 

FAHY Mrs M.y 1 Watt PL 

FAID Robert, butcher, 46 Ann St. Ho. Marsden, 

51 South St. 
FAIRBAIRN John, french! polisher, 17 Dempster St. 
Fairbairn Mrs, 34 Dempster St. 
FAIRGRIEVE Andrew & Sons, plumbers, 6 West 

Breast. Ho. 46 Brisbane St. 
Fairgrieve Andrew, 46 Brisbane St. 
Fairgrieve George, warehouseman, 4 ProspectbJill St. 
Fairgrieve James M'L.\ (of A. F. & Sons), 30 Ard- 

gowan St. 
Fairgrieve M. L., artist, 15 Margaret St. 
FAIRLEY Neil, labourer, 26 Wellington St. 
FAIRLIE George F., clerk, 29 Patrick St. 
Fairlie John (Ardgowan Distillery), 23 Union St. 



Fairlie R. P., Consulting Inspector of Poor, Parish 

Council Chambers, Nicolson St. Ho. 32 Ardgpw- 

an St. 
FAiTPI Robert, labourer, 14 Mill St, 
FALCONER Alex. J., plumber, 24 Trafalgar St. 
Falconer Archibald, f'man stableman, 6 Kelly St. 
Falconer Robert H., carpenter, 16 Border St., 
Falconer William, sheet-iron wrkr., 21 Trafalgar St. 
FARMER Patrick, labourer, 10 Battery Park. 
Farmer William, shipwright, 28 Nelson St. 
FARQUHARSON Win., engineer, 14 Campbell St. 
Farquharson Mrs William, 5 Morton Tee. 
FARRELL John, boilermaker, 23 Nelson St. 
Farrell Patrick, labourer, 19 Hamilton St. 
Farrell Robert, caulker, 41 W. Blackball St. 
Farrell William (of Post Office), 5 E. Blackhall St. 
FAULDS Samuel, slater, 13 Bank St. Ho. 19 

Dempster St. 
FEENEY Robert, carpenter, 82 Roxburgh St. 
FENN Arthur, carpenter, 31 Ardgowan St. 
FENSON George, fitter, 68 Wellington St. 
FENTON James, boilermaker, 16 Hope St. 
FERDINAND James, engineer, 7 Newark Tee. 
Ferdinand Thomas, turner, 31 Trafalgar St. 
FERGUS Ralph E., butchter, 34 Gordon St. 
FERGUSON Alex., boilermaker, 62 Regent St. 
Ferguson John, engineer, 20 Wellington S'. 
Ferguson Angus, driller, 11 Belville St. 
Ferguson Brothers, fh'pbuilders & engineers, Newark 

works, Pt. Glasgow. 
Ferguson & Co.. sailmakers & canvas wrkr?., 3 Laird 

Ferguson Charles, manager, Glebe Sugar Refining Co. 

32 Margaret St. 
Ferguson Charles H.. merchtani , 43 Robertson St. 
Ferguson Charles, labourer, 24 Kelly St. 
Ferguson Daniel, grocer, 5 W. Stewart St. Ho. 66 

Holmscroft St. 
Ferguson Daniel M., manager D. MacDougall & Co., 

5 Binnie St.. Gourock. 



Ferguson David, salesman, 9 Dellingburn St. 

Ferguson Mrs, 14 Holmscroft St. 

Ferguson Mrs, 73 Nicolson St. 

Ferguson Donald, hammerman, 50 St. Lawrence St. 

Ferguson Donald, timekeeper, 45 South St. 

Ferguson Donald, clerk, 21 Auchmountain Rd. 

Ferguson Finlay, carpenter, HE. Blackball St. 

Ferguson George, jr., cashier, Ardcluthta, Inverkig Rd. 

Ferguson George, mate, 27 Regent St. 

Ferguson George, licensed grocer, 13 Ann St. Ho. 

Ho. 19 Nelson St. 
Ferguson Henry H. (of Ferguson & Co.), 53a Union 

Ferguson Harry, plater, 12 Wellington St. 
Ferguson Hugh, engineer, 9 Robertson St. 
ferguson Hugh, grocer, 23 Charles St. Ho-,., 23a 

Forsyth St. 
Ferguson James, insurance agt., Craigiebank, 9 Pro- 

specthill PI. 
Ferguson James, caulker, 30 Ann St. 
Ferguson Harry, ha : r-dresser, 8 CathLart St. Ho. 12 

Wellington St. 
Ferguson James, sheet-iron wrkr., 36 W. Blackhlall 

Ferguson James, joiner, 17 Brisbane St. 
Ferguson John, chlurch officer, 10 Houston St. 
Ferguson John, cooper, 71 Ann St. 
Ferguson John, engineer, 30 Lynedoch' St. 
Ferguson John, storeman, 53 Kelly St. 
Ferguson John, traveller, 64 Kelly St. 
Ferguson John H., engineer, 4 South! St. 
Ferguson John A., boilermaker, 13 Regent St. 
Ferguson Louis, shipbuilder (of Ferguson Brothters, 

Pt. Glasgow), Carlogie, 37 Newark St. 
Ferguson Neil, yachtsman, 74 Dempster St. 
Ferguson Peter (ef F. Bros.), 51 Octavia Tee. 
Ferguson Peter, cutter, 35 Kelly St. 
Ferguson Robert, draughtsman, 37 AuchJmountain Rd 
Ferguson Robert, f'man caulker, 16 Brown St. 
Ferguson Robert, (of F. Bros.), 26 Newark St. 



Ferguson Ruden, clothier, 11 Ann Si;. Ho. 1 Mearns 

Ferguson Robert, salesman, 29 Patrick t. 
Ferguson Thomas, boilermaker, 16 Serpentine Walk. 
Ferguson Thomas, dist. manager, British' Legal Assce 

Co., 6 W. Blackhall St. Ho. 32 Robertson St. 
Ferguson Thomas D., caulker, 6 Garwood St. 
Ferguson Walter, blacksmith, 37 Roxburgh St. 
Ferguson William, electrician, 9 Murdieston St. 
Ferguson William, coachman, 37 Crawford St. 
Ferguson William, electrician, 4 Orangelield PI. 
Ferguson William, ironmonger, 2 Inverkip St. Ho. 

165 El don St. 
Ferguson Miss, teacher, 19 Newton St. 
Ferguson Miss M., outfitter, 16 Newton St. 
Ferguson Mrs, 23 Brachelston St. 
Ferguson Mrs Ann, 43 Duncan St. 
Ferguson Mrs C, 21 Nicolson St. 
Ferguson Mrs, confectioner, 19 Wellington St. 
Ferguson Mrs James^ 35 Robertson St. 
Ferguson Mrs C. E. P., 8 Esplanade. 
Ferguson Mrs Daniel, Newark Ho., 67 Esplanade. 
Ferguson Mrs John, 62 Kelly St. 
Ferguson Mrs M., 65 Nicolson St. 
FERNS Alexander, machinist, 60 Ann St. 
Ferns Mrs, 1 E. William St. 
FERRIE James, plater. 29 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
FERRIER Alexander, f'man mason, 23 Lyle St. 
Ferrier Henry, mason, 4 Hay St. 

Ferrier Hugh, engineer, Eagle Foundry, 33 Esplanade 
Ferrier Hugh, s eaman, 45 Holmscroft St. 
Ferrier John S., plater, 10 Carwood St. 
Ferrier Peter, storekeeper, 23 W. Blackhall St. 
Ferrier Robert, lodging-house keeper, 50 Captain St. 
Ferrier Robert T., carpenter, 23 Belville St. 
Ferrier William, plater, 3 E. Crawford St. 
Ferrier Mrs Eliz., 6 Inverkip St. 
FERRIES Mrs Janet, 17 Bruce St. 
FERRIS James, labourer, 17 Mill St. 
Ferris William, labourer, 9 E. Blackhall St. 



PETTES David, engineer, 17 Prospecthill PL 
Fettes James & Son, engineers & machinists, 10 Bear 

hope St. Ho. 27 Murdieston St. 
FIELDING John, shipwright, 17 Carwood St. 
Fielding John, caulker, 52 Ann St. 
FILSHILL Mrs 34 E. Crawford St. 
FILSHIE William, engineer, 7 Sandringham Tee. 
FINAS James, caulker, 34 Ingleston St. 
FINCH Frederick, fitter, 21 Nelson St. 
FINDLAY Alex. F., engineer, 11 Hill St. 
Findlay Harold J., shipwright, 2 Garvald St. 
Findlay John, electrician, 23 South! St. 
Findlay James, joiner, 45 Crawford St. 
Findlay John, carter, 43 Crawfordd St. 
Findlay John, paperfinishter, Overton. 
Findlday Robert, patternmaker, 25 Belville St. 
Findlay William, machinist, 2 Old Hillend. 
Findlay Walter, carter, 13 Holmscroft St. 
Findlay & Co., ironmongers, 29 W. Burn St. Ho.. 

8 Campbell St. 
FINGLAND Rev. E. D., minister of religion, 15 Fox 

FINLAY A. H. & Co., wholesale spirit mercbits., 11- 

13 Shaw St. 
Finlay, Campbell & Co., insce. agts., 2 Hamilton St, 
Finlay James, greenkeeper, 58 Kelly St. 
Finlay John, irondriller, 3 Regent St. 
Finlay Peter, labourer, 20 Nelson St. 
Finlay T. P., 61 Eldon St. 

FINLAYSON Donald, janitor, Finnart School. 
FINLINSON Thomas, signalman, 24 Lynedoch! St 
FINN James, painter, 53 Kelly St. 
FINNIE Alexander, police constable, 22 Trafalgar St.. 
Finnie Colin, clerk, 19 Newton St. 
Finnic Mrs, 45 Trafalgar St. 
Finnie Miss C, grocer, 85^ Belville St. 
Finnie Mrs Colin, 6 Ardgowan St. 
Finnie Mrs John, 7 Morton Tee. 
FINNIGAN Tames, yardsman, 39 Border St. 



Finnigan John, of H.M. Customs & Excise, 34 Cap- 
tain St. 
FIRTH James A T jeweller, 41 Kelly St. 
FISHER Alexander, 61 Duncan StC„ 
Fisher Angus -Boyd (of Fishier, Henderson & Coi.;), 

36 Finnart 'St.. 
Fisher Charles, dock labourer, 51 Rue-end St. 
Fisher Mrs Daniel, 3 Bawh'rley Rd. 
Fisher Edward A., stevedore, 4 Nelson St. 
Fisher Donald, rigger, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Fisher, Henderson & Co. Ld., tanners & wool merchLs. 

Fisher James, pharmacist, 5 Lauriston St. Ho. 

17 Ardgowan St. 
Fisher James, tailor & clothier, 8 Brymner St. & 5 

W. Blackhall St. 
Fisher James P., boilermaker, 65 Duncan St. 
Fisher Johla, shipwright, 6 Hay St. 
Fisher Malcolm, clerk, Ar-Dachhidh, Inverkip Rd. 
Fisher Miller S., station-master, Lynedoch) St. Station 

Ho. 49 Lynedoch St. 
Fisher Patrick, 5 Laird St. 
Fisher Peter, engineer, 2 Ford PI. 
Fisher Peter, draughtsman, 22 Brown St. 
Fisher Phillip H., machinist, 81 Wellington St. 
Fisher Stephen, labourer, 34 W. Shaw St. 
Fisher Robert, engineer, 18 Hope St. 
Fisher Thomas, dock labourer, 41 Crawfordd St. 
Fisher William A. (of Fisher, Henderson & Co. Ld.), 

Gowanhill, 8 Madeira St. 
Fisher William T., director & secy., Fleming, Reid & 

Co. Ld., Ardclutha, Gourock. 
Fisher A. C, nillinery & underc 7 olh! n% 18 W. B'ack- 

hall St. Ho. 4 Nelson St. 
Fisher Mrs P. B., Brierhblrn, 49 Union St. 
Fisher Mrs R. F., Gowanhlill, 8 Madeira St. 
FITZGERALD Miss Mary, 16 Drumfrochar Rd, 
Fitzgerald Mrs, 8 Watt St. 

FITZPATRICK Bernard, caroenter, 43 Shaw St. 



Fitzpatrick James, salesman, 69 Roxburgh St. 
FITZSIMMONS William, labourer, 46 Wellington St. 
Fitzsimmons Mrs, 5 Holmscroft St. 
FLANNAGAN Ernest, labourer, 11 Duncan St. 
Flannagan Michael, carpenter, 31 E. Crawford St. 
FLANNIGAN John, engineer, 23 Belville St. 
FLEMING Alexander, joiner, 74 Belville St. 
Fleming Archibald, butcher, 47 Mearns St. 
Fleming Rev. Charles F., B.D., St. Andrew Sq. U.F. 

Church. Ho. 55 Campbell St. 
Fleming David (of E. Wilson & Son), 2 Margaret St. 
Fleming David, driller, 6 Salmon St. 
Fleming D. M'K., 69 Nicolson St. 
Fleming Donald, dist. secy., I.O.G.T., John Dunlop 

dist. Lodge, No. 51 Ho. 14 Mearns St. 
Fleming Dugald, labourer, 14 Mearns St. 
Fleming Ebenezer, chemist, 22 Nelson St. 
Fleming Edward f plumber, 32 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Fleming Edward, slater, 31 E. Crawford St. 
Fleming Fergus, grocer, 85 Belville St. Ho. 62 d®. 
Fleming Fergus, yachtsman, Ashlfield Ho., Macdougall 

Fleming Gavin, journalist, 1 Kelly St. 
Fleming Henry, flesher, 2 Garvald St. 
Fleming Hugh, dril'er, 4 Prospectht'Il St. 
Fleming Humphrey, engineer, 19 Ingleston St. 
Fleming James, carpenter, 68 E. Crawford St. 
Fleming James, coppersmith, 38 Lynedoch! St. 
Fleming James, ioiner. 14 Mearns St. 
Fleming James, labourer, 7 Prospecthill St. 
Fleming James, tailor, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Fleming John, blacksmith, 19 Ingleston'St. 
Fleming John, accountant, 6 Finnart St. 
Fleming John, labourer, 21 Belville St. 
Fleming Joseoh, 9 Newark Tee. 
Fleming NeHe, draper, 27 W .Burn St. Ho. 29 Bris 

bane St. 
Fleming Neil, coppe -smith, 4 Holmscroft St. 
Fleming, Reid & Co., Ltd., worsted spinners, Shaws 
Water Mills, Drumfrochar Rd. 


Fleming Robert, coppersmith, 46 Wellington St. 
Fleming Robert, shunter, 2 Drumfrochiar Rd. 
Fleming William, papermaker, 104 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Fleming Wiliam, rigger, 39 Roxburgh St. 
Fleming Mis Anijie, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 
FLETCHER Archd. C, plumber & sanitary engineer, 

2 Mt. Pleasant St. Ho. 75 South St. 
Fletcher Donali, plater, 2 Wellington St. 
Fletcher Donald, sailmaker, 63 Nicolson St. 
Fletcher Dugald, shipping agt., 6 Denholm St. 
Fletcher Johti, coach painter, 4 Inverkip St. 
Fletcher Tohh, sugar boiler, 25 Newton St. 
Fletcher Peter W ..(of Post Office), 15 Lyle St. 
Fletcher William K,, caulker, 41 Roxburgh St. 
Fletcher Mrs, 1 Campsie Tee. 
Fletcher Mrs, 41 Lynedoch! St. 
Fletcher Mrs, 19 Trafalgar St. 
Fletcher Miss, 25 Newton St. ■ 

FLETT Alfred, grocer, 31 Vermel* Ho. 9 Caddlehill 

FLOCKHART John, writer, 28 Nicolson St, Ho. 

52 Brougham St. 
Flockhart Johln, book-seller, 7 W. Blackhall St. Ho. 

33 Brougham St. 
Flockhart Ne ; l, 33 B'roughum St. 
Flockhart Miss, 45 Brisbane St. 
Flockhart Miss Elizabeth!, 52 Kelly St. 
Flockhart Mrs lohta, 52 Brougham St, 
FLOOD John, boilermaker, 53 Holmscroft St. 
Flood John, steward, 5 Hamilton St, 
Flood Agnes, 53 Hofmscroft St. 
FLORENCE Mrs Annie, 24 Bank St, 
FLYNN Frederick, salesman, 23 Trafalgar St. 
Flynn John, labourer, 37 Crawfurd : St. 
Flynn John, news-asent, 35 Nicolson St. 
Flynn Mrs Annie, 12 Cathcart St, 
FOGARTY James, fishmonger, 23 Ann St. Ho. 44 

Welfmgton St. 
FOLEY Martin, car conductor, 29 I adyburn Bldgs. 
FOOTE Jas,, patternmaker, Tofthi'.l, Bridgend Rd. 



F@KAN James, salesman, 20 Prospecthill St. 

FORBES Alexander, engineer, 6 Roxburgh St. 

Forbes David, engineer, 41 Ann St. 

Forbes H., boilermaker, 53 Belviile St. 

Forbes John, 39 Ardgowan St. . 

Forbes Mrs, 27 Dempster St. 

Forbes John, engineer, 27 Shaw St. 

Forbes John, police constable, 4 Inverkip St. 

Forbes John N., printer, 29 Nelson St. 

Forbes Joseph, butchbr, 7 John St. & 25 Rue-end St. 

Ho. 51 Belville St, 
Forbes Richard, moulder, 59 Rue-end St. 
Forbes William S., engineer, 14 Murdieston St. 
Forbes Mrs, 54 Belville St. 
Forbes Mrs, 2 Hope St. 
Forbes Mrs, 24 Brisbane St. 
Forbes Mrs R, S., 30 Ardgowan St. 
FORD James, hair-dresser, 30 St. Lawrence St. 
Ford Miss, 27 Robertson St, 
Ford Mrs, 70 Dempster St. 
Ford John, timekeeper, 3 Trafalgar St, 
Ford Richard, engineer, 23 Broughlam St. 
FORREST David, store-keeper, 7 Mr, Pleasant St. 
Forrest David, supt. engineer, 5 Finnart Rd. 
Forrest Herbert, torpedo fitter, 8 Campbel St. 
FORRESTER William, engineer, 10 Lynedoch St. 
Forrester David, labourer, 11 Nelson S. 
FORSTER Cuthbert, Mus, Bac, music teacher, 2 

Margaret St, 
Forster John, draughtsman, 42 South St. 
FORSYTH Alexander, joiner, 2 Antigua St. 
Forsyth Alex. W., draughtsman, 10 Bank St. 
Forsyth Frank, driller, 32 Ingjeston St, 
Forsyth James, joiner, 6 Wellington St. 
Forsyth William, teachler, 33 Brougham St. 
Forsvth William, gardener, 7 Murdieston St. 
FORTE Archangelo, confectioner, 28 & 42 Ann St. 
FORTUNE Mrs Alexander, 35 Ardgowan St. 
FOSTER Charles, baker. 65 Nicolson St. 
Foster Charles, electrician. 5 Kelly St. 



Foster Frank, plumber, 30 W. Blackhall St. 

Foster George, carpenter, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Foster Henry H. (of Post Office), 13 Mearns St. 

Foster John, blacksmith', 48 St. Lawrence St. 

Foster Robert, labourer, 2 Kilblain St. 

Foster Robert, factory wrkr.,;32 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Foster Robert J., coach-builder, 31 Nicolson St. 

Foster Robert, electrician, Gateside Av. 

Foster Mrs H. H.,'95 Roxburgh St. 

Foster Mrs, 72 Wellington St. 

FOTHERGILL Albert, draughtsman, 10 Ardgowan 

FOULDS Alexander, stationer & news-agt., 30 Cath 

cart St. Ho. 8 Brisbane St. 
Foulds Andrew, chemist & druggist, 31 Rue-end St. 

Ho. 29 Rue-end St. 
Foulds Duncan D., sub-manager, Burns-Laird Line, 

33 Robertson St. 
Foulds James, brassfinisher, 29, Rue-end St. 
Foulds R. S., engineer, 50 Belville St. 
Foulds Mrs M., 10 Garwood St. 

FOWLER Alexander A., shipmaster, 38 Newton St. 
Fowler Francis (of Post Office), 18 Roxburgh St. 
Fowler William, boilermaker, 46 Wellington St. 
FOWL IE Francis M„ 17 Kelly St. 
FOWLIS Geo., aerated water manufr., 61 Nicolson St 

Ho. 7 Brisbane St. 
Fowlis Geo., jr., checker, 15 Brach'elston St. 
Fowlis John, aerated water manufr., 25 Patrick St. 
FOX Daniel, riyetter, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 
Fox James, painter, 17 Antigua St. 
FRAME James, 52 Esplanade. 
Frame William (of Inland Revenue), 58 Eldon St. 
FRANCIS Benjamin, plater, 24 St. Lawrence St. 
Francis LIugh, fireman, 1 Hill S 1 ". 
Francis Rev. James, minister of Cartsburn Parish CW. 

22 Eldon St. 
Francis Mrs E., 9 Lynedocb St. 

FRANCISCAN Sisters Private School, Glenle^, Ma- 
deira St. 



FRANKLIN Alfred, hammerman, 37 W. Blackhkll St 

FRASER Albert, packer, 1 Chalmers St. 

Fraser Alexander, engineer, 27 Duncan St. 

Fraser Alexander, policeman, 58 Regent St. 

Fraser Colin, baker, 81 Wellington^ St. 

Fraser Cornelius, gardener, 8 Hope St, 

Fraser David, labourer, 40 Lynedoch St. 

Fraser David, chaffeur, 60 Wellington St. 

Fraser Hugh, craneman, 33 E. Cravvfurd St. 

Fraser James, engineer, 95 Roxburgh St. 

Fraser James, engine-driver, 23 Orr A v. 

Fraser John, engineer, 11 Antigua St. 

Fraser Mrs, 67 Regent St. 

Fraser John Hi., chartered accountant, 34 Forsyth St.. 

Fraser Joseph, motorman, 9 Lauriston St. 

Fraser Richard, cutter, 26 Lyle St. 

Fraser Robert, police-sergt., 93 Roxburgh St. 

Fraser Robert, driller, 6 Oakfield Tee. 

Fraser William, brassfinisher, 4 Ft,. Matilda PI. 

Fraser William, 14 Wellington St. 

Fraser William, glazier, 29 Ingieston St,. 

Fraser William D., salesman, 10 Carwood St. 

Fraser Mrs, 35 Roxburgh St. 

Fraser William J., marine supt., L.M. & S. Railway, 

Prince's Pier. Ho. 105 Eldon St. 
Fraser Miss, confectioner, 30 Wellington St. 
Fraser Mrs, 16 South St. 
Fraser Mrs, 31 E. Crawfurd St. 
Fraser & Co., restaurant, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Fraser, Gordon & Co., sugar brokers, Sugar Exchanga 
FREDERICK Jas,, labourer, 56 Holmscroft St. 
FREED MAN A., tailor, 15 Cathcart St. Ho. 16. 

Bank 'St,. 
Freedman Mrs, 16 W. Blackhall St. 
FREEMAN Barney, cycle agt ,, 37 Cathcart St. 
Freeman Park, dentist, 42 Lynedoch St. 
Freeman William, patternmaker, 15 Ardgowan St. 
FREER James, butler, 17 Madeira St. 
Freer John, shlipsmith, 1 Morton Tee. 
FREW David, storeman, 16 Gordon St. 



Frew Robert, coppersmith, 13 Holmscroft St. 

Frew Robert A., engineer, 40 Mearns St. 

FRIEL Francis, goods guard, 11 Rue-end St. 

Friel John, labourer, 17 Regent St. 

Friel Miss, 4 Duff St. 

Friel Mrs B., 37 Rue-end St. 

FRIZZEL James, blacksmith, 12 Mill St. 

Frizzel James T., 51 E. Crawfurd St. 

FROOMS George R., fitter, 12 Ardgowan St. 

FROST John W., turner, 6 Finnart St. 

FRY Charles H., turner, 28 Brisbane St. 

Fry Charles R., coppersmith, 6 Houston St. 

Fry Colin, joiner, 21 Nelson St. 

Fry David, fishmonger, 51 Belville St. 

Fry Jenny, fishmonger, 9 Newton St. Ho. 37 Kelly 

Fry William, fitter's helper, 35 Lynedoch! St. 

Fry William, fitter, 8 Newark Tee. 

Fry William S., electrician, 37 W. Stewart St. 

FULLAGAN Alfred, of Mercantile marine, 20 Rob- 
ertson St. 

FULLAR.TON Alexander, 43 Brisbane St. 

Fullarton Henry, joiner, 41 Ann St. 

Fullarton John, rivetter, 12 Pottery St. 

Fullarton John, railway checker, 33 Ingleston St. 

Fullarton J., labourer, 3 Orchard St. 

Fullarton Michael, labourer, 26 Orr A v. 

Fullarton Ronald, joiner, 10 Lyle S<". 

Fullarton Thomas, fireman, 22 Wellington St. 

Fullarton Mrs Robertina, spirit mercht., 7 Inverkip 
St. Ho. 3 George Sq. 

FULLERTON Mrs Agnes. 12 Crescent St. 

FULTON Alexander, boilermaker, 47 Trafalgar St. 

Fulton Charles, hblder-on, 3 Bruce St. 

Fulton C. & Co., coalmasters, Inchgreen & 10 Patrick 

Fulton Charles G. (of Ro^e, Murison & Thbmson). 59 
Octavia Tee. 

Fulton David, r^u'der, 37 Robinson Av. 

Fulton James, 5.9 Octavia Tee. 



Fulton Jamas, cemetery f man, 7 Brachelston S:. 
Fulton James, jr. (of Lang & Fulton, Ld.), 59 Octav- 

ia Tee. 
Fulton John, factor, L.M. & S. Rly. Co., 45 Lyne 

doch St. Ho. Broxwood, Bridge-of-Weir. 
Fulton John, labourer, 19 Cathbart S . 
Fulton John, slater, 5 Watt St. 
Fulton Joseph, iron-dresser, 23 Belville St. 
Fulton Louis V., merchant & shipowner, 54 Rue-end 
St. Ho. 7 Octavia Tee. 

Fulton Robert, railwayman, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Fulton Robert, engineer, 23 Auchmoumain Rd. 
Fulton Samuel, fireman, 6 Holmscroft: St. 
Fulton Thomas, baker, 63 Rue-end S'. . 
Fulton Miss, 20 Union St. 

FURIE Patrick, retd. teacher, 20 Roxburgh! S^. 
FYFE Andrew, traveller, 27 Patrick S". 
Fyfe & Murray, writers, 46 Cathcart St. 
Fyfe James, engineer, 94 Belville St. 
Fyfe John H., stockbroker, 18 Hamilton St. Ho. 2 

' Fox St. 
Fyfe Tohn H„ clerk, 12 South St. 
Fyfe Robert, shipwright, 26 W. Bladchall St. 
Fyfe William, joiner, 4 Brachelston S' . 
Fyfe William (of Fyfe & Murray), 8 Forsyth St. 
Fyfe WilHam, boot repairer, 6 Duncan St. Ho. 53 

Holmscroft St. 
Fyfe William, 14 Holmscroft St. 

GABB Tohn K., susrar boiler, 9 Brachelston St. 
GAFFNEY John (of Post Office \ 39 Belville St. 
GAHAGAN Michael, rivetter. 3 Recent St. 
GAINER George (of Post Office), 5 Trafalgar St. 
GAIR Aleaxnder, miller, 17 Bruce St. 
GAITENS Robert, labourer, 12 Trrr a ce Rd. 
GALBRAITH Archibald, sawyer, 57 Regent S*. 
Galbraith Archibald (of Post Office), 21 Antigua St. 
Galbraith Daniel, engineer 48 Brisbane S\ 



Galbraith David, insurance clerk, 17 Border St. 
Gaibraith Duncan, carter, 66 Ann St ( . 
Gaibraith Duncan, cauiker, 5 Prospecthlill St. 
Galbraith Duncan, yacbicsman, 46 Captain St. 
GAIRNS David W., 36 Robertson St. 
Galbraith George, salesman, 36 W. Stewart St. 
Galbraith James, boilermaker, 49 Lynedoch) St. 
Galbraith Neil, caulker, 23 Ingleston St. 
Galbraith Neil, joiner, 18 Trafalgar St. 
Galbraith Peter, labourer, 5 Regent St. 
Galbraith Samuel, distillery wrkr., 71 Dempster St. 
Galbraith William, f'man dyer, 40 Wellington St. 
Galbraith William, boilermaker, 39 Roxburgh' St. 
Galbraith Robert, engineer, 14 Armadale PL 
Galbraith Mrs G., green-grocer, 56 Vennel. 
GALBREATH George B., chartered accountant, 65 

Forsyth St. 
Galbreath John M., asst. manager, Shaws Water 

Worsted Mills. 
Galbreath J. & Son, sugar samplers, 27 W. Burn St. 
Galbreath Neil, factory wrkr., 20 Cornhbddock St. 
Galbreath William, jr., cutterman, Overton. 
Galbreath William, senr., cutterman, Overton. 
Galbreath Mrs Johta, 49 Brougham St. 
Galbreath Mrs Lachfan, 32 W. Stewart St. 
GALE Fred. A., library asst., 27 Lynedoch St. 
Gale James, baker, 50 Ann St. 
Gale Peter, boilermaker, 8 Chapel St. 
Gale Thomas, pastry baker, 36 W. Blackball St. 
Gale Mrs, ladies' nurse. 2 George Sq. 
GALL Robert, 24 South St. 
Gall William, draper, 16 Campbell St. 
GALLAGHER Charles, Hammerman, 3 Argyle St. 
Gallacher Charles, rivetter. 84 Roxburgh St. 
Gallacher Daniel, rivetter, 10 Terrace Rd. 
Gallacher Duncan, rivetter, 37 Rue-end St. 
Gallacher Hugh, moulder. 2 Garvald St. 
Gallacher Hugh, rivetter, 5 Wilham St. 
Gallacher Tames, carpenter, 7 Dellin^burn St. 
Gallacher James, hblder-ou. 10 Inchgreen St. 



Gallacher James, produce merchk., 53 Vennel. Ho. 
6 W. Stewart St. 

Gallacher Johla, coal mercht., 8 E. Breast. 

Gallacher Johla, watchman, 19 Border St. 

Gallacher J., labourer, 19 Belville St. 

Gallacher Patrick, engine-driver, 1 Kilblain St. 

Gallacher Patrick, rivetter, 1 Irichlgxeen St. 

Gallacher Patrick, moulder, 26 Wellington St. 

Gallacher Samuel, labourer, 41 Nicolson St. 

Gallacher William, carter, 19 Bearhlope St. 

Gallacher William, f man plumber, 7 Robertson St. 

Gallacher William, labourer, 7 Kilblain St. 

Gallacher William, patternmaker', 16 Moffat St. 

Gallacher William, fitter, 25 Crescent St. 

Gallacher Mrs, 5 Nile St. 

Gallacher Mrs, 73 Nicolson St. 

Gallacher Mrs Helen, 12 Moffat St. 

GALLOWAY Alexander, carpenter, 3 Mackenzie St. 

Galloway John, factory wrkr., 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Galloway James, blacksmith, 60 Wellington St. 

Galloway J. W., solicitor, 41 Ardgowan St. 

Galloway Wm., baker, 13 Cartsburn St. Ho. St. 
Monan's, Hillend Dr. 

Galloway William, baker, 30 Hillend Dr. 

Galloway Mrs Charles E.. 2 Jamaica St. 

GALT Adam, rivetter, 59 Vennel. 

Gait James, manager, Gk. & Pt. Glas. Loan Coy., 
Ld., 44 Cathcart St. Ho. 6 Nelson St. 

Gait James, pawnbroker, 58 Regent St. 

Gait John, brassmoulder, 31 Aucbimountain Rd. 

Gait Robert, brassfinisher, 16 Hope St. 

Gait Robert, pawnbroker, 51 Main St. Ho. 56 Reg- 
ent St. 

GAMBLE George EL, carpenter, 35 Robinson Av. 

Gamble Robert, coal mercht., 1 Salmon St. 

Gamble Thomas, fireman, 12 Drumfrocbkr Rd. 

Gamble Mrs Thomas, 39 Belville St. 

GARDE Malcolm T., carpenter, 25 W. Blackhall St. 

GARDINER Duncan, brassmoulder, 17 E. Crawfurd 



Gardiner James & Co., shipowners & sbjipbrokers, 4 E 

Breast— C.G. Macara, local manager. 
Gardiner Peter B., sheet-iron wrkr., 15 Bruce St. 
GARDNER James, rigger, 29 Cathcart St. 
Gardner Alexander, architect, 134 Bath' St., Glasgow. 

Ho. 89 Eldon St. 
Gardner James (of Post Office), 25 Kelly St. 
Gardner Mrs, 6 Lynedoch St. 
Gardner John, brasshnisbLr, Arcade. Ho. 4 Adam 

St., Gourock. 
Garqner Joh'n, warder, 5 Holmscroft St. 
Gardner James, clerk, 10 Brache'ston St, 
Gardner William, power station attendt., 28 Trafalgar 

Gardner William John, caulker, 102 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Gardner Mrs Arthur, 3 Bawhf.rley Rd. 
Gardner Mrs M., chandler, 61 Ann St. Ho. 6 Lyne- 
doch St. 
GARSCADDiEN Mrs Jane, confectioner, 66 Vennel. 

Ho. 27 Inverkip St. 
GAR VAN William, ex-constable, 23 South St. 
GAS Office, Collecting Hall, Municipal Bldgs, 
GATER Samuel, boot reoairer, 43 Vennel. 
GATES IDE Fever Hospital, Gateside. 
GATHERER Peter & Son, grain merchts., 21 Craw 

furd St. 
GAULDIE Mrs, 11 Murdieston St, 
GAVIN Henry M., railway porter. 6 E. Blackhall St. 
GAY Miss M: R., matron. Combination Hospital, 

Inverkiu Rd. 
GAYLOR Rev. David W., minister East Congregat 

io^al Church!, 30 Robertson St. 
GAZE William, grocer. 14 Lynedoch St. Ho. 31 

Recent St. 
GEARY Michael, rivetter, 7 W. Breast. 
Geary William, rivetter. 10 Chapel St. 
r-F.BBTE V/. W., 51 Union St.' 
Gebbie Mrs, 66 Ann St. 
Gebbie Mrs, 2 Garwood St. 

GEDDES Alexander, engmeer, 41 Robinson Av. 


GELLETLY Mrs Mary, 9 Wellington St. 

GEMMELL Alexander, M.A., rector, Greenock Ac- 
ademy, Nelson St. Ho. 16 Eldon St. 

Gemmell James, labourer, 57 Ann St. 

Gemmell James, watchman, 19 Trafalgar St. 

Gemmell Robert:, engineer, 10 Garvald St. 

Gemmell Samuel, sugar porter, 8 Charles St. 

Gemmell William, timekeeper, 34 Ingleston St. 

Gemmell Miss, 6 Old Hillend. 

GEORGE Patrick, fitter's helper, 21 Mearns St. 

George Mrs A., 23 Hamilton St. 

George Mrs Mary, confectioner, 21 Regent St. 

George Square Baptist Church!. 

GERRARD James, chemist, 14 Ardgowan St. 

Gerrard Thomas, caulker, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 

Gerrard Mrs Cath., spirit merch!:., 30 Inverkip St. 
Ho. 14 Ardgowan St. 

GETTY William, insurance agt., 53 Kelly St. 

GIBB John, jeweller, 3 Bank St. Ho. 35 Ingleston 

Gibb William, ship's cook, 4 Cartsburn St. 

Gibb Mrs, 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Gibb Miss Mary, 1 Campsie Tee. 

GIBBONS John, electrician, 15 Moffat St. 

GIBBS Qiarles H., coach! nan, 69 Nicolson St. 

GIBSON & Reid, dyers cleaners & launderers, 31 W. 
Blackhall St. 

Gibson George, marine engineer, 11 Dempster St. 

Gibson John, clerk, 20 Murdieston St. 

Gibson John, labourer, 36 E. Hamilton St. 

Gibson Wiliam, electrician, 56 Dempster St. 

Gibson William C, sheriff officer, 2 Cbiurch PL 

Gibson Miss, dairy, 7 William St. 

Gibson Mrs W., 23 Union St. 

Gibson Mrs William, 49 Brisbane St. 

Gibson Mrs, 10 Brachelston St. 

GIFFEN William, skinner, 3 Mackenzie St. 

GILBRIDE Patrick, insurance agt., 22 Shaw St. 

GILCHRIST Alexander (of Post Office), 26 Lyne- 
doch St. 



Gilchrist James, gardener, 17 Newark St. 

Gilchrist Johh, oculist, Greenock Eye Infirmary, 2 Som 

erset PL, Glasgow. 
Gilchrist Johln, joiner, 13 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Gilchrist Johh T. (of W. Gilchrist & So ns), 18 Ben- 

tinck St. 
Gilchrist Peter, plasterer, 6 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Gilchrist Thomas T., 22 Finnart St. 
Gilcnrist W. & Sons, drapers & outfitters, 8-12 Will 

ia.ii St. 
Gilchrist William, engineer, 4 Carwood St. 
Gilchrist William, engineer, 14 Brown St. 
Gilchrist Miss, Tollhbuse, 179 Eldon St. 
Gilchrist Miss A., laundry, 16 Wellington St. 
Gilchrist Miss, 2 Margaret St. 
GILKISON James, 13 Ardgowan Sq. 
GILL N., hammerman, 9 Dellingburn St. 
Gill William, insurance supt., 9 Auchmountain Rd. 
GILL AN Henry, fireman, 2 Hamilton St. 
Gillan John, carpenter, 39 Holmscroft St. 
Gillan Robert, moulder, 15 Antigua St. 
GILLEN Denis, labourer, 27 Ingleston St. 
Gi;llen Edward, provision mercht,., 59 Rue-end St. 
Gi'llen James, gardener, 2 Ft. Matilda PI. 
GILLESPIE Adam, caulker, 13 E, Crawfurd St. 
Gillespie George, cooper, 37 Trafalgar St. 
Gillespie James, joiner, 29 Trafalgar St. 
Gillespie John, blacksmith), 54 E. Hamilton St. 
Gillespie John, insurance agt., 70 Dempster St. 
Gillespie John, machinist, 46 Wellington St. 
Gillespie John, rivetter, 11 Cathcart St. 
Gillespie Joseph, rigger, 53 Crawfurd St. 
Gillespie Thomas, boilermaker, 10 Carwood St. 
Gillespie Miss Mary, 15 Mill St. 
Gillespie Mrs, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 
Gillesnie Mrs, 56 Eldon St. 
GILLIES Alexander, 19 Bruce St. 
Gillies Andrew, joiner, 12 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Gillies Angus, carpenter, 11 Regent St. 



Gillies Archd., janitor, St. Mary's School, 3 Brough- 
am St. 

Gillies A., petty officer, 36 Crescent S.. 

Gillies Douglas N,, rivetter, 11 Regent St. 

Gillies James, caulker, 5 Prospecthhl S.. 

Gillies John, confectioner, 15 Terrace Rd. Ho. 37 
Rue-end St. 

Gillies Lachlan, stoker, 30 W. BlackhLll St. 

Gillies Malcolm, traveller, 16 Bruce S.. 

Gillies Malcolm, labourer, 43 Holmscroft St. 

Gillies Richard, fitter's hblper, 1 Wav.rey Lane. 

Gillies Robert, wcod-turner, 28 Bridgend Rd. 

Gillies Robert, gateman, 33 Ly.e S . 

Gillies Thomas, baker, 33 Trafalgar S_. 

Gillies Mrs, 25 Dempster St. 

Gillies Mrs, 37 Crawfurd St. 

Gillies Mrs, 2 Murdieston St. 

Gillies Mrs L., 24 Lynedoch St. 

Gillies Mrs R., 32 St. Lawrence St. 

GILLIGAN John, painter, 33 Nelson St, 

GILLILAND Arch., engineer, 75 Dempster St. 

Gilliland David, engineer, 6 Houston St. 

Gilliland Mrs William, 2 Orans^efieL 1 PL 

GILLORAN J. M., 18 Campbell St. 

GILLRAY James, corjpersmith, 64 Wellington St. 

Gilloran Miss, 26 Robertson S 1 ". 

GILMOUR Alex,, wine mercht., 7 Laird St. Ho. 
12 Forsyth St. 

Gilmour Andrew, draughtsman, 35 P'-'oughfam S 1 ". 

Gilmour Andrew, loftsman, 7 Ratho St. 

Gilmour Archibald, carpenter, 18 Borde St. 

Gilmour A., carpenter, 1 Oakfield Tee. 

Gilmour James, grocer. 3 Regent S f . 

Gilmour James, iron-driller. 47 Holmscroft S l . 

Gilmour James, ioiner, 11 Lyle St. 

Gilmour Tames, ioiner, 18 St. Lawrence St. 

Gilmour Tames, van man. 16 Pt. G-asgow Rd. 

Gilmour John, ioiner, 27 Bruce St. 

Gilmour Jnserjh, camenter. 1 9 Roxburgh! S f . 

Gilmour Malcolm, engineer 77 Wellington S'~. 



Gilmour Robert, labourer, 32 E. Hamilton St. 
Gilmour R. S„ repres. Vacuum Oil Co. Ld.,. 12 Bioug 

ham St. Ho. 6 Margaret St. 
Gilmour Thomas, traveller, 21 Wellington St. 
Gilmour Thomas, shipping clerk, 23 Trafalgar St. 
Gilmour Mrs, 6 Campbell St. 

GILMURRAY Francis, salesman, 76 Dempster St. 
GIVEN James, labourer, 60 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Given William, engineer, 29 Lynedoch St. 
GLACKIN Thomas, fitter's hlelper, 2 Garvald St. 
Glackin Mrs, 78 Belville St. 

GLASGOW Allan, moulder, 29 Auchmountain Rd. 
Glasgow & Western Shipping Co., shied No,. 12 Al 

bert Harbour — P. Johnston, agt. 
Glasgow (The) 'and Greenock Shipping Co., steam 
tug owners & lighterage contractors Customhouse 
Glasgow (The) and West of Scotland Society for the 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — local hon. secy., 
Malcolm Dunlop, 47 Cathcart St. 
Glasgow (The) Citizen Newspaper, 32 Cathcart St. 

Agt., D. Stewart, 6 Holmscrcft St. 
Glasgow (The) Daily and Weekly Herald, Evening 
Times and Bulletin Newspapers, 32 Cathcart St. D. Stewart, 6 Holmscroft St. Correspond- 
ent, James Aitken, 15 Margaret St. 
Glasgow (The) Daily and Weekly Record and Sun- 
day Mail Office, 36 Brymner St. Agt., Miss J. 
Jenkins : Correspondent, T. Hunter. 
Glasgow Evening News Office, 1 Watt PI. Agt. '& 

correspondent, W. Sidney Montford. 
Glasgow Port Lo:al Authority, Prince 5 Pier. Medical 

Officer, Dr H, Sieger, 19 Grey PI. 
GLASS John, engineer, 52 Belvi?ft St. 
Glass John, painter, 6 IncW^reen St. 
Glass Peter, rivetter, 8 Inchgreen St. 
Glass Miss B., fruiterer, 14 Lynedoch St. 
GLASSPELL Harry (of P. & O. Co.), 35 Brougham 

GLEBE (The) Sugar Refining Co. Ltd., 17 Grey PL 



GLEN Andrew, boot-maker, 52 Inverkip St. 

Glen H,. D. (of J. & H. D. Glen), 65a Union St, 

Glen James, (of J, & H. D. G.), Lincluden, 19 Oct- 
avia Tee. 

Glen James, salesman, 4 Trafalgar St. 

Glen J,. & H. D., solicitors 13 William St. 

Glen Peter, blacksmith, 41 Roxburghl St, 

Glen P., engineer, 14 St. Lawrence St. 

Glen Miss Jane, 28 Trafalgar St. 

Glen Misses M. & M., fruiterers, 8 Arthur St %v 

Glen Mrs, dairy, 6 Belville St. Ho. 15 Belville St. 

Glen Mrs Archibald, 37 Nelson St. 

GLEND INNING Robert, nautical instrument mak- 
er, 19 Nelson St, 

GLENESK George, storekeeper, 36 Ingleston St. 

GLENN Y James, coal mercht,, 47 Mearns St. Ho. 
18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Glenny Robert E,, clerk, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

GLOVER John, hble-borer, 62 Ann St. 

Glover James, engineer, 46 Captain St. 

Glover William, labourer, 6 Sinclair St. 

Glover William, brakesman, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 

GOBLE F. H., 2 Lyle St. 

GOFF Mrs, 35 Kelly St. 

GOLD IE Alexander, carter, 5 York St. 

Goldie Thomas, attendant, Smithlston Cotts., Inver- 
kip Rd. 

GOLDING Thomas, turner, 69 Holmscroft St. 

GOLIGHER J„ confectioner, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 

Goligher W, T., whblesale confectioner, 69 Vennel. 
Ho. 37 W . Burn St. 

GOOD ALL George H,„ f'man carder, 43 Brachelston 

Goodall James, shoemaker. 13 Robinson Av. 

GOOD Templar Hall, 21 Kilblain St. 

GOODHUGH Mrs, 14 Ardgowan St. 

GOODLIFFE Arthur H„ teachler, 10 Newark Tee. 

GOODMAN Tames, tailor, 5 Nile St. 

GOOSEMAN Henry Charles, fish'monger, 72 Ann St„ 
Ha. 66 Prospecthill St. 



^^iv-uON Allan, engineer, 2 BracneiS^on St... 

v^oraOii Cnaries, piater, 27 Vv'. BiackhUn Sc. 

orordoii David il., inspector of weights & measures, 

iviunicipal Bldgs, Wallace PI. Ho. 52 Brisbane St 
Gordon i-rank B., factory manager, 25 Bank St. 
uoraon George, butcher, 23 Dempster St. 
Gordon James, engineer, 31 Roxburgh St. 
Lrordon James, dairyman, 52 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Gordon James, labourer, 13 Mearns St. 
Gordon James, flesher, 52 E. Hamilton St. Ho. 

39 Bawhirley Rd. 
Gordon John, caulker, 2 Duff St. 
Gordon John, flesh'ar, 46 Captain St. 
Gordon John, labourer, 11 Carwood St. 
Gordon John (of O'Brien & Co.), 22 Union St. 
Gordon Neil, marine engineer, 15 Ardgowan St. 
Gordon Peter, Board of Trade Officer, 3 Mearns St. 
Gordon Robert, greengrocer, 26 Bruce St. 
Gordon Thomas, caulker, 33 Trafalgar St. 
Gordon Thomas, craneman, 4 Cartsburn St. 
Gordon William, late H.M. Customs, 23 Patrick St. 
Gordon Mrs Archibald, 84 Belville St. 
Gordon Mrs George, 2 Grant St. 
Gordon Mrs, 8 Brisbane St. 
Gordon Mrs M., 70 Brown St. 
Gordon Mrs Jas., 5 Chalmers St. 
Gordon William (of O'Brien & Co.), 23 Patrick St. 
GORMAN Archibald, hlair-dresser, 22 Charles St. 

Ho. 31 Dempster St. 
Gorman Alexander, barman, 5 Prospecthill St. 
Gorman Charles, engineer, 7 Prospecthlill St. 
Gorman James, railway inspector, Ivydene, Gateside. 
Gorman James, labourer, 3 Market St. 
Gorman James, engineer, 49 E. Crawfurd tS. 
Gorman Thomas, carter, 13 Holmscroft St. 
Gorman Steoben, engineer, 16 Dalrymple St. 
Gorman William, fireman. 27 Bruce St. 
GORRY John, labourer, 6 Chiapel St. 
G^SNELE Mrs, 3 Lauriston St. 
Cos- ell Mrs, 12 Nile St. 



GOULD Mrs, 35 W, Blackhall St. 

GOURLAY John, rigger, 4 Garvald St. 

Gourlay Rev. i\., Trinity U.F. Churchi. Ho. 

00 nnnart S L , 

Gourlay Roberc, engineer, 20 Pottery Si. 

Gouriay Robert J., age. Bank o± S_otanu, Tne Armi.- 

age, Kilmaco.m. 
Gourlay Thomas, plumber, 22 S.. Lawrence St. 
Gourlay Thomas, labourer, 5 Duncan St. 
Gourlay Thomas, carter, 7 Duncan St. 
Gourlay Thomas, 6 Made.ra Tee. 
GOURLEY Thomas & Son, engineers, 49 Rue-end 

St. Ho. 27 Kelly St. 
GOUROCK Garden Suburo Tenants, Ld. — secy. Jas. 

Paterson, 13 Hamilton St. 
Gourock (The) Rope work Co. Ld., saiiclo'.h manufrs., 

1 Cross Shore St. — R. Ward, manager. 
GOVAN Andrew, carter, 27 Charles St. 
Go van Colin, painter, 9 Caddlehill S:. 
GOW Louis N., teacher, 29 Ardgowan 'St. 

Gow William, jr., joint manager Fleming, Reid & Co., 

1 Octavia Tee. 
Gow Mrs, 29 Murdieston St. 
GOWANS John, clerk, 9 Fox St. 
GRAHAM Alexander, engineer, 1 Hope t. 
Graham Alexander, joiner, 32 Newton St. Ho. 7 

Murdieston St. 
Graham Alexander, labourer. 72 Ann St. 
Graham Alexander, draper, 23 Roxburgh! St. 
Graham Alexander, plumber. 71 Roxburgh! St. 
Graham Alexander, sDirit merch):., 23-25 Inve"kir> 

St. &' 40 W. Burn St. Ho. Caberfeidh, 60 Finnar': 

Graham Archibald, clerk, 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Graham Angus, acetylene- welder, 17 Regent S 4 . 
Graham Archibald, engineer, 52 Captain Sf, 
Graham Clement, labourer. 32 Robinson Av. 
Graham David, moulder. 59 Holmscroft St. 
Graham David, plater, 7 W. Breast. 
Graham Edward, craneman. 8 Kilblain St. 



Graham Edward, shipwright, 20 Kelly St. 

Graham Edward, shipwright, 61 Nicoison St. 

Graham George, clerk, 1Y Mearns St. 

Graham George, moulder, 13 Mearns St. 

Graham Hugh), spirit mercht., 10 Kilblain St. Ho. 
Ulladale, 33 Newton St. 

Graham Hugh!, jr., grocer, 43 Roxburgh St. Ho. 17 
South St. 

Graham Hugh), 45 Brisbane St. 

Graham Hugh, shipwright, 31 Ingleston St. 

Graham Hugh, pansman, 25 Robertson St. 

Graham James, and The Greenock Plate Glass Insur- 
ance Co. Ld., glass merchts. & glazing contractors, 
12 W. Stewart St. & 19 Cathcart St. 

Graham James, labourer, 3 Regent St. 

Graham James, turner, 5 Hope St. 

Graham James T,., commission agt., 22 South St. 

Graham Jas. W., caretaker, Public Liby., Wallace PI. 

Graham John, coachman, 41 W. Blackhall St. 

Graham John, electrician, 14 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Graham Joh'n, engineer, 60 Kelly St. 

Graham JobJa, engineer's estimater, 81 Brachelston St 

Graham John, grocer, 68 Dempster St. 

Graham John, hardware & fancy goods mercht., 85 £ 
Belville St. & 42 Ann St. Ho. 35 Newton St. 

Graham Johb, tailor, 24 Robinson Av. 

Graham John, labourer, 3 Ratho St. 

Graham Johln, rivetter, 8 Chalmers St. 

Graham Malcolm (of Fire Brigade), 12 Dahymple St. 

Graham Malcolm, mason, 24 Sir Michbel St. 

Graham R., bookstall Princes Pier. 

Graham Robert, clerk, 30 Newton St. 

Graham Robert, engineer, 15 Orr A v. 

Graham Robert, lithographer, 17 Fox St. 

Graham Robert, carrter, 18 Crawfurd St. 

Graham Robert (late of P. CO, 87 Roxburgh! St. 

Graham Robert, blacksmith), 32 Crescent St. 

Graham Robert, tobacconist, Central station. 

Graham Thtomas, tailor & clothier, 30 Nicoison St. 
Ho. Ebrington, 67 South St. 


Graham Walter, retd. engineer, Ardmore, 38 Newark 

Graham William, builder, 101 Dempster S&j 
Gra-^-i William, labourer, 43 Belville St. 
Graham William, draughtsman, 8 Hillend Dr. 
Graham William, clerk, 18 Kelly St; 
Graham William, tailor, 62 Kelly St. 
Graham Miss A., music teachler, 6 Morton Tee. 
Graham Mrs Annalepa, 4 Madeira Tee. 
Graham Mrs, 3 George Sq. 
Graham Mrs, 9 W. Stewart St. 
Graham Mrs, 2 Hope St. 
Graham Mrs Margt., 45 Holmscroft St. 
Graham Mrs, 11 Belville St. 
Graham Mrs, 36 Robertson St. 
Graham Mrs, 41 Ba.wM.rley Rd. 
Qraham Mrs Jane, 8 Chlalmers St. 
GRAINGER John, tramway inspector, 3 Virginia S . 
Grainger George, chaffeur, 48 Captain St. 
GRANA A., confectioner, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
GRANAGHAN Miss, fruiterer, 45 Vennel. 
GRANT Aleaxnder, retd. agt., 3 Orangefield PI. 
Grant Archibald, labourer, 35 W. Shiaw St. 
Grant Arthur, shipwright, 3 Argyle S . 
Grant Rev,. C. P., minister Wellpark Parish Ch'irch. 

13 Ardgowan St. 
Grant D. Bryce. L.D.S., dental surgeon, 21 Arlgcw- 

an St. 
Grant David (of Renf. Educ. Auth.), 13 Kei'y S . 
Grant David, police sergt., 69 Dempster St. 
Grant Donald, brakesman, 4 OskhVd Tee. 
Grant George, engineer, 123 Newark St. 
Grant J. W., draughtsman. 10 Kelly St. 
Grant J. & Go., drapers, 10 Hamilton St. 
Grant James, machinist, 1 Inverkip Rd. 
Grant John, flesher, 65 Nicolson S^. 
Grant John (of Grant & Co.). 75 F'mnart S:. 
Grant John, labourer, 9 Watt S\ 
Grant John, labourer, 74 Ann S\ 
Grant Thomas (of Post Office), 3 Hone S . 



Grant Neil, joiner, 3 Virginia St. 

Grant Thomas, signal fitter, 8 Drumfrochkx Rd. 

Grant Mrs, 11 Lauriston St. 

Grant William (of Grant & Co.), 2 Lyie Rd. 

Grant Susan, confectioner, 22 Ann St. Ho. do. 

Grant Mrs, 76 Forsyth St. 

Grant Mrs, 17 Lynedoch St. 

Grant Mrs Helen, 25 Nelson St. 

GRAVES James, painter, 53 Roxburgh St. 

Gray Adam, labourer, 3 Mill St. 

Gray Alexander, helper, 22 Wellington St. 

Gray Alexander, labourer, 1 Bruce St. 

Gray A. H., town clerk depute, 48a Kelly St. 

Gray Alexander, 107 ^Newark St. 

Gray Daniel, manual instructor, 81 Dempster St. 

Gray George, warehouseman, 64 Regent St. 

Gray Francis, labourer, 20 W. Stewart St. 

Gray George, fireman, 5 Virginia St. 

Gray Henry, boilermaker, 4 Carwood St. 

Gray James, boilermaker, 24 St. Lawrence St. 

Gray James (late of Inland Revenue), 6 Houston St. 

Gray John, caulker, 8 Hill St. 

Gray John, joiner, 14 Bank St. 

Gray John, jr., police constable, 67 Dempster St. 

Gray John, labourer, 59 Regent St. 

Gray John, police constable, 9 Murdieston St. 

Gray John, contractor, 50 E. Hamilton St. 

Gray John R., bank teller, 18 Mearns St. 

Gray Michael, labourer, 10 Hope St. 

Gray Neil, driller, 7 Bruce St. 

Gray Neil, warehouseman, 81 Brachfelston St. 

Gray Peter, joiner, 14a Trafalgar St. 

Gray Robert, railway clerk, 48 Captain St. 

Gray Robert, plumber, 1 Holmscroft St. 

Gray Robert, labourer, 5 Nelson St. 

Gray William, fireman, 3 Lauriston St. 

Gray William, ironmoulder, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Gray WUiam, provision mercht., 46 Hamilton St. Ho. 

6 Campbell St. 
Gray W T illiam H., grocer, 36 Auchmountain Rd. 



Gray Miss J., 15 Brisbane St. 

Gray Miss Kerr, 80 Finnart St. 

Gray Miss, 27 Brymner St. 

Gray Mrs Mary, draper, 21 Ingleston St. 

Gray Miss, 23 Finnart St. 

Gray Mrs Robert, 39 Shaw St. 

GREEN Arthur G., draughtsman, 49 Brisbane St. 

Green John J.., f'man rivetter, Dunolly, Bawhiirley Rd. 

Green Thomas, cementer, 4 Cartsburn St. 

Green Mrs, 5b Brown St. 

Green Miss, green-grocer, 27 Market St. ' 

Green Mrs Robert, 35 Ingleston St. 

GREENHAM Walter F,, turner, 1 Campsie Tee. 

GREENLEES J,., draughtsman, 52 Belville St. 

Greenlees & Sons, boot manufrs., 37 Hamilton St. 

Greenlees Robert, plater, 17 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Greenlees Thomas, clerk, 41 Finn#«< St 

Greenlees Robert, boilermaker, 10 Shaw PI. 

Greenlees William, blockmaker, 12 Brymner St. 

Greenlees William, boilermaker, 3 Duff St. 

GREENOCK Academy, 16 Nelson St. 

Greenock & District Investment Building Socy. — Jas. 
Paterson, secy., 13 Hamilton St. 

Greenock & District Laundry, 11 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Greenock & District Master Horseshoers' and Black- 
smiths Assocn. — J. Paterson, secy., 13 Hamilton St 

Greenock Apothecaries & Lawsons, Ld., aerated water 
manufrs., 3 Clarence St. 

Greenock Art Club, 36 Union St. -secy. Alex. Page, 
75 HolmscroiA St. 

Greenock Chess Club, 36 Union St. 

Greenock District Nursing Assocn., 4 Lynedoch St. 

Greenock Electrical Socy., Masonic rooms, W. Stew- 
art St. 

Greenock Garden Suburb Tenants, Ld. — J. M. Kerr, 
C.A., secretary. 

GREENOCK (The) Dockyard Co. Ld ., shipbuilders, 
Main St. 

Greenock Insurance Committee — clerk, R. W. Robert- 
son, 4 Brymner St. 



Creeaock Provident Bank, 11 William St. & 1 New- 
. ton St. ^^ 

Greenock Ropeworks, Ld., ropemakers, Whinhidl. 

Greenock Stevedore Co. Ld., stevedores, 38 Cathcart 

Greeaock (The) & District Contractors' Assocn., 46 
Cathcart St.— R. S. Murray, secy., 

Greeaock (The) & District Fie liars' Assqcn., — R. S. 
Murray, secy. 

Greeiock & District Licensed Trade Defence Assocn. 

& Robert A. M'Kenna, 2 Bank St., secy. 

Greenock (The) & Pt. Glasgow Loan Co. Ld., 8 Cath) 
cart St. & 3 Shaw St. 

Greenock (The") & Pt. Glasgow Loan Co. Ld. Reg. 
office, .11 William St, 

Greenock (The) & Pt.. Glasgow Loan Co. Ld., 24 
Hamilton St. — Wm, Thomson, manager. 

Greenock (The) & Pt. Glasgow Loan Co. Ld., 22 In- 
verkipc St. & 33 W. Shaw St. — D. Frazer, manager 

Greenock (The) & Pt. Glasgow Tramways Co. Ld. 
Depot, Ladyburn. A. Robertson, eeneral manager 

Greenock (The) Camera Club, 21 Kilblain St. — J. 
Aitken, 6 Brougham St., hbn. secy. 

Greenock (The) Club, 21 Ardgowan Sq. 

Greenock (The) Corporation Electricity & Refuse De- 
structor Departments. Chief Engineer's & Gen- 
eral Officer. 13 & 15 De'lmgburn St. Power 
Station, Dellingburn; sub-stations. Hunter PI. & 
Boundary St., & Bav St., Pt. Glasgow. Show- 
rooms, Municipal Bldffs., 12 Hamilton St. Collect 
or's Office. Wallace Sq. Chief Engineer, Frank 
H.. Whysall, M.I.E.E.. Ho. 57 Esplanade 

Greenock East-end Co-operative Socy. Ld., general 
merchts. — Central premises, 16-18 E. Crawfurd St. 
Branches— 26 &' 46 E. Hamilton St., 25-29 & 105 
Pt. Glasgow Rd. Tas. A. Liddell, manasrer. 

Greenock Ex-Service Mens' Club, 50 Venne 1 . Hon. 
secy., J. Macdonald. 

C-Trfprn^k (T^e^ r entral Co-onerative Socy. Ld., 12 
Prvdvirfh St.— -M. S. Swan, secy. 


Greenock (The) Sack Co. Ld., sack manufrs., 23 St- 
anners St. 

Greenock (The) Chamber of Commerce & Manufact- 
ures, reading room, 13 William St. — Hon. sees. & 
treas., Hardie & Rowan, C.A. 

Greenock (The) Corporation Gas Works, Inchlgreen, 
Pt. Glasgowv&d. Workshops & stores, 33 Craw- 
furd St. Showrooms, 30 W. Blackball St. Jas. 
Keillor, engineer and manager. 

Greenock (The) Ccrporation Streets & Roads Dept. 
Surveyor's office, Municipal Bdgs. Workshop & 
yard, 26 W. Stewart St. 

Greenock (The) Corporation Water Dept. Engin- 
eer's & Collector's office, Municipal Bldgs. Pipe- 
yard & workshop, Prospecthlill. James M,Allister, 
A.M. Inst. C.E., engineer & superintendent. 

Greenock (The) Cricket Club, Glenpark, Fox St. 

Greenock (The) Foundry Co., engineers, E. Stewart 

Gfeenock (The) Grain Mills, 16 Ch)ipel St. ' 

Greenock (The) Harbour Trust — Treasurer, Secretray 
& General Manager's offices, Municipal Bldgs>, 
Wallace PI. Collector's omce, Customhouse Quay. 

Greenock (The) Heritable Co. Ld., 33 Cathtcart St.. 

Greenock (The) Herald office, 40 Cat heart St. 

Greenock (The) Hide, Skin & Tallow Co. Ld., 17 
Market St. 

Greenock (The) Royal Infirmary, Inverkip SL & Dun- 
can St, 1 — Jas. A. Love, secy. 

Greenock (The) Industrial Building Socy. Ld., 28 Nic 
olson St. 

Greenock (The) Liberal Assocn. & Club, 7 Hamilton 
St. , , • 

Greenock (The) Librarv, Watt Monument, 9 Union 

Greenock (The) Mechanics' Institution, 13 Sir Mich- 
ael St. 

Greenock Musical Club, 36 Union St. H. H. Higgs, 
9 Kelly St., secy. 



Greenock (The) Model Lodging House Co. Ld., 33 

Catncart St — Robt. Macphlerson, C.A., secy. 
Greenock (The) Operative Bakers — House of Call, 11 

Duff St. 
Greenock (The) Operative Painters' Socy., 15 Chlar- 

les St,. 
Greenock Parish Council Offices, 36 Nifiolson St. 
Greenock (The) Phbto Playhouse, Ld., 48 inverkip 

Greenock (The) Public Library, Wallace Sq. — J. M. 

Leighton, F.S.A., Scot., burgh) librarian and clerk 

to committee. 
Greenock Morton Football & Athletic Club, Cappie- 

low Park, Sinclair St. — R. R. Cochrane, secy. 
Greenock (The) Picture Palace Co. Ld., 11 Broughi- 

am St. 
Greenock (The) Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ld., 12 W 

Stewart St. 
Greenock (The) Ramblers' Club — hbn, secy., G. S. 

Greenock (The) Rubber Co., india-rubber & water- 
proof manufrs ., 2 W. Blackhall St. 
Greenock (The) Stock ExcbJange Assocn., — Alexander 

Allan, C.A., secy. 
Greenock (The) Sugar Exchange, 27 Cathcart St. 
Greenock (The) Telegraph Newspaper, 12 Charles 

St. & 15 Sugar house Lane. 
Greenock (The) Total Abstinence Socy., Temperance 

Institute. D. W. Thomson, secy. & treas. 
Greenock (The) Trader^ Assocn., 13 Hamilton St. 

James Paterson, secy. 
Greenock (The) Unionist Assocn. — rooms, 56 E. 

Hamilton St. 
Greenock (The) Young Men's Christian Assocn. B:"gs 

17.W, Stewait St. 
Greenock (The) Telegraph Job and Book Printing 

Department, 15 Sugarhouse Lane. 
GREENWOOD Misses, 31 South St. 
GREER David, motorman, 61 E. Hamilton St. 
Greer John, labourer, 108 Drtumfrochbr Rd, 


_ e Greenock Rubfe er 


High Grade Waterproof, 
Showerproof, and 
Oilskin Clothing 


£ -XMfffllf? ft 

• »«M 


of every description for 
Home and Foreign Travel. 


Golf, Tenuis, Badminton, Cricket, Croquet, 

Football, and Hockey Requisites 


Wellington Boots, Overshoes, and 
Rubber Sundries at Keenest Prices. 

2 West Blackhall Street 

(Corner of West Burn Street). 
Telegrams— Eubber, Greenock. Telephone 677, 


Greer Nathaniel, blacksmith), 3 Oakfield Tee. 

Greer Peter, signalman, 46 Kelly St. 

Greer Robert, secy. J. G. Kincaid & Co., 41 Robert- 
son St* 

Greer William, sugarboiler, 22 Nelson St. 

Greer Robert, clerk, 10 South St, 

Greer Miss Annie, dress-maker, 4 Orangefield PI. 

Greer Mrs Agnes, 74 Dempster St. 

Greer P., confectioner, 24 Grey PI. Ho. 46 Kelly 

GREGG Andrew Cross, minister, 25 Esplanade. 

Gregg Mrs, 39 Robertson St. 

GREGORY' Thomas W., turner, 9 South St. 

Gregory Miss Joan, 8 Chapel St. 

GREGSON Miss E., 35 Bank St. 

GREIG Alexander, policeman, 23 Roxburgh St. 

Greig Adam, confectioner, 21 Nicolson St. Ho. 13 
Crawfurd St. 

Greig Edwin, blacksmith, 4 Bawh'rley Rd. 

Greig Finlay M., labourer, 58 Wellington St. 

Greig Jarnes, moulder, 50 Captain St. 

Greig James, steel checker, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Greig John, tinsmith!. 4 Hay St. 

Greig Sidney, engineer, 45 Brisbane St. 

GREWAR Adam, labourer, 81 Dempster St. 

GRIERSON Donald, .painter, 16 South St. 

Grierson George, police constable, 52 Lynedoch St. 

Grierson John, fitter, 11 Brown St. 

GRIEVE Allan M., 74 Finnart St. 

Grieve Andrew Robertson, sugar refiner, Glebe Sug- 
ar Refining Co. Ld., 4 Bedford St. 

Grieve George, 81 Finnart St. 

Grieve George B., collector. Electricity Dept., Muni- 
cipal Bldgs., Ho. 25 Robertson St. 

Grieve Mrs Henry, 4 Virginia St. 

Grieve John, saddler, 34 Inverkip St. 

Grieve Neil, plumber, 52 Belville St. 

Grieve Robert, comm. traveller, 70 Wellington St. 

Grieve Thomas, clerk, 25 Robertson St. 

Grieve Mrs, 9 Dellingburn St. 



Grieve Miss, 6 Finnart St. 

GRIFFIN James, machinist, 181 Eldon St. 

GRIFFITHS David, factory wrkry, 101 Dempster St. 

Griffiths William, plater, 28 Ann St. 

Griffiths Mrs Margt., 23 Ann St. 

GROGAN Herbert, engineerr; 30 Trraralgar St. 

GROSART Mrs E., 26 Bank* St. 

GROTT Robert, draughtsman, € Lyle St. 

Grott F., joiner; 34 Mt. Pleasant St. 

GROSVENOR School, 13 Dempster St. 

Grott George, boilermaker, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 

GROUNDWATER Melvin, boilermaker, 73 Holms- 
croft St. 

GRUBB Miss, 36 Robertson St. 

GUILLER Edward, rivetter, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Guiller Mrs E., maternity nurse, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

GUNN Donald, salesman, 17 Mearns St. 

Gunn James, labourer, 2 Belville St. 

Gunn James, police constable, 71 Roxburgh St. 

Gunn John S., plumber, 27 Dempster St. 

GUSH James, submarine diver, 14 Forsyth St. 

GUTHRIE Gauld, iron-driller. 12 Garvald St. 

Guthrie James T., slater, 70 Wellington St. 

Guthrie Johh D., plater, 75 Wellington St. 

Guthrie Mrs James, 29 Brisbane St. 

GUY David W., asst. coll, poor & school rates, 2 Fin 
■ nart St. 

Guy Matthew A., joiner. 28 Newton St. 

Guy Robert (of Renf. Educ. Auth.V 79 Holmscroft 

Guy Thomas, boilermaker. 29 Rearent St. 

Guy William, boilermaker, 8 Belville St. 

GWYNNE Robert, engineer 52 Kelly Sn 

Gwynne Misses, restaurateurs, 5 Ker St. Ho. 50 
Brisbane "St. 


HACKETT Robert, labourer. 25 Orr Av. 
Hacked Rose, broker, 7 Market St. 
H ADD EN Samuel, police insoector, 5 Trafalgar St. 



HADDOW John, caulker, 34 St. Lawrence St. 

Haddow Miss, 43 Forsyth Sfc. 

HAGEN Samuel Emerson, warehouseman,, 3 Mt. 
Pleasant St. Ho. 18 Glen view Tte. 

Hagen William, draper & clothier, 33 Rue-end St. 
Ho. 33 Murdieston St. 

HAG AN William, fitter, 4 Garwood St. 

Hagen John, labourer, 4 Watt St. 

Hagan William, traveller, 10 Murdieston St. 

HAIG Mrs John E., 15 South St. 

Haig Mrs Robert, 22 Poftery St. 

HAIGH F. E. P., engineer-capt., R.N.T.F., Drums- 
lea, Newark St. 

HAINING William, yardsman, 19 Nelson St. 

HAIR Dugald, blacksmith, 2 Macdougall St. 

Hair David, craneman, 6 Carwood St. 

Hair Dugald, carpenter, 8 Carwood St. 

Hair Ivy, carpenter, 6 Carwood St. 

Hair James, carpenter, 27 Nicolson St. 

Hair James, clerk, 29 Belvilie St. 

Hair Peter, coach painter, 48 Ann St. 

Hair Robert, engineer, 51 Kelly St. 

Hair Thomas, groom, 17 Robinson Av. 

Hair Thomas, engineer, 15 Maukinh'ill Rd. 

Hair William, boilermaker, 41 Belvilie St. 

Hair Miss Catherine, 20 W .Stewart St. 

Hair Mrs, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 

HAIRE James, chaffeur, 19 Wellington St. 

HAKE Mrs Frederick W., 13 Houston St. 

HALDANE James, labourer, 3 Holmscroft St. 

HALL Douglas H., (of Brodie & Hall), 50 Kempock 
St., Gourock. 

Hall James, tramway wrkr., 43 Lynedoch St. 

Hall John, f'man blacksmith!, 5 Ft. Matilda PI. 

Hall Robert, blacksmith, 84 Belvilie St. 

Hall Wilfred, motorman, 9 Carwood St. 

Hall Mrs Elizabeth, confectioner, 10 Kilblain St. 

HALL AM Thomas, firewood mercbJt., 31 Main St. 

Hallam Thomas, jr., firewood merchtt., 2 Oakfield Tee 

HALLIDAY James, labourer, 36 Holmscroft St. 



Halliday Forbes, gardener, 12 Lynedoch St. 

Halliday James H., pawn, asst., 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Halliday John W,„ tittie-keeper, 32 Mt. Pleasant *St. 

Halliday Robert, watchmaker, 10 Brachtelston St. 

Halliday Thomas, labourer, 8 Drumfrochlar Rd. 

Halliday Thomas, fireman, Upper Ingieston Cottage. 

Halliday Mrs J. H„ 26 Kelly St. 

Halliday Mrs, 29 Dempster St. 

HALLY John, baker, 68 Dempster St. 

HAMIL Patrick, driller, 8 Carwood St. 

HAMILTON Alexander, sanitary officer, 8 Morton 

Hamilton Alexander J., plumber, 6 Carwood St. 

Hamilton Alexander J., plumber, 19 Brown St. 

Hamilton Crawford, photographer, 50 Kelly St. 

Hamilton Daniel, engineer, 50 Captain St. 

Hamilton Duncan, baker, 41 Shaw St. Ho. 36 New- 
ton St. 

Hamilton Harry (of Post Office), 15 Brachelston St. 

Hall J. & E. Ld., engineers. Pottery St. 

Hamilton James, asst. insurance supt., 8 Brachelston 

Hamilton James, iron-dresser, 32 Crescent St. 

Hamilton James, joiner, 44 Brougham St. 

Hamilton Jessie, photographer, 18 Charles St. Ho. 
Greenbank House. 

Hamilton John, craneman, 36 Robinson A v.. 

Hamilton John, boilermaker, 25 Bruce St. 

Hamilton John, boilermaker, 33 Lyle St. 

Hamilton John, driller, 7 Carwood St. 

Hamilton Lachlan, carter, 69 Vennel. 

Hamilton Robert, holder-on, 39 Holmscroft St. 

Hamilton Robert, caulker. 41 Roxburgh St. 

Hamilton . Robert A., 12 Wellington St. 

Hamilton Thomas, engineer. 21 Newton St. 

Hamilton Thomas R., smith!, 12 Murdieston St. 

Hamilton Thomas, engineer, 21 Newton St. 

Hamilton Thomas W., F.S.I., factor, Mansion House. 
Ho. 25 Bentinck St. 

Hamilton William Francis, warehouseman, 32 CatW- 
cart St. Ho. 48 Demoster St. 


Hamilton William, f'man shipbuilder, Sunnyside, Baw 

hirley Rd. 
Hamilton William, manager, 10 Antigua St. 
Hamilton Miss, 6i Finnart St. 

Hamilton Miss Grace D., Villa Marina, 28 Eldon St. 
Hamilton Miss Mary E., teacher, 16 Bank St. 
Hamilton Mrs, 11 Roxburgh St. 
Hamilton Mrs A., 48 Lynedoch St. 
Hamilton Mrs David, 20 Gordon St. 
Hamilton Mrs James, 32 E. Hamilton St. 
Hamilton Mrs James, 4 Hope St. 
Hamilton Mrs James, 23 Kelly St. 
Hamilton Mrs Margt., 41 Holmscroft St. 
Hamilton Miss Marguerita, artist's dealer, 16 Charles 

St. Ho. 50 Kelly St. 
Hamilton Mrs Robert, 16 South St. 
HAMMOND H. R., engineer, 32 Brougham St. 
Hammond E. L., financier, 32 Cathcart St. 
Hammond William J., engineer, 9 Bentinck St. . 
HAMPTON James, tailor, 68 Dempster St. 
r "ANDLEY Robert, pointsman, 18 Hope St. 
Handley James, salesman, 11 Belville St. 
HANLIN Charles, labourer, 4 Watt St. 
HANNA Alexander, motor garage, 1 Ke^y St. Ho. 

3 George Sq. 
HANNAH David, joiner, 68 Brown St. 
Hannah George, clerk, 19 Brach^ston St. 
Hannah Hugh', clerk, 95 Roxburgh St. 
Hannah James, engine-driver, 99 Dempster St, 
Hannah James, railway chlecker, 39 Ann St. 
Hannah Johtn (late of Post Office), 14a Trafalgar St. 
Hannah Robert (of Post Office, 2 Mearns St. 
Hannah Richlard, cabinet-maker, 75 Reeent St. 
Hannah Samuel, rivetter, 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Hannah Mrs, 68 Wellington St. 
H ANNAN Tames, fireman. 30 St. Lawrence St. 
HANNIGAN William, mana-er, 31 Trafalgar St. 
HANSEN Charles, 21 BawW ; r1ey Rd. 
Hansen Ivor, seaman. 83 Belville St. 
Hansen James, patternmaker, 15 Carwood St. 



Hansen Peter, boat-builder, 8 Charles St. 

HANSON Alexander, joiner, 25a Wellington St. 

Hanson John, engineer, 7 Belville St. 

HARBAR W., commissionaire, 74 Belville St. 

HARBOUR Dues Office, Customhouse. 

Harbour Trust General Manager's, Secretary's, Treas 

urer's and Engineer's Offices, Municipal Bldgs. 
HARD IE A. & Co., lighter owners, 37 Regent St. 

& Victoria Harbour.. Ho. 37 Regent St. 
Hardie & Rowan, 'C.A., stockbrokers, 13 Hamilton 

Hardie & Russell, house furni:hters, 40 Cathcart St. 
Hardie David, labourer, 10 Terrace Rd. 
Hardie John, engineer, 9 Caddlebiill. St. 
Hardie John, grocer, 23 Nelson St. 
Hardie John, grocer, 67 Rue-end St. & 11 Cartsburn 

St. Ho. Helenslea, Bawhirley Rd. 
Hardie Robert Salton, grocer, 24 Charles St., Ho, 

9 Glenview Tee. 
Hardie Walter, grocer, 93 Roxburgh St. Ho. Birk- 

wood, High Inverkip Rd. 
Hardie William (of Hardie & Rowan, G.A.), 60 Esp- 
Hardie William A., storem&n, 8 Garvald St. 
HARDING Charles, cbJ'ief constable of Renfrew & 

Bute, Paisley & Rothesay. Ho. Carisbrooke, 149 

El don St. 
HARDSTAFF John, printer,, 19 Roxburgh! St. 
HARDY Miss L., nurse. 8 Esplanade. 
HARLAND & Wolff Ldfe, ^hip-builders &j engineers* 

Clarence St* 
HARGAN John, boot-maker, 9 W. BlackbMl St. 

Ho. 5 Royal St., Gourock. 
Hargan James J,, spirit mercht., 22 Vennel. Ho. 

Ho. In ver Villa, 62 Eklon St. 
HARGIE Tohn, carpenter, 8 Chisel St. 
HARK INS James, rivetter, 4 Mansionhouse Lane. 
Harking Charles, labourer, 30 St. Lawrence St. 
Harkins James, holder-on, 23 Brown St. 
Harkins Joseph, coal merchK,, 4 Chapel St. 



Harkins Peter, driller, 17 Bruce St. 

Harkins Mrs Annie, 4 Chapel St. 

BARENESS Robert, labourer, 1 Dellingburn St. 

Harkness William, brakesman, 91 Roxburgh St. 

HARLEY Allan, cabinet-maker, 5 Prospecthiil St ; „ 

Harley Archibald, uphfolsterer, 4 Mansionhouse Lane.. 

Harley David, butcher, 2 Hhiend Dr. 

Harley Donald, painter, 27 Regent St. 

Harley James, cabinet-maker, 55 Ann St. 

Harley Mrs, 13 Houston St. 

HARMS William, boat-builder, 42 Regent St. 

HAROLD Richard, machinist, 9 Murdieston St. 

HARPER Archibald, plater, 40 Captain St. 

Harper A., fitter's helper, 49 Belville St. 

Harper A. R., upholsterer, 115 Newark St. 

Harper Hugh, carrier, 20 Lyle St. 

Harper Hugh, fitter, 15 Lauriston St. 

Harper James, tailor, 1 St. Andrew St. 

Harper John, comm. traveller, 3 Grant St. 

Harper Robert, machinist, 15 W. Stewart St. 

Harner S'.eohen (of Jchh Morrison & Harper), 3 Ford. 

Harper William, brassfinisher, 18 Crawfurd St. 
Harper Miss Helen, 26 Patrick St. 
Harper Mrs, 9 Dellingburn St. 
Harper Mrs Martha, 11 Sandringh'am Tee. 
Haroer Mrs Mary, 54 Dempster St. 
HARRIS Albert,' caulker, 32 E. Hamilton St. 
Harris Arnold J., moulder, 47 Duncan St. 
Harris Frederick, electrician, 16 Lynfdoch St. 
Harris William, rivetter, 9 Carwood St. 
HARRISON Alexander, machinist, 3 Oakfield Tee.. 
Harrison David, shipwrieh)-, 36 Lynedoch St. 
Harrison James, fireman, 8 Holrnscroft St. 
Harrison John, seaman, 74 Ann St. 
Harrison John, clerk, 24 Bank St. 
Harrison John, compositor, 48 Captain St. 
Harrison Robert, engineer, 49 Holmscroft St. 
Harrison Robert, machinist, 3 Bawhfrley Rd. 
Harrison Thomas, labourer, 10 William St. 



Harrson Mrs, 28 Nelson St. 

Harrison Mrs Margt., 4 Hill St. 

HARRON James H., machinist, 11a Lynedoch! St. 

Harron John, labourer, 16 DrumfrocbJar Rd. 

Harron S., salesman, A Alexandra Mansions. 

Harron William, caulker, 66 Holmscroft St. 

Harron Mrs A., 2 Alexandra Mansions. 

HARROWER Robert T., joiner, 13 South St. 

Harrower Mrs, 5 Holmscroft St. 

HART Gavin, plasterer, 8 Nile St. 

Hart John, iron-planer, 29 Belville St. 

Hart Robert, engineer, 87 Roxburgh St. 

Hart R. L., spirit mercht., 13 Cross-;hbre St. Ho. 
Ashtree, Gateside. 

Hart Miss M. M., dressmaker, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 

HARTLEY James, railway guard, 4 Carwood St. 

Hartley John B., engineer, 24 Mearns St. 

Hartley Samuel, Clyde Pilot, 6 Margaret St. 

HARVEY Alexander, rivette", 36 St. Lawrence St. 

Harvey Claud, fireman, 3 Prosoecthill St. 

Harvey Charles, labourer, 21 Sir Michael St. 

Harvev Edward, licensed broke", 16 DaVymple St. 

Harvey Peter, engineer, 32 Roxburgh St. 

Harvey William G., joiner, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Harvev Mrs Helen, tobacconist, 33 Inverkip St. Ho. 
52 Holmscroft St, 

HARVIE James, joiner, 15 Brisbane St. 

Harvie Mrs Tulia, 8 Chalmers St. 

HASTIE Arthur L., o-rocer, 3 Johli St. Ho. 3 Ash- 
burn Gardens, Gourock. fl 

Hastie George, grocer, 19 Brisbane St. 

Hastie John & Co. Ld., KUblain Engine Works? Nic- 
olson St. Office, 10 Princes St. 

Hastie Thomas M., grocer, T^ogston Tee. Ho. 105 
Newark St. 

Hastie Mrs, Maryville, 79 Brisbane St. 

HASTINGS Hugh, fitter, 23 Newton St. 

Hastie Alexander, plater, 66 Ann St. 

T-Tpc-.^po-g Hugh, ir., 48 Dempster St. 

HATHERELL Thomas, rp>- inspector,- 21 Main St. 



HATRICK James, engineer, 52 St. Lawrence St. 
Hatrick John, patternmaker, 6 Garvald St. 
HAUGHEY Neal, stationer & newsagent, 2 Watt PL 

Ho. 31 Lyle St. 
Haughey Neal, printer & publisher of the Directory 

for the Burgh of Greenock, 2 Brymner St. Ho. 

2 Watt PI. 
HAW Thomas, gardener, 23 Newark St. 
HAWKINS William H., warehouse foreman, 38 

DemTDster St. 
HAWTHORN Dugald, insurance agt,, Beulah, 8 

Prospecthill PL 
Hawthorn William, vanman, 32 ProspectMll St,. 
HAXTON Thomas, joiner, 8 Armadale PL 
Haxton William, spirit mercht., 3 Cart churn St. Ho. 

10 Antigua St. 
Haxton Miss, 3 Hope St. 
HAY Archibald, engineer, 79 Belville St. 
Hay Archibald, f'man turner, 31 Bank St. 
Hay David (L.TVI. & S. Rly.. Marine Dept., Princes 

Pier), Thistleton, 56 South' St. 
Hay James, brass finisher, 5 Shaw PL 
Hay James, gardener, 189 Eldon St. 
Hay Murdoch, brassmoulder, 24 Brown St. 
Hay Robert, engine-driver, 62 Belville St. 
Hay William, iron-moulder, 53 Belville St. 
Hay Mrs A., mid-wife, 79 Belville St. 
Hay Mrs C, 68 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
HAYES George, horse-shber, 18 Bearhope St. 
Hayes Michael, railway porter, 6 Armadale PL 
Hayes John, boilermaker, 70 Ann St. 
Haves Robert, labourer, 7 Virginia St. 
HEAD Albert, boat-builder, 10 Hiuend Dr. 
Head Charles, boat-builder, 4 Hillend Dr. 
HEANEY Alexander, 3 Ratho St, 
HEARD Alexander, joiner, 34 Brougham St. 
Heard Mrs Aqrnes, 3 Broomhill St. 
HEARL John, confectioner, 3 Inverkio St. Ho 30 

Tobaero Sf. 
HEATH James, moulder, A Garvald St. 3 



HECTOR Nathan, machinist, 9 Carwood St. 

H EGG ARTY James, shoemaker, 22 Lyneioch! St. 

Ho. 1 Mill St. 
H EGG IE James, brassfinisher, 37 Holmscroft St. 
Heggie James, labourer, 39 Sir Michael St. 
Heggie John, clerk, 48 Captain St. 
HELLIWELL Albert, overlooker, 32 Mt. Pleasant 

HEMPSEED Thomas M. (of Post Office). 28 Orr 

HENDERSON Alexander, boilermaker, 30 Cathcart 

Henderson Andrew, financier, 30 Cathcart St. 
Henderson Archibald, painter, 61 Holmscroft St. 
Henderson & Co., clothier: 7 , 27 Cathcart St. 
Henderson George, brass-moulder, 12 Terrace Rd. 
Henderson George, plumber, 40 Ann St. 
Henderson Herbert, librarian (Greenock Library), 9 

Union St. Ho. do. 
Henderson James, labourer, 3 Broomhill St. 
Henderson John, engineer, 20 Belville St. 
Henderson Neil, insurance agt., 66 Ann St. 
Henderson Neil, insurance agt., 23 Lynedoch St. 
Henderson Ralph, 35a Ard^owan S*\ 
Henderson Robert, coppersmith, 22 Lyle St. 
Henderson Robert, joiner, 62 Ann St. 
Henderson Robert Lowe (of Fisher, Henderson & 

Co.), 117 Eldon St. 
Henderson Robert, sawyer, 21 Moffat St. 
Henderson Robert T., patternmaker, 5 Kelly St. 
Henderson Thomas, wool-carder, 9 PrespecthJill St. 
Henderson Thomas, eneineer, 27 Bank S 4 ". 
Henderson William John, clerk, 8 Denhblm St. 
Henderson Mrs, 59 Ann St. 
Henderson Mrs, 2 Morton Tee. 
Henderson Mrs, draoe^, 54 Ann St. 
Henderson Mrs H. 1 , 8 S 1- . 
Henderson Mrs Marsrt.;, 49 Brisbane St. 
Henderson Mrs Ann Jane, Snringbank, 22 Fox St., 
Henderson Mrs Robert, 22 Bank St. 



Henderson Mrs, 17 Kelly St. 

Henerson Mrs, Gldencairn, 103 Finnart St. 

HENDRY Andrew, caulker, 3 Ratho St. 

Hendry Andrew, labourer, 1 Bruce St. 

Hendry A., rivetter, 10. Grant St. 

Hendry Andrew, labourer, 81 Belville St. 

Hendry Charles, rivetter, 3 Ralhb Sc. 

Hendry David (of Post Office), 66 Wellington Sr. 

Hendry David, signalman, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 

Hendry Daniel, beltman, 19 Newton St. 

Hendry Duncan M., watchmaker, 27 Patrick St. 

Hendry E;. & J., china merch!':s., 23 Hamilton St. 

Hendry James, joiner, 26 Bank St. 

Hendry James, iron-moulder, 18 Antigua St. 

Hendry James, engineer, 9 Finnart Rd. 

Hendry James, watchmaker & jeweller, 34 Hamilton 

Ho. Redlands, 9 '.Robertson St. 
Hendry John, brassfinishlar, 6 Hope St. 
Hendry John, engineer, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
Hendry Joseph, fitter, '6 OakfieM Tee. 
Hendry Joseph, engineer, 54 Lynedoch! St. 
Hendry Robert, hair-dresser, 34 Lynedoch! St. 'Ho. 

51 Belville St. 
Hendry J., confectioner, 5 Newton St. 
Hendry Robert, engineer, 22 Crescent St. 
Hendry Thomas, shipwright, 8 Garwood St. 
Hendry Rev. Thomas C, minister North! U.F. Church 

18 Ardgowan Sq.. 
Hendry William, chief officer, 2 Morton Tee. 
Hendry William, brassfmisher, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Hendry William, fireman, 18 Drumfrocha~ Rd. 
Hendrv William B., comm. traveller, 61 Finnart St. 
Hendrv William Ewart, engineer, 24 Dempster St., 
Hendrv Miss, 22 Brisbane St. 
Hendry Miss, 2 Margaret SK 
Hendry Miss Isa., 41 Lvnedoch St. 
Hendrv Mrs T., 11 Hill St.. 
HENLEY Tohri, gardener, 21 Newark St. 
HENRY John C,\ baker, d Tnverkio St. 
Henry William, chaff eur, 17 Madeira St. 



Henry Mrs Margt., 46 Kelly St. 

Henry Miss Mary, 13 Bentinck St. 

Henry Mrs, 120 Drumfrochar Rd. 

HEPBURN Henry, mason, 42 Roxburgh St. 

HEPVVORTH J. & Sons, Ld., clothiers & outfitters, 
4 Hamilton St., H. E. Rowe, manager. 

HERBERT R. W., stationer & newsagent, 21 Grey 
PL Ho. 9 Robertson St. 

HERD E. & M., fruiterers, 9 Newton St. Ho. 21 
Newton St., 

Herd Robert D., secy., Ferguson Bros., 13 Ft. Mat- 
ilda PL 

Herd William, teacher of shbrthand & typewriting, 18 
Hamilton St.[ Ho. 15 Finnart St. 

HERLIHY Daniel, f'man labourer, 8 Auchmouritain 

' Rd. 

Herlihy William, labourer, 1 MaukinbJill Rd. 

HERON James, fireman, 8 Nile St. 

Heron John, engine-driver, 9 Rathb St. 

Heron John, policemar, 23 Kelly St. 

Henderson Robert, carte, 17 John St. 

Heron David, labourer, 8 Nile St. 

Heron Thomas, joiner, 58 Regent St. 

Heron Mrs, 61a Finnart S\ 

Heron William, labourer, 18 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Heron William, staeer, 59 Regent St. 

Heron Miss Maria, 77 South St. 

Heron Mrs, licensed broker & marine store dealer 5 34 
Shaw St. Ho. 6 Carnock St. 

HETHERINGTON William, labourer, 4 Prospect- 
hill St. 

Hetherin^ton Robert, railwav porte v , 1 9 Bearhbpe St.. 

HEWITT William, plater, 4 Chanel S\ 

Hewitt William N., shoe-maker, 18 Brisbane St. Ho. 
65 Recent St. 

FIEWSON William, labourer, 3 Mt, Pleasant St. 

HEYWOOD John, motorman, 1 Oakfield Tee. 

HTCKS Robert F., comnositor, 15 M\ Pleasant St. 

HTDDLFSTON Ja-es, bo^ermake-, 26 Trafalgar St., 

HIGGIN Andrew, blacksmith, 6 Antigua St. 


i ou are invited 

to call at our 


and inspect the 

Latest Patterns 

and I)esigns of 



for Interior 


We have also on view 

Wedding Gifts or for 




^ouse, @£urc§ atx6 
S>$*P "gfamfers a«6 decorators, 

19 Cathcart St., GREENOCK. 

Phone No. 644 Greenock. 


HIGGINS Edward, steward, 15 Bruce St. 
Higgins George, labourer, 2b Trafalgar St. 
Higgins George, holder-on, 30 Trafalgar St. 
H1GGS H. H. solicitor (of Smith, Macdonald & Craw 

ford), 9 Kelly St. 
Higgs Mrs W. H., 9 Kelly St. 
HIGHET Hugh M., engineer, 20 Lynedoch! St. 
Highet James, rivetter, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Highet Johb, engineer, 29 Nelson St. 
Highet Robert, engineer, 49 Lynedoch! St, 
HIGHLANDERS' Academy, Mt, Pleasant St. 
HILDRETH Miss, 50 Brougham St. 
HILL David, painter, 6 Garvald St. 
Hill Fred., writer, 13 Hamilton St. Ho. 55 Union 
Hill Mrs, 60 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Hill Henry, vanman, 50 Ann St. 
Hill James M. & Co., leather merchks., 11 Stampers 

Hill James, boilermaker, 3 Regent St. 
Hill Tames, joiner, 64 Holmscroft St. 
Hill Joseph, gardener, 55 Nicolson St. 
Hill Matthew, sMoowner, 28 Forsyth St. 
Hill Matthew & Son, grain merchlts., 16 Chapel St. 
Hill William, painter, 27 Robinson Av. 
Hill W. A., (of Matthew Hill & Son),- 61 Finnart St. 
Hill Mrs Agnes, 54 Belville St. 
Hill Mrs A., Bermuda Villa, 3 Prospecthill PI. 
Hill Mrs Robert, 75 Union St. 
HILLIARD John G., enoineer, 14 Kelly St. 
HINRICHS Miss H. M.. 4 Margaret St. 
HIPPODROME (The) Thteatre of Varieties, 40 W. 

Blackball 'St. 
HIPPS Ld., clothiers, 16 Hamilton St. 
HITCHCOCK Thomas L, chlemist, 33 Union St. 
HTALM ARSON Miss, 17 Kelly St. 
H. M. Royal Naval Torpedo Factory, Eldon 'St. 
HOBBS & Samirels- Ld.' palters & deccratprs, 19 

Cathcart St, PWine No. 644. 
HOBDEN Herbert, elect, engineer, 15 Brachelston 




HODAPP Miss M., dress-maker, 30 St. Lawrence St 

HODGE George, asst. manager, 18 Bank St. 

Hodge John F.. (of Mitchell Hodge & Son), 32 Fcr- 
syth St. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, cabinetmakers, uphtolsterers, 
bedding manufrs. and complete house-it rnisWir;, 
12 & 14 W. Blackball St. (See Advt.) 

Hodge Mitchell (of Mitch! ;11 Hodge & Son), 31 Rob- 
ertson St. 

Hodge Mitchell, warehouseman, 40 Brougham St. 

Hodge Mitchell, engineer, 62 Kelly St. 

Hodge James, firewood mercht., Gibbshill Rd. 

HOD'GSON William, mill f'man, 7 Dempster St. 

Hodgson Mrs William, 26 Trafalgar St. 

HOEY James, labourer, 26 Ladyburn BIdgs,. 

Hoey Patrick, labourer, 5 Cathcart St. 

HOGG John, painter, 7 Prospecthill St. 

Hogg L., electrician, 1 Alexandra Mansions. 

Hogg Mrs, 76 Dempster St. 

HOGDEN Herbert G., ship surveyor, 61a Finnart St. 

HOLBURN James/dairyman, 56 Ann St. 

Holbora Robert, flesher, 25 Regent St.; Ho. 21 
Wellington St. 

HOLLAND Mrs E., 4 Watt St. 

Holland Miss; 15 TrafaHar St. 

HOLLINGHURST Albert, labourer, 7 Robinson Av.. 

HOLME John, carnenter, 104 Pr. Glasgow Rd. 

HOLMES George, blacksmith, 23 Ingjeston St. 

Holrres George, iron-driller, 53 BelvTe St. 

Holmes Henry storekeeper, 97 Roxburgh St. 

Holmes James, carting contractor, 2 S'. Lawrence St.. 
Ho. 19 Crescent St. 

Holmes James, dyer, 19 Trafalgar St. 

Holmes James, "slater, 23 W. Stewart St. Ho. 53 
Burnbank Tee. 

Holmes James, slater, 19 Denholm St. 

Holmes Tame- W., licensed grocer, 15 Roxburgh St. 
Ho. 157 Eldon St. 

Ho^es Ma f t !, e"', Grille*-, 13 T.v"ed->ch S+. 

Holmes James, backsmith, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 


Telephone No. 69. 
Telegrams— Hodge, Greenock. 

HODGE'S for Furniture and Carpets. 
HODGE'S for Bedding and Bedsteads. 
HODGE'S for Leather Goods, Trunks, Etc. 
HODGE'S for Linoleum and Floorcloths. 
HODGE'S f° r China and Glass. 
HODGE'S for Perambulators. 
HODGE'S f° r Ironmongery and Hardware. 
HODGE'S for Household Drapery. 
HODGE'S for Toys. 
HODGE'S for Re-making Bedding. 
HODGE'S f° r Re-upholstering Furniture. 
HODGE'S f° r Carpet Beating and Removals. 



12 and 14 
West Blackhall Street. 



Holmes Robert, labourer, 16 Laird St. William, accountant,, Proviuent Bank., Ho. 

H 47 Brisbane St. 

Holmes William, labourer, 3 Belville St. 

Holmes William, manage., Y.M.C.A., 95 Brisbane St 

Holmes Mrs, 42 Mearns St. 

Holmes Miss N., 34 W. Biackhall St. 

Holmes Mrs, 25 W. Burn St. 

Holmes Mrs A., newsagt. & P. O., 33 E. Plamilton 

St. Ho. 17 South St. 
Holmes Mrs Hugh, Sth. Hillend Fan; , Bawhirley Rd. 
HOLMS George, blacksmith, 23 Ing\es;on St. 
Holms \Villiam, hair-dresser, 7 W. B'a khall St. Ho 

1 Madeira Tee. 
HOLT Edward, turner, 67 Duncan S'. 
Holt John, chain-maker, 20 Ann St. 
Holt Robert, blacksmith, 31 Brown S . 
Holt Mrs, 31 Trafalgar St. 

HOLTERMAN William, engineer, 21 Wellington St. 
HOME & Colonial Tea Stores, Ld., 46 Hamilton St. 
Home (The.) Laundry, 58 Ann St. — Miss Baillie, mat. 
HONEYMAN Miss Janet, 34 Newton St. 
HOOD Adexander, railwayman, 7 Brachelston St. 
Hood John, plumber, 9 Argyle St. 
Hood Misses, 48a Kelly St. 
HOOKER Ernest, joiner, 30 Captain St. 
HOOKEY Mrs, 60 Belville St. 
Hooper William, joiner, 75 Pra^he'ston St. 
Hooper S. T., steward, 8 Kilblain S\ 
Hooper Mrs May, 21 Mt, Pleasant S<". 
HOPE George, clerk, 100 Brisbane St. 
Hope Thomas J., engine-drive 1 ", 17 Auchmountain Rd 
Hope William, shunter, 2 Belville St. 
Hope Mrs, 22 Trafalgar St. 
Hope Mrs, 60 Camnbell St. 
Hope Miss, Redlands, 7 Robert c on St. 
HOPKTN Tohn, joiner, 40 Lyne^och St. 
Honkin William, engine-driver, 27 Bruce St. 
HOPKINS Charles, caulke-, 12 Garval^ St. 
Hopkins Frederick, labour ", 2 Crawfurd Lane. 


Hopkins Frederick, labourer, 41 Holmscroft St. 
HOPPER Alexander B., engineer, 12 South St. 
Hopper Mrs James, grocer, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
H ORGAN Rev. Daniel J., clergyman, St. Mary's, 

Patrick St. 
Horgan Rev. William, clergyman, St. Lawrence's, 3^ 

Carnock St. 
HORN Henry, iron-driller, 85 Belville St. 
Horn James Y., distiller, 1 Fox St. 
Horn Robert, engineer, 28 Bruce St. 
Horn William, joiner, 20 Lynedoch St. 
Horn William, labourer, 23 Bruce St. 
HORNE David, joiner, 56 Kelly St. 
Home Robert, cabinet-maker, 56 Kelly St. 
HORNER E., engineer, 15 Lauriston St. 
HORNSBY William, medical practitioner, 35 Regent 

St., Ho. 61 Regent St. 
HOSEA James B., clerk, 13 Gordon St. 
Hosea Miss A. L., matron, Scott Institution, 39 Dem 

pster St. 
Hosea Miss, 5 Newton St. 

Hosie Mrs, Western Temp. Hotel, 7 Brougham St. 
Hosie Mrs, confectioner, 1 Cartsburn St. 
HOTCHKISS Thomas, labourer, 41 Nicolson St. 
HOUGHTON Thomas, boilermaker, 55 Baxter St. 
HOUSEHOLD Supply Co. Ld., 5 W. Blackhall St. 

A. Osborne, manager. 
HOUSTON Archibald, caretaker, Gateside Hospital, 
Houston George, engineer, 12 Lyle St. 
Houston Harry, plater, 51 Holmscroft St. 
Houston George, errtoorium, 29 Roxburgh St. Ho. 

2 Wellington St. 
Houston Robert & Sons, L-L, woollen manufrs., Rock 

bank Mills, Drumfrochar Rd.- Warehouse, 28 W. 

Blackhall St. 
Houston John, caulker, 57 Holmscroft St. 
Houston Tohn, olumber, 9 Kilblain St. 
Houston T. & R. & Kerr, Ld., eneineers, Cartsburn 

Foundrv. & Glenburn Work=, In^leston St. 
Houston Robert, rivetter, 9 BelvHe St. 



Houston Thomas, rivetter, 13 Charles St. 

Houston William, joiner, 14 Ardgowan St. 

Houston Miss, 17 Forsyth St. 

Houston Mrs, 9 Ratho St. 

Houston Robert C, Birnam, 40 Newark St. 

HOWARD William, motor engineer, 80 Roxburgh 

St., Ho. 82 Holmscroft St. 
HO WAT Alexander, coppersmith, 30 Lynedoch St. 
Howat Hugh, trainer, 5 Oakfield Tee. 
Howat John, engineer, 25 Brown St. 
HOWE James, mechanic, 33 Trafalgar St. 
HOWIE Andrew, elect, engineer, 29 Bank St. 
Howie David, sluiceman, Overton. 
Howie David L., photographer, 1 Campbell St. Ho. 

Steel St., Gourock. 
Howie Forbes B. (ol Poole & Howie), 6 Campbell St. 
Howie Mrs, fruiterer, 1 Lauriston St., Ho. 31 Ing- 

leston St. 
Howie James, boilermaker, 22 Lynedoch St. 
Howie James, carpenter, 54 St. Lawrenec St. 
Howie James, carter, 21 Ingleston PI. 
Howie James, check weighman, 46 Kelly St,. 
Howie John, engineer, 92 Belville St. 
Howie Mrs, 31 Ingleston. St|. 
Howie John, overlooker, 34 Dempster St. 
Howie John, patternmaker, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
Howie John D., railway clerk, 11 Lyle St. 
Howie James, clerk, 10 Holmscroft St. 
Howie John B., f'man patternmaker, 18 Mearns St. 
Howie Matthew, potato mercht., Roslin St., Glebe. 

Ho. Stormont, Manor Crescent^ Gourock. 
Howie William, ootato mercht., 13 Charles St. Ho. 

5 Robertson St. 
Howie Mrs W. J.. 69 Nicolson St. 
Howie Mrs, 14 E. Crawfurd St. 
Howie Mrs, Roberton Villa, Low Inverkip Rd. 
Howie Mrs Alexander, 6 Campbell St. 
Howie Mrs D.. '68 Eldon St. 

Howie Mrs Margt., restaurateur 7 Main St. Ho. 29 
Bank St. 



HOWLETT Edmund, engineer, 46 Captain St. 

Howlett Edmund, draughtsman, 18 Roxburgh St. 

HOY Miss, 6 Brisbane St. 

HUDSON Mrs M., 5 lLynedoch St. 

HUGGINS Oscar, engineer, 41 Lynedoch St. 

Huggins Mrs S. E., 14 Holmscroft St. 

HUGHES Andrew, carter, 47 Main St. 

Hughes Fred. W., engineer, 6 Lauriston St. 

Hughes George, goods guard, 14 Murdieston St. 

Hughes James, labourer, 8 Nile St. 

Hughes Mrs Isa, draper & P. O., 1 Lauriston St. Ho. 

6 Lauriston St. 
Hughes James, 2 Sinclair St. 

Hughes James, spirit mercht., 12 E. India Breast. 
Ho. 38 Finnart St. 

Hughes John, carpentei", 4 Garvald St. 

Hughes Tohn, engine-driver, 37 Nelson St. 

Hughes John, labourer, 16 Drumfrochar Rd, 

Hughes John (of Post Office), 14 Brisbane St. 

Hughes Tohn, crane^an, 1 Brcomhill St. 

Huohes John, shipwright, 65 Nicolson St. 

Hughes Tohn, blacksmith, 2 Princes St. 

Hughes Joseph, blacksmith, 13 Carwood St. 

Hughes William, labourer, 57 Holmscroft St. 

Hughes William H., plater, 9 Crescent St. 

Husjhes Mrs, 27 Union St. 

Hughes Mrs Thomas, 85* Belville St. 

Hughes Miss, nurse, 39 Roxburgh St. 

FULF Arthur, coppersmith, 15 Newton St. 

Hulf William, coppersmith, 6 Houston St. 

HULTON E. & Co. Ld., publishers, 1 Hunter PL 

HUME Gordo™ W., bricklayer, 5 Dempster St. 

Hume Mrs, 4 Hope St. 

Hume Mrs, 8 Carwood St. 

HUMPHREYS Archibald, herbalist, 5 William St, 

Ho. 1 Octavia Cotts., E. Crawfurd St. 
Humphreys Hugh, foreman, "11 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Humphreys Joseph, clerk, 25 Newton St. 
Fn-mhrevs Miss Margt.. 33 Robertson St. 
HUNTER ATexande^-, rivetter, 11 Main St. 



Hunter Allan M., rivetter, 9 Hill St. 

Hunter Andrew, coachman, 11 W. Stewart St. 

Hunter David, baker, 29 Trafalgar St. 

Hunter Frederick, coachman, 23 W. Blackhall St. 

Hunter Frederick, coachpainter, 87 Roxburgh St. 

Hunter Hugh, joiner, 14 Antigua St. 

Hunter James, engineer, 26 Bank St. 

Hunter James, painter, 24 Murdieston St. 

Hunter James C, brassfinisher, 27 Bank St. 

Hunter James, Hillrig, Academy PI. 

Hunter John, baker, 9 Wellington St. 

Hunter John F. (of H.M. Customs), 31 Robertson 

Hunter John, caulker, 30 Sir Michael St. 
Hunter John, steward, 12 Nile St. 
Hunter John, machinist, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
Hunter John, plumber, 2 Holmscroft St. 
Hunter Robert L., joiner, 10 Lyle St. 
Hunter Thomas, patternmaker, 3 Hope St. 
Hunter Thomas, journalist, 18 Trafalgar St. 
Hunter William, brassfinisher, 3 Hope St. 
Hunter William, coachman, 14 Ardgowan St. 
Hunter William, engineer, 10 Lyle St. 
Hunter William, flesher, 33 Hamilton St. & 59 Ven- 

nel. Ho. Rosemount Villa, Langside. 
Hunter Matthew, grocer, 25 Brougham St. 
Hunter William, brassfinisher, 14 Mfc. Pleanant St. 
Hunter William, brassfinisher, 18 Trafalgar St. 
Hunter William, shipwright, 26 Brown St. 
Hunter Miss, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 
Hunter Miss Eliz., 12 South St. 
Hunter Mrs, midwife, 21 Belville St. 
Hunter Mrs Alexander. 68 Kelly St. 
Hunter Mrs George, 17 W. Blackhall St. 
Hunter Mrs JohnC., 61 Eldon St. 
Hunter Mrs Margt., 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Hunter Mrs J. M., 14 Lyle St. 
Hunter Mrs, 12 Mt, Pleasant S'. 
Hunter Mrs Mary, 13 Mearns St. 



HURRY Andrew A., A.M. I.E. E., (of Hurry Broth- 
ers), 71 Brisbane St. 

Ktrry Brothers, electrical engineers & armature wind 
ers, 16 W. Blackball St. Phone No. 776 

Hurry Robert, electrical engineer, 18 Kelly St. 

HUSSEY John, holder-on, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

HURST George, iron-turner, 8 Carwood St. 

HUTCHESON Alexander, labourer, 11 Mill St. 

Hutcheson Allan G.., engineer, 2 George Sq. 

Hutcheson George, joiner, 12 Brisbane St. 

Hutcheson James, manager, Overton. 

Hutcheson James, wheelwright, 58 Belville St. 

Hutcheson John, coal mercht., 17 Prospecthill St. 
Ho. 11 Mill St. 

Hutcheson John, overlooker, 32 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Hutcheson John, warehouseman, 10 Murdie5ton St. 

Hutcheson Robert, blacksmith, 4 Mearns St. 

Hutcheson Robert, caulker, 36 W. Blackball St. 

Hutcheson Samuel, engineer, 191 Eldon St. 

Hutcheson Thomas, joiner, 40 Ann St. 

Hutcheson William, engineer, 42 Dempster St. 

Hutcheson William, overlooker, 12 Murdieston St. 

Hutcheson Mrs, 68 Wellington St. 

Hutcheson Mrs, 20 Crescent St. 

HUTCH TSON Alexander, insurance agt,, 100 Bel- 
ville St. 

Hutchison Mrs, 71 Regent St. 

Hutchison David, salesman, 21 Belville St. 

Hutchison David, draughtsman, 15 Border St. 

Hutchison Isaac, warehouseman, 87 Wellington St. 

Hutchison Tames, boilermaker, 33 K. Crawfurd St. 

Hutchison Tames, engineer, 5 Inverkin St. 

Hut.hcison John, labourer, '27 Nicolson St. 

Wutrhison John, carter, 32 Roxburgh St, 

Hutchison Tohn, jr., cartwright, 32 Roxburgh St. 

Hutchison Tohn B., shioyard manager, 65 Eldon St. 

Hutchison Robert F., draughtsman, 34 Robertson St. 

Hutchison Thomas, caulker, 36 Lynedoch St. 

Hutchison Mrs Hannah, spirit mercht., 9 Main St. 
Ho. 52 E. Crawfurd St. 



Will not be complete until EECTRICITY is used for all 


The use of EBCTRICITY for 


removes half the work of a household, while 
the employment of Electric Power makes the 
remainder an easy and desirable occupation. 


All Classes of Electrical Work Undertaken. 
Electrical Motors Repaired in our own Workshop 



- AND - 



Electrical Contractors and Armature Winders, 

Phone 776. Telegrams— Grinding 1 , Greenoek. 


Hutchison Mrs Mary, 9 Hope St. 

HUTS ON & Flockhart, writers, 28 Nicolson S,. 

HUTTON William, brassfinisher, 34 W. Blackball St. 

Hutton Mrs, 5 W .Blackhall St. 

HYDE Mrs Norman, green-grocer, 49 Lyneioch St. 

Hyde Mrs William, 15 Mill St. 

HYMAN Isaac, general dealer, 20 Laird St. 

HYND James, insurance agt., 28 Mearns St. 

HYNDMAN John, joiner, 23 Sir Michael St, 

Hyndman John G., comm. agt., 4 E. Breast. 

Hyndman William, coal mercht., 7 Smith's Lane. 

HYNDS Samuel, painter, 2 Murdi^ston St. 

HYNES James, labourer, 25 Belville St. 

Hynes Mrs A., 2 Serpentine Walk. 


IMPERIAL Halls, 44 Rue-end St. 

Imperial Union Club, 16 Patrick St. 

INCENTI David, confectioner, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

INGLES A. H., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 4 Argyle St. 

Ho. Redholt, 35 Forsyth St. 
Ingles George, painter, 64 Holmscroft St. 
INGLIS Andrew (of J. Carswell & Son), Glenfinnart, 

41 Fox St. 
Inglis, drapers & outfitters, 15 Cathcart St. 
Inglis John, engineer, 12 South St. 
Inglis John M'L. (of Jas. Duff & Son), 79 Eldon St. 
Inglis Matthew, tailor, 27 Nelson St. 
Inglis William, engineer, 7 Caddlehill St. 
Inglis Mrs James, 16 South St. 
Inglis Mrs Robert, 44 Eldon St. 
INGRAM John, inspector S.PJC.A., 24 Moffat St. 
Ingram William B., retd. teacher, 58 Esplanade. 
INLAND Revenue Office (Excise) Customhou c e Bdg > 
INNES George, warder, 5 Nelson St. 
Innes James, Kirkdale, Ly'e Rd. 
Innes James, motorman, 6 Oakfield Tee. 
Innes James, tramwav inspector, 52 E. Hamilton S . 
Innes John, joiner, 67 Roxburgh St. 
Innes Joseoh, clerk, 5 Brachelston St. 


Innes Robert, caulker, 32 Captain St. 
Innes William, joiner, 30 Wellington St. 
INSPECTOR of Taxes, districts 1, 2 & 3, Municipal 

INSURANCE Committee for the Burgh of Greenock, 

4 Brymner St.] — Clerk, R. W. Robertson. 
IRELAND George, caulker, 9 Argyle St. 
Ireland Thomas, engine-driver, 10 Nile St. 
Ireland Mrs, 2 Ford PI. 
Ireland Mrs Susan, 14 Captain St. 
Ireland William, carpenter, 9 Hill St. 
Ireland Mrs, 77 Wellington St. 
IRVINE Andrew, labourer, 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Irvine Henry, engineer, 42 Wellington St. 
Irvine Hugh, iron-driller, 11 Carwood St. 
Irvine James, boat-builder, 13 Carwood St. 
Irvine James A., traveller, 22 South St. 
Irvine Richard, coal mercht., 6 Hope St. 
Irvine Richard, storeman, 34 St. Lawrence St. 
Irvine Mrs James, 2 Macdougall St. 
IRVING Archibald, cabinet-maker, 7 Hope St. 
Irving Mrs, 8 Nile St. 
Irving George, carpenter, 5 Caddlehill St. 
Irving George, craneman, 51 Kelly St. 
Irving Matthew, painter, 15 Bruce St. 
Irving Robert R., lofts-^an, 9 Lauriston St. 
Irving T., mantle manufr., 2 Hamilton St. Ho. Red 

lands, 9 Robertson St. 
Irving Thomas, watchmaker, 5 Nile St. 
Irving William, moulder, 29 Orr A v. 
Irvine- William, brass-moulder, Jeanfield, Kilmacolm 

Irvine Mrs, 5 Caddlehill S^. 
ISAACS Barnet, shoe-^aker, 41 Cath^art St. 
TSBISTER Thomas, shipmaster, 209 Eldon St. 


JACK Tames, 1 abourer, 97 Denroster St. 
jack Tbo-^as, grocer, 17 Gordon St. 
JACKSON James, m?chi"ist, 15 Carwood St. 



Jackson Alexander, shipwright^ 7 E. Crawfurd St. 

Jackson James, carter, 7 Lyneaoch St. 

Jackson John, butcher, 25 Tobago St. 

Jackson John, butcher, 10 Holmscroft St. 

Jackson John, moulder, 23 Crescent St. 

Jackson John, brassnnisher ? 48 Lynedoch St. 

Jackson John, iron- moulder, 9 Carwood St. 

Jackson Robert, hammer-man, 34 E. Hamilton S\. 

Jackson Thomas, 13 Watt St. 

Jackson William, engineer, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 

Jackson William, engineer, 34 E. Hamilton St. 

Jackson William, rivetter, 38 Main St. 

Jackson William J., hole-borer, 14 St. Lawrence St. 

Jackson William, f'man engineer, 28 Brown St. 

Jackson William, hammerman, 28 Sir Michael St. 

Jackson William, caulker, 28 E. Hamilton St. 

JACOBS Peter R., 30 Robertson St. 

Jacobs T. R. & P. R., solicitors, Library Bldgs., Wall 

ace PI. 
JAGGER Robert, botanical brewer, 7 Prospecthill Sti 
Jagger Sidney, engineer, 31 Trafalgar St. 
JAMES Samuel, electrician, 33 Brougham St. 
JAMIESON David, engineer, 19 Trafalgar St. 
Jamieson James, painter, 36 Lynedoch St. 
Jamieson Mrs, insurance agt., Thornhill, 37 Ardgow- 

an St. 
Jamieson John, joiner, Gowanlea, 33 Bawhirley Rd., 
Jamieson John, insce. agt., 48 Dempster St. 
Jamieson John (of Post Office), 5 Hope St. 
Jamieson John T., draughtsman, 4 Alexandra M'sions 
Jamieson Robert, baker, 28 Wellington St. 
Jamieson R. W., inspector, Renf. Educ. Auth., 60 

Kelly St. 
Jamieson Thomas, shoemaker, 47 Roxburgh St. 
Jamieson Walter S., plumber & gasfitter, 38 W. Burn 

St. Ho. 60 Kelly St. 
Jamieson Jessie, 2 Finnart St. 
Jamieson Misses M. & J.> 91 Newton St. 
Jamieson Miss Christian, 19 Bentinck St. 
Jamieson Mrs, 13 Charles St. 



jamieson Miss Mary, 63 Dempster St. 

jamieson Mrs R,, 10 Bank Sc. 

JARuINE Joseph, guard, Maybank, Gait S:. 

Jardine William, general manager, Grtenock Harbour 
Trust, 36 Finnart St. 

Jardine William, plater, 8 Inchgreen St.. 

Jardine Mrs Annie, 13 Bruce St. 

Jardine Mrs William P., 10.4 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

JARRETT Harry, S. A. officer, 16 Lynedoch St. 

JARVEY James, confectioner, ,25 Wellington St. 

JEFFERS Samuel, labourer, 6 Drumfrochar" Rd. 

JEFFREY James, Customs watche-, 12 Mt. Pleas- 
ant St. 

Jeffrey John, joiner, 75 Regent St. 

Jeffrey John J., patternmaker, 5 Hope S:. 

Jeffrey Thomas, hammerman, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Jeffrey William, carpenter, 26 Wellington St. 

JEFFERS David, foreman, 56 E. Hamilton St. 

JENKINS George, labourer, 39 Holmscroft St. 

Tenkins William, painter, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Jenkins Miss, Burnbank Tee., 33 Brachelston St. 

Teffers John, engine-man, 5 York St. 

TENKINSON James, insce. agt., 24 Prospecthill St. 

JENNER W. H., hair-dresser & billiard-room keep- 
er, 26 W,. Blaovkhall St. Ho. 40 Brougham St. 

JEPHSON Andrew, greengrocer, 16 Drumfrochar 

Jephson John, labourer, 3 Regent St. 

TeDhson William' J., ioiner, 29 Lyle St. 

JERDAN Rev, Charles, L.L.B., D.D.. senior minister 
Sir Michael St, U.F. Church, 68 Union St. 

TESS Samuel, labourer, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 

JESSAMINE James Hendry, rafter, 43 Lynedoch 

Tessamine William, engineer, 34 Mt. Pleasant St. 

TOHANSEN August, clerk, 10 Antigua St. 

TOHANSON Charles A., grinder, 27 Belville St. 

TOHNS Walter, shop manager, 58 Kellv St, 

TOHNSON Hector, gardener, 12 Watt St. 

Johnson John, clerk, 3 Ant'eua St. 



Johnson Peter, 56 Dempster St. 

Johnson Robert, engineer, 37 Lynedoch S;. 

Johnson Mrs Isa, 26 Lyle St. 

JO^iaSTON Adam, storekeeper, 9 Carwcod St. 

Johnston Alfred, engine-driver, 9 Lauriston St. 

Johnston Alexander, joiner, 66 Holmscroft St. 

Johnston Allan, carpenter, 6 Mearns St. 

Johnston Angus, plater, 27 Dempster Sc. 

Johnston Charles, supt. of police, 79 Holmscroft St. 

Johnston David, checker, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Johnston George N., pawnbroker, 4 Watson's Lane. 
Ho. 3 Madeira Tee. 

Johnston Henry, labourer, 37 Shaw St., 

Johnston James, cfcerk, 28 Dempster St. 

Johnston James, carpenter, 52 Holmscroft St. 

Johnston Mrs, 15 Belville St. 

Johnston James, plater, 83 Roxburgn St. 

Johnston John, brassfounder, 21 Ingleston PL 

Johnston John, clerk, 71 Nicosonl St. 

Johnston John, plater, 29 Regent Sc. 

Johnston John, iron-turner, 3 Brache.ston St. 

Johnston John, bricklayer, 39 Recent St. 

Johnston John, engineer, 7 Hope S:. 

Johnston John K., water mechanic, 24 Mearns S:. 

Johnston Joseph, auctioneer, 9 Terrace Rd. 

Johnston Robert, carpenter, 6 Carwood St. 

Johnston Robert, carpenter, 52 E. Hamilton St. 

Johnston Robert, boilermaker, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Johnston Robert, outfitter, 6 Lyle St. 

Johnston Robert, labourer, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

Johnston Robert, labourer, 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Johnston Samuel, fireman, 35 Wellington St. 

Johnston Samuel, licensed groce v , 33 Lynedoch St. 
Ho. 67 Roxburgh St. 

Johnston Samuel, joiner, 104 Pt. G'asgow Rd. 

Johnston Samuel, motorman, 28 Trafalgar St. 

Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 20 Antigua S*\ 

Johnston Thos., grocer, 43 Shaw S .. Ho. 17 G' en- 
view Tee. 


general birectory. 

Johnston Thomas, baker, 16 Inverkip St. 

Johnston Thomas, vanman, 12 Terrace Rd. 

Johnston Thomas, painter, 1 Kilblain St. 

Johnston William, boat-builder, 5 Ratho St. 

Johnston William, labourer, 15 Carwood St. 

Johnston William, labourer, 5 Inverkip St. 

Johnston William, watchmaker, 20 Nelson St. 

Johnston William, butcher, 35 W. "Stewart St. 

Johnston Miss, 9 Lyle St. 

Johnston Mrs Isa, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Johnston Mrs John, 23 Ingleston St. 

Johnston Mrs Mary, 18" South St. 

Johnston Mrs Sophia, 41 W. Blackhall St. 

Johnston Mrs H., grocer, 12 Watt St. 

Johnston Mrs Janet, 6 Baxter St. 

JOHNSTONE Alex., electrician, 1 Ker St. Ho. 
21 Nelson St. 

Johnstone Alex. L., draper & jeweller, 44 Cathcart 

Johnstone George, papermaker, 118 Drumfrochar Rd 

Johnstone Hugh, plater, 10 E. Crawfurd St. 

Johnstone Hugh, boilermaker, 35 Holmscroft St. 

Johnstone Robert, salerooms, 37 Rue-end St. 

lohnstone Robert J., caulker, 2 Oakfield Tee. 

Johnstone John H., mason, 6 Lyle St. 

Johnstone William, engine-driver, 56 Belville St. 

Johnstone Mrs M., 3 Macdougall St. 

Johnstone Mrs Wm., 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Johnston Mrs F-up hernia, milliner, 27 Regent St. Ho. 
4 Lyle St. 

JONES Evan R., engineer, 7 Newton St. 

Jones Harry W., photographer, 21 Caddlehill St. 

Jones John, machinist, 6 Carwood St. 

Jones Paul, Son & Co., boat-builders, Battery Park. 

Jones Richard, baker, 33 Ann St. Ho. 14 Holms- 
croft St. 

Tones Richard, hardware mercht,, 79 Roxburgh St. 
Ho. 24 Grant St. 

Tones Thomas, hammerman, 2 Kilmacolm Rd. 

Tones Mrs William, Russel 1 Bank, 36 Campbell St., 



JOSS Robert, glazier, 14 Murdieston St. 

JOYCE Robert, moulder, 15 Dempster St. 

Joyce Mrs Annie, 65 Holmscroft St. 

JLiiiCE of Peace Clerk's Office, 46 Cathcar; St. 

Justice of Peace Fiscal (William Auld), County Bagiv. 

Joyce Mrs Agnes 52 Lynedoch St. 

JUROR Daniel railwayman, 26 South St. 


K. O. Cereals Ld., corn-flour manufrs., Drumfrochar 

KAMM5KY Manuel, draper, 20 Ann St. Ho. 12 

Lynedoch St. 
KANE Alexander craneman, 8 Hope St. 
Kane Alexander baker, 18 Bruce St. 
Kane George, baker, 12 Kelly S L . 
Kane George, jobbing gardener, 7.3 Nico.son S^. 
Kane James, stableman, 17 Ne'son S:. 
Kane John, baker, 89 Roxburgh St. 
Kane John, caulker, 37 Lynedoch St. 
Kane Michael, carpenter, 4 Garvald St. 
Kane Michael, iron-driller, 24 Arthur S~. 
Kane Mrs, pawnbroker, 1 Hope S:. 
Kane Thomas, labourer, 36 Inverkip St. 
Kane Thomas, driller, 12 Ann St. 
Kane Thomas, ironmonger, 39 South St. 
Kane Mrs, 10 Nile St/ 
KATER Mrs, 5 Bawhirley Rd, 
KAVANAGH Janes, labourer, 26 Inverkip S . 
Kavanagh Michael, n.i'1 wrkr., 38 Nicolson St. 
KAY James, painter, 29 Ingleston St, 
Kay James H,, travels er, 23 South S' . 
Kay David, master joiner, Oakfield East, 
Kay Robert, plumbery 41 Crawfurd St. 
Kay & Ballantyne, joiners & cabine' -makers, 55 Be T - 

ville St. 
KAYES William,, labourer, 3 Mearns SS*. 
KEAN Thomas^ lithographer, 70 EMon S^. 
KEANE John, journalist, 3 Hope St. 
Keane Martin, machinist, 2 Cross Shore S . 



KEARNEY E., fruiterer, 28 Inverkip St. 
Kearney Michael, labourer, 12 St. Lawrence St. 
Kearney Mrs, 19 South St. 

KEAT1NGS Matthew, labourer, 26 W ,.Blackhall St. 
KEE Joseph, Campfield House, 207 EldOn St. 
Kee William W ., joiner, 13 Brisbane "St. 
KEEFE Mrs John, 52 Inverkip St. 
KEEGAN John, plater's helper, 13 Rue-end St. 
KEILL John, brassfinisher, 6 Chapel St. 
Keill Robert, labourer, 20 Laird St. 
KEIR Walter, barman, 22 Trafalgar St. 
KELLIE John, plater, 31 Dempster St.' 
KEITH Angus, ship-master, 12 Brisbane St. 
Keith Duncan, seaman; 36 Lynedoch St. 
Keith John, hammerman, 15 Cathcart St, 
KELLY Andrew, joiner, 26 Sir Michael St, 
Kelly Daniel, labourer, 20 St. Lawrence St. 
Kelly Daniel, teacher, 69 Nicolson St. 
Kelly George, tailor, 63 Nicolson St. 
Kelly George, blacksmith, 38 Ann St. 
Kelly Hugh, iron-driller, 12 Crescent St. 
Kelly Hugh, driller, 24 Lyle St. 
Kelly James, fitter's helper, 64 Regent St. 
Kelly James, plumber, 57 Ann St. 
Kelly James T., tinsmith, 40 Nicolson St. 
Kelly John, engineer, 40 Mearns St. 
Kelly John, fitter's helper, 80 Belville St. 
Kelly John, labourer, 49 Cathcart St. 
Kelly John, moulder, 90 Belville St. 
Kelly John, rivetter, 3 Orchard St. 
Kelly John, stevedore, 2 Palmerston Bldgs. 
Kelly John, slater, 5 Drurhfrochar Rd. 
Kelly John, rivetter, 39 Roxburgh St. 
Kelly Michael, labourer, 3 Rue-end St. 
Kelly Neil, checker, 9 Watt St/ 
Kelly Patrick, iron-dresser, 34 St. Lawrence St. 
Kelly Patrick, labourer, 3 Rue-end St. 
Kelly Patrick, tailor, 49 Mearns St. 
Kelly Robert, carpenter, 33 Ingleston St. 
Kelly Robert, cabinet-maker, 45 Cathcart St. 



Kelly Thomas, driller, HE. Crawfurd St. 

Kelly & Storm,, tailors, 16 Inverkip St. 

Kelly William, gateman, 3 Prospecthill St. 

Kelly William, analycical chemise, 23 Lynedoch St. 

Kelly William, plumber, 17 Lauriston St. 

Kelly William & Co., licensed grocers, 9 William St. 

& 72 Eldon St. 
Kelly Miss Agnes, 85 Roxburgh St. 
Kelly Miss, teacher, 10 Morton Tee. 
Kelly Mrs, 67 Nicolson St. 
Kelly Mrs, draper, 24 Inverkip St. 
Kelly Mrs, 36 W. Blackhall St. 
Kelly Mrs, fruiterer, 36 E. Hamilton St. 
Kelly Mrs Mary, 3 Bank St. 
KELSO Matthew, joiner, 2 Lyle St, 
Kelly Mrs Donald, 10 Mearns'St. 
Kelso Robert, patternmaker, 3 Hope St. 
Kelso Thomas, engineer, 29 Lyle St. 
Kelso William,, boilermaker, 8 Lyle St. 
Kelso William, engineer, 27 Regent St. 
Kelso William, paper tier, 50 Dempster St. 
KEMP George, insce. agt., 59 Ann St. 
Kemp David, labourer, 69 Ann St. 
Kemp Peter, tinsmith, 5 Oakfield Tee. 
Kemp Robert M., craneman, 10 Terrace Rd. 
Kemp William, fireman, 68 Ann St. 
Kemp Miss, 35 Robertson St. 
Kemp Mrs, 23 Trafalgar St. 
KEMPSTER John W. (of Harland & Wolff, Ld.), 

Broadstone. Pt. Glasgow. 
KENDAL Seth, wool-sorter, 10 Mill St). 
KEEN AN James, hair-dresser, 85 Belville St. 
Keenan Miss, 24 W. Stewart St. 
KENNAWAY William, caulker, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 
KENNEDY Alexander, engineer, 12 Terrace Rd, 
Kennedy Allan, iron-moulder, 3 Orchard S+. 
Kennedy ChristODher, brakesman, "55 Ann St. 
Kennedy Colin, piner, T) Watt St. 
Kennedy D., carpenter, 5 Holmscroft St. 
Kennedy Donald| boatman, 5 Ingleston St. - 



i Kennedy Donalc 4 moulder, 104 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Kennedy Donald, motorman, 3 E. Crawfurd S;. 

Kennedy Ernest, labourer, 26 Captain St. 

Kennedy Ferguson, baker & confectioner, 11 Union 
St. Ho. 67 Holmscroft St. 

Kennedy Ferguson, coppersmith, 18 Bruce St. 

Kennedy Ferguson, engineer, 20 Prospecthiil St. 

Kennedy Hugh, monumental sculptor, 6 South St. 
Ho. 63 Albert Rd., Gourock. Phone 324. 

Kennedy James, sculptor, 20 Bruce St. 

Kennedy John, caulker, 11 W. Stewart St. 

Kennedy John, shipwright, 54 St. Lawrence St. 

Kennedy John J., registrar of births, &c, East dist- 
rict, Wallace PI. Ho. 37 Kelly St. 

Kennedy Mrs Helen, 8 South St. 

Kennedy Samuel, baker, 30 Bruce St. 

Kennedy Samuel, labourer, 36 E. Hamilton St. 

Kenneiy Samue 1 , cau'ker, 37 Holmscroft St. 

Kennedy Thorras, clerk, 9 Lynedoch St. 

Kennedy Thomas, labourer, 43 Ann St. 

Kennedy Thomas, baker, 5 Watt St. 

Kennedy Walter, blacksmith, 49 Mearns St. 

Kennedy Mrs, 15 Finnart St. 

Kennedy William (of Fire Brigade), 12 Dalrymple St 

Kennedy William, 23 Ingleston St. 

Kennedy William, driller, 43 Auchmountain Rd. 

Kennedy Mrs, 6 Chapel St. 

Kennedy Mrs, 30 Wellington St. 

Kennedy Mrs, 24 Antigua St. 

Kennedy Mrs Mary, 9 Belville St. 

Kennedy Miss E.. 5 Bank St> v 

KEOGH Peter, motorman, 1 Hill St. 

KEOWN Annesley, engineer, Somerset, Bawhirley 

Keown Richard$ draughtsman, 23 Dempster St. 

Keogh James, vanman, 10 Carnock St. 

Keosrh Tohn, rabman, 24 W. Biackhall Sf>. 

Ker William M.. plumber, 13 Newton Sty, 

F^RNACHAN William, gardener, 7 Newton St,. 

KERR A'e-ander, engineer. 8 Gara'd Si. 



Kerr Alex. C. (of Post Office), 39 Ann. St. 

Kerr Andrew, ironmonger, 40 Grant Sc. 

Kerr A. S., (Glebe Sugar Refg. Co. Let.-), Whitefar-* 
land, 48 Octavia Tee. 

Kerr Daniel, mate, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 

Kerr Denis, lamplighter, 6 Sir Michael St. 

Kerr Donald, f'man stower, 27 Maukinhiil Rd. 

Kerr Duncan, joiner, 82 Belviiie St. Ho. 42 Hillend 

Kerr Duncan, solicitor, 2 Church PI. Ho., 17 New- 
ton St. 

Kerr Duncan C, chief area officer, Ministry of Pen- 
sions, 33 Robertson St. 

Kerr George, engineer, 3 Orchard Si,. 

Kerr George, hair-dresser, 1 Arthur St. Ho. 22 
Border St . 

Kerr Gilbert, patternmaker, 58 Belviiie S". 

Kerr Hugh, clerk, 58 Belviiie St. 

Kerr Hugh, fireman, 9 Holmscroft St. 

Kerr Hugh, shoe-maker, 1 Lauriston Sty Ho). 44 
Brown St. 

Kerr Hugh, coal mercht., 3 Mill St. 

Kerr James, caulker, 13 Lauriston St. 

Kerr James, engineer, 8 Carwood St. 

Kerr James, yardsman, 14 Brisbane St. 

Kerr James, rafter, 27 Venn el. 

Kerr J. Mt., & Lindsay, chartered accountants & stock 
brokers, 4 Argyle St. 

Kerr John, engineer, 31 Trafalgar St. 

Kerr John (of Crawford & Kerr), 27 Regent St., 

Kerr John (of J. & R. Houston & Kerr, Ld.), Hey- 
wood, 1 Margaret St. 

Kerr William, labourer, 3 Virginia St. 

Kerr John, hammerman, 63 Nieolson St. 

Kerr James, manager, 23 Auchmountain Rd. 

Kerr John G., Glebe Sugar Refgfc Co. Ld., Bagatelle. 

Kerr Peter, artist, 5 1 Brougham St. • 

Kerr Peter, tobacconist, 9 Lynedoch St., 29 & 49 
Cathcart St., 19 & 36 Hamilton St. Ho. 61 For- 
syth Stj. 



Kerr Richard, papermaker, 9 Holmscroft St. 

Kerr Robert, labourer, 3 Arthur St. 

Kerr Robert, 7 Kelly St. 

Kerr Samuel, miller, 6 Mearns St. 

Kerr Thomas, rigger, 1 Kelly St. 

Kerr Thomas F., engine-driver, 3 Oakfield Tee. 

Kerr Walter D,., supt.„ 22 Murdieston Sr. 

Kerr William, traveller, 4 Wellington St. 

Kerr William| barber, 26 E. Crawturd St. 

Kerr Miss Janet, draper, 17 Newton St. 

Kerr Miss M., caretaker, 32 Cathcart St'. 

Kerr Miss A., Rosemount, Bentinck St. 

Kerr Mrs, 35 Border St. 

Kerr Mrs Agnes, 27 Vennel. 

Kerr Mrs Archibald, 17 Newton St. 

Kerr Mrs Colin, 8 Kilblain St. 

Kerr Mrs John, 33 Robertson St. 

Kerr Miss Margt., Heywood, 1 Margaret St*., 

Kerr Mrs, 3 Virginia St. 

Kerr Mrs, 9 Virginia St. 

Kerr Mrs Robert, Westfield, 17 O'ctavia Tee. 

Kerr Mrs Mary H.., 8 Sandringham Tee, 

Kerr Mrs Margt., 17 Brisbane St 

Kerr Mrs Peter, 25 Patrick St. 

Kerr Mrs Robert, 60 Ann St. 

Kerr Mrs Thomas, 41 W. Blackhall St. 

Kerr Mrs W. , 27 Lyle (St.. 

Kerr Mrs William, green-grocer, 32 St. Lawrence St.! 

KERRIGAN John, stevedore, 29 Rue-end St. 

Kerrigan John* fitter, 51 Belville St. 

Kerrigan Thomas, painter, 1 Kilblain St. 

Kerrigan William, caulker, 4 Garvald St. 

Kerrisran William, engineer, 12 Gordon St. 

KEYS Robert, labourer, 28 Wellington St. 

KIDD Ben. P: (of Kidd Brothers), 18 Robertson. 

Kidd Brothers, removal contractors, cabinet-makers. 

iVnhoTsterers, caroet warehousemen, &c, 39 West 

Blackhall St. Phone No. 346. 
Kidd James, engineer, 22 Prospecthill St. 










3nsura nceilgettts. 


Our policy has and 
always will be 
sound and honest 
Skilled Craftsmen 
only employed, 
and their services 
are always at your 



Kidd John B., merchf., 3 Hunter PL Ho. 21 Fox St 

Kidd Samuel, carpenter, 7 Hamilton' St. 

Kidd William, sawyer, 27 Dempster St. 

Kidd Thomas A., machinist, 83 BelviUe St,. 

Kidd Mrs, 21 Fox St. 

KIDSON Mrs, 61 Union St. 

KILBRIDE Francis, rugboacman, 45 Rue-end St. 

KILGOUR John, draughtsman, 40 South St. 

KILLIN Thomas, carpenter, 13 Hope St. 

KILPATRICK Hugh, labourer, 17 Nelson St. 

Kilpatrick Hugh, spirit salesman, 5 Brachelston St. 

Kilpatrick James, mason, 19. Bruce St. 

Kilpatrick John, engine-driver, 16 Bearhope St. 

Kilpatrick Mrs, 2 Garvald St. 

Kilpatrick Miss Nellie, nurse, 14 Mearns St. 

Kilpatrick Mrs Mary, spirit mercht., 35 Vennel.. Ho. 
14 Mearns St. 

KINCAID Charles S., Corrie Bank, 11 Eldon St. 

Kincaid James, shipwright, 12 Garvald St. 

Kincaid James, labourer, 25 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Kincaid James S., director & secy.., John G. Kincaid 
& Co. Ld., Larchmount, Kilmacolm. 

Kincaid John G. & Co. Ld> marine engineers, boiler- 
makers, &c, Clyde Foundry, E:. Hamilton St. 

Kincaid John G., Westhorpe, 44 Newark Stv 

Kincaid Randal G. (of J. G. Kincaid & Co. Ld.), 44 
Newark St. 

Kincaid William, joiner, 64 Regent St. 

Kincaid William, clerk, 24 Murdieston St. 

Kincaid Misses, Corrie Bank, 11 Eldon St. 

KING Alexander, clerk, 48 St. 'Lawrence St 

King Alexander, (of Post Office) 15 Brachelston St.. 

King Alexander, solicitor, 19 Brisbane St. 

King Archd., M|.A., headmaster. Shaw St. School. 
Ho. 38 Mearns St. 

King Frank, fruiterer & florist, 3 Newton St. Ho. 
Elgin Cott., 37 South St.. 

King Gilbert & Son, painters & decorators, 16 Laird 

St. - 

King Gilbert, Ironmonger, 30 Newton St. 



King Henry, 19 Bentinck St. 
King Henrys labourer, 21 Wellington St. 
King Janet, grocer, 14 Newton St. 
King Johrjj gardener, 25 Brougham St. 
King John, grocer, 12 Armadale PI. 
King Peter S., engineer, 18 Grant St» 
King Robert, boiiermaker, 18 Hope St. 
King Robert, engineer, 31 Trafalgar St. 
Ring Robert, boilermaker, 8 Murdieston St. 
King Thomas, seaman, 22 W. Blackhall St. 
Ring Thomas, contractor, 2 Cross Shore St. 
King William, linotype operator, 16 South St* 
King William T., policeman, 22 Lynedoch St, 
King William jj telephone linesman, 13 Prospecthill St. 
King Miss, 34 Brisbane St. 
King Miss, 26 Brisbane St. 
King Miss J., 4 Margaret St. 
King Mrs, 23 Ingleston St. 
King Mrs Alexander, 69 Newton St. 
King Mrs E., 23 Mearns Su. 
King Mrs Margt,, 16 Bank St* 
King Mrs John, Jardineburn, 88 Forsyth St. 
KING'S Theatre, W. Blackhall St., Proprs. & man- 
agers, A. Bw & J. J. Wright, Seabank, 7 Johnstone 

KININMONTH David,, dairyman, Laburnam, Baw- 

hirley Rd. 
Kininmonth Mrs Jessie, 74 Belville St. 
KINLOCH Samuel F., firewood mercmv, 23 Rue-end 
Kinloch Alex.. 49 Margaret St* 

St*, Hoi. 37 Brougham St. 
Kinloch Mrs, 66 E. Crawfurd Sl>. 
KINMOND James L., engineer, 5 Oakfield Tee}.. 
K'INNAIRD James (late Austin & Kinnaird), 19, 

Bogle St. Hoi Parkview, 1 Lynedoch St, 
Kinnaird J. Av & Co. Ld.. elect, engineers, 20 Cath- 

cart St. 
Kiirmaird James (of T. Boag & Co. Ld.), 55 Esplan-i 

Kinnaird Jame? s electrician, 39 Robertson St. 



Rinnaird Mrs William, 5 Robertson St. 
KINN.ELL Mrs George, dairy, 17 Tobago St. 
Kinnell James, dairyman, 17 Mt. Pleasant S§. 
KINNIBURGH Donald, engineer, 17 Dempster St, 
Kinnihurgh James, rafter, 19 Cathcart St. 
Kinniburgh James, butcher, 19 Antigua St. 
Kinniburgh John, boTermaker, 9 Lynedoch St. 
Kinniburgh Mrs Cath. F.j 1 Ford PL 
Kinniburgh Mrs, 27 Lyle St. 
Kinniburgh Janet M'F., tobacconist, stationer & Post 

Office, 27 Nelson St. Hoy 1 Ford PL 
Kinniburgh William, rafter, 27 Brymner St. 
Kinniburgh William* labourer, 37 W. Shaw StL 
KINNIE Thomas, plasterer, 14 Antigua St. 
KINNON Robert, factory wrkr., 52 Wellington Su 
KINON John, lighting attendt., 14 Terrace Rd. 
KIRBY Walter E., engineer, 33 Brougham St. 
KIRK David* slater, 3 Hamilton St. & 23 Inverkip 

St. Ho. 5 Bank St. 
Kirk J. & R v builders & contractors, 5 Campbell St. 
Kirk John, machinist, 14 Hillend Dr. 
Kirk Rev. Robert L., minister, Gresnbank U.F. Ch., 

Ho. Eynhallow, 64 Forsyth St. 
Kirk Robert (of J. & R<: Kirk), 73 Forsyth St. 
Kirk Robt,, jr. (of J. & R. Kirk), 48 Brisbane St. 
Kirk Thos. C;. O. (of J. & R. Kirk), 54 Union St. 
KIRKPATRICK Matthew, upholsterer, 67 Dempster 

Kirkpatrick Richard^ shunter, 16 Hope St. 
Kirkpatrick Wm., (late of Post Office), 10 Armadale 

Kirkpatrick Mrs Mary H., 8 Sandringham Tee. 
KIRKWOOD Adam, baker. 75 Holmscroft St, 
Kirkwood Alex., baker, 88 Roxburgh St. 
Kirkwood James, blacksmith, 18 Cathcart St. 
Kirkwood James, joiner, 44 Lynedoch St. 
Kirkwood Joseph, mariner, 10 South St. 
Kirkwood Matthew* joiner & builder, 5 Brougham St. 

Ho. Norrona, 41 Denholm St„ 


Kirkwood Robert* Huilding contractor, 4 Houston 

St, Ho. 61 Finnart St. 
.Kirkwood William baker, 40 Dempster St. 
Kirkwood William H. t ouse builder, 5 South St.. 

Ho. 97 Newton St. 
Kirkwood Miss, 1 Ford PL. 
Kirkwood Miss M., 20 Antigua Sti- 
Kirkwood Mrs Janet, 26 Mearns St. 
KNEEBONE Fred., boilermaker, 20 Kilblain St. 
KNIGHT Henry, inspector, 13 Ardgowan St. 
Knight John,, holder-on, 44 Cathcart St. 
Knight Robert, holder-on, 13 Lyle St. 
KNOTT George William, surveyor, B.M;. Customs 

159 Eldon St. 
KNOWLES Rohert, checker, 53 Holmscroft St. 
Knowles Miss Isobel A., M|.A., teacher, 28 Ardgowan, 

Knowles Mrs John, 28 Ardgowan St. 
KNOX John, mason, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Knox Matthew, moulder, 52 Lynedoch St.. 
Knox Thomas, sugarboiler, 91 Roxburgh St. 
Knox William A., goods guard, 15 Brougham St.., 
KYD Robert, engineer, 18 E. Crawfurd Sl<. 
KYDD William F., cabinet-maker, 7 Prospecthill St;. 
Kydd Mrs, 20 Prospecthill PL 
KYLE Thomas, joiner, 11 St. Lawrence St ( . ; 

L. & F, Ld., manufg. confectioners,. 3 Brymner St., 

40 Hamilton St. & 61 Rue-end St. 
LAFFERTY Daniel, licensed broker, 15 Market St., 
Lafferty Henry, coal mercht., 40 Cathcart St. 
Lafferty James, rivetter, 20 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Lafferty Patrick, coachman; 29 Hamilton St. 
Lafferty William, labourer, 15 W. Stewart St. 
Lafferty Mrs, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
LAING Alexander, labourer/ 10 Charles St. 
Laing James, seedsman & fruiterer, 33 Hamilton St., 

19-21 Charles St. Ho. 38 Brougham St. 
Laing John, patternmaker, 22 St. Lawrence St. 



Lambie Miss Janet S., boatbuilder, Macdougail St. 

Ho. Enneraaie, 99 Brisbane St. 
Lambie Rooert, grocer, 77 Dempster St. 
LAMOND D., riding instructor, Drums Farm, New 

arK Sc. 
Laing John M., butcher, 43 Holmscroft St. 
Laing Roberc N., fruiterer & florist, 26 Grey PI. Ho. 

38 Brougham St. 
LAIRD Alexander, coppersmith, 36 Crescent St- 
Laird Alexander & Son, contractors, 4 E. Stewart St. 

Ho. 2 St. Andrew Sq. 
Laird David, joiner, 2 Holmscroft St. 
Laird David, labourer, 12 Dunn St. 
Laird Hugh S., engineer, 12 Garvald St. 
Laird James, coppersmith, 21 Ingleston PL 
Laird James (of E. Wilson & Son), 60 Brisbane St. 
Laird John, 28 Patrick St. 
Laird John, dairyman, l'l Brisbane St. 
Laird John, brassfinisher, 29 Belviile St. 
Laird Matthew, brassfinisher, 14 Inverkip St. 
Laird Thomas, plater, 10 Wellington St. 
Laird Thomas, boilermaker, 10 Hope Su 
iuaird Thomas C, asst. f'man, 10 Brachelston St. 
Laird William, engineer, 3 Ardgowan St. 
Laird Miss, 78 Holmscroft St. 
Laird Miss J., stationer, 30 Lynedoch St. 
Laird Mrs James, 17 E. Crawfurd St. . 
Laird Mrs William, 8 Moffat St. 
Laird Mrs C, 10 Hope St. 
LAMB John, plumber, 14 Brown St. 
Lamb John, engineer, 83 Dempster St. 
Lamb Miss, 45 Lynedoch St. 
LAMBERTON Mrs Annie. 43 Brisbane St. 
LAMBIE David, engineer, 47 Brachelston St. 
Lambie Hugh, fitter, 9 Ratho St. 
LAMONT Alexander, joiner, 51 Brachelston St. 
Lamont Alexander, labourer. 35 Nelson St. 
Lamont Afndrew, engineer, 3 Ingleston St. 
Lamont Andrew T.. shin-reoair«r, 35 Brisbane St. 
Lamont x^rchibald, slater, 50 Ann St. 



Lamont H. & Son, steamboat-agts., West Quay. 

Lamont Hugh, mason, 70 Wellington St. 

Lamont James & Co., ship repairers, 3-4 Dock Breast 

Ho. 26 Mearns St. 
Lamont Miss Sarah, 27 Mearns St. 
Lamont John, clerk, 10 Armadale PL 
Lamont Peter (of H. Lamont & Son), 34 Kehy St. 
Lamont Robert, caulker, 12 Ann St. 
Lamont William, passenger agt., Central Station Av. 

Ho. Argyll Villa, Gourock. 
Lamont William, Warehouseman, 66 Ann St. 
Lamont Mrs Mi., 10 Armadale PL 
Lamont Miss M. C, 16 Hope St. 
LANAGHAN Mrs B., 6 E. Blackhall St. 
LANCASTER John, bricklayer, 69 Nicolson St. 
Lancaster Mrs, 45 Crawfurd St. 
Lancaster Robert, bricklayer, 24 Bruce St. 
Lancaster William, plater, 2 Oakfield Tee. 
Lancaster Mrs John, 28 E. Hamilton St. 
LAND I Brothers & Co., confectioners, 3 Hamilton St 
LANE Howell, S, A. Officer, 30 Nelson St. 
LANG Albert, watchman, 4 Holmscroft St. 
Lang Albert, watchmaker, 26 Vennel. 
Lang Andrew H., builder, 83 Newton St. 
Lang Alexander, plater, 8 Garvald St. 
Lang Archibald, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston St. 
Lang David S., lath mercht., 8 South St. 
Lang Edward, boilermaker, 13 W . Stewart St. 
Lang Edward, engineer, 7 Lauriston St. 
Lang & Fulton Ld., ship owners, 1 Cathcart St. 
Lang J. & R., garage, 50 Union St. 
Lang James, engineer, 17 Dempster St. 
Lang James, 9 Finnart Tee. 
Lang John, 40 Eldon St. 
Lang John J., shipowner, 1 Cathcart St. Ho. Auch- 

enbothie, Kilmacolm. 
Lang Matthew, painter, Smithston Av. 
Lang Peter, grocer, 43 Trafalgar St. 
Lang Peter M. (of P. M'Callum & Sons), Lindores, 

"49 Octavia Tee. 



Lang Richard, boilermaker, 43 Lynedoch St. 

Lang Robert, engineer, 3 lnverkip St. 

Lang Robert, glazier, 24 Bruce St. 

Lang William, book-binder, 33 Nelson St. 

Lang Mrs W, Orr, 17 Union St. 

Lang Miss Margt., 70 Eldon St. 

Lang Mrs James, 21 Ingleston PL 

Lang Mrs John, 29 Lynedoch St. 

Lang Mrs John, 27 Kegem St. 

Lang Mrs John, Rockmount, Eldon PI. 

Lang Mrs John, 1 Chalmers St. 

Lang Mrs A,, 9 Glen St. 

LANG AN Andrew, holder-on, 10 Crescent St. 

LANGTRY James, grocer, 42 Dempster St. 

LAN GW ILL John, shipmaster, 39 Robertson St. 

LANIGAN John, driller, 10 Hope St. 

LANIGHAN Mrs Patrick, 1 M'Lean's Land, Lady- 

LAPPIN Samuel, holder-on, 39 Roxburgh St. 

Lappin Mrs Janet, 6 Trafalgar St. 

LAPTHORN James, The Hollies, 9 Forsyth St. 

Lapthorn N. Ross, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 9 Forsyth. 

LARKIN Frank, labourer, 94 Roxburgh St. 

LARMOUR Alexander, engineer, 1 Helen St. 

LASCELLES James A,, fitter, 2 Ford PL 

LATHAM Mrs Marion, 30 Ardgowaa St. 

LATTO Thomas Dowie, dentist, 4 Shaw PL 

LAUDER Alex. F. & Son, harness-makers, 19 Cath- 
cart St. 

Lauder J. M., joiner, 16 Kilblain St. Ho. 32 Rob- 
ertson St. 

Lauder R. P. (of A. F. Lauder & Son), Re-beg, ,Kil- 

LAUDERDALE Miss, nurse, 46 Captain St. 

LAUGHLIN John, labourer, 16 Duncan St. 

LAUGHTON Mrs, Holm Cottage, Grant St. 

Laus;hton Mrs Isa, 63 Holmscroft St. 

LAURENCE Mrs, 18 Wellington St. 

LAURENT F. B., French teacher, 10 Kelly St. 



LAURIE James, joiner, 19 Antigua St. 

Laurie James, M.pB., CM., physician & surgeon, 5 W 

Blackball St. Ho. Red House, 38 Ardgowan St. 
Laurie John, fir an porter, 23 Kelson St. 
Laurie William, draper, 15 Robertson St. 
LAV AN William, skinner, 12 Garvald St. 
LAW James S,, measurer, 46 Brougham St. 
Law John, general manager, 17 Carwood St.. 
Law John B., teacher, 49 Margaret St. 
Law Matthew, grocer, 21 Brougham St. Ho. 19 do. 
Law William M., watchman, 5 Helen St. 
LAWLEY Mrs, 22 Wellington St. 
LAWRENCE Alexander, fireman, 1 Kilblain St. 
LAWRIE Adam P., clerk, 26 Robertson St. 
L,awrie Alexander, driller, 9 Robinson Av. 
Lavvrie William, moulder, 76 Belville St. 
LAWSON George, patternmaker, Gateside. 
Lawson Olaf E. (of Gk. Ap. & L. Ld.), 7 Ft. Matil 

da PL 
Lawson R. M. (of Gk. Ap. & L. Ld.), 31 Finnart St. 
Lawsons Ld,., general warehouse men, 32 Cathcart St. 
Lawson William, 36 W. Blackball St. 
LAY Miss L, M., draper; 34 South St. 
LEACH Charles, Customs watcher, 7 Maukinhill Rd. 
LEAN Charles, joiner, 45 Trafalgar St. 
LEARIE Alexander, engineer, 36 Hillend Dr. 
Learie Alexander S., turner, 2 Bawhirley Rd. 
Learie William, coppersmith, 11 Lauriston St. 
Le BROCQ Edward, joiner, 26 Baxter St. 
LECH Robert, labourer, 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Lech Mrs, 69 Regent St. 
Lech Mrs Louisa, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
LEASK John, joiner, 13 Holmscroft St. 
LECKIE Andrew, dentist, 15 Newton St. 
Leckie Andrew, Clyde sand & lighter owner, 34 Kelly 

Leckie Tohn, 58 South St. 
Leckie Peter, coppersmith, 29 Roxburgh St. 
Leckie Peter, asst. registrar of births, &c, Wallace 

PL Ho. 1 Fox St.." 



Leckie W. F. & Sons, engineers' furnishers, 8 East 

Blackhall St. Ho. 71 Forsyth St. 
LEE Albert, stationer, 4 Manse Lane. 
Lee George, fitter, 15 Brisbane St. 
Lee Joseph, clerk, 21 Newton St. 
Lee Joseph, woolspinner, 49 Brisbane St. 
Lee Thomas, rivetter, 7 William St. 
Lee Ralph, labourer, 42 Captain St. 
Lee Wilfred, clerk, 22 South St. 
Lee Mrs Charles, 28 Newton St. 
Lee Mrs Elizabeth, 73 Dempster St. 
Lee Miss, Lynwood, 41 Forsyth St. 
Lee Mrs Alice, 43 South St. 
LEES Ernest George (of Post Office), 2 Murdieston 

Lees George, boilermaker, 7 Mill St. 
Lees John, traffic canvasser, L.M. & S. Ry., 20 South 

Lees Joseph, boilermaker, 62 Ann St. 

Lees William, B.A., retd. school teacher, 39 Brisbane 

LEEKE Raby, torpedo fitter, 34 South S". 

LEIGH Richard, iron-turner, 21 Newton St. ; . 

LEIGHTON J, M., F.S.A. Scot., burgh librarian & 
clerk to Library Committee, 61a Finnart St. 

Leighton John, plater, 28 Crawfurd St. 

Leighton John, stableman, 34 Crescent St. 

Leighton Samuel, draughtsman, 9 Brachelston St. 

Leighton William, caulker, 6 Garvald St. 

Leighton William, motorman, 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Leighton Mrs, 58 Belville St. 

LEISHMAN David, 34 Esplanade. 

Leishman John, labourer, 41 Lynedoch St. 

LEISK William, rigger, 14 Murdieston St. 

Leisk Mrs Adam, jr., 4 Ardgowan Sq. 

LEITCH Alexander W., cutter, 15 Ardgowan St. 

Leitch Archibald, carter, 34 Crescent St. 

Leitch Colin, cabinet-maker, 60 Ann St. 

Leitch Hugh S., draughtsman, 26 Dempster St. 

Leitch James, grocer, 47 Mearns St. 



Leitch James, labourer, 57 Ann St. 

Leitch James V., sugar broker, 1 Roseneath St. 

Leitch John, farmer, Bawhirley Rd. 

Leitch John, joiner, 64 Kelly St. 

Leitch Miss, 1 Finnart Tee. 

Leitch John, seaman, 4 Duff St. 

Leitch Mrs John, 15 Ardgowan Sq. 

Leitch Neil, motorman, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Leitch William, plater, 60 E. Hamilton St. 

Leitch William S., rigger, 32 Ingleston St. 

Leitch Speirs, labourer, 57 Ann St. 

Leitch Mrs Elizabeth, 39 Holmscroft St. 

Leitch Mrs R., licensed broker, 3 Shaw St. 

Leitch Miss, 33 Ardgowan St. 

Leitch Mrs William Orr, 95 Brisbane St. 

LEITH John, clerk, 20 Nelson St. 

Leith Joseph, grocer, 110 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Leith Samuel, railway f'man, 28 Wellington St. 

Leith William, shipwright, § Roxburgh St. 

Leith Mrs, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

LELIAN A., shoe-maker, 4 Tobaaro St. 

LEMMON Robert, union secy., 30 Grant St. 

LENNIE Mrs, 61 Finnart St. 

Lennie Charles S., draper, 31 Ann St. Flo. 17 Kelly 

LENNOX Robert, spirit salesman, 56 Dempster St. 
Lennox Walter, of Mercantile Marine, 45 Brisbane St 
LESLIE Alexander, warehouseman, 30 Lynedoch St. 
Leslie David C, clerk, 66 Dempster St. 
Leslie George, carpenter, 2 Macdougall St. 
Leslie James, storekeeper, 29 Mearns 'St. 
Leslie John, clerk, 27 Auchmountam Rd. 
Leslie D. C., motor & cycle agt., 27 Nelson St. & 54, 

Kelly St. Ho. 25 Brachelston St. 
Leslie William, teacher, 2 Ford PI. 
Leslie Miss Annie, 7 Lauriston St. 
LETHAM David, joiner, 41 Baxter St. 
LETSON Georee, labourer, 39 Roxburgh St. 
Letson James, boilermaker, 34 Crescent St. 
Letson James, brassfinisher, #9 Lynedoch St. 


Letson James, asst. manager, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 

LETTERS William, joiner, 44 Wellington St. 

LEVEN Archibald, engineer, 5 Helen St. 

LEVER Alexander, 7 Ratho St. 

Lever William, rivetter, 15 Regent St.. 

Lever Mrs F„, 14 Hope St. 

LEVETT Hendry, coppersmith, 4 Houston St. 

LEVY Max, draper, 10 Cathcart St. Ho. do. 

Levy Mrs Abram, clothier, 27 Lyle St. 

LEWIS David H., of Employment Exchange, 14 Bris 
bane St. 

Lewis George,, rivetter, 8 Charles St. 

Lewis James, blacksmith, 65 Holmscroft St. 

Lewis Mrs, 43 Hamilton St. 

Lewis Mrs Jane, 29 Hamilton St. 

LIBERAL Association, 7 Hamilton St. 

Liberal Club, 7 Hamilton St. 

LIDDELL Andrew J., baker, 19 Brachelston St. 

Liddell David, joiner, 15 Belville St. 

Liddell James A., grocer, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 

Liddell John, carter, 3 'Kirk St. 

Liddell John, vanman, 4 Prospecthill St. 

Liddell Thomas, engineer, 7 Carwool St. 

Liddell William, marine engineer, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 

LIDDLE Wiliam G., engineer, 95 Roxburgh St. 

LIETKE & Co., ship brokers, 32 Cathcart St. 

LIGHT Shipping Co. Ld., shipowners, 28 Main St. 

LIGHTBODY Alex,., mason, 1 Oakfield Tee. 

Lightbody James, fitter, 37 Rue-end St. 

Lightbody James, warehouseman, 71 Ann St. 

LILLINGTON George & Co. (Scotland) Ld., stone 
preservative & water-proofing liquid manufacturers 
North Rd., London. Jas. Paterson, man. director, 
13 Hamilton St. & 141 W. George St., Glasgow. 

LIND James, station-master, Greenock West, 23 
Nelson St. 

LINDEGREEN Wm., draughtsman, 27 Bank St. 

LINDSAY Andrew, engineer, 15 Garwood St. 

Lindsay Angus, cooper, 5 Virginia St. 

Lindsay Archibald, mate, 5 Dempster St. 


Lindsay Archibald N., Ingleholme, 107 Finnart St. 
Lindsay & Crookston (Greenock) Ld., coal merchts., 

38 Cathcart St. & 12 Brougham St. 
Lindsay George S., butcher, 19 Newton St. 
Lindsay Hugh, C.A., 37 Bank St. 
Lindsay James, engineer, 6a South St. 
Lindsay James, shipwright, 7 Newton St. 
Lindsay John, blacksmith, 63 Nicolson St. 
Lindsay John, hole-borer, 61 Nicolson St. 
Lindsay John, joiner, Mountview Cott., Bawhirley Rd 
Lindsay Malcolm, engineer, 15 Dempster St. 
Lindsay Oliver, cabinet-maker, 30 Ardgowan St. 
Lindsay Robert, engineer, 15 Bawhirley Rd. 
Lindsay Robert, grocer, 11 Rue-end St. Ho. 7 Hous 

ton St. 
Lindsay William & Co., ship and insurance agents, 38 

Cathcart St. 
Lindsay William, labourer, 2 Clarence St. 
Lindsay William, 97 Finnart St. 
Lindsay Mrs, 28 E, Hamilton St. 
Lindsay Mrs A., 39 Roxburgh St. 
LljNGWOOD Duncan, turner, 34 Inverkip St. . 
LINKLATER A. F., chemist, 26 E. Hamilton St. 
Linklater William, carpenter, 10 Forsyth St. 
Linklater Mrs M., 11 Union St. 
LINN John, clerk, 5 Roxburgh St. 
Linn Matthew, brassfinisher, 19 Belville St. 
Linn Robert, coppersmith, 64 Regent St. 
Linn Thomas, engineer, 8 Octavia Cottages. 
Linn William, engineer, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 
Linn Mrs Tane, 17 South St. 
LINTON Alfred, shipwright, 2 Garvald St. 
LIPTON Ld., tea merchts., 28 Hamilton St.— P. L. 

Morton, manager, 23 Cardwell Rd., Gourock. 
LITHGOWS Ld., ship-repairers Garvel Dock. 
LITTERICK John, fire-Tan, 13 Bruce St. 
LITTLE James, engineer, 6 Murdies'on St. 
Little John, labourer, 13 Bruce St. 
Little Patrick, labourer, 3 Bank St. 


Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Aged, 44 

Union St. 
LITTLEJOHN James, live stock auctioneer, 11 Finn 

art St. 
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Socy., 14 Hamilton 

St. — W. B. Adam, 2 Antigua St., dist. manager. 
LIVINGSTON David, blacksmith, 49 Trafalgar St.. 
Livingston Donald, machinist, 60 Dempster St. 
Livingston D., manager, Employment Exchange, 83 

Newark St. 
Livingston Donald W., baker, 4 South St. 
Livingston Duncan, car driver, 72 Dempster St. 
Livingston George, rivetter, 12 St. Lawrence St. 
Livingston Graham (of Post Office), 72 Dempster St.. 
Livingston James L., restaurateur, 38 W. Blackhall 

Livingston John, carpenter, 11 Regent St. 
Livingston John, dyer, 19 Prospecthill St. 
Livingston Joseph, sugar porter, '3 Broomhill St. 
Livingston Robert, sawyer, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Livingston Robert, plumber, 14a Trafalgar St. 
Livingston Mrs, 60 Belville St. 
Livingston Mrs Hugh, 21 Bank St.- , ' 
Livingston David, coppersmith, 32 Roxburgh St. 
LIVINGSTONE Archibald, carter, 16 Drumfroch 

ar Rd. 
Livingstone D., 33 Brisbane St. 
Livingstone David, coppersmith, 32 Roxburgh St. 
Livingstone Duncan, boilermaker, 32 Crescent St. 

Livingstone Hugh, carter, 6 John St. 

Livingstone Hugh, joiner, 54 St. Lawrence St. 

Livingstone John, blacksmith, 32 St. Lawrence St. 

Livingstone Miss, tobacconist, 38 Inverkip S*-. 

Livingstone Mrs C., 42 Holmscroft St.' 

LIZARS J., ophthalnvc o^t'eian, 14 W. Blackhall St.. 

LLOYD'S Register of British & Foreign Shipping, 14 
Cross-shore St. 

LOBAN Alexander, retd. detective, 9 Roxburgh St. 

Loban James, gateman, 7 Lauriston St. 

LOCAL Marine Board, Customhouse Bldgs.. 


LOCHHEAD John, clerk, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Lochhead Mrs E., 11 Lauriston St. 
LOCHORE J. (of L. & F. Ld.j, 5 Antigua St. 
Lochore Rev. James, Vennel Had Mission, 31 INelson 

LOCKE John, labourer, 26 VV . Burn St. 
LOCKERBIE John, loco, fireman, 41 Ann St. 
LOCKHART John R., c.erk, 39 Baxter St. 
LOCKIE John, patternmaker, Oakfield East. 
Lockie Thomas, marine engineer, 28 Lyie St. 
LOGAN Alexander, boiiermaker, 23 Lyle St. 
Logan Allan, boiiermaker, 18 Nicolson St. 
Logan David, comm. agt., 17 Hamilton St. 
Logan Francis, jr., gasfitter, 8 Lyle St. 
Logan Francis, plumber, 42 Wellington St.. 
Logan Francis, tobacconist & newsagt., *"i6 Lynedoch 

St. Ho. 9 Dempster St. 
Logan George, engineer, 5 Robertson St. 
Logan James, slater, 12 Dalrymple St. 
Logan John, time-keeper, 45 ir_olmscroft St. 
Logan Robert, labourer, 40 Ann St.. 
Logan William J,., tailor, 9 Watt St. 
Logan W. M. (of Post Office), 12 Prospecthill PL 
Logan Agnes, saleroom, 53 Main St. 
Loean Mrs, grocer, 8 Manse Lane. Ho. 62 Regent 

Logan Mrs Helen, 16 M earns S'.. 
Logan Mrs M., maternity nurse. 7 W. Breast. 
Logan Mrs Margt., 10 Shaw PL 
Logan Mrs. 4 Bogle St. 
Logan Mrs. 5 Battery Park. 
LONDON Midland & Scottish RLy. Co., (G. & S.W.. 

sect.), passenger dept., Princes Pier. 
London & North-Eastern R T y. Co., Princes Pier.— 

John Munn, agt., 6 BracheLston St. 
London Midland & Scottish Rly. Co., (Caley sect.), 

goods office, 17 Bogle St.— supt., Geo. M'Meekin. 
London & North-Eastern Rly. Co., carriers, Lynedoch 

St., Albert Hbr., Jas. Watt Dock & Inchgreen 

Stations — Robert Gray, agt. 


London Midland & Scottish Rly. Coy. (G. & S.W.), 

Brougham St. — W. Stewar:, agt. 
LONG Joseph, tramway wrkr., 39 Baxter St. 
LONGW1LL Miss, 42 St. ^awrence St. 
LONIE John, butcher, 7 MurJieston St. 
LOPES J., confectioner, 5 Rae-end Sr. & Princes 

LORIMER George, police constable, 28 Bruce St. 
Lorimer John, policeman, 13 Brachelston St. 
LOTHIAN D., pa io tuner, 2-1 W. Stewart St. 
LOUDEN Mrs j. B., 15 Ne.v.on St. 
LOUDON & Crawford L\, & provision 

merjlus., 1-3 Tcb_.gj S . 
Loudon Rev. William, minister, 68 Finnart St. 
Loudon William, tailor, 7 Caddlehill St. 
Loudon Mrs, 34 Robertson St. 
LOUGKRAN Arthur, shipwright, 53 Main S . 
LOUGHRAY John, firexan, 32 Iftglestoh St. 
LOUGHREY John, labourer, 6 Ne'son St., Glebe. 
LONTILL John, boat-builder, 48 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
LOVE Alexander, 7 Mt. Pleasant S . 
Love Andrew, mechanic, 47 Mearns S:. 
Love Andrew M,., engineer, 12 Terrace Rd. 
Love Andrew, medical supt., Gateside Hospha', 55 

Brisbane St. 
Love Archibald C, engineer, 54 Brougham St. 
Love James, blacksmith, 66 E. Hamilton St. 
Love James, draughtsman, 46 Kelly St. 
Love James, slater, 13 Lauriston St. 
Love James A., writer & notary public, secy, of Gren 

ock Royal Infirmary, 2 Hamilton St. Ho. 40 Esp- 
Love John T., bricklayer, 66 Kelly St. 
Love Richard, boilermaker, 67 Re?ent St, 
Love Robert & Sons, opticians, 17 W. Blacklia'l S'. 
Love Robert, moulder, 13 Ly]e St. 
Love R. C, pianist & teacher, 47 Brougham S_. 
Love William, electrician, 24 Bank S 1- . 
Love William, dairyman, 82 BelviHe St. 

34 Forsyth St. 



Love Miss, 29 Regent St. 

Love W,.. R. T., D.B.O.A., (of Robert Love & Son), 
34 Forsyth St. 

Love Mrs C, 17 Lyle St. 

Love Mrs Margt., 64 Kelly St. 

Love Miss, 28 Brisbane St. 

Love Mrs, 39 Robertson St. 

LOVELL Matthew, sugar boiler, 65 Roxburgh St. 

Lovell Mrs, 7 Lynedoch St. 

LOVEMAN David, car conductor, 4 Chalmers St., 

Loveman Moses, car conductor, 60 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

LOW George B., 33 Kelly St. 

Low Thos., civil engineer & architect, 33 Ardgowan 

Low Richard L., engineer, 30 Ladyburn Bldgs. 

Low Mrs, 6 Battery Park. 

Low Mrs R. B., 11 Nelson St. 

Low Mrs William, 52 Union St. 

LOWE James, (P.O. Telegraphs, Glasgow), 34 Rob- 
ertson St. 

Lowe Thomas, joiner, 34 South St. 

LOWER Joseph, bricklayer, 44 Wellington St. 

LOWEY George, 31 Nicolson St. 

Lowey Mrs, 12 Kelly St. 

Lowey Lucas, traffic manager, 27 Kelly St. 

LUGTON Miss M. C, fancy needlework, 38 Hamil- 
ton St. Ho. 78 Holmscroft St. 

Lugton James B. (of T. Boag & Co.), 107 Newto» 

LUKE John, rivetter, 14 Inchgreen St. 

Luke Mrs, 30 Wellington St. 

LUMLEY Frederick Davidson, physician & surgeon, 
R.N. Torpedo Factory. Ho. 211 Eldon St. 

Lumsden Robert, baker, 51 Kelly St. 

LUSK Robert & Co., wholesale grocers, 7 Tobago St 

LUNAN Mrs Eliz,., 28 Inverkip St. 

LUND IE Andrew D., clerk, 8 Grant St. 

LYALL Alexander, engineer, 54 Dempster St. 

Lyall John W,, 2 Oakfield Tee. 

LYLE Ab'ram & Sons, Ld., su^ar refiners, 9 Clarence 
St. 162 


Lyle A. & R. & Co., ship-chandlers, deck & engine 
stores, yacht furnishers, ironmongers, &c, 3-4 W,. 

Lyle Robert (of A. & R. Lyle & Co.), Strathculm, 

Lyle Mrs Archibald, 39 Brisbane St. 

Lyle Mrs J., spirit mercht., 8 Smith's Lane. Ho. 31 
Robertson St. 

Lyle John, blacksmith, 40 Dempster St. 

Lyle John, cow-feeder, Old Hillend. 

Lyle John, joiner, 36 Crescent St. 

Lyle John & Sons, spirit merchts,., 8 Charles St. & 
17 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Lyle Robert F., F.I.C., 37 Robertson St. 

Lyle Thomas B., engineer, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 

Lyle Miss E,., Kilmorie, 109 Finnart St. 

LYNCH Charles, provision mercht., 53 Rue-end St., 

Lynch Con, rigger, 6 Inverkip St. 

Lynch James, shipwright, 40 Holmscroft St. 

Lynch James, driller, 3 Regent St. 

Lynch John, 9c Brisbane St. 

Lynch John T,., rigger, 26 W .Blackball St. 

LYNN Mrs, 47 Mearns St. 

Lynn John R,., moulder, 19 Dempster St. 

Lynn Matthew, labourer, 3 Mill St. 

Lynn William, labourer, 36 Arthur St. 

Lynn William, labourer, 3 Mill St. 

Lynn Miss, 106 Drumfrochar Rd. 

LYON Andrew J,, joiner, 63 Brachelston St. 

Lyon Archibald, turner, 9 Belville St. 

Lyon David, joilier, 5 Brisbane St. 

Lyon David, salesman, 21 Lyle St. 

Lyon Dugald, joiner & builder, 6 E. Blackhall St. 
Ho. Ardmory, High Iiiv$dsc» &d. 

Lyon Dugald, boitermaker, 22 Auchmountain Rd. 

Lyon JameS, butcher, 31 Cathcart St. Ho. Rock- 
bank, High Inverkip Rd. 

Lyon James, carter, 86 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Lyon James, mercht., Sugar Exchange. Ho. Lyon 
PL, Inverkip. 



Lyon James, labourer, 6 Roslin St. 
Lyon John, engineer, 4 Alexandra Mansions. 
Lyon John, joiner, 10 Bank St. 
Lyon John, joiner, 74 Belville St. 
Lyon Peter, engineer, 22 Trafalgar St. > 
Lyon Robert, mechanic, 47 Mearns St. ' 
Lyon Thomas, engineer, 35 W. Stewart St. 
LYONS Miss Margt. L., draper, 1 Lauriston St. Ho. 
1 Belville St. 

Mac M' 
MACADAM Peter, iron-monger, 31 Dempster St. 
Macadam William, engineer. 191 Eldon St. 
M'ADAM George, plater, 9 Trafalgar St, 
M'Adam George, railwayman, 54 Wellington St. 

M'AFFER Archibald, engineer, 10 Hay St. 

M'Affer Malcolm, tugboatman, 15 Hope St. 

M'Affer Murdoch, teacher of engineering, 27 Kelly St 

M'Affer Murdoch, f'man carpenter, Gibbshill Tee. 

M'ALEER Patrick, caulker, 29 Shaw St. 

M'ALEES Francis, 5 Prospecthill St. 

M'Alees George, carpenter, 8 Chapel St. 

M'Alees Hugh, skinner, 23 Bawhirley Rd. 

M'Alees James, labourer, 6 Chapel St. 

M'Alees James, hole-borer, 11 Hill St. 

M'Alees John, engine-driver, 60 Wellington St. 

M'Alees Robert, carpenter, 20 Pottery St, 

M'Alees Robert, ropespinner, 40 Ann St. 

MACALISTER & Fyfe, ship-chandlers & painters, 
4 E. Breast. f 

MacAlister James, A.M.Inst.C.E., engineer & supt. 
of works, water dept., Greenock Corporation, Muni 
cipal Bldgs. Ho. Overton House. 

MacAlister Donald, brass-dresser, 68 Holmscroft St.- 

Macalister James, boatman, 31 Lyle St. 

Macalister R. A. D., electrical engineer, Elect. Works 
Hunter PL Ho. 39 Robertson St. 

Macalister T„, master mariner, 17 Mearns St. 

M'Alister Malcolm, clerk, 15 Finnart St, 



M'ALLISTER Alexander carpenter, 11 Grant St.. 
M'Allister Archibald, coachman, 24 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Allister Andrew, bank teller, 38 Newton St. 
M'Allister Donald, grocer, 11 Brymner St.. Ho. 16 

Lynedoch St. 
M'Allister James, stoker, 45 Holmscroft St. 
M'Allister James, baker, 4 Hill St. 
M'Allister James, labourer, 30 Lynedoch St. 
M'Allister James, grocer, 52 Captain St. 
M'Allister James, machinist, 18 Wellington St. 
M'Allister Mrs, 27 Belville St. 
M'Allister John, boilermaker, 9 Crescent St. 
M'Allister John, saw-miller, 17 Lynedoch St. 
M'Allister Malcolm, carpenter, 21 Ingleston PL 
M'Allister Malcolm, Clyde Pilot, 38a Newton St. 
M'Allister William, engineer, 23 Bank St. 
M'Allister Miss Annie, newsagt., 40 Inverkip St. 
M'Allister Mrs Mary, 9 Main St. 
M' ALPINE Andrew, butcher, 12 Cornhaddock St.. 
M' Alpine Duncan, 60 Kelly St. 
M'Alpine John, labourer, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M' Alpine Robert & Sons, house factors, Ladybum. 
M'Alpine. Robert, labourer, 24 Sir Michael St. 
M'Alpine Robert, carpenter, 18 Kelly St. 
M'Alpine Samuel, contractor, 39 Crawfurd St. 
M'Alpine William, plumber, 35 Lynedoch St. 
M'Alpine William, labourer, 41 Holmscroft St. 
M'Alpine William, boilermaker, 8 Watt St. 
M'Alpine William, labourer, 28 Tobago St. 
M'Alpine Mrs, 5 William St. 
M'Alpine Mrs, 85 Wellington St. 
M' ANALLY Miss, dress-maker, 9 Morton Tee. 
M'ANEARNEY Wm,, engineer, 15 Regent St. 
M'ANINCH Patrick, machinist, 6 Duff St. 
M'ANULTY Patrick, hole-borer, 12 Brymner St. 
MACARA C. G., ship-broker & comm. agt., 4 E. 

Breast. Ho. Viewville. 77 Finnart St. 
MacAra Grierson, Aftonlea, 37 Finnart St. 
MacAra James & Co., coal merchts., 14 Brougham 

St. Ho. Aftonlea, 37 Finnart St. 


MacAra Miss, 37 Finnart St. 

M'AREE Michael, engineer, 8 Shaw PL. 

M'AREAVY Mrs Agnes, 25 Vennel. 

M'ARLAY Duncan, engineer, 7 Hill St. 

MACARTHUR Rev. Duncan, minister Gaelic Parish 
Church, 42 Margaret St. 

MacArthur John, operative, 2 Campsie Tee. 

M'ARTHUR Alex. G., outfitter, 18 Hamilton St. 

M' Arthur Allan, machinist, 8 Nile St. 

M'Arthur Archibald, engineer, 54 Lynedoch St. 

M/ Arthur Archibald, teacher, 16 Robertson St.. 

M'Arthur Daniel, secy. T. & G. W. Union, 26 Nel- 
son St. 

M'Arthur H, G., clerk, 44 Brisbane St. 

M' Arthur Duncan, labourer, 68 Ann St. 

M,' Arthur David, painter, 4 Auchmountain Rd. 

M'Arthur Henry, painter, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'Arthur Duncan, slater, 26 Lyle St. 

M'Arthur Gavin C., Inspector of Cleansing, Municip- 
al Bldgs, Ho. Towerhill, 35 Newton St. 

M'Arthur James, painter, 17 John St. 

M'Arthur James, baker, 21 Bruce St. 

M'Arthur John, boilermaker, Glenburn, Bridgend Rd. 

M'Arthur John, plumber, '32 Ann St. 

M'Arthur John, caulker, 31 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Arthur John, jr., insurance agt., Bridgend *Rd. 

M'Arthur John, plumber, 14 Murdieston St. 

M'Arthur Mrs, 7 Newton St. 

M'Arthur Michael, f'man labourer, 4 Cartsburn St. 

M'Arthur Peter, f'man carpenter, Dunard, Bawhirley 

M'Arthur Miss A., 17 Kelly St. 

M'Arthur Robert G., general outfitter, 29 Cathcart 
St. Ho. 12 Armadale PI. 

M'Arthur William, boilermaker, 1 Oakfield Tee. 

M'Arthur Miss, 24 South St. 

M'Arthur Miss, lunch rooms, 39 Cathcart St. 

M'Arthur Mrs, 6 Nelson St. 

M'Arthur Mr- 7 7 Recent Si. 

M'Arthur Mrs C, 2 finnart St. 



M' Arthur Mrs R., 43 Shaw St. 

M' Arthur Mrs Mary, 79 Holmscroft St. 

M' Arthur Mrs, 19 Soutn St. 

M' Arthur Mrs E., 13 Cathcart St. 

MACASKILL Malcolm, cabinet-maker, 2 Alexandra 

Macaskill Roderick, carpenter, 26 Kelly St. 

Macaskill E. & F., milliners, 24 Union St. Ho. 34 
Forsyth St. 

Macaskill A., engineer, 1 Campbell St. 

M'ANCHEY James, labourer, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 

MACAULAY Angus, spirit ^ercht., 2 Buccleuch S . 
Ho. Berryburn, 213 Eldon St. 

Macaulay George, police constable, 50 Roxburgh St.. 

Macaulay John, Braehead, Bawhirley Rd. 

Macaulay Mrs John, Whitsondene, Forsyth St. 

Macaulay John, draper, 62 Vennel. He. Braehead. 
Bawhirley Rd. 

Macaulay Robert, Craigs Farm, Lyle Rd. 

Macaulay Robert, iron-dresser, 78 Belville St. 

Macaulay Robert, yachtsman, 58 Recent St.. 

M'AULAY Alex., blacksmith, 102 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

M'Aulay James, plumber, 1 Campsie Tee. 

'M'Aulay James, labourer, 7 Nile St. 

M'Aulay John, hammerman, 19 Regent St. 

M'Aulay John, seaman, 38 Ann St. 

M'Aulay J">hn S., telephone inspector, 62 Keii/\St. 

M'Aulay Peter, farmer, Bow Farm, Inverkip Rd., & 
Bow Farm Dairy, 13 Finnart "St. 

M'Aulay Patrick, fitter, 8 Charles St.. 

M'Aulay Samuel, boilermaker, 35 Ingleston S". 

M'Aulay Samuel, gateman, 13 Watt St. 

M'Aulay Thomas, engineer, 4 Camnbe'l St. 

M'Aulay Thomas, draughtsman, 57 Grosvenor R' 4 . 

M'Aulay W. G. Ld., bakers & confectioners, 44 Rue- 
end St. Ho. 67 Newton St. 

M'Aulay William, labourer. 54 Wellington St.. 

M'Aulay Henry, labourer, 17 Main S 1 ".. 

M'Aulay Miss, 18 Grey PL 

M'Aulay Mrs A. R.. 30 Lynedoch St. 



M'Aulay Mrs Cath,, cow-feeder, 19 Captain St. 

M'AUSLAN Alexander, brakesman, 13 Hope St., 

M'Auslan Alexander, salesman, 66 Kelly St. 

M'Auslan Colin, carter, 14 Mill St. 

M'Auslan Hugh, brakesman, 128 Drumfrochar Rd„ 

M'Auslan James, plumber, 18 Antigua St, 

M'Auslan Lorn, railwayman, 118 Drumfrochar Rd>. 

M'Auslan Robert, joiner, 21 Nelson St. 

M'Auslan Robert, wholesale grocer, 7 Tobago St. Ho.. 

35 Ardgowan St. 
M'Auslan William S„ wholesale grocer, 7 Tobago "St. 

Ho, Holmglen, 207 Eldon St. 
M'Auslan Mrs M,, 60 Forsyth St. 
M'AUSLAND Archibald, baker, 71 Dempster St. 
M'Ausland John, joiner, 36 South St. 
M'Ausland Peter, clerk, 37 Belville St, 
M'Ausland William, plumber, 63 Holmscroft St. 
M'Ausland Mrs H,, 81 Wellington St. 
M'AVOY Henry, rivetter, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'BAIN James, traveller, 12 Sandringham Tee. 
M'Bain William, joiner, 3 Helen St. 
M'BAY Edward, driller, 1 M'Lean's Bldgs, 
M'BETH James, joiner, 14 Prospecthill PI. 
MACBRAYNE David Ld,, Customhouse Quay. R. 

Campbell, agt., 71 Nicolson St. 
Macbrayne P, A., solicitor, 14 Ardgowan Sq. 
M'BREARTY Mrs, 33 Hamilton St, 
M'BRIDE Alexander, plater, 8 Chalmers St. 
■M'Bride Alexander, beltmaker, 19 Belville St, 
M'Bride Alexander, checker, 28 Cathcart St. 
M'Bride Andrew, draughtsman, 24 Denholm St. 
M'Bride Angus, seaman, 32 Mt, Pleasant "St. 
M'Bride David, labourer, 32 Crescent St. 
M'Bride Donald, shipwright, 5 Trafalgar St. 
M'Bride Henry, sugarhouse manager, 39 Brougham 

M'Bride John, boat-builder, 76 Belville St, 
M'Bride Peter, brassfinisher, 5 Antigua St. 
M'Bride Peter, joiner, 29 Dempste'r St. 
M'Bride Peter, joiner, 22, Nelson St. 



M'Bride Peter, timber measurer, 11 Nelson St. 

M'Bride Philip, clerk, 2 Morton Tee. 

M'Bride Thomas, craneman, 22 St. Lawrence St. 

M'Bride Thomas, fitter, 20 Nelson St,. 

M'Bride William, carter, 34 Ingleston St. 

M'Bride William, surgeon dentist, 9 George Sq. 

M'Bride William M., 23 Forsyth St. 

M'Bride Miss, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Bride Mrs, 31 Lyneodch St. 

M'Bride Mrs A., 97 Roxburgh St. 

M'Bride Mrs, 23 Newton St. 

M'Bride Mrs Thomas, 12 Brymner St. 

M'Bride Mrs Robert, 17 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'BRYDE John, clerk, 20 Prospecthill St. 

M'Bryde John, carrier, 1 Kelly St. 

M'Bryde John, shipmaster, 93 Newark St. 

M'Bryde Peter, slater, 10 Inverkip St. 

M'Bryde William, engineer, 10 Bank St. 

M'Bryde Thos., removal contractor, 1 Ardgowan S.t. 

M'Bryde Mrs A., 34 E. Hamilton St. 
M'CABE Robert S., labourer, 40 Nicolson St. 
M'CALL Bernard, rivetter, 10 Charles St. 
M'CAFFERTY John, auctioneer, 35 Market St. Ho. 

35 Nelson St, 
M'Call Charles, produce mercht., 41 Robertson St. 
M'Call Duncan, janitor, Hillend School, E. Crawfurd 

M'Call Mrs, 26 Finnart St. 
M'Call John, spirit mercht., 9 Shaw St. Ho. Jane 

Cottage, Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Call John, labourer, 13 Bruce St. 
M'Call Thomas, rivetter, 34 Crescent St. 
M'Call William, baker, 24 Bruce St. 
MacCallum P. & Sons, Ld., iron & steel merchts., 

54 Rue-end St. 
.M'CALLUM Allan, joiner, 71 Wellington St. 
M'Callum Andrew, iron-turner, 22 Prospecthill St.. 
'M'Callum Andrew, motorman, 21 Bruce St, 



l._ ooliu-i Archibald, carter, 54 Wellington S:. 
M'Callum Colin, fitter, 28 Lyle St. 
JVTCallum Donald, tailor, 56 Dempster St. 
M'Callum Duncan, clerk, 30 Demps':er S.. 
M'Callum Duncan, painter, 44 Lynedoch S:. 
M'Callum "Duncan, tailor, 21 Cafhcar: St. Ho. 3 

Ford PL 
M'Callum Isaac, fireman, 47 Holmscroft St. 
M'Callum James, baker, 63 Holmscroft St. 
M'Callum James, insurance agt., 16 South St. 
M'Callum James H. (of Post Office), 9 Helen St. • 
M'Callum George, stock-taker, 14 Exchange Bldgs. 

Ho. 7 Carwcod St. 
M'Callum John, painter, 43 Holmscroft Si. 
M"Callum Matthew, shipwright, 49 Belvile St. 
M'Callum Peter, shipping agt., Customhouse Quay. 

Ho. 14 Lynedoch St. 
M'Callum Robert, spirit mereht., 56 Lynedoch St. 

Ho. 40 Mearns St'. 
M'Callum Robert, grocer, 44 Robertson St. 
M'Callum Thomas P.,. 99 Newton St. 
M'Callum W. M., 37 Brougham Si. 
M'Callum M;ss, 18 Bentinck St. 
M'Callum M.'ss Mafgt., beauty special! .t, Auchadul- 

vone House, 69 Eldon. St. 
M'Callum Miss, dressmaker, 13 Neison St. 
M'Callum Mrs, 1 Hih S . 
M'Callum Mrs Ann, 64 Wellington St: 
M'Callum Mrs Duncan, 52 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Callum Mrs Peter, 1 Shaw PL 
M'CANN David, salesman, 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Cann David, machinist, 21 Bearhope St. 
M'Cann John, plater 12 Chalmers S". 
M'Cann Mrs Janet, 53 Kelly St. 
M'Cann Mrs, 5 Pottery St. 

M'CARTNEY James draughtsman, 53 Baxter St. 
M'Cartney John, clerk, 51 Lynedoch St. 
M'Cartney Patrick, insurance agt., 28 Wellington St. 
M'Cartney Robert, iron-driller, 1 Helen St. 
M'Cartney Charles, moulder, 30 Baxter St. 


M'Cartney David, joiner, 12 Da'rymple St. 
M'Cartney Hugh, manager, Sunnybrae, Bawhirley Rd 
M'Carcney William, coppersmith, 12 Dalrymple S:. 
M'Cartney Mrs Mary, 23 Duncan St. 
M'CASKER John, rafter, 36 Lynedoch St. 
M'CASKILL Alev., la.npligh"er, 64 Holmscroft St. 
M'Caskill Charles, cabinet-maker, 22 South St. 
M'CAUGHEY James, blacksmuh, 21 Mearns St, 
M'Caughey James, labourer, 52 E. Hamilton St. 
M'Caughey Jaires, craneman, 7 Belville St. 
M'CAULEY Mrs, 8 Chapel St. 
M'CAWLEY Austin, physician & surgeon, 32 Cath- 

cart St. Ho. 20 Patrick St. 
M'Cawley James, Mi'.eta Villa, 14 Bentinck St. 
M'CLARKIN Angus, storeman, 8 Watt St. 
M'CLEAN Joseph, provision mercht., 27 W. S.ew- 

art St. 
M'CLELLAND Adam, f'man labourer, 5 Mill St. 
M'Clelland Hugh, labourer, 11 Mill St. 
M'CLEMENTS James, engineer, 62 Wellington St. 
M"Clements Samuel, labourer, 3 Broomhill St. 
M'Clements Misses A. & M., grocers, 2 Antigua St. 
MXLINTOCK James, draughtsman, 2 Hope S\ 
M'Clintock Wir., checker, H.M. Customs, 26 Weeing 

ton St. 
M'CLOY George, carter, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Cloy James, coal mercht., 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Cloy James, sugar-boiler, 20 Prospecthill St. 
M'Cloy John, labourer, 72 Ann St. 
M'CLURE John (of W, W. & J. M'Clure), Madeira 

Lodge, 8 Newark St. 
M'Clure John, surfaceman, 18 Ingleston St. 
M'Clure M. & Co., grocers, 27 Vennel Ho. 15 Hope 

M'Clure William, M.A., (of W. W. & J. M'Clure), 

Dungarth, 24 Margaret St. 
M'Clure W. W. & J., so^citors & notaries, Mansion- 
house, 1 Ardgowan Sq. 
M'Clure H. H., Mayfield, 66 Union St. 
M'Clure Mrs James, 20 Lynedoch St. 


M'CLUSKEY Denis, coppersmith, 4 Cartsburn St. 

M'Cluskey Denis, plumber, 1 Cartsburn St. 

M'Cluskey Felix, brassfinisher, 9 Hope St. 

M'Cluskey James, labourer, 12 Inchgreen St. 

M'Cluskey James, driller, 4 Cartsburn St. 

M'Cluskey Terence, engine-driver, 97 Dempster St. 

M'Cluskey James, machinist, 5 York St, 

M'Cluskey John, furniture remover, 39 Holmscroft St 

M'Cluskey William, joiner, 45 Shaw St. 

M'COAG Mrs M., 11 Lyle St. 

M'COIG Mrs. 31 Dempster St. 

M'Coig Mrs Joseph, 9 Lynedoch St. 

MACCOLL Miss, 15 Newton St. 

M'COLE Brien, confectioner, 45 Main St. 

M'COLL David, draughtsman, 60 Wellington St. 

M'Coll David, moulder, 13 Ingleston St. 

M'Coll Daniel, tobacconist & newsagt., 66 Vennel Ho 
47 Cove Rd., Gourock. 

M'Coll Dugald, boilermaker, 5 Prospecthill St.. 

M'Coll Hugh, joiner 9 Hope St. 

M'Coll James, clerk, 19 Auchmountain Rd. 

M'Coll Peter, joiner, 2 St. Andrew St. 

M'Coll Peter, engineer, 8 Trafalgar St. 

M'Coll William, brassfinisher, 5 Orchard St. 

M'Coll R. S., confectioner, 35 W. Blackhall St. 

M'Coll Mrs Helen, 16 Wellington St. 

M'Coll Mrs Mary, 27 Lynedoch St. 

M'Coll Mrs Margt., 16 Captain St. 

M'CONN John, labourer, 31 Lynedoch St. 

M'Conn William, labourer, 8 Nile St. 

M'CONNACHIE John, dancing academy, 4 Brough- 
am St. 

M'COMISH William, confectioner, 78 Belville St., 

M'Connachie Peter, solicitor, 30 Robertson St. 

M'Connachie Peter, dairy, 36 W. Burn St. 

M'Connachie Miss Isa, 77 Dempster St. 

M'CONAGHIE Alex., f'man, 9 Prospecthill St. 

M'CONNELL Alexander,, joiner, 14 Holmscroft St* 

M'Connell David, naval pensioner, Gateside Av. 

M'Connell David, plumber, 26 Lynedoch St. 



M'Connell Frank, career, 2 Duff St. 
M'Connell John, boilermaker, 9 Jamaica St. 
M'Connell John, labourer, 20 KLolain St. 
M'Connell Robert, electrician, 5 Prospecthill St. 
M'Connell Robert, plumber, ±5 W, Stewart St. 
M'Connell Mrs, ladies' nurse, 37 Rue-end St. 
M'Connell Mrs, 78 Denpster St. 
M'Connell Mrs J,, 3 Regent S . 
M'Connell Mrs, fruiterer, 14 C.ialmers St. 
M'CONVILLE John H„ barber, 42 W. Burn St. 

Ho. 20 Market St. 
M'CORKELL Mrs, 29 Trafalgar St, 
M'Corkell Robert J,, bricklayer, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Corkell William, baker, 27 Rue-end St. 
M'Corkell William, baker, 20 Belville St. 
M'CORKHILL George, labourer, 9 Kilblain S . 
M'CORKINDALE Janes, fireman, 27 BelviLe S". 
M'Corkindale, confectio e ", 45 Roxburgh S.. 
M'CORMICK Daniel, sheet-ue;al wrkr., 21 Biy- 

mner St. Ho. 15 Robertson St. 
M'Cormick D. & Co., metal wrkrs., 5 E. Stewart Sr. 
M'Cormick David, salesman, 51 Lynedoch St, 
M'Cormick David, factory wrkr., 74 Dempster St. 
M'Cormick James, engineer, 14 Mill St. 
M'Cormick John, joiner, 4 Robinson Av, 
M'Cormick John, loco lire nan, 24 Antigua St. 
M'Cormick John, Mileta Villa, 14 Bentinck St, 
M'Cormick John, sugar-boiler, 12 Armadale PI. 
M'Cormick Robert, fishmonger, 90 Roxburgh S* - . & 

25 Lynedoch St. Ho. 35 Kelson St. 
M'Cormick Thomas, labourer, 9 Crawfurd S 1- . 
M'Cormick Miss S., confectioner, 16 Sir Micnael St. 
M'Cormick- Miss, 14 Wellington St. 
M'Cormick Mrs Hugh, 33 Trafalgar St, 
M'CORQUODALE Allan, rivetter, 50 Captain S . 
M'Corquodale Archibald, plater, 7 Hope St. 
M'Corquodale Duncan, sugar-bo 1 ?r, 5 Belville S\ 
M'Corquodale Robert H. engine r, 6 Maukinh'll Ri. 
M'Corquodale Wilha:r, a nber measurer, 36 Baxter 




M'Corquodale Miss, 7 Kelly St. 

M'Corquodale Miss A., confectioner, 31 W. Burn St. 
Ho. 44 Wellington St. 

M'COVER Andrew, engineer, 16 Wellington St. 

M'COWAN & Biggart, public analysts, 29 Cathcart 

M'Cowan Charles, salesman, 4 Alexandra Mansions,. 

M'COWAT Archibald J.. C, council officer, Muni- 
cipal Bldgs., Ho. Victoria Tower. 

M'Cowat Thomas, baker, Ellora, 69 South St. 

M'COWATT Mrs James, '7 Robertson St. 

M'CRACKEN Alex., moulder, 45 Trafalgar St. 

M'Cnacken Andrew, iron-driller, 29 Ingleston St. 

M'Cracken James, engine-driver, 25 Bruce St. 

M'Cracken John K., holder-on, 84 Belville St. 

M'Cracken Joseph, engineer, 7 Hope St. 

M'Cracken Robert, painter, 3 Watt St. 

M'Cracken Wm. J., engine-driver, 70 Wellington St. 

M'Cracken Mrs Samuel, 68 We llingtonSt. 

M'CRAE Colin C, engine-driver, 60 Ann St. 

M'Crae John, labourer, 13 Crawfurd St. 

M'Crae Lachlan, asst. curator, 22 Wellington St. 

M'Crae William, engineer, 22 Antigua St. 

M'Crae James, 9 Kilblain St. 

M'Crae Miss, confectioner, 24 South St. 

M'CRAINE Malcolm, f'man cleansing dept., 38 St. 
Lawrence St. 

M'Craine Mrs, 25 Nelson St. 

M'CRANE John, carter, 24 St. Lawrence St. 

M'CREA James, clerk, 83 Forsyth St. 

M'CREADIE Hugh, traveller, 16 Kelly St. 

M'Creadie James, checker, 69 Regent St. 

M'Creadie James & Sons, plasterers, Jamaica Lane. 
Ho. 34 Kelly St. 

M'Creadie John, plasterer, 8 Academy PI. 

M'Creadie Robert, plasterer, 18 Kelly St. 

M'Creadie William, 31 Nicolson St. 

M'Creadie William, labourer, 8 William St. 

M'CREADY George, craneman, 37 Cathcart 'St. 

M'Cready Matthew, joiner, 1 Helen St. 


M'Cready Samuel J., tailor, 4 Alexandra Mansions. 

M'Cready Robert, welder, 4 Battery Park. 

M'CREATH Gilbert, J>f Post Office), 15 Mill St., 

M'Creath William, motorman, 21 Sir Michael St. 

M'Creath Mrs, 4 Nelson St., Glebe. 

M'CRINDLE Charles, clerk, 7 Newton St. 

M'CRORIE James A., engineer, 54 Union St. 

M'Crorie Thomas, prison warder, High Inverkip Rd. 

M'CUAJG Duncan J., clerk, 20 Robertson St. 

M'Cuaig John, clerk, 1 Campsie Tee. 

M'Cuaig Magnus, ironmonger, 92 Roxburgh St. 

M'Cuaig Peter, 63 Newton St, 

M'Cuaig Robert, joiner, 15 Antigua St. 

M'Cuaig Samuel, joiner, 14 Ardgowan St. 

M'Cuaig Miss A., 22 Wellington St. 

M'CUBBIN Thomas, confectioner, 42 Roxburgh St. 

M'Cubbin W. B., elect, engineer, 32 Robertson St. 

M'<3,UE Alexander, plasterer, 71 Wellington St. 

M'Cue Archibald, plasterer, 20 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'Cue Hugh, plasterer, 69 Holmscroft St. 

M'Cue James, labourer, 31 Hamilton St. 

M'Cue Patrick, fireman, 9 Crawfurd St. 

M'Cue Mrs James, 76 Wellington St. 

M'Cue Mrs, 38 Nicolson St. 

MACCULLOCH Colin C. (of MacCulloch & Watson) 

solicitor, 25 W. Burn St. Ho. 4 Newark St. 
M'CULLOCH Alexander, master-of-works, 35 Bank 

M'Culloch Hugh, carter, 41 Holmscroft St, 
M'Culloch James, butcher, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Culloch James, boilermaker, 76 Belville St. 
M'Culloch James, . engine-driver, 8 Watt St. 
M'Culloch James, mason, Waterside Cott., Overton,. 
M'Culloch John, spirit salesman, 66 Ann St* 
M'Culloch John, polisher, 23 Bruce St. 
M'Culloch Rev. James D., minister Mearns St. Cong. 

Church, Blythswood, 43 Brougham St. 
M'Culloch Thomas, labourer, 7 Union St. 
M'Culloch Thonas, store-keeper, Smithston Av. 



M'Culloch William M. (of Post Office), 9 Ardgowan 

M'Culloch Robert, engineer, 22 Sou:h S:. 
M'Culloch Mrs, 71 Ann St. 

M'Cullocg Mrs, boarding-house, 62 Regent St. 
M'Culloch Mrs Annie, 78 Belville St, 
M'Culloch Mrs Margt,, 5 Caddlehill St. 
M'CURDY Alexander, tugboatman, 5 Virginia St. 
M'Curdy Gilbert, 4 Cartsourn St, 
M'Curdy James, engineer, 28 Nelson St, 
M'Curdy James, boatman, 15 Regent St. 
M'Curdy Joseph, heaimaster, S ,. Lawrence School, 

28 Patrick St. 
M'CUSKER Peter, rafter, 45 Shaw St.' 
MACCUTCHEON Hugh, registrar of b'rths, &c. ( 

West dist,., Munich a: Bligs. Ho. 55 South St. 

WMacCutcheon Misses, 75 Holm -croft St. 
M'CUTCHEON Janes, Carter, 5 Mill St, 
M'Cutcheon Mrs James, 29 Brisbane St. 
M'Cutcheon Hugh, grocer, 10 Cathcart St. 
M'Cutcheon Mrs D., broker, 8 Manse Lane. 
M'DADE Alexander, labourer, 22 Bearhope S:.. 
M'Dade Janes, timekeeper, 1 Hope St. 
M'Dade John, fireman, 7 Cathcart St. 
M'Dade John, labourer, 19 Nelson St. 
M'DAID Ja res, fire :n in, 5 W, Blackball St. 
M'Daid John, painter, 35 Sir Michael St. 
M'DAVID George, sawyer, 26 W. Burn St. 
M'DERMAID Peter, laboure", 3 Customhuse PI. 
M'DERMID Alexander, rivette:, 83 BelviF.e S". 
M Dermid Charges, brassmoulder, 13 Antigua St. 
M'Dermid Donald, cvrter, 54 Ann St. 
M'Dermid Thomas, placer, 16 Pt, Glasgow Rd. 
M'Dermid William, enginre', 22 Prospecthi'I S:. 
M'DERMOTT Andrew, fire nan, 3 Inverkip St. 
M'Dermott Daniel, coal merch*-., 20 S . Lawrence St. 
M'DEVETT John, laboure-, 1L Recent S . 
M'Devett W. F., sca'e make, 14 Dalrymple St. 
M'DIARMID Alexander, lieutenant of police, 29a 

Newton St. 

* 176 


M'Diarmid Archibald,, 14 Soath St. 
M'Diarmid Daniel, labourer, 22 St. Lawrence St. 
M'Diarmid John, caulker, 6 Roslin St. 
M'Diarmid Malcolm, labourer, Mount view, Bawhirley 

M'Diarmid Neil, tugboatman, 19 Regent St. 
M'Diarmid William, painter, / Ca:hcar; St. 
MACDONALD Alexander, gas meter inspector, 32 

Robertson St. 
Macdonald Alexander, labourer, 5 Trafalgar St,. 
Macdonald Alexander, master mariner, 2 Hope St,. 
Macdonald Allan, caulker, 6 Sinclair St. 
Macdonald Allan, editor, "Greenock Te.egraph", 39 

Brougham St. 
Macdonald Angus, engineer, 9 Brachelston St. 
Macdonald Archibald, draper, 38 South St. 
Macdonald Archibald, H.M. Customs, 43 Kelly St. 
Macdonald Archibald, retd. headmaster, 17 Ardgow- 

an Sq. 
Macdonald Donald O., manage , 23 Lynedoch St. 
Macdonald Edmund, 21 Brisbane St. 
Macdonald H.., shorthand teac. e •, 13 Will' am St. Ho. 

18 Robertson St. 
Macdonald James, boilermaker, 31 Roxburgh St. 
Macdonald James S., marine engr., 13 Robertson St. 
Macdonald John, brassfinisher, 15 Hope St. 
Macdonald John, police constable, 29 Trafalgar St,. 
Macdonald John, iron-dresser, 29 Lynedoch St. 
Macdonald John, tinsmith, 26 Wellington St,. 
Macdonald John, engineer, 23 Newton St. 
Macdonald John C, salesman, 3 Holmscroft St. 
Macdonald Kenneth, shipwright, 22 Nelson St. 
Macdonald Louis, surveyor of Custo.n^, 19 Ardgowan 

Macdonald Malcolm, master mariner, 28 Lyle St. 
Macdonald Malcolm, motcrman, 33 Nicolson St. 
Macdonald Martin, cranenan, 46 E. Hamilton St. 
Macdonald Peter, clerk, 49 Trafa'gar St. 
Macdonald Robert, joiner, 3 Bawh ; .rley RJ. 


Macdonald R, C, outficter, 25 W .Blackhali Si. Ho. 

52 Union St. 
Macdonald W. H. Stewart, chemical manufr., 21 Dell 

ingburn St.. Ho. 49 Octavia Tee. 
Macdonald William, engineer, 6 Hay St. 
Macdonald William, mocorman, 6 Sinclair S.c. 
Macdonald William ti., colliery salesman, 64 South 

Macdonald William'S., police constable^ 40 Lynedoch 

Macdonald Miss, 19 Antigua St. 
Macdonald Miss M.., milliner, 47 Brougham St. 
Macdonald Miss, 18 Kelly S:- 
Macdonald Mrs Angus, 16 Prospecthili PL 
Macdonald Mrs Francis, 22 W. Blackhali St. 
Macdonald Frank, stationer & P. O., 9 Brisbane St. 
Macdonald Mrs Marion, 29 Bank St. 
M'DONALD Alexander, iron-moulder, 71 Ann St. 
M'Donald Alexander, insurance agt., 17 Ingleston St. 
M'Donald Alexander, skinner, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
M' Donald Alexander, miller, 26 South St. 
M'Donald Alexander, loco manager, 23 Nelson St. 
M'Donald Alexander, baker, 12 Nile St. 
M'Dor.ald Alex., brassfinisher, 9 Launston St. 
M'Donald Angus, linesman, 4 Cartsburn St. 
M'Donald Archibald, rivetter, 49 Trafalgar St. 
M'Donald Archibald, coppersmith, 11 Regent St. 
M'Donald Daniel, brassfinisher, 8 Flope St. 
M'Donald Daniel, painter, 39 Roxburgh Sc. 
M'Donald Donald, carpenter, 4 Orangefield PL 
M'Donald Donald, engineer, 7 Hill S . 
M'Donald Donald, salesman, 3 York St. 
M'Donald Donald, seaman, 2 Princes St,. 
M'Donald Edward J., officer, H.M. Customs & Excise 

22 Patrick St. 
M'Donald George, manager, 12 Garvald St. 
M'Donald James, boilermaker, 7 Hope St. 
M'Donald James, police inspector, 24 Trafalgar St.. 
M'Donald James, P. O. engr., 29 Trafalgar St. 
M'Donald James, rivetter, 12 Chalmers St. 



M'Donald James, holder-on, 6 Oak field Tee. 
M'Donald P,., joiner, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Donald John, engineer, 11 Antigua St. 
M'Donald John, seaman, 6 Hay Si. 
M'Donald John, vanman, 45 Crawfurd St. 
M'Donald John, labourer, 23 Roxburgh St. 
M'Donald Joseph, caulker, 6 S.r Michael St. 
M'Donald Neil, carpenter, 24 W. S.ewart St. 
M'Donald Patrick, tinsmith, .8 Hope S:,. 
M'Donald Robert, 7 Dempster St. 
M'Donald Ronald, driller, 1 Llolinscroft St. 
M'Donald Samuel, carpenter, 11 E. Blackhall St. 
M'Donald Simon, boilermaker, 29 Hamilton St. 
M'Donald Thomas, engineer, 49 Duncan St. 
M'Donald William, manager, 9 Shaw PL 
M'Donald William, skinner, 20 Pottery St. 
M'Donald William, holder-on, 26 VenneL 
M'Donald William, labourer, 7 Gordon St. 
M'Donald Miss, 38 Holmscroft St. 
M'Donald Mrs, 9 Prospecthill St. 
M'Donald Mrs E., 26 W. Burn St. 
M'Donald Mrs Peter, 7 Lauriston St. 
M'Donald Mrs Jarres, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'DONNELL Michael (of Post Office), 6 Kel'y St. 
M'Donnell Mrs E., 51 Baxter St. 
M'DONOUGH John, engineer, 56 Regent St. 
MTJonough John, labourer, 27 Charles St. 
M'Donough Michael, spirit salesman, 64 Wellington 

MACDOUG ALL Alex., clerk, 15 Murdieston St. 
MacDougall Miss Euphemia. 32 Brisbane St. 
MacDougall Dugald, ship-owner,. 1 Cross-shore 'St, 

Ho. Burnlea, 3 Newark St. 
MacDougall Dugald (of D. MacD. & Co.), 4 Imerap 

MacDougall D. & Co.. blacksmiths, 16 William St. 
MacDougall J. Patten, W.S., 18 Kilblain St. Ho.. 

Clydebank House, 2 Johnstone St. 
MacDougall James F., clerk, 69 Nicolson St. 
MacDougall Peter, brassmoulder, 14 Mearns S'. 



MacDougall Peter, f'man moulder, 15 Roxburgh. St.. 

MacDougall Miss Jessie, 5 Hope St. 

MacDougall Lachlan, insce. agt., 40 Auchmountair> 

MacDougall William, shoe-maker, 70 Ann Sti. 
M'DOUGALL Alexander, Gibbshill Tee. 
M'Dougall Alexander, labourer, 43 W. Burn St. 
M'Dougall Alexander, coalman, 11 Main St. 
M'Dougall Alexander, brassfinisher, 2 Cathcart St. 
M'Dougall Allan; cookery, 1 Kilbiaiu St; store 9 Kil- 

bla'n St. Ho. 36 Brougham St. 
M'Dougall Allan, shipmaster, 2 Finnart St. 
M'Dougall Allan, labourer, 42 Wellington St. 
M'Dougall Archd., brassmoulde.:, 2 Cathcart St. 
M'Dougall Archd., mechanic, 10 Hill St. 
M'Dougall Archd., labourer, 17 John St. 
M'Dougall Daniel, gardener, 26 Arthur St. 
M'Dougall David, labourer, 65 Nicolson St. 
M'Dougall Donald, carpenter, 55 Ann St. 
M'Dougall Donald, .e'ect. eng., 32 Robertson St. 
M'Dougall Dugald, engineer, 16 South St. 
M'Dougall Duncan, boilermaker, 25 Lynedoch St. 
M'Dougall Duncan, coachman, 43 W. Blackha 1 St. 
M'Dougall Duncan, late policeman, 58 Demos' er St.. 
M'Dougall Duncan, seaman, 43 Holmscroft S\ 
M'Dougall Geo. B., caseroom overseer, 22 Dempster 

M'Dougall T-- flesher, 52 St. Lawrence St. Ho. 3 

Morton Tee. 
M'Dougall James, brassrmulder, 13 Recent St. 
M'Dougall James, coal mercht., 22 Sir Michael St. 

Ho. 27 Hamilton S : . 
M'Dougall John, en°dne~r, 5 Recent S' . 
M'Dougall John, lathsolitter. 66 Demps'er St. 
M'Dougall John, riveter, 52 Captain S\ 
M'Dougall John A., shipping agt., 33 Kelly St. 
M'Dougall John, engineer, 1 Prospecthill St. 
M'Dougall Robert, labourer, 19 Bearhope <S't. 
M'Dougall Neil, salesman, 15 Murdieston St. 
M'Dougall William, engineer. 13 Mearns St. 



M'Dougall nurse C„ 20 Laird St. 

M'Dougall Miss Bella, 12 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'Dougall Mrs, 25 Bank St. 

M'Dougall Mrs, 22 Grant St. 

M'Dougall Mrs Hugh, 2 Sinclair St,. 

M'Dougall Mrs C, 18 Bogle St. 

M'Dougall Mrs, 14 South St. 

M'DOWALL James, cerk, 61 Robertson St. 

M'Dougall Mrs Sarah, 24 Sir Michael St. 

M'Dowall James, joiner, 7 Watt St. 

M'Dowall Robert, blacksmith, 13 Mearns St. 

M'Dowall Robt. S. (late of Post Office), 6 Glen view 

M'Dowall Thomas, iron-turner, 14 Drumfrochar Rcu 
M'Dowall William, hammerman, 25 Lynedoch St. 
M'Dowall Miss Jean, music teacher, 28 Patrick St. 
M'DUFF Peter, clerk, 29 Belville St. 
M'EACHERN Andrew, confectioner, 50 Ann St. 
M'Eachern James, spirit mercht., 31 Rue-end St. PIo. 

10 Wellington St. 
M'Eachern John, labourer, 1 Ardgowan St., Glebe. 
M'Eachern John, boilermaker, 27 Dempster St. 
M'Eachern Malcolm, engine-driver, 4 Nelson St. 
M'Eachern Robert, boilermaker, 17 Brougham St. 
M'Eachern Ronald, fitter, 1 Kilblain St. 
M'EACHRAN Agnes W„, spirit mercht., 9 Arthur 

St. Ho. 63 Forsyth St. 
M'Eachran Mrs P., Creggans, 8 Eldon PI. 
M'Eachran Mrs Mary, 23 Trafalgar St. 
M'ELENY Edward, music teacher, 41 W. Blackball 

M'Eleny John, joiner, 58 Dempster St. 
M'Eleny Joseph, coppersmith, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Eleny Patrick, labourer, 27 W. Stewart St. 
M'Eleny Thorr as, coppersmith, 17 W. BlackhaU S'. 
M'Eleny Charles, electrician, 26 E. Shaw i. 
M'ELHINNEY David, labourer, 5 Bruce St- 
M'ELWAIN Alexander, greaser, 15 Bruce St. 
MacELWEE William M., F.S.I. A., accountant, 61a 

Finnart St. 



MacElwee Mrs, Craiglea, Bawhirley Rd. 
M'ELWEE James, plater, 4 Hill St. 
M'EVOY Edward, joiner, 15 W, Stewart St. 
M'Evoy Mrs E., confectioner^ 30 Ann St. 
M'EWAN A. & Co., drapers & nilliners, 25 W. Black 

hall St. Ho. Glenpark, 21 Eldon St. 
M'Ewan Mrs, 5 Caddlehill St. 
M'Ewan Charles, caulker, 24 Antigua St. 
M'Ewan Charles, rivetter, 10 Charles St. 
M'Ewan Colin, carpenter, 22 Lyle St. 
M'Ewan Colin, carpenter, 4 Watt S".. 
M'Ewan David, engineer, 5 Trafalgar St.. 
M'Ewan Donald, rivetter, 8 Kilblain St. 
M'Ewan 'Dvncan, caulker, 34 W. Biackhall St. 
M'Ewan Hugh, labourer, 61 Vennel. 
M'Ewan Jarres, clerk, 21 Glenview Tee. 
M'Ewan John, structural engineer, 9 Ingleston St. 

Ho. 21 Eldon St. 
M Ewan John, chaffeur, 66 Wellington S' . 
M'Ewan John (of Motor Hiring & Eng. Co.), 21 El- 
don St. 
M'Ewan M. A. & J., haulage contractors, 67 Brachel- 

ston St. 
M'Ewan Thoras, f'man labourer, 9 Mill St. 
M'Ewan Thomas, warper, 62 Ann St. 
M'Ewan William, boPermaker, 25 Nelson St. . 
M'Ewan William, butcher, 17 Trafalgar St. 
M'Ewan Peter, bricklayer, 10, Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Ewan Robert, engineer, 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Ewan Samuel, shipwright, '6 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Ewan Willia— , mo f orman, 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Ewan Mrs Ednun' 1 , 30 Brymne- SS. 
M'EWING David, painter & decorator, 7 Arthur St. 

Ho. 46 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'Ewing Dugald, plumber & gasfitter, 3 Bank St. Ho 

67 Brachelston St. 
M'Ewing & Kerr, plumbers, 4 E. Biackhall St. Ho. 

8 Kilblain St. 
M'Ewing Robert, painter, 48 E. Crawfurd St. 



M'FADYEN Archibald, tailor & clothier, 29 Regent 

St,. Ho. 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Fadyen Duncan, engineer, 25 W. Burn St. 
M'Fadyen James, blacksmith, 6 Upper Duncan St. 

Ho. 14 Dunn St. 
M'Fadyen James, works manager, 42 Robertson St. 
M'Fadyen John, joiner, 37 W. Stewart St. 
M'Fadyen John, plumber, 38 W. Stewart St. 
M'Fadyen John, rivetter, 85 Beiville St.. 
M'Fadyen John, shipwright, 13 Beiville St. 
M'Fadyen John, plumber, 41 W. Burn St. 
M'Fadyen Lachlan, shipwright, 38 Lynedoch St. 
M'Fadyen Neil, carpenter, 9 Belvile St. 
M'Fadyen Neil, police constable, i 6 Regent St. 
M'Fadyen Mrs E., confectioner, 34 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'Fadyen Mrs D., 25 W. Burn St. 
M'Fadyen Mrs James, 41 Main St. 
M'FALL John Easton, spirit mercht., 10 Market St., 

& 38 Main St. Ho. 7 George PL, Beatinck St. 
M'Fall Frederick, salesman, 34 Robinson Avi. 
M'Fall J. Louis, spirit merch:., 21 Forsyth St. 
MACFARLAN John, draughts. nan, 17 Nelson St. 
Macfarlan Robert, chartered accDuntant, 10 Bedford 

Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., grain merchts., wholesale 

grocers, Royal Close, Bogle St. Tele. No. 232:. 
Macfarlan Miss J., 27 Regent St. 
Macfarlan Mrs Robert, 45 Brisbane St.. 
MACFARLANE Alexander, time-keeper, 7 Carwood 

Macfarlane Angus, fireman, 60 Wellington St. 
Macfarlane Archibald, 5 Fox St. 

Macfarlane David, hammerman, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Macfarlane Donald, grocer, 43 Shaw St.. Ho. 25 

Bank St. 
Macfarlane Dugald, B.A., retd. headmaster, 34 Bris- 
bane St. 
Macfarlane James M., carpenter, 16 Kelly St. 
Macfarlane J. M. & Co., sugar brokers, Sugar Exge. 
Macfarlane Tohn, slater, 24 Nelson St. 


Macfarlane J. A., licensed grocer, 10 W. Blackhall 
St. :Ho. 6 Margaret St. Phone 279. 

Macfarlane John D., spirit mercht., 26 Arthur St. Ho 
Birnam, 4 Jardine Tee. 

Macfarlane John, baker, 28 Lyle St. 

Macfarlane John, clerk, 11 Nelson S.. 

Macfarlane John, draughtsman, 17 Nelson St. 

Macfarlane Robert, confectioner, 85a Newton St.. 

Macfarlane Robert, engineer, 83 Roxburgh St. 

Macfarlane Thomas, cabinet-maker, 62 Kelly St. 

Macfarlane Miss, Sycamore Lodge, 59 Campbell St., 

Macfarlane Miss M,. A., milliner, 7 Kelly St. 

Macfarlane Mrs, 5 Bank St. 

Macfarlane Misses G. & A., 54 Brougham St. 

Macfarlane Mrs Dugald, 72 E. Crawfurd St. 

Macfarlane Mrs Jane, confectioner, 87 Roxburgh St. 
Ho. 85a Newton St. 

Macfarlane Mrs Jessie, nur^e, 14 Ardgowan St. 

Macfarlane Miss Agnes, 31 Bank St. 

Macfarlane Mrs John, 8 Wellington St. 

Macfarlane Mrs John M., 61a Finnart St. 

M'Farlane Alexander, plater, 6 Hill St. 

M'FARLANE Alexander, plater, 59 Holmscroft St. 

M'Farlane Alexander, labourer, 76 Wellington St. 

M'Farlane Andrew, brassfinisher, 31 Roxburgh St. 

M'Farlane Arthur, greaser, 19 Trafalgar St. 

M'Farlane David, labourer, 15 Trafalgar St. 

M'Farlane David, plater, 16 Bruce St. 

M'Farlane David C., plater, 7 E. William St. 

M'Farlane Daniel, labourer, 19 Lyle St. 

M'Farlane Donald, labourer, 29 Lynedoch St. 

M'Farlane Edward, blacksmith, 8 Hill St. 

M'Farlane Hugh, labourer, 70 Ann St. 

M'Farlane Ronald, tinsmith, 5 Watt St. 

M'Farlane James, blacksmith, 20 Mearns St. 

M'Farlane James, iron-driller, 10 Morton Tee. 

M'Farlane James, engineer, 52 Lynedoch St. 

M'Farlane James, 21 Bank St. 

M'Farlane John, boilermaker, 65 Dempster St. 

M'Farlane John, teacher, '6 Brachelston St. 



M'Farlane John, cooper, 65 Wellington St. 
M'Farlane John, estate, Mansion Ho,., Ardgow 

an Sq. Ho. 1 Jardine Tee. 
M'Farlane John, joiner, k;6 Bruce St. 
M'Farlane John, joiner, 50 Dempster St. 
M'Farlane John, rivetter, 24 Baxter St. 
M'Farlane Joseph, Low Murdieston Farm. 
M'Farlane Joseph, provision mercht., 35 Ann St. Ho.. 

17 Union St. 
M'Farlane Miss F., 77 Regent St. 
M'Farlane Malcolm, coppersmith, 49 Beivilie St. 
M'Farlane Malcolm, asst. manager, 10 Garvald St. 
M'Farlane Matthew, heating engineer, 38 South St. 
M'Farlane Peter, carpenter, 4 V 8 Ann St. 
M'Farlane Thomas, rigger, 8 Kilblain St. 
M'Farlane Thos. P., marine engineer, 43 Brisbane St. 
M'Farlane W., manager, Mountview, Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Farlane W. C. & Co., coal & firewood merchts., 56. 

E. Hamilton St. Ho. 1 Morton Tee. 
M'Farlane William, baker, Smithston Cottages. 
M'Farlane William, blacksmith, 45 Prospecthill St.. 
M'Farlane William, labourer, 61 VenneL 
M'Farlane William, bricklayer, 40 Wellington St. 
M'Farlane William, sheet-iron wrkr., 6 Brown St. 
M'Farlane William, grocer, 34 Kelly St. 
M'Farlane Miss, 32 Roxburgh St, 
M'Farlane Miss Catherine, 7 Dempster St. 
M'Farlane Miss E., greengrocer, 52 Holmscroft St. 
M'Farlane Mrs, 14 Bruce St. 
M'Farlane Mrs, 45 Crawfurd St. 
M'Farlane Mrs, 6 Watt St. 
M'Farlane Mrs, nurse, 2 Shaw PL 
M'Farlane Miss Ina, newsa°t., 44 Lynedoch St. Ho.. 

6 Hill St. 
M'Farlane Mrs Agnes, 12 Ardgowan St. 
M'Farlane Miss, 15 Antigua St. 
M'Farlane Mrs Daniel, 42 Ann St. 
M'Farlane Mrs Mary, '6 Nelson St. 
M'Farlane Mrs Mary, 54 Lynedoch St. 
M'Farlane Mrs Robert, 34 Ann St. 


M'Farlane Mrs Agnes, 25 Lynedoch Si,. 

M'Farlane Mrs Mary, 1 Broomhill St. 

M'Farlane Mrs Robert, 48 Dempster St. 

M'Farlane Mrs M., 11 Holmscroft St. 

M'Farlane Mrs, 65 Rue-end St. 

M'FEE Alexander, brassfinisher, 19 Antigua St. 

M'Fee James, boilermaker, 65 Roxburgh St. 

M'Fee John, engineer, 37 Roxburgh St. 

M'Fee William, baker, 93 Roxburgh St. 

M'FEETERS George, baker, 25 Trafalgar St. 

M'Feeters Robert, joiner, 25 W. Blackhall St. 

M'FETRICK John, slater, 18 Crawfurd St. 

Macfie Mrs Hugh, 13 Houston St. 

M'FIE Alexander, brassfinisher, 36 St. Lawrence St.. 

M'Fie Alexander, labourer, 2 Baxter St. 

M'Fie Angus, engineer, .6 Old Hillend. 

M'Fie Daniel, joiner, 42 Lynedoch St. 

M'Fie Daniel (of E. Wilson & Son), Lyndhurst, Man- 
or Crescent. Gourock. 

M'Fie James, boilermake 1 -, 12 Dalrymple St. 

M'Fie James, conoersmitb, 17 Ing 1 eston St. 

M'Fie John, carter, 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 

M'Fie John, joiner, 83 Wellington St. 

M'Fie John, book-keeper, 13 Ardgowan Sq. 

M'Fie Matthew, holder-on, 29 Crescent St. 

M'Fie Robert, joiner, 9 E. Blackhall St. 

M'Fie Robert, labourer, 5 Holmscroft St. 

M'Fie Robert, engineer, Glenview, Gateside A v.. 

M'Fie Mrs. 23 Dempster S«-. 

M'GARR Samuel, ticket collector, 7 Lynedoch St. 

M'GARRA James, baker, 62 Regent Sk 

M'Garra Hu°rh, motorman, 26 Trafalgar St. 

M'GARRIGLE George, tailor, 61 Nicolson St. 

M'Garrigle Tames, holder-on, 11. BeVrlle St. 

M'GARRITY Hugh, fitter, 27 Ingleston St. 

M'Garrity Miss, 1 Morton Tee. 

M'GARTLAND Hu°m. rivei+tr, 61 Venne. 

M'GARVA A^xander, engire- driver, "62 Wellington 

M'Garva David, blacksmith, 1.8 Orr Av. 



M'GAVIN George, 34 Robertson St. 

M'Gavin Sandy, 7 Finnart St. 

M'Gavin James & Son, coal & building-trade mercht., 

5 Brougham St. & 6 Roslin St. Ho. 34 Robertson 

M'Gavin Miss Susan, confectioner, 7 Cathcart St. Ho 

4 Bogle St. 
M'GEACHY Donald, joiner, 52 Inverkip St. 
M'GEEHAN Edward (of Sailors' & Firemen's Union) 

38 Brymner St. 
M'GEEHIN Patrick, labourer, 77 Regent St. 
M'GEE James S., engineer, 39 Belville St. 
M'GENIS Mrs, 16 Kelly St. 

M'GEOCH Andrew (of Post Office), 193 Eldon St* 
M'GEORGE Donald, 13 Lynedoch St. 
M'GHEE John, hammerman, 86 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Ghee John, labourer, 56 Wellington St. 
M'Ghee Patrick, marine store dealer, 3 E. Blackhall 

St, Ho. 8 do. 
M'GHIE James, joiner, 14 Wellington St. 
M'Ghie Robert, f'man painter, 2 Campsie Tee. 
M'GIE Frank, fitter's helper, 10 Chalmers St. 
M'Gie Miss Janet, 14 Brisbane St. 
M'GIBBON Alexander G., 2 Jardine Tee. 
M'Gibbon Charles, brassfinisher, 39 Belville St. 
M'Gibbon Chas., jr., plumber, 71 Dempster St. 
M'Gibbon James, brassfinisher, 4 Garvald St, 
M'Gibbon Thomas, Clyde Pilot, 2 Jardine Tee. 
M'Gibbon William, electrician, 3 Orangefield PL 
M'Gibbon Thomas, marine engineer, 11 Lyle St. 
M'Gibbon Henry, machinist, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'GIFFORD Wm, S., shop manager, 18 Murdies- 

ton St. 
MacGILL John B., insurance agt., 1 Fox St. 
Macgill John, heloer, 17 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Macgill Mrs, 4 Cartsburn St. 
Macgill Mrs, 87 Wellington St. 
M'GILL Robert, carter, ""47 Roxburgh St, 
M'Gill Mrs, 24 Potterv St. 
M'Gill Mrs. 40 Wellington St. 


M'Gill Mrs Hugh, 5 Watt St, 

M'GILLIVRAY Alex,., salesman, 30 Brymner St. 

M'Gillivray Donald, caretaker, 6 Hill St. 

M'Gillivray John, plater, 12 Garvald St. 

M'Gillivray Kenneth, shop manager, 12 Armadale PI. 

M'Gillivray Wm., engineer, 61 Nicolson St. 

M'Gillivray Miss C., dairy, 26 inverkip St. 

M'Gillivray Mrs, 6 Chapel St. 

M'Gillivray Mrs, 52 Eldon St. 

M'GILVRAY John, ironmonger, 25 Rue-end St, 

Ho. 34 Brougham St. 
M'Gilvray John, moulder, 7 Serpentine Walk. 
M'Gilvray John (of Post Office)", 53 Belville St. 
M'Gilvray John, hammerman, 23 Bruce St. 
M'Gilvray Malcolm, engineer, 47 Belville St. 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 3 Prospecthill St, 
M'GILP Allan, labourer, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Gilp Archd., police inspector, 67 Nicolson St. 
M'Gilp Edward, f'man blacksmith, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Gilp Henry, f'man carter, 4 St. Andrew Sq. 
M'Gilp Hugh, boilermaker, 28 Lynedoch St. 
M'Gilp Neil, .sugarboiler, 15 Newton St. 
M'Gilp Robert, mason, 10 Bank St. 
M'Gilp Mrs R,, 1 Holmscroft St. 
M'GINLAY Michael, labourer, 3 Trafalgar St, 
M'GINTY Mrs M„ 45 Cathcart St. 
M'GIRR John, joiner, 64 Dempster St. 
M'GIVERAN John, insurance agt,, 60 Holmscroft 

M'Giveran John, grocer, 11 Prospecthill St, 
M'Giveran Miss E,, grocer, 12 Market St. 
M'Giveran Miss Rose, 9 Ardgowan St. 
M'Giveran Mrs M„ dairy, 9 Bearhope St. Ho. 60 

Holmscroft St. 
M'GLASHAN David, joiner, 11 Carwood St. 
M'Glashan Miss, 21 Nelson S\ 
M'Glashan Mrs, 70 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'Glashan John, joiner, 17 Belville St, 
M'Glashan Robert, vanman, 11 E, Blackhall St. 
M'GLASSON Christopher, sodder, 29 Trafalgar St. 


M'GLINCHEY Ebenezer, storeman, 10 Terrace Rd. 
M'Glinchey James, labourer, 33 Hamilton St. 
M'Glinchey James, engineer, 3 Armadale PL 
M'GLINN Francis, labourer, 59 Vennel. 
M'GLONE Bernard, labourer, 61 Nicolson St. 
M'Glone James, slater, 59 Ann St. 
M'Glone John, labourer, 11 Hill St. 
M'Glone Mrs, mid- wife, 59 Ann St. 
M'GLYNN Henry, patternmaker, 81 Wellington St*' 
M'GONIGLE Hugh, rive;ier, 45 Hamilton S\ 
M'Gonigle Mrs Isabella, 19 Wellington St. 
M'GOUGAN Archibald, joiner, 29 Nelson St.. 
M'Gougan Frank, engineer, 18 Bruce St. 
M'Gougan John, f'man ropemaker, 42 Welington St* 
M'Gougan William, rivetter, 27 Charles St. 
M'GOWAN CWarles, caulker, 7 Cathcart St. 
M'Gowan Patrick, engineer, 4 Customhouse PI. 
M'Go'van Hugh, tugboatman, 2 Palmerston Bldgs.. 
M'Gowan John, boilermaker, 23 Belville St. 
M'Gowan John, irondriller, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Gowan John, plumber, 64 Regent St. 
M'Gowan Patrick, plater, 12 Lyle St. 
M'Gowan Mrs John, 34 W. Stewart St. 
M'Gowan Miss Mary, 25 Sugarhouse Lane. 
M'Gowan Miss, 7 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'GRANACHAN James, engineer, 11 Lauriston St, 
M'Granachan Tohn, ioiner, 30 Trafalgar St. 
M'GRATH Charles/ 27 W. Stewart St. 
M'Grath Mrs M., spirit mercht., 5 Cowga^e. Ho. 23 

Patrick St, 
M'GRATTAN James, rafter, 7 William St. 
M'GREGOR Alexander, nurseryman, 27 Robertson 

McGregor Alex, R., india-rubber factor, 32 Cathcart 

St.. Ho. 46 Brisbane St. 
MACGREGOR Alex., nurseryman, 27 Robertson St. 
Macgregor Alex, R., india-rubber factor, 32 Cathcart 

St, Ho. 46 Brisbane St. 
Macgregor Dugald (of Cathcart Rubber Co. "& Mac- 

gregor's emporium), 43 Ardgowan St. 


Macgregor's emporium, travelling & fancy goods, 3 

W. BUckhall St. 
Macgregor G. R., insurance agt., 20 Wellington St. 
Macgregor James, machinist, 31 E.. Crawfurd St. 
Macgregor William, B.Sc, 'draughtsman, 3 Campsie 

Macgregor Miss Isa, 43 Ardgowan St. 
Macgregor Mrs Colin, 2 Hope St. 
Macgregor Mrs Peter, 43 Ardgowan St. 
M'GREGOR Alex*., insurance agt., 17 Brachelston St 
M'Gregor Andrew, plater, 17 Carwood St. 
M'Gregor Andrew, shipwright, 58 Belville St. 
M'Gregor Andrew S., architect, 8 Ardgowan St. 
M'Gregor Mrs C., 32 Roxburgh St. 
M'Gregor Archd., joiner, 20 Prospecthill St. 
M'Gregor Chjarles (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co.), 9 Cad 

dlehill St. 
M'Gregor Daniel, insurance agt., 27 Brougham St. 
M'Gregor D.. & Co., nautical instrument makers, 33 

Qathcart St. 
M'Gregor David, joiner, 24 South St. 
M'Gregor Dugjald, insurance agt., 19 Mearns St. 
M'Gregor Hugh, shipwright, 22 Robinson Av. 
M'Gregor Ja'mes, moulder, 3 Hope St. 
M'Gregor James, tobacconist, 22 Charles St. Ho. 

75 Brachelston St. 
M'Gregor J. D.&Co., funeral undertakers & carriage 

hirers, Tontine St a bles, 24 W. Blackball St., 30 

Brougham St. & Princes Pier Station, 
M'Gregor John D., patternmaker, 54 Belville St. 
M'Gregor James, joiner, 41 W. Burn St. 
M'Gregor John, carpenter, 33 Ingleston S". 
M'Gregor John, coachman, 3 York St. 
M'Gregor John, patternmaker, 128 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Gregor Norman, plater, 22 Lyle St. 
M'Gregor Rev. Peter. M.A., minister of West U. F. 

Church, 84 Union St, 
M'Gregor Peter, plater, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Gregor Peter, shipmaster, 34 Newton St. 
M'Gregor Peter, shop manager, 86 PL Glasgow Rd. 



M'Gregor Robert, engineer, 25 Belville St. 
McGregor Robert, plumber, 101 Dempster St. 
M'Gregor Robert, timekeeper, 97 Roxburgh St. 
M'Gregor William, marine engineer, 13 Hope St. 
M'Gregor William, cooper, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Gregor William, papermaker, 130 Drumfrochar Rd 
M'Gregor William, steward, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Gregor Alexandrina, spirit mercht., 13 Brymner St 

Ho. 9 Shaw PI. 
M'Gregor Miss, 33 Kelly St. 
M'Gregor Miss E., boot mercht., 7 Cathcart St. Ho. 

13 Hope St. 
M'Gregor Miss Marion, 35 W. Burn St. 
M'Gregor Mrs, greengrocer, 11 Murdieston St. 
M'Gregor Miss Chris,., draper, 36 W. Burn St. Ho. 

15 Bentinck St. 
M'Gregor Mrs Daniel, bird dealer, 8 Kilblain St. 
M'Gregor Mrs E., confectioner, 31 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'GROGAN Mrs J., Catholic repository, 29 Brym 

ner St. 
M'GRORY Charles, labourer, 1 Kilblain St. 
M'Grory Patrick, seaman, 19 Prospecthill St. 
MACGUGAN Mrs M., 41 Brisbane St. 
M'GUGAN D„ coal mercht., 5 Chapel St. Ho. 6 

Hope St. 
M'Gugan Duncan, clerk, 32 Brisbane St. 
M'Gugan Mrs, 25 Brisbane St. 
M'Gugan James, plasterer, 43 Shaw St. 
M'Gugan Malcolm, patternmaker, 48 Ann St. 
M'Gugan Robert, engineer, 30 Lynedoch St. 
M'Gugan T., engineer, 9 Crescent St. 
M'Gugan Wilson, plater, 1 6 Baxter St. 
M'Gugan Mrs, 8 Trafalgar St. 
M'Gugan Mrs Mary, 52 Holmscroft St. 
M'GUlGAN'Alexander, boilermaker, 35 Roxburgh St 
M'Guigan Alexander, labourer, 23 Lyle St. 
M'GUIRE James, music teacher. 32 Cathcart St,. 
M'Guire James, rivetter, 45 Cathcart St. 
M'Guire Neil, badge oorter, 13 Brymner S<-. 
M'Guire Patrick, surfaceman, "36 Lynedoch St. 



M'Guire Robert R., teacher, 17 South St. 

M'Guire Robert J., plater, 25 Lynedoch St. 

M'Guire William, iron-dresser, 43 Shaw St. 

M'GUNNIGLE Felix, glazier, 6 Lynedoch St,. 

M'GURK John, salesman, 24 Pottery St. 

M'Gurk John, labourer, 2 Crawfurd Lane. 

M'Gurk John, firewood mercht., 24 Pottery Si. 

M'Gurk Mrs Margt., greengrocer, 3 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Ho. 37 Baxter St. 

M'HENERY William, painter, 26 W. Blackhall St. 

M'HOU'L Hugh (of Post Office), 36 Dempster St. 

M'HARDY William, joiner, 37 Roxburgh St. 

M'HUGH John, slater, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 

M'Hugh Joseph, seaman, 25 Lynedoch St. 

M'Hugh Patrick, fitter, 56 Wellington St. 

MTLHENNEY Mrs, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

MTLRAVEY John, labourer, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

MTlravey John, machinist, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

MTlravey Thomas, labourer, 44 Wellington St. 

MTLHAGGA Miss M., 31 Lyle St. 

MTLRAY John, engineer, 6 Old Hillend. 

MTLROY James, oiler, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

MTlroy James, 33 E. Crawfurd St. ' " '" 

MTlroy John, carter, 15 Mill St, 

MTlroy John, caulker, 1 Mill St. 

MTlroy Thomas, salesman, 25 Bank St. 

MTlroy Mrs, 34 Ann St. 

MTlroy Mrs Annie, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

MTLT'AR Robert, hammerman, 39 Ann St. 

MTLWRAITH Adam, baker, 64 Ann St. 

MTlwraith William, mason, 74 Dempster St, 

MTLWRAITHS & Walker, solicitors & notaries pub- 
lic, 11 William St. 

MTNDOE Duncan, plater, 4 Nelson St,., Glebe. 

MTndoe Miss, 47 Brisbane St. 

MACINNES Neil, inspector, Nat. Health Insurance,' 
24 Bank St. 

Maclnnes Neil, shipyard buyer, 10 Bank St. 

MTNNES Angus (of Post Office), 35 W. Blackhalr 



Maclnnes Donald E., naval architect, 19 Ardgowan 

Macinnes Donald, boot-maker, 28 Lynedoch St. Ho. 

32 Roxburgh St. 
M'Innes Angus, tug master, 10 Cathcari: S,t. 
M'innes Archibald, carpenter, 20 Baxter St. 
M'Innes Arthur, labourer, 1 Helen St. 
M'Innes D., spirit mercht., 15 Rue-end St. Ho. 

Charing Cross. 
M'Innes Donald, labourer, 36 St. Lawrence St. 
M'Innes Mrs, 20 Brisbane St. 
M'Innes Dugald, labourer, 78 Belville St. 
M'Innes Duncan (of Post Office), 15 Lauriston St. 
M'Innes Duncan, engineer, 3 Alexandra Mansions. 
M'Innes Duncan, feltwrkr., 5 Duff St. 
M'Innes Duncan, motorman, 7 Nile St. 
M'Innes Hector, tugboat master, 21 Ingleston PI. 
M'Innes Hugh, watchman, Gibbshill Tee. 
M'Innes James, clerk, 36 South St. 
M'Innes John, fireman, Old Bridgend Cottage. 
M'Innes John, rivetter, 7 Brymner St. 
M'Innes John, engine-driver, 29 Border St. 
M'Innes John, salesman, 77 Wellington St. 
M'Innes Lachlan, labourer, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 
MTnnes Malcolm, carpenter, '24 Wellington St. 
M'Innes Neil, fireman, 13 Belville St. 
M'Innes Robert, baker, 9 Crescent St. Ho. 42 

Mearns St. 
M'Innes Robert, engine-driver, 52 W.. BlackhalfSt. 
M'Innes Mrs John, 30 Mearns St. 
MACINTOSH John, painter, 74 Dempster St. 
Macintosh Neil, 39 Ardgowan St. 
M'INTOSH Alfred, engineer, 3 Oakfield Tee. 
MTntosh Daniel, watchmaker, 64 Wellington St. 
MTntosh David, engineer, 4 Nelson St. 
M'Intosh David, engineer, 47 Baxter St. 
MTntosh Duncan, shipwright, 10 Garvald St. 
MTntosh Finlay, of "Loudon & Crawfurd, Ld., 62 Bel- 

vifle St. 
MTntosh Fulton, book-keeper, 62 Belville St. 



M'Intosh Hector, painter, 12 Dalrymple St. 

M'Intosh John, cutterman, 6 Orr Av. 

M'Intosh James, labourer, 52 E. Hamilton St. 

M'Intosh John, rivetter, 14 Regent St. 

M'Intosh Robert, draper, Rowerdennan, 67 Octavia 

M'Intosh Robert C>, engineer, 13 Lynedoch St. 

M'Intosh William, draper, 23-27 Ann^St, & 16 Lyne- 
doch St. 

M'Intosh William, painter, 3 Ratho St. 

M'Intosh Miss Mary, 22 Nelson St. 

M'Intosh Mrs, 7 Carwood St. 

M'Intosh Mrs, 29 Trafalgar St. 

M'Intosh Mrs Helen, 77 Dempster St. 

MACINTYRE Angus, traveller, 81 Wellington St, 

Macintyre Miss,. 35a Ardgowan St. 

Macintyre Archibald C, chemist & druggist, 41 Rox- 
burgh St.- Ho. 27 Newton St. 

Macintyre Andrew, labourer, 1 Bruce St. 

Macintyre Rev. Duncan, minister St. John's Episcop- 
al Ch., 38 Robertson St. 

Macintyre Edward, mason, 117 "Newark St. 

Macintyre Hugh, motorman, 20 Antigua St. 

Macintyre D. & M., hatters & hosiers, 47 Hamilton;. 
St. Ho. 7 Academy PI. 

Macintyre James, electrical engineer, 16 Campbell St. 

Macintyre James, plumber, 12 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Macintyre Miss, 8 Brisbane St. 

Macintyre Miss, music teacher, 39 Forsyth St. 

Macintyre Mrs Jeannie, 37 Brown St. 

M'INTYRE Arthur, hammerman, 64 Ann St. 

M'Intyre David, rivetter, 10 Hope St. 

M'Intyre Donald, farmer, Cornhaddock, Murdieston 

M'Intyre Donald, joiner, 4 Carnock St. 

M'Intyre Donald, managing director, M'Intyre, Ld., 
13 Duncan St. 

M'Intyre Donald, grocer, 10 Lynedoch St. 

M'Intyre Donald, seaman, 26 Lyle St. 

M'Intyre Duncan, labourer, 13 Crawfurd St. 

194 ; 


MTntyre Duncan, boilermaker, 31 Lyle S;. 
MTntyre Duncan, craneman, 32 Hamilton St. 
M'Intyre Thomas & San, grocers, 6 Cartsburn St. 

Ho. 15 xA.shb.rn Lrar^ens, Gourock. 
M'Intyre George, rivetter, HE. Crawfurd St. 
M'Intyre Hugn, carpenter, 12 sVatt St. 
M'Intyre Hugh, engineer, 36 Kolmscroft St. 
M'Intyre, painter, 34 Tobago St. 
MTntyre John, joiner, 72 Dempster St. 
M'Intyre John, bEvks r.itn, 9 Jamaica St. 
MTntyre John, e..^meer, 6 Union St. 
MTntyre John, carpenter, 31 E. Crawfurd St. 
MTnlyrc William, pla c ', 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
MTntyre, Ld., haulage coni.racr.ors & coach builders, 

13 Duncan St. 
MTntyre Tachlan, boilermaker, 9 Lynedoch St. 
MTntyre Fell, blacksmith, 3 Virginia S':. 
MTntyre Peter, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 13 

Duncan St. Ho. 20 Kelly St: 
MTntyre Peter, tugboat master, 22 Welington St. 
MTntyre Peter, engineer, 2 Brachelston St. 
MTntyre Peter, railwayman, 56 Wellington S 1 ". 
MTntyre & Harper, timber merchts., 4:0-42 Venrc!. 
MTntyre Thomas E., 25 Brougham St. 
MTntyre William, sa'esman, 57 Ann St. 
MTntyre William, plater, 12 Brown St. 
MTntyre Isabella W., milliner, 14 W. Blackhall St. 

Ho. Beaconsfield, Gourock. 
MTntyre Mrs Andrew, 40 Brown St. 
MTntyre Mrs C, 25 Lynedoch St. 
MTntyre Mrs. 3 Holmscroft St. 
MTVER Hector, carpenter, 20 Grant St. 
MTver Mrs, 21 Bank St. 
M'Tver Norman, joiner, 41 Belville St. 
MTver Thomas G., telegraph test clerk, 38 Bax^e- S h 
M'Tver William, prison warder, High Tnverkig RE 
MTver Thomas, gardener, 17 Brown St. 
M'lver John, labourer, 5 Bearhone S 1 ". 
MTver Mrs, 5 Belville SE 
MTSAAC James, carter, 40 Gordon St. 


M'JANNET William, police inspector, 4 Trafalgar St 

M'Jannet Mrs Robert, 52 Kelly St. 

MACKAIL J. G. & M., grocers, 45 Hamilton St. 

Mackail John (of J. G. & M. Mackail), 4 Sandring- 
ham Tee. 

MACKAY Alexander, engineer, 22 Lynedoch St. 

Mackay Alexander, slater, 17 Bearhope St. 

Mackay Charles, 167 El don St. 

Mackay Duncan G., shipwright, 20 Antigua St. 

Mackay Edward, M.B., CM., physician & surgeon, 
29 Hamilton St. Ho. 20 Forsyth St. 

Mackay Edward (of T. Mackay & Sons), 40 Camp- 
bell St, 

Mackay Edward, fruiterer, 5 Carwood St. 

Mackay George, painter, 33 Roxburgh St. 

Mackay Godfrey 13 Ardgowan St. 

Mackay Jamer, plater, 64 Brown St. 

Mackay John, missionary, 10 Brisbane St, 

Mackay John & Neil, pawnbrokers, 14 Arthur St. & 
17 Stanners St, 

Mackay Malcolm, shipwright, 8 Lyle St. 

Mackay Matthew, police sergt., 5 Newton St. 

Mackay Neil, rivetter, 7 Main St, 

Mackay Thomas (of T. Mackay & Sons), 29 Patrick 

Mackay Thomas & Sons, bakers & confectioner?, 21 
W. Blackball St., Greenock, & 15 Kempock Place, 

Mackay Thomas (of T. Mackay & Sons), Auburn Ho. 

Mackay Miss Margt,, matron, Children's Convalesc- 
ent Home, 74 South St. 

Mackay Miss A. T., nurse, 75 Roxburgh St. 

Mackay Misses, Breadalbane House, 39a Fox St. 

Mackay Mrs Daniel, 20 Brisbane St. 

M'KAY Alexander, boatman, 13 W, Stewart St. 

M'Kay Andrew, joiner, 26 Mearns St. 

M'Kay Andrew, carter, 11 Duncan St, 

M'Kay Alexander, joiner, 14 Regent St, 

M'Kay Archibald, weigher, 4 Carwood St. 



M'Kay Donaid, labourer, 7 Kiioiain Bldgs. 

M'Kay George, clerk, 8 Carw^od St. 

M'Kay, timekeeper, J.3 Garwood St,. 

M'Kay John, joiner, 5o iL. t±s, iiilton St. 

M'Kay John, joiner, 95 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kay John, f'man cleaner, 12 Trafalgar St. 

M'Kay John, blockmaker, 76 Belville St. 

M'Kay John, patternmaker, 35 Lyle St. 

M'Kay John, labourer, '11 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kay Murdoch (of Post Office), 54 Dempster St.. 

M'Kay Patrick, labourer, 4 Sal.non St. 

M'Kay Miss, 15 South St. 

M'Kay Robert, boilermaker, 18 Bruce St. 

M'Kay Samuel, driller, 77 Regent St. 

M'Kay Thomas, boilermaker, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 

M'Kay William, grocer, 7 Main St. 

M'Kay William, labourer, 3 Broomhi .1 St. 

M'Kay Miss, 14a Trafalgar St. 

M'Kay Mrs, 6 Nelson St., Glebe. 

M'Kay Mrs Eliza., 17 M 1 :. Pleasant St. 

M'Kay Mrs Jessie, 34 VV. Stewart St. 

M'KABE Arthur, confectioner, 8 Ann St. 

M'KEAG John, labourer, 48 Pt. Gkngow Rd. 

M'KEAN Willia: , s'a^e:, 60 Ann S . 

M'KECHNIE Allan and Co. Ld., bu chers, 19 West 

Blackhall S\, 13 Union S^. & 63 Rue-end St. 
M'Kechnie David, plater, 9 Lauriston St. 
M'Kechnie Donald, joiner, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Kechnie Donald, labourer, 14 och St. 
M'Kechnie Dugald, butcher, 71 Holiscroft S\ 
M'Kechnie Dugald, bank telle", 37 Robertson S . 
M'Kechnie Angus, ho^-borer, 52 Wellington S '. 
M'Kechnie Duncan, blacksmith, 45 Belville St, 
M'Kechnie Durcan, labourer, 21 InTeston St. 
M'Kechnie Rev. Jarres, clergyman, 23 South S:. 
M'Kechnie Hugh, labourer, 21 E. S"-aw St. 
M'Kechnie Janes, fitter, 3 Helen St. 
M'Kechnie John, clerk, Marshill Cott. , Lyle Rd . 
M'Kechnie Tames, bofermaker 20 Belville S^. 
M'Kechnie Johi\, clerk, 89 Roxburgh S\ 



M'Kechnie Join., boilermaker, 40 Holmscroft St. 

M'Kechnie Mis ; Jessie, 40 Wellington St. 

M'Kechnie M'ss M,, 1 Fox St. 

M'Kechnie Mts Margt,, confectioner, 77 Regent St. 

M'Kechnie Mrs, 13 Lyle St. 

M'Kechni--', Mrs John, 9 Helen St. 

M'Kechnie Mrs James, 9 Dempster St. 

M'KEE Jchn, labourer, 9 Garwood St. 

M'Kee M: s George R., Ashtree, Gateside. 

M'Kee Matthew, "iron-driller, 7 E. William St. 

M'KEEMAN William, storeman, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 

M'Keeman W. J. (late of Post Office), 16 Lynedoch 

M'KEGGAN John, motorman, 66 E. Hamilton St. 

M'Keggan William, car fitter, 6 Sinclair St. 

MACKELLAR James, mason, 74 Dempster St. 

Mackellar John, blacksmith, 3 Antigua St. 

MackeUar N. A. & Co. Ld., coal irerchts., 10 Robert- 
son St. 

Mackellar Norman A., 121 Eldon St. 

Mackellar Ronald, dentist, 49 Cathcart St, 

Mackellar William C., 7 Forsyth St. 

M'KELLAR Alexander, joiner, 8 Brisbane St,. 

M'Kellar Alexander, coppersmith, 30 Trafalgar St. 

M'Kellar Alexander, shipmaster, 17 Brisbane St. 

M'Kellar Andrew, 26 Trafalgar St. 

M'Kellar Mrs, caretaker, Sugar Exch., 8 Brisbane St. 

M'Kellar Archibald, engineer, 5 Armadale PI. 

M'Kellar Archibald, seaman, 30 Wellington St. 

M'Kellar Andrew, plater, 7 Bruce St. 

M'Kellar A. S. H., jeweller, 27 Cathcart St. Ho. 51 
Brougham St. 

M'Kellar Charles R., plater, 17 Lynedoch St. 

M'Kellar Donald, shipmaster, 43 Kelly St. 

M'Kellar Dugald, upholsterer, 22 W. Stewart St. 

M'Kellar Duncan, coppersmith, 4 Mearns St, 

M'Kellar Hugh, flesher, 89 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kellar James, labourer, 26 W. Blackball St. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 18 Wellington St. 

M'Kellar John, joiner, 6 Hay St. 



M'Kellar John Y.., grocer, 30 Mt. Pleasant St. Ho. 
11 Kelly St. 

M'Kellar Joseph, labourer, 43 Crawfurd St. 

M'Kellar Peter, boxmaker, 41 Sir Michael St. 

M'Kellar Peter, joiner, 82 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kellar Robert, engineer, 9 Hill St. 

M'Kellar Robert, painter, 20 Bruce St. 

M'Kellar Mary, greengrocer, 21 Kelly St. Ho. 8 
Brisbane St. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 11 Hill St. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 18 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 3 Sandringham Tee. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 24 Trafalgar St. 

M'Kellar Mrs Angus, 22 W, Stewart St. 

M'Kellar Mrs Daniel, 7 Dellingburn St. 

M'Kellar Miss Janet, 44 Brisbane St. 

M'Kellar Mrs John, 71 Wellington St. 

M'KELVIE David, salesman, 69 Roxburgh St, 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, Ld., book-sellers & station>- 
ers, 4 W. Blackhall St. & 22-24 VV. Burn St. 

M'Kelvie John, iron, moulder, 15 Hope St. 

M'Kelvie J. P. (of J. M'K. & Sons, Ld.), 46 Margar- 
et St. 

M'Kelvie William, Clyde Pilot, 50 Brisbane St. 

M'KENDRICK Fred,, counter-sinker, 7 E. Craw- 
furd St. 

M'Kendrick James, rivetter, 38 Main St. 

M'Kendrick George, pawnbroker, 4 Inverkip St. 

M'Kendrick James, rivetter, 1 Chalmers St. 

M'Kendrick John, f'man carpenter, 12 Regent St. 

M'Kendrick Mrs, 29 Ingleston St. 

M'KENNA John, holder-on, 3 Regent St, 

M'Kenna Mrs, 67 Rue-end St. 

MACKENZIE Alexander (of H,.M. Customs), 65 
Dempster. St, 

Mackenzie Alexander, steward, 14 Armadale PL 

Mackenzie Duncan, jr., flesher, 35 Brvmner St. Ho. 
13 South St, 

Mackenzie Duncan, flesher, 1 W, Blackhall St. Ho. 
34 Brisbane St. 



Mackenzie George A., engineer, 26 Bank St. 

Mackenzie Hector, clerk, 6a South St. 

Mackenzie Henry E., sugar-boiler, 21 South St. 

Mackenzie John, pawnbroker, 5 William Sr. Ho. 28 
South St. 

Mackenzie Joseph M. S., salesman, 19 Newton St. 

Mackenzie Margt. R., licensed grocer, 10 W. Black- 
hall St. Ho. 6 Margaret St. 

M'KENZIE Archibald, 57 Regent St.. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, engineer, 35 Regent St. 

M'Kenzie Alex,., clerk, Ivy Cottage, Bawhirley Rd. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, fruiterer, 90 Roxburgh St. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, engineer, 6 Oakfield Tee. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, carter, 28 Wellington St. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, vanman, "30 Wellington St.. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, slater, 14 Terrace Rd. 

M'Kenzie Alexander, shipmaster, 2 Bawhirley Rd. 

M'Kenzie Alex,., enginec, Janeteld, High Jnverkip Rd 

M'Kenzie Andrew, labourer, 41 Orr A v.. 

M'Kenzie Charles, stevedore, 6 Boyd St. 

M'Kenzie Charles, craneman, 7 Virginia St.. 

M'Kenzie Charles, fruiterer, 31 Roxburgh St. Ho. 
6 Boyd St. 

M'Kenzie Daniel, plater, 2 Alexandra Mansions.. 

M'Kenzie David, teacher, 14 Grant St.. 

M'Kenzie David, engineer, 12 Ardgowan St. 

Mackenzie Donald, licensed grocer, 2-4 Tobago St. 
Ho. 26 Robertson St. Phone No. 254 


e Donald, engine-man, 36 St.. Lawrence St. 
e Donald, joiner, 7 Dempster St. 
e Henry, seaman, 8 Holmscroft v St. 
e George, joiner, 6 Lauriston St. 
e James, boilermaker, 12 Ann St. 
e James, shipwright, 20 Trafalgar St.. 
e John, teacher, 10 Brisbane St. 
e John, police constable, 7 Nile St. 
e John, blacksmith, 26 Mearns St. 
e John, motor mechanic, 70 Ann St. 
e John, joiner, 60 Dempster St. 
e John, retd. constable, 15 Brachelston St. 


M'Kcnzie J,, & M., sevvn*ig-.i.a:..ine store, 9 Arcane 
Ho. 30 Wellington St. 

M'Kenzie Mitchell, railway fireman, 82 Roxburgh S: 

M'Kenzie Weil, bake.;, 1 Kitchener PL 

M'Kenzie Peter, police constable, 63 Dempster S . 

M'Kenzie Roderick, iron-moulder, 5 Regent St. 

M'Kenzie Roderick, labourer, 2 Watt PL 

JMTKenzie' Thomson, engineer, J 2 ' MaukinhiH Re!,." 

M'Kenzie William, painter, 41 Sir Michael St. 

M'Keazie William, boilermake:, 4 Maukinhi 1 Ru. 

M'Kenzie Willia.- , ri/e.te:, 6 Serpentine Walk. 

M'Kenzie William (late of P. O.), 36 St. Lawren,c 

M'Kenzie Catherine, up ho stress, 14 Ardgowan S . 

M'Kenzie Jane, tobacconist & sia ione.", 26 E. 
ton St. 

M'Kenzie Miss, cressmake - , 14 Ardgowan S . 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 35 Lynedoch S , 

M'Kenzie Mrs D. C, 25 Bank S . 

M'Kenzie Mrs George, 73 Nicolson S . 

M'Kenzie Mrs Mary, 4 Hay S^ 

M'Kenie Mrsz Sarah, 7 Watt St. 

M'Kerzie Mrs, 49 Rue-end St. 

M'Kenzie Mrs Helen, 84 Roxburgh S . 

M'Keazie Mrs W., 1 Alexandra Mansions. 

M'Kenzie Mrs H., 24 Bank St. 

M'Kenzie Mrs John, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Kenzie Mrs Walter, 25 Lyle St. 

M'KERACHER Mrs Janet, 4 Mearns St. 

M'KERLIE William, plater, 6 Hill St. 

M'Kerlie Mrs, grocer, 4 Hill S\ 

M'Kerlie William, labourer, 4 Hill S*". 

M'KERRELL Alexander, fitter, 9 Lyle S\ 

M'Kerrell Donald, f'man plater, 13 Border St. 

M'Kerrell William, boatman, 193 Eldon St. 

M'Kerrell Mrs C, 13 Nelson S\ 

M'KerreU Mrs Mary. 102 P'. Glasgow Rd. 

M'KERRON Donald, f'man blacksmith, 15 Ardgow- 
an St. 



MACKESSY Charles, supt., Working Boy^' Home, 

3 Lyle St. 
M'KILLOP Alexander, baker, 14 W. Blackball St. 
M'Killop Alexander, painter, 13 Newton St. 
M'Killop George, joiner, 50 Holmscroft St. 
M'Killop Jarres, joiner, 26 Kelly St.. 
M'Killop John, engineer, Waterside Cott., Kilmacolm 

M'Killop John, gardener, 75 Wellington St. 
M'Killop Mrs Helen, 26 W,. Blackhall St. 
M'KIM Alexander, boilermaker, 5 Hill Sh. 
M'Kim John, blacksmith, 71 Wellington S ,. 
M'Kim Thos. A., motor agt., 4 George Sq. Ho. 16 

Glenview Tee. 
M'Kim Miss Emma, fancy goods, 25 Kelly Sti. 
M'Kim Mrs, 13 Mill St. 
M'KINLAY A., 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Kinlay Archibald, carpenter, 20 Bearhope St. 
M'Kinlay Daniel, labourer, 40 Nicolson St. 
M'Kinlay David, engineer, 20 Murdieston St. 
M'Kinlay Donald, brassfinisher, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Kinlay James, f'man brassfinisher, Oakleigh, Baw- 

hirley Rd. 
M'Kinlay James T,., draughtsman, 4 Brachelston St. 
M'Kirilay John, boilermaker, 35 Regent St. 
M'Kinlay John, jr., engineer, Overton. 
M'Kinlay Thomas, fireman, 8 Murdieston St. 
M'Kinlay Thomas, joiner, 47 Crawfurd St. 
M'Kinlay Wm. R., brassfinisher, 18 Trafalgar St. 
M'Kinlay Miss J., childs' outfitter, 33 Roxburgh St. 
M'Kinlay Miss Marion, draper, 23 Rue-end St. 
M'Kinlay Mrs, 6 Ardgowan St. 
M'Kinlay Mrs Peter C, 4 Nelson St. 
M'KINNEY William, labourer, 1 Broomhill St. 
M'Kinney William, labourer, 21 Ladyburn Bldgsi. 
M'Kinney Charles, painter, 10 Charles St. 
MACKINNON Charles D,. engineer, 1 Armadale PL 
Mackinnon Daniel, steward, 6 Brisbane St. 
Mackinnon John, engineer, 14 Armadale PI. 
Mackinnon Lachlan, Hamara, Inverkip Rd. 



Mackinnon Lachlan, chafreur, 3 Brachelston St. 
Mackinnon Robert, plater, 21 Trafalgar St. 
Mackinnon Robert A., solicitor, 2 Bank St. Ho. 75 

Newton St. 
Mackinnon Mrs, Greenbank House, 48 Kelly St. 
M'KINNON Alexander, fiesher, 34 W,. Blaekhail St. 

Ho.. 4 Houston St. 
M'Kinnon Alexander, spirit mercht., 4 Shad St. Ho. 

ia. Roxburgh S;. 
M'Kinnon Alexander, window cleaner, 5 Ratho St. 
M'Kinnon Angus, carpenter, 59 Ann St. 
M'Kinnon Archibald, 48a Brougham St. 
M'Kinnon Archibald, baker, 67 Holmscroft St. 
M'Kinnon Colin, car conductor, 86 Belville St. 
M'Kinnon Daniel, engineer, 15 Dempster St. 
M'Kinnon David, machinist, 45 Holmscroft St. 
M'Kinnon Donald, captain, 28 Wellington St. 
M'Kinnon Donald, factory wrkr,., 60 Wellington St. 
M'Kinnon D.., clerk, 52 Union St. 
M'Kinnon Donald, timekeeper, 67 Rue-end St. 
M'Kinnon Donald, Straithaird, 75 Newton St. 
M'Kinnon Duncan, brassmoulder, 33 Hamilton St. 
M'Kinnon Hugh, caulker, 12 Drumfrochar Rd ( . 
M'Kinnon Hugh, hairdresser, 29 Inverkip St. Ho. 

64 Dempster St. 
M'Kinnon J,., tobacconist & newsagt., 35 Ann St. 

Ho. 22 Wellington St. 
M'Kinnon James, stage manager, 3 Argyle St.. 
M'Kinnon John, chemist, The Nook, 46 Denholm St. 
M'Kinnon John, boilermaker, 5 Orchard St. 
M'Kinnon John, engineer, 22 Wellington St. 
M'Kinnon John, railway goods f'man, 13 Watt St» 
M'Kinnon Neil, engineer, 3 Moffat St. 
M'Kinnon Peter, baker, 63 Nicolson St. 
M'Kinnon Robert, foreman, Glenlea, Bawhirley Rd„ 
M'Kinnon William, painter, 41 Crawfurd St. 
M'Kinnon William, hairdresser, 16 Laird St. 
M'Kinnon Miss Catherine, Post Office, 28 Nicolson 

Ho. 7a Ardgowan St. 
Mi'Kinnon Mrs, 30 Lynedoch St. 


cent:;? ■ l t irectory 

M Kinnon Mrs, 10 Inverkip Su. 
M'Kinnon Mrs Duncan, 8 Hope St,. 
M'Kinnon Mrs Lachlan, 66 Wellington St. 
M'Kinnon Mrs M., 28 Lyle St. 
M'Kinnon Mrs Peter, 39 Crawfurd St. 
MACKINTOSH Duncan, shipwright, 5 Ne son St., 
Macintosh Mrs Duncan, 8 Manse Lane. 
MACKINVEN Donald, carpenter, 59 Regent St. 
M'KIRDY Anderson, engineer, 4 Hay St.. 
M'Kirdy Archibald, draughtsman, 4 Campbell St. 
M'Kirdy James M., iron-driller, 56 Eldon St. 
M'Kirdy James, joiner, 13 Watt St. 
M'Kirdy James, plater, 39 Belville St. 
M'Kirdy Thomas, plater, 23 Moffat St. 
M'Kirdy William, joiner, 24 Belville St. 
M'Kirdy Miss Elizabeth, teacher, 6 Kelly St. 
M'Kirdy Miss, 78 Union St. 
M'Kirdy Mrs Annie, 97 Dempster St. 
M'KISSOCK James, carpenter, 5 Rue-end St. 
M'Kissock John, labourer, 30 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
M'KNIGHT Ed., chief engineer, 32 St. Lawrence St 
M'Knight James, watchman, 60 Wellington St. 
MAC LAC H LAN John, shipyard manager, 20 Kelly 

Maclachlan Robert, joiner, 60 Dempster St. 
M'LACHLAN Alex,., engineer, 74 Belville St. 
M'Lachlan Angus, joiner, 24 Trafalgar St. 
M'Lachlan Archibald, blacksmith, 52 Belville St. 
M'Lachlan Archibald, engineer, 34 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Lachlan Charles, moulder, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
M T ,acWan Colin, tugboat man, 87 Wellington St. 
M'Lachlan Donald, blacksmith, 9 DeTmgburn St. 
M'Lachlan Daniel, sawyer, 1 Waverley Lane. 
M'Lachlan Donald, joiner, 12 Terrace Rd. 
M'Lachlan Duncan, ostler, 3 Mill St. 
M'Lachlan Duncan, caulker, 5 Duff St. 
M'Lachlan D-ncan. lfbor'er, 2.1. B-ar':oD" S . 
MXachlan Felix, slater, 18 Ann St. 
M'Lachlan Hugh, blacksnuth, 67 Dempster St. 
M'Lachlan Hugh, hammerman, 22 John St. 



M'Lachlan James, plater, 8 Brachelston St. 
M'Lachlan Lachlan, draughtsman, 7 Union St. 
M'Lachlan John, boatman, 14 Hope St. 
M'Lachlan John, slater, 18 Ann St. 
M'Lachlan John, iron-dresser, 11 Murdieston St. 
M'Lachlan Neil, plater, 7 Virginia St. 
M'Lachlan Matthew, mason, 5 Chalmers St. 
M'Lachlan Robert, carpenter, 49 Belville St.. 
M'Lachlan Robert, caulker, 60 Belville St. 
M'Lachlan Walter, plater, 58 Wellington St. 
M'Lachlan William, labourer, 21 Sir Michael St. 
M'Lachlan William, labourer, 63 Nicolson St. 
M'Lachlan Mrs, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Lachlan Mrs G,, 7 Hill St. 
M'Lachlan Mrs Daniel, 2 George Sq, 
MACLAINE Hector, boilermaker, 9 Carwood St. 
Maclaine Mrs, 48 Captain St. 

M'LAGAN Donald, motor driver, 37 Trafalgar St. 
M'LAREN Charles, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 
M'Laren Daniel, blacksmith, 2 Watt PL 
M'Laren George, cooper, 25 Dempster St. 
M'Laren James, blacksmith, 43 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'Laren James, joiner, 10 Hill St. 
M'Laren John, late police constable, 5 Antigua St. 
M'Laren John, seaman, 54 Belville St. 
M'Laren John, boilermaker, 26 Inverkip St. 
M'Laren Malcolm, salesman, 15 Bruce St. 
M'Laren William, engineer, 1 9 Trafalgar St. 
M'Laren Mrs, 66 Ann St. 
M'Laren Mrs, 30 Brisbane St. 
M'LARTY Angus, hammerman, 8 Nile St. 
M'Larty Angus, labourer, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Larty Archibald, boxmaker, 3 Armadale PI. 
M'Larty Donald, engineer, 4 Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Larty John, carter, 17 Lyle St. 
M'Larty John, carter, 6 Nelson St., Glebe. 
M'Larty John, carter, 46 Captain St. 
M'Larty John, engineer, 44 Ann St. 
M'Larty John, sailmaker, 73 Regent St. 
M'Larty Neil, joiner, 31 Nelson St. 

205 ; < -.v. 


M'Larty William, labourer, 40 Holmscroft So. 
M"Larty William, clerk, 16 Trafalgar St. 
M'Larty Mrs Isa, 21 W,. Stewart Sc. 
MLALCHLAN Angus, engineer, 8 Belville St. 
M'Lauchlan Charles, labourer, 8 Morcon. fee. 
M'Lauchlan John, Annfield, Chapelton, Pt,. Glasgow 

MLauchlan Robert, brassfinisher, 54 Lynedoch St. 
M'Lauchlan James, agt., 31 Prospecthill St. 
M'Lauchlan William, carter, 3 Regent St. 
M'Lauchlan John, sme-maker, 6 Roslin St. 
M'Lauchlan Miss Emily, 4 Lyle S . 
M'LAUGHLAND Robert, caroe.iter, 7 Holmscroft 

M'LAUGHLIN Bernard, watchman, 63 Nicolson St. 
M'Laughlin diaries, licensed broke:, 16 S tanners St. 
M'Laughlin Charles, grocer, 22 S;. Lawrence St. 
M'Liughlin Daniel, driller, 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Laughlin Daniel, Clyde Pilo:, 34 Brisbane St. 
M Laughlin Daniel, confectioner* 5 Palmerston Bldgs. 
M'Laughlin, labourer, 1 Ardgowan ot., Glebe. 
M'Laughlin James, machinist, 12 Brisbane St. 
M Laughlin James, labourer, 36 Inverkip St. 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, 40 Nicolson St.. 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, 18 S . Lawrence St. 
M'Laughlin John, lab.ute." 46 M . Picas int S;. 
M Laughlin Michael, fishmonger, 1 Si. Andrew St. 
M Laughlin Neil, labourer, 16 Bearhope Sr. 
M'Laughlin Neil, driller, 14 Cathcart St. 
M Laughlin Patrick, produre dealer, 15 Tobago St. 

Be. ',i5 Shaw St. 
M'Laughlin Patrick, 12 Ardgowan St. 
M Laughlin Patrick, joiner, 34 Ann St. 
M Laughlin Peter, r. achiniit, 53 Main S:. 
M Laughlin Peter, ri/etter, 53 Main S - . 
M Laughlin Willian-, joiner, 37 Rue-cni S\ 
M Laughlin Willian, labourer, 8 Chape". S . 
M Laughlin Miss, 32 Sr. Lawrence St. 
M'Laughlin Miss, 45 Shaw S". 
M Laughlin Mrs, 57 Holnscroft St. 


M'Laughlin Mrs, grocer, 44 Shaw St. Ho. 63 Rue- 
end St.. 

M Laughlin Mrs Patrick, fishmonger, 17 Ann St. 

M'Laughlin Mrs, costumier, 8 George Sq. 

M'Laugmin Mrs Jane, fruicerer, 36 Roxburgh St. 

M'Laugnlin Mrs, ufe3S-u.aker, 40 Wellington St.. 

M'Laughlin Mrs Mary, 3 Bruce St. 

M'LAi l-i..gii, sa.vye:, I Mor^n Tee. 

M'Lay Thomas, boilermaker, 7 Belville St. 

M Lay Thomas, coachman, 43 VV. Blackhall S:. 

M'Lay William, cooper, 57 Holmscroft St. 

M'Lay William, joiner, 24 Trafalgar Sr. 

M'Lay Mrs, 7 Kilblain Bldgs. 

MACLEAN Alexander, warehouseman, 39 Holms- 
croft St. 

Maclean Allan, si. ore-keeper, 5 Gienview Tee. 

Maclean Donald, Inspector of Poor, 36 Nicoison St. 
Ho. 19 Finnan St. 

Maclean Donald, insurance agt., 26 Trafalgar St. 

Maclean Donald, tugboat nan, 22 Bearhope St. 

Maclean Duncan, dancing master, 7 Lauriston St. 

Maclean James A. (of Maclean, Todd & Co.), Arl- 
yne, Kilmacolm. 

Maclean John & Son, painters & decorators, 7 Kil- 
blain St. 

Maclean John (of Maclean, TodJ & Co.), 3 Octavia 

Maclean John, plumber, 65 Holmscro't St. 

Maclean John K., sanitary inspector, Port Local Auth 
ority, 1 Fox St. 

Maclean John R., grocer, 24 Union St. Ho. 56 
Kelly St. 

Maclean John S., Corporation Factor, 11 Duff St. 
Ho. 78 Holmscroft St. 

Maclean Lachlan, boilermaker, 27 Mearns St.. 

Maclean Malcolm, policeman, 99 Dempster St. 

Maclean Norman, lorryman, 7 Bachelston St. 

Maclean, Todd & Co., timber merchts., 7 Virginia St. 

Maclean William, plater, 6 Garvald St. 

Maclean William S., clerk, 20 Kelly St. 


Maclean Miss A., 6 Ardgowan Sq. 

Maclean Miss Jessie, 6 Ardgowan Sq» 

M'LEAN Alexander, carpenter, 12 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean Alexander, shoe-maker, 24 Belville S". 

M'Lean Alexander, carter, 9 Holmscroft St. 

M'Lean Allan, driller, 3 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean Alexander, carpenter, 1 Orangefield PI. 

M'Lean Allan, patternmaker, 9 Orr Av. 

M'Lean Andrew, machinist, 21 Margaret S... 

McLean Andrew Y., plumber, 101 Dempster St. 

M'Lean Angus,, joiner, 47 Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean B. & M., confectioners, 29 Roxburgh St. 

M'Lean & Co., Admiralty stevedores, 32 Cathcart St. 

M'Lean Daniel, sanitary motorman, 27 Hamilton St. 

M'Lean Donald, carpenter, 93 Roxburgh St. 

M'Lean Donald, inspector, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean Donald, plumber & gasfitter, 10 Kilblain St. 
Ho,. 13 Newton St. 

M'Lean Donald, shipwright, 82 Belville St. 

M'Lean Dugald, blacksmith, 42 Ann St. 

M'Lean Duncan, boilermaker, .38 Lynedoch St.. 

M'Lean Edward, attendant, Smithston Cottages. 

M'Lean Hector, mason, 5 Watt St. 

M'Lean Hector, telephone linesman, 13 Wi. Stewart 

M'Lean Henry, potter, Ashfield Ho., Macdougall St. 

M'Lean Henry, cabinet-maker, 8 Kilblain St. 

M'Lean Hugh(Czarnikow & Co.), Elmhurst, 42 New- 
ark St,. 

M'Lean Hugh, contractor, 42 Holmscroft St. 

M'Lean James, blacksmith, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean James, blacksmith, 26 Lynedoch St. 

M'Lean James, caulker, 63 Rue-end St. 

M'Lean James, seaman, 58 Dempster St. 

M'Lean James, storeman/'l Oakfield Tee. •;"* 

M'Lean James, cutter, 1 Prospecthill PI. 

M'Lean James A., shipwright, 46 Dempster St. 

M'Lean John, 24 Lynedoch S*-. 

M'Lean John, 19 Dempster St. 

M'Lean John, 16 Campbell St. 

M'Lean John, plumber, 54 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 



M'Lean John, 23 Ardgowan St. 

M'Lean John, engineer, 22 Dempster St. 

M'Lean John, flesher, 8a Arthur St. Ho. 8 Lyle St. 

M'Lean John, hair-dresse - , 7 Rue-end St. Ho. 24 
Bank St. 

M'Lean John, iron- driller, 20 Mearns St. 

M'Lean John, tailor, 58 Dempster St. 

M'Lean John, salesman, 21 Holmscroft St. 

M'Lean John, Firemaster, Municipal Bldgs., 1 Wall- 
ace PL 

M'Lean John, slater, 29 Shaw St. 

M'Lean John A., butcher, 74 Belville St. 

M'Lean John H., B.A., teacher, 40 Robertson St. 

M'Lean Malcolm, badge porter, 3 Customhouse PL 

M'Lean Malcolm, joiner, 1 Duncan St. 

M'Lean Malcolm, joiner, 68 Wellington St. 

M'Lean Neil, labourer, 27 Hamilton St. 

M'Lean Neil, labourer, 3 Regent St. 

M'Lean Robert, baker, 11 Murdieston St. 

M'Lean Thomas, comm. traveller, 9 Gateside Av. 

M'Lean William, boat-builder, 13 Bawhirley Rd. 

M'Lean Wjlliam, carpenter, 3 Orchard St. 

M'Lean William, carter, 26 W. Blackhall St. 

M'Lean William, driller, 66 Holmscroft St. 

M'Lean William, sugar boiler, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Lean William, patternmaker, 19 Dempster St- 

M'Lean William S., grocer, 14 Armadale PL 

M'Lean Miss, 16 Bank St. 

M'Lean Miss, 31 Roxburgh St. 

M'Lean Miss Jean, 4 Oakfield Tee. 

M'Lean Mrs, 4 Carnock St,. 

M'Lean Miss, greengrocer, 56 Kelly St. 

M'Lean Mrs, 40 Wellington St. 

M'Lean Mrs, 68 Wellington St. 

M'Lean Mrs, 36 Campbell St. 

M'Lean Mrs, 23 Dempster St. 

M'Lean Mrs, 41 Nicolson St. 

M'Lean Mrs Helen, 15 South St. 

M'Lean Mrs John, 17 Lyle St. 


M'Lean Mrs A., fish dealer, 15 Cathcart St. Ho. 22 

22 do. 
M'Lean Mrs Allan, 11 Lyle St. 
M'Lean Mrs Jean, children's store, 13 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 33 Border St. 
M'Lean Mrs Ada, 26 Bruce St. 
M'Lean Miss, 52 Inverkip St. 
M'LEARIE Matthew, flesher, 10 Brisbane St. 
M'LEAY Archibald, rivetter, 11 Brachelston Su 
M'Leay Mrs Duncan, 43 Lynedoch St. 
MACLEISH James, 41 Brisbane St, 
M'LEISH Daniel, 35 W, Burn St. 
MACLELLAN John, secy., Greenock Harbour Trust, 

8'lEldon St, 
M'LELLAN Alex,, plasterer, 1 Bruce St. 
M'Lellan Duncan, carter, 13 Bruce St. 
M'Lellan Edward, shipwright, 34 Mt. Pleasant S:. 
M'Lellan John, saipvvright, Strone Villa, Kilmacolm 
M'Lellan John, fitter, 56 Belville St. 
M'Lellan Malcolm, caulker, 48 Captain St. 
M'Lellan Matthew, boilermaker, 39 Crawfurd St. 
M'Lellan Mrs, 8 Ardgowan St, 
M'Lellan Mrs Peter, 20 Kelly St, 
M'Lellan Robert, of Fire Brigade, 1 Wallace Sq. 
M'Lellan Robert, joiner, 37 Rue-end St. 
M'Lellan Robert, joiner, 4 Holmscroft S~. 
M'Lellan Roberc, painter, 2 Belville St, 
M'Lellan Walter, accountant, 4 South St, 
M'Lejlan Miss A, S., children's outfitter, 3 Hamilton 

St. & 31 Inverkip St. Ho. 15 Newton St. 
M'Lellan Miss, 26 De v.pster St. 
M'Lellan Mrs Andre-, 31 Bank S\ 
M'Lellan Mrs John, 13 Union S . 
M'Lellan Miss, 5 Hoi rscroft St. 
M'LELLAND Hugh, e,:igmem'an, 11 Belville St, 
M'Lelland Hugh, joine-, 32 Crescent St. 
M'Lelland Jan-es, engineer, 6 Brachelston St. 
M'Lelland John R.. tailor, 31 Ingleston St. 
M'Lelland Loseph, boxmaker, 11 S f . Lawrence St. 
M'Lelland Mrs William, 35 Lynedoch St, 



MLelland Mrs M.., 95 Roxburgh St. 
MACLENNAN Angus, carpenter, 50 Roxburgh St. 
Maclennan Donald, blacksmith, 9 E.. William St. 
Maclennan Donald, salesman, 8 Dunn St. 
MCLENNAN Herbert A., spirit mercht., Wheat Sheaf 

Hotel, 4 Church PL Ho. Arigryffe, Houston. 
IVTLennan James, joiner, 9 E. William St. 
M'Lennan Kenneth, railway inspector, Culbokie, Baw- 

hirley Rd. 
M'Lennan Kenneth (of Post Office), 8 Watt St. 
M'Lennan William, engineer, 58 Belviile St. 
M'Lennan Miss Margt., 14 Armadale PL 
MACLEOD Murdo, sugar boile.-, 8 Brisbane St.. 
Macleod Mrs, 50 Belville St. 
Macleod Mrs James, 60 Belville St,. 
Macleod Miss, 105 Eldon St. 
M'LEOD Alex., f'man surfaceman, 8 Patrick St. 
M'Leod Alexander, gas works f'man, 4 Baxter St. 
M'Leod Alexander, labourer 29 Moffat St. 
M'Leod Charles, plater, 64 Hoimscroft St. 
M'Leod Donald, joiner, 71 Ann St. 
M'Leod Duncan, machinist, 42 St. Lawrence St. 
M'Leod Henry B., engineer, 19 Nelson St. 
M'Leod Hugh, policeman, 64 Wellington St*. 
M'Leod James B., plater, 1 Morton Tee. 
M'Leod John, carpenter, HE. Biackhall St. 
M'Leod John, rivetter, 15 Main St. 
M'Leod John, seaman, 30 W.. Biackhall St. 
M'Leod Malcolm, rigger, 84 Roxburgh St. 
M'Leod John, plater's helper, 65 Nicolson St. 
M"Leod John, sawyer, 4 Cartsburn St. 
M'Leod John, f'man plater, Adelaide, Bawhirley Rd,. 
M'Leod John, contractor, 70 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M' : Leod Joseph, labourer, 7 Mill St. 
M'Leod MalcoLr, railway porter, 10 Hope St. 
M'Leod Murdoch, seaman, 36 Lynedoch St. 
M'Leod Norman, joiner, 4 Mearns St. 
M'Leod Donald, hotel-keeper, Royal Hotel, 3 E. Bt 
M'Leod Norman (late of Post Office), 10 Mearns St. 
M'Leod Peter, labourer, 20 Lynedoch St. 


M'Leod Robert, seaman, 4 Rue-end St. 

M'Leod Robert B., plumber, 65 Nicolson St. 

M Leod Roderick (late of Post Office), 71 Holmscroft 

M'Leod Roderick, railwayman, 8 Drumfrochar Rdi. 
M'Leod William, engine-driver, 23 Nelson St. 
M'Leod William, labourer, 6 Sinclair St. 
M'Leod Miss C, 7 Hope St. 
M'Leod Miss Helen, 3 Morton Tee. 
M'Leod Misses J. &.M., 46 Robertson St. 
M'Leod Mrs, ladies' nurse, 23 Roxburgh St. 
M'Leod Mrs A,, 73 Regent St. 
M'Leod Mrs A., 14 Bank St. 
M'Leod Mrs, restaurateur, 4 Rue-end St. 
M'Leod Mrs D., 59 Holmscroft St. 
M'Leod Mrs Jane, 4 Drumfrochar Rd, 
M'Leod Mrs Marion, 10 Regent St. 
M'LERNAN Frank, 12 Ardgowan St. 
M'Lernan James, teacher, 39 Greenbank Tee., 
M'Lernan John, clerk, 7 Hope St. 

M'LINTOCK Thomas, brassfinisher, 18 Mearns 'St. 
M'Lintock John, labourer, 16 Inchgreen St. 
M'LOONE Charles, car driver, 20 Pottery St. 
M'Loone Francis, produce mercht., 3 Inverkip St. 
M'Loone John, gardener, 6 Oakfield Tee. 
M'LUCAS Andrew, craneman, 37 Rue-end St. 
M'LUCKIE Thomas, printer, 10 Lynedoch St. 
M'LUSKIE David, electrician, 6 Auchmountain Rdi, 
MM AH ON Francis, car fitter, 8 Chalmers St. 
M'Mahon Henry, driller, 30 Wellington St. 
M'Mahon James, labourer, 1 Bruce St. 
M'Mahon William, engine-man, 77 Regent St. 
M'Mahon Miss, 24 W. Stewart St. 
MACMASTER James, Post-master, Post Office, Ho. 

52 Eldon St. 
M' MASTER Alex., salesman, 29 Bank St. 
M'Master Andrew, steward, 11 Brachelston St. 
M'Master Duncan, ship-chandler, 55 Holmscroft St* 
M'Master Hugh, brassfinisher, 4 Hay St. 
M'Master John, grocer, 13, Mearns St. 



M Master John, joiner, 16 Dalrymple St. 

Ml' Master John, joiner, 4 Hay St. 

M 1 Master John, machinist, 5 Ratho St. 

M Master Robert, baker, 21 Nelson St. 

M' Master Thomas, rivetter, 10 Carwood St. 

MfMaster William, baker, 47 Crawfurd St. 

M'Master William, engine-drive*:, 26 W. Blackhall St. 

M' Master Miss, 1 Ford PI. 

MMATH Mrs J., 39 Bank St. 

M'Math Mrs William, 14 Bruce St. 

M MEEK IN Hector C, slater, 5 Armadale PI. 

M'MEIKEN John, shipping agt., West Quay. Ho. 
7 Robertson St. 

Mr MEN AM IE Charles, 14 Holmscroft St. 

M'Menamie Donald, labourer, 4 Plill St. 

M'MENEMY Daniel, boat-builder, 50 Brown St. 

M'Menemy James, slater & plasterer, 26 Roxburgh 
St. Ho. 31 do. 

M'Menemy William, steward, 3 George Sq. 

M'MICHAEL Mrs Rachael, 15 Regent St. 

MACMILLAN Archd., boiler - aker, 74 Wellington St 

Macmillan Archibald, rivetter, 4 Watt St. 

Macmillan Archd. M., coal exporter, 57 Forsyth St. 

Macmillan David, asst. manager, 4 Ccimpbell St. 

Macmillan Hugh, model maker, 15 Cathcart St. Ho. 
35 Auchmountain Rd,. 

Macmillan John, 19 Forsyth St. 

Macmillan Mafcolm, clerk, 26 Mearns St. 

Macmillan Mrs Agnes, 58 Kelly St. 

Macmillan Miss, 26 Brisbane St. 

M'MILLAN Alex., time-keeper, 10 Brisbane St. 

M'Millan Andrew, 1 Fox St. 

M'Millan Andrew, newspaper proprietor, -12 Charles 
St. Ho. 49 Margaret St. 

M'Millan Angus, boilermaker, 15 Brisbane St. 

M'Millan Archibald, rafter, 22 St. Lawrence St. 

M'Millan Archibald, clerk, 28 Bruce St. 

M'Millan Archibald, rivetter, 19 Hamilton St. 

M'Millan Archd. B.. f'man, Corporation Streets Dep- 
artment, 1 7 Brachelston St. 


M'Millan Charles, engineer, 10 Brachelston St. 

M'Millan Daniel, 13 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'Millan Daniel, Trades Union se:y., 17 Dempster St 

M'Millan David, joiner, 10 Armadale PI,. 

M'Millan Donald, railwayman, 12 Ann St. 

M'Millan Dugald, labourer, 13 Launsoon St. 

M'Millan Hugh, baker, 45 Trafalgar St. 

M'Millan Hugh, ex- P. C, 5 Grant St. 

M'Millan James, janitor, 24 Mt. Pleasant St. 

M'Millan James, joiner, 2 Sinclair St. 

M'Millan James, plater, 1 Helen St. 

M'Millan James, spirit mercht., 31 Hamilton St.,*Ho. 
8 Margaret St. 

M'Millan James, joiner, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Millan James, sawyer, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Millan John, carpenter, 57 Duncan St. 

M'Millan John, f'rnan mason, Glenlea, Gateside. 

M'Millan Rev,. John, clergyman, St. Mary's, 14 Pat- 
rick St. 

M'MHan John, grocer, 16 Trafalgar St. 

M'Millan John, coachman, 16 Nicolson St. 

M'Millan John, rafter, 2 Princes St. 

M'Millan John, clerk, 4 Old Hillend. 

M'MiHan John, 34 Forsyth St. 

M'Millan John, fitter, 8 William St. 

M'Millan John M., storeman, 9 Lauriston St. 

M'Millan Joseph, shoe-maker, 42 W, Burn St. Ho. 
21 Antigua St. 

M'Millan Malcolm, carter, 7 Brachelston St ( . 

M'Millan Malcolm, iron-driller, 25 Bruce St. 

M'Millan Malcolm, ex-policeman, 1 Holmscroft St. 

M'Millan Matthew, fitter, 5 Helen St. 

M'Millan Matthew, advertising manager, 36 Robert- 
son St., 

M'Millan Neil, coal mercht., 67 Ven.nel. 

M'Millan Penelope, spirit mercht., 41 Main St. Ho. 
29 Regent St. 

M'Millan Peter, 67 Rue-end St. 

M'Millan William, labourer, 69 Regent St. 

M'Millan William, shipwright, 16 Kelly St» 



M'Millan William, painter, 72 Wellington St. 

M'Millan Miss E,, newsagt., 6 Sugarhouse Lane. 

M'Millan Miss, teacher, 4 Old Hi'ilend. 

M'Millan Misses, 23 Newton St. 

M'Millan Mrs, 75 Regent St. 

M'Millan Mrs D„ 25 W. Blackhall St. 

M'Millan Mrs, grace.-, 1 Ladybjrn Bldgs. & 7 Eagt 

Crawfurd St. Ho. 70 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Millan Mrs E,, 47 Crawfurd St. 
M'Millan Mrs John, 14 Kelly St.. 
M'Millan Mrs John, 43 Shaw St, 
M'MORLAND J. & J., electricians, 22 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 2 Castle Gardens, Gourock. 
M'MULLEN Thomas, shipwright, 3 Argyle St. 
M'MULLIN James H., spirit salesman, 4 Inverkip S$ 
M'MURRAY Miss L., grocer, 11 Belville St. 
M'MURRICH Mrs T, D., 9 Ardgowan Sq. 
M'MURTRIE William, f'man baker, 6 Ardgowan St. 
MACNAB Walter, flesher, 45 Vermel* Ho. Stsn- 

housemuir, Sandbank. 
M'NAB Andrew A., vanman, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 
M'Nab Archibald, patternmaker, 15 Dempster St. 
M'Nab Charles, driller, 36 E, Hamilton St. 
M'Nab Donald, engineer, 47 Crawfurd St. 
M'Nab Harry, hammerman, 14 Terrace Rd. 
M'Nab James, clerk, 8 Brachelston St. 
M'Nab James, rivetter, 17 Maukinhill Rd. 
M'Nab John, draper & hosier, 12 Cathcart St. Ho. 

100 Albert Rd., Gourock. 
M'Nab Peter, clerk, 34 Newton St, 
M'Nab Misses, 21a Forsyth St. 
M'Nab Mrs Mary, 73 Regent St, 
M'NABB J„ labourer, 30 St. Lawrence St. 
MACNAIR John, joiner, 67 Holmscroft St, 
M'NAIR Archibald, 53 Kelly St, 
M'Nair John, slater, 20 W, Stewart St. 
M'Nair Thomas, hammerman, 35 Nelson St. 
M'Nair W., flesher, 60 Union St. 
M'Nair William J., coach painter, 18 South S'". 
M'Nair Mrs T., 23 Nelson St. 


M'Nair Mrs, 10 South St. 

M'NALLY Michael, boilermaker, 28 Inverkip St,. 

M'NAMARA James (of Greenock Ropeworks), 1 

Finnart Rd. 
M'Namara Patrick, produce marcht., 26 Lynedoch St. 
MACNAUGHT John W,., oil mercht., 56 Vennel). 

Ho.. 61a Finnart St. 
Macnaught Wi. F., cert, nurse, 38 Brougham St. 
Macnaught Miss, 30 Newton St. 
Macnaught Misses, 14 Brisbane St. 
M'NAUGHT David; engine-driver, 2 Oakfield Tee. 
M'Naught David C, draper, Municipal Bldgs. & 9 

Cathcart St. 
M'Naught Peter, cartwrigh:, 50 Dempster St. 
M'NAUGHTON Davi: 1 , gas inspector, 24 W(. Stewart 

M'Naughton Douglas, brassfinisher, 17 Antigua St. 
MACNAUGHTON Mrs Mary, needlework warehouse, 

31 W,. Blackhall St. Ho. 17 Ardgowan St. 
M'NAUL Robert, firenaster, F. R. & Co., 6 Drum- 

frochar Rd. 
M'NAY James, engineer, 5 Trafalgar St. 
M'Nay Mrs Jean, confectioner, 19 Regent S", 
M'NEICE Adam, fitter, 4 Garvald St. 
M'Neice John, surfaceman, 54 Lynedoch St. 
M'NEIL Alex., warehouseman, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 
M'Neil Alfred, overseer, 15 Dempster St. 
M'Neil Archibald, flesher, 9 Gey PI. Ho. 85 Eld on St 
M'Neil Charles, insurance agt., 25 W. Stewart St. 
M'Neil C. P. (of M'Neil & Rowan, solicitors), 39 Mar 

garet St. 
M'Neil Daniel, lighterman, 40 Cathcart S\ 
M'Neil Daniel & Son, furniture dealers, 10 William St 

Ho. 32 Brougham St. 
M'Neil Duncan, 53 Kelly St. 
M'Neil Duncan, carter, 5 Mill St. 
M'Neil Duncan B., flesher, 85 Newton St. 
M'Neil Edward, rivetter, 5 Helen St. 
M'Neil George, inspector of Slaughterhouse,. 71 Derrp 

ster St. 



M'Neil George P., draper, 39 W. Burn St. Ho. 62 

Finnart St. 
M'Neil James, lighterman, 16 Regent St. 
M'Neil James, brassfinisher, 37 Rue-end St. 
M'Neil James & Joseph, drapers 44 Ann St. Ho. 13 

Prospecthill PI. 
M'Neil James, shipwright, 6 Inverkip St. 
M'Neil James, warehouseman, 73 Ann St. 
M'Neil James, plater, 5 Oakfield Tee. 
M'Neil James & Son, drapers, 39 W. Burn St. & 25 

Grey PI. 
M'Neil John, boilermaker, 18 Antigua St. 
M'Neil John, asst. manager, 6 Finnart St. 
M'Neil John, shop manager, 25 Trafalgar St. 
M'Neil John, butcher & poulterer, 5 Ann "St. 
M'Neil Neil, M.P.S., chemist & druggist, 86 Belville 

St. Ho. 44 E. Crawfurd St. 
M'Neil Neil, moulder, 17 Regent St. 
M'Neil & Rowan, solicitors, 31 Cathcart St. 
M'Neil Richard, motorman, 7 Caddlehill St. 
M'Neil Thomas, jeweller & optician, 45 Cathcart St. 

Ho. Craigroy, Kilmacolm. 
M'Neil William, storeman, 20 Wellington St. 
M'Neil Miss E., 21 Nelson St. 

M'Neil Miss Janet, maternity nurse, 20 Robertson St. 
M'Neil Mrs, 30 Ann St. 
M'Neil Mrs Malcolm, 18 Antigua St. 
M'Neil Mrs S., confectioner, 46 Lynedoch St. 
M'Neil Brothers, motor engineers, 1-3 Vennel. Ho. 

13 Brougham St. 
MACNEILL Alexander G., cashier, 8 Margaret St. 
Macneill Dugald, plater, 3 Antigua St. 
MACNEILLS Ld., preserve manufrs., 10 Clarence 

M'NEILL Alexander, carpenter, 9 E. Blackhall St. 
M'Neill Alexander, plater, 10 Ardgowan St. 
M'Neill Archibald, f'man labourer, 33 Nelson St. 
M'Neill Archibald, joiner, 5 Caddlehill St. 
M'Neill Archd. (of M'Nem"s, Ld.), 3 Ford PI. 
M'Neill Donald, modelmaker, 71 Roxburgn St. 



McNeill Dugald, labourer, 1 Dellingburn St. 

M'Neili Duncan, boat-builder, 73 Regent St. 

M'Neili Duncan, cow-feeder, 1 South St. 

MNeiil Hugh, engineer, 6 Garvald St. 

M'Neili James, fireman, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 

M'Neili James, labourer, 66 Ann St. 

M'Neili John, foreman, cleansing dept., 2 Palmerston 

M'Neili Malcolm, vanman, 99 Dempster St, 
M'Neili Neil, joiner, 27 Ann St. 
M'Neili Mrs Margt. B., chemist & sub P. O., 14 v Lyne 

doch St. Ho. 23 Bank St. 
M'Neili Misses, 46 Brisbane St. 
MACNEILAGE Adam & Co., cargo supervisors, 14 

Exchange Bldgs., Cathcart St. 
Macneilage Mrs, Rosebank, 27 Forsyth St. 
M'NEILAGE A. D., clerk, 58 Regent St. 
M'Neilage John, cooper, 62 Ann St. 
M'Neilage Miss, 58 Regent St. 
M'Neilage Mrs Peter, 81 Dempster St. 
M'Neilage James, fireman, 1 M'Lean's Land. 
M'NEILLY David, labourer, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'NEISH David police constable, 46 Mt. Pleasant St 
M'Neish William, dairyman, 26 Auchmountain R^L 
M'NELIS Roderick, brassmoulder, 7 Kilblain St. 
M'Nelis Mrs C., 1 Watt PI. 
M'NEUR David, watchmaker & jeweller, 34 Ann St. 

Ho. 9 Trafalgar St. 
M'Neur John, joiner, 9 Trafalgar St. 
M'NICOL Alexander, rivetter, 13 Holmscroft St. 
M'Nicol James, joiner, 15 Carwood St. 
M'Nicol John, mason, 17 Brachelston St. 
M'Nicol John, asst. Council officer, 3 Duff St. 
M'Nicol John, engineer, 58 Regent St. 
M'Nicol Malcolm, surfaceman, 18 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
M'Nicol Neil, blacksmith, 47 Belville St. 
M'Nicol Robert, boilermaker, 24 Pottery St. 
M'Nicol Mrs, 40 Sir Michael St. 
M'Nicol Mrs, 25 W. Stewart St. 
M'Nicol Mrs, 9 Serpentine Walk. 


M'Nicol Mrs Jane 1 :, 23 Murdieston St. 

MACNISH Archd. (of Macneish & Son), 56 Eldon 

Macnish John & Son, nurserymen, 64 Eldon St. 
MACNIVEN Alexander, grocer, 50 Ann St. Ho. 

2 Ford PI. 
Macniven Donald, flesher, 95 Roxburgh St. Ho. 2 

Ford PI. 
Macniven John W., 6a South St. 
Macniven Mrs Agnes, 42 Mearns St. 
M'NIVEN Hugh, boilermaker, 9 E. William St. 
M'NULTY Hugh, blacksmith, 6 Chapel St. 
M'ONIE G. & J., engineers, Ladyburn Foundry. 
M'Onie John (of G. & J. M'Oni-e), 44 Mearns St. 
M'Onie Peter (of G. & J. M'Onie), 10 Ardgowan Sq 
M'Onie Peter S., 35 Brisbane St. 
M'Onie Mrs John, 54 Brougham St. 
M'Onie Mrs Robert, 34 Forsyth St. 
MACPHAIL Archibald, painter, 29 Kelly St. 
Macphail Hector, machinist, 5 Regent St. 
Macphail John, sailmaker, 2 Wellington St. 
Macphail John, jr., sailmaker, 23 Bank St. 
Macphail William, joiner, 13 Antigua St. 
Macphail Mrs Sarah, fruiterer, 22 Lynedoch St. 
M'PHAIL A., police constable, 9 Morton Tee. 
M'Phail Charles, licensed broker, 12 Ann St. Ho. 

14 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Phail Dugald, grocer, 46 Wellington St. 
M'Phail Duncan, brassfinisher, 19 Roxburgh St. 
M'Phail Duncan, flesher, 27 Charles St. Ho. 33 

Bank St. 
M'Phail John, driller, 4 Cartsburn St. 
M'Phail John, coppersmith, 32 St. Lawrence St. 
M'Phail Malcolm, driller, 19 Antigua St. 
M'Phail Peter, bookseller & stationer, 37 Hamilton 

St. Ho. 101 Dempster St. 
M'Phail Peter, caulker, 23 Ingleston St. 
M'Phail Peter, engineer, 33 Trafalgar St. ' 
M'Phail Peter, engine-man, 14 Antigua St. 
M'Phail Robert, brassmoulder, 10 Carwood St. 


M'Phail Robert, plater, 50 Belville St. 

M'Phail Thomas, coppersmith, 28 Dempster St. 

M'Phail William, loco driver, 19 Brachelston St. 

M'Phail Miss Mary, 191 Eldon St. 

M'Phail Mrs, 29 Patrick St. 

M'Phail Mrs, 5 Prospecthill St. 

M'Phail Mrs, 21 Kelly St. 

MACPHEE Mrs Marion, 74 Dempster Sc. 

M'PHEE Angus, gardener, Smithston Cottages. 

M'Phee Charles, engineer, 10 Hay St. 

M'Phee Donald, labourer, 4 Cartsburn St. 

M'Phee Donald, 5 Trafalgar St. 

M'Phee Duncan, engineer, 10 Border St. 

M'Phee John, traveller, 6 Houston St. 

M'PHEDRAN John, labourer, 28 Inverkip St. 

M'Phedran James, labourer, 52 Ann St. 

MThedran Neil, mate, 4 South St. 

MACPHERSON Alexander, spirit salesman,, 50 Cap- 
tain St. 

Macpherson Alex. & Co., mill furnishers, machinnery 
merchants, exporters & commission agis., Open 
Shore & Dock Lane. 

Macpherson A. F. & Co., sanitary engineers, slaters- 
^'contractors, 76-80 Roxburgh St. Ho. 71 Holm 
scroft St. 

Macpherson & Co., plasterers & cenent wrkrs., 20 

Macpherson Andrew F., slater, 28 Wellington St. 
Bruce St. 

Macpherson David S. (of Welsh, Walker & Macpher- 
son), 65 Finnart St. 

Macpherson Donald K., F.I.S.E., 71 Holmscroft St. 

Macpherson John, jr., boot-maker, 14-16 Charles 
St. Ho. 73 Holmscroft St. 

Macpherson John, vannian, 16 Auchmountain Rd. 

Macpherson John G., accountant, 24 Murdieston St. 

Macpherson Rev. John F., B.D., 63 Union St. 

Macpherson Robert, C.A., (of Welsh, Walker & Mac 
pherson), Monfode, 67 Finnart St. 

Macpherson Mrs, 35 Kelly St. 

Macpherson Mrs, 17 Ladyburn Bldgs. 


Macpherson Miss, 61a Finnart St. 
Macpherson Miss, 20 Brisbane St. 
M'PHERSON Alex., joiner, 45 Hamilton St. 
MTherson Alexander, grocer, 35 Nelson St. 
M'Pherson Alexander, plater, 33 Roxburgh St. 
MTherson Charles, tugboatman, 2 Mearns St. 
M'Pherson Donald, boat-builder, 29 Mearns St. 
M'Pherson Donald, labourer, 3 Bruce St. 
M'Pherson Donald, shipwright, 17 Bruce St. 
M'Pherson Donald, checker, 9 E. Blackhall St. 
M'Pherson David, joiner, 3 Kirk St. 
M'Pherson D., Town Chamberlain, Municipal Bldgs.. 

Ho. Glendower, 109 Eldon St. 
M'Pherson James, boilermaker, 24 Antigua St. 
M'Pherson John, labourer, 67 Regent St. 
M'Pherson John (of Post Office), 18 Maukinhill Rd.. 
M'Pherson Paul, grocer, 14a Trafalgar St. 
M'Pherson Thomas, shoemaker, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 
M'Pherson Miss A., 65 Holmscroft St. 
M'Pherson Mrs Agnes, 67 Nicolson St. 
M'PHIE Murdo, police constable, 65 Dempster St. 
M'QUADE John, school-master, 24 Dempster St. 
M'QUADE W., grocer, 32 Lynedoch St. Ho. 33 do. 
M'Quade Mrs, 24 Wellington St. 

MACQUARRIE Andrew, carter, 41 Holmscroft St. 
Macquarrie Donald, warehouseman, 34 Brougham St- 
Macquarrie Lachlan, brassfinisher, 8 Border St. 
Macquarrie Miss, ladies' outfitter, 10 W. Blackhall St 

Ho. Gladsmuir, Kilmacolm. 
M'QUARRIE John, typewriter agt., 41 Cathcart St.. 

Ho. 71 Craigbank, Ashton. 
M'Quarrie Angus, f'man carter, 5 Hill St. 
M'QUAKER J foreman, 90 Belville St. 
M'QUAT William, engine-driver, 7 Carwood St. 
M'QUEEN Charles, prison warder, High Inverkip Rd 
M'QUILKEN Duncan, gardener, 77 Dempster St. 
M'Quilken James, grocer, 18 Crawfurd St. 
M'QUILKIN Hugh, plater, 24 St. Lawrence St. 
M'QUILLAN William, tentmaker, 98 Pt. Glasgow 




M'QUISTAN Finlay, managing director, 80 Union St 

M Quistan Mrs, Gienbank, 89 Brisbane St. 

MACQUOID Mrs, 15 Finnart St. 

MACRAE John, baker, 71 Regent St. 

Macrae John, retd. postmaster, 42 Robertson St. 

M'RAE, salesman, 15 Bruce St. 

M'Rae Murdo, police constable, 54 Dempster St. 

M'Rae Thomas, spirit salesman, 17 Bruce St. 

M'Rae Mrs Margaret, 70 Dempster St. 

M-ROBERTS William, s foreman, 1 Belville St. 

MACSYMON'S Stores, Ld., grocers, 19 W. Black- 
hall St. 

M'ROBBIE James, spirit mercht., 30 Cathcart St. 

M'-'SHANE John, engineer, 65 Rce-cnd St. 

M'Shane Robert, labourer, 28 W. Burn St. 

M'Shane Mrs A., 34 W. Shaw St. 

M'SKIMMING Alexander, railway porter, 13 Holm- 
s croft St. 

M'Skimming Andrew, retd. warder, 13 Ne'son St. 

M'SWAN Archibald, baker, 9 Duff St. 

M'Swan Mrs, 10 Jamaica St. 

M |£ SWEEN Neil, craneman, 1 Dellingburn St. 

M'TAGGART Archd., joiner, 10 Forsyth St. 

M'Taggart Henry, labourer, 30 Gordon St. 

MTaggart John, joiner, 9 Argy]e St. 

M'Taggart Murdoch, seaman, 22. Ly'e St. 

M'Taggart Neil, vanman, 27 Nelson St. 

M'Taggart Miss, 48 St. Lawrence St. 

M'Taggart Mrs, newsagt., 10 Manse Lane. 

M'TAVl'SH Alex., shipmaster, 19 Brisbane St. 

M'Tavish Angus, joiner, 10 Ardgowan St. 

M'Tavish Duncan, 56 E. Crawfurd St. 

M'Tavish John, carpenter, 20 Mearns St. 

M'Tavish Mrs C, 7 Hope St. 

M'VEAN Murdoch, engineer, 64 Wellington St. 

M'Vey Robert (of Post Office), 5 Antigua St. 

M'Vey William, joiner, 81 Dempster St. 

M'Vey Mrs Neil, 6 Watt St. 

M'Vey Mrs, 38 Nicolson St. 

M'VICAR Angus, 10 Kelly St. 



M' Vicar Angus, coram, traveller, 39 Robertson St. 
M' Vicar Andrew' brakesman, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 
.iWVicar Donald, tailor and clothier, 14 Kilblain St. 
Ho. 16 Kelly St 

M'Vicar Duncan, clerk, 73 Nicolson St. 

M' Vicar Duncan, seaman, 1 Hill St. 

M'Vicar John, engine-driver, 21 Ingleston St. 

M'Vicar Neil, joiner, 35 Kelly St. 

M'Vicar Robert, stoker, 8 Nile St. 

M'Vicar Miss, 14 Lynedoch St. 

M'Vicar Miss, 17 Lyle St. 

M'Vicar Mrs J., 24 Nelson St. 

M'VITIE John, boilermaker, 9 Helen St. 

M' WALTER Sidney, hair- dresser, 15 Gordon St. 

M'WHINNIE Andrew, fitter, 30 E. Hamilton St. 

M'Whinnie Mrs, 5 Carnock St. 

M'Whinnie John, butcher, 36 Lynedoch St. 

M'Whinnie John, plater, 4 Sinclair St. 

M'Whinnie Mrs Frederick, 24 Arthur St. 

M'WHIRTER John, labourer, 40 Holmscroft St. 

M'Whirter William, retd. headmaster, 1 Bentinck St. 

M'Whirter Wm. N. S., joiner, 43 Kelly St. 

MACARI Giovani, 22 Inverkio St. Ho. 17 Mearns 

Macari Luigui, 25 Lynedoch St. 
Macari Victor, confectioner, 75 Roxburgh St. 
MACK Mrs Jeannie, 46 Kelly St. 
MACKIE Andrew, painter, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 
Mackie Charles, machinist, 23 Bruce St. 
Mackie Mrs James, 45 Roxburgh St. 
MADDEN Samuel, timekeeoer, 28 Auchmountain Rd 
Madden William, enginee - , 38 Brymner St. 
MAD DIN William, clerk, 21 Holmscroft St. 
MADDOCH Sidney, fitter, 4 Brachelston St. 
MAGEE Terence, labourer, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Magee Mrs, confectioner, 38 Main St. 
MAGUIRE John, clerk, 9 Brachelston S<-. 
Maguire Thomas, caulker, 1 Watt PL 
MAGURA Dugald, tobacconist, 94 Rox'burgh St. 


MAHAN Mrs M., 25 Sugarhouse Lane. 
MAIDAY Charles, shoemaker, 9 Carwood St. 
MAIN Alexander, cutter, 2 Bawhirley Rd. 
Main Andrew, insurance manager, 46 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 37 Robertson St. 
Main Charles, patternmaker, 39 Robinson Av. 
Main Douglas, baker, 17 Belville St. 
Mam George, ladies' tailor, 31 Brisbane St. Ho. 32 

Brisbane St. 
Main Henry, ship repairs manager, 42 Denholm St. 
Main William P., engineer, 6 Jardine Tee. 
Main Mrs, 28 Bruce St. 

MAIR Hugh M. (of Campbell & Mair), 21 Bank St. 
M AIT HER John, carpenter, 9 Antigua St. 
MAITLAND Archibald, gas meter inspector, 71 

Holmscroft St. 
Maitland Hornby, engineer, 14 Holmscroft St. 
Maitland James, dairyman, 70 Wellington St. 
Maitland James, flesher, 22 Lynedoch St. Ho. 2 

Glen view Tee. 
Maitland Robert, boilermaker, 24 Arthur St. 
MALCOLM Alexander, teacher, 34 Mearns St. 
Malcolm & Co., wholesale drysalters, 21 Shaw St. 
Malcolm George, blacksmith, 6 Chapel St. 
Malcolm James, engineer, 12 Lynedoch St. 
Malcolm James, gasfitter, 70 Dempster St. 
Malcolm John, electrician, 10 Cathcart St. 
Malcolm John, engine fitter, 11a Lynedoch St. 
Malcolm John, labourer, 22 Prospecthill St. 
Malcolm John, comm. aa:t., 19 Brachelston St. 
Malcolm John O. (of H.M. Customs), 14 Kelly St. 
Malcolm Robert, engineer, 14 Hope St. 
Malcolm William, upholsterer, 12 Watt St. 
Malcolm Mrs, 10 Inverkip St. 

MALE James Matthew, housekeeper, Customhouse. 
MALLIN James, potato salesman, 65 Holmscroft St. 
MALLON Patrick, rivetter, 61 Vennel. 
Mallon "William J., plumbe 1 ", 52 Inverkip St. 
Mallon Mrs, 11 Watt St. 
Mallon Mrs, 26 Crawfurd St. 



MALONE Edward, labourer, 53 Crawfurd St. 
MANEELY David, seaman, 37 Nelson St. 
Maneely Robert, engineer, 27 Patrick St. 
MALONEY David, iaboure;, 12 Ann S:. 
MANLEY Samuel, labourer, 79 Belville St. 
Manley Robert, snee.-iron. wrkr., 6 Hope St. 
MANN George, comm. ag':., 33 Venne 1 . 
Mann Mrs, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
MANSIONHOUSE, 1 Ardgowan Square. 
MANSON Chare3 laiiei' ou. fitter, 19 W. Blackhail 

St. Ho. 4 Margaret St. 
Manson Gordon, carpenter, 27 Regent St. 
Manson William, draugntsma.:, 5 Roxburgh St. 
MAPES Henry, fitter, 75 Holmscroft St. 
MARCHBANK Peter, brakesman, 3 Brymner S:. 
MARCHETTI P., confectioner, 41 W. Burn St. 
MARES Joseph D., principal surveyor to Lloyd's Reg 

ister, 75a Union St. 
MARFITT Albert, engineer, 61 Nicolson St. 
MARGAY Michael, produce mercht., 43 Shaw St. 
MANNING James, spirit mercht., 37 Rue-end St. 

Ho. 36 Robertson St. 
MARK Alex. S., newsagt., 86 Roxburgh St. 
Mark John, patternmaker, 1 Hope St. 
Mark Mrs A., 52 Lynedoch St. 
Mark Mrs Hugh, 6 Gordon St. 
MARKER William J., clerk, 19 South St. 
MARLETTA Stephen, ice-cream bar, 31 Cathcart Si: 

& 49 Rue-end St. Ho. 2 Watt PL 
MARLEY Mrs, 3 Brachelston St. 
MARLOW George, blacksmith, 12 Crescent St. 
MARNER Thomas, cook, 34 Crawfurd St. 
MARNOCK John, coppersmith, 185 Eldon St. 
MARQUIS & Millar, writers & notaries public, 18 

Hamilton St. 
Marquis James (of Marquis & Millar), Alexandria, 

Barrhill Rd., Gourock. 
Marquis Miss, fruiterer, 85 Roxburgh St. 
MARR William, engine-driver, 56 Kelly St. 
Marr Miss, milliner, 28 Patrick St. 



MARRS John, labourer, 16 Inchgreen St. 
Marrs Mrs J., 14 Inchgreen St. 

MARSHALL Alexander, caulker, 26 Wellington St. 
Marshall Alexander B., draper, 6 Inverkip St. 
Marshall Andrew, motorman, 43 Robinson Av. 
Marshall Andrew, plate.', 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Marshall Andrew, sail maker, 6 Inverkip St. 
Marshall Charles D., shipwright, 131 Newark St. 
Marshall Charles, confectionery manufr., 28 Rox 

burgh St. Ho. 12 Trafalgar St. 
Marshall Claude W., M.B., CM., physician & sur- 
geon, 8 Ardgowan Sq. 
Marshall David, hair-dresser, 20 Mearns St. 
Marshall Hugh, plater, 10 Moffat St. 

Marshall John, shoemaker, 34 Hamilton St. 

Marshall John, torpedo fitter, 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Marshall John, engineer, 44 Orr'Av. 

Marshall Ralph, comm. agt., 28 Cathcart St. 

Marshall Robert, checker, 11 Dempster St. 

Marshall Robert, engineer, 32 Dempster St. 

Marshall Robert, labourer, 81 Belville St. 

Marshall Robert, elect, engineer, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 

Marshall Thomas, traveller, 11 Dempster St. 

Marshall Walter E., shipowner, 28 Main St. Ho. 
Auchengartb, Skelmorlie. 

Marshall Miss G., 33 Kelly St. 

Marshall Mrs Kennedy, 7 Belville St. 

Marshall Mrs Jean, 3 Ratho St. 

MARTIN Alexander, joiner, 50 Ann St. 

Martin Alexander, painter, 12 Ardgowan St. 

Martin A. S., draughtsman, 55 Brougham St. 

Martin Duncan, engineer, 44 Wellington St. 

Martin Finlay, shipwright, 1 Hill St. 

Martin George, engineer, 50 Regent St. 

Martin George, cooper, 63 Rue-end St. 

Martin James, blacksmith, 21 Bank St. 

Martin James, engineer, 18 Roxburgh St. 

Martin James, labourer, 52 Wellington St. 

Martin James, labourer, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Martin James, labourer, 70 Ann St. 



Martin James K., engineer, 9 South St. 

Martin John, boilermaker, 22 Prospecthill St. 

Martin John, coal rr.ercht., 47 Holmscroft St. 

Martin John, painter, 5 E. Crawfurd S.. 

Martin John, laboure:, 85 Roxburgh St. 

Martin John D., 15 Robertso.i St. 

Martin John D., marine engi.i er, 12 South St. 

Martin Joseph, clerk, 6 Kelly St. 

Martin Kenneth, fleshe-, 25 Kelly St. Ko. 16 Rob- 
ertson St. 

Martin Robert, shipwright, 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Martin Tho .as, laboure , 41 l^licolson St. 

Mar an William, carter, 30 Hamilton S :. 

Martin William, joiner, 85 Wellington St. 

Marcin William, woolsorter, 27 Dempster St. 

Martin Mrs C, 9 Hill St. 

Martin Mrs Henry, 20 Mearns St. 

Martin Donald, butcher, 28 Cathcart St. Ho. 2,1 
Bank St. 

Martin Mrs Jane, 36 Brougham St. 

Martin Mrs, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

Martin Mrs, 9 Prospecthill St. 

Martin Mrs Mary, 32 South St. 

Martin Mrs, 60 Kelly St. 

Martin Miss J. S., dressmaker, 5 Kelly St. 

Martin Mrs, 23 Union St. 

Martin Mrs Robert, 87 Newark St. 

MASON James, tailor, 53 Holmscroft St. 

Mason John H., engineer, 10 South St. 

Mason Mrs, 91 Roxburgh St. 

MASONIC Temple, 21 W. Stewart St. 

MASSEY A. & Sons, provision roerchts., 15 W. 
Blackhall St., 41 Cathcart St. & 33 Hamilton St. 

MASSICKIS Thomas, boilermaker, 52 Belville St. 

Massicks William J., joiner, 5 Dempster St. 

Massicks Mrs James, 8 South St. 

MASS IE Charles, police constable, 9 Murdieston St. 

MASTER of Works Office, Municipal Bldgs. 

MATEER William, labourer, 7 Prospecthill PL 



MATHER Joseph, late P.O. Telephones, 49 Trafal- 
gar St. 

MATHEWS ON James, boilermaker, 6 Hope St. 

MATH IE Arthur, cooper, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Mathie John, carpenter, 5 Lauriston St. 

Mathie John, shipwright, 4 Prospecthill St. 

Mathie Thomas, carpenter, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Mathie John, labourer, 82 Belville St. 

MATHIESON Alexander, storeman, 25 Nelson St. 

Mathieson Archibald, patternmaker, 19 Roxburgh St. 

Mathieson Donald, boilermaker, 74 Belville St. 

Mathieson Hugh, engine-driver, 47 Trafalgar St. 

Mathieson Hugh, plater, 5 Chalmers "St. 

Mathieson James, machinist, 84 Belville St. 

Mathieson John, joiner, 25 Trafalgar St. 

Mathieson John, painter, 6 W. Blackhall St. 

Mathieson John, machinist, 1 Bruce St. 

Mathieson John, plater, 26 W. Burn St. 

Mathieson Kenneth, machinist, 31 Lyle St. 

Mathieson Lindsay, grocer, 20 Cartsburn St. & 6 
John St. Ho. 23 Brisbane St. 

Mathieson Lindsay, joiner, 72 Dempster St. 

Mathieson Robert, brassfmisher, 22 St. Lawrence St. 

Mathieson Robt. D., boilermaker, 22 St. Lawrence St 

Mathieson Mrs, 5 Newton St. 

Mathieson Mrs E., 27 Nicolson St. 

Mathieson Mrs W., 13 Brougham St. 

Mathieson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 49 Holmscroft St. 

Mathieson H. & E., grocers, 9 South St. 

MATHWIN Wm. & Son, Adriralty agents— J. & J. 
Denholm, agts., Central Station Av. 

MATTHEW John, constable, 19 Trafalgar St. 

MATTHEWS Alexander, sen., mate, 25 Regent St. 

Matthews James, fishmonger, 25 Regent St. 

Matthews James, f'man engineer, 27 Lyle St'. 

Matthews Tohn, sawyer, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 

MATTHEWSON David, lieutenant of police, 26 
Mearns St. 

MAVIS Robert, mechanic, 1 Dellingburn St. 

MAXTON James, gardener, 4 Bentinck St. 


MAXWELL Alex. M'Lean, fancy goods, 15 W. Black 

hall St. Ho. 20 Union St. 
Maxwell Charles, craneman, 26 Vennel. 
Maxwell Francis, labourer, 3 Regent St. 
Maxwell Gordon, railwayman, 14 Hope St. 
Maxwell Hamilton, insurance agt., 25 Dempster .St. 
Maxwell James, clerk, 26 Ann St. 
Maxwell John, engineer, 34 Robertson St. 
Maxwell Robert, labourer, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Maxwell Samuel, hole-borer, 25 Trafalgar St. 
Maxwell Thomas, 10 Inverkip St. 
Maxwell William, engineer, 19 Mearns St. 
Maxwell William, seaman, 49 Belville St. 
Maxwell William, machinist, 12 Armadale PI. 
MAYHEW Harold, coppersmith, 13 Brisbane St. 
MAYPOLE Dairy Co. Ld., butter & tea dlrs., 27 

Hamilton St. 
MAYS Peter, caulker, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
MEARNS James, boilermaker, 10 Hay St. 
Mearns James, patternmaker, 43 Belville St. 
Mearns Michael, machinist, 43 Holmscroft St. 
Mearns Robert, labourer, 34 Inverkip St. 
Mearns Mrs James, 5 Brisbane St. 
Mearns Mrs A., 11 Hill St. 
MECHANICS Institution. 11 Tobago St. 
MEDICAL Aid Society's Home, 1 Bedford St. 
MEECHAN Duncan, caulker, 34 St. Lawrence St. 
Meechan James, craneman, 49 Belville St. 
Meechan Thomas, salesman, 5 Brisbane St. 
Meechan William, fireman, 3 Broomhill St. 
MEEK Robert, patternmaker, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Meek Mrs, firewood mercht., 20 Pottery St. 
Meek Mrs Helen, 23 Bruce St. 
Meek Mrs, 36 W. Burn St. 
MEIKLE Daniel, labourer, 7 Caddlehill Tee. 
Meikle Daniel, engineer, 17 Belville St. 
Meikle James, cabinet-maker, 6 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Meikle Mrs Daniel, 25 Regent St. 
Meikle Mrs E., 3 Campsie Tee. 

MEIKLE JOHN Geo., brassfinisher, 3 Trafalgar St. 



• MELD RUM James, poulterer, 27 W. Burn St. Ho. 
34 Brougham St. 

Meldrum Robert, 23 Union St. 

MELLON James A rivetter, 4 Oakfield Tee. 

MELROSE John, joiner, 14 Wellington St. 

Melrose John C, manager, 11 Bank St. 

Melrose William, pharmacist, 38 Hamilton St. Ho. 
10 Brisbane St. 

Melrose Miss M., 3 Antigua St. 

MELVILLE John, storeman, Gibbshill Tee. 

Melville William, painter & decorator, 3 Argyle St. 
Ho. 83 Finnart St. 

Melville Mrs Agnes, newsagt., 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Melville Mrs Jane, 70 Wellington St. 

MELVIN Andrew R., machinist, 25 Lyle St. 

MENARY William, joiner, 8 Garvald St. 

MENDHAM Mrs Mary, The Nook, 46 Denholm St, 

MENZIES David, f'man, aerated waters, 26 Crawfurd 

Menzies George, salesman, 20 Lynedoch St. 

Menzies John, chaffeur, Combination Hospital, Gate- 

Menzies John, mechanic, 14 W. Blackhall St. < 

Menzies John K., engineer, 9 Lyle St. 

Menzies John & Co. Ld., wholesale newsagts., book- 
sellers & stationers, Mansionhouse Lane. 

Menzies John & Son, dairymen, 4,2 Ann St. & 9 New- 
ton St. Ho. 8 Wellington St. 

Menzies Johnstone M., engineer, 19 Ardgowan St. 

Menzies Marjory, teacher, 90 Finnart St. 

Menzies Robert, salesman, 9 Brisbane St. 

Menzies William (of Boston, Menzies & Morton) j 
Smollett St., Alexandria. 

Menzies William, plumber, 8 Hope St. 

Menzies William, dairyman, 37 Bank St. 

Menzies Mrs G., dairy, 18 Lynedoch St. 

Menzies Mrs George, 40 Sir Michael St. 

MERCANTILE Marine Office, Customhouse Bldgs. 

MERCER John S., sheriff-substitute of Renfrew 
& Bute, Ferndean, 13 Eldon St. 


MERRYLEES Peter, clerk, 39 Kelly St. 
Merrylees Robert, clerk, 12 E. Crawfurd St. 
METCALF Thomas W., hair-dresser, 29 Roxburgh 

St. Ho. 14 Trafalgar St. 
METHODIST Chapel, 4 Ardgowan St. 
MEYER Victor C, 56 Finnart St. 
MICHAEL William, patternmaker, 54 Belville St. 
MICH IE Alexander, seaman, 40 Wellington St. 
MICKELROSS Archd., machinist, 48 Brown St. 
MIDDLE Parish Church, Cathcart Sq. 
Middle United Free Church, 10 George Sq. 
MIDDLETON James, moulder, 21 Dempster St. 
Middleton Wm., shipyard f'man, 8 Kelly St. 
Middleton Mrs, 6 Hope St. 
MILL Alexander, licensed grocer, 95 Roxburgh St. 

Ho. Thrushhill, Ashton, Gourock. 
Mill C. & Co., yacht agts., 5 Dock Breast & Albert 

Mill George, manager, 71 Brachelston St. 
Mill Robert, manager Orchard Sugar Refg. Co. Ltd v 

59 Brisbane St. 
Mill Miss Eliz. M., 49 Brisbane St. 
MILL AN Peter, engineer, 19 South St. 
Millan Robert, caulker, 6 Hay St. 
Millan William, confectioner, 11 Crescent St. 
MILLAR David, joiner, 17 Newton St. 
Millar George, joiner, 18 South St. 
Millar Harry, cooper, 47 E. Crawfurd St. 
Millar Hugh, gas-wrkr., 34 Baxter St. 
Millar Hugh P., clerk, 66 Wellington St. 
Millar James, brassfinisher, 32 Ann St. 
Millar James, clerk, 11 Kelly St. 
Millar James, coppersmith, 10 Lyle St. 
Millar James, engineer, 30 Brisbane St. 
Millar James, joiner, 28 Bruce St. 
Millar James, joiner, 12 Crescent St. 
Millar James (of Marquis & Millar), 80 Forsyth St. 
Millar James, tailor's cutter, 20 Murdieston St. 
Millar James M., teacher, 14 Ft. Matilda PI. 
Millar James, teacher, 7 Caddlehill St. 



Millar James S., shipping agt., Customhouse Quay. 

Ho. Townhead Farm, Kilmacolm. Phone 75 Kil. 
Millar John, cartwright, 62 Kelly St. 
Millar John, teacher, 13 Ardgowan St. 
Millar John, engineer, 19 Caddlehill St. 
Millar John, farmer, Craigieknowes Farm. 
Millar John, machinist, 56 Dempster St. 
Millar John, mason, 14 Bruce St. 
Millar John, holder-on, 38 W .Burn St. 
Millar John, salesman, 36 Inverkip St. 
Millar Joseph, rivetter, 9 Ardgowan St., Glebe. 
Millar Joseph, patternmaker, 9 Brachelston St. 
Millar Joseph, painter, 21 Lynedoch St. 
Millar Leander, clerk, 26 Bank St. 
Millar Matthew, shipmaster, 41 Robertson St. 
Millar Peter, salesman, 75 Dempster St. 
Millar Robert, burgh surveyor & Master of Works, 

50 Brisbane St. 
Millar Rodger, engineer, 52 Belviik St. 
Millar Thomas, plumber & gasfitter, 30 Market St & 

7 Buccleuch St. Ho. 28 Bank St. 
Millar William, shipbuilder, Towerlands, 9 Octavia 

Millar Wm., jr., shipbuilder, Clyde View, 115 Eldon 

Millar William, labourer, 56 Holmscroft St. 
Millar Mrs Arthur, spirit mercht., 17 Regent St. Ho. 

37 Campbell St. 
Millar Mrs H., 13 Hope St. 

Millar Miss M., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 30 Bris- 
bane St. 
Millar Mrs Robert, 52 Union St. 
Millar Mrs S. H., Ashburn, 8 Bedford St. 
MILLER Alexander I., painter, 66 Ann St. 
Miller Allan, engineer, 27 Nelson St. 
Miller Brothers, manufrs., 15 Charles St. 
Miller Brothers, butchers, 23 Rue-end St. Ho. 67 

Holmscroft St. 
Miller Charles, fireman, 70 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Miller Charles, labourer, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 


Miller Charles F., labourer, '58 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Miller Colin, blacksmith, 37 Holmscroft St. 

Miller Daniel, joiner, 14 Wellington St. 

Miller David, engineer, 20 Belville St. 

Miller Duncan, coppersmith, 8 Lyle St. ,.,, v 

Miller George, f'man engineer, 20 Wellington St. 

Miller George, P.O., R.N., 47 Mearns St. 

Miller Henry & Son, bakers, 16 Hamilton St. &50 

Holmscroft St. Ho. 21 Denholm St. 
Miller Henry, machinist, 18 Bogle St. 
Miller Hugh (of T. Miller & Son), 20 Glenview Tee. 
Miller James (of D. Macdougall & Co.), 52 Union St 
Miller Jas. (of H. W. Miller & Son), 41 Robertson'St 
Miller James, foreman, 63 Nicolson St. 
Miller James, cable-jointer, 46 Dempster St. 
Miller James, plater, 31 Lynedoch St. 
Miller James, plumber, 23 Mearns St. 
Miller James & Co., ropemakers, 59 Upper Kelly St. 
Miller James W., plater, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Miller John, boilermaker, 10 Garvald St. 
Miller John, clerk, 1 Campsie Tee. 
Miller John, coal mercht., 50 Captain St. 
Miller John, carter, 4 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Miller John, engine-driver, 41 Brachelston St. 
Miller John, joiner, 2 Old Hillend. 
Miller John, labourer, 5 Helen St. 
Miller John, machinist, 17 Trafalgar St. 
Miller John, M.B., 'Ch.B., physician & surgeon, "46 

Regent St. 
Miller John, rivetter, 50 E. Hamilton St. 
Miller John L., mason, 20 Bruce St. 
Miller Malcolm, joiner, 12 Lynedoch St. 
Miller Neil K., 101 Eldon St. 
Miller Reginald, engineer, 4 -Hope St. 
Miller Robert, accountant, 2 Hamilton St. Ho. 12 

Lynedoch St. 
Miller Robert, carter, 56 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Miller Robert, joiner, 56 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Miller Robert, coal mercht., Greenock West. 
Miller Robert, butcher, 34 Ann St. 



Miller Robert, engineer, 46 Weillngton St. 

Miller Samuel, fireman, 52 Belville St. 

Miller Thomas, marine engineer, 46 Robertson St. 

Miller Thos. (of T. Miller & Son), 101 Eldon St. 

Miller Thomas, 34 Margaret St. 

Miller Thomas, comm. agt., 35 Robertson St. 

Miller Thomas, shop manager, 17 Newton St. 

Miller Thos. & Son, wholesale merchts., 13-15 Char- 
les St. 

Miller Walter, plumber, 26 W. Blackhall St. 

Miller William, certified accountant, 24 Hamilton St. 
Ho. 10 Ardgowan St. 

Miller William, carpenter, 23 Hamilton St. 

Miller William, engineer, 1 Morton Tee. 

Miller William, salesman, 24 Lynedoch St. 

Miller William, brassfinisher, 40 Ann St. 

Miller William J., labourer, 30 Auchmountain Rd. 

Miller William S., watchmaker & jeweller, 43 Union 

Miller Mrs A., confectioner, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Miller Mrs Jane, 19 Brisbane St. 

Miller Mrs Nicol, 37 Nelson St. 

Miller Mrs Mary, 12 Watt St. 

Miller Miss Margt., 14 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Miller Mrs Robert, 65a Union St. 

MILLIGAN Andrew A., 10 Murdieston St. 

Milligan John, Customs officer, 99 Dempster St. 

Milligan Joseph, goods guard, 38 Main St. 

Milligan William, labourer, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Milligan Mrs Margt., 39 Bank St. 

MILLIKEN John, hammerman, 17 John St. 

MILLS Archibald, plater, 6 Hay St. 

Mills William, engineer, 84 Belville St. 

Mills Mrs John, 4 Garwood St. 

MILNAY John, engineer, 6 Old Hillend. 

MILNE Francis, yard f'man, 58 E. Crawfurd St. 

Milne James S., policeman, 3 Dalrymple St. 

Milne John A., constable, 26 Bank St. 

Miine Robert, engineer, 11 Roxburgh St. 


Milne W. A., M.B., Ch.B., physician & surgeon, 3 
Morton Tee. Ho. Hillend House, E. Crawfurd St 

Milne William, engineer, 10 Garvald St. 

Milne William, asst. manager, 4 Margaret St. 

Milne William, ice factory, 4 Chapel St. 

Milne Mrs Peter, 7 Kelly St. 

M1LROY James, engraver, 85 Wellington St. 

MILTON George T., shipwright, 39 Crawfurd St. 

M IN CHIN William E., Lloyd's surveyor, 33 Den- 
holm St. 

MINGINS William, f'man cleaner, 3 Oakfield Tee. 

MINISTRY of Pensions, Renfrew, Bute & Argyle 
Area, Public Liby. Bldgs. — D. C. Kerr, chief officer 

MINIS John, janitor, 24 E. Shaw St. 

MINN IS William, Excise officer, "6 Campbell St. 

MINTO David K. Ld., marine surveyors, Sugar Ex- 
change. Ho. 78 Brisbane St. 

Minto George, 15 Ardgowan St. 

MIRNER Henry, caulker, 12 Watt St. 

Mirner Henry, hair-dresser, 20 Tobago St. 

MITCHELL Angus, painter, 71 Nicolson St. 

Mitchell Andrew, jr., f'man blacksmith, 25 W. Burn 

Mitchell Archibald, joiner, 4 Carwood St. 

Mitchell Archibald, marine stoker, 45 Roxburgh St. 

Mitchell Andrew, labourer, 1 Cartsburn St. 

Mitchell Archibald, storeman, 34 Inverkip St. 

Mitchell D. Graham, coach-builder, 73 Eldon St. 

Mitchell David, police constable, 5 Holmscroft St. 

Mitchell Duncan, marine engineer, 111 Newark St. 

Mitchell Fergus, labourer, 11 Lauriston St. 

Mitchell Fergus, cooper, 26 Bruce St. 

Mitchell George, coalman, 70 Ann St. 

Mitchell Hugh, shipwright, 10 Charles St. 

Mitchell James, engine-driver, 54 Dempster St. 

Mitchell James, joiner, 50 St. Lawrence St. 

Mitchell James, labourer, 12 Lynedoch St. 

Mitchell James, boilermaker, 26 Wellington St. 

Mitchell James, engineer, 4 Orr Av. 

Mitchell James (of Post Office), 3 Finnart Tee. 


Mitchell James & Son, regd. plumbers, 3 W. Stewart 
St. Ho. 48 Ardgowan St. 

Mitchell James B., clerk, 23 Regent St. 

Mitchell John & Sons, coach-builders, 5 Brougham St 
& 14 Robertson St. Ho. 91 Eldon St. 

Mitchell John, engine-driver, 3 Helen St. 

Mitchell John, engineer, 13 Lyle St. 

Mitchell John, engineer, 15 Lynedoch St. 

Mitchell John, carter, 21 Nicolson St. 

Mitchell John, joiner, 24 Belviile St. 

Mitchell John, shipyard manager, Scott's S. & E. Co. 
Ld., The Bungalow, Lyle Rd. 

Mitchell Robert, boilermaker 5 Chalmers St. 

Mitchell Robert, flesher, 84 Belviile St. Ho. 60 do. 

Mitchell Robert, f'man carter, 45 Lynedoch St. 

Mitchell Robert, grocer, 32 Auchmountain Rd. 

Mitchell Thomas, engineer, 20 Mearns St. 

Mitchell Thomas, boilermaker, 24 Antigua St. 

Mitchell Thomas, labourer, 13 Bruce St. 

.Mitchell Thomas H., warehouse clerk, 5 Glen St. 

Mitchell Walter, asst. manager, 35 Regent St. 

Mitchell Walter, potato salesman, 6 Holmscroft St. 

Mitchell Walter, butcher, 3 Holmscroft St. 

Mitchell William, engine-driver, 17 Regent St. 

Mitchell William, plater, 62 Belviile St. 

Mitchell William, labourer, 31 Ingleston St. 

Mitchell William, plumber, 38 Brymner St. 

Mitchell William, fitter, 1 Oakfield Tee. 

Mitchell William E., insurance agt., 20 South St. 

Mitchell William J., engineer, 83 Dempster St. 

Mitchell William J., labourer, 15 Mill St. 

Mitchell Miss, 20 Lyle St. 

Mitchell Mrs Margt., 9 Prospecthill St. 

Mitchell Mrs E., tobacconist, 23 Rue-end St. Ho. 
30 St. Lawrence St. 

Mitchell Mrs R., Lightburn Cott., 19 Bawhirley Rd. 

Mitchell Mrs Walter, 60 Belviile St. 

MITCHELSON James, clerk, 66 Ann St. 

MITCH INSON James D., manager, Stead & Simp- 
son, Ld., 6a South St. 



MOFFAT Alexander, engine a:, 32 W. Stewart St. 

Moffac Alexander P., engineer, 2 South St. 

Moffat Charles VV. S., baker, 27 i3ank St. 

Moffat David, labourer, 27 Ingles. on St. 

Moffat jonn, joiner, 15 Car wood St. 

Moffat John, garuener, 17 Newark St. 

Moffat Duncan, 61 Finnart St. 

Moffa: Thomas, bake/, 6 1 Bel v He St. 

Moffat Thomas, warehouseman, 17 South St. 

Moffat Thomas, Customs watche', 6 Roxburgh St. 

Moffat Thomas, hammerman, 3 Belville St. 

Moffat William, clerk, 91 Roxburgh St. 

MOGGY Samuel, labourer, 26 Ann St. 

MOGY Samuel, baker, 34 Mt. Lleasant St. 

MOIR M:rgare:, costure ware lcuse, 42 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 18 Eldon St. 
Moir Mrs Agnes, 201 Eldon St. 
Moir & Ponsonby, confectioners, 3 Brougham St. 
MOLES Alexander A. R., saddler, 15 Newton 'St. 
Moles Samuel, 'labourer, ^3 5 W. Shaw~St. 
Moles Mrs Catherine, 25 Ardgowan St. 
MOLSEED George, painter, 5 William St. 
MOLLOY Daniel, rivetter, 27 Vennel. 
Molloy Mrs, 18 Antigua St. 

MONAGHAN John, blacksmith, 76 Dempster Si. 
Monaghan Mrs Isa, 36 Holmscroft St. 
Monaghan Mrs Sarah, 65 Rue-end St. 
Monaghan James, tobacconist & stationer, 7 Cathcart 

St. Ho. 65 Rue-end St. 
MONTEITH James, engineer, 39 Belville St. 
Monteith Thomas, labourer, 6 Inchgreen St. 
Monteith William, spirit mercht., 8 Inverkip St. Ho. 

1 Glen view Tee. 
MONTFORD Sidney, representative "Glasgow News" 

1 Watt PI. Ho. Andermatt, 71 South St. 
MONTGOMERY Archd., driller, 4 Watt St. 
Montgomery David, storeman, 26 Bruce St. 
Montgomery Hugh, caulker, 4 Carwood St. 
Montgomery Thomas, watchmaker, 76 Brisbane 'Si:. 
Montgomery Mrs A., 9 Araryle St. 



MOOD IE Allan, janitor, Belvhle PI. Sen., 73 Belville 

Moodie George, car inspector, 18 Bor^e: St. 
Moodie Thomas, timekeeper, 16 Holmscrott St. , 

MJONEY Andrew, iron-aresser, 27 Biymner St. 
Mooney Charles, labourer, 1 Cnaimers Sc. 
Mooney Daniel, rigger, 2:3 Hamilton St. 
M'UOKE Donald, herbalist, 25 Brymner St. 
Moore Frank, sheet-iron wrier., 20 Robinson Av. 
Moore Henry, fireman, 6 S.nclair St. 
Moore James (of FinJiay & Co.), 8 Campbell St. 
Moore James, labourer, 11 Main tS. 
Moore John, caulker, 54 E. Hamilton St. 
Moore John, plater, 23 Bruce St. 
Moore Patrick, Customs watcher, 40 Nicolson St. 
Moore Samuel, boilermake:, 3 Watt St. 
Moore Samuel, engineer, 30 Nelson St. 
Moore Samuel, labourer, Overton. 
Moore Thomas, blacksmith^ 53 Crawfurd St. 
Moore William, body-builder, 34 Orr Av. 
Moore 'William S., cashier, 4 Margaret St. 
Moore William, painter, 41 Belvi'le St. 
Moore William, painter, 42 St. Lawrence St. 
Moore William, labourer, 1 Mill St. 
Moore William C, baker, 30 Lynedoch St. 
MORAN Michael, H.M. Cus'.ons, 1 Fox St. 
MORE Thomas, carpenter, 11 Antigua St. 
MOREL AND James, butcher, 62 Regent St. 
MORGAN Darnel, engineer, 101 Dempster St. 
Morgan Daniel, machinist, 11 Cathcart St. 
Morgan James, machinist, 19 Nicolson St. 
Morgan Mrs Helen, 5 Prospecthill St. 
MORIES A. S., 63 Finnart St. 
Morles Thomas J., brakesman, 51 Kelly St. 
Mories Mrs C, 37 Brougham St. 
Mor.ies Mrs Alex., 99a Newton St. 
MORISON J. B., 55 Forsyth St. 
Morison John & Harper, accountants & house factors, 

29 W. Burn St. 
Morison Norman, M.A., teacher, 37 Bank St. 



Morison Miss Chriitina, 27 Bank St. 

MORRiS Benjamin, signalman, 4 Hill St. 

Morris Daniel, fitter, 14 Campbell St. 

Morris Hugh, chartered accountant, 33 Cathcart St. 
Ho. b Ardgowan Sq. 

Morris John, Ci.erk, 6 nouston St. 

Morris Moses, traveller, 3 Brachelston St. 

Morns, 3d E. naml.o.i St. 

Morris Walter, blacksmith, 29 j^yle St. 

Morris William, f'man fellmonge , 17 Bawhirley Rd. 

Morris William C, clerk, 31 Robertson St. 

Morris Mrs, 55 Kolmscroft St. 

MORREN William L., teacher, 44 Brisbane St. 

MORRIN David, filterman, 7 Mill St. 

Morrin William J., draughtsman, 26 Newton St. 

MORRISON Alexander, consuLing engineer, Cent- 
ral Station Av. Ho. 27 Finnart St. 

Morrison Allan S., joiner, 24 Prospecthill St. 

Morrison Archibald N., carpen.e:, 3 Morton Tee. 

Morrison & Bog, plumbers & gasfitters, 8 Charles St, 
Ho. 79 Holmscroft St. 

Morrison Daniel, flesher, 8 Cros^-shore St. Ho. do. 

Morrison Daniel A., of F. D. & D. A. Morrison, 20 
Madeira St. 

Morrison David, fish merch 1 ;., 45 Wellington St. 

Morrison David, labourer, 74 Dempster St. 

Morrison David, labourer, 16 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Morrison Duncan, labou. er, 8 Cross-shore St. 

Morrison F. D. & D. A., writers, 28 W. Burn St. 

Morrison Finlay D., of F.D. & D.A. M., Alt-ua-craij, 
Lyle Rd. 

Morrison Frank, rigger, 4 Holmscroft St. 

Morrison George, draughtsman, 31 Nelson St. 

Morrison James, 29 Mearns St. 

Morrison James, rivetter, 20 E. Shaw St. 

Morrison James, chaff eur, 43 Crawfurd St. 

Morrison James, labourer, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Morrison James, labourer, 22 Antigua St. 

Morrison James, upholsterer, 11a Lynedoch St. 

Morrison James, salesman, 3 Brymner St. 


Morrison James, slater, 97 Roxburgh St. 
Morrison James B., clerk, 26 Bank S:.. 
Morrison James, steward, 15 C-irvvooJ St. 
Morrison James, plas:erer, 64 Ann St. 
Morrison James, steward, 8 Mt. Piea^ant S:. 
Morrison James A., warehouse manager, 39 Brisbane 

Morrison James D., factor, 9 Clarence St. Ho. 50 

Brisbane St. 
Morrison John & Sons, lithographers & manufg. stat- 
ioners, 67 Rue-end St. 
Morrison John, baker, 5/ Ann S:. 
Morrison John, insurance agt., 31 Ingleston St. 
Morrison John, police inspector, 1 Main St. 
Morrison John, plumber, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Morrison John F., of J. Morrison uc Sons, "29 Mearns 

Morrison John, ganger, 21 Bruce St. 
Morrison John, plater, 20 Nelson St. 
Morrison Joseph, craneman, 30 Brymner St. 
Morrison Kenneth, grain mercht., 32 Kedy St. 
Morrison Peter, plater, 66 Wellington St. 
Morrison Rachael, sub-postmistres-, Roxburgh St.ree 

Post Office. Ho. 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Morrison Robert, engine-drive", 52 W. Blackball St. 
Morrison Robert, moulde ", 13 Hope St. 
Morrison Robert, laboure-, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Morrison Samuel, railway foreman, 34 Inverkip St. 
Morrison Samuel, spirit mercht., 14 Market St. Ho. 

6 Campbell St. 
Morrison Samuel, baker, 13 Brachelston St. 
Morrison Thon-as, boi'ermaker, 5 Hope St. 
Morrison Tho ras, mo'orman, 32 Cresrent St. 
Morrison Walter MT., gardene", 13 Newark St. 
Morrison William, clerk, 5 Hill St. 
Morrison William, en"rine?r. 27 Lyneloch St. 
Morrison William, slater, 39 Ho'mscroft St. 
Morrison William, baker, 6 Ardgowan Sq. 
Morrison William C, treasure", Greenock Harbour 

Trust, Municipal Bldgs. , Ho. 48 Kelly St. 


Morrison William D., plumber, 14 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Morrison Wm. G., f'man platelayer, 61 Nicolson St. 

Morrison Miss, 34 Brisbane St. 

Morrison Miss, 4 Hill St. 

Morrison Miss, Alt-na-craig, Lyle Rd. 

Morrison Mrs James, 46 Brisbane St. 

Morrison Mrs, furniture dealers, 43 W. Burn St. 

Ho. 31 Nicolson Sc. 
MORROW John, joiner, 53 Main St. 
Morrow Robert J., joiner, 60 E. Hamilton St. 
Morrow William, joiner, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Morrow Miss Sarah, 18 Baxter St. 
MORTLEY William J., electrician, 42 Brisbane St. 
MORTON & Kidd, scalemakers, 3 Hunter PI. 
Morton Ernest, iron mercht., 23 Brisbane St. 
Morton James M., ship repairer, Garvel Dock. Ho. 

21 Finnart 'St. 
Morton James, timekeeper, 4 Carwood St. 
Morton Robert, consulting engineer, 1 Wood St. 
Morton William, sheet-iron f'man, 13 South St. 
Morton Mrs A., 54 Ann St. 
MORTIBOYS W., mechanic, 39 Ann St. 
MOSSMAN WiUiam, 11 Ann St. 
MOTOR Hiring & Engineering Co. (The), 21 Eldon 

MOULTRIE Miss Margt., 4 Nelson St. 
MOUNT Park U.F. Church, Trafalgar St. 
Mount Pleasant U.F. Church, Dempster St. 
MOWAT A. H., tailor, 58 Belville St. 
Mowat John, cashier, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Mowat Mrs A., 163 Eldon St. 
MO WATT Mrs A., 163 Eldon St. 
MOCKERS IE John A., stationer, 30 Ndson St. 
MUIR Andrew, M.B., medical practitioner, 2 Shaw 

Muir Archibald, patternmaker, 10 MearnsSt. 
Muir Archd. R., of Muir & Weir, 60 Eldon St. 
Muir George, flesher, 49 Brougham St. 
Muir George, patternmaker, 22 Lynedoch St. 



Muir Henry, fruiterer, 43 Ann St. & 5 Inverkip St. 

Ho. 18 Denholm St. 
Muir James, brassfinisher, 21 Roxburgh St. 
Muir James, of R. Muir & Sons, 7 Asnburn Gardens, 

Muir James, labourer, 56 Holmscroft St. 
Muir John, 11 Hill St. 
Muir John, grain mercht., 3 Kelly St. 
Muir John, labourer, 20 Market St. 
Muir John, mechanic, 56 Belville St. 
Muir John L., 7 Madeira Tee. 
Muir Lachlan, miller, 58 Dempster St. 
Muir Neil, vanman, 72 Dempster St. 
Muir R. G., of Muir & Weir, 43 Esplanade. 
Muir Robert & Sons, grain uierchts., 12 Chapel St. 
Muir Robert W., 32 Brisbane St. 
Muir Simon, gas meter inspector, 32 KeTy St. 
Muir & Weir, sack manufrs., Upper Ingleston 
Muir William, engineer, 48 Lynedoch St. 
Muir William, patternmaker, 5 Hope St. 
Muir William, waiter, 36 W. Burn St. 
Muir William, spirit mercht., 46 Lynedoch St. Ho. 

75 Brisbane St. 
Muir Williau , labourer, 26 Wellington St. 
Muir William, clerk, 79 Brachelston St. 
Muir Miss, 8 George Sq. 
Muir Miss A., fruiterer, 27 W. Stewart St. 
Muir Miss L., grocer, 20 Nicolson Street. Ho. 49 

Brougham St. 
Muir Miss M., grocer, 14 South St. 
Muir Misses, Dunvie, 36 Margaret St. 
Muir Mrs Robert, 20 Brisbane St. 
Muir Mrs William, 5 Trafalgar St. 
Muir Mrs, 24 W. Stewart St. 
Muir Mrs, 34 W. Blackhall St. 
MUIRHEAD Alex., baker, 26 Wellington St. 
Muirhead David C., engineer, 20 South St. 
Muirhead Thomas, fireman, 62 Regent St. 
Muirhead William, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 
MULHERN John, bo'ilermaker, "5 Regent "St. 



MULHOLLAND David, boilermaker, 128 Drumfr- 

ochar Rd. 
Mulholland Henry, crane nan, 69 Regent St. 
Mulholland Patrick, spirit mercht., 4 Bearhope St. 

Ho. 32 VV. Stewart St. 
Mulholland Mrs Robert, 7 Carwood St. 
Mulholland Mrs Robert, 21 Lyneioch St. 
MULLAN John, labourer, 6 Inchgreen St. 
MULLEN J., fitter's helper, 12 Nile St. 
Mullen Mrs, 6 Nelson St. 
Mullen Mrs Nellie, 5 Bruce St. 
MUMME Henry, engineer, Scott's Ship. & Eng. Co., 

46 Ardgowan St. 
MUMFORD Mrs, 63 Rue-end St. 
MUNLEY James, checker, 3b Salmon St. 
MUNN Alexander, butcher, 11 Murdieston St. 
Munn Daniel, carpenter, 22. Border 9t. 
Munn Duncan, carpenter, 34 VV. Blackhall St. 
Munn James, boilermaker, 6 Lynedoch St. 
Munn John, agt. L. & N.E. R'y., Princes Pier. Ho. 

6 Brachelston St. 
Munn William, 18 South St. 
Munn William G., grocer, 9 Morton Tee. 
Munn Miss Agnes, 69 Nicolson St. 
Munn Mrs E., 67 Nicolson St. 
MUNRO A. Dunlop, of Clyde Marine Motoring Co., 

Princes Pier. 
Munro Charles, boilermaker, 16 Cathcart St. 
Munro Andrew, shipyard manager, 2 Fox St. 
Munro Archibald, boilermaker, 47 Crawfurd St. 
Munro A., tugboatmaster, 36 Crescent St. 
Munro Daniel, painter, 1 Kilblain Bldgs. 
Munro Daniel, labourer, 21 Nicolson St. 
Munro Daniel, f'man rivetter, 10 Wellington St. 
Munro & Devl'n. messenngers-at-arms and sheriff 

officers, 13 Hamilton St. 
Munro Donald, joiner, 17 Lyle St. 
Munro Donald, labourer, 8 Hope St. 
Munro F. W. M., engineer, 15 Ft. Matilda PI. 
Munro George, coalman, 25 Moffat St. 


Munro Hugh, fitter's helper, 20 Pottery St. 

Munro James, salesman, 67 Dempster St. 

Munro James J., foreman, 14 Kelly St. 

Munro John, carpenter, 43 Kelly St. 

Munro John, labourer, 4 Bentinck St. 

Munro John, engineer, 15 Brachelston St. 

Munro John F., grocer, 199b Eldon St. Ho. 55 

Royal St., Gourock. 
Munro Robert, blacksmith, 1 Chalmers St. 
Munro Walter, engineer, 10 Baxter St. 
Munro William, patternmaker, 11 Carwood St. 
Munro Miss, 7 Campbell St. 
Munro Miss, 25 Kelly St. 
Munro Miss, dress-maker, 23 Lynedoch St. 
Munro Mrs, 25 Brougham St. 
Munro Mrs, 20 Pottery St. 
Munro Mrs R., 5 Armadale PI. 
Munro Mrs William, 15 Glenview Tee. 
Munro Mrs M., 3 Inverkip St. 
Munro Mrs N., 2 Hope St. 
MURCHIE Jarres, of R. Murchie & Son, Lindisfarne 

Murchie John, shipmaster, 21 Newton St. 
Murchie R. & Son, painters & decorators, '31 Regent 

MURDOCH Archibald, boilermake-, 3 Duff tS. 
Murdoch Charles, engineer, 28 South St. 
Murdoch Duncan, joiner, 14 Armadale PI. 
Murdoch James, agent, 26 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Murdoch James, carpenter, 35 Auchmountain Rd. 
Murdoch James, engineer, 16 Campbell St. 
Murdoch John, caulker, 18 Ann St. 
Murdoch John, c^ulke'-, 52 Lynedoch St. 
Murdoch John, iron-driller, 7 Belvi'le St. 
Murdoch Richard, labourer, 5 Nelson St. 
Murdoch Mrs Elsie. 66 Holmscroft St. 
Murdoch Mrs, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
Murdoch Miss, 9 Kelly St. 
MURPHY Daniel, 46 Dempster St. 
Murphy Darnel, labourer, 5 Nelson St. * < 



Murphy Patrick, sailmaker, 19 Hamilton St. 

Murphy Denis, marine store dealer, 10 Cartsburn St. 
Ho. 34 W. Stewart St. 

-Murphy Robert, removal contractor's manager, 87 
Wellington St. 

Murphy Robert, coalman, 26 Vennel. 

Murphy Thomas, labourer, 6 Nicolson St. 

Murphy Mrs, confectione:, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

MURRAY Alexander, carpenter, 32 E. Crawfurd St. 

Murray Alexander, dyer, 55 Annn St. 

Murray Alexander, joiner, 9 Lynedoch St. 

Murray Alexander, craneman, 64 Regent St. 

Murray Alexander B., compositor, 70 Holmscroft St. 

Murray Alexander M'G., plasterer, 24 South St. Ho. 
24 Newton St. 

Murray A. Douglas, of Alex. Cameron & Murray, or- 
ganising secy., Greenock Unionist Assocn., Beech- 
mount, Victoria Rd., Gourock. 

Murray Andrew S., blacksmith, 37 Lynedoch St. 

Murray Andrew S., joiner, 6 Carwood St. 

Murray Arthur, agt. Commercial Bank, West-end, 40 
Robertson St. 

Murray Bernard, R.N., 31 Nelson St. 

Murray Charles, compositor, 9 South St. 

Murray Charles, confectioner, 20 Lynedoch St. Ho. 
9 South St. 

Murray Charles, salesman, 5 Robertson St. 

Murray Charles, stevedore, James Watt Dock & Alb- 
ert Harbour. Ho. 47 Crawfurd St. 

Murray David, labourer, 2 Garvald St. 

Murray David, motorman, 14 Lyle St. 

Murray David, shipwright, 34 Inverkip St. 

Murray George (of H.M. Customs), 20 South St. 

Murray George, writer, 2 Argyle St. Hb. Balgray, 
5 Octavia Tee. 

Murray George D., engineer, 17 Lauriston St. 

Murray James, clerk, 36 Denholm St. 

Murray James, engineer, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 

Murray James, fireman, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 

Murray James, gilder, 20 Pottery St. 



Murray James, boilermaker, 83 Wellington St. 

Murray James, fruiterer, 62 Ann St. 

Murray James, ship-builder, 61 Octavia Tee. 

Murray James, f'man stevedore, 10 Charles St. 

Murray Jas.. M., of J. Miller & Co., 30 South St. 

Murray John, f'man blacksmith, 13 Moffat St. 

Murray John, baker, 14 Maukinhill Rd. 

Murray John, cranernan, 22. Prospecthill St. 

Murray Joseph P., engineer, 11 Auchmountain Rd. 

Murray Michael, iron- driller, 5 Watt St. 

Murray Neil, traveller, 16 Cathcart St. 

Murray Patrick, 45 Union St. 

Murray Philip, driller, 13 Watt St. 

Murray Robert, engineer, 60 Belville St. 

Murray Robert M., ropespinner, 59 Kelly St. 

Murray Robert Smith (of Fyfe & Murray), 39 Finn- 
art St. 

Murray Samuel, moulder, 36 St. Lawrence St. 

Murray Thomas, driller, 37 Belville St. 

Murray Thomas, fitter, 34 E. Hamilton St. 

Murray Thomas, plater, 26 Bridgend Rd. 

Murray William, blacksmith, 46 "E. Hamilton St. 

Murray William, boilermaker, 7 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Murrav William, brassfinisher, 66 Ann St. 

Murray William, painter, 20 St. Lawrence St. 

Murray William, fruiterer, "65 Dempster St. 

Murray Miss, 6 Brisbane 'St. 

Murray Miss, 20 Robertson St. 

Murray Miss Eup hernia, oil & colour mercht., 38 E. 
Hamilton St. Ho. 3 Macdougall St. 

Murray Miss Janet, 1 Union St. 

Murray Miss M., 60 Kelly St. 

Murray Miss, 40 Robertson St. 

Murray Mrs Charles, 18 Robertson St. 

Murray Mrs Mary, 31 Hamilton St. 

Murray Mrs, 56 Kelly St. 

Murray Mrs, 45 Shaw St. 

Murrav Mrs, 7 Prospecthill St. 

MUSEUM (Antiquarian), Watt Institute, 15 Kelly 



MUTCH Alexander, policeman, 13 Brachelston St. 
Mutch Robert, Customs watcher, 52 Lynedoch St. 


NAIRN Alexander, plumber, 24 Prospecthill St. 

Nairn Cuthbert, physician & surgeon, Fernieherst, '37 
Union St. 

Nairn James, engineer, 3 Bruce St. 

NA1SMITH, missionary, 8 Wellington St. 

NAPIER David, policeman, 69 Dempster St. 

Napier James, coppersmith, 23 South St. 

NANC ARROW Charles J., Admiralty overseer, 15 
Margaret St. 

NATIONAL (The) Bank of Scotland, Ld., 29 Cath- 
cart St. — John Cameron, agt. 

National Road Transport Clearing House, Ld., haul- 
age contractors, Sugar Exchange Bldgs. 

National Bank of Scotland, Ld. (West-end Branch), 
17 W. Blackhall St.— Robt. Davie, agt. 

NAUGHTON John, labourer, 3 Rue-end St. 

National Tailoring & Clothing Guild, 1 Bank St. 

NEAL Frederick, f'man caulker, 96 Belville St. 

NEELY John, baker, 37 W. Stewart St. 

Neely William, seaman, 37 Roxburgh St. 

NEIL Arthur, carpenter, 8 Murdieston St. 

Neil Colin, miner, 64 Wellington St. 

Neil William, boilermaker, 32 Brougham St. 

Neil John, blacksmith, 5 Morton Tee. 

Neil William, shipwright, 50 Belville St. 

NEILL Alexander, storeman, 5 E. Blackhall St. 

Neill, Clerk & Murray, writers & notaries public, 2 
Argyle St. 

Neill David, teacher, 5 Caddlehill St. 

Neill, Dempster & Neill, sugar Refiners, 78 Drum 
fro char Rd. 

Neill George A., master mariner, 70 Brisbane St. 

Neill Hugh R. & Co., high-class grocers & wine mer- 
chants. Ship stores. Wholesale & retail. 17 W. 
Blackhall St. Tel.461, 27 W. Blackhall St. Tel. 
593, & 12 Cross-shore St. Tel 684. 


Neill John A., plumber, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Neill Peter, joiner, 5 Pottery St. 

Neill Peter B. (of Douglas & Son), 30 Denholm St. 

Neill D. F. D., of Neill, Dempster & Neill, Riverlea, 
57 Octavia Tee. 

Neill Robert, blacksmith, Garvel Park House. 

Neill R. J., brassmoulder, 2 Battery Park. 

Neill R. G., of Neill, Dempster & Neill, 57 Octavia 

Neill T. D., watchmaker, 3 Argyle St. 

Neill Thos. G. (of H. R. Neill & Co.), 2 Esplanade. 

Neill Walter G. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), 49 Es- 

Neill William, 9 Caddlehill St. 

Neill Miss Mary, 56 Holmscroft St. 

Neill Mrs John, Glenfield, 1 Bedford St. 

Neill Helen, fruiterer, 40 Ann St. Ho. 44 Ann St. 

NEILS ON Matthew, company secy., 16 Forsyth St. 

Neilson William, joiner, 38 E. Hamilton St. 

Neilson Miss, Glendyne, 83 Newark St. 

NELIS John, holder-on, 31 W. Burn St. 

Nelis Patrick, carter, 24 Bruce St. 

Nelis Thomas, labourer, 24 Kelly St. 

Nelis Mrs, 21 Bearhope St. 

NELSON Alex., caulker, 24 Auchmountain Rd. 

Nelson Archibald, joiner, 75 Regent St. 

Nelson Arthur V., police sergt., 79 Dempster St. 

Nelson David, engineer, 48 St. Lawrence St. 

Nelson Duncan, caulker, 22 Pottery St. 

Nelson James, bookbinder, 21 Newton St. 

Nelson Robert, brassfmisher, 40 Lynedoch St. 

Nielson Robert, iron-driller, 1 Bogston Tee. 

Nelson (The) Motor Garage, 18 W. Burn St. Prop. 
Ernest Peake, 17 Ardgowan St. 

Nelson Mrs, 39 Lynedoch St. 

NESBITT Alexander, driller, 52 Brown St. 

NESS David, blacksmith, 2 Mackenzie St. 

NEW ALL Charles, engineer, "1 Holmscroft St. 



Newall Charles, grocer & provision mercht., 44 Lyne- 

doch St. Ho. 5 Dempster 'St. 
NEWBOLD Thomas, grocer, 21 Kelly St. 
NEW LANDS Mrs, fruiterer, 23 Rue-end St. 
NEWMAN James, supt., 33 Brown St. 
NICCOL David, marine engineer, 52 Union St. 
NICHOLL Samuel, labourer, 10 Garvald St. 
Nicholl William, painter, 5 Helen St. 
Nicholl Miss Eliza., dress-maker, 11 Lauriston St. 
NICHOLSON Archibald, surfaceman, 37 Crawfurd 

Nicholson David, iron-moulder, 34 W. Blackball St. 
Nicholson John, brakesman, 62 Ann St. 
Nicholson Thomas, blacksmith, 27 Lynedoch St. 
Nicholson William, f'man carter, 25 Dempster St. 
Nicholson Mrs C, 19 Antigua St. 
NICOL Alexander, secy., J. Hastie & Co., Ltd., 62 

Forsyth St. 
Nicol Alexander, linotype operator, 6 Lyle St. 
Nicol David, stoker, 48 St. Lawrence St. 
Nicol Duncan (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), St. Leonards,. 

Nicol Duncan & Co., coal merchants & shippers, 55 

Rue-end St & 24 Brougham St. 
Nicol John E. (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), 4 Newark St 
Nicol Gavin & Son, tailors & clothiers, 35 W. Burn 

St. Ho. 25 Brisbane St. 
Nicol James, blacksmith, 9 Dempster 'St. 
Nicol James, moulder, 22 St. Lawrence St. 
Nicol James B., plater, 6 Morton Tee. 
Nicol John B., storekeeper, 30 Ann St. 
Nicol John K., joiner, 25 Newton St. 
Nicol John, tailor, 28 Brisbane St. 
Nicol Lawrence, engineer, 23 Brown St. 
Nicol Robert, boilermaker, 24 Pottery St. 
Nicol William, fitter, 39 Brown St. 
Nicol Miss Grace, 2 Octavia Tee. 
Nicol Miss, midwife, 5 Duncan St. 
Nicol Miss, 31 Lyle St. 
Nicol Miss H., furnishings 32 Nelson St. 



Nicol Miss M., 9 Dempster St. 

Nicol Mrs, 30 Brisbane St. 

Nicol Mrs, dressmaker, 55 Brachelston St. 

Nicol Mrs Alexander, 37 Lynedoch St. 

Nicol Mrs Andrew, 65 Roxburgh St. 

Nicol Mrs J. S., Parkview, 85 Brisbane St. 

Nicol Mrs Jane, 1 Hope St. 

NICOLL William, ret. engineer, 29 Finnart St. 

NICOLSON Charles, dresser, 87 Wellington St. 

Nicolson Donald, f'man stevedore, 7 E. William St. 

Nicolson John, engineer, 5 Dempster St. 

Nicolson Samuel, shipwright, 11 Carwood St. 

Nicolson William K., shipwright, 9 Dellingburn St. 

Nicolson Mrs, 12 Trafalgar St. 

Nicolson Mrs, 26 Kelly St. 

Nicolson Miss, 6 Trafalgar St. 

Nicolson Mrs, 18 Roxburgh St. 

Nicolson Miss, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Nicolson Miss M. B., 27 Lyle St. 

NIMMO Andrew, Town Clerk, Municipal Bldgs. Ho. 
16 Eldon St. 

Nimmo John, storeman, 1 Holmscroft St. 

Nimmo John, craneman, 32 Ann St. 

Nimmo Robert, plater, 40 Wellington St. 

Nimmo Robert, plater, 17 Lynedoch St. 

NISBET John, sett maker, 14 Antigua St. 

Nisbet John D., 14 Armadale PI. 

Nisbet William, joiner, 2 Auchmountain Rd. 

NIVEN Alexander, hosier & shirtmaker, 6 W. Black- 
hall St. Ho. 54 Union St. 

Niven Archibald F., clerk to Renf. Ed. Auth., Muni- 
cipal Bldgs. Ho. 4 Fox St. 

Niven Horace L., 2 Jardine Tee. 

Niven Mrs, 25 Patrick St. 

Niven Mrs G. W., 23 Newton St. 

Niven Mrs Jane, 25 Nelson St. 

NIX James, carter, 27 Nicolson St. 

NIXON David B'., goods norter, 3 Regent St. 

Nixon Robert, craneman, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Nixon William J., tailor, 10 Murdieston St. 



Nixon Mrs M., grocer, 77 Roxburgh St. 

NOBLE George, engineer, 3 Lauriston St. 

Noble James, labourer, 45 Holmscroft St. 

Noble William G., joiner, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Noble Miss, 12 Bank St. 

NOCTOR Francis, vanman, 6 Virginia St. 

Noctor Mrs, 11 W .Stewart St. 

NODEN Edgar J., shop manager, 11 Murdieston St. 

NORMAN Mrs Louis, 2 Campsie Tee. 

NORRIE Isaac, joiner, 8 Lyle St. 

NORRIS Lindsay, steel erector, 24 Lynedoch St. 

Norris Robert, baker, 6 Chapel St. 

Norrie John D., lithographer, 5 Grey PI. 

NORTH of Scotland Bank, Ld., 31 Cathcart St.— 

T. B. Rowan & C. P. M'Neil, agts. 
NORTH AM William, turner, 8 Ft. Matilda PI. 
NORTHERN Engineering Co. Ld., machinery mer 

chants, 3 Brymner St. 
Northern Pawnbroking Salerooms, 63 Rue-end St. 
NORWELL Alexander, B'.'Sc, C.E., (Principal, Tech 

nical School, Watt Memorial, Dalrymple St. Ho. 

Kinnoull, 45 Denholm St. 
NOTMAN Alexander, plater, 21 South St. 
NURSES (The District) Home, 4 Lynedoch St. 


O'BRIEN David, labourer, 16 Bearhope St. 

O'Brien James, labourer, 10 Chalmers St. 

O'Brien Peter, labourer, 10 Chalmers St. 

O'Brien Thomas, labourer, 10 Inverkip St. 

O'Brien & Co., glass & china merchts., 61 Vennel. 

Ho. 22 Union St. 
O'Brien William, labourer, 46 Brymner St. 
O'Brien Miss E., marine store dealer, 6 Sir Michael 

St. Ho. 22 Union St. 
O'CALLACHAN John, traveller, 35 Lynedoch St. 
O'CALLAGHAN Michael, labourer, 27 Orr Av. 
O'CONNOR James, shop manager, 33 Kelly St. 
ODDFELLOWS' Hall, 12 Bearhope St. 
O'DONNELL Daniel, cooper, 52 Ann St. 


O'Donnell Edward, sheet-iron wrkr., 15 Trafalgar St. 

O'Donnell Hugh, blacksmith, 10 Terrace Rd. 

O'Donnell James, carter, HE. Crawfurd St. 

O'Donnell John, newsagent, 31 Hamilton St. 

O'Donnell Patrick, rivetter, 27 Venne'L 

O'Donnell William, mason, 19 Trafalgar St. 

O'Donnell Thomas, labourer, 4 Gordon St. 

O'Donnell Mrs Margt., 4 Chapel St. 

•0 'DONNELLY Michael, labourer, 1 Bruce St. 

O'DONOVAN P., retd. Customs officer, 18 Robert- 
son St. 

OETEGENN John, labourer, 42 Holmscroft St. 

OGG Hugh, hammerman, 7 Carnock St. 

Ogg Thomas, blacksmith, 12 Ann St. 

OGILVIE Andrew, engineer, 4 Mearns St. 

O'HARA Charles, stager, 51 Crawfurd St. 

O'Hara James, contractor, 62 Ann St. 

O'Hara James, spirit mercht., 14 John St. Ho. 5 
Orangefield PI. 

O'Hara John, papermaker, 62 Annn St. 

O'Hara William, labourer, 3 Mill St. 

HOLMS William, hair-dresser & chiropodist, 7 West 
Blackball St. Ho. 1 Madeira Tee. 

G'KANE Edward, labourer, 5 York St. 

O'Kane Jeremiah, butter & egg dealer, 9 Duff' St: 
Ho. 45 Shaw St. 

O'Kane Patrick, moulder, 10 Shaw PL 

O'Kane Mrs A., egg mercht., 43 W. Burn St. 

O'LEARY Michael, H.M. Customs, 32 Robertson St. 

O'Leary Peter, painter, 5 Shaw St. 

OLD Quayhead Rowing Club, Victoria Harbour. 

Old Equitable Loan Office, 43 Hamilton St. 

OLDING John, carpenter, 71 Holmscroft St. 

Olding Matthew, plater, 54 Belville St. 

Olding Miss, 54 Belville St. 

OLIVER George, boilermaker, 16 Hillend Dr. 

Oliver James, blacksmith, 2 Bawhirley Rd. 

Oliver Tames, iron-moulder, 19 Lyle St. 

Oliver Samuel, engineer, 41 Roxburgh St. 

Oliver William, signalman, 25 Lyle St. 


Oliver Mrs, 8 Glenview Tee. 

OLLEY Fred. W., storeman, 46 Dempster St. 

OMAN James, shipwright, 38 Nicolson St. 

O'MARA William, fireman, 2 Duff St. 

O'NEILL Andrew' shoemaker, 31 Roxburgh St. Ho. 

35 Lynedoch St. 
O'Neill Hugh, compositor, 56 Dempster St. 
O'Neill Hugh, plasterer, 35 Nelson St. 
O'Neill Hugh J., checker, 1 Chalmers St. 
O'Neill Patrick, egg mercht., 4 Border S^. 
O'Neill Robert, labourer, 5 Chalmers St. 
O'Neill William, labourer, 7 Market St. 
O'Neill Mrs John, 16 Orr Av. 
O'Neill Sarah, pawnbroker, 8 Stanners St. Ho. 32 

W. Stewart St. 
ORANGE Hall, E. Blackhall St.- J. Turner, keeper. 
ORCHARD David, labourer, 14 Dalrymple St. 
Orchard George, brakesman, 83 Belville St. 
Orchard Sugar Refg. Co. Ld., 22 Ingleston St. 
O'REILLY William, billposter, 29 Cathcart St. 
O'Reilly William, billposter, 8 Holmscroft St. 
O'Reilly Mrs, dairy, 13-17 Brymner St. 
ORKNEY Edward, billiard-room propr., 40 W. Black 

hall St. Ho. 31 Lyle St. 
Orkney John S., 25 Patrick St. 
Orkney Thomas, bricklayer, 31 Nelson St. 
Orkney William, blacksmith, 14 W. Blackhall St. 
Orkney William, joiner, 15 Lynedoch St. 
Orkney Miss N. M., 75 Union St. 

ORMISTON James, patternmaker, 71 Nicolson St. 
Ormiston Mrs John, 10 Hope St. 
Ormiston Mrs, 10 South St. 
O'ROURKE John, boilermaker, 10 Mill St. 
O'Rourke Robert, spirit emrcht., 17 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Ho. Wardhouse, Shankland Rd., Pt. Glasgow. 
ORR Allan, joiner, 35 Nelson St. 
Orr Daniel, 17 Ardgowan Sq. 
Orr Donald, boilermaker, 26 W .Blackball St. 
Orr Helen, confectioner, 6 W. Stewart St. 
Orr Hugh, joiner, 8 Baxter St. 


Orr James, carting contractor & sand mercht., 11 Kil 

blain St. Ho. do. 
Orr James, clerk, 8 Garvald St. 
Orr James, tailor & clothier, 37 Hamilton St. Ho. 

2 Wellington St. 
Orr John, joiner, 6 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Orr John N., engineer, 5 Lauriston St. 
Orr Joseph, fireman, 6 Trafalgar St. 
Orr Neil, boilermaker, 15 Sir Michael St. 
Orr, Pollock & Co., newspaper proprietors & letter- 
press printers, 12 Charles St. & 15 Sugarhouse 

Crr Ryrie, M.A., publisher, 12 Charles St. Ho. 35 

Orr William, Parklea, 45 Finnart St. 
Orr William, brassmoulder, 39 Bank St. 
Orr William, jr., contractor, 11 Kilblain St. 
Orr William, joiner & builder, 9 Terrace Rd. Ho. 6 

Baxter St. 
Orr Miss, 39 Ann St. 
Orr Miss, 5 Antigua St. 
Orr Mrs A., 97 Roxburgh St. 
Orr Mrs John, 45 Regent St. 
Orr Mrs Robert, 35 Lynedoch St. 
Orr Mrs Mary, 169 Eldon St. 
OSBORNE A., manager, 2 Lyle Rd. 
Osborne Robert, coke mercht., 22: Tobago St. 
Osborne William, plater, 15 Murdieston St. 
Osborne Mrs M. H., dentist, 16 Cathcart St. 
OSTLER James, spirit mercht., 2 Carnock St. Ho.. 

7 Dellingburn St. 
OSWALD William N., asst. inspector of poor, 6a 

South St. 
OWEN Andrew, baker, 8 Carwood St. 
OWENS Arthur, stoker, 2 Nelson St. 
Owens James (of Post Office) 36 E. Hamilton St. 
Owens Henry, caroenter, 9 Crescent St. 
Owens Samuel, mate, 14a Trafalgar St. 
Owens Thomas, mason, Overton. 
Owens Miss. 34 Crawfurd S f . 



Home Enterprise. 

— THE — 

House of Quality 

can supply your every need in 

Drapery Goods. 

AH manner of 

Ready=to=Wear Garments 

always on view. 

1). & A. PRENTICE & CO. 



Owens Mrs, 11 Duncan St. 
OWERS Mrs, 13 Brown St. 

PACK William, turner, 6 Newark St. 
PADGETT Ernest, driller, 37 Roxburgh St. 
PAGE Thomas, moulder, 75 Holmscroft St. 
Page Thomas W., coppersmith, 30 South St. 
PAINTERS' (Plouse & Ship) Protection Socy., 15 

Charles St. 
PAISLEY Frank, moulder, 26 W. Burn St. 
Paisley James, moulder, 1 Belville St. 
PALLING Charles E., engineer, 29 Dempster St. 
Palling Edward, fitter, 46 Captain S". 
Palling Mrs C, baker, 19 Regent St. 
PALMER Albred, clerk, 58 Brown St. 
Palmer James, labourer, 1 Robinson Av. 
Palmer John, curator, Mechanics' Institution, Ho. 

71 Regent St. 
Palmer William, labourer, 33 W. Burn St. 
Palmer Mrs, 33 E. Crawfurd St. 
PANKHURST William, shipwright, 2 Sinclair St. 
PARIS Frank, blacksmith, 3 Brymner St. 
PARISH Council Offices, 36 Nicolson St. 
PARK Alexander, plumber, 17 Brachelston St. 
Park Alexander, plumber, 1 Duncan St. 
Park Alexander, 21 Kelly St. 

Park Boyd P., grocer, 9 Brisbane St. Ho. 12 do. 
Park David M., licensed weigher, 34 Newton St. 
Park George, draper, 34 Mearns St. 
Park George, red-leader, 12 Chalmers St. 
Park Isaac, clerk, 33 Roxburgh St. 
Park James, plater, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Park James, beltman, 10 Chalmers St. 
Park James L., outfitter, 20 South St. 
Psrk John, flesher, The Drums, Newark St. 
Park Tohn flesher, 35 Robertson St. 
Park John T., 8 Shaw PI. 
Park Matthew, saddler, 33 Nicolson St. Ho. 12 

Brisbane St. 



Park Robert, retd. policeman, 36 Dempster St. 

Park Robert, clerk, 8 Ardgowan St. 

Park R. M., flesher, 52 Union St. 

Park William, engineer, 58 Kelly St. 

Park William (of Post Office), 20 Wellington St. 

Park Miss, 28 Kelly St. 

PARKE James, tinsmith, 71 Regent St. 

PARKER Eli, warder, 5 Nelson St. 

Parker Hugh, joiner, 35 Roxburgh St. 

Parker J., H.M. Customs watcher, 108 Drumfrochar 

Parker John, moulder, 16 Glen view Tee. 

Parker John, painter, 2 Mearns St. 

Parker Richard, painter, 76 Dempster St. 

Parker Richard S., slater, 25 Lyle St. 

Parker Mrs, 31 Roxburgh St. 

PARKHILL William, baker, 24 Bruce St. 

Parkhill William, baker, 9 Antigua St. 

PARLANE William, joiner, 10 Carwood St. 

PARNHAM John, pointsman, 64 We'lington St. 

PARNIE Martha, 51 Ardgowan St. 

PARRY Herbert L., eng. capt., R.N.T.F., 22 For- 
syth St. 

PATERS ON Alex., marine enginear, 79 Brachelston 

Paterson A. & W., footwear specialists, 43 Hamiltori 
St. & 8 Grey PI. 

Paterson Alexander, patternmaker, Kre-an, Bawhir- 
ley Rd. 

Paterson Archibald, rivetter, 15 Roxburgh St. 

Paterson Archibald, asst. secy., Harland & Wolff, Ld.. 
37 Denholm St. ' 

PATERSON BROTHERS- 'Greenock's Shopping 
Centre", Costumiers, Milliners, Ladies', Gent's, & 
Children's Outfitters, Silk Mercers and general 
Drapery Warehousemen, 31 Charles St. Tel 528. 

Paterson Charles, C.A., 35 Robertson St. 

Paterson Crawford, L.D.S., F.P.S.G., dental surgeon, 
12 Union St. 



Paterson Daniel (The Clydesdale Bank, Ld.), 87 El- 
don St. 

Paterson David, labourer, Ford Cott., 1 Finnart St. 

Paterson David, writer, 2 Argyie St. Ho. 87 New- 
ton St. 

Paterson David, engineer, 7 Virginia St. 

Paterson Duncan, joiner, 28 Bruce St. 

Paterson Gavin (of Paterson Brothers), Camborne, 
John St., Gourock. 

Paterson Hugh, craneman, 7 Nile St. 

Paterson James, F.S.A.A., F.C.I.S., t Incorporated 
accountant, public auditor and stock-broker., 13 
Hamilton St. & 141 W. George St., Glasgow. Ho. 
Tnornleigh, 58 Campbell St. 

Paterson James D., piano dealer, tuner & repairer,. 
14 Kiltlain St. 'Ho. 52 Inverkip St. 

Paterson John, carpenter, 12 Brymner St. 

Paterson John, clerk, 7 Watt Sc. 

Paterson John, engineer, Seafield Cot!:., 32 Eldcn Si. 

Paterson John, joiner & builder, 31 Roxburgh St. & 
6 Holmscroft St. Ho. Burnbrae, 27 Denholm St. 

Paterson John (of Paterson Brothers), 35 Margaret 

Paterson John, shipyard manager, 4 Margaret St. 

Paterson John, railway inspector, 17 Bogle St. 

Paterson John, of P.O. Telephones, 69 Roxburgh St. 

Paterson John, labourer, 34 St. Lawrence St. 

Paterson Patrick, labourer, 34 Tobago St. 

Paterson Robert, of W. Paterson, 12 Union S f . 

Paterson Robert, labourer, 6 Chapel St. 

Paterson, Sons & Co. Ld., pianoforte music-cellers 
& gramaphcne dealers, 23 W. Blackball St. 

Paterson Samuel, machinist, 19 Trafalgar St. 

Paterson William, tug manager, 1 Ardgowan S':. 

Paterson William, clerk, 8 Esplanade. 

Paterson William, engineer, 108 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Paterson Wm. D., grain mercht., 17 Bentinck S~. 

Paterson William, slater, 5 Hunter PI. 

Paterson Miss Allison I., 2 Bentinck St. 

Paterson Mrs, 9 South St. 



Paterson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 16 Trafalgar St. 

Paterson Mrs Gavin, 52 Union St. 

Paterson Mrs George, 71 Nicolson St. 

Paterson Mrs Robert, 23 Bank St. 

Paterson Mrs, 34 Forsyth St. 

Paterson Mrs Helen, dairy, 23 Nicolson St. 

Paterson Mrs, 64 Kelly St. 

Paterson Mrs, 26 Newton St. 

PATIENCE Edward, musician, 193 Eldon St. 

PATON Alexander, caulker, 45 Holmscroft St. 

Paton Andre w g ,p!later, 74 Belville St. 

Paton A. G. (of Ross, & Co.), Hunter Villa, 

Paton Donald, boilermaker, 19 Trafalgar S,t. 
Paton Donald, boilermaker, 15 Main St. 
Paton George, painter, 62 Ann S,t. 
Paton Henry, foreman, 9 Prospecthill St. 
Paton Hugh R., driller, 17 Ingleston St. 
Paton John, carpenter, 2 Murdieston S ( t. 
Paton John, turner, 41 Duncan St. 
Paton John C, patternmaker, 10 Mearns 9,t. 
Paton Robert, engineer, 56 St. Lawrence St. 
Paton Samuel, boilermaker, 45 Belville St. 
Paton William, clerk, 6 Union St. 
Paton William, hair-dresser, 27 Regent St.' Ho. 14 

Bank St. 
Paton Mrs, 12 Border St. 
Paton Mrs, 14 Holmscroft St. 
Paton Mrs, 8 Sandringham Tee. 
Paton Mrs Elizabeth, 70 Dempster St. 
Paton Mrs A. J., 38 Eldon S,t. 
PATRICK Alexander, joiner, 36 Crescent St. 
Patrick A. & Son, boot and shoe makers & retailers, 

6 W. Blackb.31! S ; t. 
Patrick Alexander, licensed broker, 20 Inverkip St. 

Ho. 12 South St. 
Patrick James, engineer, 54 Ann St. 
Patrick James, joiner, 19 Mearns St. 
Patrick James, labourer, 64 Holmscroft St. 
Patrick James, labourer, 9 Helen St. 



Patrick John, engine-driver, 9 Carwood St. 

Patrick John, engineer, 26 Grant St. 

Patrick John, engineer, 33 Lyle S,t. 

Patrick John B., Hazel wood, 39 Eldon St. 

Patrick Miss J. M., grocer, 7 Antigua St. 

Patrick Neil M., clerk, 8 Wellington St. 

Patrick Neil M., jr., clerk, 4 Mearns St. 

Patrick Robert, joiner, 6 Holmscroft St. 

Patrick Mrs, 5 Carnock St. 

Patrick Mrs, 7 Morton Tee. 

PATTEN & Prentice, W.S., solicitors & notaries pub 

lie, 18 Kilblain St. ' 
PATTERSON Andrew, engine-drive;, 3 Brachelston 

Patiterson David, fishmonger, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 
Patterson G. H., surgeon dentist, 28 Cathcart S 1 :. 

Ho. Endrick, 98 Brisbane St. 
Patterson Harry, chaff eur, 3 Hope St. 
Patterson James, labourer, 3 Hill St. 
Patterson John, hammerman, 18 Crawfurd St. 
Patterson Mrs T. L., 59 Finnart St. 
PATTISON David, M.A., teacher, 4 Margaret St. 
Pattison Duncan, cooper, 62 Ann St. 
Pattison R., W. Parish Church Officer, 11 Nelson, St. 
Pattison William, clerk, 14 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Pattison Mrs, 73 Nicolson St. 
Paul Duncan, stager, 33 Lynedoch St. 
Paul James, caulker, 5 Kelly St. 
Paul James, joiner, 88 Belville St. 
Paul James M C C., blacksmith, 19 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Paul James, police constable, 9 Brachelston St. 
Paul John, painter, 6 Holmscroft St. 
Paul John, clerk, 26 Kelly St. 
Paul John, rivetter, 28 Moffat St. 
Paul John, joiner, 5 Newton St. 
Paul John R., painter, 20 Brisbane St. 
Paul William, carter, 85 Belville St, 
Paul Miss, 8 Sandringham Tee. 
Paul Mrs G., licensed broker, 49 Main St. 
PAYNE James O., piler. 7 Brachelston St. 



PEACOCK Alexander, clerk, 71 Ann St. 
PEAKE Ernest, motor agt., 17 Ardgowan St. 
PEARK'S Stores, Ld., grocers, 5 Hamilton St. 
PEARL Assurance Co. Ld., 18 Hamilton St. — J. H. 

Dobbin, dist. manager, 
PEARSON Alexander, janitor, 30 Trafalgar St. 
Pearson Archibald, rigger, 3 M't. Pleasant S,t. 
Pearson Gustav, rigger, 43 Cathcart St. 
Pearson James K., shipyard clerk, 32 Grant St. 
Pearson John A., draughtsman, 1 Fmnart Tee. 
Pearson John (Motors) Ld., 33 Cathcart St. 
Pearson Robert, vanman, 35 Wellington St. 
Pearson Thomas, engineer, James Watt Dock, 38 

Campbell St. 
Pearson William, 38 Newton St. 
Pearson Mrs William, 49 Belville St. 
PEASTON Alexander, smith, 66 Kelly St. 
P east on Alex., spirit broker, 79 South St. 
Peaston James D., curator, 12 Bearhope St. 
Peaston Walter C, slater, 13 Antigua St. 
Peaston William, caulker, 3 Prospecthill S,t. 
PEAT Richard O., joiner, 32 St. Lawrence St. 
Peat Robert, joiner, 2 Sinclair St. 
Peat William, carpenter, 5 Lauriston St. 
PEDDIE John, watchmaker, 22 Murdieston St. 
Peddie Robert, engineer, 17 Lauriston St. 
Peddie Mrs, 10 Watt St. 
Peddie W. B., optician, 29 Brisbane St. 
Peddie Miss Margt., confectioner, 4 Hamilton S ( t. 

Ho. 7 Bank St. 
Peddie Mrs Sarah, 10 Cathcart St. 
PEDEN John, 8 Belville St. 
Peden John, labourer, 84 Belville St. 
Peden Miss Agnes, 11 Dempster St. 
PEEBLES Mrs, 5 Caddlehill Tee. 
PEEL Thomas, holder-on, 1 Bruce St. 
PELL Stanley, elec'trical engineer, 51 Eldon St. 
PENDERGAST John, warehouseman, 5 Dempster 

Pender i^ast Thomas, labourer, 63 Plolmscrof't St. 



PENNELL Miss, 125 Newark St. 

PENNEY Mrs, 29 Brisbane St. 

PENTLAND James, joiner & builder, 9 Brisbane St.; 
Ho. 18 South St. 

Pentland Miss E., cert, ladies' nur^e, 11 Murieston St 

PERCIVAL Joseph, plater, 39 Prospecthill St. 

Percival Mrs Samuel, 22 Pottery St. 

PERKINS Michael, 11 Ann St. 

PERRY Charles, labourer, 54 Wellington St. 

Perry Henry, traveller, 4 Mearns St. 

Perry John, motorman, 2 Dunn St. 

Perry Thomas, shipwright, 6 Hay St. 

Perry William, butler, 50 Brougham St. 

Perry William, driller, 59 Regent St. 

Perry William, labourer, 98 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Perry Mrs E., 44 Lynedoch St. 

Perry Mrs, 13 Lynedoch St. 

PERT John, painter, 64 Regent S,t. 

PETERS Rev. David S., M.A., minister of Mid Par- 
ish Church, The Manse, 1 Houston St. 

Peters Miss, 107 Newton 3c. 

PETERSON George, range fitter, 34 St. Lawrence 

Peterson Peter, joiner, 45 Crawfurd St. 

Peterson Thomas, 40 Sir Michael St. 

Peterson Miss A., confectioner, 3 Shaw St. 

PETRIE David, fireman, 1 Hill St. 

Petrie James, sack manufr., 5 George Sq. & 17 Cap- 
tain St. 

Petrie Frank C, architect, 5 Sandringham Tee. 

Petrie Peter, engineer, 84 Belville St. 

PETTERSEN P. E., anal, chemist, 41 Robertson 

Pettersen Mrs, Borna. 47 South St. 

PETTIGREW James, watchman, 1 M'Lean's Bdgs, 

Pettigrew James, rivetter, 58 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Pettigrew Joseph, iron moulder, 10 Crescent St. 

Pettigrew Malcolm, shipwright, 28 Gordon St. 

Pettigrew Miss, 11 Bentinck St. 

PHANCO Bernard, skinner, 30 St. Lawrence St. 


PHILIP Henry, of Pt. Glasgow P.O., 36 Inverkip St. 
Philip J., plumber, 14 W. Blackhall St. 
Philip Thomas, joiner, 5 Dempster St. 
Philip Thomas, M.D., CM., physician & surgeon,, 
(Medical Referee), 27 Hamilton St. Ho. 38 Union 

Fnmp Mrs, 35 Roxburgh St.. 

PHILIPS John, labourer, 5 Nicolson St. 

Philips Robert, fruiterer, 42 W. Bum St. Ho. ,65 
Rue-end St. 

PHILLIPS Albert E., musician, 4 Holmscroft St. 

Phillips Archibald (of D. Phillips & Son), 23 Den- 
holm St. 

Phillips David & Son, slaters, 5 Tobago St. ; 

Phillips David (of Phillips & Son), 26 Patrick St.; 

Phillips J. S., cycle & gramaphone agt., 5-7 Kilblain 
St.. Ho. 31 W. Burn St. 

Phillips Peter, shipwright, 7 Newton St. 

Phillips Robert, plumber, 21 Lyle St. 

Phillips William (of Macneills, Ld.), 67 Union St. 

Phillips Mrs Mary, 65 Rue-end St. 

Phillips Miss, dress-maker, 21 Ljjle St. 

Phillips Mrs Margt., fishmonger, 3 W. Blackhall S,t. 
& 16 Kelly St. Ho. 4 Academy PI. 

Phillips William C, works manager, 8 Sandringham 

PHILP John (of Scott's Ship. & Eng. Co. Ld.), 7»8 
Forsyth St. 

Philp Robert, plater, 20 Mearns St. ; — 

Phoenix Publishers, wholesale newsagts., stationers 
& booksellers, commercial and general printers, 
advertising agts. & contractors, 2 Brymner St. 

PICKEN Thomas, insurance agt., 57 Holmscroft St. 

Picken Thomas, builder, 19 Brachelston St. 

Picken Mrs Andrew, Woodside, 41 Eldonn St. 

PICKETT E., engineer, 21 Ingleston St. 

PIGGOTT Alexander, labourer, 43 Ann St. 

Piggott Herbert, electrician, 19 Mearns St. 

PINCKNEY Walter, maltsman, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 

PINK Charles, engineer, 40 Wellington St. 



PENHOIN John, cleaner, 9 Morton Tee. 

PIRRIE James, boilermaker, 30 Lynedoch St. 

Pirrie George (of Post Office), 14 Grey PL 

Pirrie Robert, moulder, 1 Prospecthill St. 

Pirrie Mrs, 37 Lynedoch St. 

PlTTENDRAICH George, railway f'man, 5 Brown 

PLANT Alexander, solicitor & notary public, 75 El- 
don St. 

PL ATT David, plumber, 3 Kelly St. 

Piatt William, joiner, 65 Rue-end St. 
PLUNKETT W. J., labourer, 67 Nicolson St. 
Plunkett Duncan, ropemaker, 16 Bruce St. 
Plunkett Malcolm, coppersmith, 20 Nelson St. 
PLYMOUTH & Glasgow Steamship office, 46 Cath- 

cart St. — Thos. Young, agent. 
POLICE Office, Dalrymple St. 
POLLARD Matthew, labourer, 34 W. Shaw St. 
POLLOCK Andrew (of Post Office), 56 Regent St. 
Pollock Charles, labourer, 11 Mill St. 
Pollock David, boilermaker, 10 Nile St. 
Pollock James, engineer, 8 Brisbane St. 
Pollock James E., spirit mercht., 27 Rue-end S ; t. 

Ho. 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Pollock James, labourer, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Pollock John, fitter, 38 St. Lawrence St. 
Pollock John Mitchell, printer and stationer, 7 West 

Breast & 1 Vennel. Ho. 4 Finnart St. 
Pollock John Wallace (of Wm. MTntosh), Hillhead, 

86 Union St. 
Pollock Robert, teacher, Millerstane, 17 Finnart Rd. 
Pollock Robert, labourer, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Pollock Robert 'M., 14 Hope'St. 
Pollock Thomas, moulder, 19 Ingleston St. 
Pollock Walter, cartins; contractor, Gibbshill Farm, 

Gibbshill Rd. 
Pollock Vv^illiam, iron checker, 46 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Pollock William, iron stower, 36 South St. 
Pollock Mrs Jane, 38 St. Lawrence St. 
Pollock Mrs John M., Finnartlea, 75 Newton St. 


Pollock Mrs Robert, 22 John St. 

POLONIS George, plater, 17 W. Blackball St. 

Polonis James, blacksmith, 1 Watt PL 

Polonis Agnes, spirit rnercht., 9 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Ho. 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Polonis Mrs, 35 Lynedoch St. 

PONSONBY Thomas, flesher, 71 Vennel Ho. 4 
Hope St. 

Ponsonby Mrs, 2 Hope St. 

POOLE & Howie, gent's outfitters, 39 Cathcart St. 

Poole Walter, clothier, 26 South St. 

PORTEOUS James, coppersmith, 14 Cathcart St. 

POST Office, 34 Cathcart St. 

POSTE George, bricklayer, 10 Lyle St. 

POTTER James, police constable, 79 Dempster St.' 

POTTLE Alexander, M.R.C.V.S., 25 Tobago St. 
Ho. 46 Brisbane St. 

Pottie John Donaldson, M.R.C.V.S., 25 Tobago St. 
Ho. 46 Brisbane St. 

POWER Thomas, shipwright, 4a Mt. Pleasant St. 

POYNTER John, Son & Macdonalds, manufg. chem- 
ists, 21 Dellingburn St. 

PRATT Henry, collector of Harbour Dues, Custom- 
house. Ho. Mt. Pleasant, Barrhill Rd., Gourock. 

Pratt & Oliver, architects & surveyors, 2 Church PL 

Pratt James C, rivetter, 2 Sinclair St. 

Pratt John G., photographic specialist, 7 Caddlehill 

PREMIER Paint & Wallpaper Co. Ld., drysalters, 
25 Sus:arhouse Lane. 

PRENTICE Adam, 43 Brisbane St. 

Prentice Alexander Reicl (of Patten & Prentice), 28 
Newark St. 

Prentice D. & A. & Ca., drapers and costumiers, 24 
Hamilton St. 

Prentice David (of D. & A. Prentice & Co.), Barn- 
cluith, 54 Esplanade. 

Prentice James G. (of D. & A. Prentice & Co.), Haz- 
eldean, Broomberry Dr., "Gourock. 


Prentice William G. (of D. & A. Prentice & Co.), 

Auchinraith, 99 Eldon St. 
Prentice Miss, Lintrathen, 11 Madeira St. 
PRESTuin James & Sons, cabinet-makers & general 

wood-wrkrs., 26 Inverkip St. Ho. 23 Newton St.. 
Preston William, labourer, 16 Laird St. 
PRICE Enoch, engineer, 4 Newark Tee. 
Price James, greaser, 13 Crawfurd St. 
Price Robert, baker, 29 Nelson St. 
Price Mrs J., 1 Duncan St. 
Price Mrs Robert, 19 Crawfurd St. 
PRIDE William, engineer, 50 St. Lawrence St. 
PR1GMORE John T., turner, 3 Campsie Tee. 
PRINTER George, labourer, 3 Regent St. 
PROCTOR Bernard, turner, 53 Duncan St. 
Proctor George, carpenter, 6 Lauriston St. 
Proctor William, signalman, 75 Wellinngton St. 
PROCURATOR (County) Fiscai's Office, County 

Bldgs., 1 Nelson St. 
PRO VAN Thomas, cleaner, 9 Helen St. 
PROVIDENT (The) Clothing & Supply Co. Ld., 45 

Hamilton St. — W. Adam, manager. 
PROWSE James, engineer, 34 Kelly St. 
PRUDENTIAL Assurance Co. Ld., 7 Hamilton St. 

John Thompson & Wm. Gill supts. ' 

PTOLOMEY Rodger, engineer, 42 Lynedoch St. < 
PUBLIC Health Office, 6 Terrace Rd.— Dr J. H. Gj 

Whiteford, Medical Officer ot Health. 
Public Library, Wallace Sq. — J. M. Leighton, Librar- 
PULLARS (Perth) Ld., dyers, 31 Nicolson St. 
PUNTON Peter, mill wrkr., 128 Drumfrochar Rd. 
PURDIE John, cabinet-maker, 6 Nelson St., Glebe. 
Purdie John, plumber, 7 Ker St. 
Purdie John, painter, 25 Bruce St. 
Purdie Thomas, iron-smith, 20 Belville St. 
Purdie William, seaman, 1 Kublain St. 
PURDON James C, clerk, 42 Wellington 9t. 
Purdon Mrs John, 31 Bank St. 
PURVES Miss, 95 Brisbane St. 



PYE Alexander, joiner, 14 Lyle St. 

Pye Mrs, 5 W. Stewart St. ' ^ [ 


QUALE Philip, warehouseman, 21 Lynedoch St. 
QUARADAGHINI J., confectioner, 31 Hamiltonn 

Quaradaghini & Lindo, confectioners, 6 Newton St. 
Quaradaghini Guiseppe, conf., 29 Rue-ennd St. 
QUEEN Mrs Bernard, 6 Watt St. 
QUEEN'S Jubilee Nurses' Home, 4 Lynedoch St. 
Queen's Rooms Saleroom, 3 Hamilton St. 
QUIGG Patrick, labourer, 6 Serpentine Walk. 
Quigg Matthew, labourer, 74 Ann St. 
QUIGLEY Denis, coal mercht., 7 Stannners St. Ho. 

76 Belville St. 
Quigley Robert, engineer, 29 Cathcart St. 
Quigley William, carpenter, 24 Ann St. 
Quigley William, rivetter, 76 Belville St. 
QUILLIAM Radcliffe, net roper, 10 Hay St. 
QUIN John & Son, umbrella & trunk manufrs., 7-114 

W. Blackhall St. 
QUINCE S. H., manager, L.M. & S. Refreshment 

Room, Central Station. 
QUINN Francis, plater, 84 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Quinn James, plasterer, 65 Nicolson St. 
Quinn Michael, labourer, 3 Cartsburn St. * 

Quinn Patrick, engineer, 8 Kilblain St. 
Quinn William, slater, 8 Charles St. 
Quinn Victor, engineer, 5 Orchard St. 


RAE Andrew, baker & confectioner, 5 Hamilton St. 

Ho. 40 Finnart St. 
Rae Andrew, baker, 4 Hay S,t. 
Rae Andrew T. A., joiner, 15 Hope St. 
Rae Chas., newspaper representative, 25 Dempster St 
Rae John, f'man gas meter dept., 30 W. Blackhall S,t 
Rae John, iron-driller, 52 St. Lawrence St. 
Rae John, shipwright, 3 Helen St. 



Rae John, foreman, 34 Gordon St. 

Rae, opticians & photo dlrs., 38 Hamilton St. — Prop* 

John H. Cox, 7 Houston St. 
Rae Thomas Ld., mercantile stationers & printers, '23 

Hamilton St. Ho. 40 Brisbane St. 
Rae Wilharm labourer, '3 Belville *St. 
Rae Mrs Donald, 23 Trafalgar St. 
Rae Mrs, fruit hawker, 3 Helen St. 
RAEBURN William, engineer, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
RAFFERTY Peter, labourer, 71 Ann St. 
RAILTON Arthur' engineer, 4 Hope St. 
RAIT Arthur M., 63a Eldon St. 
RALSTON Archibald (of Steel, Ralston & Co.), 36 

Mearns St. 
Ralston John, draughtsman, 25 Robertson St. 
Ralston William, driller, 20 Wellington St. 
Ralston Mrs, 16 Finnart St. 

RAMAGE "William, colliery repres., 33 Ardgowan St. 
RAMPLING Charles H., machinist, 57 Roxburgh St. 
RAMSAY Alexander, joiner, 5 Mortonn Tee. 
Ramsay Charles Stewart stock-broker, 25 Gordon St. 

Glasgow. Ho. 51 Esplanade. 
Ramsay David, art master, Greenock Academy, The 

Cairn, 95 Forsyth St. 
Ramsay D. Graham & Co., sugar-brokers, Exchange 

Bldgs. Ho. 5 Newark St. 
Ramsay John, engineer, 13 Holmscroft St. 
Ramsay James, marine engineer, 34 Brougham St. 
Ramsay John, labourer, 24 Lyle St. 
Ramsay Robert, mill-wright, 49 Ann St. 
Ramsay & Smith, sugar merchts., Exchange Bldgs. 
Ramsay Thomas, caulker, 14 Border St. 
Ramsay Thomas, engineer, 49 Ann St. 
Ramsay Mrs John, 8 Chalmers St. 
Ramsay Mrs M., 30 Trafalgar St. 
RANDALL John, cook, 70 Wellington St. 
RANKIN Alexander, fruiterer & florist, 43 Hamilton] 

St. Ho. 5 Forsyth St. 
Rankin Allan, engineer, 70 Wellington St. 
Rankin John, ship repairer. 5 Caddlehill St. 



Rankin & Blackmore, Ld., engineers, boilermakers & 
iron -founders, Eagle Foundry, 28 Baker 9t. 

Rankin Cunison Deans, M.D., D.P.H., Scnooi Med- 
ical officer, 4 Brymner St. Ho. Mildura, Kirn. 

Rankin Dugald, blacksmith, Gibbshill Tee. 

Rankin George, marine engineer, 6 Antigua St. 

Rankin G. J. & Sons, printers & stationers, 28 Nicol- 
son St. Ho. 4 Finnart St. 

Rankin Hugh, brassfinisher, 11 Lyle St. 

Rankin John, pavior, 67 Holmscroft St. 

Rankin John A., rivetter, 4 Chalmers St. 

Rankin John, plater, 95 Roxburgh St. 

Rankin John, stoker, 7 Mill St. 

Rankin John A., fruiterer, 25 Patrick St. 

Rankin John F. (of Rankin & Blackmore, Ld.), 21 
Octavia Tee. 

Rankin Matthew (of Rankin & Blackmore, Ltd.), 21 
Octavia Tee. 

Rankin Samuel, joiner, 10 Watt St. 

Rankin T. B., traveller, Lever Bros., 1 Johnstone St. 

Rankin William, labourer, 35 Ingleston St. 

Rankin Mrs A., 21 Antigua St. 

Rankin Mrs A., 20 Robertson St. 

Rankin Mrs C., 21 Margaret St. 

Rankin Miss, 21 Octavia Tee. 

Rankin William, marine surveyor, 42 Esplanade. 

RAPALLINI Giovani, confectioner, 177 Eldon St, 

RATCLIFFE Miss Jessie, 17 Brachelston St. 

RATTENBURGH Graham, elect, eng., 48 Eldon St 

REAGAN Patrick, surfaceman, 128 Drumfrochar Rd. 

RECEPTION House, 35 Crawfurd St.— Miss Ander- 
son, matron. 

RATTRAY Mrs, 8 Battery Park. 

REDHEAD Thos., brassfinisher, 18 Crawfurd St. 

Redhead Miss C, 26 Hamilton St. 

REED Miss R., 6 Drumfrochar I^d. 

REEVES Thomas H., H.M. Customs, 26 W. Burn 

REFFEL John, tinsmith, 4 Lyle St. 



REFORMED Presbyterian Church, 33 W. Stewart 

REFUGE Assurance Co. Ltd., 32 Cathcart St.— P. 
Church & D. Cannon, supts. 

REGISTRAR for East District, 1 Wallace PL 

Registrar for West District, 1 Wallace PL 

RAW (The) Sugar Assocn. of Greenock, Ld., Ex- 
change Bldgs. — A. Colquhoun, secy. 

REID Adam, vanman, 34 Mt. Pleasannt St. 

Reid Alexander, police constable, 81 Dempster St. 

Reid Andrew, boilermaker, 4 Hill St. 

Reid Archd. & Sons, anchor & chain manufrs., 14 
Crawfurd St. 

Reid Archd. S., grocer & provis : on mercht., 18 Lyne- 
doch St. Ho. 22 Bank St. • 

Reid Arthur, iron- driller, 11 Lauriston St. 

Reid Daniel, coal mercht., mineral station, W. Shaw 
St. Ho. 45 Wellington St. 

Reid David, engineer, 22 Lyle St. 

Reid David, shipwright, 21 Newton St. 

Reid David, police nan, 9 Murdieston St. 

Reid George, labourer, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

Reid Hugh, shipwright, 1 Holmscroft St. 

Reid James, brakesman, 24 Pottery St. 

Reid James, carpenter, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Reid James, iron-turner, 54 Dempster St. 

Reid John, joiner, 6 Grant St. 

Reid John, plater, 1 Chal 'Tiers St. 

Reid James, shipwright, 25 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Reid James, engineer, Smithston Cottages. 

Reid James, clerk, 36 Brown S h . 

Reid James, 50 South St. 

Reid John, salesman, 6 Lyle St. 

Reid Tohn, signalman, 70 E. Hamilton St. 

Reid John M. (of A. Reid & Sons), '43 Kelly St. 

Reid Joseph, labourer, 48 Dempster St. 

Reid Toseoh, bootmaker. 3^ m- erkip St. 

Reid Patrick, labourer, 43 Holmscroft St. 

Reid Peter, iron-driller, 1 Prosnecthill St. 

Reid R. A., J. P., 39 Newton St. 



Keicl R. G., engineer, 26 Bank St. 

Reid Robert, marine engineer, 8 Hope St. 

Reid Robert, 44 Robertson St. 

Reid Thomas, boilermaker, 42 Lyneioch St. 

Reid Thomas, coal mercht., 37 Holmscroft St. . 

Reid William, casnier, 6 Sandringham Tee. 

Reid William, gasfitter, 63 Nicolson St. 

Reid William, labourer, 6 Chapel St. 

Reid William, police sergt., County Bldgs. 

Reid Mrs Annie, 6 Nelson St.: 

REEKIE William, bootmaker, 23 Roxburgh St.- & 
9 Brisbane St. Ho. 9 M earns St. 

RENAUD Hugh, salesman, 45 Holmscroft St. 

REND ALL Mrs, 2o Patrick St. 

RENFREW Alexander, compositor, 32 South St. 

Renfrew James, draper, 17 Ann St.- Ho. 10 Pros- 
pecthill PL 

Renfrew Miss, 20 Robertson St. 

RENFREWSHIRE Education Authority— district of- 
fice, Municipal Bldgs. — A. F. Niven, clerk. 

RENNIE Archibald, engineer, <2 Robertson St. 

Rennie James, wheelwright, 82 Belville St. 

Rennie Robert & Son, spirit merchts., 20 W. Burn 
St., 9 Inverkip St. & 8 Cartsburn St. 

Rennie Robert, rivetter, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

Rennie Thomas, hole-' o e:, 4 Prospecthul St. 

Rennie Thomas, pho.o rapher, 36 W-.Blackhall St. 

Rennie T. O. (of R. Rennie & Son), 55 Finnart St. 

Rennie Mrs, 10 Kelly St.- 

Rennie Miss, 2 Ford PL 

Rennie Mrs Andrew, 7 Morton Tee. 

Rennie Mrs John, 12 Trafalgar St. 

Renn'e Mrs Robert, dairy, 8 Sir Michael St. 

REVIE James, labourer, 22 St.* Lawrence St. 

Revie Mrs James, 19 Trafalgar St.- 

REVAL William, cutter, 10 Wellington St.- 

REYNOLD Michae 1 , engineer. 33 Nelson St, 

RHEDEN Stanley, engineer, 74 Brown St. 

RICE James, puller, 19 Regent St.- 

Rice Joseph, rivetter, 4 Carwood S 1 ". 



Rice Mrs Benjamin, 6 Sinclair St. 
RICHARDS John, engineer, 23 Robinson Av. 
Richards Mrs Cath., cert, nurse, 45 Roxburgh St. , 
RICHARDSON Andrew, engineer, 40 South St. 
Richardson David, fireman, 30 W. Blackhall St. 
Richardson David, grinder, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Richardson John, moulder, 39 Lynedoch St. 
Richardson Daniel, storeman, 63 Nicolson St. 
Richardson Edgar, pipe-major, Seafield House. 
Richardson James, machinist, 32 Crescent St. 
Richardson James J., sugar broker, 27 Finnart St. 
Richardson John, jr., clerk, 25 Bank St. 
Richardson Rev. John, Martyrs' Congregarional Ch. 

53 South St. 
Richardson Louis, joiner, 1 Chalmers St. 
Richardson Peter, driller, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 
Richardson Robert, bank agt., 27 Finnart St. 
Richardson Robert, moulder, 5 Auchmountain Rd. 
Richardson Robert, shipwright, 11a Lynedoch St.' 
Richardson William, engineer, 6 Margaret St. 
Richardson Miss, 9 Wellington St. 
RICHMOND A. W., engine-driver, 45 Trafalgar St. 
Richmond Andrew Wylie, Harbour-master, Harbour 

Office, Customhouse Quay. Ho. 32 Denholm St. 
Richmond George, rivetter. 4 Sinclair St. 
Richmond John, 12 Forsy:h St. 
Richmond Miss Margt., 85 Finnart St. 
Richmond Mrs, 19 Demps'e: St. 
Richmond Mrs B., 57 Holmscroft St. 
Richmond Mrs John, 38 Brymner St. 
Richmond Miss Margaretha, 43 Brisbane St. 
RICKETTS William, mati.inist, 29 Nelson St. 
Ricketts William, machinist, Homestead, Lyle Rd.- 
RIDDELL George, Inspector, R.S.P.C.C., 27 Bruce 

Riddell George, store nan, 14 Mearns St. 
Riddell W. G. (of J. Hastie & Co. Ld.), Clev^ands, 

36 Newark St. 
Riddell William, police constable, 71 Wellington St. 
Riddell William, green-keener, 3 Gordon St. 


-v — ^^^n josepn, engraver, b> Wallace Sq. Ho. 
Clochhouse, Gourock. 

RILEY Malcolm, labourer, 4 Holmscroft St. 

Riley Joseph, H.M. Customs, 6 Lyle St. 

RIPPINGDALE Joseph, 21 Dempster St. 

RISK Thomas T., painter, 75 Holmscroft St. 

Risk James, reporter, 12 Lynedoch St. 

RITCHIE Alexander D., 31 Robertson St. 

Ritchie Alexander, clerk, 28 South St. 

Ritchie Andrew, clerk, 19 Caddlehill St. 

Ritchie Archibald, butcher, 71 Dempster St. 

Ritchie David, insurance broker, 42 Ardgowan St. 

Ritchie Duncan, boilermaker, 30 Trafalgar St. 

Ritchie Hugh, accountant & house fac'.or, 3 Wallace 
Sq. Ho. 26 Forsyth St. 

Richie James, butcher, 21 Regent S:. Ho. 49 Tra- 
falgar St. 

Ritchie James, compositor, 45 Robertson St. 

Ritchie John, regd. plumber, gasfitter & sanitary eng- 
ineer, 7 DufiTst. Ho. 12 Wellington St. 

Ritchie John, blacksmith, 64 Kelly St. 

Ritchie John Blai", temperance hotel keeper, 24 Cath 
cart St. & 37 Brymnef St. 

Ritchie John K., 20 Brisbane St. 

Ritchie Robert, derk, 21 Dempster St. 

Ritchie William, c l erk, 25 Newton St. 

Ritchie William L., s^i? broker, 6 Brisbane St. 

Ritchie & Brownlie, accountants, 3 Wallace Sq. 

Ritchie Miss N. W., Roseaill, 209 Eldon St. 

Ritchie Miss E. M., Ivydene. 42 Ardgowan St. 

Ritchie Mrs, 16 Wellington St.- 

Ritchie Mrs A., 32 South St. 

Ritchie Mrs Robert, 21 Roxburgh St. 

Ritchie Mrs Jane, 3 Chalmers St. 

Ritchie Mrs J., 37 Kelly St. 

ROBAR Marshall, sailmaker, 29 Dempster St. 

ROBB George, plater, 5 Hooe St. 

Robb George, jeweller, 69 Dempster St. 

Robb Norman, fireman, 35 Sir Michael St. 

Robb Robert H., grocer, 9 Trafalgar St. 



Robb William, f'man driller, 8 Watt St. 

Robb William J., boilermaker, 43 Hamuon St. 

Robb Mrs F., 4 Nelson St., Glebe. 

ROBERTS H. J., electrician, 6 Brachelston St. 

Roberts James, joiner, 25 Regent St. 

Roberts James, lithographer, 54 Brown St. 

Roberts John, green-keeper, 26 Nelson St. 

Roberts John, labourer, 28 Inverkip St. 

Roberts John, engineer, 68 Dempster St. 

Roberts Thomas, engineer, 1 Fox St. 

Roberts William F., engineer, 74 Belville St. 

Roberts W. M., eng. draughtsman, 18 Campbell St. 

ROBERTSON Adam, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 

Robertson Archibald, Tramways manager, Ladyburn 

depot. — Ho. Ravenshall, Bogston. 
Robertson Alexander, rigger, 14 Bank St. 
Rober.son A^xander, slater, 41 Kelly St. 
Robertson A ex. Y., clerk, 24 St. 
R.obertson Alan, master mariner, 29 Bank St. 
Robertson Alexander, joiner. 9 Lauriston St. 
Robertson Andrew, car fitter, 1 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Robertson Andrew, labourer, 13 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Robertson Andrew, ho^-borer, 1 M'Lean's Bldgs. 
Robertson Angus, seaman, 24 Pro ^pecthill St. 
Robertson Andrew, f'man cooper, 18 Dellingburn St. 
Robertson Andrew, engineer, 2 Holmscroft "St. 
Robertson Andrew, engineer, 9 Hope St. 
Robertson Archibald, engineer, 16 Trafalgar St. 
Robertson Arthur M'L., joiner, 81 Roxburgh St. 
Robertson Arthur, engineer, 4 Alexandra Mansions. 
Robertson Bryce, plater, 31 Bawhirley Rd. 
Robertson Charles & Son, slaters, 4-6 Buccleuch St. 

Ho. 14 Kelly St. 
Robertson David, draughtsman, 17 Lyle St. 
Robertson David ,chaffeur, 35 Nelson St.' 
Robertson Danie 1 , asst. loco f'man, 54 Belville St. 
Robertson David, ironmonger, 71 Holmscroft St. 
Robertson David, joiner, 81 Roxburgh St.' 
Robertson Donald, joiner, 12 Terrace Rd. 
Robertson Duncan M'L., engineer, 81 Roxburgh St. 



Robertson Duncan, engineer, 84 Duncan St. 

Robertson Edward, blacksmith, 40 Nicolson St. 

Robertson Gilbert, carver, 16 Trafalgar St. 

Robertson James, clerk, 52 W. Blackhall St. 

Robertson James, carrier, 6 Lyle St. 

Robertson James, motorman, 16 Nicolson St.' 

Robertson James, engineer, 17 Mearns St. 

Robertson James, hoie-borer, 17 Prospecthill St. 

Robertson James S., confectioner, 34 Inverkip St. 

Robertson James, engineman, 15 Lynedo^h St. 

Robertson James, woollen manufr., Silwoou, 33 Mar- 
garet St. 

Robertson John, engineer, 55 Ann St. 

Robertson John, plater, 62 Ann St. 

Robertson John, rivetter, 12 Chalmers St. 

Robertson John, blacksmith, 36 Holmscroft St. 

Robertson John, Glasgow, Greenock Port Glasgow & 
Gourock carrier. Receiving shop, 40 Cathcart St. 
Ho. 31 Bank St. 

Robertson John, tugboatman, 4 Hay St. 

Robertson J. D., timekeeper, 43 Belville St. 

Robertson John, shipwright, 10 Orr Av. 

Robertson J. Graham, shioyard manager, 33 Finnart 

Robertson J. • W., steward, 7 Mill St. 

Robertson John, secy. Nat. Sailors' & Firemen's 
Union, 5 Customhouse PI. Ho. 28 Lynedoch St. 

Robertson John P., slater, 42 Wellington St. 

Robertson John, wine mercht., 13 Charles St. Ho. 
37 Orr Av. 

Robertson Keith, M.D., M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), physic- 
ian & surgeon, Kessington, 24 Union St. 

Robertson Neil, blacksmith, 30 Trafalgar St. 

Robertson Neil, confectioner, 46 Brougham St. 

Robertson Peter, labourer, 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Robertson Robert W., clerk to Burgh Insurance Com 
mittee, 4 Brymner St. Ho. 35 Regent St. 

Robertson Robert W., engineer, 9 Dempster St. 

Robertson Samuel, moulder, 3 Regent St.' 

Robertson Thomas, butcher, 4 Lyle 9t. 



.Robertson Thomas, carpenter, 7 Holmscroft St. 

Robertson T. B., motorman, 19 Belville St. 

Robertson William, blacksmitn, 18 Trafalgar St. 

Robertson William, baker, 27 Siiaw St. 

Robertson William, carpenter, 9 E. Blackhall St. 

Robertson William, clerk, 19 Brachelston St. 

.Robertson William, insurance agt., 37 Kelly St. 

Robertson William, house factor, 19 Fox St. 

Robertson William, tailor & clothier, 8 Newton St. 
Ho. 12 Denholm St. 

Robertson Miss, 27 Regent St. 

Robertson Mrs A., 6 Hill St. 

Robertson Mrs D., 6 Lynedoch St. 

Robertson Mrs, 73 South St. 

Robertson Mrs, 173 Elaon St. 

Robertson Mrs J. H., tobacconist, 40 W. Blackhall 
St. Ho. 32 W. Stewart St. 

Robertson Mrs Jane, 61 Holmscroft St. 

Robertson Mrs Mary, 28 Lynedoch St. 

ROBINSON David, engine-driver, 5 Newton St. 

Robinson David, lacoarer, 62 Belville St. 

Robinson George, craneman, 4 Garvald St. 

Robinson John, caulker, 3 Regent St. 

Robinson John, moulder, 10 Garwood S;. 

Robinson Joseph, Unionist Club, 58 E. Hamilton St. 

Robinson Norman D., 45 Brachelston St. 

Robinson Thomas, machinist, 47 Lynedoch St. 

Robinson William, engineer, 9 Antigua St. 

Robinson William, hole-borer, 27 Ann St. 

Robinson William, joiner, 60 Belville St. 

Robinson Mrs, Holly Lodge,. 205 Eldon St. 

Robinson Mrs A., 9 South St. 

ROBSON George M. (of Smillie & Robson), Crindle- 
dyke, 62 Brisbane St. 

Robson John, 62 Brisbane St. 

Robson John, steward, 8 Brachelston St. 

Robson Mrs, 15 South St. 

Robson John, marine engineer, 25 Lynedoch St. 

ROCK (The) Foundry, Ld., ironfounders, 19 Ingles- 
ton St. 



RODDEN Bernard, boilermaker, 39 Belville St. 
Rodden William (of Post Office), 7 Shaw PL 
Rodden Miss J., grocer, 36 ingieston St. 
Rodden Mrs, cert, nurse, 34 Ingieston St. 
RODERICKS George, seaman, 24 W. Blackhall St. 
RODGER Adam (of R. Rodger & Co.), Thornton, 

Shankland Rd. 
Rodger John, engineer, 34 Mt. Pleasant S:. 
Rodger John, plater, 41 Lynedoch Sc. 
Rodger John, plater, 44 South St. 
Rodger Robert, baker, 2 Brown St. 
Rodger Robert & Co., launch & boat builders, 56 E. 

Hamilton St. 
Rodger William, plater, 36 Newton St. 
Rodger Miss, 31 Denholm St. 
Rodger Mrs, 44 Brisbane S:. 
Rodger Mrs John, 57 Ann S:. 
Rodger Mrs John, 52 Captain St. 
Rodger Miss, 28 Patrick St. 
Rodger Mrs, 42 Forsyth St. 
Rodger Mrs W. W. B., Bagatelle, 25 Eldon St. 
RODGERS Frederick, engineer, 201 EL'oim S . 
Rodgers George, crane nan, 19 Regent S:. 
ROE James, f'man labourer, 45 BelviVe St. 
ROGERS Frederick, electrician, 69 Holmscroft St. 
ROLLAND Andrew, civil servant, 30 Hillend Dr. 
ROLLING Miss A., nurse, 24 Nelson St. 
ROOKE Andrew J., deputy town chamberlain, 3 

Ford PL 
RONAN Rev. James, clergyman, 14 Patrick St. 
ROPER Patrick, labourer, 45 Duncan St. 
RORISON Davi-5, baker, 38 Hamilton St. 
Rorison John F., engineer, 51 Lyneloch S 1 :. 
Rorison Thomas D., 24 Roxburgh St. 
ROSE A., carpenter, 21 Belville St. 
Rose James, plumber, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
Rose John R., insurance agt., 14 Ft. Matilda PL 
Rose Mrs Neil, 1 Ford PI; 
Rose Mrs Agnes, 24 Bridgend Rd.' 
ROSS Alexander, engineer, 53 Lynedoch St. 



Ross Alexander, master-of- works, 28 South St. 

Ross Alexander, blacksmith, 3 Belville St. 

Ross .Alexander (of Ross & Marshall), Brownheld,. 

b;s[u)p; on. 
Ross Alexander, ship draughtsman, 38 Finnart St. 
Ross Allan, painter, 38 Holmscroft St. 
Ross Brothers, hatter?, 7 Hamilton St. Ho. Glen- 

fruin, Pt. Glasgow. 
Ross, Corbett & Co., passenger and insurance agts.,. 

46 Brymner St. 
Ross Charles, janitor, Shaw St. School. 
Ross David, car driver, 60 E. Hamilton St. 
Ross David, car conductor, 2 Mackenzie St. 
Ross David, motor-driver, 25a Wellington St. 
Ross Donald, f'man engineer, The Knoll, Bawhirley 

Ross Finlay, sugar supervisor, 19 Brachelston St. 
Ross Hugh M., sugar mercht., 29 Cathcart St. Ho, 

63 Esplanade. 
Ross John, blacksmith, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
Ross John, engineer, 36 W. Blackhall St. 
Ross John W., grocer, 81 Roxburgh St. Ho. 19 

Nelson St. 
Ross John, labourer, 5 Virginia St.' 
Ross Lachlan, fireman, 106 Drurnfrochar Rd. 
Ross & Marshall, Ld., ship-owners & stevedores, 28 

Main St. 
Ross Peter, prison warder, High Inverkip Rd. 
Ross Peter, maltman, 1 Broomhill St. 
Ross William, labourer, 12 Ann St. 
Ross William, labourer, 81 Roxburgh St.' 
Ross William, electrician, 5 Oakfield Tee.' 
Ro3£ William, labourer, 17 Mi. Pleasant St. 
Ross William N., asst. inspector of poor, 12 Mt. 

Pleasant St. 
Ross Miss, 4 Ardgowan Sq. 
Ross Mrs John, 34 St.' Lawrence St. 
Ross Mrs M., nurse, 2 Maukinhill Rd. 
Ross Mrs B., 19 Nelson St. 
Ross Mrs Catherine, 31 Bank St. 



Ross Mrs M. G., 57 Ann St. ( 

ROSSI J., confectioner, 18 Nicolson St. 

ROUGVIE James (of J. Rougvie & Co., Glasgow), 
& Sugar Exch., Greenock, Strathview, Kilmacolm. 

Rougvie Misses M. & K., ladies' outfitters, 12 Grey- 
PL Ho, 16 Wellington St. 

ROURKE Michael, gardener, 3 Mearns St. 

ROUTLEDGE James, compositor, 2 Holmscroft St. 

ROWAN James, electrician, 20 W. Stewart St. 

Rowan John, engineer, 27 Lynedoch St. 

Rowan R. H. (of Hardie & Rowan), 22 Esplanade. 

Rowan T. B. (of M'Neill & Rowan), 99. Finnart St. 

Rowan William, yardsman, 35 Border St. 

ROWE George B., plumber, 12 Murdieston St. 

Rowe Henry E., manager, Hepworth & Sons, Ld., 24 
Bank St. 

Rowe John, engineer, 10 Morton Tee. 

ROXBURGH (The) Co. Ld.,— Fyfe & Murray, sec- 
retaries, 46 Cathcart St. 

ROY Ian, confectioner, 37 Ann St. Ho. 32 Robert- 
son St. 

Roy James D., railway guard, 10 Jamaica St. 

Roy Thomas (of the Greenock Rubber Co.), 9 Es- 

ROYAL Naval Reserve Office, Customhouse Bldgs. 

.Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., 44 Cathcart St.— HP Pur 
cell, local manager. 

Royal (The) Bank of Scotland, 38 Cathcart St. — J\. 
Young, agt. 

Royal Bank of Scotland (West-end), 9 W. Blackhall 
St. — W. J. Simpson, agt. 

Royal Hospital & Infirmary, Duncan St. — Miss Tilley, 

Royal Hotel, 3 E. Breast. 

Royal Liver Friendly Socy., 2 Hamilton St.— W. Whit 
taker, dist. manager. 

Royal Scots Fusiliers Assocn., 20 Cathcart St. 

Royal Naval Torpedo Factory, Eldon 9t. 

Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club, Esplan- 
ade.— R. M. Watson, hon. sec, 25 W. Burn St. 


ROYSTON H. E., engineer, 4 Campbell St. 

RUHE Mrs A., 46 Brougham St. 

RUSH Mrs, 4 Cartsburn St. 

RUSHTON John, engineer, 44 Lynedoch St. 

RUSSELL Alex., electrician, Gretavale, Bridgend Rd 

Russell Alex. N., fishmonger "^MacFisheries, Ld.), 19 

Hamilton St. 
Russell Alex. S., chemist, 10 W. Blackhall St. Ho. 

77 Brachelston St. 
Russell Andrew & Son, drapers & dress-makers, 18 

Blackhall St. (See Advt.) 
Russell Andrew (of A. Russell & Son), 93 Eldon St. 
Russell Carson, boilermaker, 1 Hill St. 
Russell David, joiner, 11a South St. 
Russell David, M.B., CM., physician & surgeon, Or- 

cadia, 11 Ardgowan St. 
Russell David, moulder, 10 Crescent St. 
Russell David H. (of A. Russell & Son), 49a Union 

Russell G. W., plumber, 12 Lyle St. 
Russell Henry coppersmith, 59 Ann St. 
Russell Henry painter, 68 Dempster St. 
Russell Hugh, craneman, 27 Lynnedoch St. 
Russell James, painter, 4 Sinclair St. 
Russell J. Anderson, M.Ph.S., pharmacist, 7 Grey PL 

Ho. 3 Finnart Rd. 
Russell John, joiner, 16 Wellington St. 
Russell John, machineman, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Russell John, salesman, 24 Wellington St. 
Russell John, clothier, 13 Brisbane St. 
Russell Joseph, craneman, 16 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Russell Joseph William, 39 Esplanade. 
Russell Louis, engineer, 2 Bawhirley Rd. 
Russell Matthew, consulting engineer, 10 Eldon St. 
Russell Robert, iron-driller, 8 Hill St. 
Russell Robert, skinner, 20 Pottery St. 
Russell Samuel, storeman, 14 Mill St. 
Russell Samuel, labourer, 68 Ann St. 
Russell Thomas, booking-clerk, 11 Murdieston St. 
Russell Thomas, joiner, "7 E. Crawfurd St. 


Russell William, boiler maker, 19 Ingleston PL 

Russell William, joiner, 4 Armadale PL 

Russell William, policeman, 5 Brachelston St. 

Russell Mrs W. C, Elmwood, 4 Eldon St. 

Russell Mrs, 64 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Russell Mrs, 11 Ann St. 

RUTHERFORD Adam, telephone linesman, 47 Rox 

burgh St. 
Rutherford Alexander D., inspector, S.N.S.P.C.C.^ 

17 Antigua St. 
Rutherford George, marine chef, 12 Watt St. 
Rutherford William, car driver, 14 Baxter St. 
Rutherford Mrs, 51 Kelly St. 
Rutherford & Wallace, boot merchts., 33 Cathcart St 

SAILORS' Rest, 1 Dock Breast. 

ST. ANDREW'S Ambulance Association, Greenock 
Centre., — Hon. secy. & treas., R. A. Clapperton 
Stewart, C.A., 2 Church PL 

St. Andrew Square U.F. Church, St. Andrew Sq. 

St. Andrew's U.F. Church, 46 Ardgowan St. 

St. George's Hall, 10 George Sq. 

St. John's Episcopal Church, 10 Union St. 

St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church, Carnock St. 

St. Lawrence's Boys' Schoo 1 ., Belville St. 

St. Lawrence's Girls' & Elementary School, Main St. 

St. Mary's Girls' School, 8 Bearhope St. 

St. Mary's Higher Grade & Elementary School, 13 
Patrick St. 

St. Mary's Infant School, 22 E. Shaw St. 

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, 14 Patrick St. 

St. Paul's Established Church, Newark St. 

SALE & Co., W. Wilkinson, prop., debt recovery ag- 
ents, 2 Church PL 

SATDLER Richard, slater, 13 Bruce St. 

SALMON W. B. & Young, coal merchts., 2 Bank St. 
& 16 Brougham St. 

Salmon William H., joiner, 17 Brisbane St. 

SALTER Andrew, rigger, 6 Murdieston St. 


SALVATION Army Halls, Bank St. & John St. 

SANDERS Mrs C, spirit meruit., 23 iSlicolson St. 
Ho. 2 Bentinck St. 

SANDFORD John, store-keeper, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 

Sandford Mrs John, 50 St. Lawrence St. 

SANDILANDS James, patternmaker, I Bruce St.. 

SANDS Francis, shipwright, 2 Kiiblain St. 

Sands George, sheet-iron wkr., 14 Terrace Rd. 

Sands John, slater, 18 St. Lawrence St. 

SANGSTER Frederick, engineer, 72 Brown St. 

Sangster James, late H.M. Customs, 59 Brachelscon 

SANITARY Office, Municipal Bldgs., Dalrymple St. 

SAMUEL Robert, electrician,, 20 Belville St. 

SATCHWELL Peter, seaman, 3 Auchmoun.tain Rd. 

Satchwell Thomas, fireman, 65 Dempster St. 

SAVAGE John, boot & shoemaker, 14 Regent St. 

Savage Thomas, clothier, 16 Robertson St. 

Savage Miss D., nurse, Rosemount, Cornhaddock St. 

SEVILLE Herman, vanman, 3 Mill St. 

SAWERS Walter, baker, 11 Kelly St. 

SAXELBY William, engineer, 46 Brougham St. 

SAWYER Frederick, 30 Forsyth St. 

SCANLAN Rev. John, clergyman, 14 Patrick St. 

Scanlan Thos. & Co., solicitors, 13 Hamilton St. 

SCANTLEBURY Richard, pensioner, 7 Virginia St. 

SCHOOL Medical Officer— Dr CD. Rankin, 4 Bry- 
mner St. 

SCOBIE Alexander, wine & beer mercht., 112 Drum- 
frochar Rd. Ho. 77 Albert Rd., Gourock. 

Scobie Lawrence, 53 Brisbane St. 

Scobie John, labourer, 15 Dempster St. 

SCHOFIELD John, weighing-mach. maker, 31 Tra- 
falgar St. 

SCORCH Austin, secy., 20 Maukinhill Rd. 

SCORER Thomas D., master mariner, 9 Esplanade, 

SCOT (The) Shoe House, 18 Cathcart St. 

SCOTLAND Thos., labourer, 19 Hamilton St. 

SCOTT Alexander, baker, 7 York St. 

Scott Alexander, engineer, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 


.Scott Allan, wagon-builder, 25 W. Burn St. 

Scott Andrew, checker, 42 Ann St. 

.Scott Angus, plater, 83 Roxburgh St. 

.Scott A. L. & Son, Ld., bootmakers, 21 Hamilton St. 

Scott Bruce, sugar agt., Sugar Exchange. Ho. 103 

Newton St. 
Scott Charles, craneman, 41 H'olmscroft St. 
Scott David, salesman, 79 Holmscroft St. 
Scott D. L., tailor, 44 Cathcart St. 
Scott David, fruiterer, 4 E. Blackhall St. 
Scott Daniel, grocer, 5 Newton St. 
.Scott Finlay, joiner, 27 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Scott Gabriel F., carter, 5 Brachelston St. 
Scott George, joiner, 45 Trafalgar St. 
Scott George, rivetter, 43 Robinson Av. 
Scott George B., railway clerk, 45 Lynedoch St. 
Scott Hugh, checker, 31 Nelson St. 
Scott Institution, 31 Dempster St. 
Scott James, engineer, 76 Belville St. 
Scott James, joiner, 71 Nicolson St. 
Scott James, overlooker, 6 Antigua St. 
Scott James, engineer, 79 Dempster St. 
Scott James, grocer, 10 Inchgreen St. 
Scott James, engineer, 31 Dempster St. 
Scott James M., works manager, 21 Dellingburn St. 
Scott James B., joiner, 71 Nicolson St. 
Scott John, baker, 16 Lynedoch St. Ho. 5 Lyle St. 
Scott John, engineer, 56 Kelly St. 
Scott John, f'man driller, 36 Crescent St. 
Scott John, skinner, 56 Belville St. 
Scott John, stevedore, 2 Duff St. 
Scott John, boilermaker, 62 Wellington St. 
Scott John, patternmaker, 7 Morton Tee. 
Scott John, pharmacist, 31 Roxburgn St. Ho. '21 

Royal St., 'Gourock. 
Scott John A., joiner, 58 Regent St. 
Scott Joseph, boilermaker, 36 St. Lawrence St. 
Scott Matthew, goods f'man, 3 Mill St. 
Scott Matthew, timekeeper 19 Tobago St. 
Scott Peter, f'man plater, 23 Bank St. 



Scott Peter, jr., sheriff office:, 44 Cathcart St. Ho.. 
23 Bank St. 

Scott Robert, brassfinisher, 10 Anagua St. 

Scott Robert, engineer, 5 £. Crawhird St. 

Scott Robert, mason, 89 Roxburgh St. 

Scott Robert, storeman, 17 Beamope St. " 

Scott Robert, engine-driver, 11 Dempster St. 

Scott Robert L. (of Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineer- 
ing Co. Ld.), Balclutha, Newark St. 

Scott Robt. L., elect, engineer, 10 Denholm St. 

Scott Robt. L., jeweller, 48a Kelly St. 

Scott R. J., agent, Commercial Bank, 107 Eldon St.. 

Scott R. F., engineer, 33 Nelson St. 

Scott Thomas, harbour master, 5 Grey Pi. 

Scott Thomas, labourer, 17 Bruce*St. 

Scott William, iron-moulder, 15 Ingleston St. 

Scott William, painter, 8 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Scotts' Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., engin- 
eers and shipbuilders. Greenock Foundry (Head 
office & engine w orks), Cartsdyke Shipyard, Carts- 
burn Dockyard, Cartsdyke Sawmills. 

Scott William, police constable, 38 Lynedoch St. 

Scott William, labourer, 32 Orr Av. 

Scott William, sugar boiler, 11 Belville St. 

Scott William C, clerk, 35 Ardgowan St. 

Scott William James, clerk, 47 Brisbane St. 

Scott William, carriage-hirer, 1 Orangefield PI. Ho.. 
11 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Scott Miss, 52 Brougham St. 

Scott Miss, 68 Kelly St. 

Scott Miss, 28 Ardgowan St. 

Scott Miss Janet, 15 Ardgowan St. 

Scott Miss Eliz. S., Sherwood, 7 Fox St. 

Scott Misses B. & E., costumiers, 20 Ardgowan St. 

Scott Miss Margt., confectioner, 12 Kelly St. 

Scott Mrs, 31 Regent St. 

Scott Mrs Christina, 18 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Scott Mrs D. F. B., 103 Newton St. 

Scott Mrs H., 7 Mill St. 

Scott Mrs J. D., 37 Fox St. 


Scott Mrs Mary, 4 Chapel St. 

Scott Mrs George, 12 Nile St. 

Scott's Boys' Club, Boy Welfare, Watson's Lane. 

SCOTTISH Garden Suburb Co. Ld., 13 Hamilton, 
S.t. — Secy., James Paterson. 

Scottish Clerks' /-i.ssocn. — Dist. agt., C. P. M'Neil, 
solicitor, 31 Cathcart St.- 

Scottish Chemical Co., chemical manufrs., 43 Wellin'g 
ton St. 

Scottish General Transport Co. Ld., Depot, Ladyburn 
Archd. Robertson, general manager. 

Scottish Institute of Accountants, 13 Hamilton St. — ■ 
Secy., James Paterson. 

Scottish National Socy. for the Prevention of Cruelty 
to Children. Hon. £'e:y., A. J. Paton, 46 Brymner 

Scottish (The) Legal Life and Health Assurance Soc- 
iety, 46 Cathcart St. — A. Main, dist. manager. 

Scottish (The) Wool & Hosiery Stores, 13 W. Black- 
hail St., 53 Rue-end St. & 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 

SCOULLER James, machinist, 58 Regent St. 

Scouiler Edward, clerk, 99 Dempster St. 

SCRYMGEOUR Alexander, labourer, 3 Market St. 

Scrymgeour David, driller, 20 Cathcart St. 

Scrymgeour James, labourer, 7 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Scrymgeour James, labourer, 12 Chalmers St. 

Scrymgeour John B., grocer, 21 Rue-end St. Ho. 
14 St. Lawrence St. 

Scrymgeour Robert, brassfmisher, 9 Belville St. 

Scrymgeour Mrs E., Dunedin, 14 St. Lawrence St. 

SCULLION Alexander, labourer, 3 Market St. 

Scullion John, signalman, 9 Clarence St. 

Scullion Michael, chaff eur, 20 Kilblain St. 

Scullion Patrick, labourer, 54 Wellington St. 

Scullion Thomas, joiner, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Scullion Thomas, joiner, 10 Crescent St. 

Scullion Mrs B., 6 Watt St. 

SEALY Mrs Henry, 15 Mt. Pleasant St. 

SEARS J. & Co. Ld., bootmakers, 41 Hamilton St.; 

SEATH James, engine- driver, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
234 - 


Seath James C, engineer, 69 Dempster St. 

Seath Robert, 52 Eldon St. 

SEAT ON William, (of Post Office) 5 Roxburgh St. 

SEEDS William, gateman, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Seeds William, machinist, 6 Oakfield Tee. 

SEGGIE Mrs, 15 Newton St. 

SERIGHT William, M.D., CM., F.R.F.P.S., (Glas.i), 

physician & surgeon, 14 Eldon St. 1 
SERVICE Alexander, engineer, 20 Mearns St. 
Service Andrew, stevedore, 3 Dellingburn St. Ho. 

20 Mearns St.- Phone No. 787. 
Service Daniel, joiner, 7 E. William St. 
Service David, motor-hirer, 2 Cross-shore St. 
Service David, 77 Brachelston St. 
Service George D., brassfinisher, 13 South St. 
Service Ebereezer, engineer, 22 Bank St. 
Service James, teacher, 13 Ardgowan St. 
Service John & Son,, bakers and purveyors, Regent 

Sak?ng Factory, 48-54 Regent St., & 11 W. Black 

hall St. 
Service John & William, hotelkeepers, Tontine Hotel, 

5 Ardgowan Sq. Telephone Nos. 594 and 694, 
Service John, engineer, 13 Brisbane St. 
Service Matthew, carpenter, Barone Cott., Bawhirley 

Service Matthew (of Post Office), 8 Moffat St. 
Service Peter, carter, 29 Ingleston St. 
Service Rev. W. J. Nichol, B.D., minister of West 

Parish, 34 Eldon St. 
Service Robert, baker, 50 Ann St. & 31 W. Burn St. 

Ho. Larkfield, Inverkip Rd. 
Service Robert L., flesher, 19 E. Shaw St. Ho. 23 

Bank St. 
Service Mrs John, 19 Ardgowan Sq. 
Service William, marine engineer, 7 Fox St.' 
Service Mrs, 24 Wellington. St. 

SHACKLETON John, overlooker, 73 Dempster 'St. 
Shackleton Mrs, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 
SHAND Robt., ret. railway inspector, 82 Roxburgh 




Shand William, machinist, 8 Murdieston St. 

SHANKLAND Miss, 16 Daird St. 

Shankland Mrs, Gakleigh, 51 Eldon St. 

SHANKS bamuel, engineer, 64 Ann St. 

Shanks Miss ].< B., nurse, 39 Robertson St. 

SHANNON Donald, driller, 40 Holmscroft St. 

Shannon George, slater, 26 Bruce St. 

Shaman j. & S., hatters & hosiers, 11 W. Blackball 

Shannon J. & S., tailors & outfitters, 42 Hamilton 

Shannon John, tailor, 49 Lynedcch St. 
Shannon John D. (of J. & S. Shannon), 86 Forsyth 

Shannon Miss, dressmaking teacher, 18 Wellington 

SHARER Miss K., 25 Kelly St. 
SHARKEY Daniel, boxmaker, 8 Chapel St. 
SHARKIE John S., baker, 67 Roxburgh St. & 55 

Vennel. Ho. 67 Roxburgh St. 
SHARP Archibald, joiner, 69 Dempster St. 
Sharp Daniel, engineer, 97 Dempster St. 
Sharp Hugh, rivetter, 45 Cathcart St. 
SHARP James, ship & insurance broker, 68 Great 

Clyde St., Glasgow. Ho. 47 Finnart St. 
Sharp John, patternmaker, 12 Trafalgar St. 
Sharp Joseph, manager, 19 Patrick St. 
Sharp Latimer T., A.R.C.O., professor of music, 27 

Forsyth St. 
Sharp Peter, baker, 36 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Sharp Robert, f'man joiner, Kimberley, Grant St. 
Sharp Robert, craneman, 19 Ladyburn Bldgs. 
Sharp Thomas, boilermaker, 3 Antigua St. 
Sharp William, C.A., 13 Caddlehill St. 
Sharp William, clerk, Stewartlea, Bawhirley Rd. 
Sharp Mrs, 20 Belville St. 
Sharp Mrs, 60 Ann St. 
Sharp Mrs, 51 Belville St. 
Sharp Mrs W., spirit mercht., 17 John St. Ho.- 

Stewartlea, Bawhirley Rd. 


SHAW Alexander, flesher, 9 Watt St. 

Shaw Duncan, warder, 5 Nelson St. 

Shaw James, engineer, 29 Brachelston St. 

Shaw John, patternmaker, 102 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Shaw John, yachtsman, 10 Jamaica St. 

Shaw Peter, boilermaker, 4 Garwood St. 

Shaw Stephen R., insurance agt., 45 Robertson St. 

Shaw William, chemist, 4 W. Blackhall St. Ho. 40 
Brisbane St. 

Shaw Miss, teacher, 37b Newton St. 

Shaw Mrs, 17 Brachelston St. 

Shaw Mrs, 30 Brisbane St.' 

Shaw Mrs, ladies' outfitter, 3 Brougham St. Ho. 2 
Nelson St. 

Shaw Miss, 4 Morton "Tee. 

Shaw Mrs Neil, 48 Lynedoch St. 

SHAWS Water Chemical Works, 21 Dellingburn 
St.— John Poynter, Son & Macdonalds. 

SHEARER Alexander (of Auld, Frame & Shearer), 
2 Glen St. 

9hearer Archd.(of Macfarlan, Shearer & Co.), 93 El- 
don St. 

Shearer George A., spirit mercht., 21-41 Ann St. 
Ho. Ardmay, 91 Newark St. 

Shearer Dugald M., butcher, 10 Regent St. 

Shearer Hugh, engineer, 1 Grant St. 

Shearer Hugh, labourer, 74 Ann St. 

Shearer Murdoch, labourer, 3 Duff St. 

Shearer Robert M. (of Post Office), 15 Lynedoch St. 

Shearer Thomas, fitter, 22 Pottery St. 

Shearer Thomas, engine-driver, 14a Trafalgar St. 

Shearer William, engineer, 40 Lynedoch St. 

Shearer Miss A., 65 Holmscroft St. 

Shearer Miss, 87 Wellington St. 

SHULLAND Mrs Janet, 91 South St. 

SHEARLAW Mrs Janet, 5 Newton St. 

SHEFFIELD Joseph, patternmaker, 15 Garwood St. 

9HENKIN Robert, traveller, 31 Trafalgar St. 

SHEPHERD Charles, engineer, 5 Bawhirley Rd. 


Shepherd William & Son, ironmongers, 9 William St. 

Ho. 28 linnart St. . 

Shepherd 1 Walter R., of Employment Exchange, 42. 

Brisbane St. 
SHEPHERDS' Hall, 27 Cathcarc St. 
SHERET George, gymnastic instructor, 13 Newton 

SHERIDAN Alexander, flesher, 29 Inverkip St. Ho. 

5 Gateside Av. 
Sheridan James, butcher, 19 Belville St. 
Sheridan James, car conductor, 1 Oakfield Tee. 
Sheridan J.J. (of Customs & Excise), 39 Kelly St. 
Sheridan John B., flesher, 35 Ann St. Ho. 14 Cad- 

dlehill St. 
Sheridan Joseph, flesher, 3 Prospecthill St. 
Sheridan Robert, supt. of Cemetery & Parks — Office, 

Cemetery. Ho. 30 Ardgowan St. 
Sheridan Miss, 18 Regent St. 

SHERIFF Court Hall, County Bldgs., 1 Nelson St. 
Sheriff Henry, retd. supt., 9 Mor.on Tee. 
Sheriff Thomas, engineer, 48 Captain St. 
Sheriff Thomas, 22 Captain St. 
Sheriff William, cartwright, 25 Nelson St. 
SPIEVLIN Alfred J,, comm. traveller, 68 Kelly St. 
SHIELDS Archibald, joiner, 7 Caf. dlehill St. 
Shields James, carpenter, 4 Prospecthill St. 
Shields James, painter, 4 Sinclair St. 
Shields John, tobacconist & newsagt., 65 Rue-end St. 
Shields Joseph, spirit mercht., 57 Vennel. 
Shields Robert, fitter's helper, 12 Crescent St. 
Shields William H., tailor, 3 Armadale PL 
SHIPPING (The) Federation, Ld., 1 Customhouse- 
Shipping Office for Seamen, Customhouse Bldgs. 
SHIRLEY Hugh, brassmoulder, 5 Mill St. 
Shirley James, labourer, 68 Ann St. 
Shirley James, labourer, 43 Ann St. 
SHORT Alfred J., engineer, 2 Newark Tee. 
Short John, sheet-metal wrkr., 19 Brymner St. Ho. 
" 46 Wellington St. 



Short Mrs Henry, 12 Murdieston St. 

SHUMACHER George, dentist, 43 Regent St. 

SIEGER Mrs E., 19 Grey PL 

SIEYES James, steward, 3 Brymner St. 

SIM George, salesman, 8 Robinson Av. 

SIME Robert J., 25 Brisbane St. 

Sime Thomas, headmaster, Ardgowan School, 19 Ard 

go wan Sq.' 
Sime William, sugar porLer, 6 Watt St.' 
SIMPSON Alexanaer, grocer, Norwood, Kilmacolm 

Simpson Charles M'G. (of Simpson & Laidlaw), 2 

Newton Tee. 
Simpson David, blacksmith, 21 Lyle St. 
Simpson David, overlooker, 66 Ann St. 
Simpson Gecrge, overlooker, 24 Mnrdieston St. 
Simpson Gordon (of John A. Simpson "& Co.), 21 

[Brisbane 'St. 
Simpson James, funeral undertaker, 49 Vennel. 
Simpson James, carter, 46 Ann St. 
Simpson James, hair-dresser, 6 Cathcart St. Ho. 6 

St. Andrew Sq. 
Simpson John, slater, 50 Captain St. 
Simpson John, iron-driller, 65 Nicolson St. 
Simpson John A. & Co. Ld., pavement, cement, lime, 

coal, stucco, fireclay goads, bricks and sanitary- 
ware merchts., 6 Tobago St Depot & office, 10 

Brougham St. 
Simpson & Laidlaw, Ld., plumbers' merchts., 62 

Vennel . 
Simpson Richard, plater, 19 Lyle St. 
Simpson Thomas, carpenter, 30 Bruce St.' 
Simpson William, brassfinisher, 24 Wellington St. 
Simpson William, fabourer, 62 Ann St.' 
Simpson William, shipwright, 24 Prospecthill St.' 
Simpson William H., blacksmith, 12 Duncan St. 
Simpson William D., machinist, 21 Mearns St. 
Simpson William, labourer, 72 Ann St.' 
Simpson William J., agt., Royal Bank, West-end, 77 

Brisbane 'St. 



Simpson Miss E., teacher, 8 Brachelston St. 
Simpson Mrs Agnes, 17 Lynedoch St. 
Simpson Misses, 62 Brisbane St. 
Simpson Mrs Jessie, 26 Bruce St. 

Simpson Mrs J., dairy, 29 Vennel. Ho. 32 Hamil- 
ton St. 
Simpson Misses A. & G., Dunure, 71 Brisbane St. 
Simpson Mrs Mary, '47 Trafalgar St. 
Simpson Mrs William C, 22 Brisbane St. 
SINCLAIR Alexander, butcher, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Sinclair Alexander, coppersmith, 18 Trafalgar St. 
Sinclair Alexander, engineer, 12 Wellington St. 
Sinclair Alexander, labourer, 40 Nicolson St. 
Sinclair Alexander, stager, 2 Crawfurd Lane. 
Sinclair Andrew, gamekeeper, Murdieston Cottage. 
Sinclair Andrew, painter, 35 W. Steward St. 
Sinclair Andrew, hair-dresser, 35 Roxburgh St. 
Sinclair Archibald, boilermaker, 39 Ann St. 
Sinclair Archibald, moulder, 38 Ann St. 

Sinclair Archibald, rivetter, 5 Inverkip St. 

Sinclair Archd. D., flesher, 52 Holmscroft St. Ho. 
4 South St. 

Sinclair & Co., accountants & house factors, 44 Cath- 
cart St. 

Sinclair D. A., spirit mercht., 29 Main St. Ho. 117 
Newark St. 

Sinclair Daniel, enngineer, 4 Antigua St.' 

Sinclair Daniel M'E., 20 Murdieston St. 

Sinclair Donald, yardsman, 3 Brachelston St. 

Sinclair Duncan C, clerk, 14 Antigua St. 

Sinclair D., 3 Campsie Tee. 

Sinclair D. W., patternmaker, 8 Garvald St. 

Sinclair D. W., clerk, 38 Dempster St. 

Sinclair E., 3 Ford PL 

Sinclair Frank, engineer, 18 Antigua St. 

Sinclair Henry W., grain mercht., 25 Dempster St. 

Sinclair Hugh, harbour-master, Garvel Park House. 

Sinclair Hugh, hair-dresser, 26 E. Hamilton St. Ho. 
9 Ardgowan St.' 

Sinclair James, plater, 85 Roxburgh St. 


Sinclair James M., f'man lithographer, 69 Holmscroit 

Sinclair J. Currie, dentist, 40 Hamilton St. Ho. 12 

Brisbane St. 
Sinclair John, boilermaker, 36 St.' Lawrence St. 
Sinclair John, joiner, Eastfield, Grant St. 
Sinclair John N., engine-driver, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 
Sinclair Neil M., 73 Holmscroft St. 
Sinclair N. W., sheriff clerk depute, County Bldgs., 

Nelson St. Ho. 35 Brisbane St. 
Sinclair Robert, fishmonger, 41 W. Burn St. Ho. Ca 

George Sq. 
Sinclair Robert, gasfitter, 37 Holmscroft St. 
Sinclair T. Lowrie, M.Ph.S., chemist, '86 Roxburgh 

St. Ho. 2 South St. 
Sinclai: T. & M., tobacconists & newsagts., 59 Rue- 
end St. 
Sinclair William, baker, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Sinclair William, insurance agt., 21 Mufdieston St. 
Sinclair & M'Killoo, painters & decorators, Bell En'ry 
Sinclair Mrs, 22 W.< Blackhall St. 
Sinclair Mrs A., 18 Antigua St. 
Sinclair Mrs Margt., 12 Brisbane St. 
Sinclair Mrs A. T v 31 Lyle St. 
Sinclair Mrs John, 12 Drumfrochar Rd.' 
Sinclair Mrs D., 4 South St. 
Sinclair Mrs John, 63 Holmscroft St. 
Sinclair Mrs R., 14 Lyle St. 
Sinclair Mrs William, 61a Finnart St. 
Sinclair Mrs William, 10 Lyle St. 
Sinclair Mrs, 6 Murdieston St. 
SINGER Sewing Machine Co. Ld., 26 W. Blackhall 

SINNAMON William, blacksmith, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 
Sinnamon Samuel, labourer, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 
SIR Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Asylum, Newark St. 

Capt. Stewart Watters, p-overnor. 
SKEDD John, labourer. 39 Lynedoch St. 
Skedd William, butcher. 10 Maukinhill Rd. 
Skedd William, tweed finisher, 130 Drumfrochar Rd. 


SKELMORLIE (The) and Wemyss Bay Gas & Elect 

ric Light Co. Ld., 33 Cathcart St. 
SKETCHLEY William, settmaker, 7 Drumfrochar 

Rd. • 

,-SKlLLEN Samuel, radway yardsman, 3 Newton St. 
SK1LLING James Latta, M.A., B.Sc. (Lond.), head- 
master, Glebe School. Ho. 25 Finnart St. 

SKIMMING David, joiner, 21 Bruce St. 
SKINNER William, joiner, 7 Hope Se. 

SK IRVING Robert, machinist, 13 Holmscroft St. 

SKIVINGTON Mrs Margt. R., 52 Esplanade. 

SLACK James, plater, 9 Hope St. 

SLATER Robert, shipwright, 1 E. William St. 

Slater, William, moulder, 6 Salmon St. 

SLAVEN John, driller, 30 Wellington "St. 

Slaven Michael, labourer, 26 Vennnel. 

Slaven Mrs John, 11 Watt St. 

SLAVIN Robert, iron-moulder, 6 Mearns St. 

Slavin William, labourer, 42 Orr Av. 

SLESSOR George, detective-sergt., *25 Border St. 

SLOAN Alexander, flesher, 67 Nicolson St. 

Sloan Anthony, signalman, 17 Regent St. 

Sloan George, bricklayer, 10 Morton Tee. 

3'ioan James, carting conntractor, 71 Roxburgh St. 

Sloan James, plater, 23 Dempster St. 

Sloan Patrick, labourer, 5 Nile St. 

SLOANE Archibald, blacksmith, 25 Moffat St. 

SLOSS James, labourer, *37 W. Sftewart St. 

SMAIL Alexander, 'tweed finisher, 7 Mill St. 

SMALL Peter, blacksmith, 5 Chalmers St. 

Small Mrs, 25 Newton St. 

Small Mrs A., 22 W. Stewart St. 

SMART Robert H., M.I.M.E., 59 Forsyth St. 

Smart Thomas, clerk, 1 Hope St. 

Smart William H., fitter, 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Smart Mrs E., 2 Hope St. 

SMELLIE Edward, joiner, 12 Bridgend Rd. 

Smellie Mrs A., tobacconist, 33 W. Burn St. 

SMILLIE James, carter, 23 Bruce St. 

Smillie John, butcher, 54 Dempster St. 


Smillie & Robson, wholesale vegetable merchts., 3 

Manse Lane. 
Smillie Mrs Janet, 14 Lyle St. 

SMITH A.' C. & Co., sugar & insurance agts., Cent- 
ral Station Av. 
Smith Adam P. (of Smith & M'Cuaig), 2 Fox St. 
Smith Albert, commissionaire, 15 Belville St. 
Smith Alexander, baker, 81 Belville St. Ho. Lenzie, 

Bawhirley Rd. 
Smith Alexander (late of Post Office), 31 Dempster 

Smith Andrew, blacksmith, 14 Hope St. 
Smith Andrew, fireman, 9 Prospecthill St. 
Smith's Warehouse, general ironmongers, 14 Cathcart 

St Branches, 32-34 Nr'colson St., 24 Union St. 

and 67 Roxburgh St. Telephone No. 936. 
Smith Angus, F.I.C., F.C.S., analytical chemist, 7 

Eldon St. 
Smith Charles A., gardener, 11 Newark St. 
Smith Charles, clerk, 74 Wellington St. 
Smith Charles Herbert, Inspector of Taxes, Dist. 3 

Municipal Bldgs, Ho. 121 Newark tS. 
Smith Colin F., baker, 94 Belville St. 
Smith David, boilermaker, 21 Belville St. 
Smith David, caulker, 12 Hillend Dr. 
Smith David Campbell, 55 Octavia Tee. 
Smith Duncan, clerk, 8 Murdieston St. 
Smith Frank, organist, St. Paul's Parish Church, 65 

Brisbane St. 
Smith Gavin, joiner, 11 MaukinhilFRd. 
Smith Fred. A., insurance agt., 9a Fox St. 
s*mith Frederick, machinist, 8 W. Blackhall St. 
Smith George, soirit mercht., 6 E. Shaw St. Ho. 26 

W. Blackhall St. 
Smith Henry, painter, 19 Hamilton St. 
Smith H. S., moulder, 16a Mearns St. 
Smith Hugh I., warehouseman, 58 Kelly St. 
Smith H. T., engineer, 33 Lynedoch St. 
Smith James, sub-as;t., Nationa 1 Bank, 1 Watt PI. 
Smith Tames, bar officer & keeper, Sheriff Court. 



Smith James, carpenter, 13 Mill St. 

Smith James, engine-driver, 5 Lauriston St. 

Smith James, engineer, 5 Morton Tee. 

Smith James, fireman, 29 Hamilton St. 

Smith James, labourer, 13 Charles St. 

Smith James W., clerk, 44 Denholm St. 

Smith John M., B.Sc, surveyor, 53 Brougham St. 

Smith James E., cabinet-maker, 67 Dempster St. 

Smith James, grocer, 11 Market St. Ho. 11 Ft. 

Matilda PI. 
Smith James, iron-driller, 45 Lynedoch St. 
Smith James T., R.D., eng. inspector, P. & O. Co., 

23 Union St. 
Smith John, blacksmith, 22; South St. 
Smith John, carpenter, 6 Chalmers St. 
Smith John, enginneer, 10 Armadale PI. 
Smith John, engineer, 3 Glen view Tee. 

Smith's Warehouse, furniture, carpets, linoleum and 
floorcloths— 5 flats on sho w ; also cabinet-makers 
upholsterers, furniture removers & storers. Tel 936 

Smith John, engineer, 23 Ingleston St. 

Smith John, fitter, Lilybank, Grant St. 

Smith John, joiner, 21 Wellington St. 

Smith John (of Smith's Warehouse), 62 Esplanade. 

Smith John, painter, 73 Regent St. 

Smith John, pansman, 19 Mearns St. 

Smith John, slater, 14 Dalrymple St. 

Smith John A., clerk, 35 Wellington St. 

Smith John B., engineer, 47 Regent St. 

Smith John D., joiner, 12 Garvald St. 

Smith John F., joiner, 20 South St. 

Smith John L., engineer, 7 Ardgowan St. 

Smith John M., clerk, 43 Robertson St. 

Smith John R., engineer, 8 Wellington St. 

Smith Joseph, carpenter, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 

Smith Joseph, caulker, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 

Smith Joseph, joiner, 20 Trafalgar St. 

Smith Joseph F., joiner, 50 Holmscroft St. 

Smith J: & M., grocers, 81 Belville St. Ho. Lenzie, 
Bawhirley Rd. 



Smith J. C. (Macdonald & Crawford, solicitors & not- 
aries public), 26 Hamilton St. 

Smith Malcolm F., patternmaker, 12 Armadale PI. 

Smith & M'Cuaig, joiners & builders, 26 Charles, St. 

Smith M. Neilson, 38 Brougham St. 

Smith Neil, plater, 14 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Smith Peter, blockmaker, 46 E. Hamilton St. 

Smith Peter, grain mercht., 10 Cross-shore St. Ho. 

11 Margaret St.' 
Smith's Warehouse, general drapers, 27 Cathcart St. 

Telephone No. 936. 
Smith R. C, bootmaker, 2T9 W. Burn St. Ho. 31 

Nelson St. 
Smith Richard, joiner, 65 Grosvenor Rd.' 
Smith Robert, boilermaker, 33 Roxburgh St. 
Smith Robert, clerk, 30 Newton St. 
Smith Robert, draughtsman, 16 Campbell St. 
Smith Robert, engineer, 9 Antigua St. 
Smith Robert, engineer, 66 Kelly St. 
Smith Robert, gateman, 49 Mearns St. 
Smith Robert, iron-moulder, 7 Hope St. 
Smith Robert, plumber, Largiemore, Bridgend Rd. 
Smith Robert, rivetter, 102 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Smith Robert, stationer & printer, Municipal Bldgs. 

Ho. 54 Brougham St. 
Smith Robert M., journalist, "Glasgow Herald," "18 

Campbell St. 
Smith Roderick, plater, 7a Prospecthill PI. 
Smith Samuel W., boilermaker, 12 Armadale PI. 
Smith Thomas, police constable, 13 Lyle St.' 
Smith Thomas, sheriff officer & J. P. constable, 13 

Hamilton St/ Ho. 11 Murdieston St. 
Smith Thomas C, engineer, 47 Belville St. 
Smith Thomson, grocer, 14 Ardgowan Sq.- 
Smith Walter, hammerman, 19 Regent St. 
Smith William, "butcher, 18 Antigua St. 
Smith William, store-keener, 17 E. Crawfurd St. 
Smith William, mercantile officer. 13 Ardgowan Sq. 
Smith William, clerk, 5 OakfieM Tee. 
Smith William, hammerman, 37 Rue-end St. 


Smith William, plater, 15 Lyle St. 

Smith William, rafter, 52 E. Hamilton St. 

Smith's Warehouse, china merchants, 12 Cathcart St. 

Smith Miss M. C, 47 Margaret St. 
Smith Miss, dress-maker, 24 Trafalgar St. 
Smith Miss J., 1 Kilblain St. 
Smith Mrs, 62 Ann St. 
Smith Mrs M., 15 Ardgowan St. 
Smith Mrs Mary, 19 Ardgowan St. 
Smith Mrs, 33 Roxburgh St. 
Smith Mrs Mary, 10 Lynedoch St. 
Smith Mrs W. B., 9 Laird St. 

Smith Mrs Margt., licensed restaurant, 15 W. Black- 
hall St. Ho. 10 Forsyth St. 
Smith Mrs William, 49 Holmscroft St. 
Smith Mrs, 20 Pottery St. 
Smith Mrs, 35 Regent St. 
Smith Mrs, 7 Serpentine Walk. 
Smith M'rs, 67 Dempster St. 
Smith M'rs Agnes, 9 Lynedoch St. 
Smith M'rs Agnes, 2 Lyle St. 
Smith M'rs John, 25 Dempster St. 
Smith Mrs Catherine, 7 Newton St. 
Smith M'rs D., 36 Ingleston St. 
Smith Mrs Mary, 40 Wellington St. 
Smith Mrs Joseph, 2 Holms,croft St. 
Smith Mrs J. M., 24 Bank St. 
Smith Mrs John, 191 Eldon St. 
SMYTH Bryce, engineer, HE. Crawfurd St. 
Smyth George, fireman, 19 Regent St. 
Smyth John B., railway supervisor, 1 Holmscroft St. 
Smyth Robert, general inspector, 2 Old Hillend. 
Smyth William, spirit rrercht., 6 Ann St. Ho. 46 do 
Smyth Mrs Robert, 8 Garvald St. 
SNODY Andrew, joiner, 87 Wellington St. 
Snody James, joiner, 13 Mtv Pleasant St. 
SNOWBALL George, engineer, 3 Alexandra Mans 
SNOWIE William, fitter, 2 8 Brisbane 'StV 
SOANES Mrs J., 44 Lynedoch S*. 



SOMMERVILLE Andrew, herbalist, 33 W. Burn St 

Ho. 14 Lyle St. 
Sommerville Mrs, 25 Dempster St. 
Sommerville Mrs, 34 St: Lawrence St. 
SORLEY Alexander, engineer, 5 Hope St. 
Sorley Peter, sawyer, 21 Bank St. 
Sorley William, rivetter, 10 Crescent St. 
SORRIE Peter, blacksmith, 84 Roxburgh St. 
SOUTAR Charles, manager, 16 Caddlehill St. 
Soutar Charles, engine-driver, 12 Brown St. 
Soutar William D., watchmaker, 38 Inverkip St. Ho. 

41 Kelly St. 
SOUTHWARD W. ]., engineer, Tele, office, 14 

Brisbane St. 
SOUTHCOTT Charles G., craneman, 27 Hamilton' 

Southcott Henry, stoker, 53 Crawfurd St. 
SOUTTER Mrs H. D., 2 Lyle St. 
SPALDING John, railway porter, 26 Crawfurd St. 
SPEIRS Alfred, joiner, 52 St. Lawrence St. 
Speirs Charles, fireman, 64 Regent St. 
Speirs James, hole-borer, 19 Auchmountain Rd. 
Speirs John, bootmaker, 4a Mt. Pleasant St. 
Speirs Robert, engineer, 7 Jardine Tee. 
Speirs William, rivetter, 3 Rue-end St. 
Speirs W. H., draughtsman, 39 Denholm St. 
Speirs Miss Hannah, 4 Glen St. 
Speirs Mrs, 19 Main St. 
Speirs Mrs, 3 Hill St. 

SPELLO F., fish restaurant, 40 W. Burn St. 
SPENCE David, holder-on, 5 Hill St. 
Spence Henry, rivetter, 9 Mill St. 
Spence James, engineer, 5 Ratho St. 
Spence James, labourer, 81 Belville St. 
Spence John, blacksmith, 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Spence John, caulker, 56 St. Lawrence St. 
Spence Joseph, engineer, 20 Belville St. 
Spence Robert, carter, 84 Roxburgh St. 
Spence Samuel, draughtsman, 8 Gateside Av. 
Spence Thomas, plater, 23 Newton St. 



Spence Thomas, painter, 3 Prospecthill S:. 
Spence William, carpenter, 20 Pottery St. 
Spence William, engineer, 37 Rue-end Su. 
Spence Mrs Robert, 3 Kelly St. 
Spence Mrs Margt., 68 Holmseroft St. 
SPENCER James, engineer,, 8 Belville St. 
Spencer William, engineer, 34 Crescent St. 
SPINKS Lawrence, carpenter, 5 Morton Tee. 
SPITE Francis & Co. Ld., chemists, 27 Hamilton St. 

D. Duncan, M.P.S., mannager, 15 Margaret St. 
SPROUL John, engineer, 25 Trafalgar St. 
Sproul Neil, patternmaker, 24 Trafalgar St. 
ST ABB George, Customs watcher, 13 Mill St. 
Stabb George, electrician, 10 Mill St. 
STAIGER John, cooper, 42 Lynedoch St. 
STALKER P. T., tailor & clothier, 26 W. Blackhall 

St. & 25 Rue-end St. Ho. 5 Robertson St. 
STAR Boot Co. Ld., 10 Cathcart St. 
STARK George, clerk, 2 Brachelston St. 
Stark James, car conductor, 8 Hill St. 
Stark Walter, blacksmith, 32 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Stark Mrs Thomas, 21 Bentinck St. 
STARR ITT David, engineer, 3 Alexandra Mansions. 
Starritt Miss, 22 W. Stewart St. 
STARS John, motor mechanic, 65 Holmseroft St. 
STEAD & Simpson, Ld., boot manufrs., 14 Hamilton 

St. — manager, James D. Mitchinson. 
STEEL Alexander, iron-turner, 82 Belville St. 
Steel & Bennie, Ld., steam tug owners, Customhouse 

Steel George, sawyer, '22 John St. 
Steel Hugh, feuar, Clydebank, 38 Esplanade. 
Steel James S., Willow Park, 45 Ardgowan St. 
Steel James, helper, 58 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Steel James, labourer, 4 Chalmers St. 
Steel John, fitter, 9 Jamaica St. 
Steel Matthew, labourer, 37 Belville St. 
Steel Ninian J., engineer, 26 Newton St. 
Steel Robert, craneman, 18 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Steel Robert, electrician, 15 Regent St. 



Steel Rev. Robert, minister George Sq. Congreg- 
ational Church. Ho. 35b Ardgowan St. 

Steel Robert, labourer, 26 Arthur St. 

Steel Robert, labourer, 18 Ingleston St. 

Steel Thomas, labourer, 15 Lauriston St. 

Steel Robert, rivetter, 24 Arthur St. 

Steel William, builder & contractor, Jamaica Lane. 
Ho. 25 Margaret St. 

Steel William, cooper, 41 Ann St. 

Ste»l William, nurseryman, 20 South St. 

Steel Miss Agnes, 15 Belville St. 

Steel Mrs Jane, 7 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Steel Mrs John S., 97 Newark St. 

STEELE Adam, house and shop furnishing ironmong 
er, smith, gas fitter and plumber, 13 Grey PI. H®. 
27 Brachelston St. 

Steele Edward, moulder, 74 Belville St. 

Steele Henry, station, master, Greenock Central, 28 
Caledonia Crescent, Gourock. 

Steele James, joiner, 3 Armadale PI. 

Steele Mungo, tailor, 66 Ann St. 

Steele J., plater, 62 Belville St. 

Steele Robert, engineer, Scotts' S. & E. Co. Ld., 41 

Steele Robert, irondriller, 24 Hamilton St. 

Steele Robert, joiner, 6 Oakfield Tee. 

Steele Robert, plater, 9 Ratho St. 

Steele, Ralston & Co., ironmongers & smiths, 26 W. 
Blackhall St. Works, 14 do. 

Steele Samuel, plater, 13 Lauriston St. 

Steele William, joiner, 21 Lynedoch St. 

STEEN Edward, engineer, 2 Wemyss'Bay St. 

Steen Mrs, 8 Holmscroft St. 

STEER John, watchman, 26 Crawfurd St. 

STENSON George, labourer, 13 Bruce St. 

STERN Myer, hair-dresser, 53 Rue-end St. 

STEPHEN John, manager, 8 Crescent St. 

STEVEN Peter, engineer, 73 Annn St. 

STEVENS Bernard, labourer, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Stevens Edward W., warder, R.N.T.F., 1 Battery Pk 



Stevens Geoffrey, turner, 195 Eldon St. 
Stevens William, caterer, 35 W. Blackhail St. 
STEVENSON Alexander "& Son, joiners & builders, 

84 Wellington St. & 3 Murdieston St. 
Stevenson A. O. (of Stevenson & Son), 39 Robertson 

Stevenson Barclay, engineer, 12 Lynedoch St. 
Stevenson Claries, piano tuner, 7 Houston St. 
Stevenson Duncan, loco fireman, 63 Nicolson St. 
Stevenson James, butcher, 79 Holmscroft St. 
Stevenson James, joiner, 2 George Sq. 
Stevenson James, joiner, 83 Wellington St. 
Stevenson James A. (of Customs & Excise), 16 Ard- 

gowan Sq. 
Stevenson John, writer & notary public, 4 Argyle St. 

Ho. 23 Esplanade. 
Stevenson John, craneman, 8 Trafalgar St. 
Stevenson John, joiner, 84 Roxburgh St. 
Stevenson Joseph, stoker, 41 Robinson Av. 
Stevenson Robert, engine-driver, 11 W. Stewart St. 
Stevenson Robert, joiner, 19 Wellington St. 
Stevenson Robert, baker, 36 Crescent St. 
Stevenson Robert D., engineer, 9 Dellingburn St. 
Stevenson Thomas, holder-on, 86 Belville St. 
Stevenson William, bootmaker, 52 Ann St. 
Stevenson Thomas, blacksmith, 17 Carwood St. 
Stevenson William, painter, 29 Lynedoch St. 
Stevenson William, sheet-metal wrkr., 27 Brown St. 
Stevenson William, engineer, 93 Roxburgh St. 
Stevenson Misses, dressmakers, 21a Union St. 
Stevenson Mrs A., 8 Hill St. 
Stevenson Mrs Jessie, 37 Forsyth St. 
STEWART Alex., blacksmith, 4 Old Hillend. 
Stewart Alexander, broker, 1 Open Shore. Ho. 3 

Trafalgar St. 
Stewart Alexander, labourer, 2 Crawfurd Lane. 
Stewart Alexander, coppersmith, 30 Trafalgar St. 
Stewart Alexander, joiner, 28 Brown St. 
Stewart Alexander, tug master, 13 Auchmountain Rd 
Stewart Alexander, engineer 12 Patrick St. 



Stewarc Alexander, salesman, $ Prospecthill St. 
Stewart Allan, police constable, 13 Lyle St. 
Stewart Andrew, baker, 58 Dempster St. 
Stewarc Andrew (of Orchard Sugar Refg. Co.), 1 For 

syth St. 
Stewart Andrew J., salesman, 19 Antigua St. 
Stewart Archibald, skin-classer, 73 Ann St. 
Stewart Arthur, labourer, 5 Brachelston St. 
Stewart Charles, labourer, 34 Crawfurd St. 
Stewart Charles William, cashier, Westburn Sugar 

Refineries, Ld., 74 Eldon St. 
Stewart Daniel, caulker, 101 Dempster St. 
Stewart David, brassfinisher, 4 Hay St. 
Stewart David, iron-moulder, 15 Antigua St. 
Stewar: David, upho!s:erer, 38 Holmscroft St. 
Stew^r; David, y^rds.nan, 35 Nelson St. 
Stewart Donald, boilermaker, 1 Dellingburnn St. 
Stewart Alexander R., 73 Union St. 
Stewart Donald, coram, manager, 6 Holmscroft St. 
Stewart Donald, prison warde", High Inverkip Rd. 
Stewart Duncan, carpenter, 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Stewart Edward, rivetter, 11 Lauriston St. 
Stewart Francis, 13 Houston St. 

Stewart & Elstob, elect, engrs., 29 Sugarhouse Lane. 
Stew:rt Fred., chaffe^r, The Lodge, 23 Eldon St. 
Stewart George, moulder, 38 Brymner St. 
Stewart Houston, patternmaker, 47 Auchmom^ain 

Stewart Sir Hugh Shaw, Bare., Ardgowan, Inverkip. 

London address, 20 Mansfield St., W. 
Stewart James, blacksmith. 62 Belville St. 
Stewart James, engineer, 10 Watt St. 
Stewart James, insurance agt., 8 South St. 
Stewart James, f'man blacksmith, 21 Antigua St. 
Stewart James, baker, 28 We'lington St. 
Stewart James, tailor, 59 Duncan St. 
Stewart James, signalman. 12 Terrace Rd. 
Stewart James, greaser, 22 S\ Lawrence St. 
Stewart James, joiner, Braefco*-, Kilmacolm Rd. 
Stewart James, labourer. '40 Nicolson St. 



Stewart James, plater* 28 Maukinhill Rd. 

Stewart James, ship master, 45 Bawhirley Rd. 

Stewart James, spirit salesman, 15 Lynedoch St. 

Stewart James, store-keeper, 7 Lyle St. 

Stewart James (S.ranraer Creamery Co.), 16 Wallace 

Sq. Ho. 18 Murdieston St. 
Stewart Johni, 17 Carvvood St. 
Stewart John, iron-moulder, 14 Antigua St. 
Stewart Johni, pavior, 4 Oakfield Tee. 
Stewart John, labourer, 42 Main St. 
Stewart John, salesman, 38 Nicolson St. 
Stewart Johni, plumber, 69 Roxburgh St. 
Stewart John, hammerman, 8 Chalmers St. 
Stewart Joseph, labourer, 65 Roxburgh St. 
S.ewart Joseph, sugarhouse f'rnan, 44 Wellington St. 
Stewart Joseph, master painter, 6 Morton Tee. 
Sjewart Malcolm, engine-keeper, 37 W. Stewart St. 
S.ewart Malcolm, drdier, 11 Regent St. 
Stewart Matthew, holder-on, 60 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
S.ewart Paul, H.M. Customs, 21 Brisbane St. 
S.ewart Peter, yachtsman, 29 Annn St. 
Stewart Peter, rivetter, 1 Waverley Lane. 
Stewart R. H., 35 Ardgowan St. 
Stewart R. A. Clapperion (of Allan & Clapperton,) 

61 Union St. 
Stewart Robert, blacks r.i'.h, 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Stewart Robert, blacks aiith, 41 Lynedoch St. 
Stewart Robert, labourer, 42 Roxburgh St. 
Stewart Robert, policeman, 15 Brachelston St. 
Stewart Rober:, labourer, 40 Roxburgh St. 
S.ewart Robert, joiner, 63 Nicolson St. 
Stewart Robert, patternmaker, 16 Mearns St. 
S ewart Samuel, pla'er, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 
Stewart Thomas, brassfinisher, 33 Trafalgar St. 
Stewart Thomas, ex-policeman, 7 Lynedoch St. 
S'ewart Thorras, joiner, 52 Belvil'e S_. 
Stewart Thomas, ship waterman, 4 Duff St. 
Stewart Thomas, labourer, 25 Bruce St. 
Stewart Thomas, flax-dresser, 16 Inchgreen St. 



Stewart Thomas O. (of Fisher, .Henderson & Co.), 41 
Margaret St. 

Stewart, Tough & Alexander, I. A., L.R.I.B.A., arch- 
itects & surveyors, 2 Hamilton St. 

Stewart William, boilermaker, 4 Watt St. 

Stewart William, goods agt., L.M. & S. Rly., 19 
Brougham St. 

Slewart William, brewer, The Knoll, Bawhirley Rd. 

Stewart William, holder-on, 42 Roxburgh St. 

Stewart William (of J. & W. Stewart), 40 Nicolson 

Stewart William, cork cutter, '4 Watt St. 

Stewart William, engineer, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Stewart William, gardener, 25 Newark St. 

Stewart William, joiner, 62 E. Crawford St. 

Stewarc William, marine engineer, 15 Bentinck St. 

Stewart William, timekeeper, 2 Fmnart St. 

Stewart William R., steward, 19 Mearns St. 

Stewart The Lady Alice Shaw, Ardgowan, Inverkip. 

Stewart Miss Annie, confectioner, 6 Mearns St. 

Stewart Misses, 81 South St. 

Stewart Miss Jenny S., draper, 92 Roxburgh St. 
Ho. 53 Burnbank Tee. 

Stewart Mrs, 52 El don S\ 

Stewart Mrs, 8 Holrr.scroft St. 

Stewart Mrs M., 19 Recent St. 

Stewart Miss Jane, 4 Mansionhouse Lane. 

Stewart Miss 72 Dempster St. 

Stewart Mrs, 3 Hope St. 

Stewart Mrs, 66 Wellington St. 

Stewart Mrs A. M., 35 Wellington St. 

Stewart Mrs Cath., spirit mercht., 93 Roxburgh S 1 ". 
Ho. 27 Robertson St. 

Stewart Mrs E., 24 Brisbane St. 

Stewart Mrs John, 21 Lyle St. 

Stewart Mrs Susan, 17 Nelson St. 

Stewart Mrs T. H., 4 Finnart St. 

Stewart's, Ld., tailors, 32 & 41 Hamilton St. 

STILL John, fitter, 29a Newton St. 
• 303 


Mixivi^iv James, janitor, Arcigowan 5cnool, 19 Tra- 
falgar St. 
Stinson John, labourer, 8 E. Shaw St. 
STIRLING James, labourer, 3 Trafalgar St. 
Stirling James, f'man painter, 31 Moffat St. 
Stirling Peter, electrician, 78 Belviile St. 
Stirling T. H. (of Boston, Menzies & Morton), 24 

Binnie St., Gourock. 
Stirling William, engineer, 13 Mearns St. 
Stirling Miss Agnes J., matron, Friendless Girls' 

Home, Brachelston St. 
STIRRAT John, caulker, 9 Lynedoch St. 
STIRRATT James, blacksmith, 24 Lyle St. 
S.irratt John F., clerk, 33 Rc/bertson St. 
Stirratt William, boilermaker, 11a Lynedoch St. 
STODDARD Andrew, storeman, 11 Lyle St. 
S:oddard J.., teacher of marine engineering, Watt 

Memorial School, 68 Brisbane St. 
STODTER William, labourer, 3 Virginia St. 
STONE Archibald, brassfinisher, 17 Antigua St. 
Stone Daniel, coppersmith, HE. Crawfurd St. 
Stone George, fitter, 73 Brachelston St. 
Stone Peter, engine-driver, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Stone's Hosiery Stores, 17 Hamilton St. 
STORER Daniel (of J. Storer & Sons), 7 Robertson 

Storer J. & Sons, primers & stationsrs, 14 Kilblain St 
STORM Mrs, 9 Lyle St, 
STORMS Miss A., 5 W. Stewart St. 
STORRAR A. S., of Kincaid & Co., Garth House, 

42 Esplanade. 
STORRIE J. & W., glass & china merchts., 16 W. 

Blackhall St. 
S^orrie William (of T. & W. Storrie), 52 Union St. 
STOTT John A., banker, (Clydesdale Bank, Ld.), 

23 Margaret St. 
STRACHAN Andrew, bootmaker, 78 Hotmscroft St. 
Strachan Dame 1 , caulker, 14 Hone St. 
Strachan George, storeman, 8 Gordon St. 
Strachan James, fitter, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 



Strachan James, f'man joiner, 64 Ann St. 
Strachan John, boilermaker, 3 Regent St. 
Strachan William, engineer, 18 Mearns St. 
Strachan William, f'man engineer, 20 Mearns St. 
Strachan William, wright & builder, 14 Cross-shore 

St. Ho. 54 Dalziel Dr., Pollokshields, Glasgow. 
.Strachan Mrs Susan, ^.0 Wellington St. 
STRAINE Andrew, carter, 14 Mill St. 
Straine George, pianoforte warehouse, 31 Nicolson St 

Ho. Rednock, Inverkip Rd. 
Straine Harry A., electrician, Westfield, Octavia Tee. 
Straine Moses, cooper, 106 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Straine William, slater, 19 Trafalgar St. 
STRANGE John, iron-driller, 36 St. Lawrence St. 
Strange Mrs Jane, 1 Dellingburn St. 
STRATH A1RN Mrs Gait, 12 Brisbane St. 
STRATTON W. P., prison warder, High Inverkip 

STRONACH Norman, pressman, 22 Prospecthill St. 
STRONG John, engine-driver, 20 Trafalgar St. 
Strong Mrs Terence, 42 St. Lawrence St. 
STROUD William, machinist, 3 George Sq. 
STRUTHERS John, clerk, 42 Wellington St. 
Struthers William, cashier, 31 Brachelston St. 
Struthers Mrs J. P., 40 Eldon St. 
Struthers Mrs William, 6 Hillend Dr. 
STUART Alexander, carpenter, 39 Lynedoch St. 
Stuart Charles, salesman, 10 Murdieston St. 
Stuart James, shipwright, 25 Bruce St. 
'Stuart William H., timekeeper, 41 Nicolson St. 
Stuart Peter, salesman, 6 Bovd St. 
STURDY Harry, turner, 41 Baxter St. 
STURGEON A. T., 38 Auchmountain Rd. 
Sturgeon Mrs, 68 Holmscroft St. 
STURROCK George N., engineer, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 
Sturrock J. W., engineer, Watson Villa, Kilmacolm 

Sturrock Peter K., dock engineer, 23 Brougham St. 
Sturrock Robert, engineer, 5 E. Crawfurd St. 
Sturrock Mrs H. P., 46 Newton St. 


SUGAR Exchange, 27 Cathcart St. & Terrace Rd. 

SULLIVAN Peter, permanent way insp., 23 Nelson 

Sullivan Thaddeus, plater, 7 Dellingburn St. 

SUN1ER William C, Excise officer, 45 Robertson 

SURGENOR Saml., shipwright, 30 St. Lawrence St. 

SURGEONER Hugh, machineman, 3 Thrown St. 

SUTCH Thomas, fitter, 32 Ardgowan St. 

SUTHERLAND Alex., slater, 19 Prospecthill PL 

Sutherland Alexander, butcher, 25 Maukinhil. Rd. 

Sutherland Donald, cashier, 6a South St. 

Sutherland Ewan, labourer, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Sutherland George, engineer, "51 Holmscroft St. 

Sutherland Hugh whclessb confect oner, &c, 6 Mar- 
ket St. Ho. 4 Denholm St. 

Sutherland James, engineer, 17 Lynedoch St. 

Sutherland James, engineer, 37 Robertson St. 

Sutherland James, engineer, 153 Eldon St. 

Sutherland John, stager, 25 Trafalgar St. 

Sutherland John, baker, 74 Belville St. Ho. 50 do. 

Sutherland Joseph, engineer, 31 Lyle St. 

Sutherland William, lathsplitter, 43 Lynedoch St. 

SUTTIE Andrew, blacksmith, 62 Brown St. 

Suttie John, engineer, 37 Bawhirley Rd. 

Suttie Mrs greengrocer, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

SWAN Andrew, jr., boilermaker, 54 Lynedoch St. 

Swan George W., weigher, 1 Finnart St. 

Swan James, insurance agt.. 12 Ardgowan St. 

Swan James, timekeener, 17 Dempster St. 

Swan James, joiner, 12 Lyle St. 

Swan James P., house factor. 2 Bentinck St. 

Swan John, clerk, 51 Kelly St. 

Swan Malcolm S., secy.. Greenock Cent. Co-op. Soc, 
The Hill, Caddlehill St. 

Swan Robert, engineer. 31 South St. 

Swan Robert D., cashier (Sheriff Clerk's Office), 39 
Lynedoch St. 

Swan William, caulker, 7 Kilblain St. 

Swan Miss, 44 Eldon St. 



Swan Miss, dressmaker, 74 Wellington St. 

Swan Mrs, 43 Lynedoch St. 

Swan Mrs D., 45 Newton St. 

Swan Mrs, 5 Helen St. 

Swan Mrs, 81a Brisbane St. 

SWANSTON Benjamin, labourer, 18 Inverkip St. 

SWEENEY James, coppersmith, 3 Antigua St. 

Sweeney John, barman, 57 Baxter St. 

Sweeney Thomas, painter, 34 W. Stewart St. 

Sweeney Miss H., grocer, 22 Dalrymple St. 

Sweeney Mrs George, 22 Antiigua St. 

S WEEN IE Hugh, dairyman, 14-28 Ann St. 

SWORD Miss Jane C, 36 Eldon St. 

SYKEN Daniel, labourer, 13 Bruce St. 

SYME David, cattle contractor, 8 Ardgowan St. 

Syme Mrs, 60 Brown St. 

Syme William D., fireman, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

SYMINGTON David, 37 Nelson St. 

Symington John, sugarboiler, 78 Dempster St. 

Symington R.obert, engineer, 5 Prospecthill St. 


TAFT Matthew, gateman, 17 Prospecthill St. 
Taft Matthew, labourer, 7 Prospecthill St. 
TAGGART James, iron-driller, 13 Grant St. 
TAINSH Mrs M. W., 41 Brisbane St. 
TAIT George, manager, 68 E. Hamilton St. 
Tait Hugh, painter, 36 Holmscroft St. 
Tait Tohn, booking clerk, 17 Nelson St. 
'Tait John, moulder, 32 Crescent St. 
Tait Robert, electrician. 31 Lynedoch St. 
Tait Robert, patternmaker, 5 Hill St. 
Tait Robert, electrician. 10 Holmscroft St. 
Tait Robert, carter, 8 Chapel St. 
Tait Robert, patternmaker, 5 Ingleston St. 
Tait Thomas, teacher, 43 Robertson St. 
Tait William, shipmaster. 40 Robertson St. 
Tait Walter, shipwright, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
TAITT Mrs R. G.. 28 Ardgowan St. 
Taitt Miss, 57a Union St. 



TANNAH1LL Fred. J. C. (of A. Macpherson & Co.) 

Ardvourhe, 6b Esplanade. 
Tannahill Mrs James, ardvourhe, 60 Esplanade. 
Tannahill John, papermaker, Overton. 
Tannahill John A., 40 Margaret St. 
Tannahill Miss, 14 Wellington St. 
TANNETT John C, engineer, Allerton Ho., 46 Es- 
TANNOCK John, hammerman, 27 Lynedoch St. 
Tannock Matthew, causewayer, 71 Wellington St. 
Tannock Quentin, plasterer, 6 Sir Michael 8_. Ho. 

5 Finnart St. 
Tannock Misses A. & J., 26 Patrick St. 
Tannock Mrs Robert, 55 Forsyth Sc. 
TAPP J. T., f'man (Torpedo Factory), 72 Brisbane 

TAPPER John, labourer, 28 Crawfurd St. 
TARBET James, joiner, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Tarbet Robert;, joiner, 21 Roxburgh Sc. 
Tarbet Thomas, curator, Temperance Institute, 30 

W. Blackhall St. 
Tarbet William, joiner, 68 Holmscroft St. 
Tarbet WilLa r, joiner, 38 Nicolson S.. : o. 19 New 

ton St. 
Tarbet Mrs Tohn, 23 Nelson St. 
Tarbet Mrs John, 30 W. Blackhall St. 
TAWSE John, inspector of police, 47 Trafalgar St. 
TAYLOR Alexander, coppers noth, 20 Border St. 
Taylor Archibald, engineer, 61 Holmscroft St. 
Taylor Archibald, chen-ist & druggist, 97 Roxburgh 

St. Ho. Manor Crescent, Gourock. 
Taylor Archibald, mechanic, 38 Lvnedoch St. 
Taylor Charles M. T., spirit mercht., 40 Cathcart St. 

Ho. Charford, 14 Newark St. 
Taylor Daniel, upholsterer, 27 Sugarhouse Lane. 
Taylor David, flesher, 14 Bruce St. 
Taylor David H., joiner, 19 Dempster St. 
Taylor David John, Royal Indian Marine (retd.), 6 

Newark St. 
Taylor Frank, electrician. 44 Lvnedoch St. 



Taylor George, grocer, 47 Holmscroft St. 

Taylor George, engine-driver, 6 Garvald St. 

Taylor George, hammerman, 12 Duncan St. 

Tayior George, labourer, 10 Nile St. 

Taylor Hugh, joiner, 12 Ann St. 

Taylor James, late headmaster St. Lawrence's School. 

35 Regent St. 
Tayior, store-keeper, 21 Nelson St. 
Taylor James, motorman, 58 Belville St. 
Taylor James, shipwright, 45 Holmscroft St. 
Taylor James B., engineer, lb Hope St. 
Taylor John, carter, 44 Lynedoch St. 
Taylor John, carter, 77 Regent St. 
Taylor John, plater, Hazel wood, Bawhirley Rd. 
Taylor John, plumber, 41 Auchmountain Rd. 
Taylor John K., cashier, L.M. & S. Rly., Greenock 

Harbour. Ho. 27 Dempster St. 
Taylor John K., Edine, Bawhirley Rd. 
Taylor L. C, engine-driver, 7 Carwood St. 
Taylor Matthew, boilermaker, 52 Lynedoch St. 
Taylor Neil, painter & decorator, 35 Roxburgh St. 

Ho. 25 Murdieston St. 
Taylor Peter, clerk, 7 Margaret St. 
Taylor Robert, shipbuilder, 14 South St, 
Taylor Robert, house factor, 15 Margaret St. 
Taylor Samuel G., ship's officer, 26 Newton St. 
Taylor Thomas, joiner, 7 Ratho St. 
Taylor William, engineer, 49 Brisbane St. 
Taylor William, of Fire Brigade, 1 Wallace PI. 
Taylor William, engineer, 10 Caddlehill St.- 
Taylor William L., brassfinisher, 13 Lyle St. 
Taylor W. J., of Blake, Barclay & Co., 56 Brisbane 

Taylor E. B., principal, Belltrees School, 7 Newark S* 
Taylor Miss Mary, restaurant, 9 Main St. LIo. 9 

Grant St. 
Taylor Miss Jessie, 21 Finnart St. 
Taylor Misses, 14 Denholm St. 
Taylor Mrs, 29 W. Stewart St. 
Taylor Mrs, 3 Dalrymple St. 



Taylor Mrs Janet, 22 Bank St. 

Taylor Mrs J. C, 14a Trafalgar St. 

Taylor Mrs Lreorge, 36 St. Lawrence St. 

Taylor Mrs M., 3 Bank St. 

Tayior Mrs Margt., 15 Lynedoch St. 

TELFER Andrew, plater, 84 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Telfer Colin, sen., labourer, 84 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Telfer Colin, carter, 84 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Telfer Colin, flesher, 31 Brisbane St. Ho. 19 do. 

Telfer Colin, labourer, 4 Nelson St., Glebe. 

Telfer Henry, 63 Holmscroft St. 

Telfer Edward, plumber, 9 Hill St. 

Telfer Hugh K., engineer, 3 Campsie Tee. 

Telfer James, labourer, 42 Roxburgh St. 

Telfer James, timber measurer, 19 Ardgowan St. 

Telfer John (of J. Telfer & Son), 40 Union St. 

Telfer John & Son, bootmakers, 38 Hamilton St. & 

12 Charles St. 
Telfer Peter K. (of J. Telfer & Son), 45 Frnnarti; St . 
Telfer Walter, 44 Dempster St. 
Telfer Walter, physician & surgeon, 40 Union St. 
Telfer William, bootmaker, 10 Jamaica St. 
Telfer Mrs Margt. M., teacher, 15 Lauriston St. 
Telfer Mrs, 13 Rue-end St. 
TELFORD Edward, draper, 22 Bridgend Rd. 
Telford James, iron-driller, 3 Mill St. 
Telford James B., plater, 6 Nelson St. 
TEMPERANCE Institute, 19 W. Stewart St. 
TEMPLE David, tailor & clothier, 23 Tobago St. 
Temple William, farrier, 6 Laird St. Ho. 37 W. 

Stewart St. 
Temble Wm. (of Customs & Excise), 15 Finnart St. 
TEMPLETON Alexander, grocer, 1 Cartsburn St. 
Templeton George, patternmaker, 19 Trafalgar St. 
Templeton James, cellarman, 12 Ann St. 
Templeton Matthew D., manager, 6 Finnart St. 
Templeton R. & T-, grocers, 44 Hamilton St., 20 

Lynedoch St., 19 Ann St. & 74 Belville St. 
Templeton Robert, labourer, 43 W. Burn St. 
Templeton Robert P., 9 Ardgowan Sq. 


Temple ton iiiomas, career, 19 Brachelston St. 
Temp^eton Mrs James, 4 Sinclair St. 
TEN N ANT Vvilliam, engineer, 8 Garwood St. 
Tennant William, patLernmaker, 9b Belviile St. 
THEOBOLD Stepnen, labourer, 22 W. Blackball St.. 
TERRELL Arthur, mason, 33 Ingieston St. 
THEXToN Robert, L.E.I.S., late neadmaster, Glebe 

School, 48 Brougna.ii St. 
THOM Archibald Id., grocer, 13 Union St. Ho. 2 Fox 

Thorn W. A. & King, solicitors & notaries public, 13 

Hamilton St. 
Thorn William, curator Watt Museum, 64 Dempster 

Thom William A., f'man boilermaker, 18 Hillend Dr. 
Thorn Mrs W. A., 20 Ardgowan St. 
THOMAS James E., engineer, 12 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Thomas Hugh, labourer, 2 Chalmers St. 
Thomas William, engineer, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 
Thomas Mrs, 7 Main St. 

THOMPSON Adam, carpenter, 26 Border St. 
inompson Andrew, sawyer, 81 Wellington 3t. 
Thompson Charles, rivetter, 1 Morton Tee. 
Thompson D. C. & Son, bootmakers, 70 Eldon St. 
Thompson Daniel, caulker, 50 E. Hamilton St. 
Thompson James, draughtsman, 7 Caddlehill St. 
Thompson James H:, engineer, 9 Carwood St. 
Thompson John, storeman, 30 St. Lawrence St. 
Thompson Peter, carter, Inchgreen Station. 
Thompson Samuel, labourer, 51 Lynedoch St. 
Thompson William, dealer, 35 Nicolson St. Ho. 48' 

Ann St. 
Thompson William, plater, 21 Brown St. 
.Thompson Mrs David, 15 Dempster St. 
Thompson Mrs Rosina, confectioner, 177a Eldon St. 
Thompson Mrs, 12 Kelly St: 
THOMSON Adam, joiner, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Thomson Alexander, boilermaker, 10 Antigua St. 
Thomson Alexander, brakesman, 7 Hill St. 
Thomson Alexander, carter, 6 Holmscroft St. 



Thomson Alexander, engineer, 79 Holmscroft St. 
Thomson Alexander, gardener, 28 Lyneaoch St. 
Thomson Alexander, yachtsman, 2 Garvald St. 
Thomson Alexander, engineer, Garvel Park House. 
Thomson Alexander, shoemaxer, 3 Argyle St 
Thomson Angus, shoemaker, 13 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Thomson Angus, shoemaker, 42 Wellington St. 
Thomson Archibald, tugboatman, 14 South St. 
Thomson Archioald L., engineer, 18 Robertson St. 
Thomson David, bricklayer, 38 Ann St. 
Thomson David, shoemaker, 59 Ann St. 
Thomson David, craneman, 41 Nicolson St. 
Thomson David (of Post Office), 19 Wellington St.' 
Thomson David C, engineer, 10 South St. 
Thomson Donald, 18 Robertson St. 
Thomson D. & Son, drapers, 13 Rue-end St. Ho. 7 

Dellingburn St. 
Thomson George, coachman, 24 W. Blackhall St. 
Thomson George, mason, 6 Nelson St., Glebe. 
Thomson George, shipwright, 9 Ratho St. 
Thomson George, plater, 38 Nicolson St. 
Thomson Henry E. T. (of Post Office), 24 Nelson St. 
Thomson Herbert, carpenter, 78 Belville St. 
Thomson Hugh, confectioner, 23 Charles St. 
Thomson Hugh, patternmaker, 14 Campbell St. 
Thomson James, boilermaker, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Thomson James, la Hope St. 
Thomson James, plumber, 18 E. Crawfurd St. 
Thomson James, 30 Brisbane St. 
Thomson James, carter, 40 Nicolson St. 
Thomson James, salesman, 3 Regent St. 
Thomson James, brewer, 23 Sir Michael St. 
Thomson James, craneman, 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Thomson J., engineer, Clyde View, Bawhirley Rd. 
Thomson James, engineer, 33 Trafalgar St. 
Thomson James, f'man labourer, 6 Hope St. 
Thomson James (of Post Office), 21 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Thomson James, storeman, 1 Hill St. 
Thomson John, blacksmith, 1 Holmscroft St. 
Thomson John, salesman, 7 Academy PI. 



Thomson John, salesman, 60 Regent St. 

Thomson John, engineer, 9 Holmscroft St. 

Thomson John, brassfinisher, 12 Crescent St. 

Thomson John, iron-driller, 32 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Thomson John, policeman, 62 Wellington St. 

Thomson John, grocer, 72 Dempster St. 

Thomson John, salesman, 14 Murd eston St. 

Thomson J. Philip (of Woodrow & Thomson), 7 Glen 

Thomson Joseph, plater, .16 Antigua St. 

Thomson Michael (late of P.O.), 9 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Thomson Parker, plater, 32 W. Stewart St. 

Thomson Peter, joiner, 69 Nicolson St. 

Thomson Peter, carter, 6 Roxburgh St. 

Tho'mson Robert, 51a Ardgowan St. 

Thomson Robert, rivetter, 41 Nicolson St. 

Thomson Robert, engineer, 49 Brachelston St. 

Thomson Robert, joiner, 39 Lynedoch St. 

Thomson Robert, patternmaker, 13 Newton St. 

Thomson Robert, plater, 5 Maukinhill Rd. 

Thomson Robert, engineer, 11 Bawhirley Rd. 

Thomson Thomas, agent, Union Bank of Scotland, 
Ld., Ardmore, 15 Caddlehill Tee. 

Thomson Thomas, hair-dresser, 15 Ann St. Ho. 20 
Prospecthill St. 

Thomson Thomas, hair-dresser, 6 Old Hillend 

Thomson Thomas, f'man rivetter, 10 Hope St. 

Thomson Thomas, draughtsman, 19 Moffat St. 

Thomson Thomas, seaman, 21 Nelson St. 

Thomson Thomas, saddler, 16 Laird St. 

Thomson Thomas R., boilermaker, 16 Antigua St. 

Thomson W. D., gen. secy. & manager, Temperance- 
Institute. 18 Madeira St.' 

Thomson W. G., joiner, 12 Terrace Rd. 

Thomson William, brassfmi~her, 22: Seroentine Walk.. 

Thomson William, caulker, 9 Holmscroft St. 

Thomson William, coppersmith, 10 Brisbane St. 

Thomson William, engineer, 29 Dempster St. 

Thomson William, railway guard, 58 Wellington St. 

Thomson William D., clerk, 22 Trafalgar St. 



Thomson William, railway guard, 15 Brougham St. 

Thomson William, rivetter, 42 Roxburgh St. 

Thomson Miss, 15 Brisbane St.' 

Thomson Miss, 25 Patrick St. 

Thomson Miss C, 9 Lynedoch St. 

Thomson Miss C, 12 Brisbane St. 

Thomson Misses A. & J., teachers, 35 Kelly St. 

Thomson Mrs A., 21 Lynedoch St. 

Thomson Miss Mary, dairy, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Thomson Mrs, dairy, 66 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Thomson Mrs, 7 Carwood St. 

Thomson Mrs, 7 Holmscroft St. 

Thomson Mrs, 6 Lauriston St. 

Thomson Mrs, 11 Robinson Av. 

Thomson Mrs E., 51 Kelly St. 

Thomson Mrs A., 28 Lynedoch St. 

Thomson Miss Mary, confectioner, 34 Lynedoch St. 

Thomson Miss Mary C, tobacconist, 3 Newton St. 

Thomson Mrs, 2 Kilblain St. 

Thomson Mrs Andrew, 181 Eldon St. 

Thomson Mrs James, 7 Grant St. 

Thomson Mrs John, 34 Robertson St. 

Thomson Mrs J., 50 St. Lawrence St. 

Thomson Mrs Mary, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Thomson Mrs R. A., 2 Finnart'St. 

Thomson Mrs Robert, 32 Mt. Pleasant St. 

THORBURN Walter & Co., comm. agts., 11 Shaw 

THORNE A. H., motor engineer, 80 Finnart St. 
Thorne Harry, 77 Union St. 
Thorne Robert, 80 Finnart St.- 
Thorne Miss, art wrkr., 81 Newton St. 
THORN ING Mrs Mary, 30 W. Blackhall St. 
THORNTON Charles, painter, 15 Jamaica St. 
TIERNEY W r . B., machinist, 35 W. Stewart St. 
Tierney Miss, tobacconist, 40 Hamilton St. Ho. 1 

Ford PI. 
Tierney Mrs Jeannie, 10 Lyle St. 
Tiernev Mrs John, 85 Belville St. 
TIMPSON Wm. Ld., bootmakers, 20 Hamilton St. 



T INN IE John, brassfinisher, 63 Holmscroft St. 

TODD Arthur, Customs watcher, 23 Kelly St. 

Todd David, salesman, 41 Lyneuoch St. 

Todd David, boiler coverer, 13 l\ewton St. 

Todd James, engineer, 29 Regent St. 

Todd John, draughtsman, 31 .Bank St. 

Todd John, joiner, 14 Holmscroft St. 

Todd Magnus H., engineer, 10 Bank St. 

Todd Peter, engineer, 30 Trafalgar St.' 

Todd Robert, mason, 24 Antigua St. 

Todd William, newsagt., 41 Ann Sc. Ho. 4 Prospect 
hill PL 

Todd John, 34 Forsyth St. 

Todd Mrs Jessie, 24 Orr Av. 

TOLIN Daniel, plater, 5 Inverkip St. 

TOLMIE John, elect, engineer, 26 Trafalgar St. 

Tolmie John K., carter, 7 Hill St. 

TOMLINSON James, foreman, 9 Lauriston St. 

TONNER James, machinist, 1 Prospecthill St. 

TONTINE 'HOTEL, 5 Ardgowan Sq. J. & W. Ser- 
vice, proprietors. Phone Nos. 594 & 595. 

TORBIT James, salesman, 16 Bank St. 

TORRANCE John, liqour f'man, 19 Bearhope St. 

TORRENCE J., iron-moulder, 36 Crescent St. 

Torrence Mrs William, 27 Belville St. 

Tosh Miss Mary, stationer, 27 Inverkip St. 

TOSH Mrs Joseph, 36 South St. 

TOUGH Alexander & Son, Clyde Ropeworks, Drum- 
frochar Rd. 

Tough Mrs J. C, 17 Finnart St. 

Tough James, brassfinisher, 6 Morton Tee. 

Tough Alex, (of A. Tough & Son), 33 Robertson St. 

Tough Joseph J., F.I. A., L.R.I.B.A., (of Stewart, 
Tough & Alexander), Ingleside, Kilcreggan. 

Tough Robert B., draughtsman, 30 Ardgowan St. 

Tough Thomas E., R.N.R. supt., Mercantile Marine 
Office. Ho. Stanley Villa. Gourock. 

TOWN Assessment Office, Municipal Bldgs. 

Town Hall, Municipal Bldgs. 

TOWNEND Mrs, 32 Kelly St. 



TOWN LEY James, plater, 3 Regent St. 
Townley William, motorman, 4 Duff St. 
Townley William H., iron-dresser, 173 Eldon St. 
TOWNSEND William, stationer, 199a Eldon St. 
TRADES Hotel, 14 Bogle St. — W. Ewan, manager. 
TRAVERS Thomas, railway porter, 21 Kelly St. 
TRAYNOR Harry, railway porter, 12 William St. 
TREASURER David, saiimaker, 24 Bruce St. 
TRIGGS Cecil, storeman, 9 Morton Tee. 
TRINDER Henry J., clubmaster, Greenock Club, 21 

Ardgowan Sq. 
TRINITY U.F. Church, 31 Union St. 
TROTTER Peter, plumber, 72 Wellington St. 
Trotter Thomas, plumber, 72 Wellington St. 
Trotter Miss, 8 Brisbane St. 
TRUSSUE Mrs George, 173 Eldon St. 
TUBERCULOSIS Dispensary, Public Health Office, 

6 Terrace Rd.— Dr J. H. G. Whiteford, Med. Off. 
TUCKER John, moulder, 21 Crescent St. 

Tucker John, session clerk, East Parish & supt. Buch 

anan Night Asylum, 47 Captain St. 
Tucker Matthew, hair- dresser, 14 Cartsburn St. Ho 

7 Belville St. 

Tucker William, moulder, 30 Ann St. 
TUDHOPE Daniel, retd. schoolmaster, 29 Ann St. 
TULLY Charles, coach builder, 3 Inverkip St. 
TULLOCH Frederick, slater, 52 Lynedoch St. 
Tulloch James, 27 Patrick St. 
Tulloch John, blacksmith, 27 Bank St. 
Tulloch William, skater, 2 Wemyss Bay St. 
TURKINGTON Samuel, engineer, 2 Antigua St. 
TURLEY James, coachman, 41 W .Blackhall St. 
Turley John, rivetter, 5 Hill St. 
Turley Robert, moulder, 34 St. Lawrence St. 
TURNBULL Donald, joiner. 55 Ann St. 
Turnbull George, coachman, 24 Kelly St. 
Turnbull James, prison warder, High Inverkip Rd/ 
Turnbull William, erocer, 25 Kelly St. Ho. Bow- 

mont, Academy PI. 
Turnbull Miss, 5 Kelly St. 



TURNER Alexander, grocer, 25 W. Stewart St. 

Turner Alexander, confectioner, 30 Wellington St. 

Turner Archibald, store-keeper, 4 Hay St. 

Turner David, labourer, 14 Terrace Rd. 

Turner Duncan, sailmaker, 24 Hamilton St. 

Turner Harry, labourer, 10 Terrace Rd. 

Turner Herbert, boilermaker, 3 Oakfield Tee. 

Turner Hugh, plumber, 51 Lynedoch St. 

Turner James, caretaker, 1 E. Blackhall St. 

Turner John, caulker, 5 Helen St. 

Turner John, engineer, 9 Holmscroft St. 

Turner John, engineman, 24 W. Blackhall St. 

Turner John, iron-moulder, 5 Hope St. 

Turner John, 3 Maukinhill Rd. 

Turner John, shipwright, 4 Duff St. 

Turner John, 40 Union St. 

Turner John Ferguson, feuar, Arlington, 85a Eldon 

Turner John M., farmer, Auchneagh, Inverkip Rd. 
Turner John W .,baker, 1 Prospecthill St. Ho. 22 

Murdieston St. 
Turner Richard, sugar boiler, 50 Captain St. 
Turner Robert, f'man stevedore, 6 Inverkip St. 
Turner William, glazier, 71 Nicolson St. 
Turner Wm. M. (of Church & Turner), Gleniffer, 

Bawhirley Rd. 
Turner Miss, 8 Antigua St. 
Turner Mrs, 34 Tobago St. 
Turner Mrs Mary, 28 South St. 
TWADDLE Robert, hammerman, 5 Helen St. 
TWEDDEL Mrs Robert C, 15 Ardgowan St. 
TWEED IE James I., Inspector of Taxes, 2nd Dist., 

Customhouse Bldgs. Ho. 11 Sandringham Tee. 
Tweedie Mrs, 75 Wellington St. 

TWEED LY William, nlumber, 13 Mt, Pleasant St. 
TWIGG Miss, Richmond Villa, 33 Newton St. 
TYLER H. P. Ld., bootmakers, 29 Hamilton St. 
TYRE Tames, painter. 18 St. Lawrence St. 
Tyre John, painter, 39 Ann St. 
Tyre John, plater, 24 South St. 


TYTLER J. R. (of M. Tytler & Sons), Ardenlea, 

Tytler Matthew & Sons, Caledonian Glass Works, 8. 

and 10 Laird St. 
Tytler Matthew, glazier, 27 Nelson St. . 
Tytler Waller, glazier, Springhiil Gdns., Pt. Glasgow. 


UNION (The) Bank of Scotland, Ld., 1 Hamilton St. 
Thomas Thomson, agt. 

UNIONIST (The) Club, W .Burn Sq. 

URIE John, draper, 78 Holmscroft St. 

URQUHART Rev. Andrew, M.A., minister St. And- 
rew's U.F. Church. Ho. 74 Forsyth St. 

Urquhart Charles, grocer & baker, 29 Rue-end St. & 
34 E. Hamilton St. Ho. 24 Octavia Corrs. 

Urquhart Duncan, tugboat master, 33 Roxburgh St.. 

Urquhart Duncan, engineer, 68 Brown St. 

Urquhart John, attendant, Smithston Colts. 

Urquhart John, seaman, 12 Lynedoch St. 

Urquhart Robert, boiler maker, 5 Hope St. 

Urquhart Mrs, maternity nurse, 20 Murdieston St. 

Urquhart Mrs, 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

URWIN Ralph A., engineer, 3 Lynedoch St. 


VACUUM Oil Co. Ld., 12 Brougham St. 
VALLANCE William, engineer, 19 Ingleston St. 
VANDALLE Thomas, boilermaker & smith, 24 Craw 

furd St. Ho. 74 Newton St. 
VASS Mrs, 14 Bank St. 

VAUGHAN Alfred, mechanic, 13 Brougham St. 
VEALE Frank, engineer, Ardsley, Lyle Rd. 
VICTORIA Chemical Works, 39 Wellington St. 
VIRTUE Alex. L., chaffeur, 30 Lynedoch St. 
Virtue John, comm. traveller, 17 Nelson St. 
Virtue Mrs, 11 Brachelston St. 
Virtue Mrs Mary, 10 Char 7 es St. 

VOKES Albert, hammerman, 3 Alexandra Mansions. 



VOSPER John, engineer, 12 Lyle St. 
Vosper Sevesus, brassmoulder, 6 Hope St. 
V.R. Service Co., tailors, 25 W. Stewart St. 


WADDELL James G... dentist, 17 Kelly St. 

Waddell John, ladies' and gent's tailor, 14 Hamilton 
St. Ho. 77 Eldon St. Phone No. 150. 

Waddell John, plumber, 9 Clarence St. 

Waddell L. A., lieut-col., 55 Campbell St. 

Waddell R. D., sausage maker, 1 W. Blackhall St. 

Waddell Thomas, brassfinisher, 92 Belville St. 

Waddell David, engineer, 21 Margaret St. 

Waddell Misses M. & N., dressmakers, 83 Roxburgh 
St.: Ho. 99 Dempster St. 

WADE David, labourer, 14 Mill St. 

Wade William, tanner, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Wade William J., labourer, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Wade William J., labourer, 27 Charles St. 

WALES Benjamin, 19 Murdieston St. 

Wales Brothers, ham-curers & egg merchts., 85 Rox- 
burgh St., 23 & 59 Vennel. Ho. Gateside Av. 

WAINWRIGHT Henry, 24 Belville St. 

Wales Tohn B.. painter, 71 Dempster St. 

WALKER Archibald, joiner, 5 Watt St. 

Walker Archibald (of Hill & Co.), Hillcrest, Hillside 
Rd., Gourock. 

Walker Archibald, plumber, 30 Brymner St. 

Walker Archibald, rivetter, 12 Pottery St. 

Walker Archibald, yachtsman, 10 Hope St. 

Walker Colin, electrician, 9 Jamaica St. 

Walker David, engineman, 9 Dellingburn St. 

Walker David, police sergt., 9 Lyle St. 

Walker Mary A., tobacconist & stationer, 16 Carts- 
burn St, Ho. 32 Ingleston St. 

Walker Harold, labourer, 39 Crawfurd St. 

Walker Hugji Carmalt, sugar refiner, 5 Princes St. 
Ho. 46 Finnart St. 

Walker James, engineer, 19 Wellington St. 



Walker, iron-fitter, 33 Lyle St. 

Walker J aires, salesman, 43 Trafalgar St. 

Walker, engineer, 25 Brown St. 

Walker John & Co., sugar refiners, 5 Princes St. 

Walker Jaxes, carting contractor, 10 Buccleuch St. 

Walker John, clerk, 31 Regent St. 

Walker John, engineer, 11 E. Crawfurd St. 

Walker John, green-keeper, 16 Wellington St. 

Walker John (of J. Walker & Co.), 6 Finnart Tee. 

Walker John Barnhill, sugar refiner, 95 Finnart St. 

Walker John, clerk, 18 Patrick St. 

Walker John William, 20 Bentinck St. 

Walker Moses, plater, 10 Hay St. 

Walker Robert, clerk, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 

Walker Robert Steuart, (of W II wraith & Walker), 

Pcrtkill House, Kilcreggan. 
Walker Thomas, painter, 38 Holmscroft St. 
Walker William, accountant, 47 Brisbane St. 
Walker William, flesher, 33 W. Burn St. Ho. 35 

South St. 
Walker William, toolsmith, 12 Crescent St. 
Walker W. Norman, sugar refiner, 83 South St. 
Walker Miss, confectioner, 26 E. Crawfurd St. 
Walker Miss Agnes, 27 Robertson St. 
Walker Mrs Jane, 16 Laird St. 
Walker Mrs, 19 Trafalgar St. 
Walker M ; ss, 52 Union St. 
Walker Mrs Cath., spirit mercht., 17 Cathcart St. Ho 

5 Robertson St. 
Walker Mrs Helen, 22 Prospecthill St. 
Walker Mrs H. W., Bellevue, Johnstone St. 
WALL Rev. John, clergyman, 14 Patrick St. 
Wall James, caulker, 15 Carwood St. 
WALLS Malcolm, painter. 7 Nile St. 
WALLACE Alexander, licensed grocer, 16 Antigua 

Wallace Charles, boiler™ aker 14 Regent St. 
Wallace DavH, bookbinde". lb Hooe St. 
Wallace David, moulder. 8 Lyle St. 
Wallace David, rivetter, 5 Lverkip St. 



Wallace Edward, janitor, Greenock Academy, 24 New 

ton St. 
Wallace George, patternmaker, 64 Dempster St. 
Wallace George, checker, 2 Belville St. 
Wallace Henry J., detective inspector, 66 Kelly St. 
Wallace James, boilermaker, 6 Hope St. ' 
Wallace James, compositor, 13 Nelson St. 
Wallace James, flesher, i> Prospecthill S;. 
Wallace Joseph, coppersmith, 8 Belville St. 
Wallace Joseph, .ron-dresser, 61 Nicolson St. 
Wallace Leslie, joiner, 59 Roxburgh St. 
Wallace Robert, sugar boiler, 31 Ingleston St. 
Wallace Samuel, fitter, 52 Belville St. 
Wallace William, coal mercht., 36 Inverkip St. 
Wallace W'lliam, plater, 33 Lynedoch St. 
Wallace Robert D., motor mechanic, 17 Nelson St. 
Wallace William, plumber, "58 Belville St. 
Wallace Miss, provision mercht., 23 South St. 
Wallace William, labourer, 40 Roxburgh St. 
"Wallace Mrs, 3 Antigua St. 
Wallace Mrs Nary, 58 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Wallace Mrs L., 41 Holmscroft St. 
WALLER Joseph, plumber, 50 Dempster St. 
WALL IS George, engineer, 8 Campbell St. 
WALMSLEY James, engineer, 4 Carnock St. 
Walmsley Toseoh, 66 Demos'-er St. 
Walmsley Mrs Thomas, 59 South St. 
WALSH Albert, moulder, 30 Bruce *St. 
Walsh Tohn, Customs watcher, 7 Holmscroft St. 
WALTON Miss, 65c Union St. 
WANDRUM James, labourer, 52 Inverkip St. 
WARD Hugh, produce mercht., 22 Ann St. Ho. 26 
Ward Hugh, labourer, 6 Chapel St. 
Ward Tames, slater, 66 Holmscroft St. 
Ward Tohn, shoemaker, 9 E. Blarkhall St. 
Ward Tohn, engineer. 32 Brown St. 
Ward Richard, Camard. 89 Newark St. 
Ward Robert, r-achinist, 4 Carwood St. 
WARDEN H. G., asst. manager, R.N.T.F., 29 Ard- 

?owan St. 

32 It 


Warden John, 17 Jamaica St. 
Warden Miss, 49 Brisbane St. 
Warden Helen, 65 Forsyth St. 
WARD LAW. Robert, physician & surgeon, 2 Shaw 

PI. Ho. 47 Union St.— Tele. 1043. 
Wardlaw Robert, patternmaker, 10 Garvald St.' 
WARDLE George, 34 Finnart St. 
Wardle James, mercht., 2 Esplanade. 
War die Harry E., 78 Finnart St. 
WARNOCK William H., tailor, 11 Mt. Pleasant St. 
WARR Rev. Charles L., clergyman, St. Paul's 84 

Union St. 
WARWICK James, labourer, 13 E. Crawfurd St. 
Warwick William, engineer, 7 Moffat St. 
Warwick Mrs, 5 Moffat St. 
WASSON David, baker, 5 Prospecthill St. 
Wasson Francis, papermaker, 36 South St. 
Wasson Robert, baker, 60 Ann St. 
WATERFORD Steamship Office, 46 Cathcart St. 

Thos. Young, agt. 
WATERSON James, electrician, 6 Robinson Av. 
Waterson William, clerk, 17 Mearns St. 
Waterson Mrs, 12 Wellington St. 
WATSON Alexander, driller, 3 Regent St. 
Watson Alexander, shipping clerk, 27 Robertson St. 
Watson Alexander F., joiner, 15 Roxburgh St. 
Watson Andrew, chaffeur, 51 Holmscroft St. 
Watson Charles, salesman, 21 Wellington St. 
Watson Daniel, joiner, 24 Wellington St. 
Watson David, traveller, 25 Nelson St. 
Watson Duncan, engineer, 16 Academy PL 
Watson Fred. A., shipbroker, 32 Cathcart St. Ho. 

21 Union St. 
Watson George, clerk, 6 Houston St. 
Watson H., tailor, 27 W. Burn St. 
Watson James, boilermaker, 3 Orchard St. 
Watson James, carter, 5 Mill St. 
Watson James, draper, 31 Ann St. 
Watson James, asst. sanitary inspector, 10 Lynedoch 




Watson James, labourer, 3 Regent St. 

Watson John, seaman, 24 St. 

Watson John G., hair-dresser, 29 Regent St. Ho. 

29 Nelson St. 
Watson John, labourer, 6 Nelson St., Glebe. 
Watson Neil, labourer, 11 Duncan St. 
Watson Neil M., joiner & builder, 50 Inverkip St. 

Ho. 9 Ardgowan St. 
Watson Peter, labourer, 15 Bruce St. 
Watson Matthew, hair-dresser, 7 Hamilton St. Ho. 

25 Denholm St. 
Watson Samuel, fruiterer, 7 Ann St. Ho. 67 Holm- 

scroft St. 
Watson Samuel, eng. draughtsman, 16 Ft. Matilda 

Watson Thomas, spirit mercht., 9 Sir Michael St. Ho 

28 Esplanade. 
Watson Thomas C, compositor, 46 Captain St. 
Watson William, insurance agt., 16 Bank St. ' 

Watson William G., iron-driller, 10 Terrace Rd. 
Watson William J., clubmaster, Imperial Union Club, 

16 Patrick St. 
Watson Miss Grace, dress-maker, 6 Murdieston St. 
Watson Mrs Frederick, 58 Brisbane St. 
Watson Mrs Barbara, 14 Duncan St. 
Watson Miss, 16 Wellington St. 
Watson Mrs Mary, 20 Robertson St. 
Watson Mrs N. M'Leod, 35 Ardgowan St. 
Watson Mrs Robert, 29 Ardgowan St. 
Watson Mrs, 25 Brisbane St. 
Watson Mrs Jessie, 14 W. Blackhall St. 
WATT Alexander, iron-dresser, 51 Rue-end St. 
Watt Archibald, plater, 12 Pottery St. 
Watt Henry, labourer, 4 Chalmers St. 
Watt Hugh, labourer. 11 Mill St. 
Watt Tames, baker, 1 Bruce St. 
Watt Tames, checker. 15 Mill St. 
Watt T. M. (of William Watt), 62 Campbell St. 
Watt Tohn, retd. detective-seret., 37 Dempster St. 
Watt Museum Institution, 15 Kellv St. 



Watt Peter, policeman, 17 Antigua St. 

Watt Robert, baker, 11 Hill St. 

Watt Robert, craneman, 3 Regent St. 

Watt William, wine mercht., 47 Vennel. 

Watt William, contractor, 1 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Watt William, turner, 47 Belville St. 

Watt Misses, 52 South St. 

Watt Mrs H. E., 9 Houston St. 

WATTERS Alexander, butcher, 83 Holmscroft St. 

Ho. 18 Academy PI. 
Watters Andrew, shipwright, 14 Regent St. 
Watters John S. & Son, ironmongers, 29 Vennel. Ho. 

23 Nelson St. 
Watters Samuel, f'man boilermaker, 18 Cathcart St. 
Watters William, caulker, 10 Hope St. 
Watters William, iron-moulder, 1 E. William St. 
Watters William, newsagt., 34 W. Burn "St. Ho. 1 

W. Stewart St. 
Watters Mrs Sarah, 23 Nelson St. 
WAUGH Robert, labourer, 41 Crawfurd St. 
Waugh Mrs L., 5 Bank St. 
WAVERLEY Temperance Hotel, 40 W. Blackhall 

St. — R. Russell, proprietor. 
WAYY James, boat-builder, 8 E. Blackhall St. 
WEAVING James, grinder, 8 Orr Av. 
WEBSTER Andrew, motor hirer, 40a Union St. 
Webster Andrew S., policeman, 3 Dalrymple St. 
Webster George, fireman, 7 Hope St. 
Webster Henry, engine-driver, 50 Dempster St. 
Webster Harry, manager, 9 Maukinhill Rd. 
Webster James, engine-driver, 26 Lynedoch St. 
Webster William, railway porter, 38 Lynedoch St. 
Webster Mrs Margt., 35 Lyle St. 
WEDGWOOD Arthur, factory wrkr., 16 Dunn St. 
WEEKES James, patternmaker, 1 Mearns St. 
WEIR Benjamin, Customs & Excise, 15 South St. 
Weir Bernard, shipwright, 27 Nicolson St. 
Weir David, blacksmith, J 8 Murdieston St. 
Weir D. A. C. (of Post Office), 5 Caddlehill St. 
Weir Daniel, sawyer, 4 Meirns St. , 



Weir Jarvis, holder-on, 33 Baxter St. 

Weir James T., engineer, 6 Hope St. 

Weir James, insurance dist. manager, 6 Terrace Rd. 

Weir Joseph, carter, 58 Wellington St. 

Weir John, motorman, 41 Belville St. 

Weir Walter, painter, 35 Bawhirley Rd. 

Weir Walter, ambulanceman, 20 Orr Av. 

Weir William, craneman, 83 Roxburgh St. 

Weir Miss, 4 Prospecthill St. 

Weir Mrs John, 12 Inchgreen St. 

Weir Miss, 66 Kelly St. 

Weir Misses, 17 Ardgowan St. 

Weir Misses, 79 Holmscroft St. 

Weir Mrs, 15 Lynedoch St. 

Weir Miss, draper, 21 W. Blackhall St. 

WELLCOAT E., antique dealer, 6 Inverkip St. 

Wellcoat Mrs William P., broker, 5 Inverkip St. 

WELLINGTON Park Pleasure Grounds — Entrance) 

Drumfrochar Rd. 
Wellington Bowling Club — Secy., Robert Whitson, 11 

Antigua St. 
WELLPARK Harriers' Clubhouse, Gateside. 
WELLS James, clerk, 62 Kelly St. 
Wells Walter, mason, 9 Clarence St. 
WELSH James, car driver, 69 Holmscroft St. 
Welsh Patrick, bridgeman, 20 St. Lawrence St. 
Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, chartered accountants, 

house factors & stockbrokers, 33 Cathcart St. 
Welsh Mrs F., 7 Nicolson St. 
Welsh Mrs Edward, 16 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Welsh Mrs F., 33 South St. 

WESLEY AN Methodist Chapel, 4 Ardgowan St. 
WEST T. W., billiard-room prop., 29 Hamilton St. n & 

29 W. Burn St. 
WESTBURN (The) Sugar Refineries, Ld., Berry-i 

yards, Lynedoch St. 
WEST-END Baths, Ld., 3 Campbell St.— Hugh 

Ritchie, hon. treas. 
West Parish Church, Nelson St. 
West U.F. Church, 11 Ardgowan St. 

325 * ■' 


WEST WATER Jean C., boarding-house, 71 Union 

WESTMACOTT Henry W., draper, 20 Bank St. 
WESTON Robert, shipwright, 38 Nicolson St. 
Weston William, engineer, 2 Carnock St. 
West Renfrew Motors, Ld., motor engineers, 32 W. 

Blackhall St., 28 Brougham St. & 8 Shaw St. 
WHALLEY Wm. D'., cordage manufr. (Greenpck 

Ropework), 63 Union St. 
WHEAT Sheaf Hotel, 4 Church PI. 
WH1STON Mrs, 4 Hay St. 

WH1TAKER Mrs, masseuse, 46 Robertson St. 
WHITE Alexander, joiner, 8 Hope St. 
White Andrew, 5 Nile St. 
White Archibald, rivetter, 37 Nelson St. 
White Daniel, hammerman, 14 Inverkip St. 
White Daniel, labourer, 17 Main St. 
White David, grocer, 68 Ann St. Ho. 44 Robertson 

White George, labourer, 1 Broomhill St. 
White Hugh, caulker, 32 St. Lawrence St. 
White Hugh, painter, 22 Bearhope St. 
White James, carpenter, 75 Regent St. 
White James, carter, 104 Drumfrochar Rd. 
White James (Roxburgh En/gine Works), 23 Bank St 
White James, grocer, 64 Vennel. Ho. 36 Newton St 
White Jariies D ., joiner & builder, 9 Sugarhouse Lane 

Ho. 23 Ardgowan St. 
White Tohn, 28 Ardgowan St. 
White John D., baker, 35 Roxburgh St. Ho. 41 

Kelly St. 
White John G., manager, 25 Patrick St. 
White Louis, tailor, 32 Hamilton St. 
White Robert, railway f'man, 22 Baxter St. 
White Samuel, labourer, 15 Mill St. 
White Thomas, carter, 35 Lyle St. 
White Walter I., engineer, (of White & Sons), 22 

Nelson St. 
White William & Sons, Roxburgh Engine Works, "24 

Roxburgh St. 



White William A., sailmaker, 18 St. Lawrence St. 
White Miss, Campfield House, 20 7 Eldon St. 
White Mrs, 18 Cathcart St. 
White Mrs Robert, 30 Newton St. 
WHYTE Alfred E., draughtsman, 15 Finnart St. 
Whyte Archibald, brassfinisher, 5 Antigua S„. 
Why L e JJonalu, (Jx.scorixS boatman, 67 Nicolson St. 
V/hyte Duncan, carpenter, 3 Ho±mscroft St . 
Whyte George, painter, 8 Ardgowan St. 
Whyte George N., machy. mercht., 13 John St. 
Whyte J., messenger, Cydes-ale Bank, Ld., 46 Cath- 
cart St. 
Whyte Matthew, engineer, 7 Octavia Cottages. 
Whyte Neil, blacksmith, 29 Dempster St. 
Whyte Neil, clerk, 16 Wellington St. 
Whyte Thomas, glass cutter, 29 Trafalgar St. 
Whyte William, carter, 7 Orr Av. 
Whyte Miss, 11 Bank St. 
Whyte Mrs A., 58 Regent St. 
Whyte Mrs Agnes, 23 Newton St. 
Whyte Mrs Jessie, Mt. Lane Cott., off Regent St. 
Whyte Mrs Margt., 27 Patrick St. 
WHYSALL Frank H., A.M.I.E.E., Burgh Electrical 

Engineer, 57 Esplanade. 
W T HITEFORD Alex., flesher, 30 E. Hamilton St. 

Ho. 10 Bank St. 
Whiteford Alexander L., engineer, 30 St. Lawrence 

Whiteford Alfred, painter, 49 Mearns St. 
Whiteford David E., engineer, 9 Hope St! 
Whiteford Edward, brassfinisher, 39 Brachelston St. 
Whiteford James H., painter, 24 Brisbane St. 
Whiteford James H. G., Medical Officer of Health, 6 

Terrace Rd. Ho. Copthorn, 8 Eldon St. 
Whiteford Robt., bandmaster, ex-Service Men's Band 

1 Orangefield PI. 
Whiteford Robert, insurance ag ., 85 Roxburgh St. 
Whiteford William, flesher, 23 Ann St. Ho. 70 New 

ton St. 
Whiteford Mrs G., 9 Hone St. 


Whiteford Misses M. & N., 10 Kelly St. 

Whiteford Mrs, 24 Hillend Dr. 

Whiteford Mrs, 9 South St. 

WHITEHEAD Andrew, loftsman, 2 Carwood St. 

WHITEHILL John, hoilermaker, 7 Dellingburn St. 

WHITELAW John, carver & gilder, 41 W. Black- 
hall St. Ho. 37 Kelly St. 

Whitelaw John, blacksmith, 22 Lyle St. 

WH ITEM AN Joseph N., of Customs & Excise, 29 
Brisbane St. 

Whiteman Robert, engineer, Gateside Hospital. 

WHITESIDE R. & J-, fruiterers, 49 Rue-end St. 
Ho. Worcester, Bawhirky Rd. Phone 581. 

WHITSON Robert, brass finisher, 11a Antigua St. 

Whitson William, grocer, 16 Hope St. 

WHITTAKER Walter, insurance dist. manager, 2 
Hamilton St. Ho. 11 Binnie St., Gourock. 

Whittaker William, iron-driller, 36 E. Hamilton St. 

WHITTET Mrs A., Auchneagh House, Inverkip Rd. 

WHOLESALE (The) Traders' Assocn.— R. A. Clap 
perton Stewart, C.A., secy. & treas., 2 Church PI. 

WIGGINS Edward, rivetter, 13 Crawfurd St. 

WILD Robert, patternmaker, 56 Be'ville St. 

Wild William, patternmaker, 3 Ingleston St. 

WILKEN Thos., factory wrkr., 35 W. Stewart St. 

WILKIE Adam, carter, 3 Roslin St. 

WHk'e Daniel, caulke-. 5 Mill St. 

Wilkie Duncan, engineer, 64 Kelly St. 

Wilkie James, blacksmith, 18 Wellington St. 

Wilkie John, engineer, 58 Regent St. 

Wilkie John, engineer & store-keeper, 14 Lynedoch 

Wilkie John C, teacher, 38 Newton St. 

Wilkie Robinson, her's—an, 29 Su°:arhouse Lare. 

Wilkie William (of J. Agnew "& Son), 72 Newton St. 

Wi^e William, fireman. 1 Mill St. 

W^k ; e William, fireman, 9 Brachelston St. 

Wilkie Miss, 1 Mill St. 

Wi^k'e Mrs H., boot repairer, 4 Cartsburn St. 

WILKINSON Albert, 8 Mt. Pleasant St. 



Wilkinson Allan, plater, 33 Ingleston St. 
Wilkinson David, electrician, 7 E. Crawfurd St. 
Wilkinson Robert J., labourer, 32 Ingleston St. 
Wilkinson Thomas, stoker, 78 Dempster St. 
Wilkinson Miss, tobacconist & stationer, 3 Brougham 

St. Ho. 7 Campbell St. 
Wilkinson Mrs Allan, 10 E. Crawfurd St. 
WILLD RIDGE George, painter, 3 Bawhirley Rd. 
Willdridge Joseph, painter, 11 Carwood St. 
WILLENS Andrew, vanman, 68 Dempster St. 
WILLIS John, f'man electrician, 29 Belville St. 
WILLIAMS Charles, baker, 13 Orr Av. 
Williams Charles, labourer, 8 Chapel St. 
Williams E. T., tobacconist & stationer, 8 Inverkip 

St. & 23 W. Blackhall St. Ho. 11 Prospecthill PI 
Williams, Foster & Paseoe, Grenfell & Sons, copper 

agency, 5 4 Rue-end St. — P. MacCallum & Sons. 
Williams James, tailor, 5 Duff St. 
Williams George, shipwright, 31 Trafalgar St. 
Williams John, driller, 1 Bank St. 
Williams "William, T>oilermaker, 2 Morton Tee. 
Williams Mrs, 3 Duff St. 
WILLIAMSON Albert, comm. trav., 32 Robertson 

Williamson Alexander & Co., F.S.A.A-, accountants 

& factors, 28 Nicolson St. Ho. Gartfield, Grant 

Williamson Andrew M., cashier, 28 Ardgowan St. 
Williamson Charles, clerk, 24 Nfelson St. 
Williamson Charles, clerk, 18 Ardgowan St. 
Williamson Charles, craneman, 22 Antigua St. 
Williamson David, fitter, 50 St. Lawrencs St. 
Williamson George, plater, 8 Carwood St. 
Williamson Hugh, caulker, 19 Belville St. 
Williamson George, compositor, 6 Mearns St. 
Williamson George, engineer, 3 Macdougall St. 
Williamson James, grocer, 19 Dempster St. 
Williamson John, carter, 31 Lynedoch St. ■■* 

Williamson John, clerk, 23 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Williamson John, engineer. 4 Old Hillend. 



Williamson John, time-keeper, 5 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Williamson Joseph, labourer, 7 Ingleston'St. 

Williamson Richard, labourer, 37 Belville St. 

Williamson Robert, cooper, 28 Lynedoch St. 

Williamson Robert R., clerk, 32 Ardgowan St. 

Williamson Samuel, blacksmith, 19 Prospecthill St. 

Williamson Thomas J., moulder, 9 Hope S:. 

Williamson Thomas P., 49 Brisbane St. 

Williamson W. G., plumber, 120 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Williamson William, fitter, 20 St. Lawrencj S:. 

Williamson William, of P. S. W. & Son, 43 Robert- 
son St. 

Williamson William, tugboat, 36 Crescent St 

Williamson William A. M., 28 Grant St. 

Williamson Mrs P. S., 6 Kelly St. 

Williamson Mrs Robert, 46 Grant St. 

Williamson Mrs S., 37 Holmscroft St. 

Williamson Mrs Alex., 3 Forsyth St. 

Williamson Mrs Marion, Carlogie, 37 Newark St. 

WILLOUGHBY George, seaman, 22 Murdieston St. 

WILSON Alexander, time-keeper, 13 Bruce St. 

Wilson Alexander (of P. O. Telephones), 32 Ke.-ly St 

Wilson Alexander, plater, 52 Lynedoch St. 

Wilson Allan, guard, 58 Wellington Sc. 

Wilson Archibald, cooper, 33 Sir Michael St. 

Wilson Archibald, joiner, 28 Lyle St. 

Wilson Archibald B., cooper, 91 Roxburgh St. 

Wilson A. M'Leod, F.F.S., measurer & surveyor, 27 
Cathcart St. 

Wilson Charles, rivetter, 1 Hil' St. 

Wilson David, bker, 16 M.^arns St. 

Wilson David, blacksmith, 9 Morton Tee. 

Wilson David cashier, 35 Brachelston St. 

Wilson Dav'cl, prison warier. High Inverkip Rd. 

Wilson Da^ rid, fitter, 56 Wellington St. 

Wilson David, grain mercht., 46 Rue-end St. Ho. 
57 Union fH. 

Wilson Donald B. T., clerk, 46 Kelly St. 

Wilson Donald, rivetter, 58 Pc. Glasgow Rd. 



Wilson Edward & Son, wholesale drysalters, 25 Char- 
les St. 

Wilson Frank, clerk, 12 Brisbane St. 

Wilson George F., shipwright, 4 Hill St. 

Wilson Henry M., grocer, 13 Brachelston St. Ho. 
17 Brachelston Sc. 

Wilson Henry, boiler m aker, 4 Chapel St. 

Wilson Hugh, clerk, 4 Campbell St. 

vVilson Hugh, insurance agt., 32 Brougham St. 

Wilson James, M.D., 83 Roxburgh St. Ho. 5 Finn- 
art Terrace. 

Wilson James, boilermaker, 22 St. Lawrence St. 

Wilson James, labourer, 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 

Wilson James, salesman, 64 Kelly St. 

Wilson James, shipmaster, 9 Jardine Tee. 

Wilson James, labourer, 5 Inchgreen St. 

Wilson James, brassfinisher, 8 Chapel St. 

Wilson James, shoemaker, 71 Regent St. 

Wilson James, mason, 9 Prospecthill St. 

Wilson James F., organist, 28 Denholm St. 

Wilson John, caulker, 24 E. Crawfurd St. 

Wilson John, iron-driller, 37 Belvills St. 

Wilson John, painter, 2 Orangefield PI. 

Wilson John, plater, Gibbshill Tee. 

Wilson John, plumber, 75 Holmscroft St. 

Wilson John, rivetter, 3 Ratho St. 

Wilson John, signalman, 4 Prospecthill St. 

Wilson John, labourer, 10 Chalmers St. 

Wilson John, engineer, 3 Brachelston St. 

Wilson John R., engineer, 2 George Sq. 

Wilson John S., plater's helper, 3 Armadale PI. 

Wilson John K., wright & builder, 51 Vennel. Ho. 
8 Esplanade. 

Wilson Michael, engineer, 39 Bank St. 

Wilson Michael (of Bowman, Wilson & Co.), 41 
Robertson St. 

Wilson Nathaniel, fruiterer, 10 Murdieston St. 

Wilson Nathaniel, draper, 40 Hamilton St. 

Wilson Neil, plumber, 7 Moffat St. 

Wilson Neil, teacher, 17 Newton St. 



Wilson Peter, 73 Ann St. 

Wilson Peter, labourer, 10 Mill St. 

Wilson Peter, rivetter, 16 Inchgreen St. 

Wilson Robert, joiner, 31 Dempster St. 

Wilson Robert, railwayman, 10 Mill St. 

Wilson Robert, butcher, 13 Orr Av. 

Wilson Robert, chemist & druggist, 46 Ann St. Ho. 

1 Alexandra Mansions. 
Wilson Robt. (ox D. Graham Ramsay & Co.), 9 Shaw 

Wilson Robert, f'man baker, 20 Roxburgh St. 
Wilson Robert, labourer, 3 Hamilton St. 
Wilson Robert, engineer, 21 Dempster St. 
Wilson Samuel,' joiner, 58 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Wilson Thomas, 50 Brougham St. 
Wilson William, blacksmith, 9 Morton Tee. 
Wilson William, engineer, 19 Roxburgh St. 
Wilson William, f'man labourer, 14 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Wilson William, tailor, 4 Brachelston St. 
Wilson William, hole-borer, 66 Holmscroft St. 
Wilson William S., draughtsman, 17 Nelson St. 
Wilson William J., labourer, 15 Mill St. 
Wilson William, joiner, 5 Lauriston St. 
Wilson William, jr., accountant & house factor, 26 

Hamilton St. Ho. 83 Brisbane St. 
Wilson William, coal mercht., 4 Chapel St. 
Wilson William, hatter & hosier, 43 Cathcart St. Ho. 

Torbanlea, 40 Ardgowan St. 
Wilson Robert & Co., comm. agts., 32 Cathcart St. 

Ho. Park PI., Gourock. 
Wilson William, pumber, Gibbshill Tee. 
Wilson William B., clerk, 6 Margaret St. 
Wilson William B., engineer, 34 Ingleston St. 
Wilson Miss, 6 Brisbane St. 
Wilson Miss, 6 Nicolson St. 
Wilson Miss, 10 Sandringham Tee. 
Wilson Miss, 57a Union St. 

Wilson Miss R. A., dress-maker, 23 Bank St. 
Wilson Miss, 10 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Wilson Mrs Janet, 23 Brisbane St. 



Wilson Mrs, 20 Wellington St. 

Wilson Mrs, 25 Newton St. 

Wilson Mrs Edwaru, Woodthorpe, 21 Esplanade. 

Wilson Mrs F. S., tobacconist & P.O., 23 Brougham 

St. Ho. 7a Ardgowan St. 
Wilson Mrs John, 67 Holmscroft St. 
WILTON Charles, labourer, 14 Gordon St. 
Wilton Thomas, labourer, 84 Belville St. 
WIMBS John, teacher, 22; Nelson St. 
WINCHCOMB Thomas, turner, 29 Trafalgar St. 
WINCHESTER Elrick, joiner, 9 Brachelston St. 
WING ATE John S. (The Westburn Sugar Refineries 

Ld.), Glenfruin, Campbell St. 
Wingate Peter, carpenter, 37 Holmscroft St. 
WINK J & Co., house furnishers, 29 W. Burn St. 
Wink James D., comm. agt., 31 Newton St. 
Wink John (of Wink & Co.), 27 Robertson 'St. 
WINTER William R., engineer, 4 Morton Tee. 
WISH ART Walter, hammerman, 5 Belville St. 
Wishart Thomas, rivetter, 5 Belville St. 
WOHLGEMUTH Frederick R., clerk, 11 Antigua St- 
Wohlgemuth John, plumber, 19 Dempster St. 
WOMEN'S Friendly Socy. of Scotland — Dist. secy.. 

Miss M. R. Murray, 2 Church PI. 
WOOD Andrew, labourer, 22 Trafalgar St. 
Wood William G., seaman, 109 Newark St. 
Wood George, grocer, 77 Wellington St. 
Wood James, engine-driver, 9 Ardgowan St. 
Wood James, vanman, 28 E. Hamilton St. 
Wood Robert, guard, 9 Hill St. 
Wood William, master mariner, 193 Eldon St. 
Wood Robert, engine-driver, 5 Nile St. 
Wood William C, timber mercht., Pottery St. 
Wood Mrs E., 10 Nile St. 
Wood Mrs Catherine, 7 Newton St. 
Wood Miss, teacher, 108 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Wood Miss, 29 Ardgowan St. 
WOODS Henry, turner, 35 W. Shaw St. 
Woods Hugh, rivetter, 45 Cathcart St. 
Woods John, engineer, 5 Newton St. 


Woods RicharJ, la-ourer, 6 Chapel St. 

WOODBURN Wnliam D., L.D.S., F.P.S.G., D.D..JS, 
dental surgeon, 22 Eldon St. Ho. 197 Bath St., 

Woodburn Misses, 18 Bentinck St. 

WOODFORD Mrs, 5 Inchgreen St. 

WOODROW & Thomson, F.F.S., measurers & sur- 
veyors, 2 Hamilton St. 

Woods Malcolm, engineer, 12 Nile St. 

Woods William, engineer, 12 Nile St. 

WOODS IDE John, carter, 9 Crawfurd St. 

Woodside Mrs, 51 Lynedoch St. 

WOOLAR David, plumber, 69 Dempster St. 

WOOLLEY Chanes, boilermaker, 16 Trafalgar St. 

Woolley G. & A., billposters, 29 Brymner^t. 

WOOLWORTH F, W. & Co. Ld., domestic stores, 
39-41 Hamilton St. 

WORKING Boys' Home, Bank Top, Bank St. 

WORKMAN Alexander, labourer, 5 Mill St. 

Workman James, fruiterer, 12 Pottery St. 

Workman Robert, labourer, 13 Mill St. 

Workman Samuel, wool-sorter, 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 

WORTH INGTON Albert, engine-driver, 36 Trafal- 
gar St. 

WRAY Miss, 43 Lynedoch St. 

WREDE Mrs, Home Lodge, 27 Bentinck St. 

Wrede Miss, 38 Forsyth St. 

WREN William, plumber, 11 W. Stewart St. 

WRIGHT A. B. & J. J., treatrical managers, King's 
Theatre & Opera House Seabank, 7 Johnstone St.- 

Wright Andrew, labourer, 4 Serpentine Walk. 

Wright Archibald, bricklayer, 56 Kelly St. 

Wright Alexander, salesman, 16 Laird St. 

Wright Alexander J., tailor, 20 Trafalgar St. 

Wright Alexander R., pensioner, 10 Regent St. 

Wright Alexander D. K., constable, 11 Nelson St. 

Wright Archibald M., grocer, 68 Vennel. Ho. 68 
Kelly St. 

Wright David, dyer. 57 Ann St. 

Wright David, mechanic. 57 Ann St. 


Wright George John, tailor & clothier, 29 Nelson St. 
Ho. 14 South St. 

Wright James, engineer, 8 Antigua St. 

Wright George G.,, 15 Hope S:. 

Wright John, plater, 22 Murdieston St. 

Wright P. B. & Son, carriage hirers & funeral under- 
takers, 43 W. Blackball St., 26 Brougham St., 
and 4 Scarlow St., Pt. Glasgow. 

Wright P. B., jr. (of P. B. Wright & Son), 43 West 
Blackhall St. 

Wright Peter, fruiterer, 3 Ann St. & 37 W. Burn St. 
Ho. 97 Roxburgh St. 

Wright Peter, motorman, 10 Ladyburn Bldgs. 

Wright Robert, joiner, 85 Roxburgh St. 

Wright Robert, tailor & clothier, 23 Brisbane St. 

Wright Robert, engineer, 33 W. Burn St. 

Wright Thomas, shipwright, 20 Murdieston St. 

Wright William Bruce, pharmacist, 9 Lynedoch St. 
Ho. 44 Margaret St. 

Wright Mrs, 18 Mearns St. 

Wright Mrs, 106 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Wright Mrs E., confectioner, 17 Tobago St. 

Wright Mrs M., 2 Orr Av. 

WYATT George, engineer, 38 Hillend Dr. 

WYER Charles, 9 Kilblain St. 

WYKES Charles, car conductor, 3 Morton Tee. 

WYLIE Alexander, engine-driver, 10 Tamaica St. 

Wvlie Alexander, joiner, 7 Holmscroft St. 

Wylie A., plater, 6 Morton Tee. 

Wylie David, eneineer, 5 Belville St. 

Wylie Tohn, engineer, 17 Belville St. 

Wylie Joseph, boilermaker, 1 E.' William St. 

Wylie Peter, traveller, 18 South St. 

Wvlie Robert, shipwright, 40 Sir Michael St. 

Wylie Robert, mat maker, 4 Kitchener PI. 

Wvlie Miss, 41 Brisbane Stt 

Wylie Mrs Hugh, 34 W. Blackhall St. 

Wvlie Mrs Helen, 1 Salmon St. 

Wylie Mrs Helen, 31 Orr Av. 

WYLLIE John, labourer. 116 Drumfrochar Rd. 



Wyllie Robert, boot repairer, 6 Holmscroft St. 

Wyllie. Thomas, rivetter, 4 Chapel St. 

Wyllie William T., draughtsman, 7 Caddlehill Tee. 

Wyllie Miss, 50 Holmscroft St. 

Wyllie Mrs, 12 Drumfrochar Rd. 

WYNESS Thomas, retd. detective, 32 South St. 

WYSE Robert P., clerk, 8 Garvald St. 

Wyse Mrs Jane, 75 Dempster St. 

YEELAS Joseph W. T., storekeeper, 17 Brisbane St. 
YE AM AN Alexander, collector, 24 Kelly St. 
Yeaman John T., asst. inspector, Renf. Educ. Auth., 

9 Dellingburn St. 
YEATS William J., manager, 46 Brisbane St. 
YORSTON Robert H., asst. librarian, Public Liby., 

7 Brisbane St. 
YOUDEN Mrs A., 17 Regent St. 
YOST Percy, 58 Wellington St. 

YOUNG Alexander, blacksmith, 20 E. Crawfurd St. 
Young Alexander, carpenter, 15 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Young Alexander, license! grocer, 62 Wellington St. 
Young Andrew, surveyor to Bureau Veritas, Glasgow, 

19 Finnart St. 
Young Andrew, clerk,. 4 Houston St. 
Young Duncan, secy., Ross & Marshall, Ld., 25 New- 
ton St. 
Young David, slater, 26 Hamilton S_. 
Young Ernest, motorman, 25 Orr Av. 
Young Frank, clerk, 38 Grant St. 
Young George, manager, Blanche & Co., 19 Brisbane 

Young Hugh, motor mechanic, 20 Bruce St. 
Young Hugh F. M., of H.M. Customs, '8 South St. 
Young Hugh S., spirit mercht., 7 Main St. Ho. 161 

Eldon St. 
Young Tame^, ^r., baker & confectioner, 6 Belville St 

Ho. 20 Belville St. 
Young James (of J. Young & Co.), 70 South St. 



¥oung James, salesman, 33 Ingles ton St. 

Young James, steward, 3 Bracnelston S_. 

Young James, upholsterer, 18 Kelly St. 

Young James, labourer, 34 Crescent St. 

Young J. & Co., drapers, 35 Hamilton St. 

Young J. & J., bakers, 42 Lynedoch St. Ho. 8 Well 

ington St. 
Young J. & R. & Co., shipbrokers, 32 Cathcart St. 
Young John, agt., Royal Bank, 50 Esplanade. 
Young Rev. John, B.D., Union St. U.F. Church, 78 

Finnart St. 
Young John, engineer, 60 Belville St. 
Young John, cooper, 21 Rd. 
Young John, grocer, 16 Trafalgar St. 
Young John, C.A., 161 Eldon St. 
Young John, cycle agt., 3 Market St. Ho. 173 El- 
don St. 
Young Samuel, labourer, 12 Mill St. 
Young Stewart, moulder, 39 Lynedoch St. 
Young Thomas, accountant, 33 Robertson St. 
Young Thomas, agt., Clyde Shipping Co. Ld., 21 

Patrick St. 
Young Thomas F. (of Salmon & Young), Dunmyat, 

Young William (of Clyde Shipping Co.), 6 Brisbane 

Young William, salesman, 97 Roxburgh St. 
Young William, clerk, 9 Ke'ly St. 
Young William, labourer, 64 Dempster St. 
Young William, joiner, 26 Hamilton St. 
Young William J., bootmaker, 32 Mearns St. Ho. 

Drumfrochar Rd. 
Young W. S., restaurant, 3 Sir Michael St. Ho. 97 

Roxburgh St. 
Young Mrs, 12 Nile St. 
Young Mrs, 2 Morton Tee. 
Young Mrs, 19 Brisbane St. 
Young Mrs, 22 Brisbane St. 
Young Mrs, 3 Regent St. 
Young Mrs Louise, fruiterer, 64 Vennel. 


Young Mrs Margt., grocer, 171 El don St. 

Young Mrs E., hardware dealer, 32 Ann St. 

Young Mrs Janet, 68 Kelly St. 

Young Won: en's Christian As ocn. Rooms, 7 Nelson 

YOUNGER Robert L., Springbank, 22 Fox St, 
Younger Thomas, labourer, 24 Bruce St. 
Younger Mrs Jane, 6 W .-Blackball St. 
YUILE Mrs Jane, 6 W. Blackhall St. 

Z AN AN I Attillo, restaurateur, 1 Crescent S' 
ZOILLER Arthur, engineer, 15 Finnart St. 





Buyers of Scrap Metals of 
every description. 

Quotations given for Tanks, Boilers, 
Ashbins, Welding. 


Phone 305. 


Ship and Foundry Supplies, 


'Phone 907. Telegrams " Economy." 


Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 



Fruiterer and Florist, 



JVh & A. HA3TIE, 

grocers anb Prouision Merchants, 


54 Port-Glasgow Road. 



(Arranged hy Profession.) 


Boston, Menzies & Morton, 11 William St. 
Hamilton T. W., F.S.I., Mansion Ho., 1 Ardgowan 

Low T. & J., 33 Ardgowan St. 
Stewart, Tough & Alexander, 2 Hamilton St. 

Auctioneers and Appraisers. 

Bowman, Wilson & Co.. 33 W. Blackhall St. 
Crawfurd & Elliot, Harvie Lane. 
West of Scotland Marts, Ld.. 6 W. Blackhall St. 
Doherty Charles J. & Co., 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Littlejohn James, 11 Finnart St. 

Bag Merchants. 

Boag Thomas & Co. Ld., 4-6 St. Andrew St. 
Connolly, Keillor & Whitburn, Ld., 23 S tanners St. 
Muir & Weir, Upper Ingleston. 
Petrie James, 19 Captain St. 


Auld Thomas, 15 Cathcart St. 

Brown Archd. & Son, 8 W .Blackhall St. & 31c Bris- 
bane St. 

Bryce John, 9 Brisbane St. 

Campbell John, 28 Lynedoch St. 

Cunningham Robert, 30 Xelson St. 

Henry J. C, 4 Inverkip St. 

Greenock (The) Central Co-operative Socy. Ld., 8i 
Mearns St. and branches. 

Hamilton Duncan, 41 Shaw St. 


Kennedy Ferguson, 11 Union St. 

Kirkwooa Alexander. 88 Roxburgh St. 

M'Aulay Walter G. Ld., 44 Rue-end St. & branches. 

M'Dougall Allan, 1 Kilblain St. 

M' Lines Robert, 9 Crescent St. 

Mackay Thomas & Sons, 21 W. Blackhall St. 

M'Kinnon Archibald, 50 Holmscroft St. 

Miller Henry W. & Son, 1'6 Hamilton St. 

Scott John,* 16 Lynedoch St. 

Owen Andrew, 8 Carwood St. 

Bryce Thomas, 87 Roxburgh St. 

Pearson William, 9 Brisbane St. 

Rae Andrew, 5 Hamilton St. 

Jones Richard, 33 Ann St. 

Sharkie John S., 67 Roxburgh St. 

Service John & Sons, 48-54 Regent St. & branches. 

Service Robt., 50 Ann St. & 31 W Burn St. 

Smith Alexander, 81 Belville St. 

Sutherland John, 74 Belville St. 

Turner John W., 1 Prospecthill St. 

Urquhart Charles, 34 ET Hamilton St. 

White John D., 35 Roxburgh St.- 

M'Corkell William, 27 Rue-end St. 

Young J. & J., 42 Lynedoch St.- 

Young James, jr., 6 Belville St. 

Basket and Toy, Warehouse Keepers 

Aitkenhead Isa, 27 W .B'ackhallSt. 

Herbert R. W., 21 Grey PL 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch St. 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart St. Phone No. 936 

Thomson Miss Mary C, 3 Newton St. 

Bedding Manufacturers. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12-14 W. Blackhall St. 
Kidd Brothers, 39 W. Blackhall St. 
Smith's Warehouse, Cattcart Sq. House. Phone 936 
Wink J. & Co., 29 W. Burn St, 




Allen David & Sons, Ld., 21-23 Cathcart St. 
Woolley G. & A.. 29 BryraneS St. 


Buchanan H. & Co., 3 Brymner St. 

Buchanan John, 4-6 E. B ackhall St. 

Chalmers & Co., 14 W. Blackball St. • 

Church & Turner, 25 Stanners'St. 

Cormie John, 31 Hamilton St. 

Findlay & Co., 29 W. Burn St. 

Gourley Trios. & Son, 49 Rue-end St. 

Lamont James & Co., Dock Breast. 

M'Dougall D. & Co., 16 William St. 

JViTntyre Ld., 13 Duncan 'St. 

Pottie J. D., '2 Bearhope St. 

Reid Archd. & Sons, '14 Crawfurd St. 

Steele Adam, 13 Grey PI. 

Steele, Ralston & Co., 26 W. Blackhall St. 

Temple William, "6 Laird St. 

Vandall Thomas, 24 Crawfurd St. 

Smith Peter,- 46 E. Hamilton St. 


Agnew R. MacKean, 'Battery Park. 
Jones Paul Son, & Co., Battery "Park. 
Dambie J. M. & Son, "Macdougall St. 
Head A. & C, Carwood St. 


Baird Robert A., Municipal Blgds. 
M'Kelvie James & Son, Ld., 4 W. Blackhall St. 
Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end St. 
Phoenix. Publishers, Printinghouse, 2 Bry.r.ner St. 



"Boot and Shoemakers. 

Armour John, 4 Cartsburn St. 

Stevenson William, 52 Ann St. 

Brown Morris, 9 Ru vend St'. & 23 Cathcart St. 

Cable & "Saxone Shoe Co. Ld v 26 Hamilton "St. 

Cavers William, 38 St. Lawrence St. 

Clark Thomas, 29 Inverkip St. 

Timpson William, Ld., 20 Hamilton St. 

Cuthbert A. & Son, 8 Willam St. 

£ick R. & J. Ld., 22 Cathcart 3t. & 30 HamiltonSt. 

Dickson James, 67 Rue-end St. 

Fyfe William, 14 Holmsoroft "St. 

<?xeenlees & Son, "37 Hamilton St. 

Greenock (The) Central Co-operative Socy. Ld., *20 

Roxburgh St. 
Harganjohn, 9 W Blackhall St. 
Telfer William, 10 Jamaica St. 
Kerr Hugh, 1 Lauriston St. 
Lelian A., 4 Tobago "St. 
M'Gregor'Miss E., 7 Cathcart "St. 
MTntosh John, 30 Wellington St. 
Scott A. L. & Son,' 21 Hamilton St. 
MTnnes Donald, 28 Lynedoch St. , 
M'Lean Alexander, 24 Belville St. 
Macpherson John, jr., 16 Charles St. 
Marshall John, 34 Hamilton "St. 
Hegarty James, 22 Lynedoch St. 
Paterson A. & W., 45 Hamilton 'St. & 8 Grey PL 
Patrick A. & Son, 6 W. Blackhall St. 
Savage John, 14 Regent St. 
Scot (The) Shoe House, 18 Cathcart St. 
Smith R. C, 29 W. Burn St. 
§tar Boot Co. Ld., 10 Cathcart St. 
Stead & Simpson, Ld., 14 Hamilton St. 
Telfer John & Son, 38 Hamilton St. 
Thompson Duncan C, & 3on, "70 Eldon S+. 
Tyler H. P., Ld., 29 Hamilton St. 
roung W. J., 32 Mearns St. 



Botanical Brewer. 
Jagger Robert, 7 Prospecthill St. 


Barr & Co., Orchard St. 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end St. 

Short John, 19 Brymner St. 

White William & Sons, 34 Roxburgh St. 


Barbour Richard, 9-15 Market St. 
Barbour Richard, jr., 34 W. Burn St. 
Docherty James, 16 Sir Michael St. 
Docherty Mrs J., Cathcart Arcade. 
Hackett Rose, 7 Market St. 
Heron Mrs Susan, 34 Shaw St. 
Lafferty Daniel, 15 Market St. 
Leitch Mrs, 3 Shaw St. 
M'Cutcheon Mrs D., 8 Manse Lane. 
M'Ghee Patrick, 3 E. Blackhall St. 
M'Neil Daniel & Son, 10 William St. 
Morrison Misses, '43 W. Burn St. 
Murphy Denis, 10 Cartsburn St. 
O'Brien Miss Ellen, 6 Sir Michael St. 
Paul Mrs Christina, 49 Main St. 
Stewart J., 1 Open Shore. 
Thompson William, 35 Nioolson St. 
M'Laughlin Charles, 16 Stanners St. 
Wellcoat Mrs W. P., 5-6 Inverkip St. 

Builders and Masons. 

Agnew James, -20-22 Crawfurd St. 
Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, 37 Trafalgar St. 
Anderson "James, 4 Ardgowan r St. 
Baird William, 85 Holmseroft St. 
Dodd W. S. & Co., 4 Chapel St. 
Kirk J. & R., 5 Campbell St. 



Kirkwood Matthew, 5 Brougham St. 

Kirkwood William, 5 South St. 

Lyon Dugald, 6 E. Blackhall St. 

Paterson John, 31 Roxburgh St. 

Smith & M'Cuaig, 26 Charles St. 

Steel J. S., 91 Newark St. 

Steel William, Jamaica Lane. 

Stevenson Alex. & Son, 84 Wellington St. 

Strachan William, 14 Cross-shore St.- 

White James D., 9 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Wilson John K., 51 Vennel. 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsteresr. 

Auld James, 18 Kilblain St, 

Climie William, 24 Union St. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12-14 W. Blackhall St. 

Kidd Brothers, 39 W. Blackhall St. 

Smith's Warehouse, Cathcart Sq. House. Tele. 936. 

Wink J. & Co., 29 W. Burn St. 

Station Emporium, 40 Cathcart St. 

Carriage Hirers. 

M'Gregor J.- D. & Co.', 24 W Blackhall St. 
Wright P. B. & Son, 43 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Bryde John, 1 Kelly St. 
Robertson John, 4CLCathcart St. 

Chemical Manufacturers. 

M'Cowan & Biggart, 29 Cathcart St. 

Poynter John, Son & Macdonalds, 21T)ellingburn St. 

Scottish Chemical Co., 43 Wellington St. 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Armitage George, 30 Hamilton St. 
Scott John, 31 Roxburgh St. 
Cockburn & Co., Ld., 46 Cathcart St. 
Crawford Andrew, 34 Hamilton St. 



Dewar Owen, 41 W Blackhall St. 

Fisher James, 5 Lauriston St. 

Foulds Andrew, 31 Rue-end St. 

M'Cowan & Biggart (analytical), 29 Cathcart St. 

Macintyre Archibald, 41 Roxburgh St. 

Mel rase William, 38 Hamilton St. 

M'Neil Mrs Margt. B., 14 Lynedoch St. 

Russell Alexander S., 10 W. Blackhall St. 

Russell J. Anderson, 7 Grey PI. 

Shaw William, 4 W. Blackhall St. 

Sinclair T. Lowrie, 86 Roxburgh St. 

Taylor Archibald, 97 Roxburgh St. 

Wilson Robert, 46 Ann St. 

Wright W. B., 9 Lynedoch St. 

China Merchants. 
Carse William, 19 Hamilton St. 
Hendry E. & J., 23 Hamilton St. 
O'Brien & Co., 61 Vennel. 
Smith's Warehouse, 12 Cathcart Street. 
Storrie J. & W., 16 W. Blackhall St. 


Buchanan John, 4-6 E. Blackhall St. 
M'Intyre Ld., 13 Duncan St. 
Mitchell John 5 Brougham St. 

Coal Merchants 

Brown James, 3 E. Blackhall St. 
Brown W., 29 Lyle St. 

Caldwell & Cameron, Greenock W. Station. 
Campbell James & Co., 23 Cathcart St. 
Doig Alexander J., 15 Inverkip St. 
Doig Arthur, 46 Roxburgh St. 
Fulton C. & Co., 10 Patrick St. 
Glenny James, 18 Drumfrochar. Rd. 
Greenock Cent. Co-op. Socy. Ld., Upper Greenock. 
Harkins Joseph, 4 Chapel St. 
Lindsay & Crookston, Ld., 38 Cathcart St. 
Macara James & Co., 14 Brougham St. 
M'Cloy James, 118 Drumfrochar Rd. 



M'Cloy John,- 72 Ann. St. 

M'Gavin James & Son, 5 Brougham St. 

M'Gugan D, 5 Chapel St. 

MacKellar N. A. & Co., 10 Robertson St. 

M'Millan Neil, 67 Vennel. 

Miller John, 32 Mt, Pleasant St. 

Miller William, 50 Captain St. 

Niool Duncan & Co., 55 Rue-end St. 

Reid Thomas, 6 Tobago St. 

Robertson Robert, 26 Trafalgar St. 

Ross & Marshall Ld., 28 Main St. 

Salmon "W. B. & Young, 2 Bank St. 

Simpson John A. & Co., 6 Tobago St. 

White & Bain, Upper Greenock. 

Wilson William, 4 Chapel St. 

•Commission -Agents. 

Buchanan George, 4 Brymner St. 

Campbell N. M. & Son, Ford Cottage, Finnart 3t. 

Denholm J. & J., Sugar Exchange. 

Graham J. T., 22 South St. 

Macara C. G., 4 East Breast. 

Macneilage Adam & Co., Exchange Buildings. 

Robertson & M'TJougall, 4 East Breast, 

Morgan John, 20 Cathcart St. 

Ross Hugh M' , 29 Cathcart St. 

Thorburn Walter & Co., 11 Shaw St. 

Wardle James, 2 Esplanade. 

Williamson Peter S., 43 Robertson St. 

Wilson Robert & Co., 32 Cathcart St. 


Aird Mrs D., 25 Belville St. 

Alexander M. & Co., (manufg.) 52-54 Vennel. 

Barker Mrs Isabella, 13 Brougham St. 

Bell Andrew, 56 Lynedoch St. 

Biagi C, 37 W. Blackhall St. 

Birrell Ld., 16 Hamilton St. 

Caita Antonio, 26 Cathcart St. 

Colquhoun Miss M.,T Alexandra Mansions. 


Conti "Louis, 26 E. Hamilton St. 
Cuthbertson Jas. R. (manufg.), Sugarhouse Lane. 
Dallas Mrs, 21 Kelly St. 
Dmning Miss, 54 Ann St. 
Dunlop Misses A. & A., 65 Nicolson St. 
Duthie Mrs, 21 Brougham St. 
Ewart Jas. jr., 33 Nicolson St. 

Ewart Robt. & Son (manufg.), 15 Highland Close. 
Ewart William, 6 Ann St. 
Forte A., 28 Ann St. 
Fraser Miss, 30 Wellington St. 
Garscadden Morrison, 66 Vennel. 
Goligher W. T-. (wholesale), 69 Vennel. 
Grana A., 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Grant Susan, 22 Ann St. 
Greer Mrs Peter, 24 Grey PL 
H earl John, 3 Inverkip St. 
Hosie Andrew, 1 Cartsburn St. 
Jones Richard, 44 Ann St. 
Landi Bros. & Co., 3 Hamilton St. 
Lopes Joseph, Campbell St. 
L. & F. Ltd., 3 Brymner St. 
Macari G., 22 Inverkip St. . 
Macari L., 25 Lynedoch St. 
M'Corquodale Miss A., 31 W. Burn St. 
M'Gavin Miss Susan, 7 Cathcart St. 
Macfarlane Mrs Jane, '87 Roxburgh St. 
Marietta Stephen, 31 Cathcart St. 
Milne Mrs Cordelia, 36 Ann St. 
M'Lean B. & M., 29 Roxburgh St. 
M'Laughlin Daniel, 3 Brymner St. 
M'Coll R. S. Ld., 35 W. Blackhall St. 
Quaradaghini Guiseppe, 29 Rue-end St. 
Rossi David, 197 Eldon St. 
Shannon Miss Mary, 40 Lynedoch St. 
9tewart J. & M., 33 Inverkip St. 
Sutherland Hugh (wholesale), 6 Market St. 
Thomson Miss Mary, 34 Lynedoch St. 
Wilson Mrs M., 70 Ann St. 
Young James, jr., 6 Belville St. 




Anderson James, 4 Ardgowan St. 
Beaton P. & J., 15 Crawfurd St. 
Church James, 51 Mearns St. 
Holmes James, 2 St. Lawrence St. 
Laird Alexander & Son, 4 E. Stewart St. 
M' Alpine Samuel, 39 Crawfurd St. 
MTntyre Ld., 13 Duncan St. 
Orr James, 11 Kilblain St. 
Pollock Walter, Gibbshill, Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Service David, 2 Cross-shore St. 
Walker James, 10 Buccleuch St. 

Drummond John & Sons, 52 Rue-end St. 

Copper and Yellow Metal Merchts. 
MacCalluift P. & Sons, Ls., 54-56 Rue-end St. 

Cycle and Motor Agents. 

Barrie Robert F., 3 Kilblain St. 

Brown Cycle Co., 8AV .Blackhall St. 

Churm Charles, 38 Vennel. 

Clyde Marine Motoring Co., Princes Pier. 

Leslie's Motor & Cycle Depot, 27 Kelson St. 

M'Kim Thomas A., George Sq. 

Nelson Motor Garage, 18 W. Burn St. 

Park Bros., 33a Nicolson St. 

Phillips J. S., 5-7 Kilblain St. 

West Renfrew Motors, 32 W. Blackhall St. 


Anderson John, 13 Arthur St. 
Barclay George, 15 Roxburgh St. 
Blair John, 15 Bruce St. 
Bow Farm Dairy, 13 Finnart St. 
Brackenridge Margaret, 3 Prospecthill St. 
Chalmers Walter, 35 Market St. 
Clark George, 1 Bogston Terrace. 



Clark John, 19 Union St. 

Connell Mrs, 62 Ann St. 

Crawford George, Berryyafds Farm. ' 

Ewart James jr., 33 Nicolson St. 

Gibson Miss, 7 William St. 

Glen Mrs, 6 Belville St. 

Greenock Cent. Co-op. Socy. Ld., 24 Mearns St. 

Holburn James, 56 Amn St. 

Kinninmonth Mrs Jessie, 74-78 Belville St. 

Kirmell Mrs George, 17 Tobago Street. 

Laird John, 11 Brisbane St. 

M'Giveran Mrs Margaret, 9 Bearhope St.- 

Brookman Mrs M., 29 Shaw St. 

Menzies Jobu & Son, 42 An* St. 

Menzies- Mrs G-, 18 Lynedoch St. 

Rennie Mrs Robert, 8 Sir Michael St. • 

Petterson Mrs, 1 Shaw St. 

SimpsomMrs J., 29 Vennel. 

Thomson Mrs Christina, 36 Arm St. 

Wight Robert, 85 Finnart St. 

Wilson Miss M., 12 Kilblain St. 

Drapers . 

Cairns J. & Co v 16 Cathcart St. 
Calderhead Annie, 62 Ann St. 
Campbell & Co., 14 Arthur St. 
Campbell Duncan, 54 Pt. v Glasgow Rd. 
Cairns J. & Co., 16 Cathcart St. • 
Dunleavy Miss B., 22 Brymn'er Sfr. 
Marshall A. B., 6 Inwverkip St. 

Campbell J. F. Ld., 56 Vennel. , ^ 

Gilchrist William & Sons, 8-12 William St. 
Grant 'John & Co., Municipal BIdgs., Hamilton '9t. 
Coltart David, 32 Hamilton St. & 8 Cathcart St. 
Gray TVTrs Mary, '21 Ingleston St, 
Greenock Cent. Co-op. Socy. Ld., 19 Roxburgh St. 
Henderson Mrs, 54 Ann St. 
Houston Robert & Sons, 28 W. Blackhall St. 
fnglis', 1 5 Cathcart Street . 
Kelly Mrs, 24 Inverkip St. 



Lay & Kerr Misses, 31 Brisbane St. 

M'Intosh William, 23-27 Ann St. 

M'Kinlay Miss, 33 Roxburgh Street. 

M'Kinlay Miss Marion, 23 Rue-end St. 

M'Nab John, 12 Cathcart Street. 

M'Naught David C, Municipal Bldgs. , Hamilton St. 

M'Neil James, 44 Ann St. 

M'Neil James & Son, 39 W. Burn St. 

Niven Alexander, 6 West Blackhall Street. 

Manson Charles, 19 W. Blackhall St. 

Paterson Brothers, 31 Charles St. 

Dunlop J., 13 W. BlackhaT St 1 . 

Prentice D. & A. & Co., 24 Hamilton St. 

Provident Clothing & Supply Co., 45 Hamilton St. 

Renfrew James, 17 Ann St. 

Russell Andrew & Son, 18 W .Blacl-Jiall St. 

Allan & Dalziel, 22 Hamilton St. 

Smith's Warehouse, 27 Cathcart Street. 

Thomson & Soln, 13 Rue-end Street. 

Weir Miss, 21 W. Blackhall St. 

Wright William & Co., 92 Roxburgh St. 

Young J. & Co., 35 Hamilton St. 

Drys alters. 

Malcolm & Co., 21 -Shaw St. 

Wilson Edward & Son, 25 Charles St. 

Dyers and Renovators. 

Bell Archd. & Sons, Ld., 6 W. Blackhall St. 
Carruth Matthew, 11 Terrace Road. 
Castlebank Dyeworks, '26 Hamilton St. 
Gibson & R-eid, 4.6 Hamilton St. 

Electrical Engineers. 

Connal D. L. & Co., 3 E. Breast. 

Hurry Brothers, l6 W. Blackhall St. Works, 19 

Sugarhouse Lane. 
M'Morland J. & J., 22 Cathcart St. 
Kinnaird J. A. & Co. Ld., 20 Cathcart St. 



M'Eleny Charles, 26 E. Shaw St. 
Stewart & Elstob, 29 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Electro Platers and Gilders. 
Blackwood, Westwood & Co., 24 Brymner St. 

Riddoch Joseph, Wallace Sq. » 

Engineers Machine-makers and Founders. 

Aluminium Castings Co. La 1 ., il Ingleston St. 

Blake, Barclay & Co., Macdougall St. 

Caledonian Foundry, 46-48 Trafalgar Street. 

Rankin & Blackmore, Ld., Eagle Foundry, Baker St. 

Fettes James & Son, 10 Bearhope St. 

Gourley Thomas & Son, 49 Rue-end St. 

Grenock & Grangmouth Dockyard Co. Ld., 14 Main 

Hastie John & Co. Ld., 19 Kiiblain St. 

Houston J. & R. & Kerr, Ingleston St. 

Kincaid J. G. & Co. Li'., C y„e Foundry, E. Han ihon 

Lamont James & Co., 3 Dock Bxeast. 

M'Onie G.-& J., Ladyburn, Pt. Glasgow Rd. 

Northern Engineering Co. Ld., 3 Palmerston Bldgs. 

Patrick Robert & Co., 19 Cartsburn St. 

Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ld., Green- 
ock Foundry. 

White William & Sons, 34 Roxburgh St. 

Fishmongers. ' 
Blair William, 26 Charles St. 
Buchanan- J., 33 Rue-end Street. 
Mac Fisheries Ltd., 29 W. B'ackhall Street. 
Fogarty James, 23 Ann St. 
Fry William, 11 Newton St. 
M'Cormick Robert, 90 Roxburgh St. 
M'Laughlin M., 1 St. AnlreVst. 
M'Laughlin M rs Patrick, 17 Ann St. 
Matthews James, 25 Regent St. - 
Morrison David, 45 Wellington St. 

13 < 


Philips Mrs M., 3 W. Blackhall St. 
Russell A.' N v 1*9 Hamilton Street. 
Sinclair Robert, 55 Vermel. 
Allan R. H., 34 Brymner St, 

Fleshers. - 

Allison James, 41 W. Burn St. 
Banks John, 61 Ann St. 
Barr & Macfarlane, 47 Hamilton St. 
Blair John, 1 Belville St. 

Boston & Co., 5 W. Blackhall St. -. % 

Byars John, 21 Tobago St. 
Byars W. G. s 33 Rue-end Street. 
Crawford James, 91 Roxburgh St. 
Faid Robert, 46 Ann St. 
Forbes Joseph, 7 7cmn St. 
Gordon James, fv2 E. Ha:*iilton St. 
Holburn RobeJt, 25 Regent St. 
Hunter Willian, 33 Hamilto» St. 
Lyon James, 31 Cathcart S":. 
Colquhoun George M., 13'Cath?art St. 
Miller Brothers., 23 Rue-end St. 
Macdougall John, 94 St. Lawrence Street. 
M'Kechnie Allan & Co. Ld. r 19 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Kinnon Alexander, 34 W.- Blackhall St. . 
M'Lean John, 8a Ar^nr St. 
M'Neil John, 5 Ann St. 
M'Niven Donald, 95 Roxburgh St. 
M'H.nif l.-rcc-r. 27 Charles St. 
MThail Duncan, 27 Charles St. 
Macnab Walter, 45 Vennel. 
Maitland James, 22 Lynedoch St. 
Martin Donald, 28 Cathcart St. 
Martin James, 25 Kely St. 
Mitchell Robert, 84 BelviHe S*:. 
Morrison Daniel, 8 Cross-shore St. 
Rirrhie James, 21 Recent S e . 
Sheridan Alexander, 29 Invedd^ St. 
Sheridan Joseph, 3 ProsoectrtiU S f . 
Sinclair A. D., 52 Hol^scroft St. 
- 14 


Teller Colin, 31 Brisbane Sc. 
Walker William, 33 W. Burn St. 
Walters Alexander, 83 Holmscroft St. 
WhiteforcL William, 23 Ann Sl. 
Whiteford Alexaner, 28 E. Jnamilton St. 
Mackenzie Duncan, 3 W. Blackhall St. 
Mackenzie Duncan, jr., jjiy...ner St. 

Baird T., 21 Brougham St. 
Baxr Mrs Jane, 13 Union S;. 
Bryceland Mary, 35 W. Blackhall St. 
Carter Henry, 11 .Cathcart St. 
Christie James, 40 Cathcart St. 
Devlin M. & K., 1 Grey PI. 
Docker Mrs Marion, 40 Ann St. 
Egan Michael, 1 Belviile St. 
Granaghan Miss, 45 Vennel. 
Howie J., 6-8 Arthur St. 
King Frank, 3 Newton St. 
Laing Robert N., 26 Grey PL 
Loudon Miss Mary, 32 Ann St. 
M'Craine Miss, 11 Newton St. 
Marquis Miss, 85 Roxburgh St. 
Muir Henry, 45 Ann St. 
Muir James, 5 Inverkip St. 
Newlands Mrs, 23 Rue-end St. 
Rankin Alexander, 43 Hamilton St. 
Smillie & Robson, 3 Manse Lane. 
Watson Misses, 26 E. Hamilton St. 
Whiteside R. & T., 49 Rue-end St. 
Wright Peter, 37 W. Burn St. 

Funeral Undertakers. 
M'Gregor J. D. & Co., 24 W. Blackhall St. 
Simpson James, 49 Vennel. 
Wright P. B^ & Son, 43 W. Blackhall St. 

Furnishing Warehouse- keepers. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12-14 West Blackhall Stre: 
Kidd Brothers, 39 West -Blackhall Street. 


trade:, directory. 

Si iih's Warehouse, Cathcart Sq. House. Tele.936. 
Station Emporium, 40 Cathcart Street. 

Gasfitters and Tinsmiths. 

Austin John, 31 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Barclay John S. & Sons, 2 W. Breast. 

Boyd James, 31 Nicolson St. 

Bryce John & Sons, 14 Shaw St. 

Cameron George, 14 Kilblain St. 

Carson Henry % Son, 16 Crawfurd St. 

Chalmers & Co., 14 W. Blackhall St. 

Clark & Selkirk, 9 Kilblain St. 

Crawford & Kerr, 12 Chapel St. 

Crawford John, 6 Jamaica St. 

Dewar & Co., 22 Charles St. 

Downie Harry C, 6 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 W. Breast. 

Fletcher Archibald \C, 2 Mt. Pleasant St. 

Millar Thomas, 30 Market St. 

M'Cormick D. & Co., 5 E. Stewart St. 

M'Cormick Daniel, 21 Brymner St. 

M'Ewing Dugald, 3 Bank St. 

Mitchell James & Son, 3 W. Stewart St. 

Morrison & Bog, 8 Charles St. 

Ritchie J.-& J., 7 Dun St. 

Short John, 19 Brymner St. 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart St. Phone 936. 

Smith Donald C, 26 St. Lawrence St. 

Walker Robert, 32 Roxburgh St. 

Williamson W. A. M., 4 E. Blackhall St. 


Graham James, 19 Cathcart St. 

Tytler Matthew & Sons, 8-10 Laird St. 

Grain Merchants. 

Chalmers D. W. & J., 4 Princes St. 
Cook & Blair, 40 Rue-end St. 
Easton Robert & Co., 10-12 Charles St. 
Gatherer Peter & Son, 21-23 Crawfurd St. 
Hill Matthew & Son, 16 Chapel St. 
' 16 


Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., Royal Close, Bogle St. 
Muir Robert & Sons, 12 Chapel Street. 
M'Intyre Thomas & Son, 4-6 Cartsburn St. 
Smith Peter, 10 Cross-shore St. 

Bruce Miss B., 40 Hblmscroft St. 
Campt>ell Miss C. A., 13 Cartsburn SIR.-. 
Chalmers Thomas, 27 W. Stewart St. 
Clark Joseph, 51 Vennel. 
Colquhoun Miss, 9 Carvvood .St. 
Duncan Frederick, 57 Ann St. 
Egan Michael, 1 Belville St. 
Gordon Robert, 26 Bruce St. 
Hendry Mrs, 8 Watt St. 
Hyde Mrs Norman, 48 Lynedoch St. 
Jephson Andrew, l r 6 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Kerr Mrs William, 32 St. Lawrence St. 
Lambie Miss Jessie, 104 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
MTarlane Miss.E., 52 Holmscroft St. 
M'Farlane Mrs James, 11 Cartsburn St. 
M'Gregor Mrs Alexander, 11 Murdies.ton St. 
M'Kenzie Charles, 31 Roxburgh St. 
M'Kellar Mary, 21 Kelly St. 
M'Lean Misses M. & J., 56 Kelly St. 
Marquis Miss, 85 Roxburgh St. 
Suttie Mrs, 9 E. Crawfurd St. 

Grocers and Provision Dealers. f 
Andrews Miss F., 28 Robertson St. 
Baxter Thomas & Son, 1 Ann St. 
Bennett Robert, 9 Morton. Tee. 
Black Mrs, 54 St. Lawrence St. 
Brock Mrs Martha, 99 Dempster St. 
Brodie Hugh & Co., 32 Brymner St. 
Bruce Mrs E., 15 John St. 
Caldwell Robert, 19 Tobago St. 
Campbell James P., 32 Crawfurd Street. 
Campbell & Co., 89 Roxburgh St. 
Campbell John, 33 Rue-end St. 
Campbell John C, 40 Inverkip St. 



Campbell Neil S., 20 Brisbane St. 
Clark James, 11 Cathcart St. 
Clark Mrs, 35 Shaw St. 
Cooper & Co., 25 Hamilton St. 
Chalmers John, 61 Ann Street. 
Cfabbe William, 26 Ann St.' 
Dallas Mrs, 21 Kelly St.. 
Ferguson Daniel, 5 W. Stewart St. 
Ferguson Hugh, 23 Charles St. 
Fleming Fergus, 85 Belville St. 
Flett Alfred, 31 Vennel. 
Gardiner R. G., 26 Kelly St. 
Gaze William, 14 Lynedoch St. 
Gillen Denis, 59 Rue-end St. 
Glen Mrs Archibald, 37 Nelson St. 
Graham Hugh, jr., 43 Roxburgh St. 
Gray William, 46 Hamilton St. 

Greenock Cent. Go-op. Socy. Ld., 16 Roxburgh St. 
Hardie John, 67 Rue-end St. 
Hardie Robert S., 24 Charles St. 
Hardin Walter, 93 Roxburgh St. 
Hastif^ Arthur, 3 John St. 
Hastir T. M., Bogston Tee- 
Holmes James W., 15 Roxburgh St. 
Home & Colonial Storesi Ld., 46 Hamilton Street. 
Hopper Mrs James, 100 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Hunter William, 25 Brougham St. 
Ring Janet, 14 Newton Street. 
Law Matthew, 23 Brougham St. 
Lindsay Robert, 11 Rue-end St. 
Lipton Ld., 28 Hamilton St. 
Logan Mrs, 8 Manse Lane. 
Lusk Robert & Co. (wholesale), 7 Tobago St. 
M'Allister Donald, 11 Brymner St. 
M'Clements Mrs A., 2 Antigua St. 
M'Clure M. & Co., 27 Vennel. 
Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., (wholesale) Royal Close. 
Macfarlane Donald, 52 Shaw St. 
MTarlane Joseph, 35 Ann St. 
MTntyre Thomas & Son, 4-6 Cartsburn St. 



Mackail J.G. & M v 45 Hamilton St. 
MKerlie Mrs, 4 Hill St. 
M'Laughlin Charles, 22 St. Lawrence St. 
M'Laughlin Mrs/ 44 Shaw St. 
MacLean John Reid, 24 Union St. 
M'Murray MissY., 11 Beiville St. 
Macniven Angus, 50 Ann Street. 
M'Quade William, 32 Lynecioch St. 
QM'Symon's Stores, Ld., 19 W. Blackhall St. 
Massey Alexander & Sons^ 15 W. Blackhall St. 
Mathieson Lindsay, 6 John St. 
Mathieson Mrs David, 9 South St. 
Maypole Dairy Co. Ld., 27 Hamiltom Sfl. 
Muix Miss L., 20 Nicolson St. 
Muir Miss M., 14 South St. 
Newall Charles, 44 Lynedoch St. 
Nixon Mrs M., 77 Roxburgh St. 
O'Reilly Mrs William, 17 Brymner Street.. 
Park Boyd P., 9 Brisbane St. 
Pearks' Stores Ld/, 5 Hamilton St. 
Poole Miss M. D., 24 South St. 
Reid Archibald S., 18 Lynedoch St. 
RobiRson Archibald, 2 Murdieston St.' 
Ross John W., 81 Roxburgh Street. 
Serymgeour John B., 21 Rue-end St. 
Smith James, 11 Market St. 
Smith J. & M., 81 Beiville St. 
Sweeney Edward, 8 Smith's Lane. 
Sweeney Miss H., 22 Dalrymple St. 
Templeton R.- & J., 44 Hamilton St. 
Turnbull William, 25 Kelly St: 
Urquhart Charles, 29 Rue-end St: 
Waddell R. D., 1 W. Blackhall St. 
White David, 68 Ann St.' 
White James, 64 VenneL 
Wright Archibald M., 68 Vennel. 
Wilson Edward & Son (wholesale)', 25 Charles St. 
Wilson Henry M., 13 Brachelston St. 
Kelly William & Co.', 9 William St. 
Mackenzie Mrs, 10 W. Blackhall St. 


Mill Alexander, 95 Roxburgh St. 

Neill Hugh. R. &' Co., 17-27 W. Blackhall St: 

Orr John & Son, 13 Ann St, 

Thorn Archibald B., 13 Union St. 

Wallace Alexander, 16 Antigua St. 

Young Alexander, 62 Wellington St. 

Brockic Andrew H., 31 Nicolsou St. 
Caxruthers Thomas, 28 Cathcart St. 
Coia Joseph, 28 Charles St. 
Daisley John A., 18 Charles St. 
Dodd David S., 12 Kelly St. 
Duthie R., C, 16 W. Blackhall St. 
,Elrick John, 35 Wellington St. 
Ferguson Harry, 8 Cathcart St. 
Gorman Archibald, 22 Charles St. 
Jenner W .H., 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Kerr George, 1 Arthur St.- 
M'Kinnon Hugh, 29 Inverkip St. 
M'Kinnon William, 16 Laird St. 
M'Lean John, 7 Rue-end St. 
Metcalf Tom E., 29 Roxburgh St. 
Mirner Henry, 20 Tobago St. 
Holms William, 7 W. Blackhall St. 
Paton William, 27 Regent Street. 
Simpson James, 6 Cathcart St. 
Sinclair Hugh,, 36 E. Hamilton St. 
Taylor Robert, 7 Ann Street. 
Tucker Matthew, 18 Cartsburn St. 
Wallace John, 43 Roxburgh St. 
Watson Matthew, 7 Hamilton St. 
Watson John G., 29 Regent Street. 

Bennett J. W. Ld., IS Hamilton St. 
Clark Alfred (ladies'), 35 Hamilton St. 
Dick J. M., 11 W. Blackhall St. 
M'Callum Miss- (ladies'), 13 Nelson St. 
Macintyre D. & M., 47 Hamilton St. 
Shannon J. & S., 11 W. Blackhall St. 
Wilson William, 43 Cathcart St. 



Horse Shoers. 

Buchanan John, 4-6 E. Blackhall St. 
Church & Turner, 25 S tanners St. 
MTntyre Ld., 13 Duncan St. 
Temple William, 6 Laird Street. 

Hotel Keepers. 

Hosie M,rs W .(Western Temp.), 7 Brougham St. 
M'Lennan Herbert A. (Wheat Sheaf), 4 Church PI. 
M'Leod D. (Royal), 3 E. Breast. 
Ritchie J. B. (Railway Temp.), 24 Cathcart St. 
Russell Robert (Waverley Temp.), 40 W. Blackhall 

Service J. & W. (Tontine), 5 Ardgowan Square. 

House Factors. 
Anderson J. W., 2 Hamilton Street. 
Allan & Clappexton, 2 Church PI. 
Blaijr William, 1 Watt PI. 
Morrison John & Harper, 29 W. Burn 'St. 
Paterson James, 13 Hamilton St. 
Sinclair & Co., 44 Cathcart St. 
Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart St. 
Williamson Alexander, 28 Nicolson St. 
Wilson William, jr., 26 Hamilton St. 


Bain William, 23 Brymner St. 
Clark J. & P., 65 Rue-end St. 
Cormie John, 4 Shaw St. 

Cumnock R., N. & Co., 14-16 E. India Breast. 
FergusoH William, 2 Inverkip St. 
Findlay & Co., 29 W. Burn St. 
Houston — , 29 Roxburgh St. 
Leckie W. F., 8 E. Blackhall St. 
Lyle A. & R., 3-4 W. Breast. 
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 E. Breast. 
M'Cuaig Magnus, 92 Roxburgh 9t. 
M'Gilvray John, 25 Rue-end St. 
Macpherson A. & Co., Ooen Shore. 


Morton & Kidd, 3 Hunter PL 

Shepherd William & Son, 9 William St. 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart St. Phone 936. 

St»ele Adam, 13 Grey PI. 

Steele, Ralston & Co., 26 W. Blackball St. 

Watters John S., 29 V»nnel. 

Licensed Passenger Agents. 

Black Thomas & Sons (Greejnock) Ltd.,— Principal 
Steamship Lines— Baggage Insured— 23 Cathcart 

Ross, Corbett & Co., 46 Brymner Street. 
Lamont William, Central Station Avenue. 
Minto D. K. Ld., Central Station Avenue. 

Measurers and Surveyors. 

Boston, Menzies & Morton, 11 William St. 
Wilson A. M'Leod i 27 Cathcart St. 
Stewart, Tough & Alexander, 2 Hamilton S£. 
Woodrow & Thomson, 2 Hamilton St. 

Ship-a g ents, Shipowners and Shipbroreirs 

Black Thomas & Co., 25 Cathcart St. 
Baine & Johnstone, 19 W. Blackhall St. 
Buchanan George, 4 Brymner St.. 
Burns-Laird Line, Ld., Customhouse Quay. 
Clyde (The) Shipping Co. Ld., 46 Cathcart St. 
Denholm J. & J., Sugar Exchange Bldgs. 
Gardiner James & Co., 4 E. Breast. 
Lamont William, Central Station Ar. 
Lang & Fulton, 1 Cathcart St. 
Lindsay William & Co., 38 Cathcart St. 
Macara C. G., 4 E. Breast. 
MacDougall D. & Co., I Cross-shore St. 
Minto D. K. Ld., Central Station Av. 
Ross & Marshall Ld., 28 Main St. 
Ross, Corbett & Co., 46 Brymner St. 
Shankland William H., 51 Eldon St. 
Steel & Bennie, Ld., Customhouse Quay. 



Young Thomas, 46 Cathcart St. 

Young J. & R. & Co., 32 Cathcart St. ' 

Watson Fred. A., 32 Cathcart St. 

Messen^ers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers. 

Devlin Henry, 13 Hamilton St. 
Munro & Devlin, 13 Hamilton St. 
Smith Thomas, 13 Hamilton St. 
Gibson William C, 2 Church PL 


Cameron & M'Eachern,' 36 Hamilton St. 
Davidson Robert, 4 W. Blackhall St. 
Dewar Owen, 41 W. Blackhall St. 
Hendry James, 34 Hamilton St. 
Lizars J., 1 4W. Blackhall St. 
Love Robert & Sons, 17 W. Blackhall St. 
M'GregJor D. & Co., 33 Cathcart St. 
M'Neil Thomas, 45 Cathcart St. 
Miller William S., 20 Ardgowan Sq. 
Rae (John H. Cox), 38 Hamilton St. 


Bissett James G., 16 Grey PL 

Brown George & Son, 6 Jamaica St. 

Colquhoun D. & D., 1 Union St. 

Darroch Andrew, 21 Nicolson St. 

M'Ewing David, 7 Arthur St. 

Maclean John & Son, 7 Kilblain St. 

Macphail Archd., 29 Kelly St. 

Melville William, 3 Argyle St. 

•Murchie Robert & Son, 31 Regent St. 

Sweeney Wilnam, 25 Fore Street, Port Glasgow 

Taylor Neil, 35 Roxburgh St. - 

Hobbs & Samuels Ld., 19 Cathcart St. Phone 644. 


Appleton Andrew, 43 Hamilton St. 



Appleton John D., 19 Shaw St. 

Cairns & Co-., 17 Sir Michael St. 

Cartsdyke Equitable Loan Office, 16 Arthur St. 

Central Loan Co., 5 William St. 

Gait Robert, 51 Main St. 

Greenock & Pt. Glasgow Loan Co., 22 Inverkip St. 

3 Shaw St. & 44 Cathcart St. 
Johnstone George -N., Wjatson's Lane. 
O'Neill Sarah, 8 Stanners St. 


Brown George A., 4 Grey PI. 
Cook Joseph, 37 Hamilton St. 
Auld Lockhart, 17 Hamilton St. 
Eadie William B., 29 W. Burn St. 
Hamilton Mrs Jessie, 18 Charles St. 
Howie David Lamont, 1 Campbell St. 
Pratt John G., 7 Caddlehill Tee. 
Rennie Thomas, 36 W. Blackhall St. 


Aitkenhead Alexander, jr., 7 W. Stewart- St. 
Beattie William R., 16 Kilblain St. 
M'Creadie James & Sons, Jamaica Lane. 
M'Menemy James, 26 Roxburgh St.. 
Tannock Qumtin, 5 Sir Michael Sf. 


Baird Robert A., Municipal Bldgs. 
Baxter Brothers, 19 Shaw St. 
Blair David, 40 Cathcart St. * 

M'Kelvie Jas. & Sons, Ld., 4 W. Blackhall St. 
Morrison J. & Son, 67 Rue-end St. 
Orr, Pollock & Co., 12 Charles St. 
Phoenix Publishers, '2 Brymner St. & 1 E. Bre&st. 
Haughey Neal, Phoenix Printinghouse, 2 Brymner St. 
Pollock John Mitchell, 7 W. Breast. 
Rae Thomas, Ld., 32 Hamilton St. . 
Rankin G. J. & Sons, 28 Nicolson St. 
Storer J. & Sone, 14 Kilblain St. 



Range and Grate Builders. 

Dunleavy John, 28 Vermel. 

Findlay & Co.,, 29 West Burn, Street. 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart: St. Phone 936. 

Removal Contractors. 

Auld James, 18 Kilblain St. 

Dunlop William, 16 Duncan St. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 14 W. Blackball St. 

Kidd Brothers, 39 W. Blackhall St. 

Smith's Warehouse, Cathcart Sq. House. Tele. 936. 

Restaurants, Purveyors, etc. 

Brown Archd. & Son, 8 W. Blackhall St. 
Kinloch S. F., 23 Rue- end St. 
Crawford Alexaner, 17 Charles St. 
Eraser Mrs D., 100 Pt. PGlasgow Rd. 
Gwynne Misses E. & C, 5 Ker St. 
Howie Mrs, 7 Main St. 
M'Millan Miss M., 39 Cathcart St. 
M'Aulay Walter G., Ld., 44 Rue-end St. 
Mackay Thomas & Sons, 21 W. Blackhall St. 
Service John & Sons, 11 W. Blackhall St. 
Smith Mrs William, 15 W. Blackhall St. 
Taylor Miss Mary, 9 Main St. 


Brown George & Co., Garvel Shipyard. 

Ferguson Brothers, Newark Works, Pt. Glasgow. 

Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ld., 14 
Main St. 

Harland & Wolff, Ld., Dalrymple St. 

Scotts' Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ld., Carts- 
burn Dockyard. 

Sick Nurses and Keepers. 

Barr Mrs Jemima, 5 Mt. Pleasant St. 3 
Boyle Miss Barbara, 17 Brachelston St. 
Campbell Mrs Robert, 12 Belville St. 
' Cunningham Mrs M. A., 19 Lyle St. 



Gale Mrs, 2 George Sq. 

Hardy Miss L., 8 Esplanade. 

Hughes Miss, 2 Shaw Place. 

M'Farlane Mrs, 39 Roxburgh St. 

Macfarlane Miss Jessie, 14 Ardgowan St. 

M-Connell Mrs, 37 Rue-end St. 

Logan Mrs M., 7 West Breast. 

M'Naught W. F., 38 Brougham St. 

M'Neill Miss Janet, 20 Robertson St. 

Mathieson Mrs, 49 Holmscroft St. 

Murray Mrs, 82 Roxburgh St. 

Pentland Miss E.; 11 Murdieston St. 

Richards Mrs Catherine, 45 Roxburgh St. 

Rodden Mrs, 34 Ingleston "St. 

Rolling Miss A., 24 Nelson St. 

Ross Miss, 7 Ardgowan Sq. 

Savage Miss D., Rosemount, Comhaddock St. 

Wilson Miss, 52 Holmscroft St. 


Arthur & Faulds, 13 Bank St. 
Beattie William R., 16 Kilblain St. 
Blance John & Co., 3 Dellingburn St. 
Boag & Black, 7 Laird St. 
Holmes James, 23 W. Stewart St. 
Kirk David, 26 Inverkip St. 
M'Menemy James, 26 Roxburgh St. 
Macpherson & Co., 20 Bruce St. 
Macpherson A. F. & Co., 80 Roxburgh St. 
Paterson William, 3 Hunter PI. 
Phillips David & Sons, 5 Tobago St. 
Robertson Charles & Sons, 4-6 Buccleuch St. 
Tosh David & Sons, 14 Houston St. 

Stationers and Newsagents. 

Blair William, 26 Charles St. 
Boffey Mrs, 9 Rue-end "St. 
Boyd Misses A. & J., 29 Roxburgh St. 
Campbell A. & Son, "6 Grey PI. 



Chalmers Miss M., 73 Nicolson *St. 

Devlin Miss M., 7 Cross-shore St. 

Dick John, 41 W. Burn St. 

Dunn Andrew, 35 Cathcart St. 

Foulds Alexander, 30 Cathcart St.- 

Graham R. & Co., bookstall, Princes Pier. 

Haughey Neal, 2 Watt PI. . 

Herbert "R. W., 21 Grey PL 

Holmes Mrs A., 38 E.' Hamilton St. 

Kerr Peter, 9 Lynedoch St. ' - 

Davis Misses, 17 Rue-end St. 

Laird Miss J., 30 Lynedoch St. 

Macdonald Mrs Frank, 9 Brisbane St. 

M'Kenzie Jane, 26 E. Hamilton St. 

Menzies John & Co. Ld., bookstall, Central "Station. 

Paterson'TVTiss M., 1 Lauriston'St. 

M'Millan Miss, Sugarhou^e Lane. 

M'Neill Mrs, "23 Sugarhouse Lane. 

Mark Alexander, 86 Roxburgh St. 

Shields John, 65 Rue-end St. 

Sinclair H. M., 59 Rue-end St. 

Todd William, 41 Ann St. 

Watters William, 34 W. Burn St. 

Wilkinson Miss, 3 Brougham St. 

Williams E. T., 8 Inverkip St. 

Young F., 34 Ann St. 


Cameron William & Co., E. India Harbour. 
Clyde Stevedore Co., 28 Main St. 
Greenock Stevedore Co. Ld., 38 Cathcart St. 
Fisher Edward, 4 Nelson St. 
Murray Charles, James Watt Dock. - 
Ross & Marshall, Ld., 28 Main St. 
Greenock & District Transport Workers' Union, 2 
Watt PI. 

Su-GkR Refiners. 

Glebe (The)' Sugar Refining Co. Ld., 17 Grey Place.. 
Lyle Abram & Sons, Ld., 9 Claren.ce St. 



Neill, Dempster & Neill, 78 Drumfrochar Rd. ; " 
Orchard Sugar Refining Co., 22 Ingleston St. 
Walker John & Co., 5 Princes St. 
Westburn (The) Sugar Refineries, Ld., Berryyards, 

Lynedoch St. 
JBrewers (The) Sugar Co. Ld., Berryyards. 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Adams David, 5 Hamilton St. 
Alexander Robert, 65 Rue-end St. 
Anderson John & Co., 32 Cathcart St. 
Andrews J., 20 Cathcart St. 
Bennett J. W-, juL< 13 Hamilton St. 
Cleland Alexander, 18 Hamilton St. 
Ferguson Ruden, 11 Ann St. 
Fisher James C, 4 Brymner St. 
Freedman A., 15 Cathcart St. 
Gilchrist William & Sons, 8-12 William St. 
Graham Thomas, 30 Nicolson St. 
Greenock Cent. Co-op. Socy. Ld., 19 RoxburghTSt'. 
Hagen Samuel E., 3a Mt. Pleasant' St 
Haldane David, 6 Sinclair St. 
Hepworth J. & Sons, Ld., 4 Hamilton St. 
Hipps, Ld., 16 Hamilton St. 
MArthur A. G., 18 Hamlilton St. 
M* Arthur Robert G., 29 Cathcart St. 
M'Callum Duncan, 21 Cathcart St. 
M'Vicar Donald, 14 Kilblain St. 
Nicol Gavin & Son, 35 West Burn Street. 
Orr James, 37 Hamilton St. 
Poole & Howie, 39 Cathcart St . 
Prentice D. & A. & Co. (ladies'), 24 Hamilton St. 
Provident Cloth. & Supply Co. Ld., 45 Hamilton St. 
Shannon J. & S., 42 Hamilton St. 
Stalker P. T., 26 W. Blackhall St. 
Stewarts Clothiers, Ld., 32 & 41 Hamilton St. 
aempie David, 23 Tobago St. 
Waddell John, 14 Hamilton St. 



Wright George John, 29 Nelson St. 
Wright Robert, 23 Brisbane St. 

Tile Merchants. 

Currie & Co. Ld., Bogle Street. 

Simpson & Laidlaw, 62 Venn el. v 

Simpson John A. & Co. Ld., Brougham Street. 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart St. Phone 936. 

Timber Merchants and Measurers. 

Brand David, 5 W .Stewart St. 
Carswell John & Son, 2 Cathcart St. 
Cartsdyke (The) Sawmills, 4 E. Hamilton St. 
Macintyre & Harper, 40-42 Vennel. 
Maclean, Todd & Co., 7 Virginia St. 


Anderson Alexander, 30 Cathcart St. 
Allan William, 14 W. Blackball St. 
Ballock John, 20 Brymner St. 
Boffey Mrs, 5 Rue-end St. 
Brown Mrs, 83 Roxburgh St. 
Crawford James, 37 W. Blackhall St. 
Dick John, 41 W. Burn St. 
Donald James & Co., 7 Hamilton St. 
Davies Miss, 17 Rue-end St. 
Duthie R. G., 16 W. Blackhall St. 
Harvey Helen, 33 Inverkip St. 
Hendry James, 34 Hamilton St. 
Kerr Peter, 29 Cathcart St. 
Love Robert & Sons, 17 W .Blackhall St. 
Magura Dugald, 94 Roxburgh St. 
Mitchell Mrs E., 23 Rue-end St." 
Robertson Mrs J. H., 40 W .Blackhall St. 


'Sinclair J. & M., 59 Rue-end St. 
Shields J., 65 Rue-end St. . 
Thomson Miss Mary C, 3 Newton St. 
Tierney Miss, 40 Hamilton St. 
Walker Henry, 16 Cartsbtirn St. 
Wilkinson Miss, 3 Brougham Street. 
Williams E. T., 8 Inverkip St. 
Wilson Mrs F. S., 23 Brougham. St. 
yavidson Robt % 4 W. Blackhall St. 
Douglas & Son, 9 Hamilton hi. 

Toys and Fancy Goods Merchants. 

Bowie Miss, 40- Cathcart Street. 

Jones' Emporium, 79 Roxburgh Street. 

Quin John & Son, 7-14 West Blackhall Street. 

Adam A., 3 Grey Place. • 

Herbert Robert W., 21 Grey Place. - 

Smith's Warehouse, 14 Cathcart St. Phone 936. 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Cameron & M-Eachern, 36 Hamilton St. 
M'Kellar A. S. H., 27 Cathcart St. 
M'Neil Thomas, 45 Cathcart -St. 
M'Neur David, 34 Ann St. 
Miller William S., 20 Ardgowan Sq. 
Soutar William D., 38 Inverkip St. 
Lang Brothers, 28 Verinel. 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 

Adam Robert G., 51 M*in St. 

Archibald Tohn P., 33 Shaw St. 

Archibald T. Prentice & Co. (wholesale), 6 Cathcart 

A.rmstrong Mrs Jane, 1 Argryle St. 
- 30 


Beattie James, 27 Cathcart St. 
Blanche & Co., 33 Market St. 
Brady Miss Mary, 38 Ann St. 
Brodie Mrs Mary A., 35 Wellington St. 
Brown Neil M., The Glen, Pt. Glasgow. 
Buckie John, 15 Hamilton St. 
Bullen Mrs H., 4 Watson's Lane. 
Cameron & Co. (wholesale), 32 Cathcart St. 
Cameron J. & D., 20 Charles St. 
Campbell Duncan 3.; 39 Vennel. 
Campbell John, 30 Wj Burn St. 
Campbell John, 13 Dalrymple St. 
Campbell Mrs A, W., 10 Baker St. 
Crawford Mrs Mary, 35 Ingleston St. 
Cunningham Robert, 25 Vennel. 
Cuthbertson Miss J., 14 Terrace Rd. 
Devlin Mrs E. Patrick, 3 Market St. 
Downing William, 29 Cathcart St. 
Drysdale Mrs Thomas, 3 Crescent St. 
Duncan David, 17 Shaw St. 
Durin Frank,, 12 Sir Michael Street. 
Hart* Mrs, 13 Cross-shore St. 
Finlay A. H. & Co. (wholesale), 11-13 Shaw St. 
Haxton W., 3 Cartsburn Street. 
Fullarton Mrs R., 7 Inverkip St. 
Gerrard Mrs Catherine, 30 Inverkip St. 
Gilmour Alexander, 7 Laird St. 
M'Eachern James, 3 St. Andrew St. 
Graham Alexander, 23 Inverkip St. 
Graham Hugh, 8 Sugarhouse Lane. 
Hargan James J., 22 Vennel. 
Hughes James, 12 E. India Breast. 
Gordon Mrs J. J., 3 St. Andrew St. - 
Hutchison Mrs Hannah, 9 Main St. 
M'Robbie James, 30 Cathcart St. 
Kilpatrick Mrs Mary, 35 Vennel. 
Lyle Mrs Jane, 8 Smith's Lane. 
Lyle John & Sons (wholesale), 8 Charles St. 



Macaulay Angus, 2 Buccleuch St. 
M'Call John, 9 Shaw St. 
M'Callum Robert, 58 Lynedoch St. 
M'Eachran James,, 31 Rue-end Street. 
Campbell J., 9_Arthur St. 

Manning James, (wholesale) 39 Rue-end Street. 
MTall John E., 10 Market St. 
MTarlane John D., 26 Arthur St. 
M'Farlane Jessie L., 66 Ann St. 
M'Grath Mrs Margt., 5 Cowgate. 
M'Gregor Alexandrina, 13 Brymner St. 
M'Kinnon Alexander, 4 Shaw St. 
M'Lennan Herbert A., 4-Church PI. 
M'Millan James, 31 Hamilton St. 
M'Millan Penelope, 41 Mam St. 
Millar Mrs A., 17 Regent Street. > 

Monteith William, 8 Jnverkip St. 
Muir William, 46 Lynedoch St. 
Mulholland Patrick, 4 Bearhope St. 
O'Rourke Robert, 17 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Ostler James, 2 Carnock St. 
Pollock James F., 27. Rue-end St. 
Polonis Agnes, 9 Pt. Glasgow Rd. 
Rennie Robert & Son (wholesale), 20 W. Burn .St. 
Robertson John, 13 Charles Street. 
Saunders Mrs C, 23 Nicolson St. 
Scobie Alexander, 112 Drumfrochar Rd. 
Sharp Mrs William, 17 John St. 
Shearer George A., 41 Ann St. 
Shields Joseph, 57 Vermel. 
Sinclair D. A., 29 Main St. 
Smith Mrs William, 15 W. Blackhall St. 
Smyth William, 6 Ann St. 
Stewart Mrs Catherine, 93 Roxburgh St. 
Taylor Charles M. T., 40 Cathcart" St. 
Walker Mrs Catherine, 17 Cathcart St. 
Watson Thomas, 9 Sir Michael St. 
Watt William (wholesaled, 47 Vermel. 
Young B ugh S., 7 Main St. 





1 1 Ferguson 

Mossxnan William 
M'Neill Mrs A. 
Perkins Michael 

27 Dungay James 
Brook Charles. A. 

29 Barbour Richard 
'Bolton Mrs M. 
/Brown Thoma,s J. 
Stewart Peter 

31 Watson James 

39 Bannatyne Duncan 
Campbell Archibald 
Canmie Mrs A. 
Liinley George 
MTJvar Robert 

41 Cole Charles 
Forbes David 
G^en Mrs John 
Lockerbie John 
Steel W. 

47 Ferguson Ja^es 

49 Cupples David. 
CimobeM John K. 
Dun Ion Miss 
Harley James 
Kennedy Chris. 
Macfarlare Archd. 
M'Doueall Donald 

57 Davidson John 
Kelly James' 
Morrison John 
Rodger Mrs John 
Wright David 

59 Alexander Jal es 
Braidie Tho r'as 
Doig Alex. J. 
Henderson Mrs 
Ke^p George 
M'Gl'ore ]i e- 
M f Kiinino.n Angus 

71 Boyce Alexander 
Ferguson John 
light body James 
M'Cullooh Mrs 
Macdonald Alex. 
Peacock Alex. 

73 M'Nedll James 
Stewart Archd. 
Stevens Peter 

74 Alexander James 
Harrison Mrs J. 
Toy James 
Quigg Matthew 

72 Anderson Mrs 
Br o die Robert 
M'Cloy John 
Simpson David 

70 Brown William 
Macdougall Wna. 


68 Cameron Allan 
Gillen Mrs Mary 
Russell Saml. 
Shirley James 
Wallace Wm. 

66 Gebhie Mrs 
Henderson Nedl 
Lamont Wm. 
Murray Wm. 
M'Culloch John 
MTaren Mrs 
M'Neill James 
Miller Alex. J. 
Mitchelson James 
Simpson David 

64 Carnwath James 
Dawson James 
M'llwraith Adam 
Morrison James 
Shanks Saml. 
Strachan James 

62 Calderhead Annie 
Connell Mrs 
Henderson Rob't. 
M'Ewan Thomas 
M'Neilage John 
Nicholson John 
Paton George 
Robertson John 

60 Arthington John 
Boyd William 
Ferns Alexander 
Kerr Mrs Robert 
Leiteh Colin 
M'Grae Colin C. 
M'Kean William 
Sharp Mrs 
i* Wasson Robt. 

5B Baillie Miss 
ft 56 Holburn James 

54 Henderson Miss 

M'Dermid Donald 

Patrick James 
52 Christie Thos. 

Stevenson Wm. 

O'Donnell Dan. 
50 Crawford Archd. B. 

Duff John 

Hill Henry 

Lamomt George 

Martin Mrs 
48 Calcluth Wm. 

Hair Peter 

Thomson Wm. 
46 Boag James 

Brown James 

Cathcart Wm. H. 

Cross Mrs 
44 Brown Hugh 

Caddy Peter 

Good David 

Hutchison Thos. 

M'Larty John 
42 Buchanan Robft. 

Clark Mrs 

MTarlane Mrs D . 

M'Lean Dugald 

Scott Andrew 
40 Bannatyne Alex. 

Buchanan William 

Henderson Mrs 

M'Alees Robt. 

Miller Wm. 
38 Cowley John 
32 Cooper Archd. 

Millar James 

Young James 
30 Alexander James 

Bryceland John 

Craisr Mrs 


Crossan Wm. 

Ferguson James 

M'Neill Mrs 

M'Kellar Robt. 

Nicol John B. 

Tucker Wm. 
26 Ward Hugh 
22 Grant Susan 

M'Laughldn Mrs P. 
18 Cooper Mrs 

Dunda^ James 

M'Lachlan John 
12 Dillon Patrick 

Lamont Robt. 

.M'Kenzie James 

Ross Wm. 

Taylor Hugh 

Templeton James 


3 Brown Matthew 
Cant Robert 
Tohnson T ohn 
M'NeH Du^ald 
Melrose Miss M. 
Sharp Thos. 
Sweeney James 
Wallace Mrs 

5 Anderson A 1 ex. 
Blue Mrs Jas. 
Lochore John 
M'Bride Peter 
M'Laren John 
M'Vey Robert 
Orr Miss 
Whyte Archd. 

7 Patrick: Miss J. N. 

•9 Buchanan Duncan 

Campbell Mrs W . 
Mather John 
Parkhill Wm. 
Robinson Wm. 
Smith Robt. 

11 Baillie Mrs 
Eraser Jo Ian 
M'Donald John 
More Thomas 
Whitson Robt. 
Wohlgemuth F. R. 

13 Craven John 
Dallas Adam 
M'Dermiid Chas. 
M'Phail Wm. 
Peaston W. C. 

15 Boyce David 
Campbell Donald 
Sillan Robt. 
M'Cuaig Robt. 
M'Far'ane Miss A. 
Stewart David 
Walker Mrs A. 

17 Clark John 
Fox James 
M'Nau<?hton D. 
Rutherford A 1 ex. 
•Stone Archd. 
Watt Pe^e~ 

")9 Lawrie James 
KiirnibuTgh Jps. 
MacDonald Miss 
MTee Alexander 
M'Phail Malcolm 
Nicholson Mrs C 
Stewart And. J. 

21 Gal breath Archd. 
M'M'illan Joseoh 
Rankin Mrs A. 
Stewart ' Jaires 


24 Bonnar Wm. 
Davidson Mrs C. 
Kennedy Mrs J. 
M'Corrrick John 
M'Ewan Charles 
M'Pherson Jas. 
Todd Robert 
Mitchell Thomas 
22 Cuithbertson Jas. 
Cuthbertson Mrs J 
M'Crae Wm. 
Morrison James 
Sweeney Mrs G. 
Williamson Chas. 
20 Barr Robt. 

Johnstone Thos. 
Crawford Archd. 
Kiirkwood Miss 
Mackay Duncan 
MTntyre Hugh 
18 Hendry James 
M'Auslan James 

M'Neill John 

Molloy Mrs 

M'Neill Mrs M. 

Sinclair Frank 

Smith Wm. 
16 Armour Wm. 

Bright Evan T. 

Bennet Edward 

Clark John 

Eaglesham Jas. 

Thomson Joseph 

Thomson T. R. 
14 Caddy Wm. 

Craig Andrew 

Hunter Hugh 
I Kinnie Thomas 

QVTThail Petenr 
HI Nisbet John 

Sinclair D. C. 
Stewart John 
10 Dickson James 
Hamilton Wm. 
Johansen August 
Scott Robt. 
Thomson Alex. 
8 Aitken Mrs M. 
Cammack Mrs E. 
Campbell Alex. 
Henderson Mrs H. 
Turner Miss M. 
Wright James 
6 Allan D. N. 

Bowie Jas. O. 

Collins Henry 

Higgen Andrew 

Rankin Geo. 

Scott James 
4 Bolton Peter 

Sinclair Daniel 
2 Adam Wm. B. 

Forsyth Alex. 

M'Clements Miss 

Turkincpton Saml. 


6 Maclean Misses 
Morris Hugh 
Motrrison Wm. 

8 Marshall C. W. 

9 Balmanno D. T. 
Templetom Robt. 
M'Murrich Thos. 

10 M'Onie Peter 

11 Russell D. 

13 Gilkinson Jas. 
MacFie John 


Smith Wm. R. 

14 Smith Thomson 

15 Leitch Mrs 

16 Stevenson J. A. 

17 Cooper Mrs J. 
MacDonald A. K. 
Orr Da pi el 

Siime Thomas 

18 Hendry Triors. C. 

19 Service Mrs J. 

20 Carson John 

21 Trinder H. J. 

22 Colquhoun Mrs C. 


6 Bur iris ton Andrew 

Dallas Adam 

Fannie Miss 

M'Kinley Mrs 

M'Murtrie Wm. 
8 Crawford J. F. 

M'Lellan Mrs 

Park Robt. 

Syme David 

Whyte Geo. 
10 Connell M. F. 

Chalmers Mrs 

Chandler Herbert 

Millar Wm. 

M'Gregor A. 9. 

M'Neill Alexander 

M'Tavish Wm. 
12 Frooms Geo. R. 

Martin Alex. 

MTarlane Mrs J. 

M'Kenzae David 

M'Lernan Frank 

Swan James 

14 Dunlop James 

Goodhugh Mrs 

Gerrard Mrs C. 

Hunter Wm. 

Houston Wm. 

M'Cuaig Saml. 

M'Kenzie Miss C. 
20 Scott Misses 

Thorn Mrs W .A. 
28 Anderson John 

Knowles Mrs J. 

Williamson A. Mi. 

Scott Miss E. 

Taitt Mrs R. G. 

White John 
30 Boxhill Miss 

Fairgrieve J. Mi'L'. 

Forbes Mrs R. 3'. 

Latham Mrs M. 

Lindsay Oliver 

Sheridan Robt. 

Tough Robt. B. 
2 Crawford John 

Fairlie Robt. P. 

Sutch Thos. 
38 Laurie James 
40 Wilson Wm. 
42 Ritchie Mrs 
44 Carmichael Thos. 
46 Mumme Henry 
48 Mitchell Matthew 
50 Agnew James 
1 Pa.terson Wm. 
3 Laird Wm. 
5 Beaton Peter 
7 M'Kinnon Miss 

Smith John 
Wilson Mrs 
9 Adams Tames F. 

M'CuUoch Wm. M. 


"Sinclair VVm. 
M'Giveran Miss 
Watson Neil 
Wood James 

13 Dodd Mrs W .3. 
Grant Rev. C. P. 
Knight Henry 
Mackay Godfrey 
MiHer John 
Service Janes : 

15 Freeman Wm. 
Gordon Neill 
M'Kerron Donald 
Minto George 
Scott Miss J. 
Smith, Mrs 'M. ' 
Tweedle Mrs R. 

17 Anderson Alex. 
'Cockle Andrew 
Currie John 
Fisher James 
Menzies J. M. 
Peake Ernest 
Weir Misses 

19 Bisset Jas. G. 
Brenner Victor 
Ma r dor aid Louis 
Srri u h Mrs M. 

21 Grant DavH 

23 Brown Mrs H. O. 
M'Lean Tohn 

25 Moles Mrs C. 

27 Campbell John 

29 Blair Jas. M. 
Gow Louis N. 
Watson Mrs Robt. 
Warde- H. J. 
Wood Miss 

33 Leitch Mis=; 
Rama^e Wm. 

35 M'Auslan Robt. 

Fortune Mrs 

Henderson Ralph 

Macintyre Miss 

Watson Mrs 

Steel Rev. Robt. 
37 Jamieson Mrs J. 
39 Forbes John 

M'Imtosh Neill 
41 Galloway J. W. 
43 M'Gregor Dugald 
45 Slteele Jas. S. 
51 Dunlop Geo. 

Thomson Robt. 

Brodie J. R. 


1 M'Bryde Thos. 
M'Lauglrin Jas. 
M'Eachran John 


Hunter James 
Dickie Alexander 
Brown Mrs 
Buchanan Wm. G. 
Phillips Mrs 
Doak Joseph 
Watson Duncan 
Watters Alexander 
Bain James 
Macinity e D. & M. 
Thomson John 
M'Creadie John 
Turn bull Wm. 



3 Angus G. 
Cannon J 
GaPacher Chas. 
Grant Peter 
M'Eleny Joseph 
Vaughan Harold 

9 Ireland Geo. 
M'llwraitb. Miss 
M'Taggart John 
Montgomery Mrs 

Smith M. F. 

Smith S. W. 
10 Coats John 

Donald John A. 

Kirkpa trick Wm. 

Lamont John 

M'Millan David 

Smith John 
8 Haxton T. G. 
6 Hayes M. 
4 Russell Wm. 


1 M'Kinnon CD. 
3 Buie John 

M'Glinchey Jas. 

M'Larty Archd. 

Shields \V. H. 

Siteele Jas. 

Wylson J. G. 
5 Brown Wm. 

M'Kellar Archd. 

M'Meekin H. C. 

Munro Mrs R. 
14 Borthwick Geo. 

Galbreath Robt. 

Mackenzie Alex. 

Mackinnon John 

M'Lean Wm. S. 

M'Lennan Miss M. 

Murdoch Duncan 

Nisbet J. D. 
12 Cunningham Wm. 

King John 

M c Arthur R. G. 

M'Gillvray Kenneth 

Maxwe 1 ! Wm. 


16 Pajton W T m. 

Young Wm. 
24 Cook J. A. 

Kane Michael 

Marshall Robt. 

Majtland Robt. 

M'Kenna John 

M'Whinnie Mrs F. 

Steele Robt. 
26 M'Farlane J. D. 


1 Alexander Wm. 

3 Satchwell Peter 

5 Richardson Robt. 

7 Bradley Jas. 

9 Gill Wm. 
11 Murray Joseph 
13 Stewart Alex. 
15 Elliot Saml. 
17 Hope T. J. 
19 M'Coll Jas. 
21 Ferguson Donald 


23 Kerr John 

27 Leslie John 

29 Glasgow Allan 

31 Gait John 

33 Crawford Jas. 

35 M'Millan Hugh 

37 Ferguson Robt. 

39 Chalmers John 

41 Taylior John 
43 Kennedy Wm. 
45 Murdoch Jas. E. 
47 Stewart Houston 

2 Nis bet Wm. 

4 M' Arthur David 

6 M'Luskie David 

8 Herlihy Daniel 

10 Brooke Parkinson 

16 MTherson John 

18 Denard Peter 

20 Dougan Thos. 

22 Ayre Jas. 

24 Nelson Alex. 
26 M'Neish Wm. 

28 Kincaid John 

30 Millar Wm. 

32 Mitche 1 ! Robt. 

34 Allan Wm. 

36 Gray Wm. 

38 Sturgeon Archxl. 

40 MTJougall Lachlan 

42 Lyon Dugalid 


1 Chalmers Mrs H. 

WHia.-s John 
3 Bov'e Time 7 ; 

Kelly Mrs M. 

Brabender Mrs I. 

Little Patrick 

Taylor Mrs M. 
5 Bonnar Michael 

Sorley Peter 

M'Neiia Mrs J. 

MThaili John 
23 M f Mister Wm. 

Paetrson Mrs R. 

Scott Peter 

White Jas. 

Wilson Miss R. A. 

Service R. L. 

Denny Miss 

M'Dougal Mrs 
25 Borland Miss 

Macfarlane D. 

M'lla-oy Thos. 

M'Kenzie Mrs 

Richardson J. jr. 
27 Clark D. E. 

Conn, James 

Henderson Thos. 

Huntur J. C. 

Lindigreen Wm. 

Moffat Chas. 

Morrison Miss C. 

Tulloch John 
29 Abemeithy John 

Campbell Mrs A. 

Carruthers Harold 

Darroch Duncan 

Howie Andrew 

Macdonald Mrs M. 

M'Master A'ex. 

Robertson AMan 

Churm Mrs J. 

Kernedy Miss E. 

Kirk David 

MT r ~rla-~e Mrs 


Waugh Mrs L. 
11 Cameron Mrs D. 

Melrose J. C. 

Whyte Miss 
21 ELrick John 

M'Farlane Jas. 

Livingstone Mrs 

M'lver Mrs D. 

Mairs H. M. 

Martia Jas. 
31 Daisky J. M. 

■ Hay Archd. 

Macfarlane Miss 

M'Lelan Mrs A. 

Purdon Mrs J. 

Robe'tsoi John. 

Ross Mrs C. 

Todd John 
33 Banks John 

MThail Duncan 
35 Gregson Miss E. 

M'CuIiloch Alex. 
37 Allan George 

Brodie Mrs J. 

Brown Frank 

hinds ~y Hugh 

'Menzies Wm. 

Morrison Norman 
39 Blair David 

Bog Jas. 

M'Math Mrs J. 

MiUigan Mrs M. 

Orr Wm. 

Wilson Michael 
28 Currie Mrs M. 

Miller Thomas 
26 Cameron J. D. 

Grosart Mrs E. 

Hendry Jas. 

Hunter Jas. 

Miller Leander 

Milne John 

Morrison J. B. 

Reid R. G. 
24 Campbell D. W. 

Florence Mrs A. 

Harrison John 

Love Wm. 

Machines Neil 

M'Lean John 

Mackenzie Mrs H. 

Rowe H. E. 

S.;T;h Mr:, ]. M. 
22 Black Mr: A. 

Brown Archd. 

Dodd Colin 

Henderson Mrs R. 

Reid Archd. S. 

Service Ebenezer 

Taylor Mrs J. 
20 Auld Jas. 

Westmacott H. W. 
18 Hodge Geo. 
16 Freedman E. 

Hamilton Miss M. 

King Mrs M. 

M'Lean Miss 

Torbit Jas. 

Watson Wm. 

Gray John 
14 Auld Robt. 

MTeod Mrs A. 

Paton Wm. 

Robertson Alex. 

Vas,s Miss 3. 
12 Noble Miss 
10 Crawford John 

Forsyth A. W. 

Davies Jas. S. 

Gourley Jas. 


Jamieson Mrs R. 
Lyon John 
M'Bryde Wm. 
M'Gilp Robt. 
Macinnes Neil 
Sproull Jas. 
Todd Magnus H. 
Whiteford A'ex. 
6 Benson Michael 


2 Oliver James 

3 Allan Robt. 
Hair Mrs 
Harrison Robt. 
Gardner Arthur 
Fisher Mrs 
Matthews John 
Stewart Saml. 
Patterson David 
M'Donald Robt. 
Willdridge Geo . 

5 Fleming Anne 
Gillespie Mrs 
Kater Mrs- 
Liddell Wm. 
Lyle Thos. 
Macgi'p Edward 
M'Pherson Thos. 
Sheppard Chas. 
9 Service Matthew 

11 Thomson Robt. 

13 M'Lean Wm. 

15 Lindsay Robt. 

17 Morris Wm. 

19 Mitche'l Mrs 
Hansen Chas. 

23 M'Aees Hugh 

25 Clark John 

29 Cameron Alex. 
31 CampbeJ Alex. 
33 Jamieson John 
35 Weir Walter 
37 Suttie John 
39 Gordon Jas. 
41 Graham Mrs R. 
43 Crawford John 
45 Stewart Jas. 
76 Brown Morris 

— Aitkenhead Robt. 

— Bain Miss A. 

— Barr Robt. 

— Bumclark Wm. 

— Brackenbury A. 

— B unta in Wm. 

— Gryer Rev. E. 

— Crombie Mrs 

— Church Wm. 

— Cree C. H. 

— Crombie Deniston 

— Currie Dugald 

— Drysdale Jas. 

— Green J. J. 

— Glass John 

— Hamilton Wm. 

— Hardie John 

— Holmes Mrs H. 

— Kinmimonth David 

— Leitch John 

— Lindsay John 

— M' Arthur Peter 

— M'Aulay John 

— M'Lenman Kenneth 

— M'Kinmon Robt. 

— M'Leod John 

— M'Call John 

— M'Cartney Hugh 


M'Diarniii Malc«lm 
MFarlane W. 
M*Kenzie Alex. 
M'Elwee Mrs 
M'Kinlay Jas. 
Paterson Alex. 
Ross Donald 
Stewart Wm. 
Smith Alex. 
Sharp Wm. 
S;eA'ar_ Jas. 
Storr?.r A ex. 
Taylor John 
Taylor J. K, 
Turner Wm. 
Thomson Jas. 
Williamson R. jr. 


2 M'Fae Alex. 

4 M'Leod Alex. 

6 Johnston Mrs J. 

8 Orr Hugh 
10 Munco Walter 
12 Aitken David 
14 Ruthurford Wm. 
1 6 M Gugan Wilson, 
18 Morrow Miss S. 
20 MTnnes Archd. 
22 White Robt. 
24 Macfarlan John 
26 Le Brock Edward 
28 Buchanan Robt. 
30 M'Cartney Chas. 
32 Kio-k Mrs Helen 
34 (Miller Hugh 
36 M'Corquodale W. 
3.8 MTver Thos. G. 

31 Long Joseph 

33 Weir Jarvis, 

35 Cameron Jas. 

37 M'Gurk John 

39 Lockhart J. R. 

41 Letham David 

43 Dickson John 

45 Weir Thos. 

47 MTntosh Daviid 

49 Sturdy Hardy 

51 M'Donnell Mrs 

53 Macartney Jas. 

,55 Houghton Thos. 

57 Sweeney John 


12 Peaston J. D. 

14 Brett Michael 

16 Eilpatrick Robt. 
M'Lauchlan Davdid 

18 Hayes Robt. 

20 M'Daid Archd. 
M'Kinley Archd. 
Whyte Hugh 

22 M'Lean Donald 

21 Beattie Jas. 
Herrington Wm. 

19 M'Dougall Robt. 
Gallacher Wm. 
Lyon Jas. 

17 Bain Petar 
Torrance John 

15 M'Cann John 
M'Kay Alex. 

13 Armstrong Thos. 
Duffy Edward 

.11 M'Givern Miss M. 



4 Grdieve A. R. 

8 Mriiller Mrs S. H. 
10 MacFariane Robt. 
18 Crawford Chas. 


1 M'Roberts Wm. 

Paisley Jas. 
3 Alexander Thos. 

Barr W. 

Callender Jas. 

Moffat T. 

Rae Wm. 

Holmes W. 

Ross Alex. 
5 Bell John 

Bowie Archd. 

Dickson Alex. 

M'Corquodale D. 

MTver Mrs 

Wylie David 
7 Black John 

Blair Hugh 

Hanson John 

MTay Mrs 
' Marshall Mrs K. 

Murdoch John 

Tucker Mrs J. 
9 Arthur Thos. 

Campbell Jas. 

Campbell Rich. 

Kennedy Mrs 

Lyon Archd. 

MTadyen Neil 

Scrymgeour Robt. 
11 Beaton Alex. 

Ferguson Angus 

Houston Robt. 

Murray Miss L. 

M'Gaxtigle Jas. 

M'Lelland Hugh 

Scott Wm. 
13 Burnie Mrs D. 

Crawford Edward 

Ewart Thos. 

M' limes Neil 
15 Cooper Geo. 

Glen Mrs 
. Johnstone Mrs 

Liddell David 

Smith Albert 

Steel Miss Agnes 
17 Anderson Matthew 

M'Glashan John 

Wyllie John 
19 Archer Thos. 

Grossan Danl. 

Linn M. 

Sheridan Jas. 
21 Barbour Jas. 

Fleming John 

Hunter Mrs 

Hutchison David 

Smith Mrs 
23 Colgan Thos. 

Flannigan John 

Ferrier R. T. 

Fulton Joseph 

JVTGowan John 
25 Aird Mrs^D. 

Barr Robt. 

Black Thos. 

Dobbin J. J. 

Finl?y Robt. 
27 Darroch D. C. 
• Johansen C. A. 


M'AflisSer Mrs 

M'Gorkinda.e Jas. 

Torrence Mrs-W. 

Watkins Rich. 
29 Craig John 

H^ir James 

37 Duff Alex. 

Elliott Win. 

M'Ausland Peter 

Murray Thos. 

Steel Matthew 

William son Rich. 

Wilson John 
39 Daus Rob;. 

Gaffney John 

Ganbic Mrs T. 

M'Ghee J. S. 

M'Gibbon Charles 

M'Kdrdy Jas. 

Rode 1 en Bernard 
41 Barbour Archd. 

Brown Thos. 

MTyer Norman 

Moore Wm. 

Weir John 
43 Brown John 

Damn Cornelius 

Donnelly Bernard 

Graham Wm. 

Mearns Jas. 

Strang Wm. 
45 Anderson Geo. 
* Ednie Anlrew 

M'Kecbniie Duncan 
M'Kenzie Duncan 
47 Atche'la Sa-T. 
Ca^pbe 1 ! Mrs 
IVfGilvray Malcolm 
M'Ni-ol Neil 

Smith Thos. C. 
49 Harper A. 
M'Cailum M. 
MFar.ane M. 
M'Lachlan Rob;. 
Maxv.e.l Wm. 
Meechan Jas. 
Pearson Mrs W. 
51 Forbes Joseph 
Fry David 
Kerrigan John 
Sharp Mrs 
53 Barclay Alex. 
Hay Wm. 
Holmes Geo . 
M'Gillvray Mrs 
Mitchell Wm. 
73 Moodie Allan 
79 Hay Mrs A. 
Manley Saml. 
Munn Lachlan 
81 Marshall Rob:. 

S pence J. 
83 Boyle Francis 
Chalmers Wm. 
Crawford W. H. 
Kfldd Thos. A, 
MTJiarrH A 1 ex. 
Orchard Geo. 
85 Horn Henry 
Keenan Jas. 
M'Fadyen John 
S'ir'ing Ja-~es 
Tierney Mrs J. 
Hughes Mrs 
100 Hutchison A/ex. 
98 Cousins D. 

Tennant Wm. 
96 Neal F. 
94 Srim Colin F. 


92 Howie J. 
90 Kelly J. 

M'Quaker J. 
86 Boyje Jas. 

Cameron Angus 

Stevenson T. 

M'Kinnon C. 
84 M'Cracken J. 

Gordon Mrs A. 

Hall Root. 

Mathieson Jas. 

Mills Wm. 

Peden John 

Petrie Peter 

Wilton Thos. 
82 Love W. 

Kerr Duncan. 

M'Lean Donald 

Mathie John 

Reariie Jas . 

Steel Alex. 
80 Boyd John 

C amor on S. 

Campbell Jas. 

Deatcher Wm. 

Kelly John 
78 Allan John 

Docherty Edward 

Duddy Thos. 

M'Aulay Robt. 

M'Culloch Mrs. A. 
76 M'Culloch J. 

Clark W. 

Lawrie Wm. 

M'Bride John 

M'Kay John 

Scott Jas. 

Ouigley Wm. 
74 Biggs H. 

Lyon John 

M'Lachlan Alex. 

M'Lean J bum, A. 

Pa ton Anaarew 

Roberts Wrn. F. 

Steele Eaward 
62 Ballantine T. 

Crawford Mrs W. 

Bayne D. 

Fie.ii.ig Fergus 

Hay Robt. 

MTntosh Fulton 
62 Moffat Thos. 

Robinson David 

Stewart Mrs 
60 Robinson W. 

Barr Robt. 

Hookey Mrs 

Livingstone Mrs 

M'Lachlan Robt. 

Mkche'l Robt. 

Mitche'l Mrs 

Murray Robt. 

Yorston R. W. 

Young John 
58 Taylor J. 
; Bell Jas. 

Collin's F. J. 

Hutcheson Jas. 

Kerr Hugh 

Leigh-ton J;s. 

M'G.regor Andrew 

M'Lennan W. 

Wallace W 7 m. 
56 Barbour Alex. 

Cameron Kenneth 

Davidson Wm. 

M'Le'lan John 

Scott John 

Muk J. 

Johnstone Wm. 


54 Dunc„n Thos. 

Forbes. Wm. 

Hid Mrs Agnes 

Michael' Wm. 

Robertson D. 

Ol'diiing Matthew 

M'Lsjrea John 

Olding Mrs W. 

Robertson Danl. 
52 Bairr Arch J. 

Harkness Mrs 

Miller S. 

M'Lachlan Archd. 

Miliar Roger 

Stewart Thos. 

Wallace Saml. 
50 Campbei Geo. 

Davidson W. 

Davidson D. 

Foulds R. 

Neii Wm. 

Sutherland John 
26 Elliott Jas. 
24 Evans Henry 

Houston Mrs 

M'Lean Alex. 

Mitchell John 

Purdie Thos. 

Reid Geo . 

Sharp Mrs Wm. 

Be 1 ! W. 
20 Henderson John 

.'M'Gorkell W. 
12 Adams Hugh 

Dumlop Jas. 

Campbe 1 ! Mrs R. 
10 Archibald Jas. 

Bate5 John 

Cairns Robt. 
8 Eeran M. 

M'Coi Jas. 
M'Lachlan Mrs A. 
Peden John 
Spencer Jas. 

8 Wallace Joseph 
2 iHoper Wm. 

Wallace G. 
Gunn Jas. 
M'Lellan R. 


2 Sanders Mrs C. 

Swan Jas. P. 
4 Jamis Jas. 

Maxton Jas. 

Munro John 
7 MFall J. E. 

9 Hammond W. J. 
11 Pettiigrew Miss 

13 Eenry Miss 

14 MCormirk John 
M'Caw'ey Jas. 

15 MGre.or Miss 
Stewart Wm. 

17 Paterson W. D. 

18 Beveridge Robt. 
Campbell A. J. 
M'Wnir:er Wm. 
M'Callum Miss 
Woociburn Miss 

19 Jarrieson Miss C. 
King' Henr/ 
Snich R. C. 

20 Walker J. W. 

21 Stark Mrs Thos. 
23 Broadf o W,n. 

Kerr Miss 
25 Hani'.ton T. W. 
27 We e Mrs F. L. 

Arbuek'e W. S. 




1 M'Garrigle Wm. 
4 Carter Henry 
Logan Mrs 

17 Patersbn John 

18 Campbell John 
Gilmour Archd. 
M'Dougall Mrs C. 
Miller Henry 


13 M'Kerrall Donald 

15 Hutchison David 

17 Galhraith David 

19 Gallacher John 
25 Slessor Geo. 

27 Cameron Thos. 
29 MTnnes John 
33 M'Lean Jas. 
31 Drever John 
35 Rowan Wm. 
37 Kerr Mrs 

39 ' Finmigan Jas. 

41 Duff Hector 
2 Allardyce Wm. 
4' O'Neill Patrick 
6 Caldwell Da. id 
8 M Quarnie Lachlan 

10 M'Phee Duncan 

12 Paton Mrs 

16 Falconer Robt. 

18 M-iodi'e Geo. 

20 .Taylor Alex. 
22 ' Muirn Daniel 
24 Brownlde Jas. 

28 Tho ^soi Adam 
28 Campbell — 

6 Canney Geo. 
M'Kenzie Chas. 
Stuart Peter 


3 Johnston John 
M'Kir.non Lachlan 
Marley Peter 
Morris Moaes 
Sinclair Donald 
Wilson John 
Young Jas. 

5 Bradley John 
Cunning Wm. 
Dickson Geo. 
Innes Joseph 
Kilpatrick Hugh 
Russell Wm. 
Scott G. F. 
S evart Arthur 

7 Butler Albert 
Fulton Jas. 
Hood Alex. 
Hunter Wm. 
M'Lean Norman 
M'Millan Malcolm 
Payne Jas. O. 

9 Benzie Robt. 
Donaldson Robt. 
Leighton Saml. 
M'Guire John 
M'Donald Angus 
Miller Joseph 
Paul Jas. 
Wiilkie Wm. 
Winchester Elrick 


11 Campbell Dugald 

M'Leay Archd. 

M'Master Andrew 

Virtue Mrs 
13 Lorimer John 

Morrison Saml. 

Mutch Alex. 
15 Bruntcm Wm. 

Han i ton Harry 

FowLis Geo. jr. 

Hobdea Herbert 

King Alex. 
■ M'Kenziie John John 

Stewart Robt. 
17 Boyle Miss B. 

Crank Mrs. V. 

M'Gregor Alex. 

M'Gregor Alex. 

Housitom Geo. 

M'Mdllan A. B. 

M'Nicol John 

Park Alex. 

Ratcliffe Miss J. 

Shaw John M. 

Wilson H. M. 
19 Hannah Geo. 

Lidded A. J. 

M'PhaE Wm. 

Malcolm Wm. 

Pttcken Thos. 

Robertson Wm. 

Ross Fiinlay 

Sutherland Peter 

Templeton Thos. 
21 Stirling Mrs 
23 Ferguson Mrs 
25 Lesde D. '■ 
27 Steel — 
29 Shaw Jas. 

31 Struthers Wm. 


35 Wilson David 

37 Brodie Archd. 

39 Whiter or d Edward 

43 Goodall G. H. 

41 Miller John 

45 Robinson N. D. 

47 Larrbie David 

49 Thomson Robt. 

51 Lament Alex. 


55 Nicol Mrs 


59 Sangsiter Jas. 

61 Crawford Chas. 

63 Lyon A. J. 

65 Welch W. T. 

67 M'Ewing Dugald 

71 Mills Geo, 

73 Stone Geo. 

75 Hooper Wm. 

M'Gregor Jas. 
77 Russell Alex. 

Service David 
79 Muir Wm. 

Pater son Alex. 
81 Graham John 

Gray Neil 
10 Gardner Jas>. 

Gibson Mrs 

Goose man H. C. 

Halliday Robt. 

Laird Thos. C. 

M'Millan Chas. 
8 Gubb John K. 

Hamilton Jas, 

M'Lachlan Jas. 

M'Nab Jas. 

Rob son John 


Simpson Miss E. 
6 Blair Robt. 

Butler Frank 

M'Farlane John 

Munn John 

Roberts H. J. 
4 Campbell Geo. 

Cairmttchael John 

M'Kinley J. T. 

Maddock S. 

Wilson Wm. 
2 Duncan Mrs. D. 

Dunsmore Wm. 

Dobbins J. H. 

Gordon Allan 
i MTrutyre Peter 

Stark Geo. 


— M' Arthur John 
— ■ Foote Jas. 

— RusseM Alex. 

— Smith Robt. 

1 2 Siriii lie Edward 
14 Bunt:.iin Alex. 
16 Andrews Mrs J. 
20 Bell RoR. 
22 Telfcrd Edward 


6 Brown Geo. 
Cameron Miss 
Hoy M'iss 
M'Kcrnon Danl. 

Murray Miss 
Ritchie W, L. 

Wilson Miss 

Young Wm. 
8 Foulds Alex. 

Gordon Mrs 

MTntyre Miss 

M'Kellar Alex. 

M'Leod Murdo 

Pollock Jas. 

Trotter Mass 
10 Adam Miss 

Mackay John 

M'Kenzie Robt. 

M'Leod M-.tthew 

Melrose Wm. 

M'Millan Alex. 
12 Hutcheson Geo. 

Ktith Angus 

Park Boyd 

Sinclair J . C . 

Strathearn Mrs. 

Thomson Miss C. 

Wilsca Frank 
14 Alexance: John 

Allan John 

Hughes John 

Lewiis D. H. 

Kerr Jas. 

M'Gill Mrs J. 

Redd Mrs D. 

S;u±\varl W. J. 
20 'M'Innes Mrs D. 

TVIackay Danl. 

M'Pherson Miss 

Muiir Mrs Robt. 

Paul John R. 

Ritchie John K. 
22 Allan Jas. M. 

Armour Mrs Chas. 

D(ick A. M. 

Hendry Miiss 


Simpson Mrs 

Young Mrs 
24 Cadi en Wm. 

Cameron Miss 

Campbe'.l Mrs 

Forbes Mrs 

Stewart Mrs E. 

Whkeford J. H. 
26 Black Jas. 

Campbell Miss M. 

Curriie Mrs M. 

Da vies John 

King Miss 

M'Millan Miss 

M'Millan Miss 
28 Barclay John 

Connal D. L. 

Fry Chas. H. 

Love Miss 

Niicol John 

Snowiie Wm. 
30 Coghid Alex. 

M'Laren Mrs 

Miller Jas. 

Nicol Mrs 

Shaw Miss 

Thompson Jas. 
32 Buchanan Rev. J. 

Main Geo. 

M'Dougall Miss E. 

M'Gugan Duncan 

Muic.Robt. W. 

Simpson Misses 
34 Brown Wm. 

Kiing Miss 

Mac Far! an e Dugald 

M'Kenrie Duncan 

M'Laughlda Danl. 

Morrison Miss 
40 Rae Thos. 

Shaw Wm. 
42 Auld Thos. 

Carruth Matthew 

Polomis M. T. 

Sheppard W. R. 

Mortley W. J. 

Duff Jas. 
44 Angus W. G. 

Mac Arthur H. G. 

M'Kellar Miss J. 

Morrem W. L. 

Rodger Mrs 
46 An dears on Miss 

Fair grieve And. 

M'Gregor A. R. 

M'Nei'l Misses 

Morrison Mrs J. 

Yea,tts W. J. 

Pottsie J. D. 

Pottie Alex. 
48 B'rodie Mrs M. 

Burt Henry 

Burt Thos. 

Galbreath D. M. 

East on R. F. 

Kirk Robt. 
50 Gwynne Misses 

M'Kelviie Wm. 

Miller Robt. 

M'Onie Martin. 

Morrison J. u. 
52 Gordon D. E. 
56 Taylor W. J. 
58 Watson Mrs 
60 Laird Jas. 
62 Rob son John 

Wear Mrs J. 
64 Brown Mrs Mary 
66 Adam Jas. 
68 Stoddart J. 


70 Neiill Geo. A. 
72 Yapp J. T. 
74 Bishop H. C. 
76 Montgo rery Thos 
78 Davies Misses 

Mikiito D. K. 
98 Patterson G. H. 
100 Hope Geo, 
5 Lyon David 

M earns Mrs J as. 

Meechan Thos.. 
7 FowliiiS Geo. 

Young Hamilton 
9 Connachie J. A. 

M'Donald Mrs. 

Menzies Robt. 

Cook Rev. J. J. 

Lynch John 
1 1 Laird John 
13 BMr Mrs. 

Brown W. R. 

Kee W. W, 

Mayhevv Harold 

Russell John 

Service John 
15 Black rr ore Mrs J. 

Gray Miss J. 

Hair vie Jas. 

Lee Geo. 

M'Mi'lan Angus- 
Thomson Miss 
17 Curriie John 

Ferguson Jas. 

Kerr Mrs M. 

M'Kellar Alex. 

Salmon W. H. 

Yeeles J. W. T. 
19 Hastie Geo. 

King Alex. 

Lyon Mrs E. 

MTaviish Alex. 

Telfer Colin 

Young Mr 3 
21 Beveridge Robt. 

Butler O. W. 

Elton Percy 

MacDonald E. 

Simpson Gordon 

Seitwart Paul 
23 Cook D. S. 

Downing Mrs E. 

Mathieson Lindsay 
'Wiiil'son Mrs J. 

Wright Robt. 

Nicol Gavin 
25 M'Gugan Mrs 

Same Robt. J. 

Watson Mrs M. 
29 Bro die Jas. M. 

Brown Jas. 

Guthrie Mrs J. 

M Cutcheon Mrs J. 

Penny Mrs R. 

Simpson Mrs 

Whiten- an J. N. 
33 Livings., n: Duncan 
35 Campbel Miss A. 

La moat A. F. 

M'Orie P. S. 

Sinclair N. W. 
37 Cargdll Herbert 
39 Bcrthwick T. R. 

Easiton Geo. 

Foulds Duncan 

Morrison Jas. 

Lees Wm. 

Lyle Mrs 
41. Ccrmack J. M. 

Crawford Hugh 

M'Gugan Mrs 


M'Leish Jas. 

Wylie Miss 

Tainsh Miss 
43 Carson Henry 

Fullartoa Alex. 

Lambert on Mrs J. 

M-Farlane T. T. 

Pren-tice Adam 

Richmond Miss M. 
45 Arrritage Jessie 

Flockhart Miss 

Graham Hugh 

Greig Sidney 

Lennox Walter 

M'Farlane Mrs 

Montgomery Robt. 
47 Brown Hugh 

Durkin H. R. 

i3co>tt Wm. 

Holmes Wm. 

M'Indoe Miss 

Walker Wm. 
;49 Anderson Miss 

Gibson Mrs W. 

Green A. G. 

Lee Joseph 

Mill Miss L. W. 

T ay loir Wm. 

Warden Miss 

Henderson Mrs M. 

William son T. P. 
51 Brown Archd. 
53 Scohie Lawrence 
55 Love Andrew 
57 Christie Jas. 
59 Mills Robt. 
61 Cuthbertson Thos. 
63 Crawford Misses 
65 Smith Frank 
71. Hurry Andrew 

73 Calder Joseph 
75 Mum Wm. 
77 Simpson Misses 
79 Hastie Mrs 
81 Whyte Misses 
83 Wilson Wm. 

Swan Mrs 
85 Nicol J. S. 
89 M'Quis.tan Mrs 
95 Cameron John 

Holmes Wm. 

Purves- Masse? 

Leitch Mrs W. 

Fletcher John 
97 Anderson J. W. 
99 Lambie Miss J. 
101 Dunlop L. V. 


3 Dunleavy Mrs 

M'Cabe T- 
7 Hosie W.n. 
13 Barker Mrs Isa 

Caldwell John 

Mat hti eso n Wra . 

Curnie Thos. 

Vaughan Alfred 
15 Anderson Thos. 

Kennedy J. C. 

Knox W. \. 

M'Eacbrar. Robt. 

Thomson Wm. 
19 Baker — 

Stewart Wm . 
23 Cook Wm. 

Dalziel W. 

Kilpatrick Hugh 

Law Matthew 


Faton A. 

Siturrock P, K. 
25 Brown Jas. 

Cc r diner Geo. 

King John 

M' In tyre T. E. 

Munro Mrs 
27 Pankhead W. 

M'Gregor Danl. 
33 Erskine Miss C. 

Forsyth Wm. 

James Saml. 

Kirby W. E. 

Miller Allan 
35 Barr J. S. 

Gilmour Andrew 

Glasspell Harry 

Martin A 

Surh T.' G. 
37 Kinloch S. F. 

Kirkwood Mrs ' 

M'Callum W. M. 

M'Neiill Mrs A. 

Moras Mrs C. 
39 Cl?rk John 

Cormick Wm. 

Davh J. 

Macdooald Allan 

M' Bride Henry 
43 M Gulloch Rev. J. 
45 Black Miss 
47 Love R. C. 

Mac don aid Miss 

Poole W. 
49 Galbreath Mrs J. 

Muir Geo.. 

Roberts E. 
51 Crawford Mrs P. 

Kerr Peter 
53 Smith Adam 

54 Barr Mrs J. S. 

Crawford R. 

Love A. C. 

M'Onie Mrs J. 

Smith Robt 
52 Brown Jas. 

Crawford Jas. 

Flockhart Mrs J. 

Scott Miss 
50 Hildreth Miss 

Perry W. 

Wilson Thos. 
48 M'Kinnon Arehd. 
46 Buckie John 

Law Jas. S. 

Robertson W. 

Ruhe Mrs 

Saxelby Wm. 
44 Hamilton Jas. 
40 Blair John 

Hodge Mitchell 

Jenner W. H. 

Rennie A. 

Savage T. 
38 Carmichael Hugh 

Lakig Robt. 

Smith M. N. 

Macnaught W. F. 

White Mrs 
36 Blair Robt. 

Campbell R. 

M'Dougall Allan 

Martin Mrs Jas.. 

Tirowe M. G. 
34 Heard Alex. 

M'Gilvary John 

M'Quarrie Donald 

Mel drum J. 
32 Devlin Misses 

M'Neill Danl. 


Hammond H. L. 
8 Dickson Robt. 
6 Atiitken Wm. 

Bullen Francis 
4 M'Connachie Robt. 
2 Black Mrs C. 


1 Borthwkk A. C. 

Carrnichael Robt. 

M'Farlane Mrs, M. 

M' Kinney Wm. 

Ross Thos. 

White Geo. 
3 Gillespie John 

Heard Mrs Agnes 

Hughes John 

M'Clement Saml. 

Henderson Joseph 

Livingsotn. Jas. 

M'Kay Wm. 


2 Rodger Robt. 

4 Cowper Wm. 

6 M'Farlane Wm. 

8 Allan Robt. 
10 Souttar Chas. 
12 MTntyre Wm. 
14 Lamb John 
16 Ferguson Robt. 
18 Conway Jas. 
20 Ewing Geo. 
22 Fisher Peter 
24 Kay Murdoch 
26 Hunter Wm. 

28 Jackson Wm. 

30 Stewart Alex. 

32 Ward John 
34 Beith Chas. 
36 Raid John 
38 Barr Jas. 

40 MTntyre Mrs 

42 Stewart John 

44 Kerr Hugh 

46 Buchanan Wm. 

48 Michaelson Archd. 

50 M'Menemy Dan!. 

52 Nesbitt Alex. 

54 Roberts Jas. 

56 Green Mrs 

58 Palmer Alfred 

60 Syme Mrs 

62 Suttiie Andrew 

64 Mackay Jas. 

66 Urquhart Duncan 

68 Hannah David 

70 Gordon Mrs 

72 Sangster Fred. 

74 Rhoden Stanley 

1 Bell Joseph 

3 Surgenor Hugh 

5 Piittendtreigh Geo. 

7 Calder Jas. 

9 Clark John 

11 Gnierson John, 

13 Owers Mrs M. 

15 Gilchrist Wm. 

17 Astiton Frank 

19 Hamilton A. J. 

21 Thomson Wm. 

25 Howat John 

27 Stevenson Wm. 

29 Coghlan Francis 

31 Holt Robt. 

33 Newman Jas. 


35 Ewiing Alex. 

37 MTrutyre Mrs J. 

39 Niicol Wm. 

41 Dawson Jas. 

43 Nicol Lawrence 


1 Gray Alex. 

H en dry An drew 

MTntyre Archd. 

M'Lellan Alex. 

M'Mahon Joseph 

Mathtieson John 

O'Donnelly Michael 

Peel Thos. 

Sandtilands Jas. 

Watt Jas. 
3 Er slain e Chas. 

Fulton Chas. 

M'Laughlin Mrs 

M'Phersoii Donald 

Nairn Jas . 
5 Brand Jas. G. 

M'Elhinney David 

MuHen Mrs 
7 Gray Neil 

M'Kellar Archd. 
13 Jardine Mrs A. 

Litterick John 

Little John 

M'Cal! John 

Mite heir Thos. 

Saidler Rich. 

S'itienson Geo. 

Syken Danl. 

Wilson Alex. 
15 Blair John 

Cameron Peter 

Gardener P. B. 

Irving Matthew 

Higgens Edward 

M'Elwain Alex. 

M'Laren Malcolm 

M'Rae Jas. 

Watson P. D. 
17 Campbell Colin 

Craig Harry 

Ferries Mrs 

Gair Aliex. 

Harkins Peter 

MTver Thos. 

M'Rae Thos. 
19 Camohell Colin 

Cha v ,burn David 

Gilfties Alex . 

Kiilpatrick Jas. 

M'Lellan Duncan 

M'Pherson Donald 
21 Bell Stewart 

M' Arthur Jas. 

Morrfison John 

fSkimming David 
23 Cook Walter 

Horn Wm. 

M'Cuiloch John 

M'Gilvray Malcolm 

Ma~kie Chas. 

Meek Mrs E. 

Mocre John 

Smi'lie' Jas. 
25 Allan Geo, 

Burnside Wm . 

Boag A. 

Campbell Wm , 

Hamilton John 

M'Cracken Jas. 

M'Millan Malcolm 

Purdie John 


Stewart Thos. 
Stuart Jas. 
Walker Jas. 

27 Clark John 
Gilmour John 
Gorman Sarhl. 
Graham Robt. 
Hopkin Wm. 
Rid dell Geo. 

30 Blah Jas. 
Brown Robt. 
Connell Hugh 
Curfie Donald 
Donaldson Wm. 
Kennedy Saml. 
Walsh Albert. 
Sampson Thos. 

28 Boag Thos, 
Dyea John 
Horn Robt. 
Lorimer Geo . 
M'MiUan Archd. 
Main Mrs 
Miller Jas. 
Paterson Duncan 

26 Gordon Robt. 
MTarlane John 
M'Lean Mrs Ada 
Mitchell Fergus 
Montgomery David 
S ha:: no :? Gtc. 
Simpson Mrs J. 

24 Boyle Jas. 
Crumlish Peter 
Lancaster Robt. 
Lang Robt. 
M'Call Wm. 
Nelis Patrick 
Prrkhill Wm. 
Treasurer David 

Younger Thos. 

20 Dooley Andrew 
Kennedy Jas, 
M'Kelar Robi.. 
Miller J. L. 
Young Hugh 

18 Black Mrs A. 
Kane A^x. 
Kennedy Ferguson 
iM'Gowan Frank 
M'Kay Robt. 

16 Cameron Robt. 
Gillies Malcolm 
Cochran Joseph 
MTarlane David 
Plunkett Duncan 
Scott Thos, 

14 'Brace Mrs J. 
Dooley Mrs J. 
MTarlane Mrs 
M'Math Mrs W. 
Millar John 
Taylor David 


3 Burton Thos. 

Marchbank Peter 

Morrison Jas. 

Paris Frank 

Sieyes Jas. 
7 MTnnes John 
13 M'Guire Neil 
27 Gray Miss 

Kiiinniburgh Wm. 

Mooney Andrew 
46 O'Brien Wm. 

Paton A. J. 
38 Canning David 


M'Geechin Edward 

Madden Mrs Wm. 

Mitchell Wm. 

Richardson Mrs 

Stewart Geo. 
:30 Balloch John 

Campbell John 

M'Ewan Mrs E. 

M'Gilvray Alex. 

Morrison Joseph 

Walker Archd. 
12 Brookman Mrs 

Greenlees Wm . 

M'Anulty Patrick 

M'Bride Mrs T. 

Paterson John 

Palmersiton Bldgs. 

2 Devlin Mrs 
M'Gowan Hugh 
M'Nell John 

3 Campbell Angus 
M'Laughllin Danl. 

6 Kelly John 


5 Buchanan Archd. 
Chalmers Peter 
Irving Mrs M. 
M' ; Cu!loch Mrs M. 
M'Ewan Mrs 
M'Neill Archd. 
Neill David 
Peebles Mrs 
Rankin John 
Weir D. A. C. 

7 Case John 
Inglis Wm. 

Loudon Wm. - 
M'Neill Rich. 
Meikle Danl. 
Millar Jas. 
Pratt J. G. 
Shields Archd. 
Thompson Jas. 
Wylie W. T. 
9 Duncan Chas. 
Fktt Alfred 
Fletcher Miss A. 
Govan Colin 
Hardie John 
M'Gregor Chas. 

10 Taylor Wm. 

11 Cunningham Robt. 

12 Jacobs T. R. 

13 Sharp Wm. 

14 Sheridan J. B. 

15 Thomson Thos. 

16 Soutar Chas. 

17 Cmpbll Mss H. 

18 Beattie Jas. 

19 Millar John 
Ritchie Andrew 

20 Black Chas. 

21 Jones Henry 
— Swan M. S. 


4 Gibson W. B. 

M'Aulay Thos. 

M'Kirdy Archd. 

M'Millan David 

Roysiton H. E. 

Watson Hugh 
6 Bickle D. 

Gilmour Mrs 


Gray Wm . 
Howie F. B. 
M'Kellar J. H. 
Morrison S. 

7 Bridgeford R. 
Hunter R. 
Munro Miss 
Wilkinson. Miss 

8 Clark Jas, 
Forrest Herbert 
Irwin T. 
Manson H. T. 
Wallis Geo. 

14 Anderson, John 

Doner ty Martin 

Dunlop Thos. 

Farquharson W. 

Morris Danl. 
16 Gall Wm. 

Maeaskill A. 

MTntyre Jas. 

M'Lean John 

Murdoch Jasi. 

Smith Robt. 
18 Brown Thos. 

Bruce A. 

Gilloran J. M. 

Cochrane W. 

Roberts W. 

Smith R. M. 

36 Jones Mrs W. 
Mi'Lean Mrs 

37 Millar Mrs A. 

38 Pearson Thos. 
40 M'Kay Edward 
42 Bryce Thos. 
53 ■ Drysdale Mrs 

55 Fleming Rev. C. 
fvVaddell Lt.-Col. 

56 Wingate J. S. 

58 Paterson Jas. 

59 Macfarlane Miss 

60 Hope Mrs 
62 Watt J. Mi. 


52 Aitkei John 
Campbell John 
Crossier Mrs 
Graham Archd. 
Swan John, 
Taylor Neil 

50 Burnside Jas. 
Blackey Geo. 
Crawford Robt. 
Greig John 
Hamilton David 
Simpson John 
Turner Rich. 

48 Campbell Donald 
Dunlop Robt. 
Gooqrwin John 
Gray Robt. 
Grainger Wm. 
Heggie John 

46 Brown Wm. 
Chrisitie Jas. 
Gordon Jas. 
Harper Abram 
Lauderdale Mrs 
Sheriff Thos. 
Mathewson Mrs 

42 Lee Ralph 

40 Goodwin Jas. 

38 Bell John 

36 Wykes Mrs C. 

34 Finndgan John 

32 Innes Robt. 


30 Hookey Ernest 

24 M'Leod Donald 

22 Stewart John 

20 M'Kellar Wm. 

18 Welsh Robt. 

16 M'Cloy Jas.. 

14 Ireland Wm. 

12 Daisley Andrew 

10 Bell Jas, 

7 Tucker John 

9 Gordon Jas. 


3 Horgan Rev. Wm. 
Gallagher Rev. C. 
M'Ginlay Rev. T. 

5 Cameron Hugh 
MWhinnie Hugh 
Patrick Mrs* A. 

4 Davidson A. F. 
Dowldng John 
Ewing Joseph 
MTntyre Donald 
M'Lean Mrs T. 
Robertson Geo. 

6 Heron Mrs 
Walmsley J. 

10 Barrett Mrs 
Keogh Jas. 
Kelly Jas. M. 


7 Chalmers Duncan 
Dunlop Johni 
Hamilton John 
Liddell Thos; 

M'Callum Geo. 

M'Farlane Alex. 

M'Quat Wm. 

Mulholland Mrs 
9 Carruthers Wm. 

Colquhcui Miss 

Harris Wm. 

Maclaine Hector 

Maiday Chas. 

Patrick John 

Thompson Jas. 
11 Dalziel Wm. 

Dorrance Robt. 

Erskine Matthew 

Gordon John 

Irvine Hugh 

M'Glashan David 

Wildridge Joseph 
13 Cree John 

Daily Jas. 

Ivi'Kay Jas. 

M'Kee John i 
15 Andersen Miss 

Hansen Jas. 

Johnstone Wm. 

M'Nicol Jas. 

Moffat John 

Sheffild Joseph 
17 Brown Robt:. 

M'Gregor Andrew 

Sitevenson Thos. 

Stewart John 
10 Dunlop John 

Foulds Mrs M. 

Gillespie Thos. 

M'Master Thos. 

M'Phail Robt. 

Parlane Wm. 

Robinson John 
8 Donald Duncan 


Hair Dugald 

Kerr Jas. 

M'Kay Geo. 

Tennant Wm. 
6 Armitage David 

Clark Walter 

Hair David 

Hamilton A. J. 

Johnstone Robt. 

Jones John 

Murray A. S. 
4 Gilchrist Wm. 

Hag en Wm. 

Hartley Jas. 

M'Kay Archd. 

Mills Mrs J. 

Mitchell Archd. 

Morton Jas. 

Shaw Peter 

Ward Robt. 

2 Gebbie Mrs 


1 Hosie Mrs 

Tempi ebon Alex. 

3 Davies. Mrs 
Duffy Miss 
Quinn Michael 

4 Clesham Michael 
Rush Mrs 
Macdonald Angus* 
M'Phee Donald 
M' Arthur Michael 
M'Cluskey Denis 


7 Crawford Jas. 
'M'Dade John 
M'Diarmid Wm. 

M'Gowan Chas. 
11 Morgan Daniel 

Gillespie John 
13 Alexander Andrew 

M' Arthur Mrs E. 
15 Collins Mrs M. 

Downie John 

Keith John 
17 Bennett John * 

Cannon John 
19 Dunbar John 

Fulton John. 

Kinnjburgh Jas. 
29 Gardner Jas. 

O'Reilly Wm. 

Quigley Robt. 
37 M'Cready Geo. 
41 Isaacs Barnet 
, M'Monigle Patrick 

43 Docberty Chas. 
Pear?on Gustof 

45 Docherty Mrs J. 
Kelly Robt. 
M'Guire Jas. 
M'Ginty Mrs M. 
Sharp Hugh 
Woods Hugh 

49 Duffy Danl. 

Dunleavy Gregory 
Kelly John 

46 Whyte J. 
Docherty Douglas 
Duff Jas. 

Levy Max 
MTnnes Angus 
Malcolm John 
Peddie Mrs S. 

44 Duncan Jas. 
Knight John 


40 Lafferty Henry 
M'Neiil Danl. 

38 Russell G. P. 

32 Kerr Miss M. 

30 Deas Andrew 

28 M'Bride Alex. 
Marshall Ralph 

24 Ritchie J. B. 

22 M'Lean Mrs A. 

20 S.:y-T.geouir Da\id 

18 Creen Wm. 
Kirkwood Jas. 
Watters Saml. 
White Mrs 
Munro Chas. 

16 Donnelly John 
Murray Neil 
Osborne Mrs M. 

14 Burns Geo. 

M'Laughlin Neil 
Porteous Jas. 

12 Flynn Mrs A. 

10 Cook J. 


2 Cardy Wm. 

Campbell John 

M'Ghie Hugh 

Pyott Colin 

Thomas Hugh 
,4 Caldwell Robst. 

Devlin John 

Gallacher Mrs E. 

Hendry John 
6 Campbell Archd. 

Clark Wm. 

Bruce Wm. 

Brook John 
8 Graham John 

M'Connell Mrs 

M'Dermid Wm. 

M'Mahon Frank 

Ramsay Wm. 
10 Blair Jas. 

Docherty Wm. 

M'Ghee Frank 

Rattray Wm. 
12 Canavan John 

Cameron Dcnald 

MCarni Jas. 

O'Neill John 

1 Borjnar John 
Fraser Albert 
Richardson L. 
Reid John 
O'Neill Peter 

3 Campbell John 
Cameron Neil 
Ritchie Mrs J. 
M'Cartney John 

5 Docherty Wm. 
Gordon Jas. 
Ritchie John 
Small Pe'.e: 


4 Brough Mrs 
Brown Donald 
Drysdale John 
Harkin Joseph 
Wyllie Thos. 
Wilson Wm. 

6 Caldwell Thos. 
Docherty Mrs 
Kennedy Mrsi 
MAlees Mrs 


Paterson Robt. 
Taylor Wm. 
8 Gale Peter 
Kelly JaS'. 
M'Aleies Geo. 
M'Laughlin Wm. 
Sharkey Danl. 
Tait Robt. 


2 Lindsay Wm. 

9 Brown John; 
Scullion John, 
Waddell John 
Wells Walter 


12 M' Alpine Andrew 
14 Bums Jas. 
16 Dawson Benjamin 
•18 Dewar John 
20 Galbraith Neil 
22 Duncan Robt. 
24 Campbell Hugh 
26 Drummond Thoa. 

— Savage Mrs R. 

— Drainer R. J. 


2 Alcorn Mrs i 
Dick Ebenezer 
Hopkins Fred. 
M'Gurk John 
Sinclair Alex. 
Stewart Alex. 


9 M'Cormick Thos. 

M'Cue Patrick 

Woodsiie John 
13 Beaton Allan 

Greig Adam 

M'Crae John 

Price Jas. 

Wiggins Edward 
19 Price Mrs Robt. 
31 Barker John 
35 Anderson Miss 
37 Ferguson Wm. 

Flynn John 

M'Callum Duncan 

Nicholson Archd. 

Gillies Mrs 
39 Calderwood Thos. 

M'Kinnon Mrs P. 

M'Lellan Matthew 

Milton Geo. T. 

Walker Harold 
41 Benn John 

Connolly John 

Fisher Thos. 

Kay Robt. 
43 Davidson J. A. 

Deafley Mrs S. 

Fndlay John 

Kerr Jas. 

M c Alpine Saml. 

Martin Neil 
45 Deafley Thos. 

Findlay Jas. 

M'Donald John 

M'Farlane Mrs 

Paterson Peter 
47 Brown Wm. 

Dillon John 


McAllister Alex. 
M'Lean Angus 
M'Millan Mrs. E. 
M'Nab Donald 
Murray Chas.. . 

51 Barr John 
0'Ha.ra Chas. 

53 Armstrong John 
Denny John 
Gi'lespie Joseph 
M'Kellar Joseph 
Malone Edward 
Moore Thos. 
Souithcott Henry 

34 MTadyen. Mrs E. 
Marner Thos. 
Owen Mrs 
Stewart Chas. 

28 Arthur Alex. 
Currie John 
Leigbton John 
Tapper John 

26 Barr Peter 
Mallon Mrs 
Menzies David 
Spalding John 

18 Anderson, Hugh 
Graham Rodger 
Harper Wm. 
MTetrick John 
M'Qui'ken Jas. 
Patterson John 


9 Anderson R. 
Campbell J. 
Beveridge Mrs G. 
Hughes W. H. 

M'Gugan T. 

M'Allister John 

Owens Henry 
11 Downie Wm. 

Milan Wm. 
21 Bissett Mrs M. 

Tucker John 
23 Jackson John 

Carmichael A. 

Gallacher W. 

Han ikon J. 
36 Brown J. S. 

Stevenson R. 

Laird Alex. 

Ly 7 e John 

Patrick Alex. 

Scott John 

Williamson W. 
34 Armstrong Wm. 

Curran Jas. 

Young J. 

Egan Michael 

Letson Jas. 

J.eitch Archd.. 

Ml Call. Thos. 
32 Graham H. 

Craig A. 

flnencer Wm. 

Livingstone D. 

M'Bride David 

Morrison Thos. 

Richardson Jas.. 

Tait John 
22 Hendry RobL 
20 Spencer Archd. 
12 Dickie Geo. 

Shields R. 

Marlow Geo. 

Mailer Jas. 
10 Best Jas. 


Peittigrew Joseph 
Sorley Wm. 
8 Stephen J. 


2 Keane Martin 
King Thos. 

7 Devlin Miss M. 

8 Morricoa Dm 1 . 
Morrison Duncan 

14 Andersen Duncan 


1 Strange Mrs ' 

Stemart Donald 

Mairs Robt. 

M'Neill Dugald 

Harkness Robt. 

Burgess Jas. 

Cabrie Wm. 

Boyle Wm. 

M'Sween Neil 
18 Robertson Andrew 
21 Scott J. M. 



3 Anderson Louis 
Milne J. S. 
Taylor Mrs 
Webster A. S. 

16 Bowes Miss 

Gorman Stephen 
Harvey Edward 
M'Master John 

14 Barry Jas. 

M'Cartney David 
M'Devitt W. F. 
MTntosh Hector 
Orchard David 
Smith John 

12 Cameron Saml. 
Campbell Malcolm 
Douglas John 
Logan Jas. 
Graham Malcolm 
Kennedy Wm. 
M'Cartney Mrs W. 

5 Brown Hugh 

Hume G. W. 

Lindsay Archd. 

Massicks W. J. 

Newall Chas. 

Nicholson John 

Prendergast John 

Phillips Tlo~. 
7 Adams Miss 

Calcluith Wm. 

Devlin Mrs M. 

Duffner John 

Hodgson Wm. 

M'Donald Robt. 

M'Farlane Miss C. 

M'Kenzde Donald 
9 Bowe Jas. 

Cameron John 

Campbell Robt. 

Logan Misses 

M'Kechnie Mrs J. 

Nicol Jas. 

Robertson R. W. 


11 Barbour Miss A. 

Brown Robt. 

Campbell Donald 

Gibson Geo. 

Marshall Robt. 

Peden Miss A. 

Scott R. C. 
17 Lang Jas. 

Barr Miss 

Day John 

Kinniburgh Don. 
15 Scobie John 

Macnab Archd. 

M'Kinnon Danl. 

Bolton Joseph 

M'Neill Alfred 

Thomson. Mrs 

Lang Peter 
1 7 Swan Jas . 

M'Millan Danl. 

Joyce Robt. 

Fairbairn Mrs. J. 
19 M'Lean Wm. 

Lynn John 

Taylor David 

Faulds Saml. 

Wohlgemuth John 

Williamson Jas. 

Richmond Mrs 
21 Wilson Robt. 

Ritchie Robt. 

Smith Mrs 

Boyd John 

Anderson Ernest 

Aitken Jas. 

Rippingale Jas. 

Middleton Jas. 

Keown Rich. 

Gordon Geo. 

[M'Lean Mrs 

M'Fie Mrs 

Campbell Mrs 

Sloan Jas. 

Carson Robt. 

Gordon Geo. 
25 Sinclair Henry 

Gillies Mrs 

Sommervlle Mrs 

Nicholson Wm. 

Maxwell Hamilton 

Daly John 

Docherty John 

Rae Chas. 
27 Boyle Mrs 

Kidd Wm. 

Martin Mrs 

Gunn John 

Taylor John 

Johnstone Angus 

Forbes Mrs 

M'Eachran John 
29 Campbell Mrs 

Gillespie Jas. 

HallidayWrs fl 

M'Bryde Peter 

Thomson Wm. 
31 Wilson Robt. 

iM'Adam Peter 

Scott Jas. 

Elistob Jas. 

White Neil! 

Doak Robt. 

Keli'ie John 

Brock Mrs 

M'Goig Mrs 

Smith Alex. 
33 Cupples David 
63 Beaton Mrs 

Campbell John 

Jam'ieson Miss M. 


M'Kenzie Peter 

Nicholson R. 
65 Cook Robt. 

Curr'ie Jas. 

Dunlop Miss M. 

M'Farlane John 

M'Kenzie Alex. 

M'Phee Murdoch 

Murray Wra. 

Satchwe 1 ! Thos. 
61 Gray John jr. 

Kfckpitrick M. 

M'LachVn Hugh 

Munro Jas. 

Srr.idi J. G. 

Smith Mrs 
69 Brown Robt. jr. 

Grant David 

Lyden John 

Napier David 

Robb John 

Seath J. G. 

Sharp Archd. 

Wooler David 
71 Beattie H. G. 

Darroch John 

Galbreath Saml. 

Lee Mrs E. 

Shackfeton John 
73 Bauchope Moses 

Blair John 

M'Ausland Archd. 

M'Gibbon Chas. 

M'Neill Geo. 

Ritchie Archd. 

Wales J. B. 
75 Brown Archd. 

Carroll W,m. 

Gilliland Archi. 

M'Nak W. S. 

Millar Peter 

Wyse Mrs J. 
77 Beveridge Geo. 

Chalmers Wm. 

Lamhie Robt. 

M'ConnacM'S Miss 

M'Intosh Mrs E. 

M'Quiilken Duncan 
79 Brown Chas. 

Bruce Louis. ,__ 

.Cheyne J. M.~~ 

•Nelson A. V. 

Potter Jas. 

Sutherland Alex. 
81 Bradley Jas. 

Gray Danl. 

Grewar A 'an 

M'Neiilage Mrs P. 

Raid Alex. 

M'Vey Wra. 
83 Ayre Harold 

Lamb John 

Mitchell W. J. 
97 Black John 

Campbell John 

Draine Hugh 

Jack Jas. 

Mi'Cluskey Terence 

■M'Kkdy Mrs A. 

Scott Jas. 

Sharp Danl. 
99 Armstrong Donald 

Black Jas. 

Buckley Wm. 

Hannah Jas. 

M'Lean Malcoln 

M'Neill Malcoln 

MiLligan John 

Scouller Edward 
101 Boyd Henry- 


Campbell Neil 
Graham Wm. 
Griffiths D. R. 
M'Gregor Robt. 
M'Lean A. Y. 
M'Phail Peter 
Morgan DauiL. 
Stewart Danl. 
78 Crank Reginald 
M'Connell Mrs 
Symington John 
Wilkinson Thos. 
Anderson H. 
Gilmurray Francis 
Hogg Mrs 
Monaghan John 
Parker R. S. 
74 Ferguson Ne-il 
, Greer Mrs 

M'Cormick David 
M'llwraith Wm. 
MTntosh John 
M'Kellar Jas. 
M'Phee Mrs, M. 
72 Calder Mrs J. 
Morrison David 
Cummiag John 
Dawson C. H. 
Livingston D. 
M'Intyre John 
Mathdeson L. 
Muiir Neal 
Stewart Mrs 
Thomson Thos. 
70 Boyd Wm. 
Campbell John 
Ford Mrs M. 
Gillespie John 
SMakolm Jas. 
i l DVPRae Mrs M. 

Paton Mrs E. 
Straiton John 
68 Alexander Robt. 
Barbour Thos. 
Graham John 
Hally John 
Hampton Jas. 
Roberts John 
Russell Henry 
Willens Andrew 
66 Blair J. H. 

Jamieson Danl. 
Leslie D. C. 
M'Dougall John 
Walmsley J.J. 
64 Barbour Jessie 

M'Girr John 

M'Kinnon Hugh 

Robertson D. 
Thorn Wm. 

Wallace Geo . 

Young Wm. 
60 Barbour Jas. 

Bertie Peter 

Braid Wm. 

Carson Gilbert 

Livingston Donald 

M'Kenzde John 

MacLachlan Robt. 

Stewart Alex. 
58 Calderwood E. 

M'Dougall Duncan 

M'E'eny John 

M'Lean Jas. 

Muiir M'Lean 

Stewart Andrew; 
56 Aitken Mrs R. 

Callander Donald 

Gibson Wm. 

fjohnsitone Peter • 


Millar John 

M'Calium Donald 

Lennox Robt. 

O'Neill Hugh, 
54 Harper Mrs. H. 

Lyall Alex. 

M'Kay Muxdo 

Mitchell Jas. 

Reid Jas. 

Smillie John 
50 Cameron David 

Kelso Wm. 

M'Farlane John 

M'Naught Peter 

Waller Joseph 

Webster Henry 
48 Alcorn Wm. 

'Hamilton Wm. 

Hastings Hugh jr. 

Jamieson John 

M'Farlane Mrs 

Reid Joseph 
46 Cambridge Wm. 

Carry Thos. 

Crumlish John 

Darroch Mrs 

M'Lean Jas. 

Miller Jas. 

Murphy Danl. 

Olley F. W. 
44 Brown Thos. 

Teifer Walter 
42 Hutcheson Wm. 

Lantry Jas. 
40 Kirkwood Wm. 

Lyle John 
38 Hawkins W. H. 

Sinclair D. W. 
36 M'Houl Hugh 

Park Robt. 

34 Fairbaim Mrs J. 

Howie John 
32 Crawford John 

M'Calium Duncan 

Marshall Robt. 
30 Docker Anthony 
28 Johnston, Jas. 

MThail Thos, 
26 Leiitch H. S. 

M'Le'lan Miss 
24 Henry W. E. 

M'Quade John 
22 Calderhead Robt. 

M'Dougall Geo. 

M'Lean John 


19 Holmes Jas. 

21 Miller Henry 

23 Phillips Archd. 

25 Watson Matthew 

27 Paterson John 

29 Brady John 

31 Brown Alex. 
39 Spiers W. H. 

41 Kirkwood Matthew 

43 Brownlie John 

45 Norwell Alex. 

46 M'Kinnon John 

44 Smith J. W. 

42 Ma,in Henry 
!40 Easjton D. M. 
38 Drysdale Robt. 
36 Murray Jas. 

32 Richmond A. W. 

30 Neill P. B. 

28 Wilson J. F. 

26 Dunsmuir Alex. 


24 M'Bffide Andrew 

18 Muir Henry 

16 Clark A. C. 

14 Taylor Misses 

12 Robertson Wim. 

10 Scott R. L. 
8 Henderson W. J. 
6 Fletcher Dugald 
4 Sutherland Hugh 

— Campbell Alex. 

— Mendham G. T. 


2 Fleming Robt. 
4 Calderwood Robt. 

Clow Mirs Wm. 

Dunlop Bernard 

Leek Robt. 

M'Ewan Robt. 

M'Leod Mrs J. 

Martin Robt. 

Miller John 

Watt Thos. 
6 Black Jas. 

Glover Wm. 

Jeffers Saml. 

Keirnish Miss E. 

Knox John 

M'Ewen Saml. 

M'Naul Robt. 

Reed Mass R. 

Sutherland Evan 

Thomson Jas. 

Wilson Jas. 
8 Boyd Mrs A. 

Brown G. H. 

Cameron John 

Finnic John 

Grant Thos. 

Halliday Thos. 

Johnstone Robt. 

M'Corkell R. J. 

M'Hugh John 

Milligan Wm. 

M'Leod Roderick 

Scott Wm. 
10 Calderwood Mrs; 

Fleming Jas.. 

Gray Wm. 

Leitch Neil 

M' Auchey Jas . 

M'Ewan Peter 

Morrison Robt. 

Sinclair Wm. 

Wilson Miss M. 

Young W. J. 
12 Bovaird Wm. 

Coogan Edward 

Edwards John 

Gamble Thos. 

M'Gilp Allan 

M'Rinncn Hugh 

M' Vicar Archd. 

Miller Chas. 

Muir head Wm. 

Pinckney Walter 

Pollock Jas. 

Sinclair Alex. 

Wylie Mrs 
14 Fulton Robt. 

J o hn stone D avi i 

Jess Saml. 
.Love Mrs 

M'Dowa, 1 ! Thos. 

Mathie Arthur 

M'Kay Thos.. 

Thomson. Mrs M. 

Wilson Wm. 


16 Beauly Robt. 

Dairy mple Wm., 

Fitzgerald Miss Ml 

Hairroa John 

Hughes John 

Jephson Andrew 

Livingstone A. 

Morrison David 

fR us sell Joseph 
18 Bell Thos, 

Camp be 1 ! Colin 

Cradner Geo-/ 

Crawford John 

Gredg J as. 
■: Glenny Jas, 

Devlin John 

M'Gregor Wm. 

M'Larty Angus 

M'Alpine John 

Hendry Wm. 

Mathie Thos. 

Park Jas. 

Scott Mrs C. 
5 Barr Walter 

Conevale Peter 

Cunning Wm. 

Kelly John 

Lang Jas. 

M'Neil Alex. 

Stevens. Bernard 

Stone Peter 

Williamson John 
7 Irving Andrew 

M'Ewan Wm. 

M'Laughlin Danl. 

Sketch! ey Wm. 

Steel Mrs J. 
104 Buchanan Mrs 

Campbell Alex. 

Flerririg Wm. 

Kennedy Donald 

White Jas. 
106 ,Donaghy Frank 

Lynn Miss 

M'Lean Donald 

Ro'ss Lachlan 

Straine Moses 

Stronach Mrs. 

Wilson Alex. 
108 Ballantinei John 

Cox Saml. 

Currie J. 

Creer John 

Parker Jas. 

Paterson Wm. 
110 Leith J®iseDh^ 
116 Boyland J. 

Devlin Frank 

Johnston? Robt. 

Scobie Joihn 

Stewart Robt. 

Workman Saml. 

Wyllie John 
118 Aitchiesom Hugh 

Jenkns Wm. 

Johnstone Geo. 

Letson Jas. 

M'Auslan Lome 

M'Cloy Geo. 

Pollock Robt. 
120 Hendry Mrs 

Williamson W. 
128 Allan David 

Dempsey Alex. 

M'Auslan Hugh 

M'Gregor John, 

Mulhoiland David 

Punt on Peter 

Reagan Patrick 
130 Black W. S. 


Blackie Wm. 
Campbell Archd. 

Elliot Wm. 
Leighuton Wm. 
M'Cann David 
Skedd Wm. 
- Drysdale Thos. 


2 Douglas Mrs 
Goirdon John 

M' Cornell Frank 
O'Mara Wm. 
Scott John 

4 Friel Miss 
Leitch John 
M'Aninch Patrick 
Stewart Thos. 
Turner John 

6 Aitken Miss 
Baxter Ronald 
Campbell Mrs> 
Stewart Sam!. 

8 Bradley Mrs 
Caldwell Mrs 
Dcrans Con 
Allan Mirs J. 
M'Arthur Mrs 

5 Bryce J. 
Bradley Mrs. 
MTnnes Duncan 
MTachlan Duncan 
Williams Jas. 

3 Allanby Joseph 
Calde-rwood Mrs 
Greenlees Wm. 
M'Nfcol John 
Murdoch Archd. 
Williams Mrs 


1 Alcorn Geo. 
Anderson Alex. 
Bonnar Danl. 
Davidson John 
M'Lean Malcolm 

3 Gourliay Thos. 

Houston John 
5 M'Pherson John 

Johnston, David 
7 Green David 

Nicol John 

1 1 Flannagan Ernest 
M'Kay Andrew 
Owens Mrs M. 

^27 Fraser Alex. 
33 M'Cartney Mrsi M. 
35 Campbell H. S. 
H 41 Paton John 
43 Ferguson Mrs A. 
45 Roper Patrick 
47 Harris A. J. 
49 M f Donald Thos. 
53 Proctor Bernard 
55 Cocke Frederick 
57 M'Millan John 
59 Stewart Jas. 
61 Fisher Alex. 
63 Campbell Hugh 
65 Fisher Jas. 
67 Holt Edward 
16 Davidson Jas. 

Duinlop Wm. 

Laughlin John 
14 Watson Mrs B. 

12 Dillon Peter 
Simpson W. H. 

10 Cameron Edward 

2 Royal Irihrrrary 



2 Ferry John 

4 Cameron Wm. 

6 BLackett R. W. 

8 M'Lennan Donald 
12 Laird David 
14 M'Fadyen Jas. 
16 Wedgewood A. 
18 Deans Thos. 


1 Turner J. 

5 Farre 1 Wm. 
Brennan P. 
Neill Alexander 

9 Chabant Dugald 
Ferris Wm. 
M'Fie R. 

MT her son Donald 
Robertson Wm. 
Ward John 

10 Crawley J. 

11 Campbell Miss 
Ferguson Finlay 
M 'Donald Saml. 
M'Glashan Robt. 
M'Leod John 

8 IVPGhee Patrick 
Way J. 

6 Gavn H. M. 
Lanaehan Mrs B. 


3 Cady Wm. 
Barr Archd. 

Cook John 

Dickson Robt. 

Ferrder Wm. 

Conaghan Mrs 
5 SturrO'Ck Robt. 

Binnie Mrs 

Scott Robt. 

Martin John 

Clark David 

Smith Joseph . 
7 Allan John 

Sinclair John 

Gerrard Thos. 

.Russell Thos. 

Jackso.i Alex. 

Wilkinson David 
9 Craig Archd. 

Thomas Wm. 

Dickson David 

Raid Geo. 

Sturrock Geo. 

Bowie Wm. 
11 Burns Wm. 

Kelly Mrs 

Stone Danl. 

Walker John, 

palziel Thos. 
13 Hunter John 

Black Wm. 

Ross John 

M'lGil! Henry 

Smith Joseph 

Strachan Jas. 
17 Goligher J. A. 

Laird Mrs 

Gardiner Duncan 

Pollock J. F. 

Hendry David 

Meek Robt. 
31 Stirling John 


Cameron Mrs 

W Arthur Alex. 

FLemiing Edward 

JDownie Mjrs 

MTntyre John,. 
33 Caldwell Duncan 

Hutchison Jas. 

M'urray Jas. 

Bowie John 

Mflntyre Wm. 

Frazer Hugh 
— MfCall Duncan 
45 Durham E. J. 
43 M'Laren Jas. 
49 Millar Harry 
51 Gorman Jas. 

Frizz ell J. T. 
8 Milne Dr 
10 Johnstone Hugh 

Wilkinson, M(rs 
li Merrilees Robt. 

M'Lean Alex. 
14 Howie Mrs 

Cann Wm. 
16 Scott Alex. 
18 Adams Robt 

Grott Geo. 

Kyd Robt. 

Thomson Jas. 

Robertson A. 

M'Milian Jas. 
20 Young Alex. 
24 Fox DanL 

Downie Jas. 

Wade W. J. 

Wilson John 

Noble Wm. 

CampbeiM Peter 
26 Tait Walter 

Brown W. 

Walker Robt. 

Rose Jas. 

Howell John 

Rennde Robt. 

Syme W. D. 

Seath Jas. 
28 Humphreys Archd. 
30 Shearer Mrs 
32 Murray Alex. 
34 Filshill Miss • 
36 Blackstock Duncan 
38 Bruce Alfred 
40 Whyte Matthew 
42 Lynn, Thos. 
44 M'Neil Neil 
46 M'Ewing David 
48 M'Ewing Robt. 
50 Campbe'i Miss 
52 Hutchison Mrs 
54 Caldwell David 
56 MTavish Duncan 
58 Milne Francis. 
60 Boffey Rich. 
62 Stewart Wm. 
64 Wilson Miss 
66 Kinloch Mrs 
68 Fleming Jas.. 
70 Cuthbert Mrs 
72 M'Farlane Dugald 
74 Urquhart Cha&. 


28 Adams Jas. 
Docherty Frank 
Jackson Wm. 
Lancaster Mrs J. 
Lindsay Mrs 
Wood Jas. 


30 Armstrong John 

Buntain Jas. 

Copland Alex. 

M'Kenzie John 

MWhinnie John' 
32 Downie Mrs J. 

Hamilton Wm. 

Christie Geo. 

Gilmiour Robt. 

M'Briie Mrs. 

Murray Thos. 
34 Jackson Robt. 

Harri s Albert 

M'Neiil Henry 
36 Brown A' ex. 

Gibson John 

Owens Jas. 

M'Nab W. C. 

Whittaker Wm. 
3.8 Bain Jas. 

Forbes John 

Neilson Wm. 

Murray Miss 
46 Brisbane Jas. 
.Campbell Mrs S. 

Dove Albert 

M'Donald Martin 

M'Ewan Archd. 

Murray Wm. 
50 Campbell John 

Greelman Saml. 

Thomson Jas. 

Gray John 
52 Berry Chas. 

Chalmers Robt. 

Johnstone Jas. 

M'Intosh Jas. 

Smith Wm. 
54 Gillespie John 

Hamilton Harry 

Hannah Geo. 

Moore John 

Thomson Peter 

Shaw Wm. 
56 Jeffrey David 

M'Kay John 
60 Callan Geo. 

Dart Mrs 

Leitch Wm. 

Morrow R. J. 

Stevens J. C. 
66 Baxter Saml. 

Bolton Alex. 

Clerk Wm. 

Love John 

M'Keggan John, 
68 Drysdale Mrs J. 

Greig John 

M'Fie Jas. 

Ross David 


1 Wylie Joseph 
3 Barr Jas. 

M'Coll Wm. 
9 Nicholson D. 

MTennan D. 

Service D. 

Clark M. 

MTarlane D. C. 

M'Niven Hugh 


7 Smith Angus 

9 Batty e Mrs 
11 Kincaid C. S. 
13 Mercer John 
21 M'Ewan John 
23 Kerr J. Reid 


Rodger Mrs* 
39 Patrick J. B. 
41 Picken Mrs A. 
51 Shankland Mrs 

Pell Stanley 

Campbell David 
53 Blanche D. 

Andrews John ■ 
61 Hunter Mrs. J. C. 

Finlay T. P. 
63 Raith A. M. 
65 Hutchison J. B. 
67 Brown Mrs W. A. 
69 M'Calpju.n Miss M. 
71 Alexander John 
73 Mitche 1 ! D. G. 
75 Plant Alexander 
77. Wadde'il John 
79 Inglis J. M'L 
81 IM'Lellan John 
83 Brand David . 
85 IM'Neill Archd. 

Turner J. F. 

Eldon Place 
Agnew R. M. 
Lang Mrs J. 
M'Eacbran Mrs P. 
87 Paterson Dank 
89 Barclay Miss 

Gardner Alex. 
91 Mitchell John 
93 Russell Andrew 
Shearer Archd. 
97 Ewart Robt. 
Ballantine J. H. 
101 Miller Thos. 

99 Prentice W. G. 
103 Campbel Jas. 
105 Frazer W. J. 
107 Scott R. J. 

109 M'Pherson D. 
115 Millar Wm. 
117 Henderson R. L. 
119 Brown Peter 1 
121 M'Kellar N. A. 
123 Cook Wm. 
149 Harding Chas. 
153 Sutherland Jas. 
155 Macleod Miss 
159 Knott G. W. 
161 Young J. 
163 Mowat Mrs A. 
165 Ferguson Wm. 
167 Mackay C. S. 
169 Orr Mrs M. 
171 Clark John 
173 Robertson Mrs 

Townley W. H. 

Anderson John 
179 Gilchrist Miss 
181 Barth Wm. 

Griffen Jas. 

Thomson Mrs A. 
183 Carnie Wm. 
185 Marnoeh John 
187 Andrew Jas. 
189 Hay Jas,. 
191 Hutchison Samk 

M'Adam Wm. 

M'Phail Miss M. 

Smith Mrs J. 
193 Wood Wm. 

Duncan J. 

M'Geoch Andrew 

M'Kerrell Wm. 

Patience Edwajrd 
195 Stevens Geoffrey 
197 Colpi R.' 
199 Townsend Wm. 

Munro J. F. 



Rodger s Fred 

Moir Mrs A. 


M'Auslan W. S. 


Brown Hugh 


Robinson Mrs 

Kee Joseph 

White Mis.3 


Bell Mrs J. 

Isbister Thos. 

Ritchie Miss N. 


Lumley F. W. 


Macaulay Angus 


Aitken Miss 


Sre.vart C. W. 


Benton Wm. 

Kean Thos. 

Lang Miss 


Thomson D. C. 


Hargan J. J. 


Howie Miss D. 

Muir A. R. 


Bennett J. D. 

Frane Wm. 


Branch Alfred 

Gillespie Mrs J. 

QVFKirdy Jas. 

Maonish Archd. 


MacMas'.e; Jas. 

Stewart Mrs 

Seath Robt. 

M'Gillivray Mrs 


Rowan R. H. 


Rattenbury G. 


Inglis Mrs Robt. 

Swan Miss 


Emmett Harbert 

Emmett J. W. 


Lang John 

Struthers Mrs J. P 


Paton Mrs. A. J. 

36 Sword Miss 
34 Service Rev J. 
32 Paterson John 
22 Woodburn W. D. 

Francis Rev J. 
20 Cook John 
18 Blake Mrs 

Moiir Mrs M. 
16 Nimmo Andre ^v 

Gemmell Alex. 
14 Noble J. W. 

Seright Wm. 
10 Russell Matthew 
8 Whkeford J. H. G. 
6 Allan Wm. 
4 Russell Mrs W. C. 


2 Neill J. 
Wardle Jas. 

Sandringham Terrace, 
ii Brown A. H. 

Caneron Dan!. 

M'KeHar Mrs 
iv MacKail J. G. 
v Hutchison Mrs F. 

Kirkpatrick Mrsi 

Petrie F. C. 

M'Cutcheon Hugh 

Butter A ex. 
vi Reid Wm. 
vii Filshie Wm. 
viii Paton Mrs 

Paul Misses 

Kerr Mrs M. H. 

Phillips W. C. 
ix Butter Alex. 
x Wilson Miss 


xi Buownlie Wm. 

Harper Mrs. M. 

Allan G. W. 

Tweedie Jas. T. 

Cairns Miss 
xii M'Bain Jas. 

8 Wilson J. K. 
Hardy Miss L. 
Ferguson Mrs 

9 Roy Thoe. 
Scorer T. D. 

21 Wilson Mrs E. 

22 Rowan R. H. 

23 Stevenson John 
25 Greig Rev. A. 

27 Campbell D. A. 

28 Watsoa Thos. 

30 Pepper Robt. 

31 Pater son Miss A. 

32 Frame Jas. 

33 Ferrier Hugh 

35 Oarr Ryrie 

36 Brown W. G. 

37 Campbell Hugh 

38 Steel Hugh 

39 Russell J. W. 

40 Love Jas. A. 

41 Steel' Robt, 

42 Rankin Wm. 
Storrar A 1 ex. 

43 Muir R. G. 

46 Tannet J. C. 

47 Alston Miss J. H. 

48 Neill W. G. 

50 Young John 

51 Ramsay C. S. 

52 Skivimgton Mrs 

53 Buchanan D. M. 

54 Prentice David 

55 Boag Thos. 

Kinnurd Thos. 

56 Brown Geo. 

57 'Whys all F. H. 

58 Ingram W. B. 

59 Campben Mrs H. 

60 Hardie Wm. 

61 Crawford s R. R. 

62 Smith John 

63 Ross H. M. 

64 Bennett J. W. 

65 Burns Mrs 

66 Tannahill Mrs J. 

67 Ferguson Mrs D. 


— Arthur Archd. 

1 Macnamara Joseph 

3 Russell J. A. 

5 Forrest David 

7 Hendry Jas.. 

9 Alison Mrs 

11 Boag Misses 

13 Anderson R. 

15 Campbell Hugh 

17 Reid Mrs 


1 Campbel N. M. 
Pater son David 
Swan G. W. 
3 Cowie Rev. P. B. 
5 Tannook Quintin 
7 M'Gavin Sandy 
9 Cochrane Robt. 
11 Littlejohn Jas. 
15 Aikenhead W. T. 


Herd Wm. 

Kennedy Mrs 

McAllister Malcolm 

M'Quoid Mrs 

Tenpje Wm. 

Why re A. E. 

ZoUler Arthur 
17 Tough Mrs J. C. 
19 Maclean Donald 

Young An -rev 
21 Morton J. M. 

Taylor Miss 
23 Cunningham A. B. 

Gray Miss 
25 Skilling J. L. 

Barclay J. S. 
27 Morrison Ajex. 

Richardson Jas. 

Richardson Robt. 
29 Nicoll Wm. 

Adam John 
31 Lawson R. M. 
33 Robertson J. G. 
35 Jar dine Wm. 
37 Macara Grierson 
39 Murray R. S. 
41 Greenlees Thos. 
43 Buchanan Henry 
45 Telfer P. K. 

Oirr Wm. 
47 Barr Mrs 

Sharp Jas. 
49 Cairns J. A. 
55 Rennie Thos. 

Carmichael J. D. 
59 Patterson Mrs T. 
61 Davidson Wm. 

Hamilton Miss 

Hendry W. B. 

Hill W. A. 

Kitrkwood Robt. 

Lennie Mrs. 

Moffat Duncan/ 

M'Elwee W. M. 

Macfarlane Mrs 

Heron Mrs 

Hoghen H. G. 

Leiigh-ton J. M. 

Park Mrs 

MacNaught J. W. 

Sinclair Mrs, 
63 Mories A. S. 

Vickers Mrs 
$5 Macpherson D. S. 
67 Macpherson Robt. 
75 Grant John 
77 Macara C. G. 
79 Currie Thos. 
81 Grieve Geo. 
83 Melville Wm. 
85 Richmont Miss 
93 Carmichael R. D. 
95 Walker J. B. 
97 Lindsay Wm. 
99 Rowan T. B. 
103 Header son Mrs 
105 Alston R. A. 
2 Guy D. W. 

Carrrichae Sir D. 

Carrr.ichae, M. C. 
107 Lindsay A. N. 
109 Lyle Miss E. D. 

Jamieson Jessie 

M'Arthur Mrs 

M'DougaH Allan 

Stewart Wm. 

Thomson Mrs 

Matthews Arthur 
4 Black Duncan 

Pollock J. M. 


Stewart Mrs T. 

Raskin G. J. 

Smith J. M. 
6 Fie ring John' 

Frost John 

Grieve Miss 

Paterson Geo. 

M'Neil John 

Templet on M. D. 
16 Ralston Mrs 
18 Puffy Rev. A. 
20 Cameron Duncan 
22 Gilchrist T. 
24 Beattie Jas. 
26 M'Call Mrs: 
28 Sheppard Mrs 
30 Brown D. C. 
32 Colquhoun SamL ■ 
34 Wardle Geo. 
36 Fisher A. B. 
38 Hughes Jas. 
40 Rae Andrew 
42 Allan Alex. 
46 Walker H. C. 
56 Meyer V. C. 
58 Dempster J. D. 
60 Graham Alex. 
62 Buchanan Mrs M. 

M'Neill G. P. 
64 Agnew Alex. 
66 Gcurlay Rev J. 
68 Louooa Rev W. 
74 Grieve A. M. 
76 Carmichael W. H. 
78 W,.rdle H. E. 
Young Rev J. 
80 Thome Robt.. 

Gray Miss Violet 
88 Ross Alex. 
90 Boyd Miss E. A. 3 

Menzi#s Miss M. 


1 Bruce Mrs 
Cooper Miss 
Kinniburgh Mrs 
M'Maste: Miss 
Rose Mrs N. 
Tierney Miss 

2 Fisher Peter 
Ireland Mrs 
Lascelles J. A. 
Leshe Wm. 
M'Nivei Donald 
Rennie Miss 

3 Crawford Miss 
Harper Stephen. 
M'Call urn Duncan 
M'Neill Archd. 
Rooke A. J. 
Sinclair E. 


38 [Wsreie Miss 

42 Rodger Mrs J. 
35 Inglis A. H. 
46 Carter G. E. 

37 Stevenson J. B. 

39 Maclntyre Miss 
41 Lee Miss Jane 

43 Haddow Miss 
45 Crawford John. 
55 Morrison J. B. 

59 Smart R. H. 

61 Kerr Peter 

60 M'Auslane Mrs 

62 Nicol Alex. 
64 Kirk Rev R. 
66 Cant Adam 


71 Leckie Mrs 

73 Kirk Robt. 

57 MacMillan A. M. 

74 Urquhart Rev A. 
76 Crawford Jas. 
78 Phdlp John 

80 Millar Jas. 

82 Boyd David 

83 M'Crea Jas. 

84 Quinn Wm. 

95 Ramsay David 

86 Shannon J. D. 

88 King Mrs 

— - 'M'Aulay Mrs 

— Cobb David 


1 Horn Jas. V. 
M'Kechuie Miss 
Roberts Thos. 
M'Miiaan Andrew 
M'Lean J. R. 
Moran M. 
Leckie Peter 
MacGill J. B. 

2 Thorn A. B. 

4 Niven A. F. 

5 MacFar'aae Archd. 

6 Hyndman J. G. 

7 Scott Miss E. S.; 
9 Gowans John. 

15 Fingland Rev E. 
17 Graham Robt. 
19 Robertson Wm. 

21 Kidd Wm. 

22 Henderson A. J. 
35 Anderson, Miss 
37 Scott Mrs J. D. 

Mackay Misses 
39 Campbell Rev D. 
41 Inglis Andrew 


i Anderson John 

2 Blair Jas, 

4 Jardine Joseph 

6 Slaout Thos. 

8 Callan Alex. 


2 Adams Jas. 
Bradley A. R. 
Cooke Rich. 
Fliemirig Henry 
Gallacher Hugh 
Hunte: Matthew 
Kilipatirick Mrs 
Linton Alfred 
Murray David 
Gliackin T. 
Thomson Alex. 
Findl/ay H. 

4 Brown John 
Dalgleish Jas. 
G our lay John 
Heath Jas. 
Hughes John 
Kane Michael 
Robinson G. 
M'Neice Adam 

6 Bridge wood W. 
Brown Neil 
Burnett Peter 
Hatrick John 
Hill David 
Leighton Wm. 
MacLean Wm. 


Menary Win. 
8 Allardyce Geo. 

Baird Mrs, A. 

Black Robt. 

Hardie W. A. 

Kerr Alex. 

Lang Alex. 

Smyth Robt. 
10 Cottam Jas. 

Massicks John 

MTatosh Duncan 

Miller John 

Milne Wm. 

Nicholl S. G. 

Wardlaw Robt. 
12 Andre .v Wm. 

Bell Cornelius 

Guthrie GauM 

Hopkins Chas. 

Kincaii Jas. 

Laird H. S. 

La van Wm. 

M'Gilvray John 


2 Armour John 
Beavan J. E. 
Brown John 
Black Wm. 
Gale Mrs, 
Hutcheson A. G. 
M'Lachlan Mrs 
Wilson J. R. 

3 Clayton Frank 
Fullerton Mrs R. 
Graham Mrs. 
Hanna A' ex. 
M'Menemy Wm. 

Stroud Wm. 

5 Petrie Jas. 

6 Grerar Alex. 
Sinclair Robt. 

8 Berry Mrs M. 
Blair Miss 
M'Callum Hugh 
M'Laughlin Mrs. 
Muir Miss 

9 M'Bride Wm. 


3 Ghisolm Miss 

5 Mitchell T. H. - 
8 Clapperton Mrs 

4 Spier si Miss 

2 Shearer Alex. 

6 Davey A. H. 


2 Dick Thos. 

4 O'Donnell Thos. 

6 Mark Mrs, H. 

8 S'trachan Geo. 
10 Burgess Thos. 
12 Kerrigan Wm. 

16 Frew David 
14 Wilton Chas-. 
20 Hamill Mrs, D. 
22 Bonnar A. S. 
24 Fergus R. E. 
26 Stedmond John 
28 Pettiorew Malcolm 
30 M'Taggart Henry 
32 Duff R. M. 

34 Rte John 

36 Thomson David 

17 Jack Thos,. 

38 Canning David 


40 M'Isaac Jas. 

15 M' Walter S. 

13 Hosea J. B. 

11 Arlow Mrs E. 
9 {Benzie P. S. 
7 JM'Donald Allan 
5 Dunn Frank 
3 Ridce'l Wm. 


Barclay Jas. 
Clark iieiry 
Caldwell Duncan, 
Laughton Mrs J. 
Sinclair John 
Smith John 

2 Gordon Mrs- G. 

3 Harper J. 

4 Turner W. M. 

5 M'Miilan Hugh 

6 Reid J. 

7 Thompson Mrs 

8 Lundie A. D. 

9 Taylor Miss M. 

10 Hendry A. 

11 M'AIister Alex. 

12 Brand Andrew 

14 M'Kenzie David 
Sharp Robt. 

15 Morrow Thos. 

16 Binnie Geo. 
18 King P. S. 

13 Taggart J. 

20 MTveir Hector 

22 M'Dougali Mrs 

24 Jones Rich. 

26 Patrick John 

28 Williamson W. 

30 Lemmom Robt. 
32 Pearson J. K. 
34 Ballamtyne J. 
36 Armstrong Joseph 
38 Young Frank 
40 Kerr Andrew 
42 Bell R. H\ 
44 Blance John 


5 Climie — 

Kelly J. 

Nome J. D. 

Scott Thos. 
10 Sleigh John 
14 Pirrie Mrs 

18 M'Aulay Miss 

19 Sieger Mrs E. 
57 M'Aulay T. 

59 M'Gonnell Jas. 
61 Currie Archd. 
63 Black Robt. 
65 Smith Rich. 


M'Cowat A. J. C. 
(Victoria Tower) 
3 Wilson Robt. 
5 Cooper Adam 
Flood John 
MTLroy Miss 
7 Bell Robt. 
13 Darroch Rich. 
19. Doolan Patrick 

Farre a Patrick 
M'Miilan Archd. 
Murphy Patrick 
Smith Henry 


Scotland Tbos. 
23 Barr Jas. 

George Mrs A. 

Mooney Dan!. 
27 M'Dcugall Jas. 

Mil!©: Wm. 

M'Lean Danl. 

M'Lean Neil 

Southcott C. G. 

29 Blaine John, 
Lafferty Patrick 
Lewis, Mrs J. 
M'Donali Simon 
Smith Jas. 

31 M'Cue Jas. 
Murray Mrs M. 
O'Donnel John 

33 Donne'ly John 
Gillan Henry 
M'Brearty Mr& 

43 Beattie Edward 
Robb W. J. 

45 M'Go'rinigle Hugh 
M'Pherson Alex. 

38 Rorison David 

32 MTntyre Duncan 
Simpson Mrs. J. 
White Louis 

30 ^Vlartin Wm. 

26 Redhead Miss C. 

Young David 
24 Armitage Jas. 

Steel Robt. 
18 M' Arthur A. G.' 

Turner Dun:an 


4 Brown Geo. 
Ferrier Henry 

Greig John 
M'Kenzie Mrs M. 
M'Kirdy Anderson, 
Rae Andrew 
M'Master Hugh 
Robertson John 
Stewart David 
Turner Archd. 
Whit son Mrs M. 
6 Bole John 

Cameron Kenneth 
Cox Jas. 
Dougan John 
Eaglesham John 
Fisher John 
M'Donald Wm. 
M'Kellar John 
Mililan Robt. 
Mills Archd. 
Perry Thos. 
10 Carrick Robt. 
Dickson John 
Elliott Thos. 
Mearns Jas. 
M'Affer Archd. 
M'Phee Chas. 
Quilliam Radcliffe 


1 Black Wm. 

Clark Geo. 

Docherty Hugh 

Larmour Alex. 

M'Cartrey Robt. 
3 Clark Geo. 

M"Bdi Wm. 

M'Kechnie Jas. 

Mitchell John 

Rse John 


5 Clark Donald 

Lav/ W. M. 

Leven Archd. 

Mile: John 

Nichol Wm. 

Twaddle Robt. 
9 Boyle John 

M'Callum Jas. 

Innes Jas. 

M'Kechnie Mrs 


2 Harley David 

4 Head Chas. 

6 Struthers Mrs 

8 Graham Wm. 
10 Head Albert 
12 Smith David 
14 'Kirk John 
16 'Oliver Geo. 
18 Thorn Wm. 
20 Eadie W. P. 
22 Barclay David 
24 Whiteford Mrs 
26 Conti Louis 
28 Galloway Wm. 
30 Roland Andrew 
36 Ler.rie Alex. 
38 Wyatt Geo. 
40 Dempster Robt. 
42 'Kerr Duncan 


1 Clark Thos. 
Francis Hugh 
Keosrh Peter 

M'Callum Mrs 

M' Vicar Duncan 

Martin Finlay 

Petrie David 

Thomson Jas. 

Wilson Chas. 
3 Buchanan Thos. 

Casement John 

Dun woo die Wm. 

Patterson Jas. 

Speirs Mrs 
5 Carson John 

Clark Mrs I. 

M'Quarrie Angus 

Morrison Wm. 

M'Kim Alex. 

Spemoe David 

Turley John 
7 Copland John 

M'Arley Duncan 

M'Lachlan Mrs G. 

Thomson Alex. 

M'Donald Donald 

Tolmie J. K. 
9 Carmichael Gilbert 

Hunter A. M. 

Ireland Wm. 

M'Kelar Robt. 

Tait Robt. 

Wood Robt. 

Martin Mrs C. 

Telfer Colin 
11 Brown Wm. 

Findlay A. F. 

Hendry Mrs J. 

M'Kellar Mrs, 

Russell Carson 

Muir John 

Mearns Mrs A. 

M'Glone John 


Watt Robt. 

10 Blackwood Neil 

Bo swell Wm. 

Brown Jas. 

•Ore vie Matthew 

M'Dougall Archd. 

M'Laren Jas. 
8 Boyle Peter 

Gray John 

M'Farlane Edward 

Russell Robt. 

Stark Jas. 

Stevenson, Mrs A. 
6 Adams. Wm. 

M'Farlane Alex. 

M'Gillivray Donald 

M'Kerlie Wm. 

Robertson Mrs A. 
4 Doransi John 

Harrison Mrs M. 

McAllister Jas. 

M'Elwee J as.. 

M'Kerlie Wm. 

M'Kerrell Archd.- 

M'Menemy Donald 

Reid Andrew 

Morris Benjamin 

Wilson G. F. 


1 M'Millan Malcolm 
M'Gilp Mrs 
Thomson John, 
Connie Thos-. 
Nimmo John. 
Newall Chas. 
Gray Robt. 
Reid Hugh 
Smith John 

McDonald R. 
3 Haldarje Joseph 
Thomson Albert 
MitcheJl Walter 
Brown Alex. 
Conway Frank 
Whyte Duncan 
MTntyre Mrs 
Byng Thos. 
Macdonald John 
Watt Jas. 
5 Corcoran Geo. 
M'Fie Robt. 
Harrower Mrs 
Kennedy D. 
Gardiner John 
Chapman Robt. 
M'Lellan Miss 
Fitzpatrick Miss 
Mitchell David 
9 Kerr Hugh 

Fitzsimmons Mrs 
Kerr Rich. 
Thomson John 
Turner John, 
M'Lean Alex. 

11 M'Farlane Mrs 

13 Frew Robt. 
M'Nicol Alex. 
Anderson Robt. 
Skirving Robt. 
Findlay Matthew 
M f Skimming Alex. 
.Moodie Thos. 
Docherty John 
Leask John 
Ramsay John 
Campbell Peter 

37 Bain Alex. 


Dowels Miss C. 

Dyer Chas. 

Beggie Jas. 

Kennedy Saml. 

Miller Colin 

Reid Thos. 

Williamson Mrs S. 

Sinclair Robt. 

Win gate Peter 
39 Brackenridge H. 

Gillan John 

Hamilton Robt. 

Jenkins Geo. 

Leitch Mrs E. 

M'Cluskey John 

M'Lean Alex. 

Morrison Wm. 
41 Collins Arthur 

Darroch Dugald 

Findlay Mrs I. 

Hamilton Mrs M. 

Hopkins Fred 

M' Alpine Wm. 

Macquarrie Archd. 

Scott Chas. 

Wallace Mrs L. 
43 Bell John 

Bradley John 

Currie Hugh 

Gillies Malcolm 

Laing J. M. 

M'Callum John 

M'Dougall Duncan 

Mearns Michael 

Reid Patrick 
45 Cowden Geo. 

Dinwoodie Rich. 

Ferrier Hugh 

Graham Mrs M. 

Logan John 

M'Aliister Jas. 

Johnsotne Hugh 

M'Kinnon David 

Renaud Hugh 

TayLor Jas. 

Paton A^x. 

Noble Jas. 
47 Abrahamson Oliver 

Cathcart Alex. 

Gilmour Jas. 

M'Callum Isaac 

Martin John 

Taylor Geo. 
49 Harrison Robt. 

Mathieson Mrs 

Smith Mrs W. 
51 Barnhill Thos. 

Houston John 

Sutherland Geo. 

Watson Andrew 
53 Flood John 

Fyfe Wm. 

Knowles Robt. 

Mason Jas. 
o5 Alexander *Mrs 

Boag Alex. 

Duncan Mrs 

Drummond Robt. 

M'Master Duncan 

Morris Mrs 
57 Cameron Neil 

Church Patrick 

Hughes Wm. 

M'Laughlin Mrs 

M'Lay Wm. 

Picken Thos. 

Richmond Jas. 
59 Biggart David 

Clark W. H. 

Graham David 


M'Farlane Alex. 

M'Leod Mrs 
61 Henderson Archd. 

M'CuUoch Hugh 

Robertson Mrs J. 
3 Taylor Archd. 

Tinnie John 
63 Laughton Mrs I. 

M'Au-sland Wm.. 

M'Callum Jas. 

Pendergast Thoa. 

Sinclair Mrs J . 

Tefer Henry 
65 Dickson J. M. 

1 Joyce Mrs A. 

Lewis Jas. 

Maclean John 

MTherson Miss 

Mallin Jas. 

Shearer Miss. A. 

Stars John 
67 B runner G. H. 

Campbell Miss 

Kennedy Ferguson 

M'Kinnon Archd. 

M'Nair John 

Rankin John 

Mi'ler Robt. 

Watson Saml. 

[Wilson Mrs J. 
69 Brown Jas. 

Golding Thos. 

M'Cue Hugh 

Rogers Fred. 

Sinclair J. M. 

Welsh Jas. 
71 Clark D. 

M'Kechnie Dugald 

M'Leod Roderick 

Macpherson D. 

Maitland Archd. 

Olding John. 

Robertson David 
73 Allan Jas. 

Brown Mrs J. 

Groundwater M 1 . 

Macpherson J. ji 

Sinclair Neil 
75 Aitkinson Neil 

Eaird Wm. . 

Kirkwoiod Adam 

M'Cuitcheon Miss 

Mapes Henry 

Baird Wm. 

Page Thos. 

Risk Thos. 

Wilson John 
79 Bog S. B. 

Guy Robt. 

M' Arthur Miss 

Scott David 

Stevenson Jas. 
78 Johnstone Chas. 

Laird Miss 

Lugton Miss M. 

, Mac Lean John S. 

Strachan Andrew 

Urie John 
70 Murray Alex. 
68 Chandler Henry 

Macalister Donald 

Spence Mrs M. 

Sturgeon Mrs 

Tarbet Wm. 
66 Campbell Mrs S. 

Ferguson Danl. 

Harron Wm. 

Johnsotne Alex. 

M'Lean Wm. 

Murdoch Mrs E. 


Ward Jas. 

Wilson Wm. 
64 Buchanan Alex. 

Hill Jas. 

Inglis Geo. 

Patrick Jas. 

M'Leod Chas. 

M'Caskill Alex. 
60 M'Givern John 
56 Dickson Wm. 

Frederick Joseph 

Millar Wm. 

Neill Mrs M. 

Mudr Jas. 
52 Clark J. W. 

Currie Malcolm 

Howard Wm. 

Harvey Mrs H. 

M'Fariane Miss E. 

M'Gugan Mrs M. 
50 Blanche Thos. 

M'Killop Geo. 

Dickson Alex. 

Smiith J. F. 

Wy 7 (ie Miss 
42 Banister David 

Beill Robt. 

Cotes R. G. 

Currie John 

Livingstone Miss 

Oetegenn. John 
40 Boyes Wm. 

Lynch Jas. 

M'Kechnie John 

M'Larty Wm. 

M'Whirter Jas. 

Shannon Donald 
38 Bather Wm, 

Bissett Andrew 

Blair Hugh 

Crawford John 

Ross Aldan : 

Stewart David 

Walker Thos. 

M'Donald Miss 
36 Bradley Saml. 

Clark Robt. 

Halliday Jas. 

MTntyre Hugh 

Monaghan Mrs J. 

Robertson John 

Tak Hugh 
14 Jones Rich. 

Sweeney Hugh 

Ferguson Mrs 

Paton Mrs 

Hornby Maitland 

'M'Connell Alex. 

Todd John 
10 .M' Vicar Alex. 

Jackson John 

Tak Robt. 

Howie Joseph 
8 O'Reilly Wm. 

Harrison Joseph 

M'Kenzie Hemry 

Stewart Mrs 

Stein Mrs 
6 Patrick Robt. 

Campbell Neil 

Fulton Saml. 

Thomson Alex. 

Corcoran Edward 

Paul John 

Stewart Donald 

Beveridge Jas. 
4 Reilly Malcolm 

Fleming Neil 

Dick Jas. 

Lang Albert 


Brown Alfred 
jMTLellan Robt. 
Morrison Frank 

2 Routledge Jas. 
Laird David 
Robertson Andrew 
Campbell David 
Smith Mrs 
Brown Mrs 
Hunter John 
Brown John 


1 Bruce J. M. 
Grahan Alex. 
Kane Mrs Peter 
Laird Thos. 
M'Dade Jas. 
Mark John 
Nicol Mrs Jane 
Smart Thos. 
Campbell Donald 
Thomson Jas. 
Wallace David 
Laird Mrs C. 

3 Grant Thos. 
'•Haxton Miss 
Hunter Thos. 
Keane John 
Keliso Robt. 
M'Gregor Jas. 
Patterson Harry 
Stewart Mrs 

5 Aitken Albert 
/CampDel/1 Mrs G. 
Crawford Mrs I. 
Jamieson John 
Jeffrey J. J. 
M'Dcugall Miss 

Morrison Thos. 

Robb Geo. 

Sorliey Alex. 

Turner John 

Urquhart Robt. 
7 Boyd Mrs E. 

Chalmers John 

Irving Archd. 

Johnston John 

M'Coirquodale' A. 

M'Cracken Joseph 

M'Donald Jas. 

M'Leod Miss E. 

M'Lernan John 

M'Tavish Mrs C. 
. Skinner Wm. 

Smith Robt. 

Webster Geo. 
9 Buie Donald; 

Burns! de Jas. 

Hutcheson Mrs M. 

M'Chiskey Felix 

M'Coll Hugh 

Neill Hugh 

Robertson Andrew 

Slack Jas. 

Whiteford Mra 

Williamson T. G. 
13 Campbell Mrs D. 

Davidson John 

Dickson Mrs J. 

Dillon Alex. 

Duncan Wm. 

Killcfii Thos. 

M'Auslan Alex. 

M'Gregor Wm. 

M'Gregor Miss E. 

Miller Miss H. 
15 Bowie David 

Brown Thos>. 


M'Affer Malcolm 
Dooley Patrick 
M'Cluire Mrs 
M'Donald John 
M'Kelvie John 
Rae A. T. 
Wright G. E. 

18 Bokon Peter 
Brown Mrs L. 
Dickson Harry- 
Fisher Robt. 
Handley Robt. 
King Robt. 
Morrison Robt. 

16 Airth Stewart 
Blair J. C. 
Borland Alex. 
Coats Miss E. 
Fenton Jas. 
Gait Robt. 
Kirkpatrick Rich. 
Lamont Miss 
Whit son Wm. 

14 Barbour Chas. 
Hunter Robt. 
Lever Mrs F. 
M'Lachlan John 
Malcolm Rob;. 
Muxwe.1 G. A. 
Pollock R..M. 
Strachan Danl. 
Smith Andrew 

10 Cullen Joseph 
Dyer Harry 
Gray Michael 
Lannigan John 
MTntyre David 
M'Leod Malcolm 
Ormiston Mrs J. 
Thomson Thomas 

Walker Archd. 

Watters Wm. 
8 Borthwick Wm. 

Brown Malcolm 

Burton J. H. 

Crawford Geo. 

Eraser David 

M'Donald Danl. 

M'Kinnon Mrs. D. 

Menzies Wm. 

Munro Donald 

Reid Robt. 

.White Alex. 
6 Callender John 

Campbell Mrs D. 

Da vies Jas. 

Hendry John 

Irvine Rich. 

Johnstone Thos. 

M'Gugan D. 

'Manley Robt. 

Matthewson Jas. 

Middleton Mrs. J. 

Wallace Jas.. 

Weir J. T. 

Thomson Jas. 
4 Broadburn Mrs. 

Brown Donald 

Dick Hugh 

Hamilton Mrs 

Hume Mrs. G. 

jMiller Reginald 

Ponaonby Thos. 

Railiton Arthur 
2 Forbes Mrs 

Graham Mrs, 

M'Clintock Jas. 

M'Donald Alex. 

M'Gregor Mrs C. 

Munro Mrs N. 


Ponsonby Mrs T. 
Smart Mrs E. 


1 Peters Rev D. S. 

7 Cox J. H. 
Lindsay Robt. 
Stevenson Chas. 

13 Aitken John. 

Crook Arthur 

Ferguson John 

Hake Mrs. F. 

Harliey Mrs. 

Macfie Hugh 

Stewart Francis 
6 Boyd Mrs Jas. 

Ewing John 

Fry C. R. 

Gray Jas. 

Hulf Wm. 

MTbee Mrs 

Morris John 

'Watson Geo. 
'4 Levett Henry 

'M'Kinnon Alex. 

Young Andrew 

Watt Mrs H. J. 


6 Cheshire Robt. 
Mason Hugh 
Thomson John 

8 Black John 
Glass Peter 
Millar Hugh 

10 Dickie J. F. 
Dillon John 
Gallacher Jas. 

12 Adams John 

M'Lean Thos. 

Weir Mrs 

14 Docherty Wm. 
Hamilton John 
Marrs Mrs 
Shirley Jas. 

16 Stewart Frank 
Wilson Peter 


19 Barclay J. 

Russell D. 
21 Laird Jas. 

Lang Mrs J. 

M'Allister Malcolm 

MTnnes Hector 
23 Cannie Alex. 


3 Adams Geo. 

Blair Thos. 
5 Kennedy Donald 

Tait Robt. 
7 Williamson Joseph 

15 Scott Wm. 

17 M'Donald Alex. 

18 "Steel Robt. 

19 Adams Andrew 
Fleming Humphrey 
Pollock T. 
Vallance Wm. 

21 Dooley Jas. 

Gray Mrs M. 

Howie Jas. 

M'Kechnie Duncan 

M'Viear John 
23 Crawford Miss C. 

Galbreath Neil 

Holn'e: Geo. 


Johnston Mrs 
Kennedy Wm. 
King Mrs 
M'Phail Peter 
Smith John 

27 Gillen Denis 
M'Garrity Hugh 
Moffat David 

29 Craig John 
Currie Wm. 
Fraser Wm. 
Kay J as. 

M'Cracken Andrew 
M'Kendrick Mrs 

31 Evans Wm. 
Howie John 
M'Lelland J. R. 
Mitchell Wm. 
Morrison John 
Wallace Robt. 

33 Fullarton John 
M'Gregor John 
Young Jas. 

35 Green Mrs R. 
M'Aulay Saml. 
Rankin. Wm. 

36 Armour John 
Black Geo. 
Glenesk Geo. 

34 Finas Jas. 
Gemmell Wm. 
M' Bride Wm. 
Rodden Mrs 
Wilson W. B. 

32 Dean Thos. 
Wilkinson R. J. 
Walker Henry 
Leitch W. S. 

18 Craig John 

Crawford Miss E. 

M'Clure John 
Docherty Joseph, House 

of Refuge. 
Docherty Jas., farm, 

Upper Ingleston. 


3 Docherty Philip 

Lang Robt. 

M'Dermott Andw. 

Munro Mrs N. 

Tully Chas. 
5 Donnelly John 

Hutchison Jas. 

Johnston Wm. 

Sinclair Archd. 

Tolin Danl. 
27 Dey Robt. 

Garsicadden Mrs 
52 Atkinson Frank 

Colquhoun Rich. 

Carson Mrs 

Daly Wm. 

Keeffe Mrs J. 

M'Geachy Donald 

M'Lean Miss M. 

Mallon W. J. 

Paterson J. D. 

Wandrum Jas. 
Alexandra Mansions 
i Buick Thos. 

Campbell Matthew 

Hogg L. 

M'Kenzie Mrs 

Wilson Robt. 
ii Colquhoun Mrs C. 

Harron Mrs A. 

M'Askill Malcolm 

M'Kenzie Danl. 


36 Cough Saml. 

Kane Tbos. 

M'Laughlan Jas. 

Millar John 

Phi'lio Henry 

Wallace Wm. 
34 Alcorn Wm. 

Duncan Thos.. 

Ling wood Duncan 

Meirns Robt. 

Mitchell Archd. 

Morrison Saml. 

Murray David 
30 Docherty Miss 
28 Burns Danl. 

Lunan Mrs E. 

jM'Nally Michael 

MThedran John 

Roberts John 
26 Carroll Jas. 

Dickson Saml. 

Kavanagh Jas. 

M'Laren John 
18 Boyd Mrs E. 

Swanston Benjamin 
14 Laird Matthew 

Whiite Danl. 
10 Davidson T. R. 

M'Bryde Peter 

Malcolm Mrs 

M'Kinnon Mrs 

M'axweill Thos. 
6 Campbell Jas. 

Lynch Con 

M'Neill Jas. 

Turner Robt. 

Marshall Andrew 
4 Archibald S -sneer 

Bruce Robt.' 

Forbes John 

M'Dougall Dug aid 
M'Kendrick Geo. 
M c Mullin J. H. 


10 Douglas Robt. 
; MTntyre Jas. 
Roy J. D. 
'Shaw John 
Wylie Alex. 

12 Brown Miss J. 
15 Ferguson Alex. 

Thornton, Chas. 
17 Warden John 
9 fM'Connell John 

MTntyxe J ohm 

Steel John 

Walker Colin 

3 Evans Miss 

5 Duff J. B. 

7 Speirs Robt. 

8 'Brown C. F. 

6 Main W. P. 

2 ( M- Gibbon A. G. 
'4 Macfarlane J. D. 


11 Mwir Robt. 
17 Bruce Mrs C. 
15 Bruce Mrs E. 

Drinnan Wm. 

Henderson Robt. 

M'Arthur Jas. 

Milliken John 
23 Best W. 
22 M'Lachlan Hugh 

Pollock Mrs R. 

Steel Geo. 
6 Livingstone Hugh 



1 Rankin T. B. 

2 M'Dougall J. P. 
8 Walker Mrs* H. 
7 Wright A. B. 

Wright J. J. 
11 Buchanan W. E. 
15 Drummond Neil 
17 Blair Gardiner 


1 Kerr Thos. 

Fleming Gavin 

M'Biryde John 
3 Mlik John 

Piatt David 

Spence Mrs R. 
5 Cooper Geo. 

Foster Chas. 

H en der son R . T . 

jMartim Miss J. S. 

Paul Jas. 

Turnbull Miss 
7 Aitken Jas. 

Cliimie Mrs M. 

Kerr Robt. 

M'Corquodale Miss 

MTarlane Robt. 

Milne Mrs P. 
9 Brown Jas. 

Higgs Mrs 

Murdoch Miss 
11 Clark Miss 

Donald Mrs 

M'Kellar John 

Millar John 

Sawers Walter 

13 Grant D. Bryce 
Hjalmerson Miss 
17 Henderson Mrs 
Lennie C. L. 
M' Arthur Miss A. 
Waddell J. G. 
21 Campbell Mrs 

Cunningham Jas. 

Doherty Jas. 

MThail Mrs W. 

Newbold Thos. 

Thomson Chas. 

Travers Thomson 
23 Campbell John 

Bruce Norman 

Heron John 

Todd Arthur 
25 Elphick Reuben 

Gardiner Jas. 

M'Kim Miss E. 

Munro Miss 

Sharer Miss 
27 Anderson Thos. 

C alder wood Danl. 

Gourley Thos. 

Lucas Wm. 
29 MThail Archd. 
33 Aitkenhead Alex. 

Blair Alex. 

Cuthbert Misses 

Low G. B. 

M'Dougall John 

M'Gregor Miss 

Marshall Miss G. 

O'Connor Jas. 
35 Craig Misses 

Ferguson Peter 

Goff Mrs 

MTherson Mrs 

M'Vicar Neil 


Thomson Misses 
37 Cargill Miss 

Fry Mrs 

Kennedy J. J. 

Ritchie Mrs J. 

Robertson Wm. 
39 Brown Miss M. 

Co wain A. R. 

M'Lernan Jas. 

Merry lees Peter 

Sheridan J. J. 

Waits on Tbos. 
41 Agnew Miss 

Firth J. A. 

Henry J. C. 

Robertson Alex. 

Soutar W. D. 

White J. D. 
43 Bun tain Jas. 

Cruickshaaks G. 

Esquilamt Herbert 

M'Donald Archd. 

M'Kellar Donald 

M'Whirter Wm. 

Mu'iiro John 

Redd J. M. 

Smith J. W. 
51 Archibald Geo. 

Black Mrs 

Hair Robt. 

Irving Geo. 

Luin s den Robt. 

.Mories T. J. 

Spence Thos. 

Swan John 

Thomson Mrs E. 
53 Brown Mrs 

Donaldson Wm., 

Ferguson John 

Finn Jas. 

iM'Nak Archd. 

M'Neill Duncan 

Getty Wm. 
68 Bush Joseph 

Campbell Peter 

Crawford Miss J. 

Downie Miss 

Hunter Mrs 

Muir Miss M. 
. Scott Miss 

Shevlin A. J. 

Young Mrs J. 
66 Brockie Andrew 

Cumming Alex. 

Lowe J. T. 

M'Auslan Alex. 

Peaston Alex. 

Smith Robt. 

Wallace H. J. 
64 Ferguson John 

Love Mrs M. 

"Leitch John 

Paterson Mrs 

Ritchie John 

Wilkie D. D. 

Wilson Jas. 
62 Davidson J. M. 

Ferguson Mrs 

Graham Wm. 

Hodge Mitchell 

M'Aulay J. S. 

M'Farlane Thos.. 

Millar John 

Wells Jas. 
60 Aitken Alex. 

Brown Mrs 

Graham John 

Jamieson R. W. 

M ( Alpine Duncan 

Martin Mrs 


Murray Miss M. 
58 Chalmers John 

Dickson D. G. 

Erskine Peter 

Finlay Jas. 

Johns Walter 

M'Millan Mrs 

Park Wit,. 

Smith Hugh 
56 Home David 

M'Lean J. R. 

Marr W.n. 

Murray M"s 

Wright Archd. 
52 Black R. M'K. 

Carrick Robt. 

Flockhart Miss E. 

Gwynne R. H. 

M'Jannet Mrs 

Murray R. M. 
50 Hamilton Mrs 
48 Crawford Jas. 

Cummings W. J. 

Gray A. H. 

Deas Miss I. S. 

Hoed Misses 

M'Kinnon Mirs 

Morrison W. C. 

Scott R. L. 
46 Brown Andrew 

Crawford Donald 

Greer Peter 

Howie Jas. 

Henry Mrs M. 

Love Jas. 

Mack Mrs J. 

Wilson Donald 

34 Campbell J. C. 
Lament Peter 
Leckie Andrew 

Mi'Creadie . Jas, 

M Tar lane "Wm. 

Prowse Jas. 
32 Bryce J. 

Devlin Henry 

Morrison Kenneth 

Muir Simon 

Town end Mrs. 

Wilson AleK. 
28 Park Miss 
26 Cunningham jas. 

Edwards. Jas. 

Halliday Mrs 

Mi'Killop Jas. 

M'Askill Ro.e-ick 

Nicholson Mrs 

Paul John 
24 Barbour Archd. 

Brown J. M'P. 

Dick Wm. 

Ferguson Chas. 

Watson John 

Yearn an John 
20 Duthie R. G. 

Graham Edwar 1 

M'lntyre Pe'e- 

MTachlan Jo "in 

M'Lean W. S. 

M'Lellan Mrs, P. 
18 Carmichae 1 Alex. 

Crombie Mrsi 

Graham Wm. 

Hurry Robt. 

M'Greadie Robt. 

M'Alpine Rob;. 

M'Donald Miss 

Young Jas. 
16 M'Creadie Hugh 

Macfarlane J, M. 

M'Genis Mrs 


M'Millan W. J. 

M'Vicar Donald 
14 Dick Mrs J. M. 

M'Millan Angus 

Munro Jas. 

Malcolm John 

Robertson Mrs C. 
12 Buchanan John 

Drummond Wm. 

Kane Geo. 

Lowey Mrs 
10 Cameron Thos. 

Grant J. W. 

Laurent J. B. 

M'Vicar Angus 

Rennie Mrs 

,'Whiteford Misses 
8 Middle ton Wm. 
6 Falconer Archd. 

M'Donnell Michael 

M'Kirdy Miss E. 

Martin Joseph 

Williamson Mrs 


1 Burns Miss 
7 Pur die John 



1 Allan Andrew 
Davidson Geo. 
Dickson Wm. 

I Gallacher Patrick 

Johnston Thos. 

^;'\ Kerrigan Thos. 

';'• !Munn Danl. 

/'!' Smith Miss J. 

7 Coyle John 
Gallacher Wm. 
M'Kay Donald 
M'Nelis Roderick 
Sitevenson Mrs J. 
Swan Wm. 

9 Blackley John 

Cannae Wm. 

Houston John 

M'Corkell Geo. 

Wyer C. J. 

M'Crae Jas. 
11 Orr Jas. 
20 Colligan Miss 

Douglas T. 

Kneebone Fred 

M i 'Connell John 

Morrison A. 

Scullion Michael 

M'Farlane Thos. 

M'Gregor Mrs D. 

8 Graham Edward 
Kerr Mrs C. 
M'Ewan Donald' 
M'Laughlin Patrick 
Mallon Jas. 
M'Lean Henry 
Quinn Patrick 

2 Cunningham Saml. 
Evans John 
Sands F. 
Thomson Mrs 
Walker Robt. 


Stewart Jas. 
Sturrock J. W. 
M'Lellan E. 
Simpson Alex. 


Jones Thos. 
M'Killop John 
Anderson Jas. 
Irvine W. 


3 Blakley Jas. 
Liddell John 
M'Pherson David 


5 Fisher Patrick 
7 Allan Jas. 
9 Barrie John 

Boyle Mrs S. 

Cairns Robt. 

Hunter Robt. 

Smith Mrs W. 

Stafford Mrs E. 
20 Hyman Isaac 

Keill Robt. 

MDougall Nurse 
16 Beaton Alex. 

Elder Louis 

Holmes Robt. 

MTvinnon Wm. 

Preston Wm. 

Shankland Miss 

Thomson Thos. 

Walker Mrs J. 

Wright Alex. 1 


1 Hughes Mrs 

2 Bonnar Michael 

3 Adamson David 
Arthur Jas.. 

Baxter John 
Gosnell Wm. 
Gray Wm. 
Lang Archil. 
Noble Geo. 

5 Calder Jas. 
Orr J. N. 
Peat Wm. 
Smith Jas. 
Wilson Wm. 

6 Cameron Wm. 
Hughes F. W. 
Thomson Jas. 

7 Kidd S. 
Clydesdale J. H. 
Lang Edward 
Leslie Miss A. 
M'Donald Mrs P. 

9 Carrot hers Wm. 

Irving Robt. 

M'Kechnie David 
11 Cameron R}b.. 

Craig Jas. 

Grant Walter 

Learie Wm, 

Lochhead Mrs E. 

M'Grannachan Jas. 

Mitchell Fergus 

Nicholl Miss^E. 

Reid Arthur 

Stewart Edwar.1 
13 Anderson Wm. 

Campbell Archd. 

Kerr Jas.. 

Love Jas. 

M'Mill&n Dugald 
15 Cameron D;:n-dd 

Garvie Alex. 

Harper Hugh 


17 Black Alex. 

Brock W. 

Peddie Robt. 

Cameron D. 

Kelly W. G. 

Murray G. D. 
19 Kinninmonth D. 


2 Cunningham R. 
Goble F. 
Osborne Alex. 

Grant Wm. 


3 Mackessy Chas. 
5 Harvey Mrs A. 
7 Allister R. A. 

Scott John 
Stewart Jas;. 
9 Caven Mrs. M. 
Crawford Archd. 
Cuorrie David 
Johnstone Miss 
M'Kerrell Alex. 
Menzies J. K. 
Storm Mrs, 
Walker David 
11 Chalmers, Walter 
Howie J.D. 
Gil-mo u<r Jas.. 
M'Coag Miss M. 
M'Gibbon Thos, 
M'Lean Mrs, A. 
Rankin Hugh 
Stoddard A. 
U3 Barr Mrs- Wm. 

S Knight Robt. 

|j Love Robert 

M'Kechnie Mrs 

'Mitchell John 

Smith Thos. 

Taylor W. L. 

Stewart Allan 
15 Black Geo. 

Brown Walter 

Buchanan John 

Bun tain Matthew 

Christie Alex. 

Fletcher P. W. 

Smith Wm. 
17 Blair Miss M. 

Love Mrs C. 

M'Larty John 

M'Lean Mrs John 

M' Vicar Miss E. 

Munro Donald 

Robertson D. 
19 Adair Wm. 

Alder W. J. 

Cunningham Mts 

MFaxlane Danl. 

Oliver Jas,. 

Simpson Rich. 
2 1 Birown Lawrence 

Deas Mts 

Doris Michael 

Lyon David 

M'Kay Wm. 

Phillips Robt. 

Simpson David 

Stewart Mrs J. 

Sutherland Joseph 
23 Ferrier Alex. 

Logan Alex. 

M'Guigan Alex. 
25 Brennan Jas. 

Campbell John 

M'Kenzie Mrs W. 


Melvin A. R. 
Oliver Wm. 
Parker R. S. 

27 Duncan Miss M. 
Kerr Mrs W. 
Kinniburgh Mrs 
Matthews Jas. 
Nieolson Miss M. 

29 Alexander Thos. 

Broadbum Hugh 

Brown Wm. 

Carpenter Geo. 

Downie Root. 

Jeppeson W. J. 

Kelso Thos. 

Morris Walter 
31 Angus Duncan 

Bra bender Duncan 

Hau-arhey Neal 

McAllister Jas. 

M'llhagga Miss 

Nicol Miss J. 

Orkney E. 

Sinclair Mrs A. 
33 Bole John 

Campbell Miss M. 

Gillies Rob't. 

Hamilton John 

Walker Jas. 

Patrick John 
35 Campbell Geo. 

Dickson John 

M'Kay John 

Webster Mrs M. 

White Thos. 

28 Berry Geo. 
Lockie Thos. 
Lynch Hugh 
M'Callum Colin 
MTarlane John 

M'Donald Mai. 

Wilson Archd. 
26 Aitchison Wm. 

M'Kinnon Mrs M. 

Allan J. M. 

Conlin Jas. 

Fraser Rich. 

Cameron Hugh 

Johjiistone Mrs I. 

M'Arthur Duncan 

M'Inityre Donald 
24 Currie Forrest 

Elder Hugh 

Forrest Wm. 

Kelly Hugh 
' Ramsay John 

Stirrat Jas. 
22 Cowie Walter 

Henderson RoKt. 

M'Ewan Colin 

M'Gregor Norman' 

MTaggart M. 

Reid David 

Whitelaw Johri 
20 Dewar Duncan 

Harper Hugh 

Mitchell Mis'S 
14 Adams John 

Bradley Wm. 

Dickson Mrs R. 

Hunter Mrs J. 

Pye Alex. 

Sinclair Mrs R. 

Murray David 

Smillie Mrs J. 
12 Blair John 

Boag Alex. 

Ellery Wm. 

Houston Geo. 

M'Gowan Patrick 


Russell G. W. 

Swan Jas. 

Vesper John 
10 Chalmers A. J. 

Fullarton R. 

Hunter R. L. 

Millar Jas. 

Poste Geo. 

Sinclair Mlrs W. 

Tierney Mrs 
8 Boyce Alex. 

Kelso Wm. 

Logan Francis 

M'Kay Malcolm 

MTeari John 

Miller Duncan 

Norrie Isaac 

Wallace David 
6 Brown Root. 

Campbell Mrs D 

Grott Rob't. 

Nicol Alex. 

Johnston J. H. 

Redd John 

Riley Joseph 

Robertson Jas. 
4 Buchanan John 

Cha 1r re™s Geo. 

Johns ton Robt. 

M'T-u9rhlin Miss 

Reffel John 

2 Bennett Rob't. 
C"ichton Wm. 
K^so Matthew 
Smith Mrs A. 
Soutter Mrs H. 


1 Kinnaird Jas. 

3 Urwin R. A. 

7 Adams Robt. 

Caldwell Jas. 

D iff en Geo. 

Jackson Jas. 

Lovell Mrs 

MfGarr Saml. 

Stewart Thos. 
9 Black John 

Cameron Donald 

Edwards Jas. 

Francis Mrs E. 

Kennedy Thos. 

Kinnibuxgh John 

M'Coig Mrs Joseph 

MTntyre Lachlani 

Murray Alex. 

Stirrat John 

Thomson 'Miss 

Smith Mrs A. 
11 Arthur John 

Milne Robt. 

Cameron Mrs P. 

Corbani Guiseppe 

Harron J. H. 

Malcolm John' 

Morrison Jas. 

Richardson Robt. 

Stirrat Wm. 
13 Campbell Mrs J. 

Clark Alfred 

Halliday Forbes 

Holmes Matthew 

M' George Donald 

MTntosh R. C. 
15 Mitchell John 

Orkney Wm. 

Robertson Jas. 

Shearer R.*M. 

Stewart Jas. 

Taylor Mrs M. 


Weir Mrs 
17 Grant Mrs 

McAllister John 

M'Kellar C. R. 

Nimmo Robt. 

Simpson Mrs A. 

Sutherland Jas . 
21 Black Edward 

Dyer Edward 

Millar Joseph 

Miulholland Mrs 

Quale P. H. 

Steele Wm. 
23 Benson John 

Cunningham A. 

Henderson Neil 

Kelly Wm. 

M'Donald Donald 

Munro Miss 

Smith H. F. 
25 Cameron Allan 

M'Farlane Mrs A. 

M'Guire R. J. 

M'Hugh Joseph 

M'Intyre Mrs E. 

M'Pherson Chas. 

Macari Luigui 

M'Dowall Wm. 

Robson John 

Walker Wm. 
27 Allwood Thos. 

Gate F. A. 

M'Coll Mrs M. 

Morrison Wm. 

Nicolson Thos. 

Rowan John- 
Russell Hugh 

Tannock John 
29 Clark Alex. 

Givens Wm. 

Lang Mrs J. 

Letson Jas. 

M'Donald John 

M'Farlane Donald 

Stevenson Wm. 
31 Cameron Mrs S. 

Conn Mrs J. 

Campbell Mrs A. 

M'Conn John 

M 'Bride Mrs 

Miller Jas. 

Tait Robt. 

Williamson John 
33 Byrne Cornelius 
Kerr J. M'L. 

M'Quade Wm. 
Paul Duncan 
Wallace Wm. 
35 Cameron John 
Fleming Jas. 
M'Alpine Wm. 
O'Callaghan John 
M'Lelland Wm. 
Fry W. S. 
O'Neill Andrew 
Orr Mrs Robt. 
Polonis Mrs 
37 Brown Robt. 
Dunbar Thos. 
Johnston Robt. 
Kane John 
Murray A. S. 
Nicol Mrs A. 
Pirrie M'rs 
39 Howat Alex. 
Nelson Mrs 
Richardson John 
Skedd John 
Stuart Alex. 
Swan Robt. 


Thomson Robt. 

Young Stewart 
41 Duncan J. W. 

Fletcher Mrs 

Hendry Miss I. 

Huggins Oscar 

Leishman John 

Rodger John 

Smith David 

Todd David 
:43 Anderson Thos. 

Dyer J. W. 

Erskine Mrs S. 

Hall Jas. 

Jessamine J. H. 

Tang Rich. 

,MTeay Mrs D. 

Sutherland Wm. 

;Swan Mrs 

Wray Miss 
45 Bailantyne Saml. 

Dick Jas. 

Donaldson Robt. 

T.arnb Miss 

Mitchell Robt. 

Scott G. B. 

Smith Jas. 
47 Robinson Thos. 
49 Fisher M'. S. 

Galbneath Jas. 

Highet Robt. 

Shannon John 
51 Cameron Mrs M. 

Hudson Mire M. 

McCartney John 

M'Cprjnick David 

Rorison J. F. 

Thompson Saml. 

Turner Hugh 

Woodsi-fe Mrs M. 

— Armour Geo. 

— Crawford Geo. 
58" Ross Alex. 
54 Bell Thos. 

Bennett Edward 

Boyd Robt. 

Brown Thos. 

Colquitt Stanley 

Davidson Robt. 

Hendry Joseph 

M' Arthur Archd, 

MTachlan Robt. 

M'Neice John 

Swan Andrew 
52 Grierson Geo. 

M'Farlane Jas. 

Knox Matthew 

Mark Mrs A. 

Murdoch John 

Mutch Robt. 

Shields Thos. 

Taylor Matthew 

Tulloch Frederick 

Wilson Alex. 
48 Borthwick Mrs J. 

Cochran R. P. 

Docherty Mrs J. 

Hamilton Mrs A. 

Hyde Norman 

Jackson John 

Muir Wm. 

Shaw Mrs N. 
44 Cowan Robt. 

Kirkwood Jas. 

M'Kechnie Donald 

M'Callum Duncan 

M'Killop Jas. 

Perry Mrs E. 

Rushton John 

Soanes Mrs J. 


Taylor Frank 

42 Bar den Mrs 
Carson Jas. 
Freeman Park 
MTie Danl. 
Pto'e.ny Rodger 
Reid Thos. 
Staiger John 

40 Blair Mrs J. 
Corbet David 
Douglas Wai. 
Fraser David 
Hopkin John 
M'Donald W. S. 
Nelson Robt. 
Sheerer Wm. 

38 Bryce Mrs A. 
Chalmers John 
MTadyen Lachlan 
Scott Wm. 
M'Lean Duncan 
Taylor Archd. 
Webster Wm. 

36 Cowan John 
Dalrymple John 
Denniston Mrs M 
Harrison David 
Hutchison Thos. 
Jamieson Jas. 
Keith Duncan, 
M'Casker John 
M'Guire Patrick 
, M'Leod Murdoch 
M'Whinnie John 
30 Black Andrew 
Davidson Wm. 
Ferguson John 
Laird Miss J. 
Leslie Alex. 
McAllister Jas. 

M'Gugan Robt. 

M'Kinnon Mrs 

Moore W. C. 

Pirrie Jas. 

M'Aulay Mrs 

Virtue Aliex. 
28 Alexander John 

M'Gilp Hugh 

Robertson John 

Thomson Alex. 

Williamson Robt. 
26 Blair Robt. 

Gilchrist Alex. 

M'Connell David 

M'Lean Jas. 

M'Millan Joseph 

Webster Jas. 
24 Derrick Matthew 

Finlinson Thos. 

Gillies Mrs L. 

M'Lean John 

Miller Wm. 

Norris Lindsay 
22 Cruickshanks J. 

Elliott Tho>s. 

Howie Jas. 

King Wm. T. 

Muir Geo. 

Wilson Wm. 
20 Anderson Chas. 

Highet H. M. 

Home Wm. 

M'Clure Jas. 

M'Leod Peter 

Menzies, Geo. 
16 Allan Wm. 

Brown Mrs J. 

Douglas Jas. 

Jarrett Harry 

Harris Frederick 


M'Keeman W. J. 
14 Downie R. G. 

M'Callum Peter 

M'Vicar Miss 

Wilkie John 
12 Beveridge Miss 

Kaminsky Manuel 

Mallcolm Jas. 

Miller Malcolm 

Mitchell Jas.. 

Risk J. K. 

Stevenson Barclay 

Urquhart John 
10 Darrosh Jas. 

Dawson Jas. 

Forrester Wm. 

M'Allister Donald 

M'Intyre Donald 

MTuckie Thos. 

Smith Mrs M. 

Watson Jas. 
6 Ashton Thos. 

Campbell Archd. 

M'Gonnigle Felix 

Munn Jas. 

Robertson Mrs 
4 Nurses' Home 
2 Austin Adam 


— Fleming Fergus 
M'Lean Henry 

2 Boyland John 
Irvine Mrs 
Leslie Geo. 

3 Boyd Wm. 
Brown Wm. 
Murray Miss E. 
Williamson Geo. 


2 Birodie Malcolm 

Chestnut Mrs E. 
Ness Wm. 
Ross David 

3 Galloway Alex. 
Giffen Wm. 


1 Arthur Miss 

3 Buchanan Geo. 

7 Adam R. G. 

8 Fisher W. A. 
1 1 Prentice Miss 

17 Freer Jas. 
Henry Wm. 

18 Thomson W. D. 
20 Morrison D. A. 


7 : M'Kay Wm. 
Thomas Mrs 
9 Docherty John 
Rafferty Mrs 

11 Hunter Alex. 
Cumming John 
Moore Jas. 

15 Cameron Wm. 
Conalogue Mrs 
Paton Donald 
M'Leod John 

17 M'Aulay Henry 
Smith Peter 
White Danl. 

19 Speirs Mrs 


21 Hatherall Mrs 
25 M'Glinchey Chas. 
31 Hallam Thos. 
38 Armour John 

Jackson Wm. 

M'Kendrick Wm. 

Milligan Joseph 
41 M'Fadyen Mrs 
43 Dalrymple Mrs P. 
45 Dalrymple Mrs R. 
47 Byron Jas. 

Buntain Miss 
49 Paul 1 Mrs 
53 Logan Mrs 

Loughran Arthur 

M'Laughliin Peter 

Morrow Hugh 


4 Bonnar Dank 
Carchrie DanL. 
Chalmers John 
Harkins Jas. 
Harley Archd. 
Lynch Jas. 
Stewart Miss 


1 Kerr Mrs D. 

Kerr John 
7 Duncan Mrs 
Taylor Peter 
9 Brodie Chas. 
11 Smith Peter 
Brown Miss 
15 Duncan David 

Fairgrieve Mrs 
Taylor Robt. 
Nancarrow C. J. 
Crawford Miss 
21 M'Lean Andrew 
Blair Robt. 
Waddell David 

23 Stott J. A. 
25 Steel Wm. 

33 Robertson Jas. 

35 Pater son John 

39 M'Neil C. P. 

41 Stewart T. O. 
49 Kinloch Alex. 

Law J. B. 

M'Millan Anlrew 
46 M'Kelvie Jas. 
44 Wright W. B. 

42 M c Arthur Rev D. 

40 Tannahill J. A. 

36 Muir Misses 

34 Miller Thos. 

32 Ferguson Chas. 

24 M'Clure Wm. 
12- Crighton Mrs 

8 Cull en Wm. 

Macneill A. G. 
6 Campbell John 

Gilimouir R. S. 

Wilson W. B. 

Hartley Saml. 

M'Kenzie Mrs 
4 Allan A. T. 

King Miss I. 

Milne Wm. 

Pattison David 

Hinricka Miss 

Dunlop Jas. 

Paterson John 

Manson Mrs 


Moore W. S. 

2 Anderson Miss 
Crawford Andrew- 
Crawford J. H. 
Forster Cuthbert 


1 Herjihy Wm. 

3 Turner John 

5 Thomson Robt. 

7 Leach Chas. 

9 Webster Henry 

11 Smith Gavin 

13 Be'il Geo. 

15 Hair Thos. 

17 M'Nab Jas, 

19 Speirs Jas. 

21 Young John 
23 Fulton Robt. 
25 Sutherland Alex. 

27 Kerr Donald 

28 Stewart Jas. 

22 Butler Mrs F. 

20 Scorah Austin 

18 M'Pherson John 

16 Downie Wm. 

14 Murray John 

12 M'Kenzie T. 
10 Skedd Wm. 

8 Johnstone John 

6 M'Corquodale R. 

4 M'Kenzie Wm. 

2 Ross Mrs M. 

1 Ferguson Ruben 
(Weekes Jas. 
MTnnes Mrs J. 

3 Campbell Miss M. 

Gordon Jas. 

Kayes Wm. 

Sands Mrs 

Rourke Michaelj 
7 Edwards Chas. 
13 Anderson Mrs M. 

Foster H. H. 

Graham Geo. 

Hunter Mrs M. 

M'Dougald Wm., 

M'Dowall Robt. ' 

M'Master John 

Stirling Wm. 
17 Allan A. R. 

Gunn Donald 

McAllister T. 

Graham Geo. 

Robertson Jas. 

Water ston Wm. 
19 Armstrong J. W. 

Brodie Arc hi. 

Cameron P. B. 

M'Gregor Dugald 

Max we 1 ! Wm. 

Patrick Jas. 

Piggott Herbert 

Smith X ohn 

Stewarrw. R. 
21 Arthur Mrs J. 

Boyd Mrs C. 

George Patrick 

M'Cauehey Jas. 

Simpson W. D. 
23 Docherty Robt. 

Miller Jas. 
27 Bain Wm. 

Buchanan Miss A. 

Campbell Miss C. 

Lamont Miss S. 

MacLean Lachlan 


29 Campbell John 
Leslie Jas. 
M'Pherson Donald 
Morrison Jas. 
Morrison J. F. 

47 Buchanan Archd. 
Church Jas. 
Flening Archd. 
Leitch Jas. 
Love Andrew- 
Lynn Mrs I. 
Lyon Rob't. 
Miller Geo. 

49 Atkinson Alex. 
Byron John 
Eastwood Harry 
Kelly Patrick 
Kennedy Walter 
Pro van Thos.- 
Smith Robt. 
Whiteford Alfred 

46 Baird J. M. 

^4 M'Onie John 

42 Downer Ernest, 
Holmes Mrs 
MTnnes Robt. 
M'Niven Mts A. 

40 Campbell John 
Duncan David 
Frew R. A. 
Kelly John 
M'Callun Robt. 

38 King Archd. 

36 Ralston Archd. 

34 Malcolm Alex. 
Park Geo. 

32 Young W. J. 

28 Hynd Joseph 

26 Kirkwood Mrs 
Lamont Jas. 

M'Kay Andrew 

M'Kenzie John 

M'Millan Malcolm 

Matthewson David 
24 Hartley John 

Johnstone J. K. 

Thomson Wm. 
20 Blair David 

M'Farlane Jas. 

M'Lean John 

M'Tavish John 

Marshall David 

Martin Mrs H. 

Mitche'l Thos. 

Philip Robt. 

Strachan Wm. 

Service Alex. 
18 Barbour Peter 

Bucklitsch Anthony 

Everett Joseph 

Gray J. R. 

Howie J. B. 

M'Lintock Thos. 

Riekie W. 

Strachan Wm. 

Wright Mrs 
16 Smith H. S. 

Allan Mrs R. 

Stewart Robt. 

Wilson David 
14 Fleming Donald 

Kilpatrick Miiis N. 

Riddell Geo. 
10 Adam Edmond 

Brown D. A. 

Allan E. D. 

Dalrymple Archd. 

Dickson Wm. 

Kelly Mrs D. 
M'Leod Norman 


Muir Archd. 

Paton J. C. 
6 Johnston Allan 

Kane Geo. 

Shaven Robt. 

Kerr Saml,. 

Williamson Geo. 

Stewart Miss A. 
4 Blair Duncn 

Cameron Geo. 

Dickson Miss H. 

Hutcheson Robt. 

M'Kellar Duncan 

M'Kerracher Mrs, 

Ogilvie Andrew 

Patrick N. M. 

Perry Henry 

Weir Danl. 
2 Cameron Wm. 

Hannah Robt. 

MTherson Chas. 

Prker John 


1 Crawford D. 

Cushnaghan C. 

Docherty Mrs J. 

Gourlay W. 

MTlroy J. 

M'Keggan J. 

Moore 1 Wm. 

Wrath Wm. 

Wilkie Miss 
3 Diffein S. 

Gray Adm 

Lynn M. 

M'Lachlan Duncan 

O'Hara W. 

Kerr Hugh 

Lawson Mts A. 

Saville Herman 

Telford J as. 

Scott M, 
5 Bryson John 

M'Cutcheon Jas. 

M'CMland Adam 

M'Donald D. 

M'Neill Duncan 

Shirley Hugh 

Wilkie Danl. 

Workman Alex. 
7 Cowan J. 

Ferrie Jas. 

Lees Geo . 

M'Leod Joseph 

Morrin David 

Rank'n John 

Robertson J. W. 

Scott Heaton 

Small Alex. 
9 M'Ewan Thos. 

MTadden Mrs J. 

O'Hara W. 

Scarlett W. 

Spence Henry 

Wilon J. 
11 Barclay Wm. 

Blair Mrs G. 

Hutcheon Alex. 

M'CleDland Hugh 

Nelon J. 

Pollock Chas. 

Watt Hugh 

White H. 
13 B'rown R. 

Currie J. 

Logan Archd. 

O'Rourke John 


Meek H. 
Smith J. 
Stabb G. A. 
Wilson J. 
Workman Robt. 

15 Bali; John 

Gillespie Miss M. 
Boyd Jas. 
Hyde Mrs W. 
M'Creath Gilbert 
Mitchell J. 
Watt Jas. 
White Saml. 

14 Anderson Thos. 
Dalgleish Wm. 
Faith Robt. 
Morrell S. 
M'Auslin Colin 
M'Cormick Jas. 
Russell Saml. 
Wade David 

12 Black T. 
Frizzeil Jas. 
Ne'son T. 
M'Aulay J. 
Knox R. 
Leitch T.- 
Young Saml. 
Russell Saml. 
M'Fadc'en J. 

10 Arthur Mrs T. 
Baxter J. 
Dunc~n T. 
Flnkyson A. 
Kendal Seth 
Wilson Peter 
Wilson Robt. 
M'Cloy J. 


1 Crig Robt. 

3 M-Kinnon Neil 

5 Warwick Mrs 
7 Alki John 

13 Murray Wm. 

15 Gibbons John 

17 Adam J. W. 

19 Thomson Thos. 

21 Henderson Robt. 

23 MKirdy Thos. 

25 Munro Geo. 

27 Slone Archd. 
29 M'Leod Alex. 
31 Stirling Js.. 

4 BeLth Robt. 

6 Brown Frederick 

5 Service Matthew 
10 Marshall Hugh 
12 Gallacher Mrs 

14 Boyd Mrs 

16 Murray Wm. 

18 Brydon Geo. 

20 Clements Wm. 

22 Allan Wm. 

24 jlngram John 

26 Duncan David 

28 .Paul John 


jl Freer John 

MTarlane W. C. 

M'Garrity Miss 

.M'Lay Hugh 

•M'Leod J. B. 

•Miller Wm. 
3 Black Mrs 

Drinnan Thos. 

;MT>ougall J. 


•.Morrison- A. N. 
•5 Farquharson Mrs 

Ramsay Alex. 
(7 Cowan Wm. 

Emslie Jas. 

Finnie (Mirs J. 
,i ...L.rick Mrs 

Rennie Andrew 
9 MAnally Miss 

Wilson David 

Anderson J. 

M'Phail J. 

Smith Jas. 

2 Campbell Mrs 

Spinks Lawrence 

Henderson Mrs 

E en-dry Wm. 

Williams Wm. 
4 Anderson Danl. 

Beootn Wm. 

Casson A 1 ex. 

Shaw Miss 

Wine-r W. R. 
6 Beaven F. 

,Wylie A. 

,Tough Jas. 

,\ T icol J. B. 

Graham J. 
..MLacKan Archd. 

Can e"on R. 
8 An.'erson I. B. 

Hamilton A. 

Eoy'-e E. 
10 Sloan G. 

Bailie Mrs 

MFarlane Jas. 
Ke'.ly Miss 


3 Hagen Jas. 

Hagen S. E. 

Pearson Archd. 
5 Barr Mrs J. 

Do wall Jas. 

,Hart Miss M. 

,M'Laren Chas. 

.Mowat John 

.Richardson DaviJ 
■7 Anderson Allan 

Batters David 

.Cameron Geo. 

.Forrest David 

.Love Alex. 

.Murray Wm. 
9 Anderson Geo. 

Andrew Jessie 

Campbell Archd. 

Carmichael C. 

Halliday J. H. 

,Spence John 

.Thomson Michael 
11 .Baxter G. R. 

.Brown J. C. 

.Gibb Mrs 

M'Tadyen A. 

Scott Wm. 

Thomson Jas. 

.Warnock W. H. 
13 Campbell Robt. 

.Gilchrist John 

M'Millan Danl. 

Snoddy Jas. 

Thomson Angus 

Tweedley Wm. 
15 , Brown Mrs J. 

.Galloway John 

Hendry Wm. 

M'Arthur Henry 

Hicks R. F. 

M'Kinley Donald 


Maxwell Robt. 

Miller J. W. 

Sealy Mrs H. 
17 Bishop Jas. 

Greenlees Robt. 

Harrower T. H. 

K'nne'l Jas. 

M'Bride Mrs R. 

M'Kay Mrs E. 

Ross Wm. 
21 Aitchison Robt. 

Aiken Wm. 

Angus Duncan 

Hooper Mrs M. 

Marshall John " 

Smart W. A. 

Thomson Jas. 
23 Baine Miss J. 

Williamson John 
27 Blackley Thos. 

Burns Patrick 

Campbell T. K. 

Currie Wm. 

Drummond Peter 

Hunter Mrs M. 

M'Culloch Jas. 

Nixon Robt. 

Scott Finlay 
36 Campbe 1 ! Duncan 

Duncan Peter 

Kennaway Wm. 

T .ochhead John 

M'Kechnie Donald 

Neill J. A. 

Sharp Peter 
34 Cruickshanks Jas. 

Grott F. 

Jessamine Wm. 

M'Lachlan Archd. 

M'Lellan Edward 

Moggy Saml. 

Reid Adam 
Rodger John 

32 Fleming Edward 
Foster Robt. 
Halliday J. W. 
Helliwell Albert 
Hutchison John 
M'Bride Angus 
Stark Walter 
Thomson Mrs R. 

30 M'Kellar J. Y. 

24 M'Millan Jas. 

20 M'Cue Archd. 

14 Graham John 
Hunter Wm. 
Miller Miss M. 
Morrison Wm. 
Pattison Wm. 
Simith Neil 
Gillies Andrew 

12 Downie Danl. 
Hunter Mrs 
Jeffrey Jas. 
M'Dougall Miss 
MTntyre Jas. 
Ross W. M. 
Thomas J. E. 
8 Cameron Hugh 
[Fisher Donald 
Harvey W. G. 
Wilkinson Albert 

|6 Black Mrs J. 
Campbell Colin 
Gilchrist Peter 
Meikle Jas. 
Orr John 

'4 Power Thos. 
Spiers John 
M'Laughlin John 
M'Neish D. P. 



Glenview Terrace. 

1 Monteith Wm. 

2 Maitland Jas. 

3 Smith John 
'4 Bowie Robt. 

5 M'Lean Allan 

6 M'Dowall R. S, 

7 Baxter Mrs E. 

8 Oliver Mrs 

9 Hardie Robt. 

10 Brown Mrs W. S 

11 Bell Alex. 

12 Cuthbertson J. S. 

13 Cuthbertson J. R. 

14 Ferguson "Wm. 

15 Munro Mrs W. 

16 Parker John 

17 Johnston Thos. 

18 Hagan S. E. 

20 Gruickshanks Miss 
Miller Hugh 

21 M'Ewan Jas. 

7 Barbour Rich. jr. 

Caldwell W. J. 

Forsyth Wm. 

Lonie John 

Graham Alex. 
9 Adam Wm. 

Car dwell Frank 

Ferguson Wm. 

Gray John 

Harold Rich. 

Massie Chas. 

Reid Davii 

Rodge: Mrs M. 
11 Gauldie Robt. 

M'Gvegor Mrs A. 

M'Lachlan John 

M'Lean Robt. 

Pentland Miss E. 

Munn Alex. 

Russell Thos. 

Smith Thos. 
15 Blake Albert 

M'Dougall Alex. 

Fisher Lewis 

Osborne Wm. 
17 Brown Archd. 

19 Wales Ben. 

21 Sinclair W. J. 

23 Nicol Mrs J. 
25 Taylor Neil 
27 Fettes Jas. 
29 Gow Mrs W. 
31 Burns Peter 
33 Hagen Wm. 

M' In tyre D., Corn- 
haddock Facm. 

M'Farlane J., Low 
Murdieston Farm 

24 Bsrr Mrs J. 
Bowie Robt. 
Hunte" Jas. 

Kincaid Wm. 
M'Pherson J. G 
Simpson Geo. 

22 Connal Thos. 
Kerr W. D. 
Peddie John 
Timer John 
Willoughby Geo. 
Wright John 

20 Gibson John 
M'Kin ey David 
Millar Jas. 
Snckir D. ME- 
Urquhart Mrs 
Wright Thos. 


18 Bolton G. T. 

Campbell John 

Cunningham Colin 

M'Gifford W. S. 

Stewart Jas. 

Weir David 
14 Forbes W. S. 

Hughes Geo. 

Joss Robt. 

Leisk W:m. 

M 'Arthur John 

■Thomson J. P. 

Wilson David 
12 1 Neil 

Dick Forbes 

Hiitcheson Wm. • 

Hamilton T. R. 

Rowe G. B. 

Short Mrs H. 
10 Allison Thos. 

Hagen Wm. 

Hu'tcheson John 
Milligan A. A. 

Nixon W. J. 

Stuart C'has. 

Wilson Nathaniel 
8 Currie Mrs 

Dow Archd. 

M'Kinlay Thos. 

King Robt. 

Neill Arthur 

Shand Wm. 

Smith Duncan 
6 Campbed John 

Cooper Thos. 

Little Jas. 

Salter Andrew 

Sinclair Mrs 

Watson Miss G. 
2 Crank Mrs 

'Gillies Mrs 

Hynds Saml. 

Lees G. E. 

Muiir Wm. 

Paton John 

Robertson Mrs D. 
Kitchener Place, 
i M'Kenzie Neil 
ii Craig Robt. 
iii Wylie Robt. 
iv Bun tain Robt. 

7 ^ u L. fe 
NELSON ST. Glebe. 

4 Drummond Jas. 

M'Creath Mrs 

MTncloe Duncan 

Robb Mrs F. 

Telfer Colin 
6 Campbell Duncan 

Cook Mrs E. 

Loughrey Johri 

M"Laryt John 

M"Kay Mrs- 

Thomson Geo. 

Watson John 


I Smith Jas. 
5 Innes Geo. 

Mackintosh Duncan 
Murdoch Robt. 
Murphy Danl. 
Parker Eli 
Shaw Duncan 

II Barclay Misses 


Davidson Miss 

Forrester David 

Low Mrs 

MBride Peter 

M*Farlane John 

Pattison Robt. 

Wright Alex. 
13 Anderson John 

Barclay Mrs 

Black Miss A. 

Carmichael Archd. 

M'Callum Miss 

M'Kerre 1 ! Mrs C. 

M'Skimming Andw. 

Nisbet Misses 

Wallace Jas. 
17 Anderson Robt. 

B>rown Robt. 

Kane Jas. 

Kilpatrick Hugh 

M'Farlan John 

Tait John 

Wilson. W. S. * 

Wall©- R. J. 

Virtue John 

Stewart Mrs S. 
19 Ahlfield Mts 

Barbour Jas. 

Cuirrie Mrs M. 

Ferguson Geo. 

Glendinning Robt. 

M'Daid Jas. 

M'Leod H. B. 

Ross Mrs B. 
21 Finch Frederick 

Fry Colin 

Haining Wm. 

M'Auslan Robt. 

M'Glashan Miss 

M' Master Robt. 

M'Neill Miss E. 

Taylor Jas. 

Thomson Thos. 
23 Farrell John 

Laurie John 

Hardie John 

McDonald Alex. 

MfLeod Wm. 

Sullivan Peter 

Tarbet Mrs J. 

Watters J. S.. 
25 Boyle Francis 

Grant Mrs H. 

Currie Peter 

M'Craine Mrs 

M'Ewan Wm. 

MTntosh Chas. 

Mathieson Alex. 

Niven Mrs J. 

Sheriff Wm. 
27 Berry Alex. 

Inglis Matthew 

M'Taggart Neil 

Miller Allen 

Leslie D . 

Tytler Matthew 
29 Dick John 

Forbes J. N. 

Highet John 

M'Gougan Archd. 

Price Robt. 

Ricketts Wm. 

Watson John 
31 Baillie Geo. 

Bartke Wm. 

Borland Miss 

Boyle Jas. 

Lochotre Rev J. 

M'Larty Neil 

Murray Bernard 


Smith Rich.. 
Morrison Geo. 

33 Allan Mrs 
Gilligan John 
Reynold Michael 
M'Neill Archd. 
Lang Wm. 
Scott R. F. 

35 Lamont Alex. 
M'Cafferty John 
M'Nair Thos. 
MTherson Alex. 
O'Neill Hugh 
0,rr Allan ' 
Robertson David 
Stewa,rt David 
Watson David 

37 Blair M'rs J. 
Blue Robit. 
Boyd Kennedy 
Campbell Neil 
Glen M'rs A. 
Hughes John 
Miller Mrs N. 
Symington David 
White Archd. 

30 Bissett Thos. 
Collins Allan 
Lane Howell 
M ( oo,re Sarnl. 

28 Fnr rer Wm. 
Harrison M'rs 
M' : Cvirdy Jas. 

26 Baiord Thos. 
Cuirrie Peter 
M' Arthur Danl. 
Robeirts John 

24 Adie John 

Crawford Miss E. 
M'acfarlane John 

Burke J. N. 

M' Vicar Mrs J. 

Rolling M'iss A. 

Thomson Henry 

Williamson Chas. 
22 Boyle Jas. 

Fleming Ebeneze«r 

Qreer Wm . 

M'B : ride Peter 

Macdonald Kenn. 

M'Intosh Miss M. 

White Walter 

Wimbs John 
20 Crawford M'rs C. 

Finlay P. B. 

Johnston Wm. 

Leith John 

M"B,ride Thos. 

MOrrrison John 

Plunkett Malcolm 
12 Birch Miss 

Gilchrist John 
•6 Gait Jas. 

'M'Arthur Mrs 

M'Farlane Miss M. 

Mullan Mrs 

Reid Miss Annie 

Telford J. B. 
4 Fisher E. A. 

M'Eacbran Mai. 

M'Intosh David 

M'Kinley Mrs 

Moultrie Miss M. 
2 Dooley Mrs 

Owens Arthur 

Shaw Mrs V. 

Alexandra Mansions, 
iii Adler M'iss 



MTnnes Duncan 

Snowball Geo. 

Skillen Sarnl. 

Starritt David Albert 
. iv Brymner R.J. 
Lyon John 
Ja'rrieson J. T. 

M' Cowan Chas. 

Robertson Arthur 
5 Davidson R. R. 

Ho sea Miss 

Lee A. F. 

M Cready Sanl. 

Llendry J. 

Mackay Matthew 

Mathieson Mrs 

Paul John 

Robinson David 

Shearlaw Mrs J. 

Scott Danl. 

Woods John ^ 
7 Ashby Walter 

Jones E. R. 

Brown Robt. 

Black Mrs D. 

Kernaghan Wm. 

Lindsay Jas. 

M'Arthur Mrs 

M'Crindle Chas. 

Phillips Peter 

Smith Mrs C. 

Wood Mrs C. 
13 Adam Jas. 

Chalrrers Walter 

Ker W .M. 

M'Killop Alex. 

M'Lean Donald 

Sneret Geo. 

Thomson Robt. 

Todd David 
15 Clark J. W. 

Hulf Arthur 

Leckie Anderw 

Loudon Mrs J. B. 

MacColl Miss 

M'Gilp Neil 

M'Lellan Miss 

Moles Alex. 

Sieggie Mrs 
17 Anderson "Robt. 

Crawford E. & M ; . 

Dick Mrs M. 

Millar David 

Miller Thos. 

Kerr Mrs M. 

Parker Hugh 

Wilson N. Y. 
19 Campbell Mrs S. 

Collins Miss 

Cram Mrs 

Finnie Colin 
Ferguson Miss 
Hendry Danl. 
M'Kenzie Joseph 
Tarbet Wm. 

21 Bruce Jas. 

Hamilton Thos. 
Herd Misses 
Lee Joseph 
Leigh Richard 
Morrison Mrs 
Murchie John 
Nelson Jas. 
Reid David 

23 M'Bride Mrs 
M'Donald John 
M'Millan Misses 
Niven Mrs G. W. 


Preston Jas. 

Whyte Mrs A. 

S pence Thos. 
25 Cunningham John 

Fletcher Miss 

Humphreys Joseph 

Niool J. K. 

Ritchie Wm. 

Small Mrs 

Wilson Mrs 

Young Duncan 
27 Maclntyre Archd. 
29 Chalmers D. W. 

Clark Jas. 

M'Diarmid Alex. 

Still John 
31 Wink J. D. 
33 Graham Hugh 

Ewart Jas. 
35 Balfour Wm. 

Bathgate Jas. 

Carson H. L. 

Devine David 

Graham John 

M' Arthur G. C. 

Wilkie J. C. 
37 Bruce P. R. 

Bruce Chas. 

Shaw Miss 
39 Reid R. A. 
45 Swan Mrs 

Finnart Terrace. 
i Leitfch Miss 

Pearson J. A. 
ii Eastern R. F. jr. 
iii Allan Mrs 
Blair A. TVI. 
Mitchell Jas. 
iv Drummond J. jr. 
v Wilson Dr J. 

vi Walker John 
vii Blair Archd. 
viii Crawford Jas. 

ix Lang Jas. 

x M'Aulay W. G. 

63 Crawford Robtu. 

69 King Mrs Alex. 
71 Cook Mjss 

73 Pollock Mrs 
75 M'Kinnon Donald 
77 Crawford John/ 
79 Auld Wm. 
81 Thome Miss 
83 Lang A. H. 
85 M'Neil D. B. 

M,'Farlane Robt. 
87 Paterson David 
89 Curtis Miss E. A. 
91 Jamieson Misses 
93 Allan Rev C. 

95 Dunlop Mialeolmi 
£7 Kirkwood W. H. 

Lugton J. B. 
99 M'Callum Thos. 
101 Daw Alex. 
103 Scott Mrs D. F. B. 
105 Caldwell David 
107 Low Miss 

96 Beattie W. R. 
.72 Wilkie Wm. 

70 Whiteford Wm. 
68 Baxter John 
66 Borthwick Mrs 

64 Armitage Geo. 
48 Finlayson Donald 
46 Archibald Miss 
44 Blair Wm. 

Sturrock Mrs H. 
44 Blair Wm. 
38 Fowler A. A. 


M'Allister Archd. 

Pearson Wm. 
3 6. Devlin Miss C. 

Hamilton Duncan 

Rodger Wm. 

White Jas. 
34 Honeyman Miss J. 

M'Gregor Peter 

Ma'cnab Peter 

Park D. M. 

Gar-pbell Jas. 

Graham Robt. 

King Gilbert 

M'Naught Miss 

Smith Robt. 
28 Bain Wm. 

Chalmers J. M. 

Guy M. A. 

Lee Mrs 
26 Borthwick J. 

Collins A. D. 

Morrin W. J. 

Paterson Mrs 

Steel N. J. 

Morrison David 
24 Wallace Edward 


1 Watt Wm. 

3 M'acdomgall Dugald 

5 Ramsay D. G. 

7 Taylor Miss 
11 Scott R. L. 
Smith C. A. 
13 Morrison W. M'F. 
15 Caird P. T. 
21 Henley John 

M'Millan Mrs W. 
23 Caird Arthur 

25 Lang P. 

Stewart Wm. 

27 Watters S. 

37 Ferguson Louis 

41 Crawford J. W. 

83 Livingston D. 

85 Chambers Misses 

87 Martin Mrs R. 

93 M'Brice John 

89 Ward Rich. 

91 Shearer Geo. A. 

95 Crookston Wm. 

97 Boy:l John 
105 Hastie A. 
107 Gray A. 
109 Wood Wm. 
Blake Wm. 
Ill Mitchell Duncan 
113 Borland Alex. 
115 Harper A. 
117 MTntyre A. 
119 M'Kenzie Miss 
121 Smith C. H. 
123 Grant Mrs 
125 Pennell Miss 
127 Broaie Miss J. 
129 Johnsotne J. 
131 Marshall C. 

' Campsie Terrace. 

i Fletcher Mrs 
Gibb Miss M. 
Miller Jas. 
■M'Auley Jas. 
G.reenham Walter 
M'Cuaig John 
ii Blair Miss 

Crombie David 
Norman Mrs L. 
TVEacArthur John 
M'Ghie Robt. 


Dyer C. S. 
iii MacGregor Wm. 

Medkle Mrs E. 

Sinclair D. 

Prigmore J. T. 

Teller H. K. 
44 Kincaid John G. 
42 M'Lean Hugh 
40 Houston Mrs R. H. 
38 Graham Walter 
30 Muirhead A. 
28 Prentice A. R. 
26 Ferguson Rcbt. 
14 Deacon Wm. 

Taylor C. M'. 
12 Adam Wm. 
8 M'CIure John 

6 Taylor D. J. 
Madeira Terrace 

1 Holms W. 

2 Chas. 

3 Johnston G. N. 

4 Graham Rev W. 

5 Ferguson K. R. 

7 M'uir J. L. 


16 M'Millan John 
Robertson Jas. 

18 Bethel Andrew 
Weir Bernard 
Logan Allan 

19 Butcher Abraham 
Morgan Jas. 

21 Ferguson Mrs C. 
Mitchell John 
Munro Danl. 
Thomson - Robt. 

27 Cowley Chas. 

Donnelly John 

Hair Jas. 

Hutchison Jas. 

Mathieson Mirs 

Nix Jas. 
38 Kavanagh Michael 

M'Cue Mrs 

M'Donald Malcolm 

Stewart John 

Weston Robt. 

40 Cameron Mrs D. 
Kelly Jas. 
M'Kinley Danl. 
Robertson Edward 
Stewart Jas. 
Thomson Jas. 

41 iDougan Henry 
Hotchkiss Tho;. 
Martin Thos. 
Thorns 3n David 

61 Allan Mrs 
Clark Neil 
Craig Robt. 
Lindsay John 
Wallace Joseph 

©3 Barclay Andrew 
Fletcher Donald 
Kerr John 
Lindsay John 
Reii Wm. 
Stewart Robt. 

65 Allen Andrew 
Blue Jas. 
Dunlop Miss 
Edmiston Geo. 
Foster Chas. 
Grant John 
Hill Joseph 


M'Leod Robt. 
67 r;.ir W. M. 

Simpson John 

Caldwell John 

Drummond A*ex. 

M'Gilp Archd. 

Plunkett W. J. 

Sloan Alex. 

Thomson Peter 

Whyte Donald 
69 Cameron Hugh 

Campichael Neil 

Fleming D. M'K. 

Gibbs C. H. 

Kelly Danl. 

Lancaster John 

M'Dougall J. F. 

Munn Miss 
71 Aldred Wm. 

Campbell Archd. 

Duncan Miss 

Johnstone John 

Mitchell A. 

Ormiston Jas. 

Scott Jas. 
73 Boyd Miss M. 

Campbell Mrs E. 

Chalmers Mrs A. 

Ferguson Mrs 

Kane Geo . 

M'Kenzie Mrs G. 

M'Vicar Duncan 

Pattison Mrs 


5 Irving Thos. 
Lyle Andrew 
Gallacher Mrs 

Sloan Patrick 
Goodman Jas. 
Donald John 
Wood Robt. 
JDunlop Thos. 

7 Mackenzie John 
Blair Hugh 
Carnegie Andrew 
Macauley Jas. 
Doak Jas. 
Docherty Robt. 
Walls Malcolm 

8 ;M'Larty Angus 
Cumming Joseph 
Irving Mrs 

Hart Gavin 

Heron Jas. 

M'Vicar Robt. 

M'Arthur Allan 

Hughes Jas. 
10 Ireland Thos. 

Cameron Jas. 

Pollock David 

Dalrymple Archd. 

Glenny David 

Taylor Gey. 
12 Adam Edward 

Young Mrs 

Cameron Robt. 

Woods Wm. 

Brewster Thos. 

Scott Mrs 

M'Donald Alex. 


1 Gow Wm. 

2 Nicol Miss 

3 MacLean John 
5 'Murray Geo-. 

7 Fulton L. V. 


9 [Millar Wm. 
13 Den holm John 

Armour Geo. 
17 Kerr Mrs R. 

Straine H. A. 
19 Glem Jas. 
21 Rankin J. E. 

Rankin Matthew 
2.3 Allan Joseph 
25 Clark Mrs" 
27 Dempster D. F. 

48 Kerr A. S. 

49 IMacDonald W. 
51 Ferguson Peter 
53 Clink Misses 
55 Smith D. C. 

57 Neill R. D. 

Neill D. F. D. 
59 Fulton C. G. 

Fulton Jas. 
6,1 Murray Jas. 
63 Blake Matthew 
65 Dempster Geo. 
67 M'Intosh Rob't. 


1 M'I.ean Alex. 
Whiteford Robt. 

2 Gilliland Mrs W. 
Wilson John 

'3 Barlas Jas. 
Grant Alex. 
M'Gibbon Wm. 

'4 Ferguson Wm. 

Greer Miss A. 

M'Donald Donald 
'7 O'Hara Jas. 


Lyle John 
2 Findlay Wm. 

Miller John. 

Smyth Robt. 

Williamson John 
4 M'Miilan John 

Stewart Alex. 

6 Aikman John 
Anderson Alex. 
Gemmell Miss 
M'llray John 
Milnay John 
Thomson Thos. 


'3 Kelly John 

'Kennedy Allan 

Kerr Geo>. 

MTeafi Wim. 

Fullarton J. 

Watson Jas. 
'5 Barbour Wm. 

Barr John 

Leitcn Arcncl. 

'M'Call Wm. 

'M'Kinnon John 


'1 Ebutt Horace 

'3 Boyd David 

'5 Clark Ebenezer 

7 vWhyte Wm. 
'9 Banks Harold 

11 Auld John 
13 Williams Chas. 
15 Graham Robt. 
17 Bird Robt. 


19 'Blair J. T. 

21 'xoung Ernest 

23 Eraser Jas. 

25 Hackett Robt. 

27 O'Callaghan Mici. 

29 Irving Wm. 

31 Wylie Mrs H. 
35 'Cracknell Ernest 

37 Robert son John 

39 Campbell Duncan 

41 M'Kenzie Andrew 

43 Edwards Archd. 

44 'Marshall John 

42 31a vea Wm. 

40 Clark F. W. 

38 Duncan Wm. 
34 Moore Wm. 

32 "Scott Wm. 

30 "Buchanan Hugh 

28 Hempseed Thos. 

26 Eullarton Michael 

24 (Todd Mrs J. 

22 Brogan Robt. 

20 Weir Walter 
18 M'Garva David 
16 O'Neill Mrs John 
14 Wilson Robt. 

12 .M'Lean Allan 
10 Robertson John 

,8 Weaving Jas. 

6 M'Intosh John 

4 Mitchell Jas. 

2 Wright Mrs M . 


Buntain John 
Findlay John 
Galbreath Wm. 
Hutcheson Jas. 
Howie David 

Macalister D. 
M'Culloch Jas. 
M'Kinley John 
Moore Saml. 
Owens Thos. 
Tannahill John 


19 Denniston Mrs 
Sharp Joseoh 

21 Cross H. G. 
23 Gordon Wm. 
25 Cowan Miss 

Douglas Miss 

Fowlis John 

Kerr Mrs P. 

Orkney J. S. 

Rankin J. A. 
14 Costello Rev M. 
14 Horgan Rev D. 

M'Millan Rev J. 

Ronan Rev J. 

Scanlan Rev J. 

Wall Rev J. 
16 Watson W. J. 

20 M'Cawley Dr A. 
22 M'Donald E. J. 

26 Anderson Robt. 
Daisley J. A. 
Harper Miss H. 


20 Colville Mfrs A. 

MfAlees Robt. 

M'Donald Wm. 

M'Aloone Chas. 
22 Canning David 

Coope'r Robt. 


Sheerer Thos. 
24 Cameron Donald 
Eadie Miss 
M'Gill Robt. 
Reid Jas. 


2 Docherty Mrs B. 
Hughes John 
McDonald Donald 
M |[ Millan John 


1 MfLean Jas. 

2 Blair Mfrs 

3 Hill Archd. 

4 Todd Wm. 

7 Smith Roderick 
'MfAteer Wm. 

8 Hawthorn Dugald 

9 Ferguson Jas. 
10 Renfrew Jas. 

12 Logan Wm. 

13 MNeill Jas. 

14 MfBeth Jas. 

15 B>rown Robt. 

16 Mfacdonald Mrs 

17 Fettes Jas. 

18 Cardwell Jas. 

19 Sutherland Alex. 

20 Kidd M(rs 
Phillips David 
Rendall Mrs 
Tannoch Misses 

27 Chirrey Mjrs 
Fyfe Andrew 

Hendry D. ML 

Mhneely Robt. 

Tulloch Jas. 

Whyte Mjrs M. 
29 ^Davidson W. R. 

Fairlie Geo. 

Ferguson Robt. 

Mf'Grath Mrs M. 

M.acKay Thos. 

MCPhail Mirs 
28 Cameron John 

Laird John 

M'Curdy Joseph 

M^Dowall* M>rs J. 

Mairr Miss 

Rodger Mjiss 


M'Lean's Building. 
Anderson David 
Lanighan Mrs P. 
M'Neilly Jas. 
Robinson Peter 
Pettigrew Jas. 

7 Connor Rich. 
Craig M'rs 

9 Gilmour Jas. 
1 1 Humphreys Hugh 

15 Young Alex. 

16 Gilmour Jas. 
Graham Archd. 
Hannah Saml. 
Polonis Agnes 

18 Crawford 

Dunn Wm. 

Heron Wm. 
54 Campbell Duncan 

Dick John 



Miller Jas. 

Smith Robt. 


Campbed Peter 


Jardine Mrs' 

Crow Jas. 

Johnstone Saml. 

Miller Robt. 

M'Donald Jas. 


Clark Jas. 

M'llravey John 

Docherty John 

Morrison John 

Miller C. S. 


Black John 

Wilson Donald 

Docherty Stephen 

60 John 

M'Ghee Terence 

Hill John 

Murphy Mrs 

Love nan Moses 

Wright Mrs 


Black John 
Davidson Geo. 

Ladyburn Buildings 

Kelly Wm. 


M'Kenzie John 

Russell John 

Robertsun Andrew 


Boy'e Wm. 


PI oo per John 

M Farlane David 

Bonnie Thos. 

Tarbet Jas, 

Taylor Thos. 

Thomson Adam 


Ewing Hugh 


Cadenhead Geo. 

M'Coll Brian 

M'Millan Mrs J . 


Larmour S. 


Henry Geo. 

Bond Hamilton 

Quinn Francis 

Rennie Wm. 

Telfer Wm. 


Davis Geo. 


Lyons Jas. 

M'Gill John 

M'Ghie John 

M'Phee John 


Blair John 


Cl?rk John 

M'Gre^or Peter 

Fernie John 


Boyd John 


Barr F. 

Carson Robt. 

Riordan Michael 

Conned Alex. 

Swan David 

Mann John 


Langan Peter 

Perry Wm. '■ 


Lawrie Wm. 


Cassley Bernard 

M'Nicol John 

Downie Rich. 


Gibson John 

Hopper Mrs 

Muraro Thos. 


Bone Archi. 


Cheshire Hugh 

Gardner W. J. 

Lee Mrs 

M'Au'ey Alex. 


Downie John 

Shaw John 


Boyle John 


25 Christie John 
Jessop Wm. 

26 M'Donald J. 
Adair John 
M'Lachlan John, 


3 Blain Jas. 

Caldwell Robt. 

Clark Alex. 

Dowds Jas. 

Henry Andrew 

Wilson John 
5 IJohnston Wm. 

Spence Jas. 
7 Duncan M>. S. 

Fowley Edward 

Gilmour Andrew 
9 Boffey R. H. 

Heron John 

Taylor Thos. 

Lambie Hugh 
Oakfield Terrace. 

1 Haywood John 
M'Lean Jas. 
Sheridan Jas. 

2 Barr Archd. 
Eadie Robt. 
Johnstone R. J. 
Lyall J. W. 

3 Baxter Mrs J. 
Harrison Alex. 
Kerr Thos. 
M'Tntosh Alfred 
Mingins Wm. 
Turner Herbert 

4 Anderson John 
Grant Donald 

Stewart John 

5 Kinmond J. L. 
Kirk John 
Kemp Peter 

6 Esplin John 
Fraser Robt. 

— Kay D. 

— Lockie John 


3 Baxter Wm. 
Bell Mrs R. 
Dempster Miss I. 
Gilmour Jas. 
Jephson John 
Lynch Jas. 
M'Lean Neil 
Maxwell Francis 
Printer Geo. 
Robinson John 
Sinclair Peter 
Watson Jas. 
Watt Robt. 
5 Bryce Hugh 
Cameron Robt. 
MTJougall John 
Mulhern John 

11 Campbell Jas. 
Gillies Angus 
Livingston John 
M'Devfct John 
Mellin Joseph 
Stewart Malcolm 

13 Ferguson J. A. 
M'Dougall Jas. 

15 Bryceland Henry 
Lever Wm. 
M'Curdy Jas. 


M'Michae" Mrs Mitchell Jas. B. 

Steel Robt. M'Millan Penelope 

17 Bowie Jas. Palling Chas. 

Boy'e John Todd Jas. 

Frie John 31 Aitken Wra. 

Graham Angus Bryce Alex. 

M'Neill Neil Currie Jas. 

Mitchell Wm. Gaze Wm. • 

Sloan Anthony Scott Mrs D. 

M'Aneamey John Walker John 

You "en Mrs A. 33 Beattie Jas. 

19 Cameron Danl. 35 Crawford Robt. 

Campbell Mrs R. M'Kinley John 

Devitt Corne'ius Mitchell Walter 

Egan Mrs B. Smith Mrs 

M'Aulay John Robertson R. W. 

Smith W. G. Taylor Jas. 

Rodgers Geo. 37 Hardie Mrs A. 

Smyth Geo. 39 Eskdale J. W. 

Rice Jas. Johnston John 

M' Neil 43 Allan Robt. 

Stewart Mrs M. Shumacrer Geo. 

21 George Mrs M. 45 Orr Mrs J. 

25 Boyd Mrs R. 47 Smith J. B. 

Brown Danl. 57 M'Kenzie Archd. 

Crawford Mrs Galbreath Archd. 

Matthews A'ex. Crawford A'ex. 

Roberts Jas. 59 Gray John 
27 Elliott Chas. Heron Wm. 

Ferguson Geo. Perry Wm. 

Meike Mrs D. 61 Hornsby Dr 

Harley Donald 65 Hewitt Wm. 

Kerr John 67 Fraser Mrs 

Lang Mrs J. Love Rich. 

MacFarlai Miss Kelso Wm. 

Manson Gordon MTherson John' 

Robertson Miss 69 Cameron Robt. 
29 Bomby Jchn M'Creadie Jas. 

Guy Thos. M'Millan Wm. 

Love Miss M. Mulholland Wm.. 


71 Bain John 
Collinson Mrs 
Dallas Mrs 
Palrrer John 
Elliott Wm. 

73 Barr David 
M'Larty John 
•M'Leod Mrs 
M'Nab John 
Smith John 

75 Curran Thos. 
Hannah Rich. 
Jeffrey John 
Nelson Archi. 

77 M' Arthur Mrs 
M'Farane Miss 
M'Mahon Wm. 
Taylor John 

64 Cameron Dan 1 . 
Gray Geo. 
Kelly Jas. 
Pert John 
Kincaii Wm. 

62 :<Buchan Wm. 
Logan Mrs 
M ; Culloch Mrs 
Moreland Jas. 

60 Thomson J. S. 

58 Gait Jas. 

M'Aulay Robt. 
M'Neilage A. D. 
Scouller Jas. 
Wilkie John 
Scott John 

56 Gait Jas. 

M'Donough John 
Barclay Miss 
M'Fadyen Neil 
Pollock Andrew 

54 Brown Jas. 

50 Cuthbertson Jas. 
Martin Geo. 

46 Miller John 

42 Harms Wm. 

18 Chambers Mrs J. 
Sheri r an Miss 

16 M'Nei:i Miss 

14 Caithness Cha~. 
Campbell Donald 
MTntosh John 
M'Kay Aex. 
Savage John 
Watters Andre .v 

12 M'Kendrick John 

10 Bowie Thos. 
Coghill Mrs A. 
M'Leod Mrs M. 
Shearer Dugald 
Wright A. R. 
8 Byrne Mrs B. 


13 M'Donald J. S. 

Williamson Chas. 
15 Hunter Mrs R. 

Laurie Wm. 

Martin J. D. 

M'Coririck DanL 

17 Blaikie Jas. 
M'Askill M>rs 

18 Murray Mrs 
O'Donovan P. 
Thompson A. L. 
Thomson Don^Il 

20 Brown Mrs G 
M'Cuaig D. J. 
M'Neill Mrs J. 
Murray Miss 


Renfrew Miss 
Watson Wm. 
26 Bell Jas. 

Buchanan Miss J. 
Boyd David 
Campbell Thos. 
'Gilloran Miss 
Laurie A. P. 
30 Brown J. A. 

Cochran Mrs M. 
Jacobs P. R 
M'Connachie Peter 
32 Ferguson Thos. 
Lauder J. M. 
M'Cubbin W. B. 
M'Dougall Donald 
M'Donald Alex. 
O'Leary M. 
Roy John 
Williamson Albert 
34 Hutchison R. F. 
Loudon Mrs 
Lowe Jas. 
M'Gavin Geo. 
Thomson Mrs 
Maxwell John 
36 Graham Mrs J. 
Gavins D. W. 
Grubb Miss 
M'Millan M. W. 
Manning Jas. 
38 Mac In tyre Rev D. 
40 Alston Miss A. 
Cowan J. L. 
M'Lean J. H. 
Murray Arthur 
Tait Wm. 
42 Berry Clement 
Davidson Mrs 
I IM'Fadyen Jas, 

Maorae John 
Rennie Archd. 

44 Adam John 
Dempster M. F. 
M'Callum Robt. 
White David 

46 Miller Thos. 
Whittaker Mfs 

45 Black Wm. 
Campbell Robt. 
Ritchie Jas. 
Shaw S. R. 
Sunter W. C. 

43 Banks Mrs 

Campbell D. L. 

Dick Wm. 

Ferguson C. H. 

Tait Thos. 

Williamson Wm. 
41 Greer Robt. 

M'Call Chas. 

Miller Jas. 

Pettersen P. E. 

Wilson Michael 
39 Greig Mrs 

Kinnaiird Jas. 

Love Mrs 

M'Allister R. A. 

M'Vicar Angus 

Stevenson A. C. 
37 Bryden J. A. 

Lyle R. F. 

M'Dowall Jas. 

M'Kechnie Dugald 

Main Andrew 

Sutherland Jas. 
35 Chalmers A. M. 

Kemp Miss 

Pa<rk John jr. 

Paterson Chas. 


Miller Thos. 

Paterson D. A. 
33 Cuthbert Miss J. 

Humphreys Miss 

Stdirratt J. F. 

Kerr Duncan C. 

Young Thos. 
31 Bre miner E. A. 

Hodge Mitchell 

Hunter J. F. 

Lyle Mrs J. 

Morris W. C. 

Ritchie A. D. 
27 Bryan Miss 

Foard Miss 

Macgregor Alex. 

Stewart Mrs 

Walker Mrs A. 

Watson Alex. 

Wink John 
25 Buchan Mrs 

Dick Miss 

Grieve Thos. 

Graham Hugh 

Lennox Miss 

Ralston John 


1 Palmer J. A. 

3 Burnett Wm.. 

7 Hollinghurst Alb. 

9 Lawrie Alex. 

11 Thomson Mrs 

13 Goodall Jas. 

15 Abemethy Wm. 

17 Hair Thos. 

19 Coils Robt. 

21 CVsby W. H. 

25 Brady John 

23 Richards John 

29 Carson Saml. 

31 Cox J. J. 
27 Hill Wm. 

33 Scott Geo. 

35 Gamble G. H. 
37 Fulton David 
39 M-in Chas. 

41 Stevenson Joseph 

43 Marshall Andrew 

44 Geddes Alex. 

36 Hamilton John 

34 MTalfl Fred. 

32 Graham Clement 
22 M'Gregor Hugh 
20 Moore Frank 

14 Docherty Francis 

10 Breslin Hugh 

8 Sim Geo. 

6 Waterson Jas. 

4 M'Cormick John 

2 Burrows Henry 


3 Wilkie Adam 
6 Ewing Alex. 

Lyon Jas. 
M'Diarmid John 
M'Laughlian John 


1 Leitch J. V. 

2 Adam P. B. H. 


5 Barclay Allan 
Manson Wm. 
Linn John 


Seaton Wm. 
Angus Mrs 
M'kinnon Alex. 
Hamilton Mrs 
7 Cavers Wm. 
9 Conner Mrs 
11 Barclay Geo. 
Black Peter 
Lobban Alex. 
Gibson W. C. 
Hamilton Mrs 
15 M'Dougal'l Peter 
Paterson Archd. 
Watson Alex. 
19 Gilmour Joseph 
'M'Phail Duncan 
Cameron John 
Mathieaon Archd. 
Anqrew Alex. 
Hardstaff John 
Wilson Wm. 
21 Muir Jas. 
Tarbet Robt. 
Ritchie Mrs 
23 M'Donald John 
Lamont Mrs 
Greig Alex. 
Devine Michael 
M-Leod Mrs 
Blair Hugh 
Graham^ Alex. 
29 Leckie Peter 
Boyd Jas. 
Anderson Mrs 
31 Parker Jeannie 
M'jDonald Jas. 
Gordon Jas. 
M'Menemy Jas. 
M'Lean M. 
M'Farlane Andrew 

33 Urquhart Duncan 
Mackay Geo. 
Smith Alex. 
Park Isaac 
MTherson Alex. 
35 Fraser Eliz. 

Sinclair Andrew- 
Ferguson Walter 
M'Gugan Alex. 
Parker Hugh 
Phillip Martha 
37 Cole Wm. 
Ewing John 
Kelly John 
Craig Wm. 
Padgett Eariest 
M'Haxdie Wm. 
M'Fie John 
39 Hughes Nurse 
Let son Geo. 
Bissett Thos. 
Boyce Gordon 
Lindsay Mrs 
41 M'Kay John 
Glen Peter 
Hamilton Robt. 
Samuel Oliver 
Byng Thos. 
Fletcher Wm. 
45 Campbell Mrs' 
Mackie Mrs J. 
Mitchell Archd. 
Ross Wm. 
Taylor Robt. 
47 'Barclay John 
Bolton Mrs W. 
'Jamieson Thos. 
M'GM Robt. 
51 Boon F. W. 
53 Graves Jas. 


55 Bradie Duncan 
57 Rampliing C. H. 
59 Wallace 'Leslie 
65 Anderson, Alex. 

LoveLl Matthew 

M'Fee Jas. 

M'Farlane Duncan 

Nicol Mrs A. 

Stewart Joseph 
67 Allison Jas. 

Currie Hugh 

Denniston Mrs 

Innes John 

Johnston Saml. 

Sharkie J. S. 
69 Bell John 

Doak Wm. 

Fitzpatrick Jas. 

M'Kelvie David 

Paterson John 

Stewart John 
71 Allan Mrs C. 

Dixon Thos. 

Graham Alex. 

Gunn Jas. 

M'Neill Donald 

Sloan Jas. 
75 Mackay Nurse A. 
81 Boyd Robt. 

Calder Alex. 

Patterson Joseph 

Robertson Archd. 

Ross Wm. 
83 Brown Mrs 

Johnstone Jas. 

M'Farlane Robt. 

Scott Angus 

Weir Wm. 
85 Black Jas. 

Kelly Miss A. 

Marquis Miss 

Martin John 

Sinclair Jas. 

Whiteford Robt. 

Wright Robt. 
87 Cameron Mrs H. 

Clark Thos. 

Drummond Robt. 

Graham Robt. 

Hart Robt. 

Hunter Frederick 
89 Brown Mrs M. 

Clark Thos. 

Kane John 

M'Kechnie John 

M'Kellar Hugh 

Scott Robt. 
91 Cook Joseph 

Harkness Wm. 

Knox Thos. 

Mason Mrs 

Moffat Wm. 

Wilson A. B. 
93 Currie Alex. 

Fraser Robt. 

M'Fee Wm. 

Stevenson Wm. 

M'Lean Donald 
95 Bates Stewart 

Boyd Angus 

Foster Mrs H. 

Hannah Hugh 

Diddle Wm. 

M'Kay John 

M'Lellan Mrs M.. 

Rankin John 
97 Cameron Angus 

Holmes Henry 

M'Bride Mrs A. 

M'Gregor Robt. 


Morrison Jas. 
Orr Mrs A. 
Wright Peter 
Young Wm. 

84 Borthwick Jas. 
Canney John 
Dowds Patrick 
Gallacher Chas. 
Larkin Frank 
M'Kenzie Mrs H. 
M'Leod John 
Sorrie Peter 
Spence Robt. 
Stevenson John 
Strang Robt. 

82 Blair Archd. 
Feeney Robt. 
M'Kellar Peter 
M'Kenzie Mitchell 
Shand Robt. 

50 Ma caul ey Geo. 
M'Daid Cornelius 

42 Hepburn Harry 
Telfer Jas. 
Dickson. Rich- 
Connelly Jas. 
Carmichael John 
Stuart Robt. 
Thomson Wm. 
- M'Cubbin Thos. 

40 M'Donald John 
Wallace Wm. 
Stewart Robt. 
Crossan John 

32 Hutchison J. jr. 
Livingstone David 
M'Innes Donald . 
Harvey Peter 
Cochrane John 
M'Gregor Mrs 

M'Farlane Miss 
24 Evans Robt. 

"Rorison T. D. 
20 Fury Patrick 

Wilison Robt. 

Cumming Jas. 

Black Danl. 
18 M'Kelar Mrs 

Dowds Hugh 

Howlett Ernest 

Nicholson Mrs 

Martin Jas. 

Fowler Frank 
6 Evans Geo. 

Dunbar Wm. 

Forbes Alex. 

Dillon John 

Thomson Peter 

Leith Wm. 

Adam Geo. 

Moffat Thos. 

M'Lennan Angus 


3 Kelly Michael 
Naughton John 
Speirs Wm ./ 

4 M'Leod Robt. 

5 Baird Mrs 
M'Kissock Jas. 
Clabby Wm. 

11 Kelly Patrick 
Friel Francis 

13 Anderson J. L. 

15 M'Innes D. 
Telfer Mrs 

29 Foulds Andrew 
Kerrigan John 


37 Ballantyne John 

Duffy Mrs B. 

Friel Mrs B. 

;Gallagher Duncan 

Gillies Mors 

Lightbody Jas. 

M'Conne.l M>rs 

MTellan Robt. 

M' Lucas Andtrew 

MNeill Jas. 

Smith Wm. 

Spence Wm. 
45 Kilbride Francis 
49 M'Kenzie Mrs 
51 Adams David 

Beattie Matthew 

Bennett Mrs 

Davie Mrs 

Fisher Chas. 

Watt Alex. 
55 Blair Thos. 
59 Forbes Rich. 

Gillen Edward 
63 Bolton John 

Fulton Thos. 

Martin Geo. 

Mumford Mrs 

MTean Jas. 

M'Laughlin Mrs 
65 Currie Colin 

M'Shane John 

Monaghan M,rs S. 

Phillips Mary 

Piatt Wm. 

67 Dickson Jas.' 

Donald John 

Fjrskine Mrs M. 


M'Kinnon Dbiiald 

MMillan Peter 


1 M'Taughlin Michael 
3 Harper Jas. 


1 Adams Danl. 
Gamb'.e Robt. 
Wylie Mirs H. 

3 Bsrook Andrew 
Cunningham Giib. 
Mun.ey Jas. 

6 Fleming David 
Slater Wm. 

4 M'Kay Patrick 


22 P^rke: Mrs M. 
16 Ferguson Thos. 
4 (Wright A. 

Barbour R. 

Hynes Mrs 

7 M'Gilvray J. 
Smith Mrs 

8 M'Kinnon Thos. 

9 'M'Nicol Mrs 


•— ,; Brown N. M. ; / • 

— M'L^UTh'aa John 

— M'Leo 1 John 

— Rodgers Adam 

— O'Rcurke R:bt. 



1 MCallum Mrs 

2 Muir Dr 
M'Farlare Mrs 

4 Jarvis John 
Lstto T. D. 

5 Hay Jas. 

7 Carse Wm. 
Rodd»n Wm. 

8 M'Aree Michael 
Park J. T. 
Dunlop Mrs 

9 M 'Donald Wm. 
M'Gregor Miss 
Wilson Robt. 

10 O Kane Patrick 
Greenlees Robt. 


2 Anderson Thos. 

Caven John 

Cunningham Andw. 

McMillan Jas. 

Peat Robt. 

Pratt J. C. 
4 Bryson Jas. 

M Whinnie John 

Shields Jas. 

Templet on Mrs J. 

6 Dart Wm. 
Drysdale Robt. 
M'Kejgan Wm. 
Moore Henry 
R/:e Mrs B. 

6 Colgan Thos. 
Daly Mrs J. 
Kerr Denis 

Ross Wm. 
16 Docherty Jas. 
Mr'Coririck Miss 

22 Jaffers David 
M''Dougall John 

24 Graham Malcolm 

M'Alpine Robt. 

M'Dougall Mrs S. 
'28 KeTy Archd. 

Wallace Joseph 
30 Brogan John 

Jackson John 

Hunter Jas. 
40 Clark John 

Conway Jas. 

Pater son Thos. 

Wylie Robt. 
#4 Bell Mrs 

Brown Robt. 

M'Kellar Peter 
39 Heggie Jas. 
37 Chalmers Wm. 
35 M'Robb Norman 
33 Wilson Archd. 

23 Hyndrr.£.n John 
Thomson Jas. 

21 M'Alpine Isa 

Wcrthingtom Saml. 
3 Duncan 


1 M'Nei 1 Duncan. 
7 Dirismore John 
9 Coney J. S. 

Cook Mrs H. 

Gregory T. W. 

Martin J. K. 


Murray Chas. 
Paterson Mirs 
Robinson Mrs A. 
Whiteford M(rs N. 

11 Bryce Henry 
Cairney M\rs 
Douglas Mjrs 
Dunne :t Malcolm 
Edga.r D. S. 
Russel David 

13 Callaghan Patirick 
Hacking Edward 
Harrower Robt. 
M' v ' Ken z ie D uncan 
Mjorton Wm. 
Service G. D. 

15 Haig Mirs J. 
( M'Kay Miss 
M(Lean Mrs H. 
Robson M;rs 
Weir Benjamin, 

17 Cara:ichael Angus 
Graham Hugh jr. 
Holmes M.'rs A. 
Lynn M;rs 
MfGuire Robt. 
Moffat Jas. 

19 Bowie Jas. 

Campbe'l Alex. 
Cunningham M[rs 
Kearney Mtrs 
MfArthur,- Mrs 
Marker W. J. 
Millar T. M. 

21 Adam Alex. 
Barclay Wm. 
Cullen John' 
Mi'Kenzie H. E. 
Napiier Jas. 
Notman Alex. 

23 Carmkhael Miss 

Garvan Wm. 

Fiindlay John 

Kay Jas. 

TVIfKechnie Jas. 

'Wallace Mjiss 
31 Greenwood Masses 
33 Connor Mirs E. 
35 Walker Wm. 
37 King Frank 
39 Kane Thos. 
'41 Taylor Robt. 
43 Lee "Mirs A. 
45 Ferguson Denial d 
47 Petterson M|rs 
49 Richardson Andrew 
51 Faid Robt. 
53 Richardson Rev J. 
57 Currie Rev A. 
59 Walmsley M(rs 
61 Cormie John 

65 Reid M|rs J. 

67 Graham Thos. - 

69 MJ'Cowat Thos. 

71 Mlontford Mrs 

73 Robertson Mrs 
75 Fletcher Archd. 
77 Heron Miss M. S. 
79 Peaston Alex. 

81 Stewart Misses 
83 Walker N. W. 
85 Bathgate Alex. 
87 Boyd W. Da 
89 Crabbe Wm. 
91 Shearer M'rs J. 

74 Mi'.Kay Miss M. 

72 Beattie Miss 

70 Young Jas. 

68 Erskine TM'rs 

66 Dixon M'rs 


64 McDonald Wm. 
60 Drumraond John 
58 Leckie John 
56 Hay David 
54 Allan Geo. 
52 Watt Masses 
50 Reid Jas. 
48 Cook J. W. 
46 Ballantine Wm. 
44 Rodger John 
42 Blair Jas. 
40 Ki'lgour John 
38 Clark Wm. 

McDonald Archd. 

MfFarlane Matthew 
36 MfAusland John 

Mflnnes Jas. 

Pollock Wm. 

Tosh M!rs J. 

Was son Francis 
34 Bennett David 

Crawford M}rs 

Denny Mliss 

Lay MJiss 

Leeke Raby 

Lowe Thos. 
32 Cameron Alex. 

Forster Chas. 

M'artln Mrs M. 

Renfrew Alex. 

Ritchie Mrs 
30 Allan Jas. 

Beveridge John 

Mbirhead D. C. 

Mfurray Jas. 

Page T. W. 
28 Appleton J. D. 

Mackenzie John 

M'urc'och Chas. ! 

Ritchie Alex.. 

Ross Alex. 
26 Banks M,'rs 

Junor Danil. 

Poole Walter 

Macdonald Alex. 

Turner Mrs M. 
24 Adam Miss J. 

Bristow Saml. 

Carmichael Mliss 

Gall Robt. 

M! : Arthur Miss 

MIFadyen Mrs 

MIGregor David 

MacRae Miss 

Tyre John 
22 Brown John 

Graham J. T. 

Irvine J. A. 

M'Caskill Chas. 

MfCulloch Robt. 

3mith John 
20 Allan M!rs A. 

Bone Adam 

Lees John 

Mitchell Wm. 

M!u'rray Geo . 

Park J. L. 

Smith J. F. 

Steel Wm. 
18 Buchanan MJiss 

M'Nair W. J. 

Johnstone Mfrs M. 

Mjunn Wm. 

'Miliar Geo. 

Pentlaind Jas. 

Pollock Mjrs J. 

WyMe Peter 
16 Cameron Archd. 

Fraser Mjrs ' 

Grierson Donald 


Hamilton M)rs R. 

Inglis M;rs J. 

King Wm. 

M; : C allium Jas. 

MfDougall Dugald 
14 Allison Rich. 

Anderson John 

Duncan J. L. 

M;'Diarmid Archd. 

MfDougalJ Mrs 

Thomson Archd. 

Wright G. J. 
12 Cathcart Alex. 

Darroch MJrs F. 

Duncan Mjiss 

Hunter MJiss 

Inglis John 

Hopper Alex. 

Martin J. D. 

Ormiston M)rs 
10 Beaton Jas. 

Bell J. W ( . 

Benson Jas. 

Borthwick M|rs 

Clark Robt. 

Greer Robt. 

Kirkwood Joseph 

M|^air Mrs 

M'ason J. H. 

Thomson David 
.8 Armour M|rs 

Barclay John 

Bowie M|rs 

Coutts John 

Drummond Johii 

Kennedy M|rs H. 

Lang David 

[M^s sicks Mrs 

Stewatrt Jas. 

Young Hugh 

6 Grooke Ernest 

Cunningham M;att. 

Lindsay Jas. 

M'Kenzie Hector 

MfNiven J. "W, 

M|itchinson J. D. 

Oswald Wj. N. 

Sutherland Donald 

Kennedy Hugh 
4 Ferguson J. H. 

Livingstone Donald 

Sinclair A. D. 

MfPhei'ran Neil 

Todd Miss 
2 Anderson J. G. 

Carter R. G. 

Dudgeon M'rs 

Moffat A. P. 

Nicol Mjiss H. 

Sinclair T. L. 


2 Holmes Jas. 

11 Kyle Thos. 
M'Telland Joseph 

12 Kearney M. 

, Livingstone Geo. 

i Canning J. 

14 Sorymgeour J. B. 

\ Glen J. 

16 Diaper J. 

18 Black Danl. 

Carroll Thos. 

Dorrans, John 

Eads Mrs A. 

Gilmour Jas. 

Hamilton Jas. 

Hendiry John 


M'Lachlan Chas. 

M'Laughlin John 

Mays Peter 

Tyire Jas. 

White W. A. 

Sands J. 
20 Childs Jas. 

Gorrrie Archd. 

Corney Rich. 

Kelly Danl. W. 

Welsh Pat-rick 

Williamson Wm. 
22 Gouriey T. 

Nicol J. 

Boyd J. 

M'Bri^e Thos. 

Stewaxt J. 

M'Lachlan C. 

MMillan Archd. 

M'athieson Robt. 

Revie Jas. 

Wilson Jas. 
24 Dabymple Wm. 

Barbour Thos. 

Bow Mirs R. 

Buchan Wm, 

F nch B. 

MDerxott D. 

M'Quilken Hugh 

Oribine David 

Tuirley Robt. 

HE.rkins C. 

Ford Jas. 
30 Anderson Robt. 

Campbell F. 

Hannan Jas. 

Whitefoird A. 

Hodapp Miss M. 

Phanco Bernard 

Surgenor Saml. 

Thomson John 

M'Nab J. 
32 M' Knight E. 

Coull D. 

Gillies Mjrs 

Kerr M'rs W. 

Livingstone John 

McLaughlin John 

M'Thail John 

Peat R. O. 
34 Baillie David 

Daily J. S. 

Doxrian Con 

Haddow John 

LLenderson Alex. 

Iirvine Rich. 

Jamieson Robt. 

Kelly Patrick 

Meechan Duncan 

Rwss John 

Peterson Geo. 

Sommerville Mrs 

Patterson J. 
36 Beatson Lockhacrt 

M'Fie Alex. 

M' Innes Donald 

M'Kenzie Donald 

Boyd R. 

Hairvey A. 

Murray Saml. 

Scott Joseph 

Sinclair John 

Strange John 

Taylor Geo. 
38 Duffner E. 

M"'C.raine Malcolm 

Pollock John 
40 Brown Hugh 

Cameron M'rs 


42 Campbell Jas. 
Longwiil Mrs J. 
M'Leod Duncan 
Moore Wm. 
Strong Mrs T. 

48 Foster John 
King Alex. 
MTie Duncan 
M'Taggart Mrs 
Nelson David 

50 Connor Saml. 
Deverish John 
Ferguson Donald 
Mitchell Jas. 
Pryde Wm. 
Sandford Mrs. 
Thomson Mrs J. 
Williamson David 

52 Chalmers John 
Cumming T. B. 
Hatrick Jas. 
Rae John 
Speirs, Alfred 

54 Black John 
Howie Jas. 
Kennedy John 
Livingston Hugh 

56 Paton Robt. 
Spence John 


25 Kiricaid Jas. 

M'Gowan Miss M. 

Mahan Mrs M. 

Read Jas. 
27 Taylor Danl. 
29 Wilkie Robinson 


10 Anderson Joseph 

Bloomfield Alex. 

Campbell Duncan 

Dea'ry Thos. 

Gallacher Danl. 

Docherty John 

Kemp R. M', 

HaTdie David 

O'Donnell Hugh 

Turner Harry 

Watson W. G. 
12 Beckett Joseph 

BonnaT Alex. 

Gadtens Robt. 

Donnelly Hugh 

Henderson Geo. 

Love A. M;. 

Kennedy Alex. 

M;'Lachlan Donald 

M: : Glinchey Eben. 

Robertsion Donald 

Stewart Jas. 

Thomson W. G. 
14 Carruthers. Wm. 

Creighton Geo. 

Cunningham Thos. 

Dick Hugh 

Evans Thos. 

Kinnon John 

M'Kenzie Alex. 

Sands. Geo. 

Turner David 

M'N2b Harry 


3 Blackley Mrs 
Fori John 
Stirling Jas. 


_5 Brodie W.m. 
Ewart Mjrs 
Gaynor Geo. 
Hadden Saml. 
MfBride Donald 
MfPhee Donald 
9 M'Adam Geo. 
M''Neur David 
Robb R. H. 

15 Reid Wjtn. 

M'Farlane David 

17 M;'Ewan Wm. 
Miller John 

19 Fletcher Mrs 
Matthew John 
Paton Donald 
. Walker Mrs; 

M;'Farlane Arthur 
. O'Donnell W,m. 
Devine Hugh 

:21 Agnew Alex. 
Burns Robt. 
Cameron Mrs 
M'Kinnon Robt. 

:23 Barr W.m. 
Dickson John 
Kemp Mrs 
M'Eachran Mrs 

25 Brown J. 

Duncan John 
Sproull John 
Mathieson John 

29 Cameron Lachlan 
Devlin Alex. 
Dickson Andrew 
Hunter David 
M'Corkell Mrs 
M'Intosh Mrs 

31 Hannigan Jas. 
Holt Edward 

Kerr John 

King Robt. 
33 Howe Jas. 

M'Gormdck Mrs 


Stewart Thos. 

Thomson Jas. 

Gordon Thos. 
37 Aitkenhead Alex. 

M'Lagan Donald 
41 Walker Jas. 
43 Lang Peter 
45 Baxter Mrs 

Constable R. M;. 

Finnie Mrs 

M'Lean Chas. 

Maitland Miss 

Richmond Alex. 

Sco't Ge:>. 

B?.r:lay Robt. 
47 Braidie Archd. 

Dick Robt. 

Tawse John 

Gillespie Geo. 

Fulton Alex. 

Simpson Mrs 

Anderson John 
49 Cameron Mrs 

Chalmers John 

Connell W,m. 

Livingstone David 

M'Donald Archd. 

Mather Joseph 

Ritchie Jas. 
30 Dixon Anthony 

Higgins Geo. 

Pearson Alex. 

Robertson Neil 

Ritchie Duncan 

Todd Peter 


28 Corcoran Mrs 
Darroch Mrs 
Devine Michael 
Gardner W,m., 
Gen Miss J. 
Johnston Saml. 

26 Addison Jas. 
Brown Wm. 
Hodgson Mrs 
M'Kellar Andrew 
M'Lean Donald 
Tolmie John 

24 Burns Alex. 
tDougan W,m. 
McDonald Jas. 
M''Lachlan Angus 
M'Kellar Mrs 
Smith Miss 
S,proul Neil 

22 Anderson Chas. 
Butterworth Bryce 
Carruthers Mrs 
Doak David 
Finnie A. B. 
Dougans John 
Lyon Peter 
Thomson W,m. 
Keir Walter 
Wood Andrew 

20 Campbell Donald 
Cuthbert Hugh 

M|*Far ane Duncan 
Wright A.J. 
Smith Joseph 
Strong John 
18 Canning Jas. 
Galbreath Neil 
Hunter Thos. 
M'Kinley Wm. 
Cavers Francis 

16 M'Millan John 
Pater son Mrs 
Robertson Archd. 
Woolley John 
Young John 

14 Clark Henry 
Dickie Mrs 
Hannah John 
M'Tkerson Paul 
M'Kay Miss 
Shearer T^os. 
Ovens Saml. 
Taylor M(rs 
Davidson David 
Metcalfe Thos. 

12 Crawford D. 
Marshall Chas. 
Nicolson Mfrs 
Shairp John 

8 Brown Archd. 
Elliot Saml. 

8 Brown Archd. 
MfGugan Mrs 
Stevenson John 

6 Church John 
Mj'Ginley Michael 
M^Kinnon Thos. 
Oirr Joseph 
Nicholson Mrs 

1 Black J. W. 
'.Murray Miss J. 

7 ;M ; Tachlan Jas. 
M ; Gulloch T. 

9 Henderson Herbert 

13 Currie J. 
M'Lellan Mrs J. 

17 M'Farlane H. 
Lam? W. S. 


21 Stevenson M ; rs 

Miories Mrs J. S. 
23 Blair T. 

Fairlie John 

Gibson Mrs W. 

Martin Mrs 

Me' drum J. 

Smith J. T. 
27 Hughes M ; rs J. 

Douglas Dr 
29 Robertson Dr K. 
33 Hitchcock J. 
37 Nairn Dr C. 

Nicoll Jas. 
39 Boyd Miss 
41 Carrichael Andw. 
43 Mi-ler Jas. 
45 Black Dr J. 
47 Daw Mrs A. 
49 Fisher Mrs P. B. 
; Russel D. H. 
51 Gebbie W. W. 
53 Drummond'Dr 

Ferguson H.'H. 
55 Hilf Fred. 

Carrichael M'al. 
57 Wilson J. K. 


Wilson Miss 
61 Agrew Jas. 
63 M'Pherson J. T. 

Porteous Rev D 
65 Houston J. 

Glen H. D. 

Walton M ; rs 
67 Phillips Wm. 

Erskine J. 
69 Scott John 
75 Hid Matthe-.v 

Times Jas. 

Orkney Miss 
77 Thorne Harry 
86 Pollock J. W. 
84 McGregor Rev P. 
82 Calderwood Rev J. 
80 M'Quistan Finlay 
78 M'Kirdy Miss 
72 Black T. 
70 Warr Rev C. L. 
68 Jerdan Rev C. 
66 M'Clure Mrs W. 
62 Dalgleish Geo. 
54 Cairns A. C. 

Case D. 

Kirk Thos. 
:M :c Crorie J. A. 

Niven Alex. 

Sinclair Miss 
52 Macdonald Donald 

MiUer Mrs R. 

Miller Jas. 

Nicol David 

Paterson Mrs G. 

Storrie Wm. 
44 I ittle Sisters 
40 Tetter Dr W. 
38 Philio Dr T. 
36 Rennie Robt. 
24'MacAskill E. & F. 
22 O'Brien E. & M : . 
20 M-x^ell A. MacL. 
ifli6 .Wallace 'Miss. 
14 Baxte: Dr D. 
12 Boyd Miss S. 

Campbe'l Mrs L 

Paterson C. 

Paterson Robt. 
6 Maclntyre J. 

Paton ' Wm. 
4 Campbed D. 




Confectioner, Biscuit, and 
Smallware Merchant. 

We have always on hand a large variety of 
the most popular makers of Chocolates and 
other Confectionerv ; also a fine selection of 
Bottled Goods to chooee from including 

. . .UTTERED GOODS. . . 

Weight and Count lines in Toffies of the best 

known makers in stock ; also a big selection in 

other Count lines and Confectionery Novelties 

to choose from. 

In Smallwares and Biscuits 

we always have a useful variety. 

' Give us a trial Order." 



25 Bradley Anthony 
Docherty Chas. 
M'Areavy Mrs A. 

27 Kerr Jas. 

Molloy Danl. 

O'Donnell Patrick 
49 Simpson Jas. 
59 Gait Adam 

Keenan Jas. 

M ; 'Glinn Francis 
61 Clark Wm. 

Mullon Patrick 

M'orrison Mrs C. 
67 McMillan Neil 
69 Hamilton Lachlan 

26 Faherty John 
McDonald Wm. 
Maxwell Chas. 
M ; urphy Robt. 
Slaven Michael 


3 Elder Robt. 
Grainger John 
Grant Neil 
Kerr Mrs A.' 
MTntyre Neil 

5 Atkinson M ; rs R. 
Bennett Alex. 

. Dal|ton ,Wm. 
Douglas M : rs 
Gray Geo. 

7 Cunningham Wm. 
Paterson David 
M ; 'Lachlan Neil 
Hayes Robt. 
Scantl ebury Rich. 

9 re-r M f ;3 


1 Fahy Mlrs M. 
Polonis Jas. 
'MfNVis Mrs C. 
MUguire Thos. 
Smith Jas. 

2 Currie D. C. 
Haughey Neal 
M"Kenz:e Ro:e:i:k 
McLaren Dan 1 . 
Marietta Stephen 


Z /("her Mlrs E. 

M'Cracken Robt. 

Moore Saml. 
5 Fulton John 

Mi'Fa.rlar.e RonTl 

Kennedy Thos. 

MfGill Mrs H. 

MTean Hector 

Mu;rray Michael 

Walker Archi. 
7 Dodd D. S. 

M'Kenzie M;rs S. 

M'Dowall Jas. 

Paterson John 
9 Grant John 

Kennedy Colin 

Kelly Neil 

Logan W. J. 

Reid Mcs 
11 Adams Robt. 

Porthwick J"£- 

Tfo-m Drn~~m 

EiruntC'n Mj.'s 

W Ucn Mrrs 


Slaven M):s 
13 Bvown John 

Dick A. C. 

Jackson Thos. 

MfAuley SamL 

MfKivrdy Jas. 

'MfKinnon John 

MjUirray Philip 
12 Dckson Wm. 

Johnstone Hectcf 

Kinnibuvgh Hug a 

Mflntyre Hugh 

Mjakolm Wm. 

Mile: Mrs M. 

Maimer Henry 

Rutherford Geo. 
10 Bather Saul. 

Copland Robt. 

Clark J. W. 

Peddle Mfrs G. 

Rankin Saml. 

Stewart Jas. 
8 Clark John 

Fitzgerald M'rs 

Mf Alpine Wm. 

MfClarkin Angus 

MfDougall Mrs 

M'Lennan Kenneth 

Robb Wm. 
6 Binnie John 

MfFarlane Mrs 

Quin Mps 

Scullion M'rs 

Sime Wm. 
4 Brown Jas. 

Bryson J. A. 

Carmichael Mfes 

Hanlin Chas. 

Holland MVs 

'M ,: Ewen Colin 

'McMillan Archd. 
Montgomery A. 
Stewart Wm. 


1 Burke Wm. 
Gillies Rich. 
;M ;c Lachlan Danl. 
Stewart Peter 


2 Alstad Olver 

Fletcher Donald 

MFPhail John 

Orr Jas. 
4 Kerr Wm. 
6 Forsyth Jas. 
8 Macfarlane Mrs J. 

Menzies John 

Naiemith Jas. 

Patrick N. M. 

Smith J. P. 

Young J. 
10 Craig Hugh 

Laird Thos. 

M'Eachran Mrs 

Munro Danl. 

Neill Miss J. 

Revel Wm . 
12 Aitkenhead Mrs 

Burns Mrs 

Coils John 

Ferguson Harry 

Hamilton R. A. 

Ritchie John 

Sinclair Alex. 


jWaterston Mrs 
14 Barclay Robt. 

Eaglesham Jas. 

Ferguson Mrs 

Fraser Win. 

M'Cormick Miss 

M Ghie Jas. 

Melrose John 

Miller Danl. 

Tannahill Miss 
16 Gilchrist Mis 3 

Gaitens W. 

Line say Malcolm 

M'Coll Mrs 

M'Cover Andrew 

Watson Miss 

White Neil 

Ritchie Mrs 

Wa.ker John 

Russell John 
18 Blair Hugh 

Bain Thos. 

Lawrence Mrs 

M'Kellar Mrs 

M'AUister Jas. 

Robertson Wm. 
"Shannon Mrs 

Wilkie Jas. 
20 Duncan John 

Ferguson John 

Cram Mrs. 

MacGregor Mrs 

M'Neill . Wm. 

Milier Geo. 

Park Wm. 

Ralston VV.rn. 

Wilson Mrs 
22 Brabender Alex. 

Brunton John 

Eag^sham Robt. 

Gr^y Alex. 

Failerton Taos. 

Lawley (Mrs 

M'Cuaig niiss 

M'Crae Lach'an 

M"Kinnon John 

M!' hi tyre Peter 
24 Allan Harry 

Bain Isaac 

Currie David 

Chandler Frank 

M'lrnes Malcolm 

VT '9uade Mr* 

Rus e 1 John 

Service Mrs 

Simpson W. 

Watson Danl. 
26 Anderson Robt. 

Fairley Neil 

Jeffrey Wm. 

Gallagher Patrick 

M.uir Wm. 

Mitchell Jas. 

Muirhead A 1 ex. 

Mac 1 on aid, ]"ohn 

M'Clintock Wm. 
28 Aitken John 

Keys Robt. 

Jamieson Robt. 

M'Cartney Patrick 

M.'Ke.nzie Alex. 

Macpherson Anlw. 

Marshall Alex. 

Stewart Jas. 

M'Kinnon Donald 
30 Aikman Mrs 

Caughey Alex. 

Fr. se,r Mis ; 

Kennedy Mrs 

Innes Wm. 

Street directory. 

M'Kenzie Alex. 

M'Ke lar Arthur 

Luke Mrs 

S.avea John 

Turner Alex. 
32 Boyd Jas. 

Clark Danl. 

M.unro Angus 
40 Lowey Joseph 

M'Kechnde Miss J. 

M.'Leod Mrs 

Ni.nmo Robt. 

S.nith Mrs G. 
42 Irvine Henry 

Logan Francis 

M'Gugan John 

Mearns Wm. 

Pur don J. C. 

Robertson J. P. 
44 Fogarty Jas. 

Letters Wm. 

M'Corquodale Miss 

M'llreavy Thos. 

M'Lellan D. R. 

Stewart Joseph 
46 Fleming Robt. 

Fowler, Wm. 

Gillespie John 

M'Phail . Dugald 

Miller Robt. 

Ross John 
52 Cooler Wm. 

Kinnon R. S. 

M'Dougall Allan 

M'Gilp Angus 

M'Kechnie Angus 

Martin Jas. 
54 Cairns Michael 

Crawley. Wm. 

M'Adam John 

M'Aulay Wm. 

MCallum Archd. 

MTnstey Saml. 

Perry Chas. 

Scullion Patrick 
56 Blair Jas. 

Brennan Mrs A. 

M/Ghee John 

Clark Mrs C. 

M'Hugh Patrick 

M'Intyre Peter 
58 D unl op Rich. 

Edgar Wm. 

Greig Finlay 

M'Lachlan Walter 

Thomson Wm. 

Weir J. 

Wilson, Allan 

Yost Percy 
60 Fraser David 

Galloway Joseph 

M'Farlane Angus 

M'Alees John 

M'Coll David 

M'Kinnon Donald 

M'Namee Neil 

M' Knight Jas. 

Scullion John 
62 Darroch Wm. 

M' Clement Jas. 

M'Garva A'ex. 

Scott John 

Thomson John 

Young Alex. 
64 Gilray Jas. 

M^Callum Mrs A. 

MDonough Michl. 

M'Intosh" Danl. 

M'Leod Hugh 

MWean Murdoch 


Neill Colin 

Parnham John 
66 Boag Jas. 

Hendry David 

M'Ewan John 

M'Farlane John 

Millar H. P. 

Morrison Peter 

Stewart Mrs 

Wilson David 
68 Bates Stewart 

Fensom Geo. 

Hannah Mrs 

M'le;n Malcolm 

M Cracken Mrs S . 

•Hutcheson Mrs 
70 Grie/e Robt. 

Guthrie J. T. 

Lamont Hugh 

M Cracken W. J. 

Mrdtland Jas. 

Melville Mrs J. 

Rankin Allan 
72 Adam David 

Randall John 

Boyd Jas. 

Connolly J. L. 

Foster Mrs 

Grieve John 

Trotter Peter 

M'Millan Wm. 
74 Barbour Thos. 

Brooie Jas. 

Campbell Miss M. 

Connell Alex. 

Cowan Wm. 

Crombie John 

M'Millan Archd. 

9n:ith Chas. 

Swan Miss 

76 M'Cue Jas. 
M'Farlane Alex. 

78 Dobbin John 

87 Hutchison Isaac 

M'Gill Mrs 

M'Lachlan Colin 

Murphy Robt. 

Nicolson Chas. 

Friel John 

Shearer Miss 

Snoddy Andrew 
85 Binning Jas. 

Calderwood Robt. 

Martin Wm. 

Milroy Jas. 

M'Alpine Mrs 
83 Brown Wm. 

M'Fie John 

Murray Jas. 

Ste/enson Jas. 

Fisher P. H. 
81 Bell J. T. 

MTntyre Angus 

M'Auslan Mrs E. 

M'Glynn Henry 

Fraser C. O. 

Thomson Andrew 

79 Brown John 

77 Byng Ephram 
Gilmour Malcolm 
Ireland Mrs W. 
,MTnnes John 
Wood Geo. 

75 Allan Saml. 
Cronk Wm. 
M'Killop John 
Drummond Thos. 
Proctor Wm. 
Tweedie Miss 
Branch Harry 


71 Dale Archd. 

M'Callum Allan 

M'Cue Alex. 

M'Kellar Mrs J. 

i.i'lvi.n John 

Ride ell W.n. 

Tannock Matthe.v 
45 Edward Thos. 
43 Robertson Thos. 
35 Ebuck John 
37 Darroch Donald 

Johnston Saml. 

Lee Mrs 

Mitchell Malcolm 

Smith, JT. A. 
25 Denny Wm. 

Hanson Alex. 

Jarvie Jas. 

Ross Donald 
21 (Campbell Hector 

Davidson Geo. 

Gilmour Thos. 

Holborn Robt. 

Holterman Wm. 

King Henry 

Smith John 

Watson Chas. 
19 Allen David 

Cameron Norman 

Cammack Robt. 

Hair Jas. 

M'Gonnigle Mrs. 

tSevenson Robt. 

Thomson Davd 

Walker Jas. 

Thomson Davii 
11 Anderson Bruce 
9 Other T- D. 

Ce'1-.tly Mrs 

H"hter Tohn 

Richardson Miss 
Park Geo. 
Ralston W. 


17 Bkir John 

Hunter Mrs G. 

M'Eleny Thos. 

Marietta Alex. 

I'olonis Geo. 
23 Brackenridge John 

Blakeman Ernest 

Ferrier Peter 

Dalziel Geo. 

Garde Malcolm 

Hunter Frederick 
25 Burns M. H. 

Bisland M. 

Clark S. J. 

Hunter D. C. 

M'Millan Mrs 

Ritchie T. 
27 Begg J. G. 

Campbell Alex. 

Carson Wm. 

Gordon Chas. 

Brewster S. 
35 Gould Thos. 

M'Innes Angus 

M'Kinnon Jas. 

Stevens Wm. 
37 Arlow A. 

JBoyce Hugh 

Duff Danl. 

FrankHn Alfrei 
41 Fan-el Robt. 

Graham John 

Johnstone Mrs S. 


Lemin G. A. 
.M'Eleny E. 
Tu-rley Jas. 
43 M'Lay Thos. 
Wright P. B. 
52 M'Hugh M. 
M'lnnes Robt. 
"MTeod A. 
Robertson Jas. 
Morrison Robt. 
36 Ferguson Jas. 
Gale Thos. 
Hutcheson Robt. 

Kelly M. G. 

Lav/son Wm. 

M'Nicbl Mis 3 

Ross John 
34 Holmes Mis, 

Hutton W.m. 

M'Ewan Duncan 

Muir Mrs W. 

Munn Duncan 

Nicolson Davi 1 
32 S'rith John 
30 AUan Wm. 

Gi'lies Lachlan 

B rough G. 

Ricllardsiin W-. 

Tarbet Mrs ]nh > 

Thorning Mrs M. 
2G Can eron M^ M. 

Freer! man Ermst 

Kea'hg Matt v e i 

I e~k Mrs 

Livingstone Robt. 

M'Gregor Wm. 

M'Henery Wm. 

M'KeTar t"'s'. 

M'Ki'lop Mrs H. 

M'l ean Wm. 

M' Master Wm. 
M:nn Ale:. 
■ Mi ler Wiite- 
Orr Danl. 
Ross Frei. 
Smith Geo. 
Wallace Peter 
24 M'Allister Archd. 
Rodericks Geo. 
6 Duncan John 
Mathieson John 
M'Farlane Andrew 
Yuifte G. M. 
8 Smith Frederick 
Bell Mrs J. 
Brown Robt. 
M'Phail Chas. 
Mei'des John 
M'Kidoo A. 
Ork-ey W. 
Pll'i lips Joan 
14 Aim Wm. 

Theobald Stephen 
Thomson Geo. 
Turner Jas. 
22 M'DuTall J^hn 
Pudhey j. J- 
Sinc'.:ir 'Mrs 


2 A'exsnder John 
Allan Robt. 
Bro'ie Davii 
M'Reeman Wm. 
Mr'Nab A. A. 
M'array Jas. 
Shark'eton Mlrs 
Slee i Edwar 1 
T j. loch Wm. 




25 Craig M.iss C. 

Holmes Mrs 

M'Faclyen Duncan 

Mitchell Andrew 

Scott Allan 
31 Ne'is John 

Phillips J. 
33 Curtis MVs 

Palmer Wm. 

Wright Robt. 

35 Bradley Alex. 
M'Gregor Miss 
M'Leish Danl. 

37 Goligher W. T. 
41 Bresland Wm. 

Burns Robt. 
Connor Hugh 
M'Fadyen. John 
M'Gregor Jas. 
43 M s Dougall Alex. 
Templeton Robt. 

38 But'er Patrick 
Darrah Jas. 
Millar John 

36 McGregor M 
Meek Mrs 
M'uir Wm. 
Crossan Panl. 

28 Allison Mrs 
Duffy Michael 
M*Shane Robt. 

26 Dunlop W 7 m. 
Locke John 
M' David Geo. 
McDonald Mrs E. 
Mathieson John 
Paisley Frank 
Reeves T. H. 

35 Brackenridge John 
Emmerson Jas. 
Grant Archd. 
Moles Saml. 
Woods Henry 

34 Bown John 
Fisher Stephen 
Kinnibugh W^m. 
Pollad M'atthew 
M''Shane'Ms A. 


1 Conroy John 

Watters Wm. 
3 Mitchell Matthew 
5 Dawson MVs G. 
Pye Mrs E. 
Storms Miss 
9 Graham Mrs 

11 Black Danl. 
Hunter Andrew 
Kennedy John 
Stevenson John 
Wren Wm. 

13 Craig John 
Lang Edward 
M'K :.y Alex. 
MTean Hector 

15 Dodds Henry- 
Harper Robt. 
Lafferty Robt. 
M'Connell Robt. 
M'Evoy Edward 
Seath R. B. 

21 Chalmers David 

25 Douglas Mrs 


M'Neill Chas. 
M"Nicol Mrs 
Turner Alex. 
27 Campbell Abraham 
M'Eleny Patrick 
aVTGrath Chas. 

29 Taylor MVs 
35 Ajuld Wrm 

Clark Donald 
Lyon Thos. 
Tierney W. B. 

37 Cain J. . 

M&lcolm Stewart 
Sinclair Andrew- 
Temple Wm. 
Sloss Jas. 

39 Barr Misses 
, f 4 Docherty Patrick 
r 6 Duncan Jas. 

20 O'Hara MVs 
Gray Francis 
Galbreath Donald 
Hair Miss C. 
Rowan James 

22 Daisley Mrs M. 
Lothian David 
'HFKellar Mrs J. 
Small Mfrs 
Staritt M'iss 

24 Keenan M'iss 
M'-'Donald Neil 
M'Mahon Mrs 
Muir Mrs 
M'Naughton D. 

30 Darroch Andrew 
32 Galbreath Mrs L. 

Moffat Alex. 
Mulholland Patrick 
O'Neill Sarah 

Parker Thos. 
34 Adam Wm. 

M' Go wan Mrs J. 

MJ'Kay Mrs J. 

M'arphy Denis 

Sweeney Thos. 
36 Brand Wm. 

Cairns Mrs 

Galbreath Geo. 
38 Baumgart Gustav 

M! Fadyea John 

william: st. 

1 Dorrian Harry 
5 Gallacher Hugh 
Mr Alp i .e-Mrs 
Mbiseei Geo. 

7 Gibson ;Miss 
Lee Thos. 
M'Grattan Jas. 

10 Harrison Thos. 
MfLaughlin Mrs 

8 MCreadie Wm. 
M'Millan John 

1 Morton Robt. 
Brown G. A. 


■3 Dickson Geo. 
M'Gregor John 
M.'Donald Donald 

5 Barr Mrs A. 
Goldie Alex. 
Jeffers John 
M'Cluskey Jas. 

7 Scott Alex. 
Robertson Mrs 




13 Coombs Chas. 

Govan Andrew 

Houston Thos. 

Jamieson Mrs H. 

Smith J as. 
27 Burnsi .e Dan!. 

Dunlop Mrs M. 

Wacie VVm. 

M'Donough John 

M'Gougan Wm. 
10 Donnachie John 

Mitchell Hugh 

M'Call Bernard 

M"Ewan Chas. 

Glaiy Wm. 

Laing Alex. 

Virtue Mrs M. 

Murray J as. 
8 Docherty D. 

Gemmell Saml. 

Drysdale Jas. 

Hansen Peter 

Lewis Geo. 

M'Aulay Patrick 

Quinn Wm. 

1 Bain Peter 
Beaton Wm. 
Reid Peter 
Miller Mrs A. 

3 Brackenridge M. 
Peaston Wm. 
Sheridan Josenh 
M'-Gihtriy Mrs 

4 Blackie Robt. 
Fakrgrieve Geo. 
Fleming LIugh 
Liddeil John 
Shields Jas. 
Wilson John 

5 Gillies Mrs 
Barley Allan 
MThiul John 
Wallace Jas. 
Wasson David 

.7 Alkn Wm;' 
Brackenridge R. 
Biryson Saml. 
Hogg John 
Jagge" Robt. 
Stewart Alex. 



Rockbank Mills & 28 West Blackhall St., 

Ladies', Gent's **£*. GENT.'S & BOY'S 

and Boys' Tweeds, 





Made Up if wanted, 


are also 


9 Brough John 
Dougans Alex. 
Henaerson Thos. 
Smith Andre ,v 
17 Ai.rd-M;rs 

Taft Matthew 

19 Livingstone John 
Williamson Saml. 
M'G.rory Patrick 

20 Carrigan Mrs 
For an Jas. 
Kennedy Ferguson 

M : 'G.regor ArchJ. 

M'Cloy Jas. 
22 Kidd Jas. 

Ma'ftin John 

Murray John 

Stronach Norman 

Walker Mirs 
24 Dickson Robt. 

Brown W.n. 

Jenkinson Jas. 

Simpson Wm. 

iRohertson Ansrus 


Informatiort, regarding Societies &c, intended for 
Insertion in Directory Supplement, next year, should 
be handed in not later than the end of March, to 
ensure proper classification. 


Erratum On page xlii capacity of Town Hall 
should read 2,500. 



Under Licence from 
Harland & Wolff, Ltd. 



ENGINES, /C^s-^ 




<^S>. qV / ALSO 

(<& /BOILERS for EX I '(JET 




Telegrams : 
Kincaid," Greenock, Scotland. 



Coopers, Vat Builders, and 
. Packing-Case Makers . 

Colour Printers on Tin. 

52 Rue End Street, 


j — ° — 
glasgow 0ffi0e-87 union steeet. 

Telephone No. 6073 Central 

Advertisement Tablets. 

Manufacturers of all kinds of Plain 

and Decorated Tins. 

Telegrams : " Vats, Greenock." Telephone Nos. 139 & 1093 


Saves more . 
than it costs. 

Lighting, Heating, and Power 

Installations on Hire or Hire 

Purchase terms. 

Electric Light Fittings, Radiators, 

Cookers, Domestic x\ppliances and 

Motors for Industrial Purposes 

Enquiries and Inspection Invited. 

Greenock Corporation 
Electricity Department 

12 Hamilton Street, Municipal Bdgs., Greenock. 


Dellingburn Street, Greenoek. 

Phones 330 - 331.